Wentworth (2013) s04e07 Episode Script

Panic Button

1 (Vera) Police want our help with a case.
- (Vera) A woman's been charged.
- (Kaplan) Sonia Stevens.
(Kaplan) We charged her with murdering her best friend.
If you help us get the information we need you'd be eligible for immediate parole.
Liz will show you the ropes.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
Can you tell him I'll do it.
(Juice) You lagger! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! Snitch! How could you do that? I think they stupid system of punishing laggers has gotten ridiculous.
(lift dings) So, I've been hearing rumours that you're planning to step up.
I delayed treatment to hold the fort when you asked me to.
That's how loyal I was to you.
- It's okay - It's not okay, it's too late.
Now they have to fucking cut my breasts off! - You're just not here for us, Bea.
- What?! It's bad enough that you stuffed up with Tasha, but it's even worse what you did to Maxine.
Everything I do is for you girls, you fuckin' cow! (dramatic flourish) (Footsteps echoing) (Theme music) You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you by PetaG & Rivergirl - (music with heavy drum beat) - (high heels echoing on hard floors) (sound mutes momentarily) (sound mutes momentarily) Your lawyer's here.
You came all the way down here to tell me that? Clearly you've learnt nothing about delegation.
(loud thrumming) You look like the cat that got the cream.
(door lock beeps) It's only a matter of time before I walk out of here.
Justice will prevail.
- (door lock beeps) - Yes, I'm sure it will.
The Crown's case hinges on the testimony of Niles Jesper.
Your former associate.
Alleged associate.
Please don't waste my time with repetition.
I asked you here for an update.
Well, they're being vague with details, stalling information.
Which, in your professional opinion means what? I think they're trying to pull a surprise witness.
Someone whose testimony will support Jesper's alleged activities.
I don't know who it is.
(whispered) I do.
(loud thrumming) - You want me? - Yes.
Jesper has admitted that Ferguson summoned him - to the prison to attack you.
- (gasps) We'd like you to submit a written statement - for the crown.
- I've already made a statement - to that detective.
- And to appear in court for cross-examination.
Your identity will be protected - until the trial.
- (Bea sighs) - She'll have no idea this is coming.
- Come on Smith, this is Ferguson.
Your testimony can help keep her behind bars.
If it wasn't Ferguson, I'd be out of this room already.
So you'll do it? (Bea sighs) Okay.
On one condition.
Once the trial starts she goes back into protection.
- I'll request for the board that we - I won't be doing anything until I get a written guarantee.
- I want her gone.
- (Announcement) Attention compound.
Attention compound.
The canteen is now open for H Block.
(tense flourish) (Allie) Bea! Hey, I've been looking for you.
Vitamin E.
- For your scarring.
- Oh, thanks.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
Just oh, stuff, you know.
Well, if it's Doreen, forget about it.
There's plenty of other people here who care about ya.
(gentle music begins) Yeah.
Any developments? She's just had a meeting with her lawyer.
She doesn't look so cocky now.
(train horn sounds in background) (Kaz squeals) 18 months, tops.
- (crew squeals and laughs) - (Kaz) Ah! - Is that all? - (Kaz) That's what the lawyer reckons.
Sentencing hearing is in two days, so if I only cop 18, you guys will get released with time served! (crew all screaming and cheering) I couldn't believe it! What the fuck's happened to Joan? I dunno.
She's not talkin'.
- Hey? - Hey.
You okay? (dejectedly) Yeah, yeah, yeah.
How'd it go? Not so good.
- What happened? - Just somethin's come up that I'm - gonna to have to deal with.
- Tell me.
I'm being victimised.
By who? Somebody I shouldn't have trusted.
And now he's conspiring against me with Bea Smith.
You're fuckin' kidding me.
Proctor random drug test.
Just can't leave me alone, can you? Let's move! (door lock beeps) Governor? - Transfer papers for Kazeem and Leoni.
