What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002) s02e03 Episode Script

The Fast and the Wormious

What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
We're coming after you ♪
We're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo ♪
The trail
leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
We're gonna follow you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
We see you Scooby-Doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
Don't look back ♪
You may find another clue ♪
Scooby snacks will be
waiting here for you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
We're coming after you ♪
We're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo ♪
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪
Na-na na-na na ♪
Na-na na-na na ♪
Na-na na na na-na na ♪
Na-na na-na na
na-na na-na na ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo? ♪♪
[instrumental music]
Buen, carro.
Hasta la vista, niño.
'Hola, race fans.'
'I'm Herrera, coming to you
from Viejo Nuevo, Mexico.'
Where we're moments
from the start
of the Enduro-Slam 5000.
A 24 hour, bone rattling
off road race
across treacherous desert.
I'm here with
local dirt bike legend
Roberto Torres.
How's your competition
looking this year, Roberto?
Pretty tough, Jaime.
But anyone who enters
the Enduro-Slam
has gotta be gutsy, determined
'and absolutely fearless.'
[car backfires]
All set for the race, gang.
Gosh, I feel so rugged.
Does this helmet
clash with my jumper?
Uh, no.
A 24 hour off road race
this has got to be
the craziest thing
we've ever done willingly.
'No worries, gang.'
I've tricked out
the mystery machine
with everything we need
for off road racing.
Highboy suspension,
big boy radials
bad boy high beams,
it's all good.
Don't forget the fat boy fridge
Scoob and I added.
It's, like, totally stocked.
Ha ha. Well, it was, before
that long wait at the border.
Hee hee hee!
Mmm. Papaya.
Hey, it's five time Enduro-Slam
champ Lupe Gesares.
You're the man, Lupe.
Senorita to you.
What happened to your car?
I was taking a practice run
when I ran into the giant worm.
Ha ha ha!
Sounded like she said
"Giant worm."
That's just racer lingo.
Running into a giant worm
is like hitting
the wall. Right, Lupe?
No, it's like running
into a giant worm.
El Gusano Grande.
Um, if there's
a giant worm out there
maybe the race
should be postponed.
Yeah. Heh heh.
I second that motion.
El Gusano will not
stop the race
or stop Lupe Gesares
from winning.
(all in unison)
Off road racers
earth disgracers!
Off road racers
earth disgracers!
Looks like a monster worm
isn't the only thing
causing problems around here.
A lot of folks
think these type of races
are bad for the environment.
All those gas guzzlers.
So true, Velma.
That's why my car's
lunar powered.
Gibby Norton?
You two know each other?
We met at science camp.
We were lab partners.
If that's what
you wanna call it.
That's an interesting rig,
Looks a little delicate
for off road survival, though.
We'll see about..
Sweet ride, dude.
Thanks. Right back
at 'cha, fella.
Name's Burt Batson.
What kinda horses you got?
400 big ones.
No, I meant real horses.
'Cause you're gonna need
'em to pull that heap
out of the ditch
I'm gonna dump it in.
See you at the finish line, not!
Ha ha ha!
[engine revving]
[instrumental music]
Fred, are you sure
you've driven off road before?
Well, not exactly.
But I got a high score
in video dirt demon.
Fast move!
I'm suddenly very afraid.
Looks like the first car
through a place
called Diablo Gulch wins.
Isn't that Spanish for devil?
Relax, we got
a long way to go
before we get to Diablo Gulch.
Look out!
It's the monster worm!
It's just an old statue, Shaggy.
Actually, statues
like that are common here.
They're a tribute
from ancient farmers
who relied on worms
to fertilize the desert soil.
Hey, I wonder if that's what
Lupe Gesares ran into?
No way to find out now.
[music continues]
[tires screeching]
I think this guy
mastered video dirt demon
even better
than you did, Fred.
Or not.
If we could pass that motorcycle
we'll be in the lead.
Great, and only 23 hours
left of this raw road rudeness.
Yeah, isn't it great?
vroom vroom vroom
Ha! We've got you..
Where'd they go?
Up there!
- Help!
- Help!
How'd they get in that tree?
[all gasps]
Who's in the lead now?
Ha ha ha!
Like, the giant worm is real.
It's a different race now, gang.
There's a mystery
wriggling around.
Good thing the worm
only popped a tire.
Hey, where's the jack?
Oh, I had to take out
that to make room
for a few extra
off road modifications.
Like what?
Hydraulic lifters, ejector seat
emergency flotation device.
Why would we need
a flotation device
in the middle of the desert?
Well, you never know when
a flash flood might hit.
Besides, who needs a jack
when you've got
a first rate pit crew?
- Huh?
- Huh?
Now I understand why
they call it a pit crew.
Ha ha ha.
Like, it's the pits.
There. All done.
Huh? Like, it's the worm!
- Ow! Ow! Ow!
- Ooh! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Guys, it's just a shadow
from Scooby's tail.
Ha ha ha! Ow!
Hey, good one, Scoob. Ow!
Just one more, Scoob.
Oh. Ow! Sheesh.
[engine accelerates]
[both grunting]
Jinkies! It's cutting
right across the race course.
I can make it.
I can make it.
I was wro-o-o-o-ong!
That was close.
Everyone slide forward.
No, no, the other forward!
Like, looks like
the race is over..
for us.
