Well Intended Love (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 This is not the one I was wearing yesterday right? He probably left.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Don't you usually leave at 8? I got up late today.
Um, last night I was drunk, I didn't do any weird things, right? Do you not remember anything? This is my first time being drunk like this.
You vomited on me.
Me? Sorry, sorry.
This is my first time being drunk.
I'll be careful next time.
There won't be next time.
You can't drink alcohol anymore.
Yesterday is curfew, today is that I can't drink alcohol anymore, What else am I not allowed to do? Just say it all at once.
Depends on your actions.
I'll keep updated.
Did he get mad? Then what about my shirt? Aunty Huang changed it.
Boss has something to do today, the meeting will be pushed back for an hour.
(The actual reason why the meeting was pushed back, the boss was late today.
) (I'd rather believe the sun will rise from the west than to believe boss would be late) (But the chat owner has never said any false info.
) (The eight years of boss's perfect attendance is going to be broken.
) (I just want to know the reason why the boss is late, is he in a relationship?) Aunty Huang.
Go clean up all the alcohol in here later.
Yes, Mr.
Is there anything on my face? I can do it myself.
That's mine.
Don't you only drink coffee? I know.
I just want to drink yours what's wrong? I'll take you later.
Hurry stop the car, stop! Stop! Excuse me, my shoe is slippery.
Do you not know there's paparazzi everywhere waiting in front of our company? If they saw me then I'm done.
It doesn't matter.
It's a good chance to make it public.
For you.
Take it.
What? Too expensive.
I can't have it.
This is a prop we need for acting.
Or else my grandma would be suspicious.
The things they use for acting is all fake, yours is too flaunting.
Now the paparazzi's eyes are so sharp, they'll know easily.
I can't have it.
What are you doing? Don't take it off.
It really is you, CEO Ling.
That's why I thought the car looks pretty familar.
Why are you here? I happen to pass by.
That's such a coincidence.
I have something to tell you today.
Do you have time right now? Yeah.
What happened, CEO Ling? Let me get in to check.
I'm fine.
There's a mosquito in the car.
I just remembered I have something to do in the company.
I'm gonna go.
You did that on purpose.
By the way, how do you know Yi Shuang Shuang? She's the new Ling Shi's spokesperson.
I feel like she's interested in you.
Are you jealous? You're almost late right? Hurry and go.
Bye, I'm also gonna go.
Isn't he too good at teasing? Did I even get my answer last night? Being drunk on the most important part.
I'm so dumb.
You don't let me do this, do that all day.
Do you actually think I'm your worker? Why do I see him everywhere? Wait.
You came here for the red carpet right? Here.
I'll tell you a way just for Ling.
What are you doing? You look better with your face covered.
You will definitely be chosen like this.
Trust me.
Guess why did Yi Jie come to the Public Relations Department today.
Did she come to ask about what Ling Yi Zhou likes again? She even went to your guy's Propaganda Department? Is she not embarrassed making such a big movement? It took her hard to become Ling Shi's spokesperson, She probably wants to take the opportunity to also take down Ling Yi Zhou.
No wonder there has been rumors of them two lately.
So she is planning on Ling Yi Zhou as expected.
Since I can't find her, I'll make her find me herself.
I'm sorry Ling boss.
I'll have to use your name.
You guys are talking about Ling Yi Zhou right? Speaking of him, we know each other.
Mark down all the four points I just said.
Or else you guys don't know how to write your reports.
(Bless you muawh) Shuangshuang jie.
I heard you know CEO Ling's housekeeper? Mrs you're back.
Is he back yet? Not the time yet, almost.
Aunty Huang, Do you know what Ling Yi Zhou likes the most? Since he's young, there's nothing Mr really like.
But there's one thing now.
What? It's you, Mrs.
The only way to catch tiger cubs is to go into the tiger's den.
Ling boss, forgive me.
It's so clean here.
(Close the door sis) He looks pretty cute when he's a kid.
Why is there nothing in here? Is it in the book room? What are you doing in my room? I didn't take a close look last time, so I came here to check again.
I hate when people touch my things.
I'm sorry.
I just want to know more about you, Incase what happened last night will happen again, And make a mistake.
If anything, can't you just ask me? What do you like? I'm asking what's your hobbies.
This is not what I mean.
I mean like, if it's your birthday, what presents do you want people to give you? None.
