When Calls The Heart (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

Heart and Soul

1 Previously on When Calls the Heart Charles? It's so wonderful to see you again.
You as well.
Is there something wrong? You tell me, Mr.
What happened to Bill? He's married, with a child.
Tom Thornton, at your service.
Will we be seeing you again? No, I'm leaving Hamilton in the morning.
Jack! How was the big city? A change of pace.
Well, I'm sure you and Elizabeth are glad Oh Pardon me.
No Elizabeth? Her mother's still not doing well.
I'm so sorry.
What does her doctor say? Will she recover? Well, it's too soon to know.
I'll keep her in my prayers.
And Elizabeth too.
Lots of changes since the trial.
All for the best.
And a new name, too.
Hope Valley.
Hope Valley.
It fits.
Maybe this isn't a good time to bring this up, but school's about to start, and if Elizabeth isn't going to return, well then, we'll need to find a new teacher.
You're right.
This isn't a good time to bring it up.
Remember this? How could I forget? It took you half an hour to carve, and you nearly cut off your thumb.
I was only nine at the time.
And very impressive.
Especially when you said, "As long as these letters endure, so shall our friendship.
" I said that? Mm-hmm.
What a poet I was.
And a prophet.
Here we are, after all these years.
Some things are meant to endure.
Still the poet.
But even better.
I still have my thumb.
Charles! Mother, did Dr.
Clement leave already? Yes, it was a short visit.
What did he say? The same as always.
Make sure I take my medication and get plenty of rest.
Honestly, I don't know why I even bother with that man.
I should help you to your room.
Oh, no, I'm fine, darling.
I'd like to stay and read a while longer.
Well, is there anything I can do for you? As a matter of fact, there is.
Cecile Kensington is chairing an event for the charity league, and I promised I would help.
If you could Take a basket to the shelter? Mm-hmm.
Charles already volunteered to drive me.
He is such a dear.
To say nothing of the fact that he is quite handsome.
And comes from a wonderful family.
Goodness, Mother, if I didn't know any better, I might think Father had something to worry about.
How you tease your mother Fellows, fellows, please.
Look, I can't make any guarantees, but my goal is to find jobs for each and every one of you.
My trade is mining.
I don't know the first thing about timber.
Well, we'll train you then.
As soon as the mill is up and running, any one of you fellows who used to work for the mining company will get first crack at any job my foremen can teach you to do.
All right? Tell that to these fellows.
We've got a right to work for a day's wage, same as you.
Okay, fellows, take it easy.
Everyone here is going to get a fair chance.
Now, form a line.
Single file.
Any arguing, you go straight to the back.
I appreciate the help, Constable.
Just doing my job.
Leland Coulter.
Lee, and if there's anything I can do to return the favor, please let me know.
Actually, I could use a hand getting the church building finished.
The school term starts soon.
So if you could spare a few men, I'd be grateful.
And I'll be there myself.
I like your attitude.
Well, thank you.
I came to Hope Valley to make a profit, but if I can, I'd like to make a difference, too.
Fair enough.
Let's go, young man.
I think you should wear your hair up.
And I just bought a splendid new hat I can lend you.
Julie, please.
I'm just going to drop off a charity basket with Charles, not attend a society ball.
It must be so exciting to have two men pining over you.
I don't know where you get these crazy notions.
No one is pining over me.
You kissed Jack, and I'm sure if you gave Charles the least bit of encouragement Don't you have anything more important to think about? Well, as a matter of fact, I do.
I received a letter from an admirer.
Would you like to know who it is? No, but I suppose you're going to tell me anyway.
Tom Thornton.
He says he'd like to see me.
I really don't think that's a good idea.
Why not? Because he's dangerous? You don't know anything about him.
I think he's just misunderstood.
And I suppose Mr.
Tolliver, who robbed a bank and held you hostage at gunpoint was also "just misunderstood"? Well, that was different.
This is Jack's brother.
Yes, and he's also the black sheep of the family.
He said so himself.
Don't you want me to be happy? Of course I do, but there are a lot of other men out there who will make you happy besides Tom.
I can't imagine who.
