Wentworth (2013) s05e02 Episode Script

The Bitch Is Back

1 From now on, there'll be no women committing acts of violence against women.
Make it known.
All I need is one more piece of evidence and I can clinch this.
You want me to lie for ya? What's with the photos, Mike? Stay the fuck away from me! Fuck off! (prisoners jeering) ALLIE: It was like she knew.
- Knew what? - What Ferguson did to me.
- How'd she get out? - You tell me! - STEWART: Vera? - She let Smith out to get to me.
I'm lifting your suspension.
- That's if you want to come back.
- Yes, I do.
She's been playing me this whole time.
- So you'll make a statement? - Just tell me what to say.
I saw Mike Pennisi today.
Franky, that's a breach of your parole.
- Argh! Oh! - (grunting) Francesca Doyle? We have a warrant for your arrest for the murder of Michael Pennisi.
Anything you say or do may be given as evidence.
(footsteps echoing) (theme music) You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you (sniffling and crying) You'll be all right.
What would you know? MAN: (over PA) Attention, all staff.
Available officer to Admissions for escort.
- (doors unlocking) - (melancholy music) (door beeps and buzzes unlocked) (door opening) (echoed screams and indistinct shouting) (door beeping unlocked) WOMAN: Take off your jewellery.
(sighs) (tense flourish intensifies) (indistinct background chatter) MILES: Come on.
Really hoping it was a different Francesca Doyle.
Yeah, well I'm one of a kind.
You haven't lost your sense of humour, then.
Guess not, just everythin' else.
There's a spare bed in H1, - if you wanna move back in there.
- No, I'm not takin' Red's cell.
It's not right.
Can you put me somewhere else? - I'd rather not be in H1.
- Why? Just better that way.
Well go on, just say it.
- I blew it.
I'm a disappointment.
- Look, you worked your arse off to get out of here.
I just really thought you'd make it, Franky.
Yeah, well so much for your precious fuckin' system.
- The system didn't murder Pennisi.
- Neither did I! It's not like you can fuckin' talk.
You were out of here and the system dragged ya back in.
It's got you by the balls.
- (door beeping unlocked) - Uh.
Franky couldn't have killed Mike Pennisi.
You know her.
Yeah, it is hard to believe.
He just saw her once at a cafe.
- That was it.
It wasn't her fault.
- Okay, well, either way, you need to keep your distance, - for your own sake.
- She'd be feeling frightened - and isolated.
Vera, I've got to - If Bridget - She needs me.
- Bridget! There are already rumours circulating about your relationship.
You know Department policy - about staff being involved - I know I'm compromised, - but I will not abandon her.
- I understand.
But if anyone sees you You're a friend.
You do great work with the women.
I'd hate to have to sack you.
As your friend, be very, very careful.
- Please.
- Yes, Governor.
We didn't have this conversation.
PRISONER: Hey, hey, hey! Pass it! Hey, Novak, throw it this way.
Chocolate pomegranate cloud cake.
- This one is it? - Hey! - Hey, hey, hey, watch out! Yeah.
- Watch out for Bea! - Hey, boys! I smell fresh meat.
- (tense musical undertone) - Ooh, come to Daddy! Yeah.
- It's like a pussy buffet.
It's a pussy buffet.
- All we can eat.
(cackling) - Whoo! (laughing) Leave 'em alone, Juice.
(melancholy music along with tense undertone) No?! Jeez, it's Franky.
Franky! Oh, my God, - she's gonna make everything better! - DOREEN: This isn't good, Boomer.
BOOMER: I love you! I love you, Franky! Oh, she's gonna sort everything out, no fucking worries, eh? Hey! Look out.
Franky's back.
Now you're gonna see what a real top dog's like.
Hey, aren't they, Franky? I don't think she heard me.
Booms, just make sure you give her some space.
Yeah, don't smother her.
I just want things to be back to normal.
Come on, Booms, what's normal around here? - Okay, well, back to un-normal then.
- Yeah.
LIZ: Well, where is she? Franky? Ah, come here, ya big lug.
- Ha-ha-ha-ha, you scrawny bitch! - LIZ: Hey! - FRANKY: Love you.
- You couldn't stay away, could ya? - She missed us too much, obviously.
- Hey, what's with the scarf? - Hey, good to see ya.
It's not good - Yeah.
you're back in here, but you know what I mean.
- You okay? - Yeah.
