What/If (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

What Remains

1 Life is economics.
A natural system of profit and loss.
Wholly reliant on perpetual storm to sustain itself.
Violent gales of creative destruction ceaselessly clearing paths for something new.
The only true choice we have is to weather the storm or to welcome it.
I always strive for the latter.
Because there can be no creation without destruction.
No beginning without end.
This is the end.
Sean? Sean? I'm leaving.
Please let Castro out before you go.
Wait, where are you going? To drop off the ledgers.
No, Lisa, I'm not letting you anywhere near that guy.
No way, I'll do it.
Well, you can't.
He rented a storage space in my name.
They won't give you access.
Then I'm going with you.
I'm not your problem anymore, Sean.
It's not your job to protect me.
But it is your job to stay out of harm's way.
Too many people are counting on your success to risk your life.
That ship may have already sailed.
Besides, if Liam wanted to hurt me, he wouldn't have picked a public place.
That sure didn't stop him where Cassidy was concerned.
He knows we're not the ones who betrayed him.
I'm not taking no for an answer.
Wait for you downstairs.
Come on, Castro.
Who are you? Who do you think I am? You're her.
It hurts doesn't it? Don't take your aunt's behavior as anything other than the cancer running its final play.
There may be flashes of lucidity, but she's definitely entered the end stage of the disease.
So how much longer? Days, maybe less.
All we can do now is keep her as comfortable as possible.
Well, then your service is no longer required.
I'll be moving her out this afternoon.
I'm afraid I can't advise that.
I wasn't paying you to advise me, I was paying you to keep her alive.
If that woman's going to die she deserves to do it at home.
But I promise forever About that time.
Unless Todd's too big of a pussy to make the trek.
Wouldn't that be a belly laugh? I'd never mistreat you 'Cuz when I am with you Now, how do you expect me to cut this without a knife? Top drawer, left of the sink.
My father always said my mother couldn't cook a steak for shit.
Add it to the list of her incompetencies, but this one doesn't look too bad.
I'd think twice about that.
Do you really think you have it in you to take a man's life? That goes against everything you are and that sacred oath you took.
Take your best shot.
I know you inside and out, Ang.
It's better if you don't forget that.
Look, Ian, I know you too, Ian.
I've seen how powerful you are.
But I've also seen you be kind, merciful.
What you see in a man and what he actually is can be two very different things.
Hell, you married a prime example.
Sit down.
I shot my first deer about 500 yards from this cabin.
I wounded it.
My father ordered me to shoot it in the head.
But my balls hadn't dropped yet.
So he took the gun away and he had me stand there and watch it suffer bleed to death.
That night he had me sleep in the woods next to its corpse in a pool of blood.
At sunrise he showed me how to butcher it.
Turns out the deer I killed was a doe pregnant with a spring fawn.
Couldn't be more than a week I am so sorry, Ian.
That's awful.
That's mercy.
I'll just get you some more water.
So, what else did your father teach you out here, Ian? Plenty.
If the records Anne kept were the only leverage she had what do you think happens to her now? Anne's gonna have to live with her choices.
Same as all of us.
Have you spoken to any of the defense attorneys Marcos recommended? There's no need to.
I'm pleading guilty.
Do you even know what they're planning on charging you with? I'm going in front of the judge this afternoon, so I'll know soon enough.
I can't believe this is happening.
That's because you never did a single thing to deserve it.
Thanks for waiting.
You're not riding back? I think I'll walk a while.
- Lisa, I - No.
No more apologies.
No matter what you say now, I don't think I'll ever understand why you had to lie to me.
Not about what you did but about who you really are.
There isn't anything left in my heart to forgive you with, Sean.
It's been broken too many times.
Goodbye, Sean.
Hello, Gage.
Where are we on the collective bid for Emigen? One point four billion, baby, but that's just for starters.
I think I can get them up to at least another Cut it off now.