- Mm-hm.
- You've been avoiding me.
- Give me the papers.
Guy could get offended.
I'm going for a drink after work if you're interested.
(slams door) We need to get a few things straight.
What happened in the lift was grossly unprofessional and tantamount to sexual assault.
Wow, okay.
I'm sorry.
That certainly wasn't my intention.
I guess I misread the signals.
There were no signals.
I am the Governor of this prison.
Yes, of course.
I understand you were upset.
And that's the only reason I didn't give you an official warning.
You can go now.
Thank you.
(Announcement) Attention compound.
Attention compound.
The canteen is now open for C Block.
- Hey, any for me? - Nuh.
Miles? How's Tasha doing? Well, last time I saw her she was in a backless gown, handcuffed to a bed.
So, you know, not great.
Can I see her? I want to help.
Should have stopped her pressing the panic button.
Fancy a cuppa love? Or a chat.
There's a lot of negative energy in this place.
Yeah, especially since you rocked up.
Where'd ya hide the body? Lift up, would ya? You might want to help me with the cleaning.
And that way some of the women might be nicer, - if they see you helping out.
- (scoffs) They've already made up their minds about me.
They actually think I'm capable of killing my best friend.
Oh, don't worry about what they think.
I've gotcha.
- Thank you, Elizabeth.
- Just "Liz".
No, I'll just keep my head down till the trial.
Do you know if you want to blend in a bit more, it might be a good idea to change out of your fancy threads.
I said I'd keep my head down.
I have no desire to "blend".
(Kaplan) So, what were your first impressions? - She's a stuck-up cow.
- Hm.
- So you've already bonded, then? - Oh yeah, we're totes besties.
- Ha ha.
- Hm! - Oh, wow, that's that's good.
- Mmm.
That's the best coffee in town.
It's from my favourite shop.
Lukewarm, but good.
You play your cards right, Liz, I'll take you there for a hot one when you get out, okay? Oh.
Well, I don't know how that's gonna happen, 'cause Sonia's not saying much.
That's all right, just give it time.
Just stay close to her and listen.
The way to get people talking is to let them fill in the silence.
- I hate silence.
(chuckles) - (laughs) Mmm, try a scroll.
No, I'm watchin' my weight.
More for me then.
- Really fresh.
- Mmm.
- You're a bad man, Donald.
- (laughs) Good, huh? - Is Kaz in her cell? - No, just me.
- You like a cup of tea? - Ah, no thanks.
You still don't trust me, do you? I'm just here to talk to Kaz about the panic button rule.
Bea Smith's unwritten rules.
She didn't make the rules.
But she does enforce them.
I don't think the women should be punished for askin' for help.
I agree.
So do a lot of the women.
But unless somebody makes a stand, nothing'll ever change.
(tense music) (whooshing flourish with chimes) (background laughter) Double spinach! You shouldn't have.
Don't argue, it's good for ya.
- Hey! - Where did you disappear to? Oh, I'm sorry, love.
I had to go and see the prison psych, Ms.
Westfall, 'cause she's doing a whole series of new rehab programs and she wants me as a guinea pig.
Oi, Dors.
How's the Addams Family working out for ya? (clicks fingers twice and laughs) Leave her alone Booms.
Leave her.
Well, what the fuck does she talk to Ferguson about anyway? Glove shopping? (chuckling) Yeah, that's good.
(laughs) Oi, Minnie Mouse, that was fuckin' funny.
Thanks Shrek.
(Liz laughing) - Now that's fuckin' funny, "Shrek"! - Shut up.
Ooh, she's coming, she's coming, she's coming.
- Bea, can I have a word? - Mmm.
It's about the panic button rule.
A lot of the women aren't happy.
If we're being threatened, it should be okay to call for help.
If anyone's got a problem, they come to me like they always have.
- They don't press the button.
- If Tasha hadn't have pressed it, - Rules are rules.
