Wentworth (2013) s05e08 Episode Script

Think Inside the Box

1 Put your principle into good use.
Do you think you could help me get to the bottom of the drugs supply.
- There is a fucking officer involved.
- There's no officer.
Behold the Green Wall! - We're goin' into business.
- What, you guys go the green light? We've got, uh, a proposition to make to you Liz.
We want you to come on board as our horticultural expert.
Hey, Miss Westfall You know you promised me.
You looked me in the eye, you said "I'm not gonna try anything anymore.
" - I won't do it again.
- Get out.
- (laboured breathing) - FERGUSON: Do you wanna touch me? Do you? - (grunting) Ugh! - Argh! - (screaming and coughing) - There's no easy way out for you.
Now, I'm gonna get out and you're gonna come with me.
- What? - Now, you need to get out and you need to live a happy life.
That's the revenge you get on Ferguson.
You're on.
(footsteps echoing) (theme music) You don't know me, when I don't know you You don't know me, when I don't know you You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You're calling me in.
You're catching me out You don't know me, when I don't know you (gentle music) ALLIE: Yeah, thanks for sayin' somethin'.
FRANKY: That's all right, they were just worried about ya.
FRANKY: Just forget Ferguson, we just gotta get outta here.
Won't grow old in this fuckin' dump.
- Hey, Marge! - Red's wall's lookin' good.
Want some help with your flowers? Marge?! You okay, mate? Eh? - Oh, shit! - Oi! - ALLIE: Marge? - (music darkens) BOOMER: No no, so she's like, just like sittin' there, like, - like stiff, like a zombie.
You know? - I know.
- Poor old thing.
- Plenty of worse ways to go.
INMATES: Here she comes.
See ya, Marge.
- See ya, Marge.
- Won't be the same without ya, Marge.
- Miss ya, Marge.
- See ya, Marge.
- On ya, Marge.
God bless.
- Hey, Mr J - what happened? - Doctor reckons it was a heart attack.
LIZ: Poor old thing.
I don't think she had any family anymore.
She hadn't had a visitor in years.
- 34 years in this dump.
- INMATE: Love you, Marge! - Bye, Marge.
- FRANKY: Maybe I was right - BOOMER: Bye.
- maybe the only way out of here is in a box.
(gate rattles closed) (magpie cawing) - (grinders whirring) - (music ends) BOOMER: See that? - Pick up the pace, everybody! - (grinding and hammering) I want finished prototypes by the time the Regional Manager gets here! - (echoing drum beat) - (hammering) (slowly whooshing flourish) What's the Freak doin' 'ere? INMATE: Hey, that looks good though.
(hammering and grinding) May I help you? BOOMER: Oi, remember grinding these! Quite an impressive little operation you have here.
Thank you.
The Governor's been very supportive.
What do you want, Joan? (hammering) INMATE: Hey, that's one in the works, right? I have a proposition for you.
INMATE: Can I just get a over here.
(whispered) I'll scratch your back Now, why would you imagine that I would risk bringing your contraband through my workshop? I understand that you have your business, Joan, but I won't have you ruining mine.
You're assuming you have a choice.
This workshop is my domain.
So I acknowledge your offer, and I respectfully decline.
BOOMER: Hey, watch it! (ominous music intensifies) (music abates) Hey.
(train crossing bells ringing and horn blaring) - Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, did you sleep all right? - Yeah.
- Well, you just look a bit - No, I'm fine.
- No, just tired.
- Oh, (sighs) - I just needs some caffeine.
- Oh, okay.
Oh, look, um (clicks mouth), Mr Jackson just called me, - poor Marge died this morning.
- Mmm.
- Yeah, natural causes.
- Oh, that's terrible.
Look, she didn't have many close friends, - Mmm.
- but some of the women might want grief counselling, especially if it gets them out of work.
- (chuckling) Oh, right.
- Hope you're ready for a busy day.
- Have you seen Superman II? - No.
Lex Luther escapes prison with a hot-air balloon.
