What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002) s01e01 Episode Script

There's No Creature Like Snow Creature

[wolf howling]
Whoa! Gettin' mighty dark here.
Looks like last run
of the night.
Who's in? Gretchen?
More tedious bravado
from the great Olympian,
Chris Klug.
Whatever. Later, poser.
[rock music]
Come on ♪
Come on
come on ♪
[intense music]
Oh, dude.
[Chris screaming]
What's new Scooby Doo
we're coming after you ♪
We're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby Doo ♪
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby Doo ♪
What's new Scooby Doo ♪
Gotta follow you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
We see you Scooby Doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
What's new Scooby Doo ♪
Don't look back ♪
You may find another clue ♪
The Scooby snacks
will be waiting here for you ♪
What's new Scooby Doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
We're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby Doo ♪
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby Doo ♪
Na na na na
na na na na ♪
Na na na na
na na na ♪
Na na na na
na na na na ♪
What's new Scooby Doo ♪♪
'We just got to get'
'to the Wilkinson
Snowboarding Open.'
All my boarding heroes
will be there.
And so will all my
favorite winter foods.
Hot cocoa, hot cakes,
hot apple cider.
Basically, all the hots.
[automated message]
'Turn right ahead.'
'Right it is, Natlas.'
I think it's actually
a left, Freddy.
[automated message]
'Another right turn ahead.'
I can't.
There's nowhere to turn.
I think your navigator is having
a nervous breakdown, Freddy.
No way!
Natlas is a state-of-the-art
global positioning system.
It can guide us
to within five inches
of our programmed destination.
[automated message]
'Go left, merge,
speed it up..'
'You have now arrived
at Sunset Beach.'
'P-please enjoy your day
at the shore.'
Look, everybody.
There's something on the local
news about the contest.
[helicopter whirring]
'And making his grand entrance
into this snowboarding
competition bearing his name
software billionaire,
Bruce Wilkinson.
Mr. Wilkinson..
Hey, that looks just like
The Mystery Machine.
It is The Mystery Machine.
Watch the road, Freddy.
[tires screeching]
Whoa, Fred!
Great parking karma.
[rock music]
Whoa, sweet frontside air.
Hey, you're Gretchen Mueller.
You've been winning contests
all over Europe.
Lucky boy, you will watch me
win here as well.
Ciao, baby.
And how will these high-profile
games be affected
by the loss of Olympic
bronze medalist
Chris Klug,
under mysterious circumstances?
Nancy, I'm sure with
a million dollars at stake
the other competitors
will be hungry for victory.
Chris Klug injured?
Mysterious circumstances?
- One million dollars?
- Hungry?
I think we ought to have
a little talk with Chris Klug.
Talk to Chris Klug?
'You know, in Aspen when
you nailed that 720 mid-twist'
then grabbed some
flying squirrel
in the very next move?
Yeah, Fred, right.
- That was so cool.
- Thanks, bro.
I'm just bummed I won't be
shreddin' the pow here.
Thanks to that supersize
Popsicle? Where?
Scoob and I are,
like, famished.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So you really were attacked
by some kind of creature?
Trippy, huh?
The best way to get
a handle on the mystery
is from the inside.
I'll pose as one
of the pro-boarders.
But Freddy, the monster.
Yo, Avalanche, it's true.
Full-on snow creature.
Hmm. Freaky.
I believe you, man.
A serious competitor like you
would never purposely quit.
'Avalanche Anderson.'
Wow! You practically
invented the sport.
I've been watching your movies
since I was a kid.
You're a movie star?
No, no. I just did some action
movies with snowboarding chases.
[Scooby burps]
'Oh, no, Scooby.'
Scooby's gonna need
that extra fuel
to keep him warm
while we search every trail
for the snow creature.
Come on, Velma.
Time's a-wastin'.
No offence, Velma,
but you look like
you should be knocking down
giant bowling pins.
Bowling pins.
I don't get it.
Ha-ha. Very funny.
You'll be laughing through
your handkerchief
when I'm the only one
who hasn't caught a cold.
Shh, guys.
Someone's coming.
Can you hear me now, Morty?
How about now?
Yes, I know we need
higher ratings.
Yes, don't worry.
I think I can virtually
promise you more viewers.
Wait, you're breaking up again.
Hmm, interesting.
Yeah, you think you could get
a lot clearer signal up here.
No, what I meant was
I wonder how she can
guarantee higher ratings.
Guys, look!
Snow creature.
I don't think so, Scooby.
Unless Chris was exaggerating.
'That mystery sneak sure
isn't made of ice and snow.'
I don't care if he's made
of no-fat frozen yogurt.
