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Lost and Found

1 [.]
[Elizabeth thatcher.]
: Perhaps it was hubris or just stubborn pride that set me on my journey west.
My first instinct was to refuse the offer of a teaching post in Coal Valley.
My education certainly qualified me for the post, but I feared my privileged upbringing might leave me ill-prepared and unequipped to brave the hardships and dangers out west.
It was my sister, Julie, who bolstered my resolve because she so doubted my fortitude.
She'd tried to frighten me with tales of cowboys, whiskey-runners and outlaws, but it only emboldened my determination to prove to her and my parents that I am Elizabeth Thatcher, a strong, independent, capable woman.
[Yelping in fright.]
I can face any obstacle with courage, grace and dignity.
Good afternoon.
I'm Elizabeth Thatcher.
I'm your new teacher.
Well, hello.
I'm Abigail Stanton.
Cat Montgomery.
Florence Blakeley.
We were expecting you two days ago.
Yes, I'm sorry.
The stagecoach was robbed, and my belongings were stolen.
I I traveled by foot for hours before I was rescued.
Are you all right? Yes, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Why don't we go somewhere we can all sit down and have a nice chat? Follow me, Miss Thatcher.
Thank you.
[Abigail stanton.]
: This teaching post is one of the only things the Pacific Northwest Mining Company no longer owns.
We mothers decided to take charge of our children's education Please, sit down.
So we started a school.
Unfortunately, the church burned, and the classroom is currently located here in the saloon.
The The school is in the saloon? It's the only place big enough to hold our children, Miss Thatcher.
We had requested a mature, experienced teacher, someone who would not shrink from the challenges that Coal Valley presents.
I realize I'm perhaps not what you expected, but I assure you I am acquainted with the most modern teaching theories, the superintendent of schools did tell you what happened here? No, he didn't.
Three months ago, there was a terrible explosion in the mine.
47 brave men lost their lives, and many of us lost our husbands and our sons.
Many of our children became fatherless that day.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't realize.
What she's saying is that we don't have any need for a A princess.
I assure you I am not a It would be the mothers who are paying your salary.
For many of us, our children are the only thing we have left, and, well, their education is all that we have control over, so whomever we entrust them to must be fearless.
You would not just be teaching them to read and write, you will be fighting for their future.
"Ipsa scientia potestas est.
" In Latin, that means "knowledge itself is power.
" You need to get back on the stagecoach and go back to Latin, or wherever it is you come from.
Please, just I've come so far.
Just give me a chance to prove myself to you.
Well, it will take the stagecoach one week to return.
We could give her a short try.
In the meantime, there's a teacherage where you can stay and get settled.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I promise, I am not afraid of rolling up my sleeves and [Screams.]
I'm so sorry.
Vermin and I are not usually on such friendly terms.
One week is going to be a long time.
[Birds chirping.]
[Pours water.]
Oh, my gosh [Wolf howls outside.]
[Wolf howling distantly.]
You're up early.
I hope you were able to sleep after what happened last night.
I wanted to apologize before I left for the school.
I had no idea my dress was hanging so close to the fire, and And, of course, I will reimburse the town for burning down the teacherage Elizabeth, it's okay.
It was an old building.
Thank you for taking me in and for loaning me these clothes and You must think I'm silly and incompetent.
I know how hard it is to come to a new place and find your footing.
When my husband, Noah, and I first moved to Coal Valley with our son, Peter, we were so young.
We didn't know anything.
But we found our way, and I know you'll find your way, too.
Thank you for saying that.
That's very kind of you.
Well, I'm off for my first day of school.
Good luck.
I know the first few days might be a bit bumpy, but I have every confidence in you.
Thank you.
I'm a qualified teacher.
I trained at one of the best colleges.
I can do this.
I can absolutely do this.
My Rosaleen can't see the blackboard if she's in the back.
She needs to be in the front.
Oh, uh, that's fine.
My boy's a whiz with numbers, but can't spell a lick.
