Wentworth (2013) s04e05 Episode Script

Love and Hate

1 Will Jackson did this to you, didn't he? Shit! Mr.
Jackson would never lay a finger on her.
She's playing you.
You can't be seen defending a screw.
You know there's nothing worse than that.
I got your results this morning.
The tests indicate some malignant cells.
There's gonna be an attack on Mr.
- What?! - Payback for the Ferguson thing now! - Hey! - Mr.
Jackson?! If you're in the kitchen you need to get out of there immediately.
Ah! No, there won't be any action against you.
But you you have to slot me, yeah? - You have to! - No.
I just came to say "thank you".
Jackson? - Ugh! - Oh! Oof! (Bea) Argh! - Bea! Bea! Bea! Bea! - (dramatic flourish) (Footsteps echoing) (Theme music) You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you - (children squealing) - (carnival music and sounds) (Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside plays on merry-go-round) (faintly penetrating memory) Proctor (growing louder) Proctor? (louder still) Proctor?! (Guard) Do you hear me? You've got a scheduled visit.
(music stops in memory) (P.
announcement) Attention compound, Attention compound.
H-block are now called for breakfast.
Hey, that's my bloody bacon! Fuck off, butchy, it's mine! Don't you "butchy" me, you skinny-arsed chopstick.
'Ere, give it 'ere! - Hey, piss off! Oi, slut! - Give it 'ere! - Where's Kaz? - (Juice) Give me back my fuckin' bacon! - Got a visitor.
- (Tina) Don't touch me! - Oh, who? - (Juice) I want my fuckin' bacon! (Juice) Give it 'ere! - I said, give it 'ere! - Piss off! - While the cat's away.
- I'll sort it.
(Boomer) Hey, hey! (Juice ) That's my bacon.
She snaffled it after I already bagsed it.
Okay, just quit it, all right.
Quit it.
- Back off, BamBam! - No, you eh watch yourself, cheeky chongs.
Just - It's like a jolt of oxygen.
- (Boomer) Oi, stop acting like a - Top Dog's in the slot.
- (Boomer) coupla pairs of mongrel dogs.
The women can finally breathe.
- She'll be out soon enough.
- (Juice) Yeah, well who's gonna make me? (Tina) I thought you only ate pussy, Juice.
- I'll eat your pussy juice! - No! No one's eatin' anyone's pussy juice! Just get some other fuckin' bacon.
There is no other fuckin' bacon! - What is is that the last bit? - Mmmm.
- Oh, for f - Eh! Oh, Booms! You're welcome! Maxine I'm gonna go.
Now, the good news is there's a high proportion of oestrogen receptive cells among the malignant ones.
Okay, what does that mean? Well, there's a better chance that the cancer will respond to hormone therapy.
But I'm already on hormone therapy.
We need to starve the tumour of the oestrogen it needs to grow.
I can't stop taking oestrogen.
Actually there is an alternative, but it does come with higher risks.
Now, the oncologist, Dr.
Hughes, is running a clinical trial on a new drug that's targeting hormone positive cancers if we can move you to his hospital's secure ward, he may be able to pull a few strings.
Now, you'd have to start today.
Yes yes, please.
How's he eating? Yeah, like a little champ.
(chuckling) Yeah.
loves his Weeties, don't ya mate? How's the job hunt? - Yeah, coupla good prospects.
- Good.
How about the conjugal, eh? That good news or what? - Yeah (gulps) um - You could sound a tad more excited.
Oh, no, I am, babe.
I'm just I'm just wrapping my head around the thought of actually being alone with you.
- (kissing) - (Doreen chuckling) (Nash chuckling) (general background chatter) - (walkie talkie squawk) - (door unlocking beep) - (baby crying) - (background chatter) (Jackson) Take a seat, ma'am.
- (background chatter) - (baby continues crying) (door closes) So, this is, uh, where your women's lib palaver's got you, is it? Really? Ten years that's the first thing out of your mouth? Oh, it was just I was just no, I'm sorry, it was I'm a bit nervous.
Spare me the act, Mum.
Yeah, a weakness of any kind.
I'd forgotten how much that disgusts you.
Self-pity disgusts me.
You're a tough nut, Karen.