[intense music]
Wow, that thing took off
like a jet.
Unfortunately catching us
in its tail wi-n-n-nnnd!
boing boing boing
Wow, your flotation device
actually came in handy.
Pontoons. Don't leave
home without 'em.
Look, it's Roberto Torres'
But where is he?
Like, maybe
the giant worm got him.
[all whimpering]
Hey, the protesters we saw
at the start of the race.
What are they doing
down here?
What are we doing down here?
And exactly where is here?
Why, Wormtopia, of course
the ancient home of the great
worm Gusano Grande.
(all in unison)
El Gusano.
Well, we're sorry
for the intrusion.
But we really do need
to get out of here.
We'll be happy
to show you the way out
after the great Wormian feast.
There's a feast?
Yes, and you're
the guests of honor.
Oh, great worm
accept this offering
of evildoers
who dare to desecrate
your sacred shrine
with their nasty
off road vehicles.
Like, this is an honor?
Never trust anyone
wearing a worm suit.
[creature screeching]
It is the great one.
Gusano lives!
(all in unison)
Long live the worm.
Long live Gusano Grande!
Looks like we're worm food.
There's a tunnel out of here.
But we'll never get past
these worm dudes.
Unless we can
distract them somehow.
Heh. Too bad we don't have
an early bird to get the worm.
Hey, like,
who says we don't?
'Caw! Caw!'
'Caw! Caw!'
Oh, ha ha.
How do you do that, Scoob?
[indistinct chatter]
[rock music]
[singing in Spanish]
[singing continues]
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
Looks like we're still
in the race.
Gracias, amigos.
You saved my life.
[all screams]
[tires screeching]
Hey, watch it.
You scratched my car.
The halfway point of the race.
We'd better fill up.
You heard the man, Scoob.
Two bowls of beans, please.
slurp slurp slurp
Those creepy worm worshippers
aren't the only ones trying to
get rid of the competition.
I'm surprised
you made it this far.
You're tougher than you look.
Well, not to boast,
but I can bench 220.
Gibby? You made it
across that fissure?
Piece of cake
except I sprung a radiator
leak in the process.
That's a tough break, buddy.
You'll never get
a new radiator out here.
Don't need one.
My car has an engine
in the front
and one in the rear.
It's designed to be driven
from either end.
Wow, pretty cool.
You talkin' about
the car or me?
Gosh, we were
really low on fuel.
Come on, guys.
We're all gassed up.
- Yeah, so are--
- Don't even.
[instrumental music]
'We're out of gas.'
Someone sabotaged
our fuel tank.
We'd better get back
to the gas station.
Or not.
[all whimpers]
Zoinks! Like, how are we gonna
worm our way out of this one?
Quick, pop the hood.
Battery, water..
bobby pin.
[engine revving]
- Voila.
- Wow, Daphne.
A hydro electric fuel source
from things found
in your purse.
No biggie.
Hey, did you guys see how the
worm went around the rock?
Huh? Ah.
[tires screeches]
We're safe up here.
It doesn't look like it can
burrow through solid rock.
Look. Diablo Gulch.
'The finish line
is through that narrow canyon.'
vroom vroom vroom
Be my guest. Heh, heh, heh.
vroom vroom vroom
That worm's gonna waste him.
We'd better roll.
[tires screeches]
Hey! We're trying
to help you, pal!
Nah-uh. You're just tryin'
to get to Diablo Gulch first.
[tires screeching]
Daphne, take the wheel.
Careful, Freddy.
[intense music]
Look what you did to my ride!
Like, please. Don't say
we're goin' after that guy.
There's nothing
we can do for him.
But we can stop that worm
before it hurts
any other racers.
Okay, here's the plan.
The engine sound
should attract the worm.
'Now when it comes out you guys
lead it into the gulch.'
- 'You ready?'
- Uh-uh.
What's that? Can't hear you
over the engine noise.
[tires squeal]
- Aah!
- Aah!
- Aah!
- Aah!
- Aah!
- Aah!
Hey, Fred's plan
actually worked.
Zoinks! Who cut the net?
(all in unison)
Hail the worm!
Long live Gusano!
The Wormians, of course.
Fred, what are you doing?
[tires squeal]
(all in unison)
Hail the worm.
[tires squeal]
No! Freddy!
- Aah! Aah!
- Aah! Aah!
[both grunts]
Jeepers! Where'd he go?
I don't remember a sunroof.
It's part of the ejector seat
system I installed.
Pretty stylin', huh?
'Help! Help!'
'Come on out..'
(all in unison)
Gibby Norton?
Like, how did you know
it was him, Velma?
I figured the worm
had to be a racer.
Because it always
went after the leader.
It wanted to win.
My first clue was
this piece of worm tooth.
It's black glass
'like the lunar panels
on Gibby's car.'
'Then the worm
oozed green stuff'
just like the fluid
from his radiator.
I didn't wanna hurt anyone.
I just wanted
to impress Velma
with my super cool worm mobile.
You mean, you did it for me?
Yep, and I would have
gotten away with it
if not for you meddling
off the road racers.
So who won the race?
Actually, no one did.
With the gulch blocked,
you'd have to go on foot.
Run for it!
[all grunts]
Jinkies! Scooby won!
Scooby Doo!
[camera clicks]
[instrumental music]
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