When Calls The Heart (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Heart and Home

Previously on "When Calls the Heart" Let me drive.
Can't believe I'm about to agree to this.
[Yelps and laughs as engine fires up.]
Rosemary LeVeaux, I promise, you will get your theater.
Oh-ho-ho-ho! Is that Charles Kensington Elizabeth just kissed? Yep.
: Another project? The paint's still wet on the school house.
: I know, I know.
But think of the prestige it'll bring to Hope Valley.
This town could use a little culture.
- Don't you agree, Abigail? - I'm sure I would, if I had any idea what you were talking about.
Well, Lee here has promised to build a theater for Rosemary.
- So I've heard.
- Really? Word spreads fast in this town.
Word spreads fast when Rosemary is spreading it.
Ah, but that's the beauty of it.
Not only is she the performer, she also does her own publicity.
And she's got the newspaper behind her, too.
I can see she's got you convinced.
That woman could sell ice in a snowstorm.
Well, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to the cafe.
Of course.
Shall we? Heat makes mercury rise but, because it's sealed in this glass tube, all it can do is go up, and we can tell what the temperature is by seeing just how high the mercury gets.
How high is it, Miss Thatcher? [Sighs.]
It's colder than any classroom ought to be.
I think I can help with that.
You know how to fix a stove? Well, I may not be an expert, but I think I can manage.
Mounties can do anything.
Give that young man an "A.
" [Chuckles.]
All right, everyone.
Please take out your grammar books.
Yes, Emily? Are you gonna marry Constable Thornton? Emily we are working on our grammar now.
My mom says that she's gonna marry the man from Hamilton the one she kissed before he got on the stagecoach.
Albert your grammar book? Now, if you'll all please turn to page 35 Is he coming back, Miss Thatcher? Or are you gonna marry him and move to Hamilton? [Dreamily.]
: He's very handsome.
All right, children! I'm not marrying anyone.
Ever? Maybe someday.
But not right away.
And certainly not until you've all learned how to properly diagram a sentence, so unless you would like extra homework, I suggest that you all focus on your propositions.
[Kids giggling.]
I mean prepositions.
Page 35, please.
In your books.
We will all read aloud.
S02E05 Heart and Home [Elizabeth.]
: And after Jack fixed the stove, Rachel said, "Thank you for keeping Miss Thatcher nice and warm.
" [Abigail laughs.]
What did Jack say? Nothing.
What'd you expect him to say? "My pleasure.
" Now, that sounds like something more Charles would say.
Somehow I can't imagine Charles repairing a stove.
Can you imagine him keeping you warm? Abigail! I'm just asking.
So many suitors, so many choices.
I think we've talked enough about my suitors.
It's far more fun than discussing mine.
We don't have to talk about Bill Avery either.
The sooner I put that behind me, the better.
I know.
You'd only just opened up your heart again.
I wish I had great words of wisdom, but all I can do is try to be a good listener.
That's all you have to be.
- Right on time.
- Mm-hmm.
What do you want to talk to me about? Care for a drink? No, thank you.
Suit yourself.
I thought we might discuss the new rail road line.
Ah The rail road line.
The one that was gonna go right to my sawmill, and that you somehow convinced the rail road company to reroute through land you own? The new route is better for the town.
Tell me.
How does building a spur line further away from the town benefit anyone? Well, it gives room for Hope Valley to expand.
Again onto land you own.
How convenient.
Well, we will all share in the benefits, just as we will all share in the costs.
The costs? What costs? Well, the roadways and the depot are not the responsibility of the railway, they're our responsibility.
Let me guess.
You have a plan.
- I am the Mayor.
- Uh-huh.
A "special business tax assessment"? Those who'll reap the most benefit will also share the most of the burden.
The way you've rigged these rates, you're gonna break me.
That is the idea, of course, though, isn't it? Stealing the rail-line from me, that wasn't enough for you.
You're not gonna be happy until you put me out of business for good, is that right? Fair is fair.
You wouldn't know the first thing about being fair.
This is not it.
I'm going to fight you on this.
Well, you can try.
But the town council has already approved it.
Jack? Jack! I just got this telegram from Viola I just got one from the Mounties.
Tom and Julie were in an automobile accident.
Viola says that Julie will be all right.
How bad is Tom? Didn't say.
You're going? The first stage I can catch.
You? I don't have much of a choice.
According to Viola, my parents have never been this upset, and Julie won't speak to anyone.
What about school? [sighs heavily.]
: Why do you have to go? [Elizabeth.]