Let's get lost.
I have a better idea.
Let's follow it.
It looks like he was headed
to that old, abandoned ski jump.
Scooby, is that
your stomach rumbling?
Well, that noise
is getting louder.
What do you think it is?
Why don't you askhim?
Okay, guys, don't panic.
Remember there's a good chance
it's just a terrifying
monster suit
with some creep inside.
There is only one thing
missing from your theory, Fred.
Like the creep inside!
[all screaming]
'Hey! Yeah!'
Why don't you pick
on someone your own size?
Ow! My leg.
- Get that outta my face.
- Huh?
What's going on?
Your friend here
just broke his leg.
Who are you?
Theodore, trail manager.
I keep the slopes groomed,
chair lifts running
and now it looks like
I'm a taxi service
for clumsy kids, too.
Didn't you see
the ice creature?
Oh, quit your crazy talk
'and help me get Mr. graceful
into the snowcat.'
That Theodore gave me
a serious case of the creeps.
I think our friend Theodore
could bear a closer examination.
No, thanks.
We were close enough
in that snowcat.
Think about it.
He showed up just after
we saw the creature.
- Why?
- Good point.
Let's check him out.
You're not going anywhere.
You're going to rest,
just like the doctor said.
We'll go investigate.
Here's the Theodore's cabin
just like
the desk clerk said.
I hope he doesn't mind
if we look around.
Jeepers. Looks like he decorated
in rustic, mid-century creep.
Velma, maybe we should
get you some hot soup.
Like, back at the lodge?
I'm not too sick to recognize
a clue when I see one.
"Champion ski jumper
Theodore Schussman's career
"was tragically cut short
when he collided
with a young man
on a so-called snowboard."
He must've been pretty good.
He's got more cups here
than an all-night coffee shop.
Jinkies, a skiing champion
who lost his career
to a snowboarder
must be pretty bitter.
Jeepers. Your sneezes
are getting louder, Velma.
That's not me.
It came from outside.
Zoinks! I'll tell ya.
That snowman is definitely
not a jolly, happy soul.
(Avalanche )
'Aah! help, monster.'
(in unison)
'Avalanche Anderson.'
'I'm telling you, doc'
it was made totally
of ice and snow.
That ankles pretty tender.
We, uh, can take you in
for X-rays.
What's the point?
I'm out of the contest.
That's all that matters.
Will you kids leave me alone?
I've got enough problems.
With all the big names
my sponsors are pulling
out of the games.
Please, listen.
Freddy's plan is brilliant.
The way I see it
the creature is targeting
professional boarders.
That's why we need to stick
a decoy into the competition.
I think all this snow creature
business is a lot of hoo-ha.
But if it'll get you
off my back, fine.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
There's something
not quite right
about that bossy billionaire.
I don't get it, Fred.
With your busted ankle,
who's going to be the decoy?
Yeah, who?
No way. Negatory!
Not gonna happen.
Come on, Shaggy.
It's not like
you really have to snowboard.
All you have to do
is fake it and wait
for that creature
to come after you.
Here they come.
Catch you later.
So, you are the heavy-hitter,
last minute entry
we are hearing about.
Yup, that's me,
the invincible Shaginator.
Hmm. So you think
you're invincible, Shaginator?
[rock music]
Shaginator certainly
have an unorthodox style.
Hey, I'm, like, still alive.
[music continues]
[both chuckles]
[both sighs]
[tail whirring]
You totally saved us.
Like, thanks.
'There was all this stuff
on the net'
'about Wilkinson selling off
big chunks of his empire'
to pay his creditors.
Velma, you're too sick to think.
You climb into bed
and rest.
Hey, if you can't sleep
the rooms all have
a big stack
of old snowboarding
movies on DVD.
Oh, lucky me.
Freddy, look.
There's a light flickering
at the top of the ski jump.
Where's my night-vision scope?
Tres convenient.
'Hey, check it out.'
'There's that weird guy
from last night.'
I wonder what he was doing
in the ski-jump gate.
I'll go find out.
You're not
going anywhere, mister.
Doctor's orders.
This time,
Daphne's flying solo.
No way!
It's too dangerous for..
For what?
For a girl?
I'll be perfectly safe.
Well, I guess I can
watch over you from here
and call your cellphone
if I see anything.
But be careful.
Aw, Freddy, aren't I always?
[Daphne whooping]
[upbeat music]
[cell phone rings]
You call that careful?
Oh, Freddy, relax.
There's nothing..
Hey. What's this?
Daphne, get out of there.
The creature's coming.
'It's coming!'
What did you say?
I didn't catch that.