I want contracts signed today.
Aye, aye, Cruella.
Going on a trip? We both are.
Excuse me? Long time ago, you asked me to prepare a contingency plan in case your circumstances here became untenable.
I put it into effect.
Because my circumstances are feeling remarkably tenable.
I let the boy take the ledgers.
To protect the girl.
And now it's my job to protect you.
And the only thing to be done with an enemy like Liam, and those who follow if I take him out, is to disappear.
But what does one do with an enemy like this? An enemy inside my own house.
I'm far from your enemy, Anne.
I've devoted my life in service of you.
But I never agreed to help you victimize two innocent people at random.
Sean is not innocent.
And Lisa is no more random than you were when I chose you.
You chose me because you knew I'd be loyal to you for suffering the same pain my daughter endured at the hands of the very same man who violated you.
Same man, yes.
- Different pain.
- That's right.
My daughter's pain was so severe, she ended her life.
There's more than one way to end a life, Foster.
I simply forged a new one to replace the girl that man destroyed.
A new person born out of the strength I gained from enduring his lesson rather than succumbing to it.
With the funds I received from giving away the child he put inside me.
Lisa? You did this to your own daughter? And now she's poised to become every bit as strong as I am.
More so if those stolen ledgers are any indications.
You think what you did to her made her stronger? That girl is shattered.
Only for the time being.
Do you have any idea what I would do for a second chance with my daughter? You had that chance.
And you chose to use it to deploy some toxic lesson in resilience? If you had the courage to teach your own daughter this type of lesson, perhaps she'd still be here.
You failed me, Foster.
Just like you failed her.
Fuck you, Anne.
We're done here.
You know the way out.
- It's a miracle.
- No, it's not a miracle.
It's a fully explicable series of medical events.
Does this seem like a moment that calls for pedantry? It's not pedantry to extinguish anti-scientific sparks before they start a fire.
Could someone please tell me what's going on? I told you she was strong.
Is she ? Sleeping.
But you were able to talk to her? Talk at her at least.
If you told me a month ago that I'd give anything to hear her voice again I'd have thought you were insane.
- Did you tell her what happened? - I did.
She's worried about you.
This is everything she wrote down.
E equals MC squared.
She just kept writing it.
I guess it's normal for patients with traumatic brain injury to repeat themselves.
What were you talking about before she wrote it? That Anne double-crossed you and planned to sell the company.
Why? Does it mean something to you? Did you not get the grant? Does it look like I got the grant? Yes! I'm glad the demise of my scientific pipe dream makes your day.
Fuck academia if they don't believe in you.
I believe in you.
And we don't need them.
We just need to get you far along enough to put you in front of these investors.
Do you really think it's possible? Lisa, does the science behind your idea work? - It will.
I know it will.
- Then it's 100 percent possible.
There's only one thing standing in the way of your plan to heal the world.
Oh, my God.
Even in a coma, this woman is a flat-out genius.
Why? What does it mean? It means we haven't lost yet.
Hello, Lisa.
Hello, Anne.
We should talk.
Yes, the sooner you get here the better.
It's my understanding that my life has been put in danger.
I'm not coming to your place.
You're coming to mine.
What do you think could be keeping that man boy of yours? You can't just murder two people in cold blood and get away with it.
Oh, no, I'm not gonna kill you, babe.
No, you, me, and the baby will be very happy up here once I break you of that stubborn streak.
I'm looking forward to molding a life from day one.
Like God.
I found you, motherfucker! Come face me like a man! Here we go.
Come on in, Toddles, and join the party! Todd, he's got a gun! Not just any gun.
The same gun your husband Todd brought up here to murder the man who's been fucking his wife.
Todd! You gonna shoot an unarmed man, Chief, huh? That's how real men fight? Or was that just the bullshit of a true coward? - What would your daddy say? - The fuck do you know about my father? I know you watched him die in one of his own bear traps.