: My family needs me, but I'll be back as soon as I can.
And while I'm gone, Mrs.
Blakeley will be your substitute teacher.
[all groaning.]
Blakeley? Yes, and I expect you all to listen to her and do as she says.
I'll be leaving lessons in geography, spelling and math.
And while I'm gone, you all will be working on the Founders' Day play! [All grumbling.]
So that will be very exciting.
All right.
You may go to recess.
Emily? Are you all right? I don't want to come to school if you're not here.
Blakeley scares me.
Can I tell you a little secret? Sometimes, she scares me, too.
[both chuckle.]
I'm going to give you a present, so you won't be lonely while I'm away.
May I have your hand? Now you keep that with you while I'm gone, and whenever you feel scared or alone at school, all you have to do is this and then you'll be reminded that I am right there with you, even when I'm gone.
I'm gonna miss you, Miss Thatcher.
I'm going to miss you, too.
Gowen is becoming a real problem.
Well, what I know is, your sawmill provides jobs.
Yes! For over half the men in this town.
Then it beats me how can anyone can think it's in their best interest to drive it out of business.
You know I really thought that deal with Thatcher's company was gonna get things going, that I'd be able to meet my goals.
And now? Gowen sabotaging me at every corner, I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to deliver on my promises.
I'd have to cut jobs, and without jobs there's not much to keep this town going.
I have to get to work.
Thank you.
Charles it was so kind of you to pick us up from the train station.
Well, it was the least I could do.
This isn't gonna be easy, is it? Well, your father doesn't get upset very often, but can't blame him this time.
I suppose not.
: All right.
I'd best be off.
Uh, Jack, if you'd like a ride to the infirmary, it's no trouble at all.
That's very generous, but I'll make my own way.
: Telephone me and let me know what's going on with Tom? I will.
It's gonna be all right.
I hope so.
Did Mr.
Thatcher say anything to you about the accident? Just that what Tom did was reckless and irresponsible.
And you agree? It's not my place to judge.
Julie's like a sister to me, so I'm being honest, I really can't forgive your brother.
Well, I guess I'm not surprised.
I just want what's best for the Thatcher girls.
For Julie and for Elizabeth.
Do you know what's best for Elizabeth? Do you? I know her well enough to let her decide for herself.
With all due respect you don't know her at all.
[crank clunks, engine chugs.]
[Door opens.]
Just a moment! What are you doing here, Mr.
Avery? I'm asking that you to hear me out.
I just want you to understand.
When I lost my parents, Nora's father, Jonas Wilder, he took me in, made sure I was taken care of, paid for my schooling.
Nora fell in love with a drifter.
She eloped with him.
He deserted her with child, and I married her out of duty to her father, to protect her honor.
And you raised the boy? As if he were my own son.
I thought Nora and I could have a life together but when Martin died we were both devastated.
And Nora changed.
We couldn't even speak to each other without fighting.
- So you left? - No.
I didn't give up, I did everything I could to make things right.
She disappeared for nearly two years, and when I finally found her, she was living with her father.
She said the marriage was over for her, and she wanted a divorce and didn't want to see me.
Something must have happened to change her mind.
I have no idea what it was.
I can't explain why she showed up at your doorstep, or how she found you.
You told me your wife died.
I said that I'd lost her, and it wasn't a lie.
It was a deception.
I was going to tell you everything when I came back to town.
I had every reason to believe the divorce would be official by then.
But it wasn't.
No, it wasn't.
I made an unforgivable mistake, Abigail.
At least now you know the truth.
Your mother's upstairs.
This whole affair's been a terrible ordeal for her.
I'll go up in a minute.
Where's Julie? She still won't come out of her room.
At least she can't cause any trouble from there.
I wouldn't put it past her.
Tell me everything that happened.
Apparently, the Thornton boy broke into the garage and convinced her to go on a joy ride, then he ran the car off the road.
The damned fool, he could have killed them both.
You're not planning on pressing charges against Tom, are you? He also took Julie to a dance hall and he broke in there as well.
God knows where else he's taken her.
Julie may be headstrong, but the young man needs to be taught a lesson.
If Julie continues to fraternize with the wrong sort of people, it could be disastrous.
"The wrong sort of people.
" Like the Thorntons? [Viola.]
: I didn't say that.
I sent you the telegram because this is serious.
You're the only one she listens to, Elizabeth.
You may think I'm cruel at times, but I have Julie's interests at heart here.
I know you do.
I didn't mean to be defensive.