Do you know even when you were a kid you had a hardness about ya? Did I? You're so full of shit.
What are you doin' here? Your father.
- When? - Three days ago.
Emphysema, it turned into pneumonia and he fought the good fight.
But you know, pack and a half a day of smokes for 40 years, it's hardly surprising.
So, you got nothin' to say about that? - Any deathbed confessions? - Oh, Karen! Are you still holdin' onto that? He's dead, it's over.
It's over?! Look, the funeral's on Tuesday, if it's possible you should try - and be there - Why the fuck would I go to - his funeral? - Language, Proctor.
Because you owe me.
- I owe you? - Yes, you owe me.
I sacrificed everything to keep our family together.
I wish I'd been there to see him die, to watch him drown in his own spit! I said keep it down, Proctor.
(baby crying in background) I'm done.
- (baby continues crying) - (Faith Proctor sighs) - Oh, I'm sorry, she's just - (door unlock beeps) she's a bit upset her father's just died.
She's - (baby continues crying) - (door closes) (Vera on walkie-talkie) Sierra-2 calling Sierra-3.
Yeah, ah, Sierra-3.
Go ahead.
(Vera on walkie-talkie) Ah, Mr.
Jackson, can you come up to my office please.
(Jackson on walkie-talkie) On my way.
Ah, Will Jackson, he's, ah of course my deputy.
He interviewed you.
I'll get him to give you the tour.
So, is it true the previous governor's been moved out of protection? Where did you hear that? Walford.
Yes, it is true.
Did you have any experience with our women while they were housed at Walford? Nah, I've only worked with men.
Before Walford, I did a two year stretch at Long Bay.
Mm! Stretch? You make it sound like a prison sentence.
We're all "lifers".
- (chuckles) - (chuckles) Ah, Mr.
Ah you know Jake Stewart, of course.
- Yeah.
Good to see you again.
- Hey, mate.
- Thanks for the gig.
- Pleasure.
I thought you could give him the tour.
- Sure.
Um let's go.
- All right.
Ah, Kaz Proctor's had a death in the family, her father - could be a grief counselling issue.
- I'll alert Miss Westfall.
- (Jackson) Okay.
- Great chatting.
(Stewart) Thanks.
(Bea sighs) Can I have a private word with my peer worker, please? (Bea sighs) So what was that all about? - You attacking Mr.
Jackson like that? - I did what I had to do.
Don't worry about it.
- What's Ferguson up to? - Nothin'.
Screws are keepin' a close eye on her, but she's still bein' protected by Kaz.
(Bea scoffs) Kaz been stirrin' up shit since I've been in here? I dunno I've had my own stuff to deal with.
Yeah, like what? My conjugal.
It's finally been approved.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Well, that's a good thing isn't it? Well, we've only done it once, up against a wall.
And Nash has never seen me naked.
Well, he's in for a treat then isn't he? And I've had a baby since then.
Dor once he buries his face in these babies, he's not gonna worry about anything else.
What? (both chuckle) - Hey - (Doreen) Yeah.
I need you to get a message to Maxine for me.
(dramatic whooshing) - Lizzie! - Booms.
(Boomer) What ah eh Yes! Ah come on, come on - cheeky chongs - Time, time, time out.
- What? No fuckin' time out.
- (Liz) Why? - You've already had a time out.
- (Tina) Hey, chill, BamBam.
It's not the fuckin' Olympics.
- What's goin' on there? - I dunno.
- Game's over.
- (Boomer) What? No, it's not.
No it's not fuckin' over 'cause we're winnin'! We were winning, Tina.
So, in here is the yard for H-block, where we house some of our highest profile prisoners, including Bea Smith.
Who's currently in the slot, following an attack.
- (door beeps and unlocks) - Well, who'd she attack? - Me.
- (Stewart chuckles) Oh, that's, uh (chuckles) shit.
Hey, which one's the ex-Governor? (exhales) Huh, is it true she actually petitioned to get into general? - Mm-hmmm.
- So, why hasn't she been ripped apart? We had her under 24 hour guard.
We still keep a close eye on her, but she's with Kaz Proctor's crew now, Red Right Hand, they protect her.
She can't be that terrifying if she needs protection.