My mama says she's glad you're here.
I'm glad to be here, too.
Good morning.
I got cheese for lunch.
Oh, I like cheese.
You give out schoolwork for home? Uh, I hadn't I think work should be done in class and not at my supper table.
We're paying your salary, you know? Yes, well, I plan to I want my son to be smart so he don't have to work in no coal mine.
You hear me? Ladies, ladies, please, let's give Miss Thatcher a little breathing room.
We should feel blessed that she has come this far to teach our children in these less than ideal circumstances.
"Whoso neglects learning in his youth loses the past and is dead to the future.
" I was quoting euripides.
I [clears throat.]
I'm sorry, I just need a drink.
Not a drink-drink I don't drink.
Good day.
I'd like to talk about what I expect from you .
I expect you to pay attention when I'm speaking.
I expect you to raise your hand when you would like to speak.
Please don't leave your seats without asking, and please [Distant whistle blows.]
please, don't talk while I am Children, wait! You didn't ask for permission! Oh! Sit down, please.
Stop! You're already breaking my rules! I'm warning you, everyone who leaves this classroom without permission Miss Thatcher? a written notice to their parents.
Miss Thatcher? Yes.
What is it? I'm Rachel and no disrespect, but you shouldn't try and stop 'em.
And why is that? The whistle is from the mine.
It means some more of the daddies have been found.
- Found? - Yes, ma'am.
Now their folks can take 'em and bury 'em proper.
[Distant whistle blows.]
Everyone, follow me.
Neighbors, we have done what we promised.
Today, we dug out the last of the lost men.
Now, I know that these past few months have left us all feeling like Well, like, there ain't nothing right in this world.
But besides finding the brave men who lost their lives, we found something else today.
And I hope it'll bring comfort to at least one Coal Valley family.
[Murmurs and gasps from crowd.]
What's it say, teacher? "Forgive me, pa.
" Ladies, I promise that I'll take good care of this plank until it's decided what we're going to do with it.
The miner, one of our own Spent his last minutes on this earth writing those words to his family.
We should be the ones who decides where it goes.
[Crowd murmuring in agreement.]
I'm going back to my office, Mr.
Kindly step aside, Mr.
This ain't your decision, Mr.
This is a matter for the miners and the widows to decide, and you're neither, sir.
Step aside now, Mr.
Or what? Or you'll run me down? Is that what you want, Mr.
Gowen, huh? One more dead miner! Break it up.
Move back.
Who is that, Miss Thatcher? That's a mountie.
Sir? Would you like to tell me what's behind this commotion? We had a mine disaster in this town recently.
I'm aware of that.
Today This was found, but the identity of the deceased miner who wrote it is unclear.
Now, understandably, everyone is very emotional about it But this a distraction that we can ill afford.
No one is gonna be thinking about that job until we find the owner of that message.
There is no reason why both can't happen at the same time.
Folks, the only fair way to judge who should have it is for all the widows to submit a sample of their husband's writing to Mr.
Gowen as evidence.
I'm sure he can come to a decision in three days.
And who might you be, young man? Name is Jack Thornton.
I'm the new Constable of Coal Valley.
"Baskets contain " Oh.
I didn't know anyone else was here.
Good morning.
I'm staying in one of the rooms upstairs until something more permanent can be arranged.
I'm Elizabeth Thatcher, I'm the new teacher here, but I guess you've probably already gathered that.
Constable Jack Thornton, but I guess you've already gathered that.
I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I may have left you with some of my chalk dust.
No chalk dust.
Now I feel cheated.
I have to say I'm a little surprised that Coal Valley merits a full-time mountie.
That makes two of us.
My original posting was in Cape Fullerton, but that suddenly changed.
I imagine Coal Valley will be a little quieter for you than a busy shipping port like that.
Wait, you know the place? Very well.
My father has done business in Cape Fullerton for many years.
And what's your father's name? William Thatcher.
William Thatcher the shipping tycoon? Well, I don't think of him that way, but, yes, I suppose he is.