Talk to her.
Make her understand.
I'll do my best.
: I don't even know what I'm doing here.
It's just a bump on the head and a couple of broken ribs.
I've had worse.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
I can come back later.
No, it's fine.
Nurse Carter, this is my brother the incomparable Constable Jack Thornton.
Oh! You're the Mountie Tom's told me about.
What else did he tell you? That you were eight-feet tall and could straighten a horseshoe with your bare hands.
Well, Tom likes to exaggerate.
A little.
How's he doing? Two broken ribs and a concussion.
The doctor would like to keep him here for observation.
- Have you heard from Julie? - We can talk about that later.
I have no secrets from Miss Carter.
She knows all about the Thatchers.
I have to apologize for my brother's lack of discretion.
It's all right.
Everyone knows the Thatchers.
- They're practically - Hamilton royalty.
I've heard.
Jack has a very close relationship with Princess Elizabeth.
Oh? We both live in Hope Valley.
And I escorted her here to Hamilton.
Well, she's a lucky woman to have a Mountie as an escort.
[telephone ringing.]
Hello? I didn't expect to hear from you again.
He is? No.
I didn't know he went back.
Where did you see him? [Florence.]
: I'm so eager to get started in the classroom.
Elizabeth Thatcher is too easy on the children.
Young minds need discipline.
Did I tell you Dottie saw Bill Avery coming out of Abigail's cafe this morning? Before it was open! I would have thought Abigail would have more purity of character than to meet secretly with a man of questionable integrity.
How frequently people disappoint us.
: They certainly do.
I always thought my friends had more purity of character than to gossip about me behind my back.
- Oh, Abigail, I - For the record not that it's any of your business there is less than nothing between Bill Avery and me.
And there never will be.
Have I made myself clear? Yeah.
A word of advice, Florence.
The Good Book says "Judge not that you be not judged.
" If you went to church and actually listened instead of gossiping, you'd hear that only those without sin should cast the first stone.
So if you want to judge the "purity" of someone's character, you'd do well to start with your own.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
Oh I suppose I got carried away, didn't I? They deserved it.
And that bit about judging was nicely put.
If I ever need someone to fill in on Sunday, I know who to ask.
I suppose I'm angry.
But not with Florence.
No, not with Florence.
With Bill.
Here's my two cents about anger.
It's like a toothache.
See, a toothache hurts, and the only way to fix it is to do something about it.
We all know it, but we put it off because we're afraid it'll hurt worse.
But once that tooth is gone, we feel a whole lot better.
So you're saying the only way for me to get over being angry is to forgive Bill for what he did.
I'm not sure I'm ready to do that.
Well, it may be painful, Abigail, but you need to pull that tooth.
Trust me.
You'll feel a whole lot better once it's done.
- [Julie.]
: My life is over.
- [Elizabeth.]
: That's not true.
Father's forbidden me to see Tom ever again, and I'll die if I don't see him.
I'll wither away and die.
- You won't die.
- Then I'll wither.
Thatchers do not "wither.
" But breaking into that dance hall, and then taking Father's car, what were you thinking? One doesn't think when one is in love.
Well, one had better start.
Didn't I ask you to promise not to see Tom again? You asked, I didn't promise.
Julie you know I only want what's best for you.
Then take me to visit him.
He needs me.
- Jack is with him.
He'll be fine.
- Honestly, Elizabeth, I thought you would understand how I feel, being in love with the wrong kind of man.
I'm not in love with "the wrong kind of man.
" Well, Jack is Tom's brother! Yes.
And that's where the similarity ends.
Tom is a good person inside.
Yes, he is! But he should have been a lot more careful behind the wheel of that car.
It wasn't his fault.
The mud was slippery and the tires skidded.
It could have happened to anyone.
You shouldn't have been out with him in the first place.
I'll do as I please with whom I please, and if Father presses charges against the man I love, I swear I shall never speak to him again.
Julie, if you want to be treated like a grownup, then start acting like one.
Now get out of bed and stop behaving like you're five years old.
But what about Tom? We can talk more about him when you're dressed and downstairs, and not until then.
[Elizabeth sighs heavily and Viola stops playing.]
- Any luck with Julie? - She's convinced she's in love.
Not with that scoundrel.
Tom may have his problems, but I wouldn't call him a scoundrel.
Of course you wouldn't.
He's Jack's brother.
You have to defend him.
This isn't about Jack.
Isn't it? Forgive me for being blunt, but everyone's asking.