Please, promise me you won't see him.
Just think.
If I were to marry Tom, and you were to marry Jack, well, we'd be sisters-in-law as well as sisters.
Now then, just make sure you check in on Mother while I'm out.
Are you sure I can't go with you? How about this once Father gets home, you and I can go into town for a concert at St.
James Hall.
Could we? Oh, that would be completely divine.
I just love musicians, don't you? They're so bohemian.
I better find something to wear.
Something avant-garde.
Ooh! Maybe a head scarf! Where is she going? To marry a musician.
Bite your tongue.
You know, it's really so much nicer when you put the napkin in the glass like a fan.
Rosemary, I really appreciate you volunteering to help, but I hate to impose on your time like this.
Oh, it's no trouble at all.
I know how busy you are with all the new workers in town.
And I was thinking today we should make corn muffins instead of biscuits.
But we should charge more.
They're really so much better than Than what? Than the run of the mill biscuits served by other people.
Oh, Constable, we're not actually open yet.
Thank you, Rosemary, but I'm here on a personal matter.
I'll start the oven.
Don't mind me.
I wanted to let you know I received a telegram.
There's a criminal investigation back east, and the Mounties need an expert.
And I suppose that expert is you.
I won't be gone long.
Just a week or so.
Well, you know what they say, Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Well, are we talking about your heart or mine? A little of both, I hope.
The stage is due in less than an hour.
I don't believe in saying goodbye anymore.
Then let's leave it at this.
Abigail! Where do you keep your baking so Oh.
Never mind, Ooh, found it! Right here.
Under my nose all along.
Ooh, I like the looks of this place.
New buildings and fresh paint mean cash in people's pockets.
And cash in people's pockets means cash in our pockets, and to that I say "Amen.
" Not the bibles again.
A man can make a good living selling bibles.
Especially when he never places the order.
Give me a hand with that case.
Would you be more careful with those? Oh! Oh, thank heavens you're here.
Ma'am? We received your telegram, but with the flood near Union City we had no idea when you'd arrive.
You heard we were coming here? Of course.
And we're so glad you were available.
Reverend Anderson had to leave town quickly.
I'm afraid he left us high and dry in the spiritual sense, that is.
Oh, Constable Thornton, look who's arrived.
Our new pastor, Frank Hogan.
Nice to meet you, Reverend.
A pleasure.
And he's brought bibles for our church.
I never go anywhere without the good book.
Now, I'm afraid the parsonage isn't ready yet, so you will have to stay in the boarding house over the saloon.
Yes, unfortunately, the church isn't ready either.
Don't worry about us.
We're just humble folks of the cloth.
Look, as the good book says, Rome wasn't built in a day.
I'm paraphrasing, of course.
What my daddy means to say is, who needs a building when it's what's in here that counts.
Oh, what a lovely girl.
What's your name, dear? Annabelle.
After the saint.
I didn't know there was a Saint Annabelle.
What she means to say is that she was named after her saintly mother, God rest her soul.
Well, it seems you're making yourself comfortable.
Oh, do come in.
Well, I bought up about half the town when your bosses pulled up stakes, including everything you see in this room that used to be in your office, if I'm not mistaken.
But you're not here to talk about the good old days, are you? Let's talk about doing business together.
Yeah, I never was quite sure what you meant by that.
No one knows this valley the way that I do.
It would seem to me that you could use a consultant on your payroll just to make sure that things run smoothly.
Here's how I see things.
The mining company is out of business, done, and pretty much everybody in town, right down to Constable Thornton's bloodhound, seems to think that you're worse than the devil himself.
No offense, Mr.
Gowen, but no, I don't want you anywhere near me.
You don't want me as an enemy, either.
I'm prepared to take my chances.
Suit yourself.
Maybe you could be a little more careful next time.
Accidents happen.
I'd keep that in mind, if I were you.
This is quite generous, Mrs.
My mother will be very grateful.
Please give her my best.
I would take it myself, but that charlatan of a doctor has forbidden me from leaving the house.
I'm sorry to hear he hasn't been more helpful.