Too weak to help him out of it.
Or was that the plan all along, Chief? Couldn't take Daddy yelling at you? Knew you'd never measure up? You wanna know who measures up? Let's fuckin' go! Leave it to you to bring an axe to a gun fight.
What she ever fucking saw in you, I'll never understand.
All rise for The Honorable Randol Sassen.
Sean Donovan? Take a seat at the defense table.
Have your confession here a motion to waive trial.
Could you verify for me that these are your words and signature? It's all mine, Your Honor.
Then I assume you intend to enter a guilty plea in the aggravated assault, murder, and obstruction of justice in these crimes against the deceased, Mr.
Carl Baker? Just a moment, Judge.
Marcos Ruiz, counsel for the defendant.
- You're late.
- Apologies.
Marcos, what are you doing here? Being a good brother.
Your honor, if I may, what my client confessed to isn't murder.
It's manslaughter in defense of a third party.
- The third party who is also deceased? - Yes, Your Honor.
And therefore unable to corroborate your client's story.
Carl Baker was a convicted drug dealer facing additional weapons charges.
According to the initial investigation, there are eight witnesses who attested to seeing Mr.
Baker physically aggressive with the third party Maddie Carter on the night in question.
That testimony is significantly mitigated by the fact that your client covered up his actions for the better part of seven years.
And for that, he's willing to take full responsibility.
Given his history as a one-time hero to the Stockton community, a lack of priors, and his unprompted confession to a cold case that likely never would have been solved, we'd like to plead down to the lesser charges and put this matter to bed today.
Otherwise, we'll have no choice but to take our case to a jury.
I didn't come here to cut a deal, Marcos.
I killed someone.
God knows how many other lives I've ruined by covering it up, most of all, Lisa's.
You want my sister to start the healing process? Don't make her watch her husband throw his life away.
Lisa's done with me, Marcos.
Who do you think told me to come here? Is there something you wish to say on your own behalf, Mr.
Donovan? Angela! You came for me? Of course I did, baby.
What did you think I was gonna do? What about you? Huh? Tell me he didn't No, yes, I'm fine.
He didn't do anything to me.
Baby, you need to go to the cops.
And tell them what? Tell them that a fucking lunatic tried to kill us, and now he needs a hospital.
And then what? Huh? He'll say we tried to attack him first.
Then it'd be his word against ours.
Who do you think they'll believe, Ang? Or worse, he could die before they get here and some backwoods sheriff comes to his own conclusion.
Angela! Todd, what are you doing? You remember what his mom told us? We let him out of that trap, and he'll never stop.
- This has to end here.
- No.
I will not let Ian turn you into a murderer.
- Then we let him bleed to death.
- No.
Not when I have the skills to save him.
To do nothing is not in my DNA.
No matter how inhuman the patient.
Give me this.
Help! Fuck! Todd, grab the c-clamps from the shed.
Angela, you're gonna have less than a minute to suture the femoral artery.
There's a surgical kit in the cabinet farthest from the sink.
Come on, Angela! Fucking go! Jesus Christ, I'm running out of time! - Do you like it? - What? Being wholly dominated.
Subject to my control.
You've always been so sure that you know me better than I know myself.
Named every terrible secret I worried might be true about me.
But today, I know it was all a fucking lie.
I never wanted to be dominated, Ian.
I never wanted a vicious, arrogant coward of a man.
And that's what you are, a coward.
Desperately trying to exert your power onto other people so you don't have to face how inferior you really are.
So here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna get you out of this.
I am going to save your life, and you are gonna confess to all the terrible things that you did to me, to Todd, and all the other people that you've terrorized in the course of your pathetic existence.
That's fine.
I'll do it.
You have my word.
Show some fucking mercy! Jesus Christ! You're not just a doctor anymore, you're about to be a mother! Think like one! Did you see that? She can say all that bullshit, and at the end of the day, Angela's gonna do exactly what I tell her to.