She knows the system better than anyone which makes her the most dangerous prisoner in here.
- (prisoner 1) Hey - (prisoner 2) Ooh! (Boomer) Hey, check out the hottie! - Hey, hottie! How's it goin'? - (prisoners cheering) - Yee-ow! - (Boomer) He's mine, - bitches! - Yeah, good morning to you too, ladies.
Jackson's got a friend now, - hadn't he? - Yeah.
Isn't it good to see the women loosening up a bit while Bea Smith's in the s (Doreen) Hey - got a message from Bea.
- Mm-hmm.
Keep an eye on Ferguson and Kaz in case they try somethin'.
What? While Bea's in the slot, you're Top Dog, right? She wants me to spread the word.
Nothing happens without your say so.
Doreen, I I can't be Top Dog.
(Liz) Hey.
What's goin' on? But you're Bea's 2IC? Honey, I can't.
Oh, no, come on, Maxie.
I-I can I can help you, if you want.
Bea thinks Kaz or Ferguson might make a move.
You've gotta hold the fort - for her.
- She'll just have to find someone else.
There is no one else.
I reckon there's somethin' goin' down with that Asian crew, 'cause my radar is pingin' like crazy.
Tina and Kim are cookin' somethin' up for sure.
Hey, I saw Kim meetin' some bloke in the visitors - Yeah? - Yeah.
Gave him a big pash too.
- Oh.
- Ho-ho, no way?! Bea'll go ballistic if this place is flushed with gear when she gets out.
You are gonna have to do something, love.
- - (retching) Stick them far down! - (retching) - Oh, no! No, here I'll do it! - (vomits) - Yeah, that's it! That's it, good girl.
- (breathing heavily) - (Maxine) I'll have that.
- Give it to me! - Piss off, lady boy.
- You're not the fuckin' boss here! - Yeah, she is.
- (Kim) Crap, says who? - Bea.
Since she's in the slot, Maxine's Top Dog.
Ah, bullshit! - Ooh! Ah! - (dramatic drum beating) You fuck with Maxine, you fuck with Bea! Oh! This sucks! (Tina breathing heavily) (taps window) Governor approved the transit order - go get your stuff.
- I've changed my mind.
I can't go.
You're kidding? You do you know how much paperwork I had to fill out? Please thank Dr.
Chappell for me.
(sighs) Yeah, yeah.
Oh, Kaz, have you got a moment? - I'm having a shower.
- I heard you've suffered a bereavement.
Your father.
Thought we could make an appointment.
Who told you? It's important you get the chance to grieve properly.
Not an easy thing to do in a place like this.
I'll manage.
- (echoed whooshing flourish) - (carnival music begins to fade in) Karen? Karen, come inside and get changed please.
(echoed whooshing flourish) (vehicle approaching) Daddy! (chicken clucking) (Jim Proctor) Close your eyes, Karen.
(horses hooves clopping slowly) (horse whinnies) (Jim) All right, you can open them now.
(horse neighs) (Young Karen) He's beautiful, Daddy.
(giggling) (Jim) So, what are you gonna call him? - Prince - (Jim laughs) - I thought I was your prince? - (horse snorts) (Young Karen) No, you're my Daddy.
(Jim) Yeah and you're my special little girl.
- (Jim) Eh? (chuckles) - (Young Karen) Yeah, I am.
(Jim) How about a cuddle for Daddy? (dark, ominous flourish) (indistinct background chatter and announcements) You heard about Conway? Where's Kaz? Her dad just died.
She wants to be alone.
She did seem a bit discombobulated, out in the yard.
Were they close? I'll give you some advice, Joanie never ask Kaz about her old man.
(indistinct background chatter) (breathing heavily) Have you heard? It's Maxine Conway.
While Smith is in the slot, Conway's been moved up.
A man is now Top Dog! (whispered) Oh, I can't believe it.
What are we gonna? You have to do something.
(Ferguson) Course this is all part of Smith's plan.
- (Ferguson) She's laughing at us, - (echoed rhythmic dripping begins) rubbing our noses in it.
(Ferguson's voice fading to an echo) That staged attach on Will Jackson, just so she can luxuriate in the slot - (indistinct badgering from Ferguson) - (dripping sound intensifies) Shut up! Shut up! Just get out! Just fuck off and leave me alone.