Now it's all making sense.
What is? Miss Thatcher, a week ago, I had never even heard of Coal Valley, and while I was planning my trip to Cape Fullerton, I was told I was being reassigned here, reassigned at the request of a very powerful man.
Surely, you don't think that What, that a very wealthy man's daughter might be why I now have to eat coal dust for the next God knows how long? I'm absolutely sure that's why I'm here, to keep William Thatcher's princess from stubbing her toe in a town she had no business coming to.
To be candid, sir, I think you're way off-base with that remark, and just so we're clear, even if my father did pull strings to get you here, I don't need you.
I can take care of my own stubbed toes, thank you very much.
You know, on second thought, it's obvious I won't have to be here long, because you won't last a month in a town like this.
Well, Constable Thornton, I think you'd better settle in and get used to a steady diet of coal dust.
I'm a Thatcher.
We don't run from a challenge.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have reading materials to prepare for my students.
Good day to you, sir.
"Therefore, I am strongly requesting an immediate transfer to a new post.
Salutations, Constable Jack Thornton.
" If that's it, I will get this sent right away, Constable.
"Safety violation " [Door opens.]
You compare his signature on our marriage license to that piece of wood, and you'll see it's the same writing.
I was asleep when he left for the mine that day.
That board is his goodbye to me and my children.
Thank you.
I'll consider it, Mrs.
Next! Good morning, Mrs.
My Joseph left little notes like that all the time.
He would be working nights and I would find them by the ice box, or on my pillow.
It makes sense to me that, well, he'd leave one last note for us.
I'll let you know.
Thank you.
Next! Who can identify this part of speech? Is it a noun? A verb? Anyone? [Sighs.]
It's a verb.
All right, boys and girls, listen up, may I have your attention, please? I'd like to see all of your eyes.
Your parents have charged me with giving you an education, so you can become anything you wish.
Maybe a doctor, or a dentist You're dead wrong.
Boys, remember the rules.
No talking while I'm talking.
Is too! Ma says my pappy wrote it.
Boys, you're not listening to me.
Take it back! Stop it! Stop it this minute! [Kids shout encouragements.]
Boys, stop it! [Yelps.]
[Class falls silent.]
Ah, Elizabeth, just in time for dinner.
Would you mind setting the table for three? Remember how you said the first few days might be a little bumpy? Well, you were right.
Black and blue, too, it appears.
What happened? Some boys got in a tussle over the message on the wood.
I stepped in the middle and caught the worst of it.
Never step between two coal boys when they're mixing it up.
I need to get them interested in their lessons, but I've never been through anything like what they've been through before and I don't know how to help them.
When my Peter was little, I was the only teacher he had.
He was so bored during his lessons, sometimes, he would nod off like an old man in a rocker.
So, what did you do? Levity.
I added a little levity to the learning.
Levity [Knock on door.]
Would you mind? You.
You? Nice shiner.
It's my first, actually, but I think I earned it.
Got those bags packed yet? Why? Had your fill of coal dust already? Good evening, Constable.
Evening, Mrs.
We're glad you could make supper on short notice.
To tell you the truth, I'm not too popular in town yet.
Supper invitations aren't exactly pouring in.
Well, we're very happy to have you here, aren't we, Elizabeth? "Happy" isn't the word for it.
Do you like it? Very much, ma'am.
The artist has a wonderful grasp of color and composition.
You know art, do you? A little.
My mother taught me to appreciate different techniques and subjects.
Is she an artist herself? No.
A teacher.
A most honorable profession.
In any event, a very talented artist.
Was My late husband, God rest his soul.
"Noah Stanton.
" Mm.
So, Constable, why the mounties? Yes, Constable, please tell us why someone like yourself chose such an honorable profession.
And while we're at it, how did you come to be in Coal Valley? Why don't you answer that question? I'm sure I wouldn't know.
In that case, just lucky, I guess.
But as to being a mountie, that is in my blood.
