Wentworth (2013) s03e05 Episode Script


Time's up, Freak.
Open the door or Vinegar Tits gets it.
What the fuck did the Freak do to you in the slot? I think Ferguson got to you in the slot.
Did she give you the shiv, too? I didn't have a choice! Mum.
Mum! We're having a drink! Franky and me are having a partay! Fuck you.
An anonymous group of vigilantes calling itself the Red Right Hand.
We're taking a stand on violence against women in the name of our hero, Bea Smith.
You don't like me.
Why do you say that? I remember.
You should be dead.
Ms Ferguson, myself and the board want you to know that we care about you, mate.
And we're here to help any way we can.
Thank you.
To that end, we'd like to invite you back to work.
The board has the idea that it would be beneficial to your recovery.
Light duties to begin with until you find your feet again.
Do I have to? No, no, no, no.
If I'm not mistaken, your insurance pay-out more than compensates for any loss of income.
But the Fletch I know would be very keen to get back on the horse again if he could.
Thank you.
But I'm I'm not ready.
You at least think about it, eh? If you change your mind, your job is here waiting for you.
All you have to do is call me.
You do whatever you need to get better.
I will.
I'm assuming that the board didn't come to this idea spontaneously.
Maddock tabled it, actually.
He feels that we owe Matt for all his years of good service.
It would suit you to have him back here, wouldn't it? Your little broken puppet.
Fletch, how'd it go? You knew about it? You could have warned me, Vera.
What'd he have to say for himself? Just that he's not coming back.
Are you still unwell? Oh, it's just this flu.
I can't seem to shake it.
You should see a doctor.
If it's not gone by tomorrow, I will.
'Hi, this is Fletch.
Leave a message after the tone.
' 'Hi.
This is a message for Matthew Fletcher.
'Could you please call the Milton Private Rehabilitation, 'regarding an unsettled account? The number here is '965 71212.
' What is she saying to her? Sophie's not stupid.
She'll figure out Franky soon enough, you watch.
Far out! Is it me or is it cold in here? Ms Miles, what's going on with the heating? Not on until the start of winter.
Governor's orders.
Oh, what are we supposed to do till then? Freeze our fricken' tits off? Wear more clothes.
Or take it up with the Governor.
As if.
The Freak's punishing us.
Well, can't you do something? Not now.
Well, if you're not going to do anything about it, I'm going to the Governor myself.
No-one goes near her.
Bea wants a word with you.
Have you changed your mind? Cos that's the only reason why you'd be in here.
Please, Bea, I'm starving.
Yeah, I bet you are.
But you're not eating until you do it.
Are you doing the right thing by Liz's girl? Liz made a complaint, has she? She doesn't like it.
But I think Sophie needs to be around good people.
That's just between you and me.
Can I have a seat? Whatever you're trying with Jodes, it won't work.
I need your help.
What makes you think I want to help you? Because I'm asking nicely.
We have to get Jodie to report on Ferguson.
OK, I fucked up.
You warned me about the Freak and I thought I knew better.
Not interested.
Hey! Don't you want to make Ferguson pay? What, and give Jodie more grief? What you did to her is fucked enough.
You don't get it, do you? Someone had to take the fall for the drugs.
If it wasn't her, it was going to be you.
You were the one that she wanted all along.
You still care about Jodie, don't ya? You were in the slot with her.
You must have some sense of what Ferguson was doing to her to get her to shiv me.
Now we can take the Freak down.
Jodie! Hey.
Franky's gonna keep you company for a little bit.
Get off the bed.
Go! Up against the wall.
Don't look at me.
See you in a few hours.
Please don't do this to me Shut the fuck up.
Turn around.
If you're downloading porn, all I can say is don't use a prison computer.
I was checking the headlines, actually.
I heard Fletch's been allowed to come back.
He was asked.
He said no.
Oh, I'm surprised Ferguson even considered it.
Why? Thought she'd be happy to be rid of him.
I am aware that Mr Fletcher and the Governor have had their differences in the past, but in this situation, the welfare of the staff member is her top priority.
Oh, you don't agree? You of all people think Ferguson cares about her staff? What's that supposed to mean? The riot, when you were held hostage? Ferguson wouldn't open the door to isolation.
No, that's not true.
The door was opened.
That was Channing.
He overruled her.
They had a syringe to your throat and she wouldn't move an inch.
We don't negotiate with prisoners.
