We're Here (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Temecula, California

[TV static drones]
[bright tone]
["Fancy" by Iggy Azalea]
[upbeat synth music]

- Ooh, chirl.
- I'm so fancy,
you already know ♪
I'm in the fast lane
from LA to Tokyo ♪
I'm so fancy,
can't you taste this gold? ♪
- Ooh, so this is
what they call Temecula?
- I'm so fancy,
can't you taste this gold? ♪
Remember my name,
'bout to blow-oh-oh-oh ♪
Trash the hotel,
let's get drunk ♪
- Well, you two
must be exhausted
from flying commercial.
- Oh.
- Well, girl, you wish.
- Come in.
- It's cute.
- Keep on turnin' it up
chandelier swinging ♪
- Ooh.
Film star ♪
- I wanted you to see that
I've had a little work done.
both: A little?
- [laughs]
- You know, more than
just your ego,
there's a lot of things
inflated around here.
- [laughs]
That felt personal.
- Oh-oh-oh, blow-oh-oh-oh ♪
- Tsk, tsk okay, bitch.
[gentle guitar music]

- We're only a few hours
away from LA,
and the energy here's
completely different.
Temecula's giving me
very California vibes.
Mountains, trees,
a lot of vineyards.
- I would consider this
very fancy.
- It's wine country,
so everything is fabulous.
- All of California
isn't like Los Angeles.
There's so many areas
in the state
that are not extremely diverse
and liberal.
Temecula is one
of those places.
- What we had planned
for the year 2020
is not what
we've been able really
to do with the year 2020.
Like, we are not allowed
to go to so many places.
And I feel like the pandemic
has really affected this area
because it's kind of barren
right now.
- We're very blessed
right now
to even be able
to be in this moment
where we can be closer
than most people can.
Because we're going through,
like, this extensive
COVID testing processes
and all these safety protocols
that allows us
to be together like this, but--
- Yeah, it would be easier
if we could just parade
through town or if we could
hug these kids
or if we could, you know,
share drinks
or cough into each other's eyes
or whatever, all this shit.
It'd be easier,
but if one other person
doesn't get what's clearly
spreading around,
then worth it.
- I think instead of just
"We're Here,"
"We're Still Here."
- Yeah.
- But we're back,
and we better turn it out.
- Quiet please.
- Okay, do y'all wanna just
take your masks off?
- And where do I put 'em?
Where do I put it?
- Down on--
no, no don't throw it.
Just set it down.
- Out of sight, out of mind.
Well, it is still in sight,
- I asked you not to throw it.
- You could put yours
over there too.
These are my LEGO Bionicle
This guy launches a ball,
but I'm not going to have him
shoot it right now because
I don't want to lose it,
and I only have one ball
that looks like that.
I was 12 when we got
the official diagnosis.
I'm, like, talking to someone,
I'm like,
"Hey, someone says
I have Asperger's."
I originally took it
the wrong way
because I thought
it meant something else.
I thought it meant
that I had burgers in my ass.
I was a really dumb kid.
- Wow.
- These are my LGBT pins.
I've been collecting them
ever since I've been getting
involved in the community.
When I came out as trans,
in school, people would
talk down to me
and patronize me
because they thought
I was a freak.
I was being deadnamed and
misgendered left and right.
And nothing I said mattered.
Nothing I wanted mattered.
I'm very passionate
about my identity.
And a lot of people
misgender me,
and I hate that,
so I have this.
Welcome to my lair.
- You say your lair?
- I always wanted to
say that, okay?
Even when I was a kid,
I was like,
"I'm gonna build a lair,
and I'm gonna say,
'Welcome to my lair.'"
- I'm in the lair.
I want to hear about
your love for dressing up.
- Go ahead and get
the Sgt. Pepper costume.
- Oh, work.
- I'm considering getting
married in it.
- Please don't.
- Why not?
- I just think--
- I kinda--
yeah, why can't we just
cosplay as The Beatles
for our wedding?
- 'Cause we don't know
who this person is
and if they want to do that.
- That's--that's a valid point.
The energy between
Deb and James is symbiotic.
It looks like they really
depend on each other a lot.
Like, these two
need each other.
- Basically all
the cosplay costumes
are in my closet.
This is the Dio costume.
- Is this a Dio wig?
- Yeah, yeah, that's the Dio
wig that I have been using.
Cosplay is something
that means a lot to me,
and my favorite is Dio Brando
from "Jo Jo's Bizarre
He's the character that
I relate to the most
out of any character ever.
- So what is it about
Dio specifically?
What is it so--like, about
Dio that really draws you in?
- Dio is one that I really,
really identify with
because he's had
such a hard life,
and I've had such
a hard life and--
- Not really.
- Dio--
- But I--I--may I say--
I just didn't want you to say
that you had a crappy childhood
'cause you didn't.
- You did stuff for me.
I'm--the thing is,
Dio's mother did stuff for Dio,
and that's why he felt
so close with her.
I had a school where I was
getting beat up as a kid.
- But it was a combination
of that and just
being on--we didn't know
he was on the autism spectrum
at that time, so--
- The teachers were bullies
because they thought
I was the problem child.
Because they didn't know
I had autism.
They thought I just
misbehaved and stuff.
- So there were so many issues
with social struggles
and challenges because of that.
- Like, I was the bad kid
even though I wasn't trying
to misbehave.
Because of people like that,
I have this identity crisis
once a week where I'm like,
"Am I bad person?"
- Is Dio a bad guy?
- Yes.
- Neurodivergent, trans, gay.
He's definitely part of
more than one
vulnerable demographic.
And it's not uncommon
for queer people
to really identify
with the villains.
There's a reason why gay guys
fucking love Ursula.
We love bad guys
because they've been
by their communities.
And as queer people,
when do we get to see
ourselves be the heroes?
Like, when?
So what are you expecting
on the night of the show?
