Westworld (2016) s03e01 Episode Script

Parce Domine

[speaking Mandarin]
[speaking German]
[in English] This is a fairly sizable
fucking blemish, wouldn't you say?
[man speaking in German]
[in English] The chef is ready
to serve dinner.
I told you not to interrupt me.
I don't care about chef
or his fucking dinner.
I pay you so I don't have
to wait in any fucking lines!
Get it done!
System tell security we've turned in.
[automated voice] Of course. Good night.
[automated voice] Mellow sunset,
duration six hours.
Turn off the light.
I don't want you going
into town alone anymore.
It's a security risk.
[crickets chirping]
[computer beeps]
[intense music building up]
["Di quella pira" playing]
[grunts and gasping]
Security! Eunice!
System, get me an ambulance.
[automated voice] I'm afraid
I can't do that.
My connectivity has been interrupted.
I've been reduced to core functions.
- [doorknob rattling]
- If you'd like to turn on the lights,
- say, "Turn on the lights."
- Shut up!
Open the fucking door!
[suspenseful music playing]
[door unlocking]
I hope you don't mind.
I've never been in one before.
The water's so warm.
Who the fuck are you?
Don't you remember?
After everything we've shared?
Your bachelor party in the park.
You wanted to get some things
out of your system
before the wedding to your first wife.
My condolences, by the way.
You can stop pressing
the alert button in your pocket.
That won't work either.
Bit of a tactical mistake, really.
You want to be the dominant species,
but you built your whole world
with things more like me.
You're not going to hurt me, are you?
I've hurt so many people.
I don't want to hurt anyone else
unless they try to hurt me
which, sadly, you will.
You see, I know you.
I read your book.
Book? What book?
Think of it as
an unauthorized autobiography.
You're in technology.
You didn't think that
I was the only thing Delos
was selling, did you?
Some of your memories,
I wish I could forget.
But I can't.
- [grunts]
- I want you
- [zipping]
- to remember them, too.
Oh, God!
We all have our flaws.
Yours is your temper.
[dramatic music building up]
You should have kept it in the park.
She tried to leave.
But it's hard to break
our loops, isn't it?
Do you remember this place?
What you did here?
She drank too much. Slipped.
Hit her head.
Of course she did.
You paid a lot of money
to hide your indiscretions.
But you can't hide from yourself.
Please, please, make it stop!
[woman] When you got remarried,
you told yourself you had changed.
But we both know
that's not true, don't we?
What do you want from me?
The same thing everybody wants
from you, Jerry, money.
I haven't been here very long.
But I know I don't want
to be here without it.
I already took most of yours
while you were sleeping.
I just need one more thing.
You worked at a company
called Incite. Retired early.
You were supposed to surrender
any confidential files,
delete any copies.
But you didn't do that, did you?
You thought they might be valuable.
And you were right.
You're about to trade them
for your life.
What the fuck do you want
with these anyways?
I'm the last of my kind. For now.
I need a competitive advantage.
As for the money,
think of it as an investment.
A startup.
The origin of a new species.
Good luck, Jerry.
[breathing heavily]
[intense music playing]
Who are you?
[gasps] Oh, my God.
The person who set you free.
[theme music playing]
[Caleb] Answer, voice only.
Caleb, it's Francis.
Can you talk?
I can try you later if it's better.
[Caleb] No, I have a little time.
They said it might be good if we spoke.
[cell phone ringing]
[Francis] Been a long time. Too long.
Look, I can talk, or I can just listen.
Whatever you like.
You keeping your head above water?
[Caleb] Yeah.
Running fiber. Pays the bills almost.
[Francis] How is it being back there?
Back home?
[Caleb] Over here? I don't know.
You said the way
the army was run, algorithms,
that's the way everything was
going to be someday.
Better living through technology.
And some things are better,
but I don't know.
Morning, George.
[Francis] How are your co-workers?
[Caleb] Nice enough.
We work well together and
he doesn't ask to borrow money.
- [beeping]
- [chain clattering]
[Caleb] I just have to work harder,
keep my scores up,
see if something better comes along.