- Franky.
(laughing) - Hey, Dors! How's that arse, eh? - Oh, there it is.
There's your arse! - BOOMER: Arrgh! Did you break parole or somethin'? Ah, it's a long story, but the cops reckon I murdered someone.
- Bullshit.
Like who? - Yep.
- Mike Pennisi.
Yeah, only - TV guy you threw oil on? I didn't kill him, so Oh, well, that's fucked then, isn't it? - Nah, it's okay.
I won't be here long.
- LIZ: Oh, still, - you should be in with us, not - BOOMER: Yeah.
- It's Red's cell.
I couldn't.
- You can have mine.
I'm being transferred to Barnhurst.
Why, what's happening? Chemo, for breast cancer.
- Oh, Maxie! - Yeah, but that Barnhurst, like, isn't forever, but, so Hey, ah, when you gonna make your move for Top Dog?! - Booms, give a girl a break, eh? - Yeah, just just let her settle in a bit, love.
- No, no, no.
Nah, - Yes! we gotta we gotta get Ferguson for what she done to Bea.
Will, mate.
- Jake.
- Great to have you back.
You sure about that? Oh, shit.
No, mate, I'm just keeping your seat warm.
Seriously, the sooner you get reinstated the better, I reckon.
Have to get through the psych session with Bridget first.
- It's a waste of fuckin' time.
- Yeah, right.
Well, soon as you get the all-clear, it's yours again.
No worries.
Anyhow, ah here's to a clean slate, eh? No hard feelings.
MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
Phones are now available for use.
(clicks mouth) (knocking) So, you're Franky Doyle.
- And what's it to you? - Hi - I'm Kaz.
- Mm.
Apparently you're going to give me lessons in how to be a top dog.
Oh so this is the bit where you cock your leg and spray in the corner.
(laughing) You're funny.
No, just, um, courtesy call to see if you and I are going to have any problems.
I'd rather suck dick than be Top Dog again.
It's all yours.
Just passing through.
Not if you murdered someone, you're not.
See ya round.
Allie? Sit down.
You all right? I'll live.
I know why you did it.
But I said no one's to touch Ferguson.
You know I am pushing shit uphill to get these women to listen to me, especially about bashing each other.
So, why would you do that? It's undermined everything I'm trying to do? Can't you see how screwed up that is? You're protecting Ferguson? I am protecting the women, not Ferguson, and the principle has to be the same for everyone, - including my friends.
- Oh, fuck your principles, Kaz.
Just do what's right.
Allie? Don't touch her again.
Or what? You're gonna bash me? (exasperated sigh) Hey.
I just heard about the chef.
(sighs) Good news travels fast.
Are you okay? I'm not here to make friends.
It's nothin' personal.
Look, I I just wanted to say thank you for looking out for me in hospital.
For someone I didn't know, you Yeah, well, Red thought you were pretty spesh, so.
What were you doing in Medical, anyway? My own stupid fucking fault.
I took on Ferguson - without thinking it through.
- That's gutsy.
No, was fuckin' pathetic.
Next time, I'm gonna do the job properly.
- You reckon? - Yeah.
It's the least I can do.
Bea died for me.
No, a psycho bitch stuck a shiv in her.
It's not your fault.
Bea thought that I was dead.
She went out there to kill Ferguson, for me.
Now I'm gonna kill Ferguson, for her.
Yeah, well, from experience, you can't win against Ferguson.
You'll either spend the rest of your life in here or you end up dead, like Bea.
MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
All women to report to assigned work duties.
- KAZ: Oh, he's back.
- Hello, ladies.
Hi, Liz, Dors.
- DORS: Hi, Mr Jackson.
- LIZ: How are you? - LIZ: You okay? - I'm good.
Hey, Booms.
KAZ: We were wondering where you were.
I was hoping that you'd quit.
You need any washing done, Mr J? Just drop your bras and knickers off later.
Can't help noticing Mr Stewart's nicked your job.
What happened? Ooh, you must have done somethin' pretty bad to deserve that.
- What'd you do? - Just get to work, Proctor.
I'd quit while you were ahead.
But you can't, can you? (whispered) 'Cause you've got nothing else.
(hushed) Franky, hey! They can't seriously think that you did anything to Mike Pennisi.
I mean, you only saw that guy once, at the cafe.
Oh, baby.
- I told you not to go near him.