(laughing) We should do that, or what about really tall stilts? Mmm, but can you run in stilts? I can run in stilettos.
- (loud laughter can be heard inside) - (melancholy music) (muffled voices are indistinct) - (music ends) - (door opens) It has to be an officer supplying the drugs, this is how we'll stop them.
I can't authorise a CSDS search without evidence.
Well, don't you wanna undermine Ferguson? Channing is here tomorrow for the workshop inspection, the last thing I need him thinking is that I can't control my staff.
You know how expensive it is to call them in.
You know what it does for staff morale.
But all I care about is protecting the women.
Well, I need proof and I'm sorry, Will, but your gut instinct isn't evidence.
(grinding and hammering) INMATE: Why did ya , Hannah.
INMATE: Oh, that looks good.
What do you want? - A job.
- Ha-ha! No fuckin' way! It's not up to you.
Fuckin' oaf it is, 'cause I'm the boss! Yeah, for real, so piss off! Is there a problem, Susan? Yeah, there is.
This fat slag here thinks she can just walk in and, like, get a job! (Boomer laughing loudly) So, you put me in a wheelchair and then come and ask for a job.
That's novel.
Well, I've got heaps of weldin' experience.
Yeah, weldin' your fat mouth around blokes' dicks! - I'm a dyke! - Show some decorum please, ladies.
I'll work really hard.
You know, do whatever you want.
And, um well I'm sorry.
Oh, that's a very quick turn around.
Not the least suspicious.
(sighs) Oh, I dunno, it's up to you, Susan.
(sighs) But, um - I'm sure you can find something - (jaunty music) fun for her to do.
Come on, put your back into it.
Well done, Susan.
(music ends) - BRIDGET: Oh, hi, Allie.
- ALLIE: Hi.
- Glad I caught you, - (door beeps unlocked) I heard about poor Marge, thought you might like to come in for a chat.
Um Oh, nah, I'm okay, I I didn't really know her.
- Oh, right.
- (door beeps unlocked) I saw you with, um Franky earlier.
You seem to be getting along really well? Yeah.
Yeah, this place can really mess with your head.
You know, especially when you're vulnerable.
I think it's probably best not to well, not to not to cross any boundaries at the moment, you know.
- What are you talking about? - Oh, just that when you've had feelings for someone and you lose them, a common mistake is just throw yourself into another relationship, (chuckling) which is not a solution at all.
Okay, thanks.
Well, if you ever need to talk in depth, at more y-you know where I am, okay? (sighs) (hushed) Jesus, Bridget! (door beeps unlocked) (ratchet spanner clicking) (steam press whooshes) This gonna take much longer? Why, you got somewhere to be? Do I sense an impending visit from the Regional Manager? - Vera seems to be in an awful panic - (tense music) to get everything looking shipshape.
Just get back to work.
It's not the machinery they should be inspecting, it's her appalling leadership skills.
I think they should have a look at yours while they're at it.
- Shut up, Ferguson.
- (drum beat flourish) I'll walk you out.
(clicks mouth) I wonder how much longer she can cling on? (echoing cymbal beat flourish) - (drums beats flourish) - (music ends) INMATE: Yeah, it's been done.
Says I can stay and .
Yeah, great.
(hushed) The conveyor belt in the laundry.
- What about it? - Well, it's gotta lead to a I dunno, a loading dock or something, right? Yeah, which'll be guarded and need a swipe card.
- Well, have you ever been out there? - No, so? Worth checkin' out, right? Yeah, all right, I'll get Smiles to let us in.
Okay, cool.
What if she asks questions? She won't.
If she does just say you want me.
(chuckles) Yeah, all right, that's good.
- She reckons we're fucking anyway.
- What? Why? Oh, I dunno, she gave me some weird lecture about not getting involved on the rebound.
I I dunno.
Come on, let's go get Smiles.
You check the yard, I'll check the corridor and I'll meet ya at lunch.
- Okay.
- Yeah? - - (gentle music) Do you want a hand? Nuh.