And I never celebrate my birthday.
You don't? Why? I wake up at 6 everyday to exercise.
Eat breakfast at 7.
I only drink black coffee.
Leave to work at 8.
If it's not unexpected, I will come back home before 7.
I hate spicy.
I hate every vegetable that has a weird taste.
I only wear custom made clothes.
That's about it.
You, you're? I'm introducing myself.
Didn't you want to know about me? Do I also have to introduce myself? Your favorite color is blue.
You love spicy.
You like everything that has strawberry flavor.
You hate the smell of smoke.
You like to sing.
Your dream is to become the best female actress.
How do you know? Because I know how to do my homework ahead of time.
What are you doing? This is my room.
I can do whatever I want.
I'm going to shower.
Are you coming? Was he just flirting with me? I didn't ask out anything.
What should I tell Yi Shuang Shuang tomorrow? Robots, right.
He likes robots.
He doesn't look like someone who would like these type of things.
Shuangshuang jie, don't worry.
This information is definitely reliable.
Take your things.
Follow me to Ling Shi.
To, to Ling Shi? I want to invite CEO Ling to the conference with me, And to verify if your info is true or false.
CEO Ling.
I only have five minutes.
Say what you want.
I wanted to tell you this yesterday, I want to invite you to the movie conference with me tomorrow night.
Yi, You should know.
I never attend these type of activities.
CEO Ling, I know that you always like to collect these type of robots, So I bought it just to give it to you.
Thank you for your gift.
But I can't accept your invitation.
And five minutes is already up.
I'm going to go.
I'm screwed, I'm screwed, I'm screwed.
CEO Ling, CEO Ling.
Do you think I'm dumb and easy to be tricked? No, no.
I would lie to anyone but not you.
Xia Lin, it's because I thought you look sincere, and I didn't have any experience, so I believed you! Nowadays, an infamous actor like you dares to lie on top of my head? What I said was true.
When CEO Ling was young, he did had the same exact robot.
Where's the proof? You're still lying right? Xia Lin, let me tell you.
Don't hope to attend tomorrow night's red carpet.
Not just a red carpet.
Don't hope to attend any activities from the company anymore! How can you believe me, Shuangshuang jie? CEO Ling.
You, know me? I didn't know, but now I do.
Then why did you say, I had the same robot when I was young? I, I guessed it.
Don't men all like cars or model sets? I can't afford cars.
CEO Ling, I'm the one who told her to buy this present.
If you don't like it it's fine.
I'll watch out last time.
I'll buy something else for you.
No, I really like this present.
I will also go to the activity.
For real, CEO Ling? Boss, you have a meeting tomorrow night.
Fix it.
You, come here.
Give me.
I'm going to go.
Bye bye, bye bye.
Every dog has his day.
But, since you completed your task, I will do what I promised.
Go get your dress tomorrow at the company.
(Lmao) I'm sorry.
Can I buy you a shirt to apologize? Or should I buy you pants? What should I buy? (UWU) Waiter, Get me one that looks the same as that.
I'm sorry miss.
This is the last one.
Why? Sir sir.
Can you let me have this tie instead? Why? Because they said there's only one left.
And I saw it before you, you're just faster than me.
But I also like it a lot.
I got my boyfriend mad.
I want to buy him something to apologize.
I took so long to finally find what I like.
Can you just let me have it? Please, please.
Fine then, I'll not take what someone wants.
This tie looks pretty good.
Your boyfriend will probably forgive you.
Really? Thank you.
How much was it? I'll give it to you.
He's so nice.
Maybe next time.
Mr, Mrs is not in a good mood today.
She also didn't eat dinner.
She keeps staying in her room, even now she hasn't come out.
I know.
Is there anything? Are you free right now? I have something to tell you.
Say it.
For me? Didn't you already gave me a robot? I'm sorry about the robot.
Last night, I went in your room and saw the picture, So, So yesterday you asked me what I like for Yi Shuang Shuang, why? Because I need to help Shuangshuang jie, in order to go to the conference.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have violated your privacy.
I'll apologize to you.
This robot is my birthday present from my family when I was 8.
I already lost it.
I should thank you for buying me another one.
I really didn't carefully thought this out this time.
I'm really sorry.
Other than this, Is there nothing else for you to apologize to me? You didn't wear your ring this morning.
I'm sorry.