- Look, I thought the cafe was an accident, and then he kept ringin' me and he sent photos of us, you and me, at home.
He was stalkin' me.
Why didn't you tell me this? I couldn't.
I was tryin' to protect ya.
From what?! - Fuck, look where the fuck we are now! - Just, Gidge, chill.
Really, it's gonna be okay.
It has to be.
I didn't do anything.
Okay, well, I'm not gonna take any chances.
I've hired Marcus Pearce to represent you.
- He costs a fortune.
- You know how the system works.
You only get what you pay for.
I didn't do anything.
All right.
Well, well.
Well, well, well.
Like ships in the night, huh? You have got no idea how much it gladdens my heart to see you back.
- Mm.
- All of my career I've maintained that the offender rehabilitation program is a complete waste of taxpayers' money.
(hushed) One cannot deny the animal within.
No, they can't, can they? - Ha.
- Hm.
Looking forward to seeing your criminal instincts - aroused.
- Oh, well, don't hold your breath.
Go mind-fuck someone else.
Come on, you can do better than that.
(gentle music) I want the record to reflect that my client has voluntarily agreed - to this DNA sample.
- Noted, Mr Pearce.
Told you, you won't find my DNA in his house.
My client didn't enter the premises at any time.
Then we can exclude her from the crime scene.
- It should help your case.
- If it was a crime.
- He could have shot himself.
- Not from three metres away.
In the meantime, we have your client's phone and internet records here and there are a couple of things we'd like you to clear up.
- Ms Doyle, I suggest - Sure, I want to clear this up.
If you're not sure, 'I don't recall' is a perfectly acceptable response.
Now, you claim that Pennisi was stalking - you and called you several times.
- That's right.
But there's no record of any calls from his phone to yours.
Yeah, but he did call me, two or three times.
Come on, detective.
He could have used a prepaid mobile.
Th - this doesn't mean anything.
- Possibly.
You also conducted an internet search for his details on the day of the murder.
Yeah, so I could go over and tell him to stop hassling me.
And that's when you say he attacked you in the car.
- Yeah.
A chef's one.
- With a blowtorch.
Did you feel threatened? My client has already told you, she feared for her life.
He was a fuckin' lunatic.
Yes, possibly, but I don't see any calls to the police or 000 on your phone records after you say he attacked you.
We couldn't find any blowtorch at the house, but we did find something else of interest.
Francesca have you ever seen this firearm before? - (echoing drum beat) - (tense music) (Shayne and Franky breathing heavily) Don't answer that, Ms Doyle.
What the hell is this? The murder weapon.
(crying and gasping) Francesca, do you recognise it? Nup.
Never seen it before.
- Yeah, I'm good.
Thanks, Don.
- (gentle guitar music) Oh, God.
Bloody awful.
Come on in.
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
What's been happening in Liz's world? I'm afraid my world's pretty shit at the moment, Don.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Well, what's happened? (clicks mouth) You you would have heard about the woman - that was killed, right? - Mm.
That was Bea, and, uh she was a really she was a really good friend of mine, and, uh (sighs deeply) Another friend has cancer.
And Franky oh, God.
She was one of the girls out on parole.
She's just come back in.
So yeah, it's pretty much the worst week ever.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Liz.
I'm sorry to hear that.
And you know Franky is, ah so smart and so capable.
It terrifies me 'cause I think if she can't make it out there, what hope have I got? You've got people who care about you, Liz.
Don't you forget that.
- Okay? - (sighs deeply) - Thanks.
- Let's get you out of here - first, though, hey? - (laughs and sniffles) Yeah.
- Sorry.
(clears throat) - (clears throat) That's all right.
So, I've brought the statement along for you to sign.
Oh, wow.
- God, did I did I say all that? - Mm.
You don't expect me to memorise all that, - do you? Right.
- No, no, jus just the bullet points.
Okay? So do you want to read through it again together, before you sign? No.
Looks like it's all here.
(sniffs) Yeah.
- (inhales) This one? - Yep.
(sighing) Right.
(echoed and distorted whooshing flourishes) FRANKIE: Ooh! Ugh! (exhales sharply) Ugh! Ooh! Ugh-ugh! (grunting) Must've been bad news.
(exhales sharply) - (door buzzes unlocked) - (Franky continues exerting effort) - Cops get something on ya? - Ugh! What are we, best friends now? Well, to be honest, kinda looks like you need one.
- Ugh! - Right.
Murder weapon's turned up.
