Welcome to the N.H.K. (2006) s01e24 Episode Script

Welcome to the N.H.K.!

number 49 bound for Nishi-Otani
Railway Timetable
Can I catch up to her?
And if I do catch up to her,
what the heck do I say to her?
I I'm Ionely!
Do I have the right to stop Misaki?
Sir, are you going sightseeing,
at this time of night?
It's pitch-dark; you won't be
able to see anything.
Uh, no, I'm meeting a friend.
On that promontory?
Son, you're not by any chance
Well, the construction's done,
so I guess there's nothing to worry about.
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
Tip of the Promontory
You have only that one life,
Did I pass her up somewhere?
Or else she couldn't have already
Calm down
I know what train Misaki took from the
timetable she left in the hospital.
I shelled out for a limited express train to chase her;
there's no way I'm not in time.
Why what?
Was I overconfident in guessing she'd come here?
No, you weren't.
But Misaki, you're
I'm right here.
The time you arrived was only five minutes
apart from when I did.
You could become a detective, Sato.
I didn't know what to do because
you weren't saying anything.
Well, shall we go home? It's cold here and all.
I don't want to.
You can't die! Let's live on!
This is no joke! Thanks to you, the money
I worked so hard for is blown!
I'm sorry.
It would've been better if I'd
died yesterday as planned.
It's just like my second father said.
When I'm around, everybody
meets with misfortune.
My mother dying was also my fault.
My first father dying probably was too.
My second father tried his hardest to get rid of me,
but he failed and, predictably, his luck went bad.
Once I started helping my aunt,
her recruiting stopped going well,
and she started fighting a lot with my uncle.
All of that was my fault.
I'm the lowest of worthless human beings
who summons misfortune.
I'm a person this world doesn't need.
But I didn't want to admit that.
That's why I planned your project.
If just one single person needed me,
my second father's words would be proven wrong.
It would be okay for me to be alive.
But that project ended in failure.
I'm not needed even by you, Sato.
There's no point in my being alive.
And so you pulled that
"New Year's grated yams" crap?
Gimme a break!
That stunt was just like saying, "Come after me!"
I didn't think you'd find me.
That's why, when I saw you just now,
I thought my heart was going to stop.
It would've been fine if it had stopped though.
What's more, you know, a final note is important.
If there's no note, it's trouble for the
people you leave behind,
not knowing whether it was a suicide or not.
Like what happened with my mother
Give this up. I'm begging you!
There'll be good things too, if you're alive.
Your uncle and your aunt and such would grieve!
I need you That's it, Misaki!
I like you! I love you! Please, don't die!
You say funny things, Sato.
But it won't work.
Because I am gonna die.
So, it's useless after all?
I don't have any words to hold Misaki back.
And besides, what's wrong with her dying?
It's all the same. The only difference is
whether it happens early or late.
Pie Graph of Life
It's just like Misaki said before.
Even to live into the future will just mean misery,
with nothing but painful things.
It's meaningless.
Being alive is meaningless.
Dying is better.
But, you know
But you can't, absolutely not.
Don't go saying you're gonna die!
Goodbye, Sato.
My imagination is poor,
so I can't make myself believe in God
as well as other people do.
All he would have to do is cause
a really flashy miracle,
like in the Bible or something,
right before my eyes.
And if only I could believe,
I could blame all the bad things on God.
It's not that you're bad, Misaki.
You're not bad, not even a little.
There are other people who are bad,
other people who have made you suffer, Misaki.
That's right. Where lies the reason
why Misaki suffers?
If Misaki is always hurting and Ionely,
so that she can't go on, that's an abomination.
So, it means there exists a source of that evil.
There's someone evil who's making Misaki suffer.
You know something?
There are conspiracies in this world.
But ninety-nine percent of all so-called
"conspiracies" are simply imagination.
Or they're just big lies.
So, one percent of it is the truth?
That's it, Misaki.
Somebody has, against extreme odds,
become aware of a genuine conspiracy.
And who is that?
It's me, Tatsuhiro Sato.
And the enemy's name is
I've known the name since long ago.
The evil organization that makes us suffer.
Yes, their name is
The N.H.K.
That's right.
Their name is the N.H.K.,
a secret society that covers all the world.
The bad incidents that occur around you
are all the work of the N.H. K!
Sato, what are you say
It's a mental assault from the N.H. K!
I've told the organization's secret to you, Misaki,
so they've come to do away with me!
What? What is this N.H. K?
(Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai)
The Japan Social-Withdrawal Association!
The evil secret society that turned
me into a hikikomori.
(Nihon Hiyowa Kyokai)
Or the Japan Frailty Association!
They went after Senpai's frail heart,
and drove her to participate in the "Off" meeting!
The wicked hand of an N.H.K. Is
also reaching for you, Misaki!
(Nihon Hikan Kyokai)
That one is the Japan Pessimism Association!
It's them and only them who have driven you, Misaki,
into thinking negatively about everything!
All the bad occurrences that happen in the world
are conspiracies by the N.H. K!
They're not your fault, Misaki!
If you don't like the name N.H.K.,
call it whatever you like.
God, for instance.
Yes, he's come at last to finish me off.
You can see him too, can't you, Misaki?
He's right there!
I can't see anything like that!
You can! Focus your eyes well and look!
I can't! I can't see him!
You can! I'm absolutely sure you can!
That's the source of all evil!
The last boss!
It's too late for me.
But I won't go without a fight!
I'm dragging him down with me!
Look, Misaki!