Franky! (emotionally) Please.
I'm not fucking Allie.
I would not do that to you.
(inhales quietly) (echoing drum beat flourish) (whooshing flourish) (tense music intensifying) Smiles.
Smiles?! What's Allie doin'? She scoring? (hushed) Got a favour to ask.
Franky and I need to get into the laundry.
Could be Smiles bringin' the gear in.
She'd do anything if there's money in it.
(echoing drum beat flourish) - (door beeps unlocked) - And there it is.
(intriguing layer added to music) - Jesus! - (hushed) What the fuck?! Did you just score off Linda? (sighs) No! I thought you weren't doin' that shit anymore.
- (exasperatedly) I'm not.
- Then why did you give her money?! (tense undertone continues) - (sighs) - Why? Don't you fucking protect her.
We know one of the officers is bringing it in.
Hey, only one officer ever gave me a hit - and it wasn't Smiles.
- Who? (hushed) Mr Stewart.
- (hushed) Are you fucking kidding me?! - I've gotta go.
- (door beeps unlocked) - (music ends) You've got ten minutes.
Yeah, no worries.
Reckon I can get her off in five.
That's rich! (door creaks closed) (ominous music) I think we need a little chat.
What can you see? FRANKY: It's a whole heap of and some locker bays.
There's a couple of doors that need swipe cards but no windows.
Definitely not getting out this way.
(twanging flourish) - Oh fuck, my foot is stuck! Go! - Hurry up, Smiles'll be here in a minute.
- ALLIE: C-come on get out of there! - FRANKY: Can you get it?! (door closing) (tense undertone) (music swells) (music abates) What the fuck do you want?! If it's a threesome we're not interested.
What are you doing in here? What does it look like? - (quietly) Get out! - (scoffs) No wuckers.
Kinda killed my ladyboner anyway.
(door creaks opens) Allie told me Stewart gave her drugs a while back.
- Jake, are you sure? - (tense music intensifying) I dunno if it was a one off, but it sounds like he's got form.
WOMAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
- Phones are now available for use.
- (music ends) Put this back on the shelf.
You look a little tired, Miss Westfall.
Tough session? What the fuck do you want? I can see that this situation with Franky Doyle is having a a negative emotional impact.
But, I think you should know that you're wasting your energy.
She's already moved on.
I just saw her in the, uh (menacing undertone) in the laundry with Novak.
They were chewing at each other, (hushed) like animals.
Didn't take her long to trade-up to a younger, more attractive model, did it? (Bridget sighs quiveringly) (menacing undertone abates to a melancholy one) (sniffles) Why do you keep lying to me? Hey? (emotionally) And you gave Ferguson the pleasure of telling me.
No, look whatever Ferguson said is bullshit.
Now you're lying again.
What Ferguson thinks she saw and what actually happened are two different things.
So, you're denying it? (crying) Fuckin' say something, Franky.
- (hushed) It's complicated.
- No.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's really fuckin' simple.
(sighs) (music ends) Fuck! I'm gonna come in early tomorrow, make sure everything's ready for Channing.
You let me know how I can help.
Well, you can lock all the women in their cells and stop Will badgering me about CSDS.
What does he want with those guys.
Oh, he thinks it's the best way to find out who's selling drugs to the women.
- Or just waste a shitload of money.
- Yeah, that's what I said.
Do you know what I would love? - Someone to cook me dinner - (train crossing bells ringing) and to choose me a decent movie.
Now, that I can do.
(chuckling) Okay.
- Hey, Vera - Hey.
(train horn sounds) what are you up to tonight? Um - I really fancy a drink, maybe two.
- (sighs) No, I'm s I'd love to but, I can't, um Channing's here tomorrow, I've got a mountain - of paperwork to do.
But maybe - Oh, yeah, of course.
Okay, no worries.
- another time? - Yeah, yeah.
See ya, Bridget.
If you wanna have a girls' night - I won't be offended.
- No, no, no, no.
I really don't.
