What We Do in the Shadows (2019) s02e10 Episode Script

Nouveau Théâtre Des Vampires

The coffin is stuck again!
The lid is very heavy.
Are you sitting on it?
A vampire's familiar can be important.
Can be a very big help.
It feels like you are
sitting on it, Guillermo!
Guillermo is not always helpful.
He can be inconsistent and human.
Are you hiding from me?
And surprisingly sneaky.
I am about to disembark from my coffin.
There's no one to hold my hand.
He likes to test my patience sometimes.
He's like a kid.
I got out of my coffin all by myself.
He's Guillermo.
Guillermo, have you
taken another day off?
Knew I shouldn't have
given him any days off.
Shh. There's a vampire
approaching your room.
He's gone.
So, Guillermo has been gone
for a few days now, and as I predicted,
we are doing absolutely fine.
It's just so nice to have
the place to ourselves.
Nandor, did you forget to blow out
the candles before you went to bed?
Those candles are in the hallway
and not in my room, so, no,
I did not blow them out!
Now the wall is all wet!
I'm not drying that wall!
So, as I was saying,
it is just so nice to have
the house to ourselves.
You know, having a human
familiar is great,
but to rely on one, I mean
Even if they don't quit, how
long will a human familiar live?
Hundred, 200 years?
I mean, how old are you, nine 90?
- 26.
- 26?
Do you have long left, do you think?
Hello, my darling!
Who's this?
Victim, begone.
Wait, you're not gonna drink
all of my blood till I die?
Not tonight, Josephine.
It's too messy.
Easier if you just walk out.
Bloody cheek
Who is leaving all these
bodies everywhere?!
- You did that.
- Hey, hey.
What in the Sam Hill?!
Jeepers creepers, you guys need
to clean up all these human juices.
They'll dry on their own.
Ah, crud, how am I supposed
to go to work looking like this?
Can't you just change into
another of your beige suits?
Yeah, I'll just say I got in
a bus accident or something.
Damn it!
Is anyone else a little chilly?
Yeah, I'm as cold as a witch's tit,
because you let the fire burn down.
- What are you wearing?
- What are you wearing?
Guillermo used to take our
clothes out once a week
and bring them back clean,
and he's not here, so
Yeah, but where did he take them?
- The river?
- Oh, yes, that is a very good point.
We should contact the
village washerwoman.
Someone contact the village washerwoman!
I'm not doing that!
I drove him away, didn't I?
Perhaps I should've been a
bit more aloof with him.
What are you fucking talking about?
He's just a familiar.
You're right.
Fuck that guy for making me think
I need to act more aloof!
We're doing just great without him.
Everything is normal and fun.
You know, I did sense
he was getting more and
more sad recently.
I could smell it on him.
It comes from the groin.
- Ah.
- Colin Robinson,
take out your cellular
telephone and take a picture
of me having fun and then
send it to Guillermo,
so that he knows how
much I do not miss him.
Aah! Aah
I don't even have his
phone number, so
Well, look it up.
Uh, what's his last name?
Mm, Guillermo B Buillermo?
Yeah, but you assume
that's his first name.
Could be his last name.
He could be called Mickey Guillermo.
Just look up "Guillermo."
I'll do this just to show you
how dumb you are.
Yes, there are over 5,000 Guillermos
in the New York metropolitan area,
including Mickey Guillermos,
of which there are four.
Can we maybe narrow
it down a little bit?
Yes, yes, of course we can.
What else do we know about him
besides his first name being Guillermo?
Door's ringing, Laszlo.
Well, you better go and answer it.
Y-You better go and answer it.
You got to go and answer
the darn-tootin' door.
- Stop doing that!
- Stop doing what?
Come on, just go get the door.
I'm not your Mr. Belvedere now.
I'll do it then.
I wanted to do it.
Assistance, please?
Ooh, it has a hex on it.
Gizmo's probably cursed it.
- "Pull"?
- Yeah.
- Aha!
- Oh.
- Here you go.
- Begone.
Come back. You will forget
everything you have seen.
Most importantly, the way
we are both dressed.
To the fancy room again.
- Well, who is it from?
- Get it open.
It is from the Nouveau
Théâtre des Vampires.
And we have all been invited!
- Yes!
- Yeah.
The Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires is
- a very, very big deal.
- They travel from Europe
to the United States
once every five years.
And only the crème de la crème
de la creams of vampire society
is invited.
This is the first year
we have made the cut.
Everyone who has seen it says
it is magnificent.
It is an all-vampire cast
and it is just the most beautiful,
eerie, poignant, important,
important work.
And I've heard there's a lot of nudity.
And I mean a lot, and when I say a lot,
I don't just mean a whiff of
tit, I mean the full rack.
Full boobies, full boners.
The full display.
We're going to have so much fun.
I am
so G-damn excited to be going
to the vampire theater.
There's some genitalia on show
there that would make a human
go, "What is that exactly?"