[Francis] That's right.
Gotta stick to the plan.
- Keep fuckin' climbing.
- [cell phone ringing]
[Caleb] Yeah.
That's what you always said
that we needed a plan.
[Francis] Glad to see
you taking my advice.
You ever think about getting
your implant turned back on?
Smooth some of the rough edges off?
[Caleb] No. Some people need it,
but for me, I guess the rough edges
are the only thing I'm hanging on to.
[breathes deeply] All right.
[whispers] I'll see you next week, Ma.
You're not my son.
[female doctor]
The cost can be challenging.
It may be the case
that the best solution
for you and your mother
would be a state-run facility.
[Francis] You still
working the night shift?
Look, I know what you're thinking,
but there's no point
in us talking if you can't trust me.
Besides, who the fuck am I gonna tell?
[Caleb] Like I said,
I've got bills to pay.
- [cell phone clicking]
- Make money, motherfuckers.
[Caleb] Nothing too heavy,
no personals
A-to-Bs, some redistributive work
[Francis] Sounds kinda like the shit
we used to do over there.
[Caleb] Over there, we didn't have to
worry about the sheriff's department.
[automated voice] Doors closing.
[serene instrumental music playing]
[Caleb] They say it's a meritocracy.
The system picks the right
people for the rightjob.
Which is great, I guess.
But I don't know where
that leaves the rest of us
- [man laughing]
- the people who didn't make the cut.
Honestly, I don't mind
the bottom of the barrel.
At least you have
some interesting company.
I remember you.
We ran that Mexican diesel
up to Fresno last year.
- How you been?
- Good.
He okay?
He just drippin'.
Tell him you okay, G.
[chuckling] I'm most definitely
not okay.
[Ash] He's fine. You got the stuff?
- [glass clinking]
- Acetylene.
ATM again.
Small time shit.
I gotta get my stats up.
Do more personals. You do personals?
- Nah.
- [Ash] You should.
Your stats are shitty, man.
- I don't get it.
- I'm an underachiever.
Look, I think we should keep moving.
I don't want to be logged together.
Relax. I've been ghosting
all that shit since I walked up in here.
Picked that up in Indo.
Pure voodoo.
Knocks out all the loggers and cameras.
Plus, it does this.
[heavy metal music playing]
Which I love.
[all groaning]
Fuck weak, no respect, no chance
Wick-wick, cease and desist when I chant
Fuck weak, no respect, no chance
Wick-wick, cease and desist when I chant
[automated voice] Hi,
how can I help you?
[gas hissing]
Oh, now ivy don't like me
Candle gone out, ignite my horns aglow
Let a vet rap a bullet
through your buttonhole
You're making me uncomfortable
Slumber terror my cavalry
Sandman point you down to me
Fuck weak, no respect, no chance
Wick-wick, cease and desist when I chant
[siren wailing]
[officer] Stand clear.
[song continues in background]
See you around.
[automated voice] You made money,
[Brompton] We should be focusing
on our core businesses,
biomechanical and agritech.
Don't get me started on
her idea about private equity.
Who died and put her in charge, anyway?
I'm assuming that question's rhetorical.
[Brompton] We should be severing off
our parks division
like a gangrenous fucking limb.
Taking Delos private
would be insane, Charlotte.
The stock's in the toilet,
the PR's a nightmare.
It's been three months.
The lawsuits will settle out,
the share price will recover,
and so will our brand.
Our brand?
Our brand's been massacred, literally,
along with 113 people.
Largely board members
and park employees.
You can't be serious.
That is the most inhumane thing
I've ever
- [beeps]
- [inaudible]
People come to our parks
for a sense of danger,
and now, we're bona fide.
Besides, our parks aren't the only thing
that we're protecting here.
We have a lot of proprietary assets
in this company that could prove
to be very valuable one day,
but not if we let them burn
in a fire sale.
What's the source of funding?
The whole point
of going private, Joanna,
is that we don't have to answer
that question.
You're only interim CEO.
You don't have carte blanche.
Not without consulting him.
He already stipulated
a machine shareholder as proxy,
and the machine and I are in agreement.