Do you and Jack have an understanding? An understanding about what? I'm asking if he's made a proposal.
That's none of your affair.
So he hasn't.
I'm not in any rush to reach an "understanding" with anyone.
And, clearly, neither is he.
Jack is shy.
Or maybe he realizes how difficult it would be for the two of you because you come from such different backgrounds.
We're not so different.
In fact, I've adapted quite well to life in Hope Valley.
The real issue is, when will you make up your mind about who you are and where you belong? - I know perfectly well who I am! - Really? Have you told Charles? Or will you continue leading him on? I'm not leading him on.
Charles is one of my dearest friends.
You have lots of friends in Hamilton, yet you choose to spend most of your time with him.
I think you need to ask yourself why.
I never got to thank you for all you did to find Clara.
You don't need to.
Yes, I do.
Thank you.
She's a fine young woman.
Please tell her goodbye for me.
I will.
I know that this hasn't been easy for either of us but it's in the past.
And I want you to know that whatever happened between us, I wish you the best of luck with everything.
I mean that.
Thank you.
Going on a bit of a run here.
Who is that distinguished gentleman in the expensive suit? [lee.]
: Bertram P.
Railroad magnate.
He's here to approve the deal that's gonna make Gowen rich.
The deal hasn't gone through yet? May as well.
Tried everything I can to change his mind, but no cigar.
It's not like you to give up.
I'm not giving up.
I never give up.
I'm just out of options at the moment.
You've taken the last four pots, Mr.
Well, I hope you'll forgive me.
I mean, given our new business relationship, I would think it'd be more prudent of me to lose, but, well, I just don't work that way.
There's no point in playing unless you're out for blood.
Clean me out, if you can.
I'll respect you all the more for it.
- [Chuckles.]
- Besides I can afford it.
You certainly can.
Jack! I almost didn't recognize you out of uniform.
Please, join me.
You're not expecting anybody else? Oh, no.
I usually eat alone, so I can read up on my patients' files.
You seem very dedicated to your work.
I am! I get the feeling you are, too.
It must run in your family.
Did Tom tell you our dad was a Mountie? You have no secrets from me.
Well, that puts me at a disadvantage.
My mother was a nurse, so I know what it's like to carry on the family profession.
Not that I'm complaining about my work.
I like making a difference in people's lives.
So do I.
I can tell.
Speaking of-of medical files I wonder if I could see Tom's? Are you asking officially? Actually, I'm asking more as a friend.
Well, I'm glad to hear we're friends.
- I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.
I appreciate your help.
How are the Thatchers holding up? William Thatcher is pretty upset, as you can imagine.
Certainly he doesn't blame you for what happened? I guess I blame myself a little.
- Tom's my brother.
- That's not fair.
Well, I introduced them.
You're being too hard on yourself.
[door opens.]
: Well, if it isn't Constable Thornton.
Sir Lionel.
Lionel spotted you through the window, and we thought we would just pop in and say hello.
Oh, this is Faith.
Miss Miss Carter.
She is the nurse at the infirmary.
She's taking care of Tom.
Delighted to make your acquaintance.
We don't mean to keep you from your dinner.
Oh, no.
We were just meeting to discuss Tom's health.
Let him know we wish him a speedy recovery.
Of course.
: I have good news.
Bill's on his way home.
Seems to me he's been away a very long time.
The life of a Mountie.
He's one of the best men they have.
I always knew he had a bright future, from the time he was a young boy.
Bill idolizes you, Papa.
You did so much for him.
He owes you everything.
Obligation not the same thing as love.
Of course not.
Sometimes two people even the best of people, aren't meant to be together.
Bill and I are very happy together.
No one is to blame for what happened, Nora.
Not you.
Not Bill.
I assure you, there was no mechanical failure.
The fault lies squarely with the driver.
I'm not disputing that.
Then I don't see the point of inspecting the vehicle.
Well It's standard procedure with an automobile accident.
I've made some inquiries.
Your brother has a long history of brushes with the law.
Good news travels fast.
Doesn't it alarm you that he continues to find himself in trouble? It does.
But I'm not sure being thrown in jail is going to help Tom.
He committed a crime.
Everyone makes mistakes, Mr.
The true test of a man is how he recovers from them.
That may be, but I want your assurance that your brother will stop seeing my daughter.
I'll see what I can do.
I'm not sure the association between the Thorntons and the Thatchers has proven to be a happy one.
Are you asking me to stop seeing Elizabeth? No.