This is the one and only item that can defeat him:
The Revolution Bomb!
That's right.
Using this is the only way to defeat that thing!
The only way is to throw myself
into a kamikaze attack!
I'll guard your life, Misaki!
Goodbye, Misaki!
Thanks for everything up till now!
Live in good health in the future!
And lead a happy life for me!
That is my final request!
So, Misaki, live on for me.
I'm an idiot, huh?
I'm truly an idiot.
To think that this kind of thing is the only way that
comes to mind to secure the life of a girl I like
What an idiot, truly an idiot. Idiot!
"A girl I like?"
What, then? I actually was in love with Misaki.
A dramatic death just isn't fitting for us.
I'll show you, Yamazaki!
I'm about to die for Misaki, the girl I love!
It's the ultimate in "dramatic," don't you think?!
the construction's done
What's this all about?!
Well, the construction's done, so I guess
there's nothing to worry about.
So, they intend to keep me from dying
dramatically at any price?!
This is cheating!
Don't look! What are you crying about?
I'm the one who feels like crying!
You can't die.
Don't you dare.
If it took almost an hour by taxi, that means
If we walk to the station, it will take till morning.
No Signal
So, as things stand, in the end
we're gonna freeze to death.
There's an abandoned house nearby though.
An abandoned house?
My house.
Apparently, it's the house my first father built.
That father gave me my name too.
"Because Ishihama Misaki promontory is nearby,"
he said. Pretty random, huh?
This was my room. I was using it until
my third year of middle school.
You're the first person outside my family
who's ever come in here, Sato.
Because my second father got angry
if I brought friends home.
It's warmer this way.
Now you tell me something
about yourself too, Sato.
Anything is fine.
I'll listen, no matter how boring it is.
Well then, I'll tell about a dream I had this morning.
A jet-black snake came out of the sea,
and started blasting away with a gun
glowing with black light.
Then with a long, thick sword
The penalty for sexual harassment is a million yen!
All right, I know.
Then should I talk about my
childhood or something?
Well, when I was a kid, I used to play baseball
and stuff a lot at a park near my house.
Well, maybe you'd call it baseball, what with
using a rubber ball and a plastic bat
Sato, it's possible I'll be getting
married in the near future.
Since I came back here,
my parents have been bugging me to
have arranged marriage meetings.
What could I do? So, just once I met
someone, for their sakes.
And I unexpectedly hit the jackpot!
Apparently she liked me too, and by now
we're nuts about each other!
and by now we're nuts about each other!
Man, three-dimensional women are the best!
Are you ready for this, Sato?
The biggest attraction was her glasses!
If you're ever back here, Sato,
absolutely get in touch!
Kaoru Yamazaki
Sato, are you keeping healthy
in your hikikomori state?
My baby was born without incident.
Moving forward under full sail. Let's all get together for that reunion someday, OK?
Our home is a mansion.
My life is moving forward under full sail.
Unbelievable, everybody I know
No, I don't wanna go! What a pain!
No, I can't! I can't, I can't!
Well, make the best of things, all you guys.
I plan to get along too, however I can,
to keep hanging in there the best I can.
Thanks for your patronage!
You're late! How many times have I said,
"Come right away after you eat dinner."
I did just finish dinner!
And are you in some elevated position
to order me around?
It's just that my aunt and uncle feel at ease
while I'm spending time with you.
So, what about the homework?
Never-Say-Die Notes
It's humiliating, somehow,
to be learning subjects from you.
You dropped out of high school.
I dropped out of college.
Anybody could see which of us
is the more accomplished.
You think so?
I swear I'm gonna pass the test to enter
a better college than you went to.
Oh, that's right, I forgot.
I thought of what it is, my N.H.K.
By means of your actions,
the evil god has perished.
But we can't be sure that evil
won't ever revive itself.
That being the case
N.H.K. (Japan Hostage Exchange Association) Entry
Rules of the Hostage Exchange Association
The Members' own lives
The "Japan Hostage Exchange Association?!"
Each member offers their life
as a hostage to the other.
In short, it says "If you die,
I'll die too, you scoundrel!"
If we do that, just like the faceoff between
nuclear powers during the Cold War,
even if one wants to die, they won't be able to.
Members will always get along
Members will gather every night at Mita Park on 4th Street
Come immediately after eating.
I think things will probably head in a good direction
It will surely be all right, I believe.
The penalty for breaking this agreement is 10 billion yen.
N.H.K. Chair Misaki Nakahara
Member No. 1
In the end,
Not a single one of our problems has been solved.
From here on, too, we'll probably be whispering
"I can't, I can't" every day while we go on living.
But still Yeah!
I don't know how long it will hold up,
but I'll give it a try as best I can.
Tatsuhiro Sato
Tatsuhiro Sato
Tatsuhiro Sato
Misaki Nakahara
Misaki Nakahara
With this, I'm sure both you and I will be okay, Sato.
Welcome to the N.H.K.
Final Episode
Welcome to the N.H. K!
Moshimo ashita kono sekai ga owaru to shite mo
Kimi no koto dakara
"Sore nara sore de mo ii ka"
Sokkenai taido toru no kana?
Muri suru koto wa nai kedo
Tama ni de mo ii kara
Kao wo agete kocchi wo mite yo
Watashi wo mite
Chippoke na sekai na no ni
Naze darou kono ryoute ni wa ookisugiru
Hateshinai sekai na no ni
Naze darou kono ryoute ni wa chiisasugiru
Nee modokashii asa no hikari no naka de
Kimi to waraitai
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