You know the policy.
I'm sorry, the place is a bit of a mess.
Why did you say no? Why was the offer even made? I mean, Ferguson doesn't want me there.
Yes, she does.
She was saying all the right things, but she doesn't want a bar of it.
It would have been Channing's idea.
Well, none of it would have been proposed if Ms Ferguson hadn't agreed to it.
You know she's been following your progress closely? She cares about you.
As we all do.
You've got to get out of here.
You need discipline, you need routine.
You know that.
I know it's hard.
I really do.
But sometimes challenges are the best things for us.
You know at the hospital? All I could think about was getting better.
But I I didn't think about what "better" meant.
This is better.
I mean, this is it.
Can't do it, Vera.
I can't walk properly, I can't think properly.
I'm never I'm never gonna get back to the way I was, you know? I wanna get better.
Oi! No! No! Doreen.
Hey, hey, hey.
Wake up, wake up! Shh.
It's OK, it's OK.
Hey, it's me.
It's Bea.
You were just having a bad dream, honey.
You were just having a bad dream.
It's OK.
What's happened to Doreen? Nothing.
Go to bed.
But I want to come.
I said go to bed, Warner.
The baby's dead Yeah.
and then there's a mound of dirt and it's a grave.
And then there was another baby putting stones on top of it.
And it was Ella.
Ella was your first.
Darling, nothing is gonna happen to this little baby.
It was so real.
I know, I know.
How far along were you when you lost Ella? Um, like, 32 weeks or something.
You're about that now, yeah? Yeah.
Oh, love, I reckon that's what's playing on your mind.
Yeah, I think so.
But you are healthy.
This bubby's healthy.
Nothing is gonna go wrong this time, alright? You promise? I promise.
I promise, I promise.
Oh, darling, it's alright.
Oh, sweetie.
It's OK, it's OK.
Hello, Mr Fletcher.
He is not to work general population.
Restricted to public side only, reception and visitors.
And he is not to be given a swipe card.
I'll see to it.
I wonder what changed his mind.
I'm terrified I'm gonna lose bubs and I realise I'll never know Ella.
That's all really normal, love.
Thanks, Liz.
Oh, Liz has been really great.
Yeah, good on you, Liz.
Oh, and Jess, too.
So, surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people helps, yeah? Yeah.
We keeping you up, Jodie? I punch shit.
You know, when I'm stressed.
So, what do you punch? Walls? Doors? People? Anything I think's shit.
I mean, I'm in here cos I punched me counsellor, actually.
Booms, don't you get why you're here? She's one of the sign-offs for your parole.
Alright, just so we're clear, whatever's said in these sessions doesn't form part of my recommendations to the Parole Board.
Oh, so we don't even have to be here? You don't Oh, sweet.
but when you apply for your parole, you get to tick a box to say that you were involved in the program, which the Parole Board looks on as a plus.
So we can say whatever we like.
Yeah, within reason.
I'd like to hear Franky talk.
I'll talk when I've got something to talk about.
Come on, a problem shared is a problem halved.
Isn't that what they say? We don't make anybody talk if they don't want to, Liz.
Come on, you heard her.
You can say whatever you like.
So if you've got any blood on your hands, now's the time to wash some of it off.
Keep it up, Liz, I'll have to ask you to leave.
That's fine by me.
I'll talk.
Sit down.
How's this for a stressful situation? Someone I used to care about's got a daughter in here.
Pissed, on her Ps, and killed a cyclist.
It's terrible.
Terrible, but you'd think as a first offender, she'd get bail, not end up in here.
There's a reason why she didn't get bail.
Franky, I'm going to call that.
That's it No, no, I want to know.
Why? Cos it wasn't her first offence.
She'd been done for drink-driving and she was driving on a cancelled licence.
Turns out she's quite the little piss pot, just like her mum.
I'm surprised she didn't tell you.
How do you deal with stress, Liz? Whoo! Sophie, can I? Come here.
Just give me a minute.
Blood on my hands? What the hell was that all about? You know exactly.
Are you trying to fuck my parole? Stay away from my daughter.
Are you trying to fuck my parole? You think things are bad now, you fuckin' keep talking shit like that, and I'm gonna make your life a complete fuckin' misery.
Jacs Holt killed Meg Jackson.
Now fuck off.
Soph, can I please have a word with you, darl? Soph? Let's get into it.
