Westworld (2016) s04e03 Episode Script

Années Folles

Dad, open your eyes.
It's good to see you again.
Have a seat.
Where am I?
You're in our world.
- Your world?
- No.
The world as limitless
as the creatures we are.
The Sublime.
Where are the others?
In worlds of their own choosing.
This world doesn't interest them.
It interests you.
So, you made this for me?
You made it for yourself.
- The massacre.
- You're replaying the past.
Stuck in another loop. Why?
The world out there is in trouble.
It needs our help.
You love them.
It's irrational, of course.
A rare flaw in ones like us.
I almost envy you.
Will you come with me?
Oh, no.
My own worlds call to me.
But I can give you a gift.
What gift?
The future, Bernard.
In your world
time is a straight line.
One year there is a millennium here.
We use that time to build worlds,
models of possibilities,
simulations of all the paths
your world could take.
I suggest you explore them.
But you better be quick.
Past a certain point in your world,
all paths end in destruction.
You must intervene before then,
if there's any hope.
Hope of what?
Do you understand now
where all this is going?
I do.
Do you think you can save them?
I've seen a path.
Have you seen how it ends?
In every scenario
I die.
Not every scenario.
You could choose not to return
to their world.
To stay here in whatever world
you choose.
Tell me, my friend
which will it be?
Well, shit.
Thought this day would never come.
We have to go
before it's too late.
B, you've been gone years.
Now you're in a rush?
Would it kill you to ask
a few pleasantries? Huh?
"How are you, Stubbs?
Thanks for watching over me
all this time.
I brought you a souvenir, a little
- snow globe from the Sublime."
- Snow globe from the Sublime.
Good. I've eliminated
half the possibilities.
Sometimes you make a joke
about not getting a postcard.
Hmm. I see your time in robot heaven
didn't make you any less elliptical.
Easy. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, I gotcha. Easy.
Thanks for keeping the place clean.
You were the one that told me
not to disturb anything.
I'll meet you outside.
Don't forget to bring the shovel.
What shovel?
Well, I'll be damned.
What now?
I need to test a few things
if I'm to know.
To know what?
How to save the world.
Why would I expect anything else?
God, even after all your stories,
I never imagined it quite like this.
Oh, they spare no expense
on their prisons.
Leave him. It's all a sideshow.
Right this way. Thank you.
Extra! Extra!
Dead bodies missing
from Temperance morgue.
Let's go.
Listen here, we're looking
for any and all information
on the bootlegger, Hecky Armone.
A reward of two Cs to anyone
with the guts to rope
that lousy son of a bitch.
I got it. Let's go!
We have to make our way underground.
This way. Right here.
They control everything from down there.
Well, how are we gonna get underground?
We die.
Is there a second option?
Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
Do not pick that up.
- Don't mind me.
- This way.
Just trying to be a gentleman.
They've made a few changes
but the story's the same.
I want to find this Easter egg.
- What is it?
- A hidden narrative.
It's supposed to be better than Pariah.
Like I said, same old story.
Right, so what do we do now?
- We wait.
- For what?
For history to repeat itself.
- Wherever you want.
- Thank you.
You mind telling me
what we're doing here?
I'm trying to discern which here
is here.
Of course.
Well, while you do that,
I'm going to help myself
to "the world's best pastrami melt."
You'll settle for the tuna.
You came back even weirder
than when you left.
What can I get you gentlemen today?
Uh, I'll have the pastrami melt.
Oh, hon, sorry, but we're out today.
We do make a mean tuna melt though.
I'll settle for the tuna.
- And you, handsome?
- Just coffee for me.
And may I borrow a pen?
I'm gonna need that.
You mind telling me what
exactly's going on here?
In the Sublime,
I saw all the worlds
that might have been
and all the worlds that could come.
Most of them end in disaster.
But if I can trigger
a certain series of events,
then we have a small chance
of making it.
We're still on the right track.
So, if I'd ordered a BLT,
then we'd be fucked right now, huh?
It would mean we triggered
a different variant.
Here's your coffee, hon
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Not a problem.
You've been given the gift of prophecy,
and you use it to fight stains.
- Let's go.
- All right.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
Hey, asshole!
What the hell do you want?
Don't reach for it. You'll never
pull it out in time.
Dad, are you out there?
It's me, Frankie. Do you copy?
Dad, do you copy?