(water running from tap) (ominous flourish) (whispered to herself) Think, think, think.
- (heavy pulsing bass) - Think, think, think.
Think, think, think.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Take your time.
(footsteps approach) - (sighs) - (music stops) I'm sorry I overstepped the mark.
I know now that you're - you're grieving.
- (Kaz exhales) Allie told me about your father, just just now.
She had no right telling you that.
Why don't you wanna talk about him? Where's your dad? I see you don't wanna talk about yours either.
What's that about? I had a a difficult relationship with my father.
Why? He he was a hard, domineering man.
He was cruel manipulative demanding.
Did he fuck you? (P.
announcement) Attention prisoners, work details are commencing in five minutes.
You called for me Miss Miles? This is Tasha Goodwin, I put her in H-1.
This is Doreen Anderson, she's a peer worker.
She'll take care of you.
Conduct the orientation.
Hi, Tasha.
Where are you from? Cape Leveque.
In the Kimberley.
Gee, you're a long way from your mob, eh? (Miles) Right ladies, down the corridor, let's go.
(whooshing flourish) (Doreen) It's not as scary as it looks.
(discordant humming intensifies) (loud thrumming) (cell door clangs shut) (door locks) So, this is Liz.
Hi, Tasha, that's a lovely name.
So is it it's short for Natasha? - Oh, and Boomer.
- Eh! How old are you? - I'm 18.
- Oh.
Tasha's from the west, north of Broome.
Oh, that's lovely.
So, what brought you all the way over here? - Wouldn't have been the weather! - (Doreen chuckles) Ran away a few years back, lookin' for somethin' better Bloody well not here is it?! (laughs) Oh, hey, this is Maxine.
Maxine, this is Tasha.
- Hey, Tasha.
- Maxine is Acting Top Dog.
The boss.
So, nothin' bad can happen to ya.
H-1 is the safest place in prison.
You gotta follow some rules, but - like don't touch my stuff.
- All right, Booms.
I was gettin' to that.
So, you gotta be standing by your door for their head count.
You can keep you door open or shut, it's totally up to you.
Yeah, but most girls keep it open, love.
Don't borrow anyone's stuff, like especially mine.
At least, not without asking.
Yeah, but I'll just say "bugger off", so don't.
And these panic buttons, don't ever press one, ever.
Okay, let's get you settled in.
(cell door closes) (knock at door, door opens) - Governor, sorry is now a - Yes, yes Mr.
Stewart, come in.
So, how are you settling in? Great, everyone's been real friendly.
- (Vera) Good.
- Linda Miles is a hoot.
(chuckles) Yes, she is fun, isn't she? - (Stewart) Yeah.
- Mm.
- (inhales) S is there something you? - Ah, just, ah, I don't mean to sound forward, but I'd like to make some time to, ah, discuss some things with you.
Some things? Ideas.
Certain strategies I picked up at Walford, and developed, that I think could be implemented here.
Ooh, well, I am always open to, er, new ideas, a fresh perspective, - if you make a time with my assistant.
- Like now, for instance.
- Well, I don't have time right now.
- No, I don't right mean now, I mean right now.
You've got your Top Dog in the slot.
Yes, that's right.
Well, at Walford, when King Shit was in the hole um, sorry, excuse my when the prisoner in charge was in solitary, it was like Christmas in general.
And I used to say, "When it's Christmas in general that's the time to play Grinch.
" Yes, Mr.
I think you just read my mind.
Looks like we're both on the same wavelength.
(thrumming intensifies) - (rhythmic music begins) - Why have you called a ramp? Smith's in the slot, it's the perfect opportunity.
(dogs growling) (dog whines) - (dog growling) - (rhythmic music continues) (dog barking) (Guard) This cell clear.
- (dog growling) - (dog barking) - (dog growling and barking) - (Guard) All righty.
- (dog barks) - With you, Gov.
(rhythmic music end) (tense music begins) Bullshit, that's not mine.
- Slot Novak.
- Let's go.
- Kaz - Let's go.
Get the fuck off me! - Kaz it's not mine! Aww! - (Stewart) Come on.