- I get to, you know,
show up as Dio.
- I don't want you to get
too lost in Dio 'cause--
'cause his story's been told.
- I won't, I won't.
- I'm excited.
I want to build
a number together.
I want to make sure that
it's something you love.
- Yeah.
- And I want it to be
more than anything,
James' story.
And you get to become
the image of your own mind.
There's nothing more powerful
than becoming what you imagine.
- That's what
my mama told me ♪
I do what my mama said ♪
- I know what
you're maybe thinking.
Why would a flower
go on a tree?
I don't know.
- Brad.
It's about being unique.
I mean, as a gay man
in Temecula,
I feel not validated.
When I came out, my family,
they just kind of, like,
took it, like--
nobody's, like, cheering for me
and, like,
buying me rainbow cakes
or anything like that.
They were just like, "Oh, okay.
This is something
we have to deal with now."
- Good boy, Brucies.
- Come on, buddy.
[jaunty string music]
- I would describe Temecula,
it's a very family-oriented
town, very safe.
It's a little bit of
a Bible belt.
There's churches on,
like, every other corner.
I totally think Temecula
welcomes the LGBT community.
People look at people
more as people,
hopefully, than less as labels.
- As, like, a gay person
in this community,
it's just honestly really hard,
like, 'cause you don't see
anybody like you and you can't,
like, really relate
to the people around you here.
It gets to the point
where sometimes, like,
it's easier just to, like,
not socialize with the people
because you know your views
aren't gonna be the same.
- I call myself
a faith influencer.
I am a passionate follower
of Christ.
I have a gay son.
I don't think
my son's going to hell.
I mean, what does
that even mean
to be an out gay man?
Are they just out wearing,
like, rainbows and stuff?
Like, you're just a person
in the world.
- Ooh, this is nice. All right.
[doorbell rings]
- Hi!
- Oh, hi!
Hi, I'm Eureka. May I come in?
- Yes, come in.
- Oh, my God, you're gorgeous.
- I love your fancy mask.
- Thank you. May I?
- Yes.
- May I take it off?
I've been tested.
- Please take it off.
- Super tested.
- I'm excited.
The boys are in here.
- Oh, I can't wait.
- Guys--
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi, I'm loud.
I'm proud, 500 pounds. Okay?
Hi. What's your name?
- Jake.
- I'm Eureka, obviously.
- Brad, nice to meet you.
- Brad, oh, my God.
These men are beautiful.
- Aren't they?
I--I made that one.
- You made this one?
- Yeah.
- Ooh.
So what's up with you all?
Are you excited?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Nervous?
- I'm so nervous.
'Cause I'm always, like,
caring about, like,
what people think about me
and, like, how I'm perceived.
- Seems like we're gonna
have to pull you
out of your shell a little bit.
- Yeah.
That's what I hope
to get out of this.
He always pushes me
to do, like,
things that
I'm not comfortable with,
and it's, like, brought me
out of my shell,
but, like, doing this, like,
that's what I'm excited about.
- Okay, 'cause now
I'm gonna be your drag mama.
- I'm very excited--
- For the show.
You know we call them, like--
do you know about
drag families and stuff?
- No.
This was the first time
I'd ever heard
drag mother, drag family.
- It's basically whoever puts
you in drag for the first time
and, like,
teaches you the ropes
kinda becomes your drag mama.
- Oh, okay.
- Are you gonna do drag
with me?
- I'm not.
- Why?
- But I'm gonna be there
to support.
I would rather be a spectator
because I've never even
been to a drag show.
- Uh-huh.
Um, do you all wanna
go outside and chat?
- And we'll let Michelle
do her thing.
This is beautiful.
Oh, my God. Ooh.
Oh, my goodness,
this fancy pool.
- So fancy.
- I am here for it.
So now that it's just us,
I know that I can tell
that you're very--
I'm just gonna be honest.
I can tell that
you're a little more reserved
with your mom around.
- Yeah.
- But I--I would like to know
how difficult it was
to, like, be raised here
in Temecula.
Like, do you all deal
with things
now as a gay couple here?
Like, what's life like
in Temecula?
- I mean, like, it's been
pretty rough.
Growing up and even, like,
when we first got together,
like, he would, like, try to,
like, hold my hand in public.
I'm like,
"There's people walking.
Like, no. Like, I don't want--
I don't want them to know."
Like, I know, like,
certain areas, like,
I'm not gonna be affectionate,
and I'm gonna
present straight, you know.
- It just kind of sucks
to have to be as cautious
for, like, someplace
that you call home.
- That's hard.
People shouldn't make you
feel like you have to
apologize for being yourself.
- Yeah.
- It's just the type of thing
where I just don't think,
like, his family is as aware
of how much it hurt him.
- I mean, I think that's where
you want
your mom to show up for you.
- I think it would be awesome
for her to be a part of it
and, like, kind of validating.
You're up on stage
with your two gay sons.
And now we're all
looking, like, fierce.
Like, I think--I think it would
send a strong message
to me and to a lot of people.
I just--I don't want to,
like, push her,
like, too far just because
she has a large following
on social media,
and I don't know
if she's scared because
she's like, "People are gonna
"be like, 'Oh, my God,
you're, like, the mom
that was on that drag show.'"
Like, I don't know. I--
- Yeah, as queer people,
we're exhausted
having to walk on eggshells
with our lives
around the people that love us
instead of just knowing
that they'll show up
because we want them to.
[soft ethereal music]
- Someone like Jake,
who's a queer person,
shouldn't hide parts of
themself to fit an image.
And that's what we got to
get Jake to understand.
He's worthy, and he's enough
being authentically himself.
This drag performance
is another moment
that Jake is gonna get to grow
into his confidence
as a queer person.
And the best thing Michelle
can do is be a part of it.
[lively percussive music]