I'm hoping that your concern for her and for our family will lead you to a decision that would show how much you care about Elizabeth - and her future.
- Mr.
Thatcher I care a great deal about your daughter.
: Working on your advice column? Well, I'm trying, but I can't stop watching this.
: So they've been playing all night? [Rosemary.]
: I heard they broke at midnight and started up an hour ago.
What's so fascinating? Well, Gowen [Whispers.]
: Is cheating.
- He's cheating? - Mm-hmm.
: How do you know? Okay, see that man over there by the pillar? - Yeah? - Just watch.
[Rosemary chuckles.]
I'll be He's a spotter.
: He certainly is.
He sees Harriman's hand, and he signals to Gowen whether it's strong or weak.
How do you know so much about poker? Well, a lady is allowed her secrets.
Yes, she is.
Listen There might be a way to beat Gowen at his own game.
I was thinking the same thing.
It might require a little bit of teamwork, though.
- I was hoping you'd ask.
- Okay.
How's Julie doing? Mm.
She's devastated that Father won't let her see your brother.
Did she say what caused the accident? The road was muddy and the car skidded.
I knew things wouldn't end well between them.
The last time we were in Hamilton, I told her to break things off with Tom.
Well, I gave him the same advice.
Julie's always been attracted to men who are trouble.
Well, did you ever think maybe Julie could be responsible for some of that trouble? She's not the one who broke into the garage! Well, but it could've been her idea.
Are you blaming my sister for what happened? All I'm saying is there could be more to the story than you think.
And when someone as prominent as your father threatens to press charges against someone like my brother, the consequences can be serious.
Well, maybe the consequences need to be serious for Tom's own good.
Well, maybe they need to be serious for Julie as well.
[Spotter coughs.]
[He clears his throat.]
Two pair.
Queens and deuces.
Three 10s.
: Thank you, Mr.
Gowen, for the most challenging game I've had in a long while.
- I don't often lose.
- Well, neither do I.
I only do business with winners.
Heard there was a game going on.
Too late to get in on it? [Coins clattering.]
Harriman and I have some business to attend to.
Come on, Henry.
What's wrong? You've been bleeding me dry since I came to town.
I should think that you'd jump at the chance to take more of my money.
Well, under different circumstances, I would be delighted, but But you're a coward.
Is that it? Mr.
Gowen, a challenge has been given.
I suggest you pick up the gauntlet.
Why, thank you.
The medical report seems to be in order.
He wasn't driving, was he? What makes you say that? There had to be a reason you wanted to see his file.
I'm guessing you've examined the car and found some evidence? There's a crack in the windshield on the passenger side of the car.
It's consistent with Tom's head injury.
Miss Thatcher was behind the wheel, and your brother is lying to protect her? She doesn't have a license, which means she broke the law, and she is probably terrified of what her father would do if he found out she was driving.
Y-You have to get Tom to tell the truth.
Well, he won't do it.
He puts on a tough act, but deep down, he's the most loyal person I know.
He'll never betray Julie.
You care about him very much, don't you? Well, he had a tough time of it, growing up without a dad.
I grew up without a mom.
She died when I was 10.
I still miss her, but being a nurse like she was makes me feel closer to her somehow.
Same way as being a Mountie makes me feel close to my father.
Your brother doesn't have that.
It's harder on him than on you.
You're very perceptive, you know that? Comes with the job.
I raise [Spotter coughing.]
[chip clatters.]
Kings full of sixes.
Gentlemen, I need to get some air.
If you'll excuse me.
Drinks are on me.
[background chatter.]
Hello, stranger.
I haven't seen you around town before.
But I know your type.
I've been watching you and I think you and I need to have a little chat.
: It's good to see your appetite has returned.
There's no sense in me withering away.
I have to keep strong if I'm gonna fight for the man I love.
I thought you talked some sense into her.
Let's just be grateful she's come out of her room.
So what have you heard about Tom? He's better, but they're keeping him in the infirmary just to be sure.
You must convince Father to let me visit.
I need to see him to know he's all right.
Jack will let us know if there's anything to worry about.
Apparently, Constable Thornton has struck up a friendship with Tom's nurse.
Who told you that? Lionel and I were having dinner downtown.
We spotted them in a restaurant.
Jack didn't say anything about it.
: Hmm.
She's very pretty.
And they were deeply involved in conversation.
I'm surprised he didn't mention it.
I'm sure Jack has more important things to think about.
I'll take one.
I bet 50.
I'll see your hundred, I'll raise you whatever you have left.