Yeah! Whoo! Come on, Franky.
Shoot! Shitface! Catch! Roster for you, Governor.
Thank you.
I see you got Matt Fletcher back here.
Only on light duties while he recovers.
He'll return to full duties if and when he's ready.
Do you think it's a mistake? What if there's an incident? I don't think he can look after himself, let alone anyone else.
You're sure there isn't just a touch of personal feeling creeping into this? Course not.
We help our own, Mr Jackson, in good times and bad.
Ah, just a moment.
II see that Smith is expecting a visitor today, a Ms Proctor.
What do you know about her? Uh, Proctor's been writing to her.
She's supportive of what Smith did to Brayden Holt.
Smith said anything else about it? Not that I've heard, no.
I think it might be wise for you not to be the one to scrutinise Smith's mail, until your matters before the police are settled.
Just precautionary.
You know, they'll be looking very closely at the relationship between the two of you.
Let's not give them any more ammunition than they already have.
Yes, Governor.
Kaz Proctor.
I'm here to see Bea Smith.
You right? Er, uh, who who'd you say? Kaz Proctor.
For Bea Smith.
I have been approved.
Karen Proctor.
Oh, right.
Well well, you said Kaz.
Karen, Kaz.
Jesus, how hard is it? Your driver's licence, uh, Ms Proctor, please.
Sign in there, please.
Did you get your money's worth? You've been eyeing me off since I got here.
Is that how you treat the members of the public? Or just the females? I'm Kaz.
I can't believe we're actually face-to-face, finally.
The inspiration you have been to so many women.
Women who have been victims of abuse their whole lives are standing up and fighting back because of you.
Look, I'm not a victim, alright? Let's get that straight.
Look, Kaz, what I've done is what I've done, alright? Welcome back, Fletch.
I have my reasons.
It's nobody else's business.
I'm not your mascot.
"Righteous act of retribution"? That's you, yeah? You're Red Right Hand.
You know, for every ten metres a woman walks away from her home, she doubles her chances of not being abused or murdered.
Home is the most dangerous place for a woman, as you would know.
That's gotta change.
Hey, look, my husband was murdered.
There's an ongoing investigation, right? When you go out there and you commit crimes in my name, it doesn't exactly help me.
They can't possibly think that you did it.
Well, they start with the people closest to the victim.
Your husband wasn't a victim.
He was the abuser and he didn't deserve to live.
Now you're gonna stop writing to me.
You're gonna stop using my name.
I don't ever want to see you here again.
They're pressuring you, aren't they? No, no, no, I'm telling you to stop.
What have they done? We can help you.
You have no idea how many supporters you have through the police and the Department of Justice.
Well, I don't want anything to do with you or your group.
Hey, let go of her.
Let go of her! Jesus Christ! What have you done to her? You will leave now.
Not before you tell me what you've done to her.
You will leave now.
If I have to ask you again, you'll be forcibly removed.
Escort Smith back to her unit, please.
We won't give up on you, Bea.
That's it.
Let's go.
Please, this way.
Hey, Mr Jackson, can I please have a word? I'll take her from here.
Hey, that woman, Kaz Proctor, came to see me.
Yeah, I heard things got a bit heated between you two.
You know the video on the news of the guy getting beaten up? Yeah.
Well, I think she's part of that group.
The Red Right Hand.
What, she said that to you? Not in so many words, but I think that they might have killed Harry.
For me.
There you go.
Sorry, excuse me.
Nice chatting to you, too, mate.
You asked for me, Governor? Yes.
How is, uh, Mr Fletcher going? Uh, very well, I believe.
There was an issue with Bea Smith's visitor Yes, no, I saw.
He handled that rather well, I thought.
It's funny, you know.
He seems to be at one moment struggling, and then he appears to be quite able and proactive.
Well I suppose his injuries make some things more challenging than others.
Or he is inconsistent about what he shows us.
I highly doubt he's faking it.
Well, you'd know better than anyone.
You've been with him for so much of the journey.
How're you feeling? Did you see a doctor? I did.
And And? .
it's a cold, apparently.
You sure you wouldn't be better off at home? Oh, I I'd really rather not.
Just until you're feeling If you don't mind.
I have things to do, so Hmm.
Well, offer's there.
Anything? Can I have that? Fuck! Hi, Jodie.
Here, you should drink something.
You've gotta stop that.
It's not good for you.
I can't.