If you forgive me, I can do everything you ask for.
Are you sure? I mean, the things I can do.
You already did it.
I'm really willing to prove to you with my actions.
You, that night we, You remembered? So you're not.
Seems like I have to prove it to you again.
Fine, I forgive you.
But don't do it again.
What should I do, what should I do? Xia Lin you big pervert, why did you drink? What should I do, what should I do, what should I do? An Ran? How's this one? It's pretty nice.
I think it suits you.
So thankful you're here.
I'm sorry, I suddenly called you out.
It's fine, I also forgot to buy shoes yesterday, And I have to attend the conference at night.
So I just came to see.
I'm pretty good at this.
Let me help you choose.
How do you usually get along with Yi Zhou gege? It's okay.
But sometimes he's too demanding.
He actually has a pretty good attitude.
He's just used to demanding at work, So it's understandable for him to bring it into life.
That's so right.
If he doesn't like something, there's not even a chance for you to argue.
Always you can't do this, you can't do that.
He has tons of requirements.
How do you think about this shoe? Because you can't let your shoes to steal your spotlight.
Sounds reasonable.
No no, that's too expensive.
My card is already empty since yesterday.
Let's get another one.
Then let Yi Zhou gege buy it for you.
Usually, when he gives me gifts, he's really generous.
He won't be stingy to you right? No, it's that I don't want to.
We'll get this one.
It's fine.
If it's hard for you, I can buy it for you.
No need, no need.
I actually have another card.
Then, I'll just use this one.
Wait for me, I'm going to buy it.
This is the Propaganda Department's work after one month.
Tell them, I need a whole new concept.
Not a planning case that changes the liquid but not the drugs.
If they can't even understand something basic like this, Then they can all be fired today.
Boss, this isn't the tie I purchased right? Mumu bought it for me.
Mrs's taste is better than me.
Of course.
(Basically a message saying that his black has been used hdshks he's so happy look at him) Wen Li.
Tell the Propaganda Department, I'll give them three more days.
(Oh gosh hdsjsjhd) Pretty good.
Don't forget, this dress is from sponsorship.
It's the only one.
Do not damage it.
Go find Shuangshuang later to practice for the walking speed.
I understand Lisa jie, don't worry.
Are you Xia Lin? Hello, I'm Su Xi.
Hello hello.
You're the one who's going to walk the red carpet with me right? Yay.
I finally found a friend.
I'm so nervous.
I'm so scared my legs are going to be shaky tonight.
You won't be nervous if you imagine you're inside a zoo.
Do you know the people who's attending? I can't believe you described them as animals.
(I mean they are) Humans are also high level animals.
(Ikr) That's true.
Your dress looks so similar to mine.
We are just here to make Shuangshuang jie stand out.
Let's go.
Xia Lin are you okay? I'm fine, I'm fine.
Xia Lin I'm sorry.
I almost fell down.
It's fine, it's not your fault.
Are you guys acting for a drama? Su Xi, go look for Shuangshuang jie.
But you, I’m fine.
Go there first.
Are you okay? None of your business.
You got a big reward.
Oh my god.
And this dress has a high silk content.
I guess you can't wash it off.
If you keep being sarcastic, I'm going to, What are you guys fighting at? Oh my god, Xia Lin.
How many times have I said this is custom made? Use your blocked brain to think about what custom made means.
Do you know how much this dress costs? How am I going to tell the sponsorships? I'm sorry Lisa jie.
I will find ways to solve this.
Solve? How are you going to solve it? Don't blame me that I didn't remind you.
You 're the one who made trouble.
The company will definitely blame it all on you.
If you can't handle it correctly, you'll immediately be blocked by this brand.
You don't have to go tonight.
Su Xi will go herself.
Do you think you're really great right now? Someone like you, can't survive two episodes in dramas.
You should stop trying.
You can't wash it.
If you can actually wash it off, she won't push you on there.
Why do you care? I'm wrong.
You can't even survive one episode.
Then what do you want me to do? Rip off Su Xi's dress, blame it all on her, Then walk to red carpet happily with Shuangshuang jie.
Then what's the difference between me and her? I thank her for showing me her true self.
I have to wash this off.
She wants to have all the attention, No way! Did you wash it off? No, what's going on with your side? Did you get anything? My friend has one that's the same type of style.
I'll see you by the conference entrance.