It's a gun.
(punching continues) Well, that's a good thing, isn't it? - If you didn't do it? - Yeah, I wish.
Just tell the cops you never seen it before.
Oh, shit.
- You have seen it before.
- (exhales) Busted one of my clients with it.
I chucked it.
Now it's turned up again.
(weight clatters onto ground) - How is that even possible? - I don't know.
I don't get it.
- Does anyone else know about the gun? - Nah, just him.
Could he have followed you to where you dumped it? Well, maybe, but he's not a killer.
Yeah, still, he might know something.
He's Ferguson's godson.
Are you fucking kidding me? MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
The canteen is now open for D block.
Franky, you gotta talk to this kid.
- Th-that can't be a coincidence.
- (exhales deeply) Fuck! So, Helen came over for a drink.
She tried to blackmail her.
She wanted money, so Sonia choked her with a belt.
Oh, shit, Don, sorry.
I left out the bottle.
She whacked her over the head with a wine bottle, - then she strangled her.
- Good.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Then? Oh, God, yeah, then then she shaved Helen's head.
(laughs and snorts) I'm useless at this.
I - They're gonna bust me for sure, Don.
- Liz.
Liz, you're going to be fine, okay? Just stick to the bullet points.
You will be fine.
I could write it on the back of my hand.
I don't reckon the judge'd mind, would he? What happens if I stuff up? Liz, you're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be great, okay? Can I take the notes so I can learn 'em at night? No.
Too risky.
No, well, that's the only way I'm gonna remember what to say.
And besides, it's no riskier than coming here to meet you.
But not as enjoyable.
(giggles and laughs) I'll be careful, I promise.
(sighs) I don't want anything happening to you.
I'll guard it with my life.
- (whooshing flourishes) - (lights flicking) Look, I'm not a headcase.
I just dropped an E at a club.
So, you do want to be Deputy again? Of course.
Why wouldn't I? Well, sometimes we self-sabotage because we don't actually want something or we don't believe we deserve it.
No, none of that.
How long have you been at Wentworth now? About six years.
You must really believe in what you do to be here that long.
Well, you have to, don't you? But sometimes you fail people.
Anyone in particular? Bea Smith? Yeah, I failed her.
We all did, all of us.
You don't think she belonged in here? (sighing deeply) That's not my call.
But if the system didn't chew her up, she might have been able to have a, um Maybe you're a compulsive rescuer.
I just want to make sure the women get a fair go.
How's that for a headcase? (chuckles quietly) Hi.
Jesus Christ, Franky.
How can this happen to you? Well, I was tryin' to help someone out, someone who I thought had a bit of a shit start.
- That's not right.
- Mm.
No matter how much you help some people out, they keep makin' dumb-arse decisions.
I hope you haven't.
What? What are you talkin' about? That item I took from you outside the court it was used on someone the other day.
That's fucked up! So what, you didn't follow me and watch me dump it? Are you for real? I wanted to be far away from it as possible.
You were the only person who knew I had it.
Are you fuckin' serious, Franky? The fuck are you talkin' about? I thought I came here because you needed my help.
Yeah, all right.
Fuck, I'm sorry.
I don't really think you did it.
I just don't know how this is even possible.
Where'd you get it from? Hole in the wall at Aunty Joan's place.
Why does it always lead back to Joan fuckin' Ferguson?! I didn't tell anyone, though, I promise.
And you know I didn't use it.
Yeah, but she still managed to get to Jesper.
MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
H Block are now called for lunch.
That's it.
Whoever killed Jesper for her killed Pennisi and set me up for it.
(tense music) BOOMER: Hey.
(tray clatters) Oh, hello, Doyle.
- FERGUSON: What an unexpected pleasure.
- FRANKY: I'm onto you.
You're never gonna get away with it.
(chuckling) Doyle.
It has been so (clicks mouth) pedestrian around here without you.
You had Jesper killed.
I know it.
(hushed) Oh, come on, just knowing something in your waters doesn't really satisfy the burden of proof now, does it? - You should know that.
- And you've used the same person to set me up for Pennisi's murder.
Yes, I saw your friend on the news.
That's very sad.
You sick fuck.
Don't tell me they think it was you.
It'll never stick.
You're just a little bit worried it might.
And so is your sapphic psychologist.
You might be in for a bit of a dry patch.
Go Franky! Smash her! JACKSON: Doyle, let her go! And fuck you for Bea.