- (Stewart) Settle down! - (Kaz) Oi, - (Allie) Fuck off! - (Kaz) not so rough! - (Stewart) Ah! - (Allie) Oh, fuck! (Allie) Like, aww! What? - (Allie) Kaz it's not my gear.
- (Kaz) Come on! - (Allie) Aww! - (Vera) Get in there too.
(cell door sliding) (Allie screaming) Let go of me! It's not my shit, you fucking prick! - (Guard) Get her in there.
- (Guard and Allie struggle) - (Allie) Oh, it wasn't my gear! - (door slams) - (tense music begins again) - (drum beat flourish) (whooshing flourish) (indistinct background chatter) (whooshing flourish) (indistinct background chatter) - (tense music continues) - (indistinct background chatter) (echoed laughter and background chatter) (thrumming whooshing flourish) (prisoner) know you would.
(laughs) We don't wanna be seen with you.
Piss off, Freak! You wanna have another round with me and the boys, do ya? As delightful as that sounds, ah, no.
Thank you.
So, why the fuck are your tits in my face? I'm hoping that if I can tempt you with fresher, tastier meat, you'll turn your nose up at this battered old cunt.
Call it my survival instinct.
(rhythmic drum beat intensifies) (keys jangle in lock) (cell door unlocks and creaks open) - (high heels clomp on floor) - (Allie sighs) I don't need to see you.
My presence is mandatory, I'm afraid.
And I don't s'pose you give a shit if I tell you the drugs weren't mine.
Okay, look Allie, you do have a history of addiction.
I'm not using again! I believe you.
But it can be a struggle, to stay sober and I have some strategies that can help you prevent slipping back into addiction.
(sighs) I don't need 'em.
I got my own strategies, and they work for me.
Do you mind sharing them with me? Bea Smith.
(Bridget) Ah-ha, her anti-drugs policies, so is it the fear of the - Top Dog's wrath that keeps you clean? - (Allie laughs) Shit no, it's not fear it's her strength.
(Allie through vent) What she did, it was a real inspiration to us.
I've never seen anything like it.
(Bridget) I'm not sure I can use a convicted murder as a role-model in my counselling sessions, but (chuckles) I'm glad it worked for you.
Good, I can keep it to myself then.
Our hot little secret.
(scoffs) You've got soft hands.
The Walford nurse had hands like a brickie.
I don't root work colleagues.
Oh I wasn't cracking onto you.
(Stewart) So, who's the biggest pain in the arse in here? - Apart from Will? - (door beeps and unlocks) A dozen foils of ice, several balloons of heroin and a hidden stash of ecstasy.
And that's just what didn't end up in the plumbing.
- I'd call that a successful ramp.
- Mmm.
- How's the bite? - I fixed him up.
Novak's a former addict, isn't she? Hep-C negative, I checked.
Yeah, that'd be nice.
A dose of the dirty C first day of the job.
That's all I'd need.
Party on! (Nurse Radcliffe laughs) Haven't I told you to tone down the make-up? I'll see you tomorrow, Mr.
You can call me Jake, Governor.
Is she always so uptight? Her nickname's Vinegar Tits says it all.
(Bea) If they weren't your drugs, whose were they? Bea? You're in the next slot? Nah, I'm in a penthouse overlooking the beach.
Yeah, I'm in the next slot.
(Bea) You told Westfall it wasn't your gear.
(sighs) You know I gave you the heads-up about Mr.
Jackson to save him from getting a bashing, - not so you could give him a beating.
- Yeah.
Can you just answer my question?! It was planted in my cell.
(Allie) I think by Ferguson.
(Allie) Do you believe me? Do you think that Ferguson knows that you told me about the attack on Mr.
Jackson? (Allie) I dunno.
I think she just wants me out of the way so she can get a clear run at Kaz.
Why? (Bea) She's already got Kaz in her corner.
Oh, you know her better than I do.
(Bea) So what is it with you and Kaz? (Bea) Why would you get involved with someone like that? Someone like that? (Bea) Yeah.
(scoffs) Uh, because she was kind to me.
'Cause she's the only person who's ever given a shit about me.
(Allie) I was at a women's shelter where Kaz was volunteering and I was a mess.
(Allie) She took me under her wing and she got me off the gear.