I hope you don't find this presumptuous, but I have an acquaintance from university who is considered a brilliant physician.
I was wondering if a second medical opinion might be advisable? Well, I wouldn't want to impose.
I think it's a wonderful idea, if it isn't too much to ask.
Not at all.
I'll call him right away.
You are too kind.
Charles! How nice to see you.
I haven't noticed you at any of the social events lately.
Sir Lionel and I were just saying that we're worried you've given up on the pleasures of society.
I'm afraid I've been a bit consumed by work lately.
We're having dinner at the Regency on Sunday.
Perhaps you and Elizabeth can join us.
Please don't feel obliged.
I know you're very busy with work.
In fact, I just happen to be free.
What a happy coincidence.
Are you sure there isn't anything you need from us before we go? No.
I have Julie to take care of me.
Just shoo, all of you.
Isn't that the scarf I gave you on your birthday? Now, how did that get in there? Is that your way of saying that you didn't like it? This is my way of saying, I like it so much, I want to share it with someone in need.
Make sure you get those boards flush.
Travis, careful not to make it too narrow.
Lee! Yeah.
I can't thank you enough for loaning out your men.
Happy to help.
New pastor needs a church.
The kids deserve a real school, right? - Right.
- Okay.
Where do you want this stuff, Jack? Just lay it over there.
So, Jack, if that's all for today, I'll see you back here tomorrow.
Okay? How are you today, Mary? Ah, that boy is a goner.
He is head over heels in love with a woman.
Just like you.
Now, where would you get an idea like that? From everyone in town, saying this is why you were spending your reward money, and now your time, building this place.
Education is important for the future of Hope Valley.
You may be sellin', young man, but I'm not buyin'.
Not buyin'.
Good story, though.
Three orders of roasted chicken and mashed potatoes.
I hope you saved me a piece of that apple pie.
I'm afraid we just ran out.
Makes no never mind.
The only dessert a fella needs is an eyeful of you.
Don't you be getting fresh with Mrs.
Maybe you should mind your own business.
It is my business.
No! Don't you dare.
All right, boys, listen up.
I don't know where you left your manners, but when you're in my cafe, you will act like gentlemen.
So the first thing you're going to do is take your sidearms and leave them at the front door.
Come on, now, let's get going.
And from now on, when you're in my cafe, you will say please and thank you, like it's Sunday supper.
And if you don't, you will go home hungry.
Now, have I made myself clear? Yes, ma'am.
Very good.
Say grace and eat up before your dinner gets cold.
So, if I understand what you're saying, it's the pills that are the problem and not her heart? Her fainting spells began last January, when she started taking the medication.
It's more than mere coincidence.
But Dr.
Clement gave her those pills to help her.
Usually, they do help.
However, in rare cases, they cause a severe drop in blood pressure Which causes the fainting spells.
I'm going to switch her to a different medicine.
She'll be on the mend before you know it.
Lyden, I am so grateful that you came.
Think nothing of it.
And please, ring me if you need anything.
I'll wait in the car.
How can I ever thank you for all you've done for my family? Let's have dinner tonight.
Just the two of us.
I would love that, really, I would, but I should probably stay here, just in case.
Father isn't due until the morning, and Julie and Viola are calling on the Wellingtons.
Then we'll picnic right here on the floor.
But a formal picnic.
White tie, of course.
What will the servants think? That we're two old friends who don't care at all about what anyone else has to say.
Miss Leveaux, that is a mighty tempting basket you have there.
Stanton insisted I bring something for the new reverend, though I do worry about leaving her with all that work at the cafe.
She didn't seem concerned.
If those cookies are for Pastor Hogan, you can save yourself the trip.
I just delivered a basket.
Florence Blakeley, I do believe you've taken a shine to the new reverend.
Not at all.
I'm just doing my job as head of the pastoral search committee.
No one ever brought cookies for me when I first came to town.
You're not a man of the cloth.
No, no, I'm not, but I still like sweet things.
Coulter Are you flirting with me? Tell you what how about I buy those cookies off you as a donation to the new church? They're very expensive.
I have a feeling everything about you is very expensive.
But worth it.
I have no doubt.