- she would've been rap They're not your rules.
- You just inherited them.
- Exactly.
Whatever issues we have, we sort them out ourselves.
- We don't involve the screws.
- Sorry, but I disagree.
- So do a shitload of us.
- (Bea scoffs) What?! (tense music begins) What the Top Dog says, goes.
- Okay? - That's fucked! Welcome to prison.
(electronica with heavy beat begins) (background clattering and banging) (Prisoner in background) No, hold my place.
I wanna get in the phone queue.
(chair scraping) What are you doing? I'm doin' my job, helpin' the women.
(scoffs) What you're doing is making it difficult for me.
We're supposed to be mates.
Yeah, well mates listen to each other.
- Is this about Nash? - It's got fuck-all to do with Nash.
You still don't get it, do ya? Well, I won't let you keep stirring shit up.
- So what are you gonna do, eh? - I'm serious Doreen.
Come on.
What are you gonna do? We don't need an audience! I respect your right to choose your friends.
And I respect your right to even challenge me.
I don't know what Kaz has been feeding you I can think for myself.
We all can.
We don't need you deciding what's best.
The panic button was put 'ere for our safety and if you don't let us press it, then that means you don't give a stuff - about our welfare.
- That's not true.
(grating flourish) - Don't do that Doreen.
- Oh, and what if I do, eh? What are you gonna do? Bash me? You gonna burn my hand, what? Come on, I want to know.
(whispered) Don't press it! (discordant music) - Fuck, Dor! - (siren wails) (Boomer) Oh, God.
You shouldn't have done that.
- (siren continues wailing) - (urgent music playing) (multiple sirens wail) - (whooshing flourish) - (Announcement) I repeat.
- This is a lockdown.
- It was an accident.
Yeah, well thanks to you, we have to stay back and check every single unit.
This was a security breach, ladies.
If someone was hurt, we wouldn't know where to start looking.
Won't happen again Mr.
(Guard via walkie-talkie) J Block clear and in lockdown.
(Miles) H Block clear.
(door closing loudly) (Liz) Bea - I should put you through the wall! - Go on then.
You wanna hang out with The Freak, you be my guest.
But don't you ever, ever disobey me again.
(melancholy music begins) (Bea exhales) (Bea sighs) (sighs) What's goin' on, Dor? Is this 'cause you feel guilty about Tasha? What do you think? I think you must be pretty messed up to get involved with Kaz and Ferguson.
Well, at least I'm not a fence-sitter.
(scoffs) Sittin' on a fence gives me a really good view of what's going on.
- You know Bea? She's not so perfect.
- No, she's not.
But she's not like them.
- But she never used to be.
- Oh, love this place changes people, even you.
(echoing) Bein' in charge, it's a tough gig.
I wouldn't bloody want it.
No one wants it, that's the point.
The women don't want anyone in charge anymore.
That's not true.
It's not true.
(Liz sighs) (sniffs) Last night wasn't an accident.
If you can't control the women, We're gonna have a problem.
(Bea scoffs) Did Ferguson have anything to do with it? She didn't have anything to do with it.
She's not a problem.
Well she's planning something.
I can see it why can't you? I can see the cracks, Smith, and that means Ferguson can too.
You need to remind everyone who's in charge.
(Announcement) Attention compound.
Attention compound.
- D Block are now called for breakfast.
- She's right, you know.
(sighs) (general talking and laughing) Well played last night Doreen.
You did the right thing.
Women aren't happy.
You all right? What are the women saying? - Who cares? - I do.
They all reckon that Doreen did the right thing.
(Bea scoffs) Hey, Bea! I just wanted to clarify panic button rule's out the window, yeah? The rule stays! Really? Only it seems the women have spoken.
Last night was an accident.
Anyone tries that shit again, they'll have me to deal with.
Right, you hear that ladies? What Queen Bea says goes, even if it's not what the majority wants.