Because deep down, she wants to.
You will never be free of me.
You will never, ever Angela, what did you do? He told me to think like a mother.
So I did.
I can only assume that by dragging me into your court you've come to a decision about my offer.
And I'm not interested in selling off my baby as cavalierly as you sold yours.
But I do have a counter proposal.
Oh? We both know that you only do things for a purpose.
You told me you're my mother.
Why? I think your purpose was to be in my life.
To know me.
So I'm offering you that chance.
Your terms? Kill the sale of Emigen, deal me back in as equal partner, and I am willing to leave everything you've done in the past and start fresh.
And the fact that you stole the only negotiating tool I have to stave off my enemies, we're to just leave that in the past, too? Liam threatened to kill me.
I only did what was necessary to convince him not to.
Surely you can appreciate that.
Now I'm the one who's squarely in the line of fire.
It was your decision to get in bed with a criminal.
You were very aware of the potential consequences.
But between the two of us we are smart enough to reclaim the upper hand.
Alone, your only real choice is to run.
Your move.
Well, I'm touched.
But I'm afraid you've misread the situation.
I offered you a business opportunity, not a return to the cradle.
And your attempts to play on my emotions are as misguided as they are mistimed.
The sale papers have already been signed.
Emigen is gone.
That's unfortunate for you.
To the contrary.
It's fortunate to the tune of 1.
4 billion dollars.
Wow, that is a lot of money for something that as of this moment has no value whatsoever.
What are you talking about? When Cassidy and I founded Emigen, we knew there was just one potential hitch.
You can't patent what already exists in nature.
We couldn't copyright the idea of a detailed map of the human immune system any more than Einstein could patent his theory of relativity.
The only real intellectual property Emigen owned is our proprietary technique.
If that technique ever leaked to an exhaustive email list of every major biomedical researcher and innovator on the planet, there would be nothing left to patent.
Nothing left for the pharmaceutical industry to kill.
It's gonna looks like you tried to swindle them out of more than a billion dollars.
A fact which Avery is informing the world of as we speak.
You're bluffing.
Leaking Emigen's technology would be wildly illegal.
Did you learn nothing at all from the consequences of Sean's crimes? I learned it's only a crime if you get caught.
Avery is using Gage Scott's IP address.
The media is going to have a field day.
Goodbye, Mother.
We need a plan.
Someone will find him eventually.
Then the cops will start searching for the gun that bullet came from.
If they go deep, they may find their way to us.
Not if they already have all the answers they need.
They're going to find a man who got caught in one of his own bear traps.
And they're going to understand that a hunter came by, saw his suffering, and decided to put him out of his misery.
And what about us? What do we do now? Now that we've done this? We love each other.
We love our son and teach him how to be a good man.
We live good lives.
We don't think about this day, this person, ever again.
We erase him.
And start over.
What happened? Sean let me plead him down to manslaughter and obstruction.
Is he going to prison? Twenty months with possibility of parole.
It could have been a lot worse.
When does his sentence start? It already has.
It was part of the conditions.
Lisa, I'm sorry.
Marcos that ring? Lionel proposed.
- I'm sorry.
I should have taken it off.
- No.
If there was ever a time I needed good news, this is it.
Thank you.
Lionel's a lucky man.
- Do you want me to stay? - No.
I want you to go home to your fiancé.
I'm gonna spend the night with Cassidy at the hospital.
Don't worry, I'm okay.
I promise.
I love you.
I love you.
It was a wild day for Emigen Molecular Sequencing, as soul investor Anne Montgomery attempted to take a sledgehammer to the fledgling biotech.
by selling it off for a massive payday to Big Pharma.
The billion-plus-dollar deal went south as Montgomery's arch rival Gage Scott unlawfully leaked Emigen's revolutionary immune mapping technique to hundreds of his competitors, thus killing Emigen's standing as exclusive beneficiary of its signature discovery.