So we shall be honored to attend.
- Mm-hmm.
- Wait.
What are we thinking? We
don't have any clothes!
They are all soiled. We
cannot go dressed like this.
She's right. We can't
go dressed like this.
We'll be laughed out of the place.
They're not going to let us in now.
- Goddamn it!
- Damn!
Wait, stop, guys, stop.
- Am I really gonna do this?
- Do what?
There is a way to get your clothes back.
Don't ask me how. You
don't want to know.
There's a good chance that I'm
not even gonna make it back alive.
You mean you might be
killed, Colin Robinson?
We don't want you to hurt yourself.
Me neither, damn it.
But if I do this kindness for you,
can I ask for one in return?
Anything. What is it?
I'd really like to move out
of my room in the basement.
If you retrieve our clothes,
you can move into my room.
Oh, no, no, no. I don't want your room.
I-I just want to move into that
other room in the basement.
- Hmm?
- Sounds fair.
Go ahead. Do that now.
I guess we're going to the Théâtre!
So, basically I needed to go
to the dry cleaners anyway.
I just didn't want to make
it sound too easy for them,
'cause you go once or twice and then,
all of a sudden you're the go-to
dry cleaning fetcher.
Colin Robinson wins again.
Yeah, so I had to
I had to get out of there, so
¿Mamá? Mamá.
- Ah, tu película.
- Sí.
Our fridge broke today, so
But, yeah, I had to get out of there.
Never mind that I'm prone to being
a vampire slayer.
I'm, like, killing vampires,
killing, killing, killing, killing,
but also wanting to be a vampire?
I just had to think about that and also
manage my everyday duties,
which were falling
at the wayside because I wasn't focused.
This is it. This is my life now.
You know? And I'm happy with that.
I'm content.
She's happy that I'm home.
It's good to be wanted.
And I do miss them. I miss them a lot.
I'll be right back.
Okay, y-yo tengo un mini-fridge.
Or I had a mini-fridge. Well, actually,
it's my friend Topher's, but,
you know, he's dead now.
Ay, pobrecito.
No, sorry, no.
He was dead. I-I'll go get it.
Staten Island.
Secret entrance. Very cool.
So glad you could join us.
- I don't like our seats.
- You haven't seen them.
- I don't like seats.
- Get in there.
- And here are your media passes.
- Thanks.
Make sure you keep them
on you at all times.
We've waited 500 years for
an invite to this, you know?
We should have been to many more, but
- Well, here you are now.
- Here we are now.
- Right this way, sir.
- Ah
Thank you very much. Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Ooh, very nice seats.
I should damn well think so.
"I guess I must be in the front row."
No, you're sitting here with us.
No, it's Bob Uecker, from
a commercial in the '80s.
He was the Milwaukee
Brewers announcer
A wonderful anecdote.
We should be in and out,
so it's not gonna be weird.
If it gets uncomfortable,
I'll just give you a signal.
I'll just do eyes like that.
Hello? Whoa! Ow
Nadja? Laszlo?
Mas Nandor?
Colin Robinson?
- Where is everyone?
- Hello.
You scared me.
You scare easy.
- They knew you'd be back.
- Where is everyone?
- They went out.
- Out? Wow.
- Where did they go?
- To the Théâtre.
They're having a great life without you.
The invitation is over there
if you don't believe me.
Very exclusive event.
"You're cordially invited to the
Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires"
That's French.
It's like a theater. Do you see that?
There's a guy hanging. It's
pretty clever, it's
Geez, the work on this is so
Is that? Does that look like a?
It's the Vampiric Council.
Dark greetings of the night.
Only an idiot would go
to something like this.
This is clearly a trap.
They Did they go to this?
- Uh, yeah.
- Oh, God.
They're all gonna die.
I'm gonna go. It's started
already, so I'm gonna go, okay?
Good luck. I do not
think you will succeed.
I'm gonna go. Shut up.
Is that Mikhail the Awful?
- Yes, that is.
- Hmm?
Good evening, Mikhail.
The man is a total prick.
He's nowhere near as funny
as he thinks he is.
Oh. That is Maricela,
- Mistress of the Night.
- Ha!
More like Maricela,
Mistress of the Shitty Seats.
A lot of heavy hitters
in the house tonight.
Even from the energy vampire world.
Todd Smith. Saw him naked once.
It's Pamela.
Pamela's here. It's Pamela.
Don't embarrass me.
Hell yeah.
I know how he did that.
Will you just let me enjoy it, please?
Good evening, citizens of the night.
Kings and queens,
princes and potentates,
ladies and gentlemen, vampires all.
Nice shimmy. He's good, this guy.
Tonight our performance is different.
Tonight is something a
little bit special.
We all know the reason that we are here.
Well, most of us do.
So, without any further ado,
please make welcome our guests of honor.
- Oh
- Oh, thank you.
- Oh, that's us. Greetings.
- Us?