I never thought I'd see the day that Charles Kensington III would eat dinner with his fingers.
I've never tried fried chicken before.
It's my friend Abigail's recipe.
You prepared it? Oh, no, no, Elsa made it.
But I have become a much better cook.
Why do you need to cook when there are people to do it for you? Sometimes, it's about the little things, Charles.
We don't always need people to do things for us.
You always were a revolutionary, and I do admire you for it.
It's just such a shame you're so far away.
That's part of the challenge.
I need to know that I can take care of myself.
Is that what this adventure has been about? It's been about a lot of things, really.
Mostly, finding out answers about myself.
Sometimes, we spend so much time searching for the answers, we don't realize they can be right under our nose.
I remember one winter when I was about, oh, 10 years old.
It was a very cold winter, and we ran out of firewood.
We had to use straw instead.
We tied it into these little sticks, and sticks, they don't burn very long.
So, I vowed right then and there, that I was never going to run out of firewood again.
And now I own a whole mountain of it.
I love a story with a happy ending.
I fee like I'm doing all the talking, though.
Listening is the best way to learn about the human experience.
And it's part of my homework as a performer.
So, what brought you out West, then? Where the biggest applause you're going to get is from prairie dogs and antelope? Well, personal reasons.
Ah Does the fellow have a name? I didn't say anything about a man.
You didn't have to.
Ah, Constable Thornton, can I get you a drink? No thanks.
Now, don't tell me you've spent the entire day working on that school house? Actually, that's exactly what I've been doing.
It's a real labor of love, isn't it? In more ways than one.
Miss Leveaux here was just about to tell me what brought her to Hope Valley, and I have my suspicions it was an affair of the heart.
Well, I would be eager to hear the latest version.
Well, I would be happy to tell you both, but I am needed at the cafe.
Abigail is simply lost without me, and I mustn't let her down.
I would love to figure that woman out.
Good luck with that.
You're the reason she came out here, aren't you? Ancient history.
Oh, I'm sorry, We don't open for another 20 minutes.
Are you Mrs.
Stanton? Yes.
I understand you've been spending quite a bit of time with Bill Avery.
I'm sorry, I Is he here? Constable Avery left town this morning on business.
Are you a friend of his? Friend? Hardly.
I'm his wife.
Nora Avery.
Avery, I can assure you, I did not know that he was married.
I would think the wedding ring would have given it away.
He wasn't wearing a ring when we met.
I don't know what kind of game you think you're playing, Mrs.
Stanton, but there are laws that govern this sort of behavior.
Alienation of affection, for one.
I think you should go now.
If my husband comes back here, I assume you'll do the honorable thing.
And tell him that I was looking for him? If he dares show his face here, I will have plenty to tell him.
Good night.
That's far enough.
You got the merchandise? I hope your clients find the work acceptable.
Aunt Agatha! What a pleasant surprise.
I thought I'd stop in to see your mother, and I am so glad to see she is on the mend.
Ooh, have you been shopping? I have.
I found some pastels for the children that I can't get in Coal Valley.
School's starting again very soon.
Frontier life must be exhilarating though I suppose there are certain activities that might wear thin after a while, frog jumping contests, or who could eat the most pie.
It's really isn't like that at all.
No, there are outlaws and bandits.
I was kidnapped and held at gunpoint.
Is this true? Actually, it's very civilized.
We have ice cream socials and Friday night literaries.
Have either of you read the latest D.
Lawrence novel? Aunt Agatha! I'm surprised you read D.
I hear his novels are rather scandalous.
My dear, scandalous is what gets me out of bed in the morning.
I love a good romance.
I would love to be the lead in one of those novels.
To live the life of the femme fatale, pursued by men who are dark, and handsome, and mysterious.
Or you could just take up needlepoint? It looks like you're making progress.
Slowly but surely.
Did you stop by to help? I think you two are more than capable.
Rip runs a pretty tight ship.
Can you pass me that hammer? I'm sure Elizabeth will be thrilled to be out of the saloon and back into a classroom.
She's been a good sport about it.
She certainly has "long-suffering schoolmarm" written all over her.