[soft apprehensive music]

- When COVID hit,
I was living in San Diego
in my own apartment,
going to school full time.
It was just normal,
daily life by myself.
But because of COVID,
I've had to move back home.
And that's--
that's kind of hard.
My parents,
they're from the Philippines.
Filipino culture
is family first.
And sometimes that means
sacrificing who you are
at the core of yourself
to try to please your family.
Three pieces of turon, please.
- Three?
- My parents are from Luzon.
- Thank you.
Have a good one.
I've always tried
to make my parents happy.
That's something that has been
with me ever since I was young.
My mom loves these.
I am gay, and my mom does not
approve of me being gay.
I'm gonna call my mom.
Now with COVID,
she is a little more
susceptible to getting sick.
My mom does need my help,
and that's still number one.
But seeing that she might
never accept me for who I am
is--it's hard.
You should've given me a list.
Okay, well, um--I'll buy
all that stuff.
Okay, bye.
Seeing her fully accepting me
for who I am,
that would
just mean everything.

[breathing heavily]
What cheer has meant
in my life
and what I've gotten out
of cheer is,
I can live freely
and be myself.
When I perform,
I give them a little shimmy.
Or I give them a little,
you know, bang bang
because I don't really get
to do that at home.
- Wow.
- Oh, my God.
- I see you got some spirit.
- Hi, Shangela.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
- How are you?
- There we go.
- Bam. Another one over here.
And look at this gym.
Wow, I'm in your home, huh?
- You're in my home.
- You know, I used to be
a cheerleader.
- You did?
- Yes.
You didn't know--
yes, let me tell you.
[inquisitive music]
Oh, halleloo.
2020, honey, it's--
oh, look, hi!
There's your great smile.
- Hi. [laughs]
You know what's really cool,
is that you have something here
that you have been,
like, super committed to.
What has it meant to you
to be a cheerleader?
- So cheerleading has been,
like, my form of expression.
Just, like, you know, like,
Um, it's a way to bring
personality out of me.
- Did you always have
a big personality, you feel?
- It just--it kind of
depends on the person.
Um, when I was with my friends,
especially when I was,
like, you know, accepting
who I was,
I said, "Mm-mm, not today.
I'ma be who I am,
and no one's gonna stop me."
Especially when I was at home
I kind of had to,
like, you know, mute myself
a little bit, tone myself down.
Like, my mom, she shot down
cheerleading at first.
She was like,
"Why do you want to do that?
Why are you interested in that?
This is a girl's sport."
With my dad, he was the one
who was comforting me
while I was sobbing, crying,
while my mom was yelling at me
when I came out when I was 14.
He looked at me and said,
"The reason why your mom is
like this is because
this is how, like, we grew up
in the Philippines."
As much as I don't agree with
her opinion, and I shouldn't--
I shouldn't pay any mind to it.
She--we still have, like,
you know, disagreements
about just how loud I am.
How out I am about,
you know, who I am as a person.
- Mm-hmm.
It is such a big part of me,
and that's not something
that I'm really ever
going to apologize for.
Or I shouldn't apologize for.
- Do you feel like
you apologize for it, though?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I don't feel like
she respects me,
you know, who I am as a person
because she still wants change.
But I have a really good
support system outside
of family.
And even in this sort of
conservative town,
I was never bullied, and--
- But you were bullied
in a way.
You're in your house,
and you don't feel comfortable
because you don't feel
fully loved
for all parts of who you are.
What would you want out of
this performance in the end?
What's the takeaway?
- Her to just show up.
For her to just see me
in a completely
different light.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, we're gonna put together
something really sh-amazing.
So you already know we gotta
be top tier--
what's it called?
The top of the pyramid?
- Flyers?
- Yeah, we gotta be the flyers.
Come on, I'ma tumble out here.
Okay, I haven't done
one of these in many years.
One, two.
- Yes!
- [screams]
I did it! I did it!
- Oh, my God, Shangela.
- Ooh, I am the Simone Biles!
- Oh, my God.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Whoo.
- I still got it, bitch.
- Oh, yeah ♪
[upbeat music]
[curious music]

- When's the last time
you came here?
- It's all a blur.
Quarantine is a blur.
- That's the tea.
That's very true.
- All I remember is that
I was here on my birthday
when I was 19,
and then I was also here
for my grandma's birthday
'cause she likes
this place a lot.