That's it, there she is.
There's the old Franky Doyle.
(fork clatters) You're fuckin' lucky I'm not the old me.
(drum beats accentuate the tension) Ferguson knows who killed Mike Pennisi.
Oh, excellent.
Then all we have to do is ask her for a name.
It was the same person who shot Jesper for her.
And you seriously think she's trying to frame you? Yeah, she's made an art form out of fuckin' up people's lives.
She framed me for Harry Smith.
Wh-what do you expect me to do with this information? Well, you could check her recent calls and see who she's been speakin' to and I can get my lawyer - onto it.
- It is not the Department's role to go on fishing expeditions for inmates.
- But I'll look into it.
- I need to know now.
I will look into it! Doyle? Next time, keep your hands off Ferguson.
What's it to you? (sighs) Ferguson's obviously got someone on the outside.
(ominous music) - When's your board meeting? - It's this afternoon, and I am not looking forward to it.
What's with Vinegar Tits? It's not like she hasn't been dicked around by Ferguson.
Governor Bennett.
After Bea's death, she won't be sticking her neck out for anyone.
Yeah, I got that.
I believe you, by the way.
I don't think you killed Mike Pennisi.
Thanks, Mr J.
Look, things will work themselves out, but you've gotta chill, Franky.
Don't let the others drag you back in.
(sighs) (door beeps unlocked) You should have done a runner years ago.
Yeah, then where would you be? Thanks, Di, your shift's up.
You don't have much of a poker face, do you? Doyle's chasing Jesper's murderer.
She's convinced Vera to pull your phone records.
- How stupid do they think we are? - We? We are done.
- I'm paying you back your 90 grand.
- (urgent music) It wasn't a loan.
You earned it.
Well, then I'm going to use it to get as far from you as possible.
How naïve you are.
You still don't realise, do you? What? It's not me you're running from.
- (door beeps unlocked) - (car remote beeps) (screams) Fuck! (sighs exasperatedly) (whispers) Fuck.
(phone ringing) Hey Turk, it's me.
Yeah, I want another delivery.
No, let's go double this time.
- (train crossing signals dinging) - (train horn sounds) (car door closes) - See you tomorrow, Bridget.
- Jake.
Oh, ah, Vera wanted me to ask you, um (clicks mouth) how Franky Doyle's getting on.
Ah, not too good, actually.
She's been spouting some pretty crazy stuff earlier.
Sounds like I should have a chat with her.
Yeah, that'd be good.
Maybe in the morning.
I could do it now, if you like.
- (Bridget chuckles) - No, you're on your way home - and I don't want to - Oh, it's all right Really, I haven't got anywhere to be.
And I I really don't want Vera - worrying, so.
- Righto.
(magpie warbling) (indistinct background chatter) - Oi! - Ho-oh! Oh, shit, Franky! I was gonna surprise ya.
Oh, well, mission accompanied.
What the fuck are ya doin'? - There's hot bitches.
- Yeah, I can see.
Yeah, 'cause your cell was looking so freaking sad, eh? It was like you didn't wanna be here or something.
- No shit, Booms.
- 'Cause you're a leso, right? - So, now you can just, like, - lie back and tickle the taco while you look at 'em.
Like Ah-ah - Boomer? Booms? I'm not stayin'.
- Ah! Ah! I don't have anything on my walls because I don't want it to feel like a home.
But, like, what about taking down Ferguson? 'Cause you were like old Franky - today.
I knew you had it in ya.
- I'm not takin' down Ferguson.
But next time, we'll do her together, okay, 'cause we're a team.
Hey, what'd you do that for?! I never want this to feel like a home again! Now, fuck off and get out of here! Yeah! (laughs self-mockingly) DOREEN: We love him so much.
And here's the little man with his first football.
- Have a look, Maxie.
- Oh, God, they start - 'em young in the west.
- I know.
- He's so handsome.
- LIZ: Isn't he? - Takes after me, darling.
- Of course, darling, yes.
Love, you really should put in for that transfer to Perth, 'cause you don't want to miss out on all this.
Franky's fucked in the head! Love, I told you to give her some space.
What the fuck's her fucking problem?! - Booms, she's got a lot on her mind.
- LIZ: Mmm.
- So do I.
- Oh, I need a good stiff drink.
Liz, be a doll.
My shampoo bottle.
It's a single malt.