(tense undertone intensifying) - (slow whooshing flourish) - (lights flick on) MAN: (over PA) Attention, compound.
Attention, compound.
H Block are now called for breakfast.
Now, we need the department's final approval today, so, I want everyone on their absolute best behaviour.
Or I'll punch your tits in.
What'd I tell you about positive reinforcement? Oh, yeah, right.
Um So, like, if you do do a good job, I won't punch your tits in.
All right.
So, what's the story, are you showing Channing around the workshop? Yes we are, and Susan and I will lead that tour.
We're gonna show him every part of the process.
Growing the seedlings, making the frames, packing, shipping the final product.
- Mmm? Actually, that reminds me - LIZ: Excellent.
Hey if this Green Wall project kicks off they're gonna be sending shipments out of the prison.
Could be an option? Gonna ask Liz if we can get into the seedling area.
- Hey, won't be a sec, eh.
- (door beeps unlocked) - Hey, Smiles, have you seen Westfall? - No.
Oh, I want an appointment.
Can you get me on the list? - Do I look like a secretary? - Just do it, okay?! - What's got into you? - Please? - All right.
- Thank you.
- Jake.
- Hey, mate.
Hey, um - I'm, heading out tonight, I, um - Where you going? Oh, just a club.
Which club? Oh, dunno, I didn't choose it.
Is this a date? - (chuckles) Oh, yeah.
- Oh.
Hey, um you got any gear? And they said romance was dead.
You got anything? Oh, mate, um remember what happened last time? I don't do that shit anymore.
- (zips jacket) - (tense undertone) - It's too risky.
- Yeah.
- (closes locker) - Sorry, mate.
(music ends) - Morning, Will.
(chuckles) - Hey, Mr Channing.
How the fuck is Ferguson in charge? The women made their choice.
I'm sure they'll come to regret it.
Well, let's hope it's not you that comes to regret it, hmm? So, this Green Wall project was Stevens' idea? Yes, she's really motivated the women.
They all seem quite invested.
Thank you.
Oh, it's a a bit of a come down from a cosmetics empire.
Mm, still I think you'll like what you see.
I hope so, for your sake.
You could do with some brownie points at the moment.
(hammering and grinding) No.
Y-you can't just, like, come in and take over.
- Nup, I don't wanna take over, I j - Nup.
Workshop's full, and like, I'm the boss.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
So, what I say goes, right Power's gone to her head! Oh, shut your fuckin' mouth, Stella, unless you wanna be fired.
- Do ya?! - SONIA: Susan! How many times do we have to talk about - your language? - Oh, yeah, sorry.
Come on, Booms, just do us a favour.
Oh, yeah, nah you just want in 'cause you know I'm doin' somethin' cool, eh? Yeah.
Yeah, well, nah.
All right, no, Franky.
Oh This is for me, okay? It's just it's just for me.
All right.
You know, I don't want you stealin' me thunder.
I just wanna help.
- No.
Anyway No.
- Booms - please.
- No.
Don't! Don't you do that - sad Franky eyes stuff.
- What? Don't! I got shit to do, all right? I gotta go.
- All right, we'll find a way in.
- Yeah, we better.
Couple more hours of this shit, I'll be opening a vein.
- You right there, ladies? All right.
- Yeah, great, Liz.
What's he doing here? Channing? - He's the head honcho from Corrections.
- (tense music) - Now, I've decided to divide - (music ends) this workshop into two main areas, outside we grow the seedlings and in here is where we assemble the frames, from scratch.
Susan manages - this part of the process.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I manage the Um, did you wanna see us do some shit? Duh Uh, I meant, do you wanna see us put together a frame - or somethin'? Okay, cool.
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
Oi, move your fat arse, come on, Yeah, all right, go! As you can see, Mr Channing, we're able to assemble these frames quite quickly, so I imagine we'll be able to grow the business exponentially.
And, of course, once they are assembled they're painted over there, packed over there and collected and shipped out.
It's a very efficient operation.
Well, it'd be more efficient if we could get some more weldin' gear in here.