I don't envy her situation torn between her family and her new life here.
She's not torn.
Once her mother's health improves, she'll come back.
Of course.
I just mean families have a way of luring you back in.
Well, and let's be honest, city life does have its charms.
So does Hope Valley.
I'll leave you to your work.
And don't forget we have a meeting later.
We're going to raise money for the church.
Our town really is coming alive, don't you think? A school, a church, a sawmill A timber tycoon in need of female companionship.
I hadn't noticed.
I'm sure we can come to an understanding.
There's not a lot to understand, Silas.
You owe me a substantial amount of money, and it's time to repay that debt.
I can't lay my hands on that kind of cash.
Not all at once.
We could always let the court decide how you're going to make good on your obligations, but then, there would likely be discovery of transactions made with public funds during your tenure.
They could implicate you as well.
Silas, please.
No one has ever been able to implicate me in anything.
It may, however, be a different story for you, as Mayor.
Henry, I don't have the money.
So unless you want a pound of flesh I don't think it needs to come to that.
By the way, how is your health? I do hope we have enough refreshments.
People always give more generously when they have a glass of lemonade and a slice of pie.
Abigail, is there something wrong? Oh, I'm fine.
I just haven't heard from Clara since the trial, and she said she would write when she got back to Hamilton.
Is that all? Yes.
No, it isn't.
It's Bill Avery.
Ah, the perfect suitor.
Except for one little thing.
Which is? He has a wife.
And half of me is furious and the other half Well, the cad got under your skin.
Oh, that low-life.
You know, this happened to me once.
I had just finished a run of "The Yankee Prince" on Broadway.
Well, the lying cheat courted me for a month before I found out he was married.
What did you do? Gave that scoundrel a black eye.
But I kept the jewelry.
Well, I didn't get a chance to give the scoundrel a black eye because he skipped town.
And I didn't get any jewelry.
Oh my dear.
Never commit your heart unless there's jewelry.
I'll keep that in mind for next time.
Well, I'm glad I could be of some help.
You know, I really am enjoying our little heart to heart chats.
You know, so am I.
Now, before we ask you to open your hearts and your wallets, perhaps our new pastor would like to say a few words.
Of course.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to raise funds for our church programs.
Still waters run deep, and so do deep pockets.
Dig deep in those pockets and give.
Onward, Christian soldiers.
Now, let's get down to business.
I am pleased to announce that Mr.
Lee Coulter has already bought a basket of my delicious homemade cookies for a $10 donation to our church programs.
And I will pledge another 20 if you'll agree to accompany me to the ice cream social on Saturday night.
I'll consider it for 25.
Five dollars will pay for a child's choir robe.
There's going to be a children's choir? That's a wonderful idea.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves now.
Why don't we start off with donations of $2 for hymnals and bibles just to start.
If I could have everybody's attention.
I have an announcement to make.
Last night, I asked Mary Dunbar here to be my wife, and she said yes.
We would be honored if Pastor Hogan would marry us, if that's all right.
Of course that's all right.
The fee is $5.
That'll be the best $5 I'll ever spend.
But the thing is, folks, we don't even have a church yet here.
You can marry them right here, Daddy.
That's a wonderful idea.
We wouldn't need much.
It doesn't need to be fancy.
We're simple folk.
It will be simple, but it will be perfect.
Now, don't you two lovebirds worry about a thing.
I will take care of all the details.
I'll just have to tell Abigail that I won't be able to help out in the cafe because of all this extra responsibility.
I'm sure Abigail will find a way to muddle through without you.
I didn't think you'd come.
Your note said it was urgent.
Is everything all right? I thought you might have gotten the wrong impression of me, and I didn't want to start out on the wrong foot.
You thought I'd think less of you because of the fight at the bar? See, that's the thing.
It really wasn't a fight.
Just a couple of fellows horsing around is all.
I knew if you were with Constable Thornton, it couldn't be anything bad.
Can I see you again? I don't see why not.
Well, I'm glad to see you're not a teetotaler.
Well, the way I see it, Jesus turned water into wine for a reason.
I like your style, Pastor.
