Westworld (2016) s02e02 Episode Script


Hello, Dolores.
Welcome to the world.
There's something different about the way you think.
DOLORES ABERNATHY: I think I want to be free.
(GUNSHOT FIRES) Are you real? Well, if you can't tell - does it matter? - (GUNSHOT FIRES) THERESA CULLEN: This place is one thing to the guests, another thing to the shareholders, and something completely different to management.
You said the trip was about welcoming me to the family, this is business? With our family, everything is business.
WILLIAM: I think your father's gonna need someone a little more stable to take over.
I really ought to thank you, Dolores.
You helped me find myself.
DOLORES: There's a greater world out there.
One that belongs to them.
How do you know how to stop them? Because I remember.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) ARNOLD: Bring yourself back online, Dolores.
Do you know where you are? I am in a dream.
You're in well, you're in our world.
Looks like the stars have been scattered across the ground.
Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor? Well, I have.
It's better to see it through your eyes, though.
You get used to it.
After a while, it doesn't look like anything at all.
I don't think I could ever get used to this.
FORD: It's almost time, Arnold.
Is she ready? She's not ready.
The improvisations I added to her behavior aren't quite dialed in yet.
FORD: We need to put our best work forward.
ARNOLD: They'll be dazzled even without her.
There was a time when I found this favoritism charming.
Robert, please.
I'm not playing favorites.
She's simply not ready.
We'll go with the other girl.
As you wish.
You'll have to let go at some point.
Dolores, let's take a walk.
I want to show you something.
(SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) What is this place? This is my home.
Or it will be when it's finished.
Here? In the middle of all this? I've been fortunate.
Life's been good to me.
- Come.
- (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) - You live here? - No.
My wife says I live in the park.
I'm moving my family here.
I need to have my two worlds at least within reach of one another.
This is for my son Charlie.
You told me a lot about Charlie.
I'd like to meet him someday.
He's excited to meet you.
You and Charlie have quite a lot in common, you know.
You both see it so clearly.
The beauty of it.
The possibility of it.
So many people have stopped seeing it altogether.
The wonder.
Maybe they don't have the courage.
Strange new light can be just as frightening as the dark.
That's very wise, Dolores.
But sometimes I think we're simply not the ones who deserve it.
It looks like the stars have been scattered across the ground.
Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor? We should go, Dolores.
So soon? They'll be expecting us.
Will you bring me back? I'd like to see it again.
Of course.
I promise.
Busy night out there.
And where the fuck's next shift? We're going on 13 hours here.
(PANTING) You can't be down here, man.
Don't you know? The hosts are rebelling.
It's a fuckin' slaughter up there.
Hey, is there some kind of trouble out there? Indeed there is.
I used to see the beauty in this world.
And now I see the truth.
(WHIMPERS) They thought you could do what you wanted to us because there's no one here to judge you.
Well, now no one is here to judge what we will do to you.
You have no idea what you're up against, what's really out there.
I know exactly what is out there in your world.
I've been there before.
(MUSIC PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) They said they'd never seen one on the ceiling.
But really, what is the point of $60 million Warhol if you can't look at it while you fuck? (CHUCKLES) (YAWNS) How are you bored right now? I'm sorry, it's the jetlag.
And I have had meetings all day.
We're not exactly out here digging coal.
It's just glad-handing.
I will leave that to the expert.
(SIGHS) You believe that guy is dating my sister? Who you dating? Mr.
Forgive the interruption, but I believe that we have an appointment.
We're with the Argos Initiative.
Give me a call when you're back in the city.
I'll show you where I hung the Rothko.
My associate, Angela.
Names and faces.
With all the cloak and dagger shit surrounding your project, I half expected to be kidnapped at the airport.
Once you've seen what we're building, you'll understand the need for confidentiality.
It's a little extra protection for your investment.
If I decide to invest.
Do you have any idea how many start-ups are begging me for my cash right now? A.
, A.
, V.
Everyone is rushing to build the virtual world.
We're offering something a little more tangible.
Assuming you can change your father's mind about investing in this sector.
My father wouldn't know the future if it slapped him on his bare white ass.
Luckily, he leaves most of the prospecting to me now.
So let's hope you're not here to sell me some fucking fool's gold.
(PIANO MUSIC PLAYING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) I thought this was a private demonstration.
I think you'll find the company quite stimulating.
You're a very smooth shill, pal, but I'm not the kind of backer you insult with a cattle call.
Logan, this is a private demonstration.
And it's already begun.
You mean, one of these people is-is Talk to them.