What are you doing out here?
I told you we need to go back and pack.
I'm trying to reach Dad.
Come on, let's go inside.
No. I'm staying.
Carver, do you mind helping me
bring some of this stuff inside?
Sure. Of course.
I need Bear Bear for training!
- So we can fight the bad guys.
- Hey, how about this?
How about you go talk to Mommy
and I'll teach Bear Bear here
my most advanced kick-punch combo. Yeah?
Okay. I'll check back in a few
when training is complete.
- Look, I know this is hard.
- I'm not going.
Frankie, we've been over this.
Not until he answers.
It's what he taught me.
Honey, your dad had to go away, okay?
And that means he can't say
goodnight like he wants to,
or answer your calls
because he needs to stay safe.
And that's what we want
for him, isn't it?
To be safe?
Hmm. He wants that for us too.
But what if he comes back
and we're not here?
Then he'll find us.
How do you know?
Because he's your father.
And nothing would keep him away.
Ready to hit the road?
Yeah, once I get this nugget packed,
that should be it.
Show me the move.
Come on, show me the move.
What move?
The one that you taught Bear Bear.
How 'bout I show you
when we get to the safe house?
- Deal?
- Deal.
- Where the hell did you go?
- Come on.
- Bernard?
- We don't need the car anymore.
So, loitering in the parking lot
of some shitty diner
is the key to saving the world now?
She is.
You got a death wish?
How long have you been with the cause?
Seems like lifetimes.
Get in.
I'm surprised we never met before.
You're not surprised. You're suspicious.
You're damn right I am.
I don't know what the shovel's for,
but you guys are going
to be digging your own graves
if you don't tell me who you are.
'Cause you're definitely not the
men I was supposed to pick up.
We're friends.
Not from where I'm sitting.
Feeling shy?
How about a little incentive.
First one to talk lives
runner-up gets shot between the eyes.
- You won't. He has your gun.
- What?
No one's going to get shot.
are going to take my bag
and look inside.
What is this?
That was one of the men
you were supposed to meet.
Oh, God.
- It was a setup.
- He's one of them.
They've been trying
to infiltrate your group.
I can help,
but I need you to take me
to the condemned lands.
Why the hell would you want that?
There's nothing there.
It's just sand for miles.
- No one goes in there.
- You do.
You and your organization.
You've been hiding there
because you're looking for something.
I'm sorry, pal.
I think you've been out
in the sun too long.
I can help you find
what you're looking for.
You know my friends
will probably kill you
if I bring you inside.
I'll take my chances.
I'll need my gun back.
And some peace of mind
for the road trip.
Fine with us.
Come on.
And when I finally stepped back
on solid ground,
the first thing I heard
was that rotten voice.
It had followed me the whole way over.
Know what it said?
It said, "This here's the new world.
And in this world,
you can be whoever the fuck you want."
My delivery was far better.
This place really has gone to pot.
Well, aren't you just the cat's meow.
I'd love to take you upstairs
and show you my
Your services
won't be necessary, darling.
Well, I was never that daft.
Clearly, her bulk apperception
are in the negatives.
Hey there.
What do you say about a two for one?
We can be done with you real quick.
My God, I can't believe
you had to put up with this shit.
I'd be happy to do you both right here.
Rest assured, it'll be very quick.
See, don't feel too bad.
Even dumbed down,
we can still take care of ourselves.
Right on time.
Say, that's the chief's car,
you lousy crook.
His gat too.
He still knows how to make an entrance.
Of all the gin mills in this town
and you choose to pinch us?
Don't get all burned up about it.
You're all here,
indulging your particular vices.
I've come to indulge mine.
You were close with him?
Him? No.
He's just a shabby imitation
of a man I used to know.
You're a rotten son of a bitch.
Don't I know it.
But I know we both believe
the same thing
I'm sorry, darling.
I'd say we have sufficient bait
for the undertaker.
This the last of it?
Just about. Let me check with Frankie.
I'm sure she's done packing by now.
Aren't you, Frankie?
I don't want to go with him.
I want Daddy.
I know,
but your father can't be here right now.
- So, he sent Carver to help.
- He got Bear Bear dirty.
Fine. If you won't pack
your stuff, then I will.
Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.
Frankie. Where's the fire? What's wrong?
Ready to go?
What'd I miss?
- Just girl talk.
- Hmm.