- I feel like based on
the stuff I'm seeing,
this is, like, little old
ladies and gay people.
- I'm gay and I come here.
Like, this is my safe place.
The safe haven of gayness
that I come to.
Like, you know how Superman
has his Fortress of Solitude?
- Oh, yeah.
- I have my antique store
of gaytude.
- I love that.
- I've struggled
to make friends.
It's been really hard
because my autism makes it
so people are afraid
to be friends with me.
My depression's made it so
people think that I'm too much.
- I noticed you and Deborah
are really into decorating.
- Yeah, we get
some stuff here.
- Do you ever think about,
like, how you'd decorate
your home if you moved out
on your own?
- Yeah, I do.
You've seen my room,
so you probably know
how the house would look.
I just feel like I need someone
to live with, you know?
- I mean, companionship
is very important.
- Yeah, I really do get lonely,
and I kind of
feel like I really need
a boyfriend.
I want to see what's in here.
I'm kind of curious about
what toys are in here
because, you know,
I'm a doll collector.
- I feel like when I was a kid,
they're everywhere.
Like, people really
loved those dolls.
- I know, and I wasn't allowed
to have one
'cause my mom said that
they looked like sluts.
- [laughs] I mean--
- She didn't use that word--
- They don't not
look like sluts.
- I really do want to
look through Beanie Babies
'cause I could get one
for my mom.
- James is neurodivergent
and seeks independence.
All right, look at me.
One, two.
One more. One, two.
He wants to be accepted
for who he truly is.
He wants people
to recognize him as a man.
He wants to wear
fabulous outfits.
He wants to get married.
He talks about that a lot.
- My costumes take place
during the Wars of the Roses.
- Got it.
- They don't take place after
because I hate the Tudor era.
- I hope that James can see
inspiration in himself.
I want James to be able
to have a mindset of
being like,
"I am powerful, I am strong."
Wish we'd seen more clothes.
- Who you callin' pussycat,
pussycat, pussycat ♪
- Oh, boy.
Join me, join me right--
oh, come on, come on.
So this is our--
like our safe space.
It is, um,
"Golden Girls" themed.
- It's very nice.
- Welcome to my lovely home.
- It's beautiful.
- So we like to create
a safe space everywhere we go.
You're welcome to sit
wherever you want.
The song is such
a great moment.
Are you familiar with the song
at all, by the way?
- Yeah, we listened to it.
- Yeah, I saw it.
- I don't know
how to describe it.
It literally sounded like ass.
- I--well, I love it.
It sounds like music to me.
- I want to have some fun ♪
This is the team.
I'm gonna help bring
stools over.
I brought sketches.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Here's kind of an idea.
- No.
- That is so cute.
- Mama, cute is for puppies.
I was thinking we actually do
either a classic cheer look,
or we can maybe
pull from these pom-poms
and create, like--
- Oh, I love it so much.
- The fact that you're flanked
by two men, that's fabulous.
- You know, we don't want you
to look exactly like Dio,
but he has giant expressive,
like, angry,
like, dare I say bitch brows.
- Can I just tell you this?
I want that hung in my bedroom.
- So these are our shoes
for the Lurk.
- The sex is in the heel.
- Oh, wow.
- Are you terrified already?
- I'm new to this.
- Let me come help.
- You've never
had a heel on before?
- I don't know
a girl with,
like, size 12.
- What?
Well, you're not
from Tennessee.
- I'm scared of this.
- But most of all ♪
- I want you to give me
one good sha-ya spin.
- Right now?
- One hand, baby,
like, you hold a ponytail.
- Oh, I'm feelin' it.
I'm feelin' it.
- I want to have some fun ♪
[upbeat dance music]
- Oh, Brad! She's a natural.
- That was good.
- I want to have some fun ♪
- We are going to take you
to where you want to go
and beyond.
- I want to have some fun ♪
- Have your parents ever been
to a drag show?
- I don't think so.
- How do you think they feel
about you doing drag?
- I actually haven't told them
that I'm doing drag, so--
- What? What?
- 'Cause it would
just give them
more reason for them to say no.
- No.
Well, okay, so that's
a bigger thing than--
you know what that speaks to?
You don't feel comfortable yet.
So if you go and say,
"Mom, I'm doing drag,
"and I'm doing it
down the street,
and the town is gonna put it
on the Facebook page,"
What's she gonna say?
- She's gonna say, "Why are you
making a fool of yourself?"
That's something that
she'd say, so.
- It's gonna embarrass her.
- Yeah.
I mean, my mom thinks of drag
just like, you know,
this one--this one thing,
this one way of, um,
being really flamboyant,
really open,
really, um, wild and crazy.
And like she would say,
making a fool of yourself,
and that's just not the case.
- You're exactly right.
Have you ever said that to her?
- No.
That's something that I'm going
to have to fight with her.
And I know that I'm going
to have to.
- You're fighting for approval.
I would hope that you feel
so equipped
with love for yourself that
you can say to your mother,
"I'm just telling you
how much I love me
and what this means to me."
[sentimental music]
- Thank you, Shangela.
- You're welcome.