Jeepers. I think
I just got the message.
[door slams]
[upbeat music]
Eat pro-intensity
styling heat, slush-face.
Get out of there!
[snowmobile revving]
My famous garlic, red chilli,
onion, tabasco sauce consomme
'ought to fight off
that chill.'
I thought
I'd find you two here.
[indistinct chatter]
Come on, guys,
you just have to compete.
The Wilkinson empire
is relying on these games.
'Sorry, rich dude, no can do.'
- Well, how do you like that--
- Shh.
Shaggy, look.
[cell phone beeps]
It's me.
That Nancy Chang was there
listening the entire time.
And remember how desperate
for rating she is?
Very strange.
Not as strange as a billionaire
with no billions.
At least the contestants
have motives.
Like a million one-dollar
motives to be exact.
Hey, we can't forget about
creepy, old Theodore.
Right, or that mystery sneak.
How is this mystery
connected to the creature?
And how do we stop
that frozen freak?
I don't like
the sound of that "hmm."
It always comes right
before Fred's plan
and the plan usually
entails you and me being..
Live bait?
Yeah, live bait.
Hey, snowman!
Check it out.
I got your corncob pipe
and your button-nose right here.
Not now, Scoob.
I'm on a roll.
Scoob, don't tell me
there's a huge
ugly, snow creature
right behind us.
Like, I asked you
not to tell me that!
[both screaming]
Then Velma pulls the rope
toppling the slalom drums
onto Mr. Snow Miser.
'And Daphne blast him
with the snow-making machine.'
This cold is killing me.
Here they come!
Like, gangway!
Na na na na ♪
Na na na na ♪
[both screaming]
It's a rad rad world ♪
In a mad mad town ♪
Left and right
I'm out of sight ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
In a mad mad town ♪
Upside down
Turned around ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
Today he's gonna
want 'em due ♪
And lead a trail
right back to you ♪
Crash into some
who knows who ♪
It don't worry me ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
In a mad mad town ♪
Left and right
I'm out of sight ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
In a mad mad town ♪
Upside down
turned around ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
Off the rail
I'm banged and bruised ♪
Slow or slam
I still can't choose ♪
on some it's cool ♪
It won't bury me ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
In a mad mad town ♪
Left and right
I'm out of sight ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪
In a mad mad town ♪
Left and right
I'm out of sight ♪
It's a rad rad world ♪♪
Oh, no, you don't.
So, Mr. Frosty-Freezy
was a fake after all.
He's made entirely of some kind
of see-through Lucite
fashioned to look like ice,
even the moving parts.
Sure. that's why I couldn't
melt him with my dryer.
But if he's remote-controlled,
who is holding the remote?
Look, up there!
'It's that mystery sneak.'
He's getting away.
[instrumental music]
[sneeze echoing]
And now
for the big unveiling.
(all in unison)
'Avalanche Anderson!'
Just as I suspected all along.
Yeah, like, me too.
But, uh, just to compare notes,
how'd you know?
Stuck in by room
watching his own movies
I realized Avalanche must
have connections in Hollywood.
in the special-effects world.
And he controlled it
with this
virtual reality helmet
and these gloves.
That's why, it moved and acted
like a real living creature.
And all that
cell phone interference
it was caused by a powerful
remote control amplifier.
That's why Avalanche broadcast
from the top of the ski jump
'because the signal
was strongest there.'
But we, like, saw him wounded
by the creature, didn't we?
No, we saw him lying
in the snow.
He told us he was attacked.
'Avalanche was about to make
a miraculous recovery.'
But, Avalanche, why?
I used to be the best
in the world.
I wanted that back.
And the only thing
standing in my way was you.
If it weren't for you
interloping adolescents..
That's "meddling kids."
and that gluttonous mutt,
I'd be famous again.
Oh, you'll be famous alright.
With both the authorities
'and the National
Snowboarding Commission.'
[upbeat music]
Check out the shreddage!
It's gonna be
a sweet contest after all.
You know, officially,
you're still entered
in the contest, Shaggy.
Why don't you take a ride?
Uh-uh, no way.
I've had enough scary runs
to last me a lifetime.
Nothing, and I mean nothing
could get me down
that slope.
Yikes! It's the snow creature!
What's this for?
You won, Shaggy.
I won a million dollars?
Hey, that's a lot
of curly fries.
I'm so stoked.
Like, where is the check?
- You'd better ask him.
- Very funny.
In case you haven't heard
I'm out
of the billionaire business.
Wilkinson, back to work!
Oh, well, easy come..
easy go, right, Scoob?
Yeah. Scooby-dooby-doo.
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