(Sonia sighs) And not the conditioner.
- That is conditioner.
- All right.
Meeting with your lawyer didn't go so great? Oh, it's a joke.
My trial starts any day now and all of a sudden, out of the blue, comes a mystery witness, claiming I confessed to them.
- Who's this witness? - Oh, anonymous.
Protecting their identity.
Can you believe the cowardice? Well, there you go, poor thing.
You must have some idea who it is, though? I don't even know if it's a man or a woman.
- Oh.
- Mystery Witness X, huh? (sighs) I'm betting it's a woman, though.
Women tend to dislike me as a general rule, present company excepted, of course.
They all think I'm running off with their husbands.
- (all laughing) - Did you? One or two.
You bloody slag.
Hang on, can you be a slag if you're rich? No, Susan, you're a mistress.
Mm, well, I wouldn't want to be Witness X when you find out who they are.
(sighs) I'll take more than their husbands from them.
(nervously) Ha.
- (knocking) - Come in.
(exhales sharply) - (whimpers) - (gasps) BRIDGET: Mmm.
- (sighs) - (gasps) - Oh, fuck, I wanna come home.
- I want you to come home.
- (laughing emotionally) - (gasps) Mmmm.
I heard you attacked Ferguson.
Baby, you can't do that.
I'm worried sick.
She's tryin' to fit me up.
She had a gun planted that she reckons is mine.
- A gun? - Yeah.
- But it's not.
- No, course not.
So, you're innocent, right? Yeah, you fuckin' kidding, right? Ferguson's the psycho.
She's not gonna to stop until I'm back here! (sighs) Just don't let her drag you into something that you're gonna regret.
Just baby, hold tight, okay? Just hold tight, for both of us.
- Can you do that? - (knock on door) - Yeah - (Bridget sighs) It's the police.
They want to interview Doyle.
Just so we're clear, in our last interview you told us you had never seen this weapon before? Yep.
- Do you want to revise that statement? - Nuh.
That's a no.
Can we move on, please? The DNA results are in.
We couldn't match you to anything in the house.
No shit.
But you are a perfect match to the sample under his nails.
As you'd expect.
As my client told you, Pennisi scratched her neck in the car.
The DNA also puts this gun in your hand.
(dramatic music intensifies) What are you talking about? See all these little grooves? They get skin and sweat from your hand.
They're almost impossible to wipe clean.
Apparently you sweated all over the grip, Francesca.
Don't say a thing, Ms Doyle.
Not a word.
And I'd like to speak to my client, alone.
Now! Be my guest.
Thank you.
(sighs) Right.
99% match.
It's not the end of the world, but it's pretty bad.
I handled the gun but I didn't kill him.
Yeah, but now you've lied to the police about it, - which is never good.
- It's all a fuckin' setup.
That's not a very compelling defence, I'm afraid.
- What, so you don't believe me? - Look, what I believe is irrelevant.
I'm here to defend you, not to judge you.
You're not gonna wanna hear this.
I think you should consider changing your plea.
- Forget it.
- Your best chance right now is to plead guilty to manslaughter and that's if I can persuade them to accept a lesser charge.
Yeah, well, I'm not gonna do that.
You're smart, okay? You work in the law.
You've seen how this goes.
What, so you want me to cop to something I didn't even do? That's your expert advice, is it? Your partner is paying me a substantial amount - for my expert advice.
- Yeah, not anymore she isn't.
- I'm dismissin' ya.
- Sorry? Fuck off! I didn't do it! And I need someone who believes me.
(clears throat) That's your prerogative.
You know if you're found guilty, you'll be in here for life.
(door opens) (door closes) (hushed) Oh, God.
(grating flourish) (echoing drum beat) (tense music) Fuck you! - Get me out, you fuckin' idiot! - (whooshing flourish) God! Fuck off! Fuck! Fuck! Arrrrrrgh! Hey, how'd it go? I am going to be Governor for a while longer, it would seem.
- That's fantastic news.
- Yeah, the board accepted my report on Murphy and my recommendations.
I think I was quite good.
Well, of course you were.
So, that puts an end to Ferguson's conspiracy claim.
There's no evidence that Smith bribed an officer to let her out, or that she intended to kill Ferguson.
She's not going to be happy.
No, I don't suppose she will be.
Was there any more trouble between her and Doyle? No, but I sent Doyle in for a psych appointment anyhow.
Really? Yeah, Bridget said you were worried about her.