- Oh, shut the fuck up, Kaz.
- (prisoner) I'll pay that one.
(clattering of plates) (subdued talking in background) - All right! - (prisoner) Gee Listen up! If you have a problem with the rules, then let's get it out in the open.
If you don't want a Top Dog anymore, then speak up.
Come on, let's vote.
Hands up.
Let's take a vote right now.
Who doesn't want a Top Dog? Then what, they get shivved? No - no.
(laughs) No repercussions.
- (Kaz chuckles sarcastically) - They don't believe you.
- Just shut up Kaz.
- Well? - All right if you really wanna do this, All right, we'll do a blind ballot.
Every woman gets her say.
No intimidation.
Yeah? Suits me.
Let's just vote now.
We don't need a Top Dog.
Shut the fuck up, ya big, hairy lezzo.
All right, how do we do this fairly? Three women take the votes.
One from my crew? - Liz? - Yeah.
- One from yours? - I'll take 'em.
And we need someone neutral.
(Liz) What about Sonia? She's a newbie.
- Why not? - (Bea) All right? Good.
You spread the word.
Yeah, we take the votes this arvo.
The other blocks can vote in their rec time.
- (prisoners) Woo! - (Kaz) Well done! Nice - Are you sure about this? - (Kaz) ladies.
It's the only way I can shut it down.
Yeah, and what if you lose? Are we seriously allowing this? (Vera) It's a smart move.
It forces the women to put up or shut up! What if they vote "No Top Dog".
This place'll be a war zone.
Smith wouldn't have done it if she didn't feel confident.
She's not herself.
Nuh, she hasn't been herself since the fire, and, the women notice.
- Proctor's taking advantage.
- Smith will shut it down.
- Let's go over those induction reports.
- Right.
(Steward) Women's prisons sure are different.
Walford blokes'd just be kickin' the shit out of each other.
(Steward sighs loudly) So, this Bea Smith what's she like? Well, ah, she's, ah she's good for the women.
Lot of junkies are cleaned up thanks to her.
Do you have protein powder in that? No.
(sighs) Body like that doesn't come for free.
No, just hard work and discipline.
Mate, I got onto this great supplement last year, it's all natural good energy boost.
I can get you some if you like.
I'm good.
Reckon you need it more than me though.
(ironing press hisses) Lorraine, if you shut up, I can explain it again, all right? Now listen.
If you want the position of Top Dog to continue, you stick a tick.
If you don't want a Top Dog, it's a cross.
Yeah? - Yeah.
No Top Dog, cross.
- - Yes Top Dog, tick! - Okay.
Three hours later.
(indistinct background chatter) You can only vote once.
Nice try though.
Who the fuck are you? Well, I'm in for murder.
You? Sonia's in charge of the count.
Yes, and you've already voted.
Tina Mercado.
So (funky music plays) Nice one.
I reckon you and I make a good team.
(Liz) Cross means no Top Dog, tick means Top Dog, Lorraine.
(Liz) Claire.
Thank you.
(Liz) Well done.
- (Maxine) Hey.
(chuckles) - (Boomer) Hey.
(chuckles) I'm just roundin' up the girls to vote.
Oh, yeah I'm ju I'm doin' it later.
Oh, okay.
- You feelin' all right? - Yeah.
Just tired.
When's your operation? - (Maxine inhales) - 'Cause I-I-I been talkin' to people and, ah you know just gotta cut that shit out, 'cause it, can just go everywhere, - and it's - Yeah, honey, I'm not sure.
- Well, just remember, - Mm-hmm.
when it does happen I'll be there for ya.
Thanks, Booms.
All right.
I'll, ah, I'll - let you sleep.
- (whispered) Okay.
(whispered) Bye.
(Boomer) Hey, Bea you, ah, you you want me to make sure that all the women are votin' for ya? I could have a few quiet words.
Leave it, Booms.
Well, no, I-I won't touch 'em or nothin', it'd just be verbular threats.