BOOMER: (hushed) Oi, hey, remember, - you don't get to talk, all right? - (hushed) Oh, piss off! Nah, we rehearsed this, ya fuckin' goldfish.
Let me and Sonia do the talkin'! - (hushed) Susan! - Oh, I can weld better than her too.
- D'you wanna see? - (chuckles incredulously) Hey, give me that.
- Hey! Fuckin' get off - Radic, back away please! - and let someone else have a go! - No, I'm the boss! Stop hoggin' the fuckin' gear - ya dumb bitch! - Now, hey, hey - Jenkins! - Booms, - just let her have a go - No fuckin' way! - VERA: Radic! - Stella, no pushing, love.
- (chuckles) What are ya gonna do, eh? - No pushing, Stell ! - Oh! - Ooh! - (inmates laughing) - INMATE: Go for it, Liz! - INMATE: Yeah, give it to him! - INMATE: Havin' a good root?! I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Mr - I'm so sorry, Mr Channing.
- Get the fuck off me! Oi, Liz, does he like you on top? - Shut the fuck up! - Everybody calm down! - Are you okay? - Get me out of here.
Oh, is that your wank hand?! - Slot her! - Why? It wasn't even my fault.
I'm so sorry, Mr Channing, it was an accident.
I - Stay the fuck away from me! - It was an acci - That workshop is a disaster.
- (quietly menacing undertone) It's a danger to the officers and the women.
- Shut it down! - Look, I actually think - that was a mistake - Shut it down! - (door beeps unlocked) - CHANNING: (hushed) Argh! (undertone abates) What were you thinking, giving those bitches welding gear? The Department did approve the trial, and with respect, it wasn't the welding gear that was the problem.
Well, I'm surprised they haven't killed each other already.
(sighs) Vera, just just get it shut down ASAP.
I'll inform Stevens now.
So - will I live? - (chuckles) If you're a good boy and you stay out of trouble.
- Oh where's the fun in that? - (sighs) (Radcliffe chuckles) (both chuckle) - I want to talk to him.
- VERA: That's not possible.
- I would like to negotiate.
- Mr Channing has made his decision! I will not be shut down! You don't have a choice.
Pack up this equipment.
Do it quickly.
(echoing clang) I'm sorry, everybody, we are being shut down because of the actions of one stupid individual Elizabeth Birdsworth.
(scoffs) Me? - Sonia that was an accident.
- (gentle music) - I did - Shut the fuck up! Look at you! All the airs and graces of a cart horse! You have single-handedly ruined this entire operation.
Dashed the hopes of all these women.
You are a total liability and a complete waste of space.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
- Sonia, I - Get out of my workshop! (gate beeps unlocked) (music ends) - (whooshing flourish) - (tense undertone) We might have a problem.
- Concerning? - Jackson.
I think he's suss.
Officer Jackson's two brain cells are generally occupied with eating and breathing.
- Don't worry about him.
- Channing shut down the workshop, so there's no chance of using it as a supply route anyway.
I'm sure you'll find an alternative.
(undertone abates) Such a shame about your little enterprise.
Managing these women, it's a it's a fine art isn't it? Big job for a little lady in a wheelchair.
Actually, you've disappointed me, Joan, I expected something a bit more visceral.
You really don't want me as an enemy, Stevens.
For the record (weight clatters to the ground in the background) I don't respond well to intimidation.
(urgent music with bongos) - (exhales sharply) - I can fix this.
Oh, you think so? If I can get the Green Wall project reinstated me and Franky get jobs in the workshop.
Okay? What are you, a miracle worker? Leave it with me.
(music ends) MILES: Ms Westfall, uh Birdsworth needs to see you, she insisted.
- Also, Doyle needs an appointment, - (Liz sighs) - ASAP.
- Oh, right, okay.
(breathing heavily) - Oh, hey.
Look, I didn't didn't know - Yeah? who else to speak to, 'cause Ms Bennett's busy with Mr Channing - What happened? - Um, it's Sonia, she she - attacked me, in front of the women.