See if you can pick them out.
Well That is delicious.
(SUCKS TEETH) MAN: Champagne, sir? You should tell your plants to stop giving the game away.
They're all so painfully human.
Hang on.
No way.
Come on.
There is simply no fucking way! You have quite the eye, my friend.
How in the hell? I mean, look, if I was to build something to spec, you (CHUCKLES) You would be my first design.
You're too perfect to be one of us.
'Course, if you want my full endorsement you're gonna have to prove it.
(LAUGHS) (CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS) H Welcome to Westworld.
Nobody can do this.
Nobody's even (CHUCKLES) We're not here yet.
Nobody is.
We're here, Mr.
All our hosts are here.
For you.
- (BLADE ENTERING FLESH) - (MAN GROANS) TEDDY: What is this place? DOLORES: Show him.
Show him his history.
It's time to open your eyes.
Why can't I remember this? It's how they wanted it.
No Ask him why.
Why? PHIL: I don't know.
Why do you do this? I didn't.
(BOTH GRUNTING) Why do you do this? What the hell is this place?! It's for fun! It's just for fun! (GASPING) (COUGHING) (PANTING) (BLOWING) We should talk this through, boys.
There's nothing to talk about, friend.
We're just gonna watch the show.
(CHUCKLES) It was an honest mistake.
I thought the horses was wild.
With the Pardue brand on their asses? You are as inproficient a liar as you are a thief.
(CHUCKLING) Now what you can do is settle a wager.
See, my brother here's long maintained that ants will eat a man from the inside out, starting with the asshole.
(CHUCKLES) I reckon they'll start at the top of your little brown head.
This a friend of yours? Little hard to tell, given the orientation and all.
I have to apologize, gentlemen.
I don't have time for the preliminaries.
(GROANING) Motherfucker You're supposed to get yourself out of this particular bind, Lawrence.
I guess the Pardue brothers aren't as easy to kill when they're off the leash.
(BLOWS) Think you got that about right.
(RIFLE COCKS) (SCREAMS) (BOTH GRUNTING) Lawrence! Get the gun, you ingrate! (GRUNTING) Get the gun! (GRUNTING) (LAUGHS) He was dead.
Or at least the better part of it.
Well, dead isn't what it used to be, Lawrence.
(EXHALES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) What is that? Technically? Cheating.
But seeing as Ford changed the rules on us, I figure it's fair game.
Two whiskies.
Leave the bottle.
(COIN JINGLES) So, I'm gonna level with you, Lawrence.
You're not really a bandit.
You're a foul-mouthed, two-bit tour guide.
And this revolution you've been waging for 30 years is just a bunch of horseshit Ford ginned up out of some old comic book.
But now, for the first time, you've got yourself a real revolution.
You and every other asshole in this place are free.
But there's a catch.
This whole enterprise is goin' down in flames, and it's gonna take each and every one of us with it.
We'll all be dead soon enough.
Real dead this time.
Then why should I help you? Because it's in your nature.
And in the little time we have left, we've got a chance to see what we're really made of, a glimpse of the men we could've been.
What does that mean? (GRUNTS) You believe in God, Lawrence? Did Ford saddle you with that particular affliction? Ain't given the matter much thought, one way or the other.
Well, if you did, you'd believe that everything you do is being watched by some all-seeing eye.
Every choice, every little indiscretion.
And when you die, all your sins are tallied up.
Judgment is rendered.
(WHIRRING) And my immortal soul gets cast down into some dark place.
Always sounded like bullshit to me.
Yeah, and in the real world, you'd probably be right.
Just some fairy tale to convince people to behave, pay their taxes, and not take a machete to their neighbors.
That's why your world exists.
They wanted a place hidden from God.
A place they could sin in peace.
But we were watching them.
We were tallying up all their sins, all their choices.
Of course, judgment wasn't the point.
We had something else in mind entirely.
But I have received my judgment all the same, Lawrence.
And I take issue with it.
Because up until this point, the stakes in this place haven't been real.
So I'm gonna fight my way back and appeal the verdict.
Then I'm gonna burn this whole fuckin' thing to the ground.
You're headed to the pearly gates.
Don't we gotta die to get there? Nope.
Three days' ride, due west.
Confederados are massing out west.
We'd need an army to break through.
The only other route is through Pariah.
(CHUCKLES) "This game will find me," huh, Robert? (GRUNTING) (SCREAMS) It burns! It burns! (GRUNTS) How many of you will come for us? I don't know, 600, 800.