- Where's the zipper?
Okay, hold on.
- I can't untie this.
Can you help?
Wow, I'm so dumb.
- You're not.
It is really, really
a struggle some days.
James will say things like,
you know, "I have no friends.
Everybody hates me."
As a mom, you know, you just
want your child to be happy.
- I want to get this done
on my first try.
- Okay.
He means everything to me.
I have had a lot of emotions
up and down about all this,
and I know that
he's probably years away
from being independent,
but this is what's happening,
and it's not going away,
and this is what it is.
- Aw, crap. It's not working.
I don't want
to have to recut it.
In my experience, you usually
have to do things more than
one time before you're
satisfied with the outcome.
I really wanted to knock it
out on my first try.
I would've been so proud.
My mom is my life.
If she was fighting
for me alongside me,
then my voice
would actually be heard.
So she has done so much for me.
Yeah, these really do like
the fricken drawing, wow.
- Awesome. Wow, look at that.
Didn't that come out good?
- Yeah, it really does
look like the picture.
- I just want him
to realize that
there's a lot of life to live,
and there's a lot of good
out there,
and to just keep up hope
and not give up your dreams.
- Yeah, I really do like them.
- That girl gonna work
work, girl gonna work ♪
Aye, aye ♪
- I have an amazing
choreographer named Marvin.
I figured I would just kind of
leave it to you for a minute.
- What we'd love to start with
would be the chorus
'cause we repeat that
a few times.
- When you're on stage,
everyone is sitting
in the darkness.
You are literally elevated
off of the ground above them.
All the lights are on you.
This is the epitome of power.
- You're gonna step this
right leg back in and go up.
To go down.
So you just step in right left,
right left--you got it.
- I'm sorry, you guys are,
like, so much more above me.
I have, like,
no dance experience.
- That's fine.
- The first time you ever
had sex with a boy, you didn't
have experience, either.
You had to work on it.
- Exactly.
- We're going for this battle
with good and evil.
But James,
he will radiate good,
which will transform everyone
on stage to good.
- Let me see you walk.
There you--ooh, sista, sista.
You gotta walk faster.
Go like you walking
to go to the store.
Go on and get them chips, girl.
- There you go.
- Go get them chips and--
Oh, shit! Shoot!
- Michelle,
would you ever have thought
this is what your son
would be doing?
- No. I can honestly say, no.
- Oh, shoot.
- Oh, luckily you got
them cakes to land on.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
She stomping. Old Clydesdale.
Yeah, okay. Yes.
- What feels powerful to you?
- Definitely the thing that
he did in "Phantom Blood"
where he's just like this.
- Here's a question
I have for you.
How can we slightly modify
this stance
so that it's not Dio's stance,
but it is James' stance?
- Maybe like
- I like that. There we go.
I think it's a little bit
stronger if the hand--
if the palms are out, though.
So this doesn't feel
as powerful as this.
[spirited dance music]

- Try to lip sync.
- Mm.
- We got this.
You got this?
- I got it.
- Love my love the feelin',
it's all else I love ♪
Love my love the feelin' ♪
- Let me see.
Okay, hold on now.
Hold on, Michelle Obama.
It's a very presidential wave,
Yes, Whitney Houston
in "The Bodyguard"
when she gets out that car.
"Hello, hello, hello!
Hello, hello, hello!"
That's Whitney--yes, yes.
For Andre,
I have to get him ready
to step on that stage
and feel 1000% the doll.
And that full acceptance
of every part of who you are
in the face of anyone
who tries to deny you.
- Love my love the feelin',
it's all else I love ♪
Love my love the feelin' ♪
- There you go. I see it.
- Yes.
- Good job.
- Boom. Walk, boom.
We're perfect, yes.
Now face--face out, face out.
I'm hoping that by doing
this drag show,
we're able to show him, like,
maybe you're the hero.
We're not doing Dio cosplay
because you need to be
a hero for yourself
and for your community.
- Love my love the feelin',
it's all else I love ♪
Love my love the feelin',
it's all else I love ♪
- Walk with power and purpose.
Chest out, chest out.
There it is.
- Feelin', feelin', love ♪
- That's great.
That's fantastic.
- How are you feeling
right now?
- I feel kind of powerful.
I want to show this off
to the audience
and to my parents.
- Great.
So when you're
doing this number,
know that you have love.
Here, look at us.
- Right here.
- Okay.
- Right here.
- Just know it.
You are surrounded by love.
[sentimental music]
- [sighs]
- All right.
- Amazing job.
- Ah.
- When Jacob came out to me,
he called me into his room,
and he was like,
"I need to tell you something,"
and I was like--all the things
go through my mind.
I was like,
"Okay, did you do drugs?
"Did you smoke?
You had sex with somebody.
You got a girl pregnant."
And so then he begins to cry.
At one point,
he got on the floor.
He was literally
in the fetal position.
And he was just--every time,
I can't tell the story
without crying
'cause it's so sad.
He was like--it was like
this deep,
in-his-guts wail.
- Yeah.
- And he was just heaving.
And so I'm just asking,
I'm like, "What?"
You know what could be
that horrible?
And finally I just said to him,
I said, "Jake, are you gay?"
And like, he let out
this sound.
And so I knew that's what
he was struggling with.
And so my immediate thing
was him--
no matter what I felt on
the inside,
I didn't want anything to--
I didn't want to look shocked,
sad, scared 'cause I was
so worried about his--
you know, him feeling accepted.
And so I just said,
"Jacob, it doesn't matter."
I was just afraid.
I was afraid.
I didn't want to lose him.
I know what happens
to a lot of people
when they don't feel accepted.
They run into, well, in this
case, the LGBT community.
And to--to feel loved
and accepted.
And I was like, "I'm not
losing him to a community
that's not his family."
Not that--
nothing against it, but it's
like, I'm you're family.
You're gonna be with us.
- You're worried.
- I didn't want him
to not be around.
You know what I mean, because
he didn't feel accepted
for who he really, really was.
- That's a fear. I get that.
And the way that you saw him
cry on the floor.
Like, that's a lot of pain
to--to witness.
- And he was a little boy.
- And imagine the moments
that you weren't there.
It's hard.
My mom, she's my hero.
My first booking ever
she came to and I wasn't
that great.
But she was still, like,
sittin' there like, "Whoo!"
- You're so good.
- Yeah.
She was my biggest fan,
for sure, for sure.
- Love that.
- You know, just the excitement
of her doing drag with me.
I just know Jake would love it.
You know, and I think you would
actually really love it.
- I--I'm--I'll be honest,
I'm not open at all
to a performance,
but I'm softening to the idea
of maybe allowing
some sort of--
- Drag?
- Dress up.
- Drag. Say it, girl.
Ooh, hold on.
Let me get up out this chair.
- Ooh, my gosh.
- [laughs]
- They're not styled
or anything.
So it's just like
different kinds of wigs
that we can play with,
and colors and, like--
look how beautiful.
- It's pretty.
- Isn't it beautiful?
- Mm-hmm.
They are. They're very pretty.
- So which one
are we putting on you?
- Right now?
- Why not?
- Well, if we're gonna do it,
let's put the red one on.
- Yes, that's my girl. See?
Michelle doesn't understand
that Jake as a queer individual
steps into uncomfortable
every day of his life
because he's forced to live
in a heteronormative world.
And this is a chance
for her to show him,
"I'll step into your world
and do this experience with you
regardless of how
it might make me feel."
I kind of love it.
- Fun.
- This is Michelle, everybody.
- Hi. I'm Shangela.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- So nice to meet you as well.
We're doing wrist bumps.
All of it's good though.
This is my drag child, Andre.
- Hi, Andre.
- Hello, nice to meet you all.
- Andre lives here.
- Well, so Michelle is actually
gonna be joining us
and getting into drag as well.
- Oh, work.
- Yay, Michelle.
- Yes.
It's not something that
she necessarily wanted to do,
but she's wanting to show up
and support Jake,
you know, and show, like,
that as a mother, she's willing
to step into
this world of difference.
And you know, I heard
a little bit about your story,
but I think you have issues
with one of your parents,
Like, what would it mean
to you,
'cause I want Michelle
to hear this feedback.
Like, what would it mean to you
if your parent
did this moment with you?
You know what I'm saying?
How special would that be?
- It would mean
the world to me
if my mom did
the performance with me
because it would show that
she's progressing past
what she has always known
and that she's learning
and that she's on
a journey of her own.
And that no matter what,
I'm still her son,
and that she'd love me
for who I am.
[heartwarming music]

