What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2002) s02e10 Episode Script

Recipe for Disaster

[dramatic music]
We've reached the vault.
Preparing to secure
secret recipe.
Aah! Let's get out of here!
Whoa. Whoa!
Unh! Whoever you are
whatever you are,
please, don't..
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
We're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo ♪
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
We're gonna follow you ♪
You're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
We see you Scooby-Doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
Don't look back ♪
You may find another clue ♪
Scooby snacks will be
waiting here for you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
We're coming after you ♪
We're gonna solve
that mystery ♪
I see you Scooby-Doo ♪
The trail leads back to you ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪
Na-na na-na na ♪
Na-na na-na na ♪
Na-na na na na-na na ♪
Na-na na-na na
na-na na-na na ♪
What's new Scooby-Doo ♪♪
'Well, here we are gang.
Munchville, Ohio.'
'Snack capital of the world.'
That factory
makes cheese fluffs
'and that one makes
pirate's looty.'
And, oh. Oh-oh.
Over there's the home
of smackin' lips chips.
This is, like,
the best prize ever!
Some prize.
We should be tanning
on an exotic island right now.
Well, that's Shaggy for you.
Only he would find a one
in a million golden biscuit
and choose a factory tour
over a trip to Aruba.
There it is!
There it is, Scoob!
The king of tasty treats!
[Shaggy laughing]
The Scooby Snax Factory!
Step on it, Fred.
We don't want to miss our tour!
Sorry, boys,
but a good driver always obeys
'the speed limit!'
[tires screeching]
I can't believe
I'm finally here.
Somebody pinch me.
You must be
the contest winners.
I'm Penelope Bailey,
and this is my father Ernest
the owner of the factory.
Welcome to
our savory wonderland
where dreams abound
and fear is all around.
[all gasp]
He means fun.
Where fun is all around.
You'll have to excuse him.
He hasn't been
getting enough sleep
but he's still sharp as a tack.
Aren't you, pops?
Okay, then,
let's start our tour.
What? Huh?
Actually, the tour
starts over there
'in the sterilization chamber.'
Why do I get the feeling
something bad
is about to happen?
Oh. My hair! It's ruined!
Mine, too.
Hey, nice style.
[imitating Elvis Presley]
Thank you. Thank you very much,
ma'am. Thank you.
Sorry for the inconvenience
but we take every sanitary
precaution here at the factory.
Right, dad?
Huh? Huh? Who? Huh.
Yes, well..
To the tour tram.
And then the ingredients
are mixed into a batter
baked, seasoned,
packaged in boxes
and shipped to every supermarket
in the world.
Oh, boy.
You have the best job ever.
You get to eat Scooby Snax
365 days a year!
Even more in leap years!
Ha ha ha!
Actually, I'm allergic
to Scooby Snax.
Uh, they make me
break out in hives
but fortunately
I don't ever handle the food.
[machines rumbling]
Doesn't that look exciting?
I bet you two would love
to go in there.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
Well, too bad it's off limits.
- Oh!
- Oh!
There sure are a lot
of snack factories in town.
Do you ever share recipes?
Oh, no.
We keep our recipes secret.
But thankfully, we've got a good
security system here.
Just between you and me,
what's in the secret recipe?
Oh, I'd love to tell you
but some things
are better left unsaid.
Well, that's our tour.
Oh. Oh, what about
the rest of the factory?
Aren't you gonna show us that?
Uh, no. It'smessy.
Terribly messy.
But, hey, our gift shop
is still open.
Please spend
as much money as you can.
He means time.
As much time as you can.
Come on, dad.
We've got work to do.
do you smell that, Scoob?
Smells like Scooby snack batter
and I think it's calling us.
[both laughing]
Check it out, Scooby.
An entire river of snack batter!
I knew I should have
brought my swim trunks.
[muffled yelling]
I said get your paws
out of there!
Who are you?
Mr. Moss T. Meister,
quality technologist.
And I'm warning you, do not
contaminate my precious mix!
- Like, we just wanted a taste.
- 'A taste?'
Several months ago,
an employee said the same thing
right before he fell into a vat
and suffered a horrible fate.
He mutated into a slimy,
sludge monster
made out of
Scooby snack batter.
But that's not the worst part!
Because now the monster
haunts the factory
'and just last night
it attacked two intruders.'
They got away, but barely.
If you value your lives
you'll leave at once.
That means now!
Excuse me, how much is..
Ohh! Not again.
Could you ring these up,
Uh, today's
my first day on the job
and I haven't used
the register yet, but I'll try.
You're gonna have
to ring these up yourselves.
I gotta go find a bandage!
Hmm, the service here is lousy,
but at least we're shopping.
I think we're lost, Scoob.
Which way should we..
[both sniffing]
That smell, it's just so sweet
so juicy, so..
Ghastly! Uh, it's the monster!
The mon-the mon-the monster!
- Mo-mo-mo-monster!
- Monster!
Did he say monster?
Well, gang,
it looks like we've got
another mystery on our hands.
[Shaggy panting]
Quick, Scoob, hide in there!
Whew! I think we lost him.
Ohh! And even better,
we've struck batter!
Start slurpin', Scoob.
Oh. Why must you smell so good?
- Aah!
- Aah!
Whoa! Whoa!
- There they are.
- And there they go!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Quick, Scoob!
The center bolt!
Try to loosen it!
Now, righty-tighty,
Hurry! I'm losing my grip!
[metal rattling]
Talk about an unruly fan.