My father made a career of being a peace officer, and my mother told me never let a day go by without serving somebody else.
My son, Peter, considered joining the royal northwest mounties, but his father convinced him that coal mining was also a noble profession.
It is, ma'am.
One of the noblest.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you to have them both go into that mine every day.
Well, most days, I didn't think about it, you know? I just went about my business, and I pretended I didn't know what they were doing, or how deep into that Mountain they really were.
And then their shift would end, and in they'd come, sometimes laughing, sometimes grousing, always covered in that coal dust.
Did they ever talk about the danger? He didn't need to.
It's an unspoken contract that every coal miner makes between himself and his family.
Stanton, can you tell me what you remember about the day of the explosion? I'm sure Mrs.
Stanton doesn't want to discuss that subject now.
It's okay, Elizabeth.
I don't mind.
I remember Everything.
The explosion was so loud, it shattered windows and rattled the whole house.
Then it dawned on me what had happened.
No one said a word.
We didn't need to.
All we could think to do was run.
There are no words for what we felt, what was in our hearts.
But they never came home.
Thank you so much for coming, Constable.
Was it really necessary to make her relive the worst day of her life? I'm inquisitive.
I gather information, it's part of who I am.
It's insensitive, but, apparently, that's part of who you are, too.
You won't have to deal with me for very long.
I put in a transfer request, and I am hoping for a quick response.
Good, because this town does not require the services of a second-rate mountie who runs from a challenge.
I hardly consider this town a challenge.
Really? It seems to me that a town whose church burns to the ground, and whose mine explodes, killing half the town's population, wouldn't warrant investigation.
In the short time that I am forced to stay here, Miss Thatcher, I fully intend to investigate all suspicious events that have taken place, which is why I was asking questions tonight.
So you think you can see something or talk to someone for a few moments and deduce all sorts of facts that everyone else has missed? Sometimes.
How clever.
I knew after just two minutes of talking to you that you weren't wearing your own shoes or dress, and that you weren't disappointed when you found out I was coming to dinner.
How could you know that? You're walking on the outside of your feet to compensate for your shoes pinching, and your dress is three inches too short and a little tight around the waist.
[Gasps in shock.]
And not being disappointed about seeing you at dinner? That was just a guess.
How dare you.
I never.
[Chuckles ruefully.]
Shouldn't you be in school, son? I'm not your son.
I'm just walking.
It's not a crime to walk, is it? No, but truancy is a crime, young man.
Gabe! There you are.
This boy should be in class.
Tell me, do you normally allow your students to wander around the streets during school hours? Gabe was running an errand for me, if you must know.
An errand? Yes.
School business.
Thank you for your concern, Constable, but we are perfectly fine.
You left to use the outhouse half an hour ago.
I was worried about you.
No need to worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
Well, during school hours, I expect you to stay in the classroom, unless you have permission to leave.
School doesn't matter! Nothing matters anymore.
Gabe, come back here! [Reverend.]
: Eternal God, our hope in every time of trouble, send thy holy spirit to comfort and strengthen us that we may have hope of life eternal and trust in your goodness and mercy.
Please take a moment of silence to remember your loved ones.
[Door opens and closes.]
[Footsteps approach.]
When did you notice the plank was gone? When I got back from the funeral.
Anything else taken? Not that I can tell, but seeing as you started with the ticking clock for me to find out the true owner of the message, you'd better get out there and find out where it went.
Just so we're clear, Mr.
Gowen, I work for all the people in Coal Valley.
I'm not a miner, and I'm not on your payroll, so I don't take my orders from you.
Does "all the people" include me? Of course.
Then I would appreciate your presence when I have to tell the townsfolk that the plank has gone missing.
I'll see what I can find out.
You should start with that rabble rouser, Franklin Palmer.
If I didn't need every able-bodied man that I can get right now, I would have fired him on the spot for challenging me in front of everyone.
Palmer's not your man.
I saw him at the funeral.