Look, I know you think I'm the enemy, but I'm not.
She is.
OK? So if you just tell us what she did to you then this will all be over.
I can't.
I can't! OK.
Then there's only one way this is gonna end.
We've got to stop her from hurting herself.
She goes to medical, she's out of our reach.
There's also the other reason.
What? She might actually hurt herself.
Just don't forget why she ended up in the slot, OK? It was us who put her there.
Hello? Karen Proctor? Who are you? Are you Karen Proctor of Red Right Hand? Get off my property.
You're one of them, aren't you? Red Right Hand? Get off my property or I will call the police.
Call them, cos it'd be a really interesting conversation there, Karen.
Eh? Fuck off! Whoa! So that's how you deal with shit, is it? Nice, Proctor.
Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? Is everything alright? Mm, yeah.
I brought you a tea.
Thank you.
You'll be OK.
So will the bub.
I know.
You know, I loved being a nanny.
The baby, Madison.
Yeah, I loved her like she was my own.
But she died.
Of cot death.
And that was it.
Her father rang me and said, "Your services are no longer required.
" They didn't think that maybe it was more than just a job to me.
I'm so sorry, Jess.
But Madison's still alive in me.
Sometimes I imagine that we go to the park and play, and I buy her a baby-cino and people stop and tell me what a beautiful girl I've got.
And I like to think about her first day of school, her first kiss, and her first love.
She's got a perfect life.
Really perfect.
You could give the same thing to Ella.
All you've gotta do is shut your eyes and make it real.
Really? Do you want to give it a go? OK.
Can you see her? She'd be three now.
Would she like to come on a play date with Maddy? Yeah.
Meet you at the lake by the Botanical Gardens.
I hate swans.
Then there won't be any.
There won't be any at all.
This is only gonna get worse.
She's not gonna give in.
It's the only thing you can do, Jodie.
We will protect you.
You have to do this.
Miss Miles! I'm not feeling very well.
Need to go to medical? Well? She'll be OK, won't ya? I'll look after you.
Sophie, why couldn't you tell me about driving without a licence? I'm your mum for god's sake.
I'd be the last person to judge you.
I don't wanna talk about it.
I know you don't wanna talk about it and that's fine.
Just stay away from Franky, love.
She's only gonna use you.
Soph! G'day.
How's it going? Anything you want to talk about? Why don't you start off today? I'm sick of talking about me.
Well, we're here to talk about you, Franky.
You're the one who breached the trust.
Onus is on you to rebuild.
And I've acknowledged that I compromised that and I'm sorry, but we cannot keep going round that circle, yeah? Trust is a two-way street.
You know all about me, so why don't you tell me about yourself? I want dirt.
Well, I can't give you dirt, you know that.
There's a whole host of reasons for the therapist not to bring their personal lives into the room.
So you're just a wall I talk at.
I get nothing back.
If you were the prison psych, you'd be damned careful what you told anyone.
You're the one who's got to do the work, Gidget, not me.
Was Liz Birdsworth someone you trusted? Did that bother you? The way I pulled her to bits like that? She provoked you.
Your only form of defence seems to be attack, so you did pretty much what I'd expect of you.
When was your first time with a woman? OK.
Why did you change the subject? When? Was it because I said you acted predictably? I know you're a dyke.
Why won't you answer my question? Answer mine.
The way you eviscerated Liz, was that supposed to impress me? Why would I want to impress you? Has my sexuality got anything to do with it? You can't blame me for thinking there's a connection.
It's simpler when we stick to you, yeah? Yes, I am a lesbian.
Now can we move on? Yep.
Mr Fletcher.
I hope your day's going well for you.
Thank you.
Fuck, please, Franky, just let me rest.
Sorry, Jodie.
Oh, god.
Just let me sleep.
I'm gonna fucking die.
It's torture.
Don't shiv the top dog.
Chocky? I reckon she'll be pretty hungry, too, yeah? What's it been, four or five days since she's eaten? Yeah, something like that.
Although I heard that you can go for months without eating before it actually kills you.
Yeah, as long as you keep your fluids up.
Otherwise, it's just a matter of days before you, you know It's heart failure.
Hmm? Heart failure, that's what kills you.
Once the fat reserves are gone your body starts taking energy from the muscles and they start wasting away.
Because the heart's a muscle.
Hey, I've got this.
Why don't you go rest? OK.
I'm fuckin' rooted.