I said no.
(chuckling) Oh, right come on, spit it out.
What is it? There's still no date for Maxie's op.
So, I was I was thinkin' maybe you could have a word to Vinegar Tits and find out, you know, what the hold up is? - Sure.
- Oh, awesome! - Ta.
(chuckles) - Doreen come and take over the steam press.
Come on.
You want a taste of democracy, now's your chance.
Don't fuck it up.
Shouldn't you be out there campaigning or something? (Bea scoffs, chuckles and inhales deeply) - (Maxine) What? - You wanna know a secret? Yeah? I don't wanna win.
- Hey.
- I'm tired.
Oh, God.
I'd give anything for the quiet life.
(Maxine chuckling) It's not gonna happen here.
Anyway, I'm not here about me.
Apparently no date's been set for your op.
I'm not having it.
My breasts are part of who I am.
No one's taking that away.
Yeah, but if-if you don't have the surgery - then - I'd rather die.
You can't mean that? I lived in the wrong body, Bea, for 32 years of my life, okay.
I woke up, every single morning, wanting to tear it off like it was an ill-fitting suit.
Just step outside it and just be me.
I'm finally happy, Bea, with who I am, and nothing, no disease, is gonna change that.
So go on then, talk me out of it.
(quietly crying) (quietly sobbing) (whispered) You! I'm voting for no Top Dog.
Bea can go fuck herself.
Oh, jeez.
We don't need your life story, love.
Just put it in the bag.
Lucy Gambaro, J Block.
Any time you wanna get out of those pricey undies (whispered) just let me know.
(chuckles and leers at Sonia) Back off, Juice! - (Juice) He he.
- (Liz) God! Is she always so repulsive? Nah, sometimes she's just disgusting.
- Birdsworth? Can I have a word.
- Yeah? Yeah.
- (Liz) Okay.
- How's the vote going? I reckon I've seen half the votes and there's more crosses than ticks.
What happens if she loses? - (Sonia) Liz? - Yeah.
- (Sonia) We're going to education.
- Yeah, right-o.
(Liz) Go on.
- We're doing the tally after dinner.
- Mm-hm.
(Liz) Cross your fingers.
(Misunderstood by Lila Rose) There you go You've got your mind made up up, oh I see you've figured me out Haven't you haven't you You drop the mirror and just drop into me All wrong, all wrong, all wrong, misunderstood You know, she might not have a personal life, but I do.
I've been trying to hook up with this guy for weeks.
It wasn't Vera's fault they pressed their panic buttons.
She knew I had a date and she kept me on and sent Jake home.
She's playing favourites.
I needed my most experienced officers on site.
Not that I need to explain myself to you.
Can you let the officer's know that I'll be calling an early muster, after dinner? - What for? - Last night's fiasco can't go unpunished, and I need to claw back the overtime.
Maybe you could reschedule your quote/unquote "date".
- It's not funny.
- (chuckles) - Nice tats.
- Thank you.
F Block.
Kav, Block P.
- Hey.
- Hey, that's Kay, D Block.
Did you talk to Vinegar Tits about Maxie? No, not yet, I'll do it in the morning.
All right ladies.
Everyone back to your units.
We've got an early count tonight! - How come? - Because it took the officers hours of overtime to check your units last night.
If you waste our time you pay the price.
What about the votes? We're supposed to count 'em together, in front of everyone.
I don't care about your sandpit politics.
- You can do that in the morning.
- They're not taking the bag back to their unit.
They'll rig it.
Yeah, well, you're not taking it.
Right, we'll lock it in the observation box and you can get back to your units.
- Yeah, you happy with that, Mel.
- As long as you can't get to it.
Let's go! (suspenseful music begins ) (footsteps) (door beeps unlocked) (door beeps unlocked) (rustling of papers) (door beeps unlocked) You're a naughty girl.
I beg your pardon? You're not as straight as you pretend to be.