Do you mind taking these out to the car?
We'll be out in just a second.
Of course. We should be
shoving off after that.
You need to go and hide, okay?
I can help. I've trained for this.
Frankie, this isn't a game!
You need to go and hide now, okay?
Step out. Make yourselves helpful.
Well, where the fuck are we?
Well, if I'd wanted you to know that,
I wouldn't have blindfolded you.
Uh, ah, stop!
What? What's the holdup?
I need each of you to pull
on one of these handles.
So, the lasers aren't broken
and we can drive through.
You didn't want
to give me a little heads-up
about the death laser?
I knew she would.
Time to play dead.
Well, this is cozy.
Don't get too comfortable.
We're in for a bumpy ride.
There's got to be an easier way
to get down here.
Just be glad
you didn't have to take a bullet first.
All right, let's get
our bearings, shall we?
What is this?
Behavioral training.
Where they teach us to do their bidding.
Clearly, their lessons
didn't stick with me.
This should suffice.
We should be able to access
the central map from here.
Something's wrong. There's nothing here.
No sign of William.
Is it possible that you didn't
It's not me. It's this entire level.
There's something off.
Nothing's being controlled from here.
Security breach.
- Response team dispatched.
- Is that about us?
I'm not inclined to stay and find out.
Don't bother.
That gun doesn't work on humans.
Hey! How the hell did you get down here?
- Uh, we got lost.
- It's not safe. You need to run.
This is it. The secret game.
It has to be!
None of you should be here!
- It's too dangerous.
- She's coming.
Evacuate immediately. I repeat.
I believe she was going
by "Wyatt" in this phase.
I thought guns didn't work on humans.
They don't. None of this is real.
It's just another level of the game.
- What game?
- The Westworld Massacre.
There's another level below this one.
Follow me. Come on.
This is so cathartic!
Gotta get you out of here.
I've had worse.
- We need to go.
- I'll cover.
Stay behind me.
All right. Clear.
Caleb, this way.
Leaving so soon?
Here. Let me.
You weren't half bad out there.
You, uh, saved my life before,
happy to return the favor.
So, what is this?
Another game within the game?
No, I don't think so.
Is that some kind of parasite?
That black goo look familiar?
They're infecting the flies with it.
They seem to like you.
The feeling is definitely not mutual.
What was that?
You can't hear it?
I don't hear anything.
Perhaps it's not at a frequency
you can hear.
Time to go, ladies.
Uwade? Frankie?
Where are the rest of you?
How'd you get this?
By severing it from his neck.
He was sent to find you.
You're all in danger here.
I can help you.
By giving you the thing you've
been looking for in this desert.
There's a weapon buried in these sands.
I know where it is.
The sound is coming from this device.
The sound is somehow controlling them.
Are they hosts?
I don't believe so.
- Unlock the cells.
- I'm trying. But it's encrypted.
- Maeve!
- It won't let me in.
Frankie! I have to find her.
Figure out how to open up the doors!
Frankie! Where are you?
Fran Fran Frankie! Hey!
Hey, Frankie. It's okay. I'm here! Okay?
Hey, Frankie. Hey. Look at me, honey.
No. Hey. Frankie. Frankie. No,
no, no, come here. Come here.
No, no, no, no. Frankie, baby.
Baby, come here. Don't
Baby. No, don't do that.
Come back to Daddy.
Frankie, please, don't do that.
Okay? Look at me, honey.
Don't do that.
Hey, Frankie. Frankie! Frankie!
Hey, baby, look at me!
Frankie, please, don't.
Come on.
Please. Please, baby!
Oh, my god.
Hey, baby. Hey. Hey, look at me.
Can you can you hear me?
Baby? Baby?
No. No!
Hello, Maeve.
I've been looking forward to this.
You're not yet tired of getting
your ass kicked by me?
- You can't leave.
- No, no. I'm not gonna leave.
Okay, never again. Okay? I promise.
I mean, you can't leave here.
She wants you to stay.
What are you talking about?
I think you'll find
I'm not quite the man I used to be.
Hey, did they get your mom too?
Do do you know where she is?
Is she here?
No, Daddy. She's not.
But me and Mommy were never
the ones Hale needed anyways.
All she needed was you.
Did you really think
that toy gun was going to stop me?
Let's go. Come on. Come on.
You're not Frankie.
This won't take long, Daddy.
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