- Attacked you?! Yeah, verbally.
So, we were in the workshop and there was an accident and she's blaming me.
Which doesn't make any sense, so I'm thinking that she's figured out that I'm Witness X - Oh, God, Liz.
Liz, Liz, Liz.
- and I'm tryin' - Slow down, you're doin' my head in.
- What? I'm sure you're just overreacting.
I mean the women in here they lose their tempers all the time and I'm sure Franky didn't mean anything by that, darling.
- Sonia.
- Sonia.
Sonia, sorry.
So, were you even listening to me just then? Liz, I've got a lot to do - this afternoon.
Come on, let's - No, no, no, no, no.
No, hey, hey.
- You're here to help us, okay.
- Mmm.
(hushed) You've been drinking.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- (scoffs) Jesus Christ, you are pissed.
No wonder you're tryin' to get - rid of me.
- Liz, I had a glass of wine at lunch, would you like to keep your voice down, - thank you? - Right, so how are we supposed to come to you and confide in you, when you're going out to lunch, getting pissed.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, trust me, love, I know everything there is to know about secret drinking.
I wrote the frigging book.
(hushed) Jesus Christ! (Liz sighs) (door beeps unlocked) Ms Bennett, can I have a quick word? - Birdsworth! - Uh, it's private.
What's the problem? I just tried to see Miss Westfall and there's a situation.
Well, you need to elaborate.
(hushed) I'm worried she's gonna blab about the Witness X stuff.
Why on Earth would she do that? 'Cause she's not herself.
- Trust me.
No, I'm not.
- I think you're being paranoid.
- I swear.
- Liz, - you are making no sense.
- Okay.
She's been drinking.
Right? She's pissed.
You go and see for yourself.
Get back to your unit.
(door beeps unlocked) - I was just coming to see you.
- I'm going home.
I don't feel well.
- I think we should talk.
- Sorry, Vera.
I'll call you later.
(door closes) In case you ever need a friend at the top.
(intriguing flourish) (chuckles) You don't remember me.
(intriguing music) We used to call you Golden Showers.
Do your bosses know that you owned a brothel? Do they know what you did to us? You might wanna shut your mouth.
(chuckles wryly) Well, see that's the thing silence is golden.
(chuckles quietly) (music ends) (door beeps unlocked) I'd like to repeat my request for a CSDS search of the officers.
Well, unless something has changed - Something has changed.
- we are exact Okay, what? Look, I'm just asking you to trust me.
Yeah, if it backfires I'm the one who pays the price.
- Channing is already on the warpath.
- (door beeps unlocked) Will if you could just give us a moment, please.
- Ah, how's the wrist? - Oh, it's fine.
Yes, Nurse Radcliffe looked after me.
Now, Vera, it appears that I might have been a bit hasty in shutting down the Green Wall project.
Now, one person's actions shouldn't affect all the other women.
No, well, actually I think you are right.
A project like that is too much responsibility for one prisoner.
Well, Stevens seems very capable.
Mm, she's also highly manipulative and potentially dangerous.
Vera she's a fuckin' twig in a wheelchair.
Now, I'm going to reverse my decision.
The Green Wall project can proceed as planned.
So, what changed your mind? Oh, it was emotional, judgemental, it's never a good combination.
I'll see myself out.
Well, I-I'd like your directions in writing.
I'll put my concerns on the record as well.
Just cut and paste from the last time.
- SONIA: We're back in business! - BOOMER: Right, wow! - BOOMER: Oh, good.
- (whooshing flourish) - So, like, when do we start work? - First thing tomorrow morning.
Everything's back to normal.
- Awesome.
- Mmm.
I tell ya I tell ya, Stella's lucky.
'Cause I was, like, gonna shiv the bitch.
I was.
I was.
Hey hey ahem like, how how come you went bunta at Liz when it was Stella's fault? Mm, don't worry about the workplace politics.
Just focus on doing a good job.
Oh yeah, no, I will, I promise.