(tense music plays) Ah, I had to collect the shift report.
Yeah, and your curiosity got the better of you.
- (whispered) Yeah.
- Get back to work! Hey, whatever you're doing, it's - none of my business.
- Correct.
I'd hate to put you in a compromising position.
(slow whooshing flourish) (sound of helicopter overhead) I've got backup in case this turns into a riot.
I don't think we have any cause for concern.
You're confident.
- Cross.
- (Liz clears throat) Tick.
That's all of them.
All right.
So if you add those all up.
Okay, so for no Top Dog, an extra two, it's 122 votes, and to keep the Top Dog - it's 243.
Bea wins! - (clapping and cheering) - (angry shouting) - Recount! That's bullshit! - Bullshit.
- Oh, recount! All right, that's enough.
- Wanna fuckin' go Liz? You wanna go me? - Calm down, it's only a count.
- (Bea) I said that's enough! - (prisoner) It's it's rigged.
- It's fuckin' rigged! - It's rigged, totally.
- Recount.
I reckon - Shut up! We're done.
I don't wanna hear anymore crap out of anyone, you hear? It's over.
- Now get your arses back to work.
- Yeah, right.
- (Liz) Clean that up.
- (prisoners grumbling) (ironing press hisses) What a bunch of sore losers.
(tense pulsing music plays) Unbelievable how naïve that woman is.
Is she insane? Or does she honestly believe we're that fucking stupid and can't tell that that vote was rigged.
(Kaz sighs) - She has just made her life - - a living hell.
- She needs to be taken down.
(tense music starts) Forget about it.
I got my sentencing today and if I get out, so do my girls.
I'm not jeopardising that.
- (knock at door) - (Vera) Come in.
I heard about the result.
You must be pleased.
This is a written warning for your inappropriate behaviour and insubordination.
Two more of those and you're out.
Fair enough.
I'll take the punishment.
I'll take anything you can dish out.
- (papers rustling) - (funky music) (exhales slowly) (inhales deeply) (exhales) (gasps) (Bea) What is with your timing? You always come when I've got my pants down.
Oh, sorry.
It's my sixth sense.
I can hear pants dropping a mile away.
(sighs) Look, I was coming to congratulate you - but I'll, um - Nah, come in.
Let's pop a bottle of shampoo and celebrate! Ah, shit! You wish you'd lost.
So how is everything? (inhales) It's better.
Thank you.
(Bea gasps) (gasps again) I'm not gay.
I don't care what you are.
(Boomer) Hey, nursie Ah, it's Miss Radcliffe to you.
Yeah, whatever.
I wanna make a complaint.
- About what? - Maxie's surgery.
You know, they're keepin' us waitin' for a date and it's not fair.
Um, so, can you ring the fucktards at the hospital or somethin'? It's not up to them.
Right, well, can you talk to Miss Bennett? Or, like, to the doctor, or, you know, whoever it is - that makes the decisions? - It's Maxine's choice.
He can she cancelled the surgery.
Why would Maxie do that? Hey? Hey! Nurse Ratshit reckons that you don't want the surgery.
So, you gotta come and set her straight.
Maxie? Y-you gotta go out there and tell her.
M oh hey! (bangs on table) Stop paintin' your fuckin' nails and listen to me! You've gotta come and tell her! She's right, Booms.
I'm not having the surgery.
What? Why? I fought all my life to be like this, honey, and it nearly killed me and I can't give that up now.
No (chuckles disbelievingly) no y-you you, no.
You won't have to.
You know, just just 'cause you have the op, it doesn't mean that you won't be, you know, y-you won't be you.
It's not just about losing these there'll be chemo and I can't take my hormones and I'll change.
So, you wanna die? I'll end my life on my own terms, - honey.
- You'll be dead.
- Boomer - No! - If you don't do somethin' now, - Mm.
you will end up in the fuckin' ground! Hey! Maybe I'll beat it, - No, you can't die.