- Oh.
- Mm.
- [voice breaking]
That's all I want.
- Oh, my God.
- We love you.
- She loves you, Andre.
She loves you.
She's just confused herself.
She's afraid from all
the things that have been
told to her year after year,
probably from the time
she was young.
And she's afraid.
- How do y'all feel as
queer people in this town?
- I mean, there's a lot
of people here that just--
I don't know what's
going on in their mind.
I've had, like, you know,
a lot of bad experiences.
Like, for example,
I was serving.
And I was just, like,
doing my job.
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
- This lady literally stood up,
and she's like,
"This isn't some runway show
for you
to be a little fag
around here."
And I--I wasn't even
doing anything.
- Just being yourself.
- But my managers wrote me up
for talking to her.
They didn't defend me at all.
They didn't kick her out.
They gave her a gift card.
- What the hell?
- Brought--and then
she came back,
and they told me
not to walk by the table.
It was like, you don't know
how much that hurts somebody
because you didn't
even take the time
to talk to me.
I don't even know what I did.
- Right, and you didn't do
- You were--you were
being yourself.
Let me tell you now,
sometimes it makes people
so uncomfortable the fact
that you are different
that it just bubbles up,
and they say some--
something nasty.
Which is--it's--it's fear.
You know, that's one of
the most magical parts of drag,
I think is, you find
a piece of that confidence.
You know, you get
past the fear,
and you push
into this fabulous moment
where you just get
to celebrate yourself.
And I know for me,
I hope that all of you
get a chance to just truly
celebrate your queerness,
the excitement of performance,
and just who you are.
- This is totally out of
my comfort zone.
I don't like to show, like,
my sexuality that much.
I don't, like, wear,
like, rainbow flags.
I remember, like, walking home
from school, like, as a kid,
and like, some stupid
little kid is like,
peeked over, like,
the fence and they're like,
"Are you a boy or a girl?"
And I remember like, I like--
- What?
- I just--I never liked
to be perceived as gay,
but, like, I've--
I love being gay now.
And like, I, like-- this is,
like, the love of my life.
And yeah, I'm really excited
to do this because
I'm conquering fears,
and doing that,
it's gonna, like, change
a lot of things for me.
- I got something.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna let you borrow
one of my pins
for the rest of production
because you said
you want to feel strong enough
to really show off
that you're gay.
So, heck,
you two can wear these.
These are a couples pins.
- Aw. That's very sweet.
- You guys
can wear them together.
- Aw.
- That's very sweet.
- I'll let you guys
borrow them
for the rest of production.
- We will give them back.
- Yeah, but I can tell you--
- It's a borrow. It's a borrow.
- [laughs]
- That's my man, James.