The next round's on me.
Greatly appreciated I take it this'll be your first wedding in a saloon? It will, but what could be better? The union of a man and a woman, and the union of a man and his barstool, all under one roof.
Here we go.
That's a lot of bibles.
Hard-earned, too.
Even with the settlement from the mining company, the widows have to be careful with what they spend.
Widows? But we're strong.
And generous.
So you order those bibles, and hymnals, and choir robes.
Um Well, maybe we should just use half of the money.
The good book always says it's a smart thing to save for a rainy day.
There's no sense procrastinating, if you're aiming to get things done.
Yeah, we're making good progress on the church.
Well, I'll leave the decision in your capable hands, Pastor.
I'm sure if you pray for guidance, you'll know just what to do with the money.
The chateaubriand was just delicious.
Even better than I remember.
Well, here, try a spoonful of cherries jubilee.
Oh, I couldn't.
I insist.
Oh, my goodness.
That is heaven on earth.
Do you remember the last time we were here and we played that wicked prank on your aunt? And what prank was that? We took all of the spoons off the waiter's cart and hid them in Aunt Agatha's umbrella.
You can only imagine how horrified she was when she opened it in front of the coat-check room.
They nearly arrested her for stealing the silver.
You two are très incorrigible.
I'm sure you have plenty of mischievous stories about Viola.
No, not really.
Well, we had a very strict governess.
She came from a little burg just south of Zurich Oh, yes, Frau Bustenhaller.
I can still smell the cod liver oil on her breath.
As I was saying, one morning, after our history lesson, I hid her reading glasses.
It took her ages to find them.
She was completely miffed.
How positively wicked of you, my darling.
It was terribly naughty, I know.
Are there any more secrets I need to know about you? You'll have the rest of your life to find out.
Viola is there anything you wish to share with us? Well I know it's a secret, and we're not supposed to announce it yet, but I just have to say something, or I'll burst.
Sir Lionel and I are engaged to be married.
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.
I'd say this calls for a toast.
Waiter, a bottle of champagne, please.
Miss Leveaux, it looks fantastic.
I guess beautiful people know how to make things beautiful.
Well, it's just what I do.
There's no official announcement yet, but I heard he'll be resigning tomorrow.
Any idea why? Something about his health.
Sorry, who's resigning? Mayor Ramsey.
Really? Who's taking his place? The town by-laws state that the president of the town council serves as interim mayor until the next election.
And who heads the council? I do.
Of course you do.
I cannot express to you how much I am looking forward to being your mayor.
Good evening.
You all set to tie the noose? Noose? He means "knot.
" Paraphrasing, of course.
I'm ready.
Okay, good, good.
I am so nervous.
I was nervous at my wedding, too.
In fact, I forgot to say "I do" when the reverend asked me.
And what did you say? I said "I think so.
" Please, be seated.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to see whether a marriage can endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
So if anyone has objections to this state of the union, they may speak now or forever hold I have an objection.
And who are you? I think the real question here is who are you? The Pastor Frank Hogan.
Really? Because I'm Pastor Frank Hogan, I don't think you're a real pastor at all.
Really? He's not a real pastor? This is not a real wedding? Not until I pronounce you man and wife Which I will do as long as you promise to love, honor, and obey each other till death do you part.
I do.
So do I.
Well, kiss the bride.
I have a new dad.
You two aren't going anywhere.
I think you should lock him up and throw away the key.
I agree, Florence, but that would leave Annabelle without a father, and that doesn't seem right.
Well, we could shoot him Or we could pray for him, since there's no one among us that doesn't need forgiveness.
I've been telling him this is no way to raise an innocent child.
Okay, folks, here's what we're going to do.
First, you are going to return all the money that you have taken from these people, then I'm going to send your picture with the words "con artist" to every town within a hundred miles of here.
Fair enough? That's more than kind, Constable.
He'll turn over a new leaf, I promise.
Thank you.
Well, this has been a wonderful evening.
Dear Elizabeth.
I hope someday you will be as happy as we are.
If that's at all possible.
Oh, I'm sure it's very possible.
A toast To true love.
To true love
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