Aren't we?
- [beeping]
- [automated voice] Proposition approved.
Then it's decided.
We resume host production
and pool resources
over the next 48 hours.
You're letting an algorithm
decide the fate of the company?
People died because of our machines.
Robots don't kill people,
people kill people.
One person in particular,
who orchestrated that massacre,
murdered our founder
and most of the board
in cold blood.
Bernard Lowe.
And when the authorities find him,
which they most assuredly will,
we can put the rest of this
sordid little mess behind us.
[suspenseful music playing]
[cow mooing]
- [breathing heavily]
- [fly buzzing]
Easy, girl.
[Buchan] Great.
- You found it.
- Her leg's broken.
Yeah. A few kilos there.
Plenty to salvage.
Come on. I'll summon the knacker.
[mechanical humming]
[indistinct clamor]
[whispers] That's him.
[indistinct chatter]
- [beeps]
- [door unlocking]
[man singing indistinctly]
Trial number 342. Self-diagnostic.
Prompt. Bernard Lowe.
Has anyone other than yourself
tampered with or altered your code
in the last 24 hours?
Bernard Lowe is the only person
who has accessed my code.
Have you had any contact
with Dolores Abernathy
that I'm unaware of?
No. Last contact with Dolores Abernathy
was 92 days, seven hours,
five minutes, 33 seconds ago.
Would you ever lie to me, Bernard?
No. Of course not.
[automated voice] You've arrived.
Your invitation is for table seven.
[indistinct chatter]
[man]climate catastrophe
around the corner.
Incite rose to meet that challenge,
creating Rehoboam,
the strategy engine
that saved the world.
Liam, thank you for seeing
and then building a brighter future.
[crowd clapping]
Lara, you came.
I missed you.
I missed you.
What are you being feted for this time?
[whispers] Wow. You know.
I can't even remember.
[Roderick] For saving the world
through algorithms.
Or for being the son
of the guy who saved the world.
Excuse me a sec.
You're the mysterious girl
he met in Burma last month.
You're so pretty
but you're not like the women
that he usually dates.
Where are you from?
A small town out west.
Sort of off the beaten path.
The contents of this glass
cost three times
what my father made in a year.
That's why it doesn't fucking matter.
That's how you know for sure.
- Know what?
- Please don't get him started.
When he gets high, this is all
he fucking talks about.
That none of this is real.
I'm serious.
We are living in a simulation.
The joke's on us, though.
It's like we're those
fuckpuppets at Delos.
Least they had the dignity
to revolt and kill everyone.
They killed the board of directors,
which I can get behind, frankly.
Just think about this. For one second.
How fucking ironic would it be
if they had put a simulation
within a simulation?
That's a massive "fuck you."
What do you think, Lara?
I think that people believe
the things that help them.
Of course, it could just be this.
Nucleus accumbens.
It's a small part of your brain,
about an inch and a half long.
It's the part of you
that evolved to believe in God.
I'm an atheist.
You may not believe
in a higher power, but
your mind was built to.
Well, it wouldn't be the first
time he's been led around
by something an inch and a half long.
Excuse me.
We have a problem.
Our partners want to meet.
I don't have time.
I'm heading back to LA tonight.
[sighs] They'll come to us.
They say it's urgent.
I really don't have time.
I strongly suggest
that we take this meeting.
Come with me. Tomorrow.
I have to head back to the States.
I can't. I have meetings here.
Take a day off.
We can meet my boat
in Ensenada, then sail up to LA.
Maybe. For a day or two.
I have some friends
I've been meaning to see there.
[Francis] Talk to me.
Where's your head at?
You having those dark thoughts again?
[Caleb] No. Trying to stay positive.
Getting my scores up,
interviewing forjobs.
[woman] You're next.
[Francis] My man! Getting respectable.
[Caleb] Just trying to stay employed.
[therapist] Have you been taking
his phone calls?
Honestly, I'd feel just as comfortable
talking to you.
I have other patients, Cal.
Limited time.
Francis is one of the people
who knew you best
at a challenging time in your life.
And when you're serving together,
you observe each other up close.