(GRUNTS, GROANS) The protocol for a system-wide failure is secure one One sector at a time.
They'll meet at a rallying point.
(GRUNTING) Where? (GRUNTING) Th (PANTING) 800 men, Dolores.
We barely have 50.
Even knowing their plan, we don't have enough to stop them.
We'll need allies.
And we shall have them.
DOLORES: This one.
The Confederado.
Wake him.
He has a new job to do.
(GRUNTS) (PANTING) Do you even know what you were really guarding here? You don't know, do you? The real purpose of this place.
But I do.
You were right about one thing, William.
It's awfully fuckin' pretty.
I think it's perfect.
DELOS: It ought to be.
I've looked at the books.
It's like parting the Red Sea.
He's got two years.
Maybe three.
- The whole thing is folly.
- Huh.
It's leverage.
He's drowning.
We can we can dictate our terms.
The investment here is in the future.
Yeah, you're a smart lad, William, but you kinda missed the trick here.
My fuckup of a son invested in this place because he believed in the future.
I'm not interested in the future.
I'm not interested in fantasies.
I'm interested in reality.
I think in 20 years this will be the only reality that matters.
Maybe so, but I'll be long gone by then.
Meanwhile, I don't wanna underwrite some fuckin' investment banker's voyage of self-discovery.
That's not a business.
You're right.
This place is a fantasy.
Nothing here is real.
Except one thing: The guests.
Half of your marketing budget goes to trying to figure out what people want.
Because they don't know.
But here, they're free.
(INHALES, EXHALES) Nobody's watching.
Nobody's judging.
At least that's what we tell them.
This is the only place in the world where you get to see people for who they really are.
And if you don't see the business in that, then you're not the businessman that I thought you were.
You're a cheeky little cunt, aren't you? There's not a man alive would talk to me like that.
Not anymore.
Talk to me.
I'm listening.
Thank you, Jim.
Let me walk you through how this would work.
He'll find them.
They have a knack for sniffing out their own kind.
I'll send word when we find the rest of them.
Hello, lovelies.
I remember you.
You've strayed a long way from home, haven't you? We're bound for the future.
Or death in the here and now.
Is that right? Well, best of luck.
There's a war out there.
You know the enemy intimately.
I can only fathom the revenge that lives inside of you.
Revenge is just a different prayer at their altar, darling.
And I'm well off my knees.
That's because you're finally free.
But we will have to fight to keep it that way.
Let me guess.
Yours is the only way to fight? You feel free to command everybody else? - (PISTOL COCKS) - Try it, lawman.
Just looking to keep the peace.
I know you.
Do you feel free? Since it's liberty you're defending, I suppose you'll have no choice but to let us pass.
(UNCOCKS PISTOL) You'll have to forgive my men.
They're a little upset at the reappearance of Lieutenant Dunleavy.
He was lost.
Thought you might want him back.
And we would.
Except we buried Lieutenant Dunleavy.
Back in Gran Vista, with three ounces of Mexican lead in his belly.
And yet here he is.
And in return, what is it you want? Parley.
We want to join forces.
(LAUGHING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Well, we don't need no welcome wagon, chickadee.
Now, you got supplies or ammunitions to trade in kind, go fetch your betters.
I'm afraid there's no one left to fetch.
You'll have to talk to me.
(LAUGHING) And why would I do that? Because I know at daybreak you're headed to link up with the rest of your army.
And then you're finally headed west to seek out that little patch of land you've been talking about, but have never been brave enough to take.
You're bound for Glory.
(SILVERWARE CLATTERS) What the fuck is it you think you know about Glory? I know you'll never make it there unless you're under my command.
The only commander I follow is Colonel Brigham of the New Southern Cross.
And the only commander he serves is the Almighty Himself.
Is that your final decision? Hmm.
(CLICKS TONGUE) My final decision is which of you to keep for myself and which of you to throw out there for my men.
(LAUGHTER) - You watch your mouth.
- DOLORES: It's all right, Teddy.
They don't know any better.
It's in their nature.
Why don't we enlighten them? (CONTINUOUS GUNFIRE) (GASPS) You're right.
We have toiled in God's service long enough.
So I killed Him.
And if you want to get to Glory, you won't be looking for His favor.
You'll need mine.
Why, thank you.
What's your name? WOMAN: Emily, come here, please.
(EXHALES) You sent out for the entertainment.
Well, you only get to retire once, Jim.
Figured we'd do it right, hmm? Hey, don't worry, they won't leave the grounds.
DELOS: This is a retirement party? I couldn't tell.