The benefit to the world, however, may be incalculable.
Montgomery's cult of personality seems to have been laid bare as her failed cash grab has earned her a new nickname on social media: PharmaBitch.
For a woman to truly make her mark, she must be willing to reject the limitations society has always used to hold her back.
Love marriage children and above all the uninvited imposition of lesser people's moral agendas.
Stock in Montgomery Capital's wide-ranging portfolio is plummeting, as the feds will inevitably turn a regulatory eye toward ethical questions surrounding all of her public holdings.
Between a federal investigation and what is sure to be expensive litigation, it's hard to imagine much of a future for Anne Montgomery.
It seems our girl's back is pressed firmly against the wall.
Glass of Chambertin Grand Cru s'il vous plaît.
No? Nothing for me.
I was quite surprised to hear you've abdicated your duties.
Rats in sinking ships, I suppose.
And a life filled with regret.
My association with that woman will endure as my greatest.
Knowing what I know of your past, that's quite a statement.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
I suppose we'll have to see about that.
You know what it is I want.
Question is, what do you want? To exit on my terms.
Not hers.
Yet another thing we appear to have in common.
Now where is she? Mother Where am I? You're home.
I don't belong here.
I don't belong here.
Neither did I.
I can feel you in there, Becky.
The next move is yours.
I assure you, you don't want it to be mine.
I suspected you were many things when I rescued you, Foster.
Disloyal was never one of them.
Till today.
You didn't rescue me, Anne.
You exploited me.
And had I known your true nature you never would have had my loyalty to begin with.
Oh, the irony.
You could cut it with a knife.
So this is it.
The house that built the indomitable Anne Montgomery.
You'll forgive the mess.
I wasn't aware I'd be entertaining.
Do you know why I chose you, of all the clever, desperate girls I could've claimed as my own? It's because you managed to suppress your humanity so effectively, you truly believed it was gone.
A woman so insightful about others could be so blind to herself.
Failed to understand the engine powering her ruthless ambition.
A white hot core of suppressed rage, pain, desire, need.
Perhaps your plans wouldn't have failed so miserably had you not giving in to the temptation of meeting your daughter.
She's no threat to you.
She's nobody.
Nobody to me perhaps, but painfully obvious she's somebody to you.
How does it feel to discover you're human after all? You really are one for the books, aren't you? Here.
Your new passport, bank accounts, everything you'll need to start over.
You planned all this.
They'll never stop looking, and they will use your daughter to find you.
Now go, 'cause you don't have much time.
You've been shot.
Oh, God.
I'm calling an ambulance.
If you do, this all will have been for nothing.
You are my second chance.
Don't don't take that away from me.
James? James? No! No! The SEC has indicated Montgomery Capital's accounts will likely be frozen, as allegations of fraud are now surfacing, regarding several of that firm's holdings.
"At any cost" indeed.
And while Gage Scott is now facing his own legal jeopardy, his reputation is enjoying a complete makeover, from Ruthless and Silicon Valley lothario to heroic humanitarian.
That ought to make him crazy.
It couldn't have happened to a shittier pair.
I just wish it didn't come at the cost of your company.
We saved what really matters.
Emigen's technology is everywhere.
No one can kill it now.
All the more reason to rebuild.
Someone still has to refine this treatment and get it to patients, right? Right.
Why not the three of us? Okay, we're getting some breaking news right now of a building fire in Hunters Point.
The fire department has confirmed multiple bodies were found inside of the ruins.
We've also received what appears to be an audio suicide message from Anne Montgomery's Twitter account.
This is the end.
The weak among us may prefer to imagine their lives are determined by fate, by forces beyond their control.
But fate is a lie.
There's only choice, the choice to create or destroy triumph or surrender survive or perish.
I've made my final choice.
When I was a kid, my sisters and I used to play invisible man.
Whoever was it had to creep around the room, to keep the other two from seeing them.