I-I - I won't let you down.
- (chuckles) I knew Channing was fucked up but - I didn't think he'd own a brothel.
- So fucking disgusting.
I can't believe - he's in charge of this place.
- I can't Smiles did you manage to organise that counselling appointment? I passed on your message to Miss Westfall, but she went home sick.
- Why do you need counselling? - Just wanna keep in their good books.
- Find someplace else to sit.
- Oh ! Congratulations on the, uh, reinstatement.
If you're still asking to use my workshop the answer's still no! It's important for you to be in control, isn't it? I understand that.
I understand you better than anyone.
I think we share certain qualities.
I mean, that garden project isn't just about status and power, is it? It's a distraction from - (low rumbling) - (indistinct whisperings) I heard about your little outburst earlier.
- Mm.
- Failure's not an option.
I won't let anyone stand in my way.
But one day someone will, won't they? - They will get in your way, - (ominous undertone intensifying) and then those primal urges will kick in, and once again you're gonna have blood on your hands.
(dark piano music) When that time comes, you're gonna need someone you can rely on.
(hushed) I see who you are and I respect it.
I understand it.
We could be very useful allies.
So, do we have a deal.
(music becomes urgent with drums) We're back on.
Take care of Jackson.
(door bell chimes) (music ends) - Hi.
(chuckles) - Bridget? Sorry, I just, um, needed to talk to someone.
- I'm sorry.
- No, come in.
- Come in.
Come in.
- Thanks.
You've been drinking.
(groaning) Oh I've just been trying to blot it all out, - you know, and I've made it - (gentle music) I've made it worse, Vera.
I am so sorry about today.
I bailed on you.
And I'm I'm just not coping and I miss her, you know.
I don't know what to do.
- Does (crying) Um - It's all right.
- I can't work it out.
- It's all right.
(music ends) - Here you go.
- Thank you.
Do you have to be somewhere? No.
It's just No, it doesn't matter.
I'm so sorry, Vera.
You're just the only one that understands this situation.
It's okay, but Bridget you can't - turn up to work like that.
- Yeah, I know.
I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
If it happens again I can't turn a blind eye.
It won't happen again, I promise.
- (Bridget chuckles) - (door opens) - Oh, who's that? - Um - (door closes) - (keys jangling) - There's something you need to know.
- Get your gear off, here come Jakey! Oh, shit.
Hi, Bridget.
Um Jake and I are in a relationship.
- Sorry, I didn't realise - No, it's okay.
So How long's this been going on for? A while we're living together.
- Why didn't you tell me? - (Vera chuckles nervously) She was worried what the staff would think.
- I wouldn't have said anything.
- Oh, I know, but Look, I was a bit paranoid.
Don't you trust me? Oh, of course I do.
It it's a tricky situation.
- All right.
I'm gonna head off.
- Oh - STEWART: You don't have to go.
- No, no, no.
- I don't want to ruin your evening.
- No, you're not.
I'll call a cab, okay.
- Bri Bridget.
- I'll see you later.
- (Vera sighs deeply) - (door creaks open) (door closes loudly) You should've texted.
(echoing drum beat and whooshing flourish) (sighs deeply) What the hell are the CSDS doing here?! (rattling whooshing flourish) MILES: (muffled) It's a waste of time and money.
I mean, how are we supposed to do our jobs with them breathing down our necks? It's ridiculous.
(throbbing urgent music) (door closes) OFFICER 1: Step away from your locker, - please.
This is a search.
- (whispered) Fuck! Please drop what you're doing and step aside.
Come on.
Come on.
OFFICER 2: Hey, is anyone in the bathroom? Yeah.
- OFFICER 1: Get him out of there.
- OFFICER 2: Can you hear me? - OFFICER 2: If there's anyone in there - Yeah, I'm coming! - OFFICER 1: - (hushed) Fuck! Get in there! OFFICER 1: Hands.
(grunting with effort) (music quells to heartbeat-like drumming) OFFICER 1: It won't take long.