She held my head over the toilet when I spewed and cleaned me up when I shat myself.
- - (sighs) I love her.
(Allie) I owe her my life.
(melancholy music intensifies, then fades and ends) Hey! G'day mate.
First scar.
Should I get a tetanus? Well, if you're planning on sticking around there'll be plenty more.
Well, maybe next time I won't be so eager recommending a ramp then.
Ramp was your idea? You work out.
(chuckles) We should workout together.
I'm on the look out for a partner.
Last one torn his pec trying to snatch and press.
I'm in a different league to you but Nah, I workout by myself, mate.
The offer's there anyway.
See ya tomorrow, Linda.
You will.
New guy's kinda hot.
Don't waste your time, Linda (whispered) gay.
I'm not who you think I am.
Killing Brayden Holt wasn't an act of strength, it was it was hatred.
Pure revenge.
How's that for inspiring.
(Allie) But it was it was! (sighs) But I don't wanna be the reason why you don't shove crank into your veins.
(Bea) Okay? I don't want that responsibility.
(music begins quietly and builds) Hey (Allie) all that stuff I said to Westfall it was bullshit, you know, (Allie) you gotta give the shrink something to get 'em off your back, right? Sure.
(Allie) then my dad kicked me out again, when he found out that I worked as a prostitute and lived as he didn't wanna face the fact that I was homeless and sleeping in doorways and down alleys and on the street.
(Bea) Hey, you're an Allie cat.
(Allie raps) Motherfuckin' ho, go with the flow.
Bitches be mean (Bea raps) Yeah, 'cause we're wearin' green! - (Bea) Um-hm.
Do - (Allie laughs) - (Bea) right.
- (Allie laughing) - (Bea in UK accent) Deal, you dickhead.
- (Scoffs) (languid guitar music) (Bea) Well, they're everywhere.
I told her that snails need to be outside but she said that they needed friends and they needed a home.
(Bea) So, I told her she should make a home out of cardboard.
Few days later I go outside and there's just dead snails everywhere.
- (Allie chuckling) - She'd made a little snail hotel out of a snail pellet box.
(Allie) Oh.
(chuckles) Oh, snails check in but they never check out.
(laughing) Oh, God.
- (both laughing) - (languid guitar music continues) (Bea laughing uncontrollably) Are you okay? Yeah.
Tell me more about Debbie.
What do you wanna know? (Allie) Everything.
Well, she was smart, (Bea) and really stubborn.
most of all, she was she was kind.
(music ends) (P.
announcement) Attention compound, attention compound, count will commence in 10 minutes.
You'll be spending the day in the psych ward today, Allie.
(mouths "why" and coughs) Why? Relax.
Standard procedure following an officer assault.
Come on.
(gentle music begins) (footsteps recede) (Nurse Radcliffe) Anderson, - I need you now.
- We're just on the way to the showers - Miss Radcliffe - You've been approved for a booty call? Yeah.
(Nurse Radcliffe) I need a piss test before medical can sign-off.
I've got a busy day, it's now or never.
You remember where the showers are? You go on, I'll be right behind ya.
announcement) Sierra-2, call reception.
- (door closes) - (ominous music begins) You look a little lost.
I'm, um, just goin' to the showers.
I'll show you the way.
Come on.
Here we are.
- (Juice) All right, get the fuck out.
- (Stella) Fuck off.
- (Juice) Go on, scamper! Hurray up.
- (Stella) Get fucked! (Juice) Go on.
Oh, not your sweetie, you can stay.
- Mm.
What do you reckon, Stel? - Mmmm.
(sniffs deeply) It's all right, darlin', I'm just here to give you your mandatory sexual health check.
- (Juice cackles) - (Tasha whimpers and screams) (Juice) Hold her, Stel! Whoa, wriggly little bugger! - (punching) - (screaming) - (Tasha whimpering and crying) - (tense discordant music) - (Tasha breathing heavily and crying) - (Juice) Come on sweetie (Juice) it's time to open up for Juice.
- (Tasha screams) - (music slows to stop) - (siren starts blaring) - Oh, fuck! What did you do? (siren continues blaring) (cell door sliding open) (Juice) Get your bloody hands off me! - (Guard) Fuck! - (Juice) Cop a feel did ya?! (Guard) Come on, get in, get in.