You can't die.
- with the right diet and exercise? - You can't die.
(sobbing) - Listen, darling, darling, - look at me, look at me.
Booms! - (Boomer sobbing) - We just have to be brave, baby.
- No, I'm not a - baby, I'm not a baby.
- Yes, you will.
Look, I'm sorry, honey.
You're not sorry! If you were sorry you wouldn't do this to yourself! (sobs) And you wouldn't do it to your friends and you wouldn't do it to me! - It's my choice, Booms! - Well, it's fuckin' selfish! - You are a selfish bitch! - Hey, hey - come here! You don't mean it.
- Don't! - I do! I hate you! - No, Booms, no you don't.
- No! No! - Honey, come here.
- (sobbing) No I'm sorry, I - Shh.
(gentle guitar music plays) (Maxine) It's okay.
(van approaches) (Announcement) Van arriving, to sally port.
(Vera) Welcome back, Proctor.
I know that wasn't the sentence you were hoping for.
(Miles) You know the drill.
(Vera) I would think wisely about how you are going to spend your time here.
You can't rely on Ferguson because she won't be here.
Where as you will have 12 long years, - with Bea Smith.
- It'll take 12 years to get out of this room.
Are you done? (tense music begins) - (Miles) Oh! - (shoe clatters to the floor) (another shoe drops) (Kaz yells) You fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fucker! Fuck! Well, hi.
H1's outta milk.
You just like hangin' out with me.
No, we're really outta milk.
No, you really like hangin' out with me.
- (scoffs) Fuck! - (Allie chuckles) So, I heard about Kaz 12 years, that's pretty harsh.
So, what does that mean for you? (sighs) Well, might have to get used to havin' me around.
(scoffs) Don't feel like you have to crack a smile or anything.
Nah, I wouldn't wish this place on anyone.
(clears throat) I'm leaving Kaz's crew.
Why? You know why.
(exhales quietly) (whispered) Nothing's gonna happen between us.
Okay, sure.
I'm gonna be up front with her.
Tell her I'm joining you.
I owe it to her.
I gotta go.
- (footsteps receding) - (sighs) (gentle music playing) (sobs quietly) (breathes slowly) (exhales deeply) (inhales quietly) (gentle guitar plays) (Maxine inhales quietly) I don't really hate ya.
I know.
(inhales deeply) But you are right about one thing, Sue Jenkins, I am selfish.
I've had to be.
(chuckles quietly) Most of my life the only person that's cared about me has been me.
I care about ya.
Like, I-I even love ya.
L-like a, like a little a little bit.
You know.
I know you do.
(quietly crying) And that's why I've changed my mind.
(breathing shakily) (exhales deeply) - It's gonna be tough but - Mm.
- we both we both need to be brave.
- (Boomer sobbing) But I'm gonna have the operation.
(Boomer laughing and crying) You know, I'll I'll go on the hormones - Yeah yeah! - I'll go on the hormones either way.
Yep, yep, yep.
(sniffles) And like and you-you can still get new titties, you know, if you want, like, if they I mean, do you reckon they'll let ya have some of mine, 'cause I've got heaps.
I do! (laughing) (Boomer sobs) (Boomer) Thanks.
(Boomer still sobbing) Thanks.
It's not about me.
It's about the others.
They're gonna to be gutted.
If I've just been given a 12 year sentence, I'd be pretty pissed off.
Yeah, you fuckin' would.
You could appeal.
(scoffs) Or I could fly to the fuckin' moon.
How are you feeling, right now? (sighs and scoffs) A long sentence can be a shock to the system.
Especially if you're not expecting it.
You're angry with your lawyer, yeah? You're angry at yourself.
You don't have to pretend with me.
(sobs) I'm angry at the fucker who put me in here.
(sobs) (sound of pencil moving on paper) (atmospheric piano music) (constant tone is added) (tense repetitive melody starts) Hey we all heard the news.