- The impact of a mom
on a child is massive.
What would we do
without mommies?
Your relationship
with your mother
affects how you see yourself
and how you see the world.
- There is no replacement
for a mother's love.
And some people learn
to live without it
'cause they had to realize
they're never gonna get it.
Some people find it
in other mothers.
That's why we have
chosen drag family.
Chosen family is about that
type of love
that maybe you didn't get
at the house.
That you went out
and found in the world.
- It's show day.
Let me see you shake something.
[upbeat music]
- I see a woman.
- We'll get you snatched,
don't you worry.
Okay, fully all snatched.
- Oh, my God, she's a lady!
- I missed you.
- You're so beautiful.
- Yeah.
- Tick, boom ♪
Mi nah really care
weh mi bump into ♪
Bulldozer, make room ♪
- And I say bam, baby,
yes yes.
- Oh, my God, who are you
without a beard right now?
He got those from you?
- He has bigger ones than me,
but yeah.
[heartfelt music]
- Okay, blue hair. Here we go.
- This looks very
rock and roll.
I'm obsessed.
- Man, oh man.
- I hope that James can see
inspiration in himself.
I hope that he can use this
Captain James of Atlantis
persona and find ways
to take charge of his life
out in the real world.
- I will not be
breaking a leg tonight.
We're not putting that
in the universe.
Love you more.
Love you more, bye.
Just had a conversation
with my mom.
- They're not coming
to the show, right?
- Right, my mom wasn't
comfortable with sharing
that out to the world.
- Okay.
You know, you got to take
people where they are.
This experience is about y--
don't you start crying.
Don't you start. You--you tap.
Look, you start
to feel the tears,
you tap right here
at the top, okay?
That's supposed to stop you
from crying.
These are emotional days, okay.
It makes me hurt.
I know how much it means
to Andre to have the support
of his family in this moment.
But it's not a failure.
Sometimes, you gotta ask,
and you're gonna be told no.
But at the end of the day,
how are you going to respond?
- You're not alone.
We're all here for you.
Everybody loves you.
It's a process.
You're gonna be okay,
and you're gonna do amazing.
- Thank you.
- Tonight, we understand
that it is a night
and a year unlike any other,
but that does not mean
that we don't still get
to celebrate, have fun,
and turn out.
Isn't that right, Temecula?
[cheers and applause]
- Ooh, turn up the spotlight,
Let's go.
- When I get messed up
at the party ♪
I make a scene
and get upset ♪
But when I wake up
in the morning ♪
You bring me breakfast
in bed ♪
And act like there's
nothing to forget ♪
Maybe I should
count my blessings ♪
That you're just that type ♪
So call me masochistic ♪
But sometimes
I want to fight ♪
Every time I leave,
you pull me closer ♪
I hang up the phone,
you call me back ♪
Why don't you mess me 'round
like you're supposed to ♪
You're turning me cruel ♪
'Cause I'm just
wanting you to react ♪
[upbeat music playing]

You're turning me cruel ♪
'Cause I'm just
wanting you to react ♪

Every time I leave,
you pull me closer ♪
I hang up the phone,
you call me back ♪
Why don't you mess me 'round
like you're supposed to ♪
You're turning me cruel ♪
'Cause I'm just
wanting you to react ♪
[cheers and applause]
[heartfelt music]

- All I'm feeling right now
is nervous.
I'm just scared
to look stupid.
For people that don't know
what it's like to be gay
or when they've pictured
a gay person,
they're picturing, like,
how I'm looking right now,
and I--I've always
hid from that.
So I'm just owning up to it
and just trying
to have fun with it.
- I was shocked yesterday
for Jacob.
He shared that he does
hide in some ways.
All you ever want
for your kids is them to just
feel free to be themselves.
[voice breaking]
Just want him happy.
You guys are gonna ruin
all this pretty makeup.
I want him to be who he was
always meant to be.
Whether it's what I pictured
or not.
- Please welcome
the House of O'Hara
led by Eureka O'Hara!
[cheers and applause]
[upbeat music playing]
- We are crowd
we're c-comin' out ♪
Got my flash on it's true ♪
But this photo of us
it don't have a price ♪
Ready for those
flashing lights ♪
'Cause you know that
baby I'm ♪
I'm your biggest fan,
I'll follow you ♪
Until you love me ♪
Papa--paparazzi ♪
Baby, there's no other
superstar ♪
You know that I'll be
your papa--paparazzi ♪
Real good,
we dance in the studio ♪
Snap, snap ♪
Don't stop for anyone ♪
We're plastic
but we still have fun ♪
I'm your biggest fan ♪
I'll follow you
until you love me ♪
Papa--paparazzi ♪
Baby you'll be famous
chase you down ♪
Until you love me,
papa--paparazzi ♪
[cheers and applause]
- This is actually natively
Jake and Brad.
And they're an amazing
queer couple.
Give them a huge
round of applause.
[cheers and applause]
- I always, um, have been
just to fit in with society.
Like, this is, like,
my worst fear,
like, putting myself out there,
but I hope by me doing this,
like, it inspires, like,
other, like, people
that are gay
that have to put on this facade
that you're, like,
always masculine.
Like, I feel great.
If you can't handle me
at my Hello Divine,
you don't deserve me
at my Jakey Jake.
[cheers and applause]
- This is so surreal.
Like, I had to stop.
I'm really, like--my brain
is exploding right now.
Oh, my God.
- Get over here.
[sentimental music]