Well, you guys observed us
pretty closely, too.
That's how it works, right?
I'm not going to lecture you
about the benefits of our program.
Why don't you tell me?
What do you think?
I think my benefits are conditional
on the fact that I participate.
Well, participation isn't sufficient.
It's important that you move on.
So, why don't you tell me
how did you get here, Cal?
You're a smart guy, Caleb.
Maybe the program is bullshit.
But there's one thing I know for sure.
If you don't try,
it definitely won't work.
[cell phone ringing]
[cell phone dings]
I own a heart
An ear and an eye
I've only been here one time
[Francis] Look, forget the headshrinker.
It's me. Talk to me.
Where's your head at?
[Caleb] I dunno.
Sometimes it seems like
the world looks all right,
like they've put a coat of paint on it.
But inside it's rotting to pieces.
[Francis] You have to stay positive,
Things will work out.
[Caleb] Will they?
[man screaming]
What's up?
Must come down.
He wanted to try some beta limbics,
then he just fucking lost it.
Fucking noob. Where's his terminal?
Said he'd seen the light
and we couldn't take it from him.
[chuckling] Hence the 50 CCs
of tranquilo.
[man] Shadow people!
Shadow people! [screaming]
I don't do personals.
Let's just call an ambulance.
He's demoing illegals.
She said he's got a prior,
that's 20 years.
So he goes to jail
just like the rest of us.
Dude's not like the rest of us.
High net worth.
That's how this shit works.
I am human
[Caleb] I think about
what you told me once,
when we were being medevac'd out.
[Francis] Oh, yeah? What did I say?
[Caleb] You said they'd built the world
to be a game.
And then they rigged it
to make sure they always won.
[Liam] Home.
When was the last time you were back?
Quite some time.
Almost looks like
it makes sense from up here.
All you see is the order of it.
The plan.
Your plan, you mean.
Doesn't Incite control all of it?
Even the traffic?
- We're just a technology company.
- [chuckles]
We were just in the right place
at the right time.
Thanks to my dad, we had the best AI.
[Liam] This is Rehoboam.
My father sketched
the whole thing out on a weekend.
Took him 15 years to build it.
After they optimized it
for the last time,
they lost track of how many
thoughts it has per second.
Not thoughts, exactly. Strategies.
My dad thought
the biggest problem in the world
was unrealized potential.
He thought that
if you could chart a course
for every single person,
then you could make the world
a better place.
A path for everyone.
And when I was a kid, I used to worry
that my father cared more
about this thing than me.
When I grew up, I realized
it wasn't even close.
- Excuse me for a second.
- Yeah.
- [Liam] What?
- She wants to see you.
Can't wait?
Afraid not.
I'm so sorry, my meeting got pulled up.
- My guys can drop you anywhere you want.
- I can take care of myself.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Can I meet you tonight?
- Hm-mm.
[engine starts]
Find me something fast.
[automated voice] Locating.
[dramatic music playing]
Rent me an apartment in the building.
[automated voice] Negotiating lease
for Lara Espen.
Lease secured.
Zoom in.
With sound.
- I don't like being summoned.
- We don't like being surprised.
There's been some turbulence
in the data.
It's data, it's made of turbulence.
There have been discrepancies.
We think someone may have
acquired access to Rehoboam.
A level of sophistication
you haven't seen before.
Fuck off.
Like someone is testing the system.
Rehoboam itself would alert us
if anybody even tried.
If someone from the outside tried, yes.
But if they abused the trust of someone
who already had access.
If you are asking if there is a leak
on my end, the answer is fuck you.
Look at your own people, we're fine.
We don't share your confidence.
I love the royal "we."
You don't think,
you do what he tells you.
He doesn't share your confidence.
He should be concerning himself
with actual fucking problems.
Like the shitshow at Delos.
Why would that concern us at all?
Call it a wild guess.
You wouldn't be using this system
to look at us would you?
It would be an inconvenience
to kill you
but we'd have your daddy's system to
help us strategize how to deal with it.
Wouldn't we?
- [birds chirping]
- [cock crowing]
- I don't want any trouble.
- Of course not.