- Hi, everyone.
- Hey!
Easy there.
- No! Get off me!
- Good Lord.
This is silver rope.
- Ow.
- Oh, shit.
I recognize that man. He was
at the Vampire Council.
- Yes.
- Shit.
There is but one crime
to us vampires here.
It is the one crime that
means death to any vampire:
killing your own kind.
Oh, this shithead.
- We've never done that.
- We never did that.
Boo. Boo.
Don't boo us.
With Baron Afanas,
'twas four against one.
- Is that supposed to be us?
- No idea.
They opened the door
and let through the sun.
Very shocking.
This is absurd.
That never happened. We would
never prance around like tits.
- This is all shit!
- I would never high-five.
I'll be honest with you, my look-alike
is kind of giving me a chub.
Ludwig the guard,
just doing his job,
skewered through the heart,
a vampire kebab.
That wasn't even their fault.
Stay back!
- Boo you!
- Shut up, Pamela.
Did we do this?
We didn't do that. Did you guys do that?
- None of us did that.
- Well, don't look at me.
This seems like one of
those things that you guys
all did together and didn't include me.
What's this shit?
Hold on a second. We
were promised nudity.
Penis and full bush. This is a swiz.
I am sorry, but when I dance,
the ocean parts.
She has absolutely no rhythm whatsoever.
This is your hot take?
That you have a problem
with the choreography?
Oh, okay. There I am.
Assassins were sent
to bring them to justice.
They murdered them all
by bringing the ruckus.
Very clunky rhyme.
I think it's a Wu-Tang reference.
"Bring the Ruckus."
All I know is, I haven't had
- a whiff of Wu or Tang.
- Exactly.
They're throwing his head around
like a beach ball.
A vampire family
who loved one another.
You slaughtered them all.
Word to the mother.
Then laughing about it.
I mean, I have I'm clueless.
I have no idea.
We didn't do any of this shit!
Uh, I think they're going for some sort
of Hamilton vibe?
You're too kind. We can all do it.
We're vampires.
You murdered Baron Afanas
and were sentenced to death
by the Vampiric Council.
- Mm.
- You escaped, witnesses say,
with the help of a Dilbert-looking guy.
What is that?
Hey, dudes.
We don't know how, but we don't like it.
Tonight, he will join us
for the grand finale.
Fuck me!
And that's a reminder to all of us.
- Don't murder vampires.
- We didn't!
Don't do it. All right, bring them
- to the stage.
- What?
No. Get your don't touch me.
- Hey! Get
- Help!
Who the hell do you think you are?
Heck you looking at, Pamela?
Glad you're filming this.
And while we wait for
the guillotine thing
to be set up again,
we just have a short in memoriam video,
remembering those vampires
we've lost over the year.
You're hurting me!
Oh, I didn't know he was gone.
I can get to my wallet.
It's in my big pocket.
- No one misses him.
- If you unlock me,
then I can get it.
Met her once.
He died because he got
confused on daylight savings.
Such a long video.
A reminder to us all, life is short.
Ouch! My wrists! Very tight.
This is not fair. We
didn't kill any vampires.
Did we?!
- No.
- No!
We all saw the reenactments.
If you want to know
who killed The Baron,
we know who killed The
Baron, don't we, guys?
- Yes.
- Yes. Yeah.
- All right.
- The Baron was killed
by a chap named
Guillermo. Anyone know Guillermo?
Guillermo who?
Uh, we don't know his second name.
Uh, maybe G-Guillermo Buillermo?
- Guillermo Buillermo?
- Well, we don't really know.
Wil-Wilkinson? I can't tell
if they're covering for me,
or if they really don't
know my last name.
He was my familiar, and when I found out
that my own familiar
was killing vampires
all over the place,
I was so angry with him.
- Mm.
- So angry, so
I killed him with my bare hands!
You killed Gizmo? Kind of harsh.
And just for the record, it had nothing
to do with the fact that he
may have walked out on me
after ten years.
You know, when you care about someone,
and they just walk out the door.
"Oh, I've had enough of you."
- Yes, killing vampires.
- Okay, you're getting into
some of your personal issues now.
So I ripped his head off,
and his arms and his legs.
And I buried them all in the ground,
so everything is fine now.
- Can we go home, please?
- Blaming the familiar.
Yes, we've all done it.
But what would that look like
a familiar attack?
Something like this?
It's like a cartoon.
Guillermo is much smaller than this.
Again, over the top.
It's cute.
Let him go!
Ridiculous, as you can
see, from the simulation.
This guy.
Oh. My.
No, it's too weird. No, just
Go, go, get up.
I don't get it. Is this still the show?
He's killing vampires.
Get off him! Shoo!
Holy water!
The balls of that little chap.
Behind you!
Get him, too!
Is there something you
haven't been telling us?
My name's Guillermo de la Cruz.
Don't care what the fuck your name is.
We had to pick up our own laundry!
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