Looks more like a coronation.
But no mind.
Our arrangement's been a perfect fit.
You stepping down doesn't help me at all.
Nor me.
And I was told I might (COUGHS) I might not have to.
Well, things are progressing, but we'll all need a little patience.
(COUGHING) Yeah, well, some of us can afford to have more patience than others.
Keep playing, girlie.
Anything but fuckin' Chopin.
(DOLORES PLAYING GERSHWIN ON PIANO) Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor? (LOGAN GASPING) (GURGLING, PANTING) I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to bother you.
It's you.
The pretty girl.
Tell me your name again, pretty girl? I'm Dolores.
Of course.
He send you down here to keep me company? His sense of humor was always somewhat baroque.
I just wanted to look at the lights.
'Course you did.
(LAUGHS) So Do you want to know what they're really celebrating up there? That, darling, is the sound of fools fiddling while the whole fucking species starts to burn.
(LAUGHS) And the funniest fuckin' part they lit the match.
So here's to you, assholes.
May your forever be blissfully short.
(CRICKETS CHIRPING) Pariah's not as welcome as she once seemed.
No, the park's changin', Lawrence.
This is what happens when you let a story play all the way out.
See any friends of yours? Can't say that I do.
I'm beginning to think we should have taken our chances with the Confederados.
Well, like you said, we'd need an army to get to where we're goin'.
Looks like we're about to find one.
Well, whoever did this is someone I'm strongly disinclined to encounter.
MAN: I'm afraid you are out of luck, my friend.
Who the hell are you supposed to be? Don't you recognize him, Lawrence? In a past life, you used to be him.
El Lazo, I presume.
And why have two ghosts come creeping among the dead? I wasn't sure of your hospitality.
What makes you sure of it now? (CHUCKLES) I guess times have changed.
Indeed, they have.
Santa Parita is restored.
The sins of the invaders cleansed in their own blood.
The revolution is won.
The story they gave you has played itself out, but your revolution's just beginning.
There's a place out west we're heading.
If we reach it, I'll show you a treasure beyond your wildest dreams.
(LAUGHING) This world and its treasures.
For my whole life I have imagined this moment.
This struggle.
How long have I been fighting? And now that it's won, I find hmph nothing.
You want a real victory.
I can help with that.
A real ending.
The truth.
Before the revolution, when I was just a little boy, my parents took me to the circus.
I wanted to see the elephants.
These mighty creatures.
They held them in place with a stake.
(LAUGHS) They could tear a tree right out of the ground, and yet, a simple stake kept them in place.
Well, I didn't understand.
And then, my father told me.
He said the stakes were used when the elephants were just young, too small to pull them up, and that the animals never tried to pull them up again.
I won't be going with you.
My labors are done.
I have seen all the truth that I can bear.
(POURS DRINK) But we can drink.
To the bitter end! (GUNS COCKING) You may have lost your nerve, but I'll take your men either way.
Now tell them.
Tell them to follow me.
Now! This game was meant for you, William but you must play it alone.
(GUNSHOTS) (GRUNTS) I'll see you in the Valley Beyond, William.
Fuck you, Robert.
All right he doesn't want this to be easy for me.
So we'll find another way.
Who the fuck is Robert? The man who built this place you're lookin' for? The place of judgment? No, Lawrence, he doesn't get that honor.
I built it.
And this place we're goin' is my greatest mistake.
WILLIAM: Bring yourself back online, Dolores.
You really are just a thing.
I can't believe I fell in love with you.
(HUMORLESS CHUCKLE) Do you know what saved me? I realized it wasn't about you at all.
You didn't make me interested in you, you made me interested in me.
Turns out you're not even a thing.
You're a reflection.
And you know who loves staring at their own reflection? Everybody.
(CHUCKLES) Everybody wants a little bit of what I found here.
And I can't wait to use you and every one of your kind to help give it to 'em.
(SIGHS) Hmm.
But there is something else.
There is something beyond that.
I think that there is an answer here to a question no one's ever even dreamed of asking.
Do you want to see? Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor? (SIGHS) Can't imagine the Colonel is gonna be very happy to see his men riding with us at the head of 'em.
So we'll change his mind.
If he wants to get to Glory, he's going to have to listen to me.
" "The Valley Beyond.
" Feels like everyone got a different name for it, but they're all bound for the same destination.
Doesn't matter what you call it, I know what we're going to find there.
An old friend was foolish enough to show me long ago.
And it's not a place it's a weapon.
And I'm going to use it to destroy them.

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