I don't know about you, Scoob,
but I think I'm done exploring.
Me, too.
Holy munchies!
If you're gonna be lost
in a spooky factory..
this is the place!
Yay! Yeah!
A monster scared off
all the workers.
If we don't get rid of it soon
I'll have to close the factory
and expire!
You mean retire.
There's a difference?
We can help, but first
we got to find our friends.
Things are about
to get very spook.
Don't mind him.
He gets a little nutty
when he's tired
on account
of his sleepwalking.
Let's go, dad. It's nap time.
So Ernest is a sleepwalker.
And suspicious, but we still
got to find Shaggy and Scooby.
- We need a plan.
- Yeah, we need..
Oh! Hey, that's my cue.
Let's split up.
Good idea. You don't mind
searching alone, do you, Fred?
By myself?
In this haunted fact..
Uh, yeah, sure.
I'm cool with that.
So that's why the power
went off. It was on a timer.
Which means anyone
could have set it. Hmm.
[dramatic music]
I'm at the vault.
The secret recipe
will soon be ours.
Hey, it's that gift shop girl.
If I'm dreaming,
don't pinch me.
This time I said don't pinch me.
Somebody wants to make
a meal out of us!
[both screaming]
- Excuse me, mister?
- It's Mr. Meister.
- And this lab is off limits.
- Oh, sorry.
I'm looking for a dog and a
lanky teen. Have you seen them?
You're after the secret recipe,
aren't you?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Although, it would
be neat to find out.
I bet it has jelly in it
or bacon or maybe guacamole.
I knew it. You're a spy!
All of you are!
And as soon as I tell Ernest,
he's going to go mad!
- You mean like crazy mad?
- Oh, yeah.
And if I were you,
I'd watch my step.
[door slams]
[both screaming]
Whew. Ahh.
Boy, are we glad to see you two.
But did you have to invite him?
He won't find us in here.
Aw, come on!
Is there any hiding place
this monster doesn't know?
Talk about a dream
turning into a nightmare.
We're gonna drown
in snack batter, Scoob.
I'd recognize
that zoinks anywhere.
Shaggy and Scooby
are in trouble!
Let's hurry!
Oh! We're too late!
- Where did the batter go?
- Huh?
Oh, thank goodness
you're both okay.
Not to mention,
ah, well fed.
Why is it every time
the monster appears
Ernest and Penelope are gone?
Has anyone seen them?
No, but I ran into that
Mr. Meister
and let me tell ya, he's very
protective of that recipe.
I also found this mask.
You won't believe
who it belongs to.
Trudy was wearing it.
The girl from the gift shop.
She seems to be sneaking
around the factory.
So maybe
she's behind all of this.
What do you think,
Vel.. Velma?
Hmm. Two hazardous
material suits are missing.
Want to bet our monster
is using one of them?
- Thank goodness you're here!
- What happened?
My father
was sleepwalking again
so I went looking for him,
but the monster jumped me.
I've been tied up ever since.
I think it's time
we turned the tables
on this monster
once and for all.
Great, and while you three
are turning the tables
Scoob and I will
be eating at one.
Uh, actually,
my plan includes you two.
[both gulp]
And then we'll wait
in the shadows
for the monster to appear
while Shaggy and Scooby
act as bait.
Like, isn't it
somebody else's turn?
Guys, you're forgetting.
We're looking for a monster
covered in Scooby Snax.
'You two have noses like
bloodhounds for that stuff.'
That suddenly reminds me,
I'm catching a cold.
- Ah-choo!
- Brr-brr-brr.
Oh, man,
I smell something good
which can only be bad.
'Keep an eye out
for that monster, Scoob.'
The monster, it's here!
It's circling us, Scoob.
Hunting us down.
Luring us into
a deliciously vicious..
[all gasp]
[horn honking]
[horn honking]
Quick in here!
[keys clacking]
Oh, oh!
Let me outta here!
'Ah-ha! Just as I suspected.
Trudy's a spy.'
She's been trying to steal
the secret recipe
for a rival factory.
Well, there you have it.
Mystery solved.
Let's get back
to bathing in batter.
Wait. Didn't Trudy
just start working here?
And hasn't that monster
been around for months?
Velma, you think too much.
Let's go.
But if Trudy's not the monster,
then that can only mean..
That's the monster!
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
ting ting ting
[music continues]
[both gasp]
[music continues]
I bet that monster's mean
Mr. Meister.
That's easy for you to say.
I wouldn't be so sure.
Penelope Bailey?
Oh, Penelope?
- You're the monster?
- I'm afraid she is.
Penelope faked being attacked
by the monster.
But I knew she was lying
when we found
snack batter in her office.
Yet not one drop was on her.
That's because Penelope's
allergic to Scooby Snax.
The haz-mat suit was to
protect her from getting a rash.
Not to mention it made her look
a lot more menacing.
Well, I would have
gotten away with it
if it weren't for you
pestering kids!
That's meddling kids,
with an M.
But why, Penny?
Why do it at all?
I wanted to scare away thieves
and protect our secret recipe.
I was only looking out
for the family business.
Oh, don't you fret.
Now that you've solved
our monster problem
I don't have to
close the factory.
I'd say that deserves a reward.
Like a lifetime
supply of Scooby Snax!
Dig in, kiddos.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Yay!
[all laughing]
I guess a lifetime supply
doesn't go as far as it used to.
I can fix that.
Hop aboard.
[theme music]
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