She even stayed back late to see Doyle.
- Did she? - That's okay, isn't it? - I made the right call? - Yeah, no, of course.
It's fine.
- You wanted me to step up and - Yeah - take responsibility.
- Yes, well done.
No, Bridget knows what she's doing.
Well, ah we should celebrate your good news then.
- Yep.
Oh, yeah.
- Tonight? Yeah.
- Tonight.
- All right.
(door closes) WOMAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
Count will commence in ten minutes.
(sighs) (sighs emotionally) (exhales) (sobbing) - (knocking) - (door opens) - Hey, Frank.
- Just get out! (indistinct background yelling and noises) I trashed my cell once.
I was off my face.
Smashed everything in sight.
Grabbed all my clothes, ripped 'em up.
I was about to chuck this snow dome at the wall when I realised, I don't own a snow dome.
(both laughing) Yep.
Wrong cell.
(Franky sniffles) Yeah, well, this is definitely my cell, - and it will be forever now.
- You don't know that.
Last time there was some hope of getting out.
If I get convicted this time, it's gonna be 25 years.
(door closes) Do you still think it was Ferguson? Yeah, it has to be.
- Then let's fix her up.
- Nah.
- No, I can't.
- Sure we can.
Nuh, I need her alive.
She's the only fucker who knows who set me up.
(urgent music) (cell door clanging) (indistinct yard chatter) Chinkerbell.
Bush Pig.
- Pleasure doing business.
- (music ends) Hooroo.
MAN: (over PA) Attention, all staff.
Manned van will arrive in ten minutes.
- DOREEN: A tramp stamp? - ALLIE: More like a welcome mat.
Like, there? - (girls laughing) - Just lower than that.
- Ow! That fucking hurt! - Well, don't stick it out.
LIZ: You don't wanna .
I will show you.
I'll show you good ones, - eh.
- Just the good ones.
Maxie, no.
Not yet.
No, y-y-you oh.
You never said it was today.
I just found out myself, hon.
My ride's here now.
LIZ: Good luck with everything, darlin'.
I'm gonna miss you all.
We're gonna miss you too, love.
You girls make sure - you take care of Booms for me.
- Oh, yeah.
- Don't you forget about me, will you? - (gentle music) - Don't you forget about me, Maxie.
- That's never gonna happen.
Come here, girl.
I love you, darling.
(laughing) Oh.
- Take care, Maxie.
- Yes.
Good luck, girl, huh? She loved you so much.
Time to go, Conway.
(sniffles) (sobbing) - I love you, Booms.
- (crying) I love you.
(whispered) I love you so much.
(sobbing) Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye, Maxie.
- Bye, Maxie.
We love ya.
- MAXINE: Love you.
- Love you.
LIZ: Bye, Max.
(gate beeps unlocked and opens) - (Boomer crying) I love you.
- LIZ: We love ya.
(gate closes) (echoing boom flourish) And Sonia said that she felt guilty - about that.
- (door opens) Oh, Jesus, Dor.
You trying to give me a heart attack? (laughs nervously) - Oh, that was hard, hey? - Mmm.
- Poor Boomer, she's gutted.
- Oh, I'm not surprised, love.
We're gonna have to keep our eye on her.
What's that? You got a secret love letter? Oh, ya tart! No, no it's just a a letter from Soph.
They got computers at Barnhurst? - What? - It's printed on a computer.
Shut the door.
WOMAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
Phones are now available for use.
(door closes) Oh, shit! Liz, you're not Witness X? Oh, my God.
What were you thinking? Sonia did it.
I know she did it, and she's gonna get away with it.
That's not your problem.
But it will be when the women find out that you're lagging again.
No, they're never gonna find out.
And what happens when you're stuck in here with Sonia, hey? God knows what she'll do to ya.
I did a deal.
They're lettin' me out as soon as I give my statement.
- You're leaving, too? - Well, yeah.
Love, I am.
Oh, God, and so should you, to Perth, love.
Your future is not here.
It's with Nash and Joshie, isn't it? Oh.
- Ooh, this is all very secretive.
- (Doreen and Liz laughing nervously) What juicy gossip am I missing? - Nah, nothin'.
- Oh, nothing.
Liz just reckons I should transfer - to West Australia.
- Yeah.
Oh, no, too many sharks.
- (Liz laughing nervously) - (Sonia chuckling smugly) (tense music with warped whooshing flourishes) (low rumbling drum beat) Hey.