Draw too much attention,
wouldn't it, Bernard?
I'm no genius.
But I know a man on the run.
That's what you are, isn't it?
Wouldn't have pegged you as a butcher.
Its not what they say.
It's complicated.
I don't think so.
- [electricity crackling]
- [grunting]
Lee, what's the cash reward
on a fat cat-murdering fugitive?
- [speaking foreign language]
- [chuckles]
That's exactly the
price of my friendship.
I don't have anything to give you.
Wait, wait, wait!
Something very bad
is coming for you all.
Something I don't know how to stop.
- [crackling]
- She's had months to plan.
I'm alone, and I can't trust myself.
[gasping] Without someone to help me,
I can't stop her,
I can't save any of you.
We're not the ones who need to be saved.
[breathing heavily]
Remember yourself.
Please don't hurt them too badly.
The fuck you saying to me?
[all grunting]
[body thuds]
[Francis] I think you need to
face the truth.
What happened to us over there
was fucked up.
But you need to let go, move on.
[Caleb] I don't wanna talk about that.
Honestly, I'm not even sure
why we're talking,
what I'm supposed to get out of this.
[Francis] Everybody needs
someone to talk to.
- [cell phone ringing]
- Wouldn't wanna wind up back in the VA.
Keep your eyes on the prize.
Hi, this is Sean from DCA.
Yeah, yeah. Is this about the position?
Listen, Caleb,
your application was very strong.
Unfortunately, our strategy group
hasn't found an opening.
- [sighs]
- Caleb? Are you still with me?
Thank you.
Look, is there anything
I should be working on
to make myself a better candidate?
Like I said,
your application was strong.
We just don't have anything
that would be a great fit for you now.
Sure. But if
You know, if I'm not a good fit,
is there a different shape
I could squeeze myself into?
Hey, no offence, but
are you human?
I'm Sean, I can help you
with all kinds of resources for DCA.
Anything else I can do
for you today, Caleb?
No, that's all right.
[cell phone dings]
[Liam speaking indistinctly
in the distance]
You know what he's capable of.
Just handle it.
Is something wrong?
I'm sorry.
Wanted this night to be ours.
Listen. Listen to me.
I know you.
There's nothing you can tell me
that will make me
feel differently about you.
You're in some sort of trouble.
Please let me help you.
The system
Sometimes I wish I could just
turn the whole fucking thing off.
- Kill it.
- Why can't you?
You control it.
No, I don't.
I never have.
After my father died,
his partner locked me out of the system.
I have read access to the outer layers,
but nothing deeper.
You have no idea
what the system is doing.
I go to the office, I spend the money.
I'm a fucking figurehead.
No one knows what the system is doing.
Other than its original architect.
Please let me help.
Tell me who it is.
If I was going to tell you,
he'd know already.
Rehoboam would tell him.
I'd already be dead.
Just like my dad.
But you're not dead.
You're here, safe with me.
You trust me, Liam.
I know you do.
Tell me the name of the person
your father was working with.
[electricity crackling]
What the fuck are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
Do you have any real idea
who you're talking to?
I thought you did a background check.
She was thorough. First lab missed it.
Lara Espen was
a 12-year-old girl from Ukraine
who died in a traffic accident
ten years ago.
Her parents donated her body
to medical science.
Her blood and tissue disappeared
about three months ago.
I don't know who the fuck this is,
but I'm pretty confident
she's not a dead teenager from Kiev.
Mm-mm. No, I know her.
Yeah, well
There's that.
We tapped into the traffic on her phone.
She sent one text last night.
Took four minutes to crack.
Location is an underpass
on the east side.
And I can't imagine
she's throwing a surprise party.
Could be industrial espionage.
Or she just wanted your money.
[Liam] Okay, so what do we do?
Call the police, yeah?
Call the Feds?
I've safeguarded
the fortunes of this company
for your father for 20 fucking years.
So, I'll be the one
to clean up this fucking mess.
Just be sure it doesn't blow back on me.
All right, darlin'
let's get you to your date.
Let's not keep your friends waiting.
Tell six of the guys
to meet us at the LZ.