Now I'm going to make the rounds and figure out who wasn't there.
So I thought if I got to know a little more about your son, I might be better equipped to understand where this behavior is coming from.
Fighting? Disrespectful? Gabe? Don't tell me he hit you! What? Oh.
No, no, that's, um I was a little clumsy.
What can you tell me about Gabe's relationship with his father? Joseph? Well, he was a wonderful man.
Gabe adored him.
Idolized him even.
I think it made Joe uncomfortable.
How so? Well, he knew that, one day, Gabe would wake up and see him as he really is Was Just a man.
[Knock on door.]
Would you like me to get that? Yes, please.
: You.
Invite yourself to somebody else's home for dinner so you can ask all sorts of insensitive questions? [Mrs.
: Constable? What can I do for you? I'm making the rounds, letting folks know that I'm here to serve, ma'am.
Oh, well, that's comforting.
Thank you.
This is my daughter, Emily.
Thank you for introducing yourself, Constable.
Children, get washed up for dinner.
[Bell rings.]
Students, please bring your slates, chalk and rags up to my desk, and then you are dismissed.
Thank you.
Thank you Thank you.
What are you doing here? What are you doing here? I'm following him.
Me, too.
How did you know? Know what? That he's the one.
The one what? You don't know, do you? Of course, I know.
You don't know why you're here, in many ways.
I am here because I had an instinct that Gabe was going somewhere that he didn't want anyone to know about, and that he might need help.
He seemed troubled.
"Instinct" is for mounties, not for teachers.
Let me handle this.
"Students" are for teachers, not mounties.
Fair enough.
We'll do this together.
Whatever it is we're doing.
We'll find out in just a minute.
What do you want? Is that the plank? It's mine.
You stole it from Mr.
Gowen's office, didn't you? It ain't stealin' if it's yours in the first place.
You must miss him very much.
Please let me keep it.
I just know it's from him.
It's not that simple.
If you were so sure, Gabe, why didn't you wait for Mr.
Gowen to give it to your family? Pa never trusted Gowen.
I heard him tell ma that he never did the right thing.
That's why I had to take it.
I know he wrote it for me.
He had to write for me.
Sometimes, people die without "I love you's" and "I forgive you's.
" But just because that happens, it doesn't mean they wouldn't have said it if they could have.
I know who did manage to say it before he died.
It's time to tell his wife.
Abigail? Yes, Elizabeth? Constable? Gabe? I don't understand.
They say this is yours.
I know it is.
You've known all along, haven't you? Then why didn't you try to claim it? I think you did want it, but you were worried it would cause a rift between you and the other women.
I knew it would set me apart from them if I had something meaningful to remember my Noah by, and they didn't.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
I shouldn't have taken it.
Thank you, Gabe.
It's okay, Gabe.
It's okay.
There's one more thing that you and I need to do.
And your next word is "territory.
" "Terri- Tory " [.]
[Elizabeth, writing.]
: In closing, I hope I've conveyed that despite the hardships I experienced coming here, I am for want of nothing.
I am standing strong on my own two feet, a proud Thatcher, just like you raised.
Your loving daughter, Elizabeth.
Postscript, I would, however, mention that they have me teaching the children here in an actual saloon, so school supplies, or anything of cultural value you could send me, I would be eternally grateful.
Good afternoon, Miss Thatcher.
Afternoon, Constable Thornton.
Do you think that we could dispense with the "Constable," and could I persuade you to just call me "Jack?" Does your request mean you've come to the conclusion that you'll be here a good, long while? Not at all.
Making it a week is hardly the test of time, now, is it? [Chuckles mirthlessly.]
I concur with your assessment of time However, I still disagree with your assessment of me.
We will be here a good, long while, therefore you may call me Elizabeth.
Elizabeth, it is.
Have yourself a good day, Jack.
Please greet my younger sister for me and pass along that I've yet to see any whiskey-runners, however, I have run into some cowboys, outlaws and one very handsome, annoying mountie.

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