(cell door closes) Ya fuckin' pervert! Shut your mouth! Fuck! (Bea) Juice! What happened? Some silly twat pressed the button on me, that's what.
- Who? - (Juice) A newbie.
What did you do to her, Juice? Nothing uh, I was tryin' to be nice and she freaked out.
(Juice) And when I get out of here I'm gonna kill that - (Juice) little licorice.
- You're not gonna do anything.
She pressed the button, Bea.
Yeah, so she'll be dealt with.
By who, you're in the slot.
Oi, shut up! Both of you, now.
(Bea) Maxine'll deal with things.
(Juice) She bloody better.
- (prisoner) I reckon.
- (prisoner) I hope.
It's fucked, she shouldn't have cordoned that.
She's finished.
(Liz) Just need to be a .
(prisoner) Really? - (prisoner) She'd wanna watch her back.
- (prisoner) She's a stinge.
- (prisoner) A what? - (prisoner) Yeah.
Where's Doreen? Oh, she's in the unit with Tasha.
The poor kid wasn't hungry.
Hey, are you gonna punish her? - Why? - 'Cause, like, everyone's talkin' about it, eh.
Like, pushing the panic button.
It's like the worst thing that you can do.
Juice would have raped her if she didn't press that button.
But then it would have been Juice who was in the shit.
- So either way, someone has to cop it? - Yeah.
We sort out our own problems, love, we never involve the screws.
That's the code.
You're the boss.
You're gonna have to do something.
(melancholy music begins) (knock at door) Laundry at change over.
- What? - (Ferguson) Word's gone out.
Conway's gonna exact punishment on that little girl that Lucy attacked.
- (sighs) - (Ferguson) Are we gonna let it happen? You have the power to stop it.
If I openly challenge him, it's not different to challenging Bea.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, you're right.
There are risks involved, nobody could blame you for not This poor little girl.
She's got no way of standing up for herself.
(music begins again gradually building) (door closes) (Faith Proctor) You can't tell anyone.
Okay? Please baby, you can't say anything.
You can't.
(Jim Proctor) What's goin' on? (Faith) You see what you've done now? Stay here.
(melancholy music continues) (Faith) Jim, where are you going? - (Jim) I gotta get out of here.
- (Faith) Please! Just look, I know you're under a lot of stress now.
- (Jim) Oh, you've got no idea.
- (Faith) I know that little bitch (Faith) is a liar.
You wouldn't do that.
(horse snorts) (Jim) Did she say I touched her, is that what she said? (Faith) She lies, Jim.
I know it's not true.
(Faith) No one's gonna believe her shit.
(Jim) Oh, for fuck's sake! (Faith) We need to stay together, huh? (Faith) She'll forget it, she'll be fine.
Nothing has to change.
(Jim scoffs) That's bullshit.
(Faith) She'll forget it.
(dramatic music starts) I'll be fucked if I let that bastard hurt her.
(steam escaped from press ) (Doreen) Maxine you can't do this.
- (Maxine) Bring her over here, Boomer.
- You can't.
- Boomer, don't.
- What's going on? What are you doin'? - Don't! Maxine, please.
- Dor - No! - Look, this is hard on Max too, love.
Tasha, look at me.
Tasha do you know what's going on? Do you understand why you're here? Ah, yeah stole some cash, and and booze, and and and that big bloke, he he surprised me and I panicked and I-I hit him over the head with the bottle.
No, honey, I don't mean that.
I mean do you know why you're here, now, in the laundry? No? Okay, okay.
You remember when you first arrived and Doreen told you about the rules? (Boomer) The rules, remember, rules? - I didn't touch your stuff.
- (Maxine) No, - Nah.
- you didn't touch her stuff, but what you did was press the panic button.
(Maxine) Now, Doreen told you - (Maxine) never to press it.
- But she was gonna hurt me! (Maxine) I know she was darlin', I know she was.
And if she did, she'd be here instead of you.
(Maxine) Bring her closer.
Bring her closer, Boomer.
(crying) - (crying) No.
- (Boomer) Shh.
- (Maxine) Boomer, I said - Yeah.
bring her closer.