I'm so sorry.
No, I'm sorry mate.
You know what this means for you girls, don't you? Yep.
Better make ourselves at home.
(Kaz chuckles quietly) (crying) You're an idiot.
(sniffles) Fuckin' mess in here.
(sniffling) Uh.
Um, I need to talk to you about something.
(sighs) Bea Smith Yeah, I was telling Allie I wanted to have a word with you.
Well, can you give us a minute? (indistinct background chatter) I heard about your sentence.
It's a bitch.
(scoffs) Okay, I just want to know that we don't have a problem.
- No problem.
- Good.
Because the women have spoken, so we're just going to have to live with it, okay? (indistinct background chatter) - You're not to say a thing.
- Why, what are you afraid of? Just meet me in the kitchen in 10 minutes.
(discordant flourish) Not quite so much top coat, Susan.
Don't call me Susan.
Sonia made her fortune out of cosmetics, Booms.
- Like a million bucks? - Mmm, a bit more than that.
- Do you fancy a cuppa? - No thanks.
(sighs) The water smells like Vietnam.
- Mm-hm-hm.
Are you all right, love? - Oh, love, come here.
- (Doreen sniffles) What's up? Oh darlin'.
(chuckles) Oh.
- (Doreen sniffles) - Hey? - I'm not okay.
- Mmm.
I hate this place.
And I miss Joshua.
And have you called Nash? - (sniffles) I've been too upset.
- Mmm.
Well, you're gonna have to call him.
And you're gonna try and work it out, yeah? - (sobs) - Yeah? Good girl.
You'll work it out.
(sobs) (lift dings) - See ya.
- See ya later.
(lift dings) (Announcement) Attention compound.
Attention compound.
The count will commence in 10 minutes.
- Hey, Nash.
It's me.
- Hey.
- How are you? You all right? Great.
- Yeah, good.
- Hey, listen.
- Yeah? I want to meet Miranda.
(Nash sighs) - Why did you stop me telling her? - Because it's too dangerous.
I'll be even more of a target for Kaz and The Freak.
That's fine.
I'm used to that.
But I don't want you getting caught up in the crossfire.
(scoffs) I'm not scared.
- I got you to protect me.
- No! Everyone I care about ends up dead.
What'd you say? (suspenseful music) You care about me? (gasps) We should get back for the count.
(gentle melody plays) - You're shaking? - It's cold.
(whispered) It's not cold.
Now we can go.
On this side of the bars, emotions are intensified, it's so easy to lose yourself in love, or lust, or despair.
Because the alternative is just to wait and watch your life tick away.
(thrumming flourish) 12 years is such a long time, Kaz.
Make it count.
Stand up.
Lead the women.
(thrumming flourish) Lead them the way you lead the Red Right Hand.
But how? Bea Smith runs this prison.
She's the Governor's fucking pet.
She's not invincible.
(thrumming flourish) Why are you even here in general, Joan? What do you want? (thrumming flourish) That man I told you about, the one that's going to testify against me? I need him taken out.
Because without your star witness your whole case collapses.
He is a serial rapist.
He's been preying on women for years and getting away with it.
- His name is Niles Jesper.
- Jesper.
I know about him.
He's the guy Bea Smith asked me to find, right before I got arrested.
(whispered) What's in it for me? We both have an enemy.
You take care of Jesper, I'll handle her.
(laughs) What are you gonna do? Kill Bea Smith.
(clock ticking) (Ferguson) I know now, how to do it.
(Ferguson) Bea Smith will be dead by 3pm.
I can't kill a woman.
- You're not! (scoffs) - (watch alarm beeps) - (clock ticking speeds up) - You won't be anywhere near it.
Just creating a distraction, that's all.
- (clock ticking and winding) - One day it will come down to just you and her.
- - And one of you will die.
It's inevitable.
All we're doing is just making sure it's not you.
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