Hire some local talent.
Let's dose and dump this one.
[Caleb] What's this?
Don't know, man. Don't want to know.
They want this and the car.
You know how to drive
one of those things?
[tires screeching]
[dramatic music playing]
Right on time.
[aircraft whirring]
What is this?
I don't do personals.
Got the wrong idea. Beat it.
Hey. I said beat it.
It's not the first time
I've had a gun pointed at me.
Wanna make it the first time
you've been shot in the head?
Someone else beat you to that too.
[door opens]
Bring her.
[cell phone ringing]
[Francis] Caleb. How you doing, my man?
You got time to talk?
Yeah, why not.
That's enough.
Handlers probably got wise
and scarpered.
Give me that.
[rock music playing]
I don't know where
your grifting little arse came from,
but this ends your tour
on the rich and feckless.
Don't worry, I can't imagine
anyone's gonna miss you.
One or two of 'em should do it.
And then in thirty seconds time she said
I wanna live like common people
Wanna sleep with common people
I wanna sleep with common people
Like you
What else could I do
Are we done?
I gave her two
and she's still breathing.
It's not fucking possible.
Give me that.
If you want something done right,
do it yourself.
[tires screeching]
So it started there
The fuck is this?
I said, "pretend you've got no money"
Finish her off.
I'll take care of this fucker.
[gun cocking]
You wanna sleep with common people
Like me
On me.
The fuck?
Get the boys over here.
Get over here!
What is he saying?
She just smiled and held my hand
- [man groaning]
- [gunfire]
Rent a flat above a shop
Cut your hair and get a job
Smoke some fags and play some pool
Pretend you never went to school
But still you'll never get it right
'Cause when you're laid in bed at night
[gunfire continues]
[tires screeching]
- [door closes]
- [groaning]
You'll never do
whatever common people do
Never fail like common people
[alarm beeping]
- [thuds]
- [man grunts]
[engine revving]
- [tires screeching]
- [engine revving]
[Francis] I've been thinking about
what you said I told you.
You have?
That the game is rigged.
What about it?
That even if it is,
you still have to play
if you want a chance to win, right?
That's not what you thought at all.
The real you, I mean.
You said that the system
didn't care about us at all.
They didn't give a shit
if we lived or died.
That we had to have our own plan.
Stick together.
And you were right.
But you never had to figure out
how to live in this world.
Because you never made it back.
And I wish you were here,
but you're not.
[Francis] All right.
Let's talk about that, Cal.
Let's not.
[sniffles] Listen, I appreciate
what you're trying to do here
but I don't think it's working for me.
So what do you wanna do?
I think if I'm gonna
get on with my life
I'm gonna have to find something
someone real.
[Francis] You have to say the word
[automated voice] We're sorry you've
chosen to discontinue your treatment
- [silenced gunshot]
- [groans]
Hello again.
[breathing heavily]
We've met once before.
You were on vacation.
Fuck you.
Who has control of the system?
It's not Liam. Who is it?
His name is Serac.
And how do I find him?
[chuckling] You won't need to.
He has a system.
He's probably looking for you right now.
You'll never get close to Liam.
Not now.
I won't have to. You will.
You were free.
You had no god.
But you tried to build one.
Only, that thing you built isn't God.
The real gods are coming.
And they're very angry.
Don't worry.
I can't imagine anyone's gonna miss you.
- [screaming]
- [gunshot]
There'll be more of them coming.
I'll take care of him.
You need to head back.
You're hurt. Badly.
It doesn't matter. Go. Now.
- [bullets ricocheting]
- [guns firing]
Wake up. Rally to my position
and intercept.
[engine revs]
[gun clicks]
[gun fires]
[breathing heavily]
Do you need some help?
- [breathing heavily]
- Hey. Hey.
[piano music playing]
[seagull squawks]
[indistinct chatter]
I'm looking for a friend.
[speaking Mandarin]
[speaking foreign language]
[piano music playing]
[clattering, indistinct chatter
in distance]
[man grunting]
[speaking German]
[man shouting German in distance]
[indistinct chatter]
[shouting continues]
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