(Tasha crying) Please, what are you doing? - (Boomer) You're okay.
- No, what are you doing? Please, no.
No, Doreen, please! No, Doreen.
You'll just have to take care of her when it's all over, love.
(Tasha crying) Doreen, Doreen.
Please, no! (Boomer) Come on! Shit! (Tasha crying loudly) No! - (Tasha screams) No! - (steam press sound) (Tasha crying and gasping) - Take your hand away.
- What? I said, take her hand out of the steam press.
- What about the rules? - (Maxine) What about them, Boomer? (Tasha gasps) (Tasha gulps and gasps) I know she broke a rule, okay.
The most important rule we have But while Bea's in the slot, I'm Top Dog.
And if any punishment's to be dealt out, it's up to me what course it takes, and I'm letting Tasha off with a warning.
(Tasha crying) Fuckin' pussy! Does anyone here have a problem with that? - No.
- (Tasha whimpering) All right, great, show's over then ladies.
Back to your units.
(Jim Proctor) Come into the barn, Karen.
(water sloshing) - (metallic flourish) - (urgent music begins) (whooshing flourish) (Young Karen) No, Daddy.
(eerie vocals) (Jim) Bitch, you come with me! (Young Karen) No! - (whispered) No! Stop.
(crying) - (Young Karen) Stop, you're hurting me.
(crying and exhaling) - I don't want to.
- (Young Karen) I don't want to.
(Ominous flourish) (Jim) This is what happens to little girls who tell lies.
(Jim) I never bloody touched you! (loads gun) (Young Karen) Daddy, no! - (gun shot) - (horse whinnying flourish) (echo) (low rumble) (prisoners laughing) (Stella) ah, went, where there was two of 'em.
(prisoner 1) Hey, did Kit tell you? (prisoner 2) Yeah, she didn't want to, though.
(Boomer) What's for dessert? Bread and butter pudding I bloody love bread and butter pudding.
I fucked up.
They're all gonna turn.
Showing mercy, how can that be bad, love? - We're not in a Catholic school, Liz.
- Oh.
(gentle guitar music) What's goin' on? Oh ho-ho-ho sweet! (Boomer chuckles) (piano joins the guitar, music swells) (discordant thrumming over music) Governor.
Ah, have you seen Mr.
Jackson? Nope.
We should catch up for a drink.
Excuse me? A drink.
You know, the two of us.
Well, um that would be unprofessional.
(chuckles) No I wasn't meaning like a date.
- Yeah, no, of course.
- Yeah, just to go over more strategies.
- You know, from Walford.
- Yes, yes.
Ah yeah, we can set up a time to do that.
- Yeah.
- Great.
See ya.
(shrill flourish) (cell door slides closed) (whispered) Bea! (tapping) (Allie) Bea! (Allie) Yo! DJ Allie Cat, wiggity-whack (Allie) Novak MC callin' out to Bea (Allie) Prison rap queen, how you been, yo (indistinct rap) (Allie) Bea, why won't you talk to me? - (Allie) Bea? - (yelling) Shut the fuck up, will ya? I'm tryin' to sleep! And so is Juice.
(sighs) (children shrieking with joy) - (carnival music) - (ominous flourish) (carnival music fades) (echoed chimes) I loved him.
(chuckles) In spite of what he did.
(crying) Did it make me (whispered) fucked up? Like perverse? (crying) Just a total fuckin' hypocrite.
(Ferguson) No.
(Kaz sobbing) It's possible to love and hate at the same time.
(Kaz continues sobbing) (Kaz gasping) (Kaz sobbing) (Kaz gasping and sniffling) (whispered) I'll never leave you.
(Ferguson) You know there's been a shift away from Bea Smith while she's been in the slot.
(Kaz) Yeah.
(Ferguson) You should capitalise on it.
- How? - Divide and conquer.
You've been a great right hand.
Bea's still boss but, hey? (Doreen) What if you take over? You don't want Bea to hear you talkin' like that.
(Ferguson) Her faith in Bea Smith is eroding.
- Did I miss something? - You're just not here for us, Bea.
What? Everything I do is for you girls, right? - Right-o, what's up? - This.
The damage is done.
Excuse me, Governor, the brawler has arrived.
(indistinct P.
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