No, Lee I'll re-raise you.
"Re-raise"? You're busted.
No, I'm not busted, and I am gonna re-raise you.
I raise you - my sawmill.
- No, Lee.
Your sawmill? You want it, Gowen? Here it is.
Come and get it.
Please, don't do this.
You could lose everything.
Stay out of this, Rosemary.
What am I gonna call with? With your land.
The parcel you're using for the railway.
I can't make a profit if you control the right of way.
You've seen to that.
So It's all or nothing.
For you or for me.
Mayor Gowen, I beg you.
Coulter's not in his straight mind.
It isn't fair to take advantage of his desperation.
Would you please sit down? - I'm trying to help you.
- I don't need your help! For the last time sit down.
[Spotter coughs.]
It's a bet.
[Slides cards and flips.]
Club flush, king high.
You think I'd fall for your bluff? [Lee exhaling deeply.]
I knew you would.
Only I wasn't bluffing.
Four sevens.
[Spectators cheering.]
: You won! [Applause and cheering continue.]
Gowen, again, I must thank you that was even more entertaining than our game.
Coulter, well done.
I truly thought you were bluffing as well.
I believe it is you and I who now have business to discuss.
I look forward to it, sir.
It's a miracle! [both laughing.]
Fantastic, eh, gentlemen? Drinks are on me! How much longer do I gotta stay in here? As long as it takes.
Those ribs might be on the mend, but concussions can be tricky.
It's just a scratch! I'm telling you.
A funny thing about that scratch there's a crack on the windshield of the passenger side of the car, mot the driver's side.
Like you said funny thing.
Someone's head hit the window, and it wasn't Julie's.
Well, maybe something else hit it.
Come on, Tom.
Admit it.
Julie was driving when the accident happened.
- You're nuts.
- Protecting her is noble.
I understand.
- But you need to tell the truth.
- I am telling the truth.
Do you understand that William Thatcher thinks you nearly killed his daughter? I'm not gonna get Julie in trouble! He's gonna forgive her, but he will never forgive you.
Sure he will.
Everyone likes me.
I'm a charming fellow.
You wanna be serious for once? All right.
[sighs heavily.]
Tell me about Faith Carter.
- I can tell - You're not helping yourself, Tom.
You know mm.
I think my head's starting to hurt after all.
I'm gonna take a little rest.
Close the door on your way out.
So just how did you persuade Gowen's spotter to give him the wrong signal? Oh, I've dealt with lots of men like him, and their only loyalty is money, so I just offered him three times what Gowen was paying him.
That's my girl! Now, suppose Gowen still had the better hand? [Lee.]
: Oh, I knew he didn't.
How? Because when I was begging Gowen to let Lee off the hook, I may have snuck a teeny little peek at his hand.
She gave me the signal, so I knew that I had him beat.
Like this.
You see? It's very convincing, right? [Laughing.]
Oh, I wish I had been there to see that.
Well, the good news is, the rail road company is in business with me now, so that spur line's is going to go exactly where it should.
And? And what? And with all the money that you won from Gowen, you are going to build me the biggest theater this side of the Rocky Mountains! [Rosemary chuckles.]
So it would seem.
To the future of Hope Valley! Hear, hear.
To the future.
The evidence is clear as day.
Tom was in the passenger seat.
But Julie wouldn't lie to me.
She was driving without a license, and she's scared to death of your father.
Is that what Tom told you? No.
He said he didn't want to get her in trouble.
But I convinced his nurse to show me the doctor's report - Oh, yes.
- And ev The nurse.
- What about her? - Heard you two have been spending some free time together.
We happened to be having dinner at the same place.
She was alone, I was alone.
We started talking about Tom, that's all.
It's wonderful she's been so helpful.
Elizabeth I'm trying to keep my brother out of jail, and Faith agrees with me that Tom wasn't driving.
So you two are on a first-name basis? You spend time with Charles, so why shouldn't I have dinner with someone who's trying to help my brother? Charles is a friend.
A "friend" who would ask for your hand the very second I was out of the picture, but I never questioned your intentions.
Not once.
I have never given you a reason not to trust me.
Neither have I.
Then why didn't you tell me about your new friend? Because your family doesn't get to run my life.
That's completely unfair.
What's unfair is Tom taking the blame for what Julie did.
Now, you need to convince her tell your father the truth - about what happened.
- And you need to talk to Tom about growing up and being responsible.
Well, if that's all, I think I should be going.
Don't let me keep you.
Jack What's happening? I'm not sure.

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