Yeah? See you in a few hours, Jodie.
Bea, I can't do what you want! So please just stop.
Mr Jackson.
Will Jackson, what have you got to say about allegations that you murdered Harry Smith? What? You're assisting police with their enquiries.
Did you kill him? What's your relationship to the victim's ex-wife, Bea Smith? Are prison authorities aware of the allegations against you? Does Bea Smith know? What if it was the police that leaked the information about you? Would they do that? You know, to rattle his cage, as it were.
See what falls out.
What do you think I should do? The allegations against you are Well, they're just that, they're allegations.
You have our confidence.
Isn't that right, Derek? Well, the board are concerned, obviously, but Ms Ferguson is correct.
They are just allegations at this point.
I can't tell you what that means to me.
Thank you.
Go through the metal detector Linda.
Welcome back.
Look, Fletch, I'm sorry I didn't come visit you.
Oh, it's alright.
No, I should have Linda, it's alright.
Personally, I hate hospitals.
And you're OK? Yeah, I'm back to my old self.
Good as gold.
I gotta go.
Hello, Mr Fletcher.
Mr Fletcher? Hi.
Uh, what Jess.
How are you? I'm good.
I heard you got run over.
Yeah, I'm I'm better now.
Here, let me.
Thank you.
I still think about it.
About what? Us.
There's no-one here, Mr Fletcher.
I'm I'm sorry.
Listen, I'm sorry.
I I It's OK.
No, I've gotta go.
Mr Fletcher.
Where is it? Where's my card? I don't know where Give me my fucking card! Where's my fucking card? Let go of me! I don't know where your card is! Mr Fletcher! Mr Fletcher, it's alright.
I've got a card.
Get back to your cell.
Come with me.
Come on.
Come on.
The day before your accident, you lost your swipe card.
We worked it out after Bea Smith escaped.
What, she used it to escape? No, no, not quite.
She used it to access contraband, a knife, which she used in a fight with Doyle.
No, no, no.
It was the right decision to come back.
I think it's helping you remember.
Vera, I'm scared.
I don't think I want to remember.
ex-wife, Bea Smith It's Mr Jackson.
Hey, Bea! Bea! Yeah? Come here.
Does Bea Smith know? Look at this.
Corrections officer Mr Jackson was also the subject of an investigation into Bea Smith's dramatic escape What the fuck? .
that led to the murder of criminal identity Brayden Holt.
Although Mr Jackson was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in that matter, we are led to believe, by a reliable source, that he is now the prime suspect for the murder of Harry Smith.
This is Hayley Jovanka with this Channel 8 exclusive.
Staff room.
Yeah, put her through.
Will Jackson speaking.
I know who you are now.
Come in.
Jodie's got something to say.
I'll do it.
It's hepatitis C, isn't it? Yes, I'm afraid it is.
So, um it started, like, the second night I was in the slot, right? And she came in and, um, I was sleeping and she had a pillow over my face, like pushing down on it with all her weight, you know? This room she took me to.
I don't know where it was.
It was dark.
She made me say things.
You know, like I was worthless and I was pointless and I was nothing.
She made me scratch my arms until they bled, and then she'd pour metho on them if she didn't get the answer she wanted.
And she made me It's OK.
And then after this, she'd be, like, so nice to me, like really nice.
I just can't get her out of my head.
Hey, Vera.
I know it's late, but I'm Sometimes it's not good to be alone.
Come in.
Oh, you've tidied up.
Yeah, tidy room, tidy mind.
My old man used to say that.
I had to keep my room spick and span at all times, otherwise Our parents would have got on famously.
Fletch Vera, there's something I need to I need to say.
OK, you It's good you're here.
I've realised something about my accident.
There was nothing accidental about it.
I did it to myself.
Do you remember what happened? No, but it's the only thing that makes any sense.
All my life, Vera, I've suffered from depression.
All my life.
And there was the post-traumatic stress after East Timor.
Years of dark thoughts and suicidal thoughts.
I lost my swipe card and a prisoner used it.
I was gonna lose my job.
Everything and anyone that had ever meant anything to me was going to be taken away.
I would have seen that van and gone, "Fuck it!" Hey, Vera, it's OK.
I'm I'm fine.
Knowing what it is helps and I know now.
I know.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Hey, what what's that they say about the truth, you know? It sets you free, Vera.
It sets you free.
No, it's a bastard.