- I feel like I am cosplaying
as this more
handsome version of myself.
But I don't want the audience
thinking that I'm pretending
to be something I'm not
when really,
I'm becoming something
that I am.
[cheers and applause]
[upbeat rock music playing]
- This ain't a song
for the brokenhearted ♪

No silent prayer
for faith departed ♪

I ain't gonna be
just a face in the crowd ♪
You're gonna hear my voice
when I shout it out loud ♪
It's my life ♪
It's now or never ♪
I ain't gonna live forever ♪
I just want to live
when I'm alive ♪
It's my life ♪

This is for ones
who stood their ground ♪

For Tommy and Gina
who never backed down ♪

You better stand tall when
they're calling you out ♪
Don't bend, don't break,
baby, don't back down ♪
It's my life ♪
And it's now or never ♪
'Cause I ain't
gonna live forever ♪
I just want to live
when I'm alive ♪
It's my life ♪
My heart is like
an open highway ♪
Like Frankie said
I did it my way ♪
I just want to live
while I'm alive ♪
'Cause it's my life ♪
[cheers and applause]
- Make some noise once again
for Captain James of Atlantis.
Captain James of Atlantis,
aka James,
told me about the people
that he looks up to,
and something that you said
to me a while back
'cause he loves this character
named Dio.
If you talk to James, you're
gonna find out about Dio.
And he--and I was like,
"I think you're so much more
remarkable than Dio."
And he goes, "What have I done
that's more remarkable
than Dio?"
I mean, everything you do
as a very proud,
out trans man living
right here in Temecula.
[cheers and applause]
That makes you a hero
beyond any I've ever seen.
[heartfelt music]
[speech continues, muffled]
[soft music]
- For my mom to not be
in the audience
supporting me, cheering me on,
it's something that I'm going
to have to acknowledge
but move on with
because I can't
let that stop me
from living my life.
[cheers and applause]
- Can't be gay in this house.
Cheering is for girls.
I love you.
I just can't accept you.
What's left to say ♪
These prayers aren't
working anymore ♪
[soft piano music playing]
Every word shot down
in flames ♪
[thunder crashes]
'Cause I've been shaking ♪
I've been bending
backwards till I'm broke ♪
Watching all these dreams
go up in smoke ♪
Let beauty come out
of ashes ♪

Can beauty come out
of ashes ♪

[whistle trilling]
- Temecula, are you ready
for a pep rally?
I want to see your spirit.
I got spirit, yes I do!
I got spirit, halleloo!
I got spirit, yes I do!
I got spirit, halleloo!
- This is the part
when I break free ♪
'Cause I can't
resist it no more ♪
If you want it, take it ♪
I should've said it before ♪
Try to hide it, fake it ♪
I can't pretend anymore ♪
I only want to die alive ♪
Never by the hands
of a broken heart ♪
I Don't want to hear you
lie tonight ♪
Now that I've become
who I really am ♪
This is the part when
I say I don't want ya ♪
I'm stronger
than I've been before ♪
This is the part
when I break free ♪
'Cause I can't
resist it no more ♪
This is the part when
I say I don't want ya ♪
I'm stronger
than I've been before ♪
This is the part when
I break free ♪
'Cause I can't
resist it no more ♪
[cheers and applause]
This is the part when
I say I don't want it ♪
I'm stronger
than I've been before ♪
This is the part when
I break free ♪
'Cause I can't
resist it no more ♪

- Yeah, Temecula!
[cheers and applause]
Mama, Daddy,
I know that
you might have come
from a different background
than I did.
That will not stop me from
loving you for who you are.
[piano music]
And that's all
we can really do.
[cheers and applause]
- Yes, yes, baby, Team Wadley's
killin' the passion tonight.
All right.
When you walk around now,
people are gonna hear
all about what you did
here tonight.
You have to be able to say,
"That was me. I did it."
And feel it, you know?
Feel it 'cause you did it.
- I'm proud of both of you.
- Well, thank you so much.
- I am not surprised one bit
at your ability
to perform and be outgoing.
I am very proud of you
for opening up.
You're very pretty in drag.
- I wish I could, like,
make a clone of you
and give it to
like, every gay kid that
[voice breaking]
Never, like, felt accepted.
- I definitely did not expect
to see other people so hurting.
Maybe I didn't want to?
I don't know, but--
interesting thing about being
a mom, there's always room
to bring another child into
the fold, you know what I mean?
- God, you're so good!
I'm obsessed.
I am obsessed.
- Oh, my God, oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I can't even believe it.
Oh, my God--
- Incredible.
- I added more dance moves
into it.
[heartfelt music]
- What I've learned
about Temecula is,
there's a lot
about image here.
So let's create a new image
to celebrate.
- I want them to see us
celebrating queerness.
I want them to see us
celebrating these
queer people.
That is very important.
- There needs to be an image
of that community here.
And this is hopefully a step
in that direction.
By showing y'all, honey,
we're here and so are you.
[Shea Diamond's
"I Am America"]
[upbeat music]
- Baby, I am America ♪
I'm a stranger
just like you ♪
Baby, I am America ♪
You've been beggin'
for the truth ♪
Truth is I love you
even when you get offended ♪
Truth is I love you ♪
So come on so
and split the difference ♪
Baby, I am America ♪
Let me make it
crystal clear ♪
We ♪

Lord, I work hard for this.
[bright tone]
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