I was the champ.
I was so good at being unseen that after a while, I forgot how to be anything else.
And it started to feel like maybe no one would ever really see me again.
Then I met Lionel.
For the first time, I understood what it meant to love and be loved, for better and worse, seeing the beauty and the flaws, seeing the worst in someone, having the faith to risk him seeing you.
I don't think I understood how invisible I had made myself until Lionel dragged me into the light.
All it took was some kicking and screaming and a little push from a good friend.
I vow to you, Lionel, I'm never going to hide again.
And I'm never going to take my eyes off of you.
My love my heart my husband.
If there are no objections, as if anyone who knows these two men would I now pronounce you married.
Oh, beautiful.
Can I steal him for a minute? The longest 60 seconds of my life, but I'll endure.
Hey, I am so incredibly happy for you.
- And thank you.
- For what? Being there for me.
I came so close to becoming someone who just expects to be lied to.
Even a scientist has to have faith in something, Marcos.
So thank you for helping me keep my faith in love.
You got the best of my love Oh-oh.
Go save him.
Oh, no.
You got the best of my love Going in and out of changes It's bad enough you two are moving away, but do you really have to take this little guy with you? Yeah, I think he's a little too young to be on his own.
Are you guys sure about this? Atlanta's about as far away from here as you can go.
Yeah, we need a fresh start.
Um - Lisa - No, I got this.
Got what? Say bye.
What is that? It's a letter from Sean.
He didn't wanna bother you with it before the wedding, but he made parole.
They're letting him out.
Tomorrow morning.
Look, if you don't wanna see him he understands, he's not expecting anything.
But if you do, he said you know where to find him.
He'll be coming straight from Stockton and he'll wait till sundown.
Do you remember the last thing I said to you? That your heart had been broken too many times to forgive me.
I don't feel that way anymore.
I'm really glad to hear that.
The thought of you trapped under all the misery I piled on us was the hardest part about being locked up.
Guess I should never underestimate how strong you really are.
In a weird way, I have to give Anne some credit for that.
If she hasn't entered our lives, I still might be living with a person I never really knew.
It may have felt great but it wasn't real.
I won't live that way ever again, Sean.
I would never ask you to.
Know what I wonder? What if we met again today for the first time? No baggage.
No secrets.
Just the two of us for the rest of our lives.
There's something I have to tell you.
Not before we've been properly introduced.
I'm Sean.
We're with Lisa Ruiz-Donovan, who's become something of a Robin Hood in the biomedical world.
Lisa, we talk a lot about disruption these days.
But your immune mapping technique rocked the medical and pharmaceutical industries like an earthquake.
I don't consider it my technique, not anymore.
Only because Gage Scott leaked your proprietary technology.
This was never about profit for me.
It was about providing the best treatment to the most patients.
Our nonprofit supports a global network of researchers working non-stop to improve Emigen's discovery and save lives.
It's a privilege to help fund and guide them.
I wouldn't give that up for a hundred for-profit companies.
Let's talk about why you no longer have a for-profit company.
You mean let's talk about Anne Montgomery.
She saved Emigen from bankruptcy.
Then she ensured its demise by making it the lynchpin of her scheme against the pharmaceutical industry.
I think our viewers would like to know how your experience with her plays into your journey.
What did you learn from Anne Montgomery? I guess you could say I learned the power of pursuing your goals.
And the consequences.
Anne Montgomery was a brilliant woman, but she was a terrible scientist.
She took a few pieces of anecdotal data and extrapolated what you might call a theory of everything.
Anne thought that if one person betrayed her, everyone would ultimately betray her.
She was a true believer.
She denied any data that disproved her beliefs.
And so, she was trapped by them.
So can we assume that you've forgiven her? That's the wrong question.
So what's the right question? You should ask if I understand her.
And do you? Pardon me, ma'am.
What can I get you to drink? I'll have a gin martini.
One olive, very dry.