Just (sighing and breathing heavily) (music become pulsating) (music ends) All clear.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
I told you that was a waste of time.
What made you change your mind about calling them in? I told Mr Stewart about your suspicions and he agreed that we should look into it.
Should've ignored the pair of you.
Next time I'll trust my own gut instinct.
(tense undertone) - (urine splashing sporadically) - (undertone abates) STEWART: Hey.
(Stewart sighs quietly) - STEWART: Oh! Fuck off, argh! - (tense undertone resumes) You set me up, didn't ya? What are you talking about?! You tried it once with the piss-test, you motherfucker! What, are you fucking crazy?! Get the fuck off you Argh! - Fuck! (hushed) Shit! - Huh? You steal my job and then you try to get me arrested? - But, you're making a mistake.
- Hey, you might have fooled Vera but not me, okay.
Mate, you're the one that asked me for the - fuckin' pills yesterday! Fuck! - Drop the fucking act! You're fuckin' crazy.
- I could have you reported for this.
- Yeah? - Do you want me to call Vera, eh? - (sighs) (Stewart grunts and splutters) WILL: Yeah.
Ah! (drum beats flourish) I'm onto you.
You fuckin' arsehole! (drum beats flourish) (door opens and closes) So, if you are gonna work here right, there's three important rules.
Okay, you listening? - Yep.
- Mm-hmm.
All right.
Rule number one is I'm in charge.
Rule number two is I'm in charge.
Guess what rule number three is? Ooh ? - You're in charge? - Fuckin' bingo! - All right, so don't stuff it up.
- Thanks, Booms.
Oh well, it might be kinda nice to have you around.
- Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Ow! Yeah.
Just start work.
I guess you were right you'll be leaving here in a box.
(hammering) Doyle, Ms Westfall will see you now.
What's goin' on? What are ya doin'? I resigned.
No fuckin' way.
I can't be here anymore.
(chuckles incredulously) I swear, there's nothin' goin' on between Allie and I.
I don't care about Allie.
I care about you.
And I fell really fuckin' hard and and I can't deal with this.
I can't be here and not be with you anymore.
Well, give me some time and I can fix that.
How are you gonna do that? (gentle music) I dunno, just don't leave me.
All I think day and night is you.
(chuckles) So, stay.
- Don't give up on us.
- (chuckling) Look at me, Franky.
Look at me, I'm a mess.
I can't look in the mirror.
I can't even see myself.
If you just hang in there, I'll find a way for us to be together.
We can get out of this place.
We'll go to another fuckin' country.
We'll start fresh.
We'll start again.
You're dreaming.
We have to make a clean break for both our sakes.
Cor, so that's it? I fuckin' love you! (emotionally) I fuckin' love you, too.
It's not over.
Bye, Franky.
(door opens) (crying) No, we're not done! (sighs sharply) (inhales) (door buzzes unlocked) Hey! What's wrong? (exhales sharply) - (kissing noisily) - (both sigh) Franky, what the f ? - (Allie sighs) - (Franky whimpers) - (hushed) Franky, fu - (whimpers) - (sighs) - Franky? Fuck! - (Franky sighs and sniffles) - ALLIE: Ooh.
Let's do this.
- (sighs) - (moans) - (chuckling) Oh, God, this is wrong.
- (moans and sniffles) (breathing heavily) You sure about that? (hushed) No.
(gasps) - (heavy breathing and gentle moans) - (Winter Bird by Aurora) Walking in my sleep - Do it.
- Like the naked dreams - Will they wake up again? - Wait! Wait.
- Do they sleep, do they dream? - I can't, it's too soon.
- Feel it as the wind - Yeah, I know.
- Strokes my skin - Just forget about it.
I am moved by the chill Hear the winter bird sing - Ah - (exhaling sharply) - Ah - (crying) My tears are always frozen I can see the air I breathe Got my fingers painting pictures On the glass in front of me Lay me by the frozen river Where the boats have passed me by All I need is to remember How it was to feel alive (music ends)