Guess I'm on your shit list, eh? - Really sorry about before.
- (hoarsely) You told me to fuck off.
(hushed) You fuck off.
It's not that I don't want to hang out with ya.
I love you guys.
You're my family.
I just don't wanna be here anymore, full stop.
I don't want this to be my life.
(blubbering) I just want the family back together.
(crying) I just want everything back the way that it was.
We still mates? (sniffling) (crying) Oh, give us a hug, ya douchebag.
- Oh, (smooching) ya big sook! - No just - stop it! Oh, no.
- You've gone soft on me.
- I haven't.
- Just dance with me.
- Just dance with me Booms - (chuckling) - I fuckin' missed you.
- I fuckin' missed you.
Ugh! (knocking) Come in.
I'm sorry, I I had to see her.
I-I I love her.
- What happened to being discreet? - It-it-it looked like - a normal appointment.
- What, after hours? If people put two and two together, it will cost you your career.
Especially now Franky's DNA's - been found under Pennisi's fingernails - (moody music) - and on the gun.
- What?! Oh! Oh, Franky.
- Oh, Bridget, I am trying to help you.
- Okay.
I think it best you stay away from Franky altogether.
(hushed) Franky! (hushed) Frank (louder) Franky.
Told me it wasn't your gun.
Yeah, it isn't.
It's Ferguson's.
Then why is your DNA all over it? It's messy.
But I took it from her godson before he could kill Jesper and I dumped it, and somehow it's turned up again.
Do you know how unbelievable it all sounds, right? - How crazy? - Yeah I know, but it's true.
Franky, you lied to me.
- No, I didn't.
- Yeah, you've hidden things from me and that's the same thing.
- Why would you do that? - 'Cause I was tryin' to protect ya.
I didn't want you to lose your job.
Well, it's not how it looks to everyone.
Everyone? Really? So is that what you think, huh? Or is this Pearce speakin', 'cause he doesn't believe me.
That's why I sacked him.
- Like it was - He was trying to help you, Frank.
We're all trying to help you.
Oh, so I'm a liar and a murderer.
Is that it? Is that what you think? I have risked everything for you.
Why couldn't you trust me? Oh, no! Oh.
PRISONER 1: Oh, shit! Forgot my shampoo.
All right, can I borrow your shampoo? PRISONER 2: Nuh! PRISONER 1: Why not? PRISONER 2: I haven't got much left, love.
(chatter becoming indistinct) (whooshing flourish) (sounds muffled) (whooshing flourish) (indistinct chatter at normal volume) (exhales sharply) Hello, Vera.
It's not my birthday.
If you think I'm going to give you the satisfaction of asking what's in the box, you are sadly mistaken.
(inhales slowly) No, give in.
What's in the box? I've just come from a board meeting, one I think you would have found very interesting.
- I doubt that.
- An officer resigned.
Officer Murphy.
You remember her.
Always skiving off for a smoke.
She confessed to losing her swipe card on the day you murdered Bea Smith.
Smith used it to escape into no man's land.
That proves nothing.
It does quash your supposed conspiracy theory and undermines your self-defence claim.
Smith didn't collude with an officer.
She didn't bribe anyone to let her out to kill you.
When Mr Jackson and I found you, Smith was dead and you were holding a shiv.
Getting out of here might take a bit longer than you thought.
(whispered) S'pose you think you're very clever.
I think the size is right.
MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
Count will commence in ten minutes.
(Survive by Chelsea Wolfe) She thinks she's outsmarted you.
- Pfft.
Pathetic little underling.
- You said you would break my heart Unless You do You said you would fall apart - She's taken everything you value.
- Until - Your job.
Your reputation.
- The end Your freedom.
You just gonna stand there and take it? FERGUSON: Dismantle her.
Piece by piece.
(hushed) Emotionally.
- She will be punished, Bea.
- Did we travel - En garde, Vera.
- All this way - From the ashes, I am rising.
- Just to Survive? (music ends) - Tuesday, at 08:30 PM.
- (Cell door clanging) VERA: You can get changed here.
You'll leave the prison through a back exit.
You'll be released on parole immediately.
It's the first day of your new life.
Sonia never confessed, did she? Why would you lie? Because the woman she murdered and her kids deserve justice.
If anyone finds out about this you're dead.
Tuesday, 08:30 PM on Show Case.