Really? I asked so many people, you're the most reliable one.
Fei jie, I love you so much.
Assistant Wen, why is it you? Ms.
Jia told me to come.
Boss is waiting for you in the resting room.
Feifei you big mouth.
Why didn't you tell me? Aren't you busy? So I didn't want to trouble you with these type of things.
I'm your husband.
You'd rather find help from Jia Fei than me? You're just my husband in name.
But she's my actual family.
What are you doing? Say it again.
What happened to your waist? I'm fine.
I accidentally bumped on it.
Don't go to the red carpet.
Why? I can forget about the curfew and alcohol ban, but this is my job.
You have no right to decide for me.
Didn't I give you that? I knew it would suit you.
Then what are you planning to do? I want to beg the sponsorship to see if they have anything similar for me to change.
Why can't you just ask me? I didn't think of it.
Your dress has 12 types of custom mades.
I told people to deliver the most similar one, it's arriving.
Don't forget to change.
Then what about the one I damaged? Will they still be mad at me? No.
I already bought all their designs and the sales market.
Did you do it because of me? Then you think too much.
The company had already planned to do so.
I just implemented it earlier.
Anyways, thank you.
No need to thank me.
You're not the one I'm helping.
I'm helping Mrs.
Because only she relates to my prestige.
No one even knows about our relationship.
I know.
Stay here for a while.
Eat something later when the clothes arrived then you can leave.
Su Xi.
Follow behind Shuangshuang and Chu Yan later.
Don't make any weird faces.
Remember, you're just here for them to stand out.
I understand Lisa jie.
Xia Lin is not here, I'll work my best and not embarrass the company.
Who said I'm not here? Xia Lin? (Mumu so pretty uwu) Lisa jie, I'll also work my best.
Then we will go with the original plan.
Everyone get ready.
Let's go.
Nice dress.
Thank you Shuangshuang jie.
I'm going to the restroom.
I'm going with you.
(ooo what's up) Xia Lin, I'm, Seems like you're already not nervous.
Then good luck.
I hope everything you did was worth it.
As expected, Mrs.
Ling is unlike the common people.
You even washed off the paint.
So before when you were at the company, pretending to be strong and independent, You still went to find Ling at last.
He's my husband.
Who else should I find other than him? Should I look for you? You! By the way Mr.
Chu, I know it's hard to control when it comes to relationships.
But he's already married.
So I say you should give up now.
Are you crazy? Let's go.
This way.
(SIS HFKJSH) No way.
This shoe is so expensive, why is the quality this bad? My red carpet.
My exposure chance.
What are you doing? Apply medicine on you.
I, I can just do it myself.
You weren't this polite when you used me to please Yi Shuang Shuang yesterday.
Didn't you already forgave me last night? OK.
Lay down.
Get in.
Don't move.
Or do you want me to use the hard way? Um, you can actually just let Aunty Huang do it.
My leg is also hurt.
Are there any more places injured? No.
This is not what I mean.
It's not something important.
It would heal tomorrow after applying.
Go work on your things.
I have something important.
What is it? You worked so hard, in the end, you couldn't go because of this tiny incident.
Do you regret? Even if I knew what the result was, I'll still do it again.
Because this is a job I like.
Have you ever think, if you want to be successful, There is a really fast short cut you could take.
Publicize our relationship.
Your attention rate will surpassed everybody else.
I don't want my job, to be covered with rumors and gossips.
After 2 years, I also don't want to see I'm being called as Ling Yi Zhou's ex-wife on all of the newspapers.
I agree to hide our marriage.
Re- Really? But I have a requirement.
What requirement? I‘m very busy.
For us to know about each other better, and to also hide from my grandma, You have to eat breakfast with me every morning.
I thought it would be something difficult.
Pinky promise.
Be careful when you sleep.
Don't press on it.
Thank you for helping me today, and thank you for agreeing to hide our marriage.
Good night.
I put the medicine here for you.
Xia Lin.
Hold on.
You have to hold on to yourself.
(His ears are red AWH) Can you stop messing? You're being mean to me! How dare you be mean to me! If you stop messing, I can agree to anything, okay? Really? I want to have the best actress award.
Another one.
I want to hide our marriage! Hide our marriage! Fine, I agree.
And, I need to change my clothes.
I'm going to call Aunty Huang.
No! I have to change it now! I have to change it now! Don't, don't.