When Calls The Heart (2014) s02e07 Episode Script

With All My Heart

Previously, on When Calls the Heart : I've had enough trouble around here.
Starting over sounds okay to me.
You told me your wife died.
I said that I'd lost her, and it wasn't a lie.
It was a deception.
You certainly know how to sweep a girl off her feet.
I am trying my best.
We can't just pick up as if nothing's happened.
Why not? The past is in the past.
I'm really glad I met you, Faith.
You know how I adore you, but I can't let this continue any longer.
Jack! Morning, Rosemary.
Trevoy couldn't get away from the saloon, so he asked me to show you these.
He said he got this $5 bill last night from a gentleman who bought drinks for everyone, and then, just now, he got another $5 bill from the same man! So what's the problem? Look, they have the same serial number.
Do you think they could be counterfeit? Did you happen to see what this man looked like? He's over there Waiting on the stage.
Do you mind? - Oh! - Thank you.
Good morning, Rosemary.
Oh! Elizabeth! Welcome back.
Thank you! I hear you took over for Mrs.
Blakeley in the schoolhouse while I was away.
No need to thank me.
The children and I got along famously.
Good, but, for some reason, they didn't do any of their lessons.
Elizabeth There's so much more to learning than what can be found in books.
You have to educate the whole child.
Encourage independent thinking! Mm.
You always have such a Unique perspective.
Excuse me, sir.
I wonder if you could tell me where you got these $5 bills.
Well, I cashed a check at your bank yesterday.
You did? You have any more of them? Let me see.
Jack! Oh pastor.
I hope you're not too full to finish your breakfast? Oh, no, I'm just taking my time.
Would you like me to reheat it? No.
Don't bother.
It's fine.
Are you sure? You usually devour the eggs.
Are they too runny? Nah.
Just a little crunchy.
Oh, dear.
Yeah, I usually like my shells over-easy.
Let me make you a fresh plate.
: No.
No, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not myself today.
Something you'd like to talk about? Oh, no.
I don't want to bore you with my problems.
Well, I think that's part of my job description.
It's Henry Gowen.
He delivered this to me last night.
It's a "notice of required repairs.
" "Safety violation.
Hazardous stove, peeling paint, faulty wiring" For starters.
Even if I could afford the repairs, I could never meet that deadline.
And then he would shut you down? And every day my doors are closed, I lose money.
I wouldn't be in business for very long.
Henry wants you to sell, and he's using this to force your hand.
And Elizabeth has volunteered to help me after school, but the two of us can't complete the job on time.
I'm a pretty handy guy.
If I start now, I think we can make this deadline.
I-I c-couldn't ask you to do that.
You're not asking.
I'm offering.
: A new assignment? I'm still working on the counterfeiting case.
Not anymore.
We've just gotten word that Constable Thornton has arrested a third suspect in Hope Valley.
The case is closed.
Let me go back there and interrogate the prisoner.
That won't be necessary.
The suspect is going to be transferred to stand trial with his partners.
If I can talk to him first, I may be able to find out where they've hidden the rest of the money.
We can stop the phony bills from being circulated.
I said the case is closed.
Yes, sir.
One more thing.
This report says that two of the counterfeit plates you seized are missing from the evidence room.
Know anything about that? No, sir.
Probably just a mistake in paperwork.
Bill! Nora? You shouldn't be here.
I had a wonderful idea, and I couldn't wait to tell you.
I think you'll want to hear it.
This isn't a good time.
You've been working so hard with barely a day's rest, so I thought we could take a few days and go back to Cannon Bay.
I know how much you love the beaches there.
I can't talk about this right now.
I saw what happened earlier.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
Who was that man with the gun? Counterfeiter.
And he wasn't too happy about getting caught.
I could see that.
You said you had a lot to think about on the train ride back from Hamilton, but we've barely spoken since we got back.
That's because there isn't much to discuss.
It was a very long train ride.
There must be lots to discuss.
You made yourself perfectly clear at the train station in Hamilton.
Clear about what? That we are two different people from two different worlds, and I don't belong in your world.
Let's just leave it at that.
I don't want to leave it at that.
My world is here.
I'm not so sure you're being honest about that.
Not being honest? Jack Thornton, you take that back.
It so good to have you both back.
Great to be home.
So I assume I'll be seeing you at the dance together? Dance? I hadn't heard.
Me neither.
But I couldn't go even if I wanted to.
I have so much to catch up on for school.
I have a mountain of paperwork I have to get through.
In fact, I really should get started right away.
-Me, too.
-The sooner the better.
Lovely to see you, Molly.
: A pleasure, Miss Sullivan.
Good day, Jack.
Thought you could use some more nails.
Oh, no.
I'm almost finished, thanks.
Would you like some lemonade? I would love some lemonade.
Well, at this rate, we'll be finished soon.
You'll be finished with Gowen and it'll be business as usual.
I don't know that I'll ever be done with Henry Gowen.
But I'll say a prayer.
So will I.
Can I ask you a question? Well, of course.
Why are you doing all of this for me? Well, like I said, it's a part of my job description.
For some reason, I don't believe you're quite so attentive to everyone in Hope Valley.
When I first came here, I found a town that had gone through a lot of pain.
And after a while, when I got to know folks, I asked them how they found the strength to get through it.
How did they manage to come together instead of break apart? And you know what they told me? - Faith and family? - No.
Some of those people lost their families.
And a lot of those people were losing faith.
Then what was it? It was you, Abigail.
More often than not, those people said that it was you that held this town together.
So When you ask me why I'm doing what I'm doing Well, I just figured it's about time someone started looking after you, too.
: There's only one person who can keep you from spending the rest of your life in federal prison, and you're looking at him.
You cooperate with me, I'll make it worth your while.
Bill? Jack! Good to see you.
I didn't know you were back in town.
Yeah, just wrapping up the counterfeit case.
Nice work on bringing this guy in.
Headquarters informed me that case was closed.
- Actually, it's been reopened.
- Really? No one told me.
Just tying up a few loose ends.
Should only be a day or so, then I'll be on my way back to Hamilton.
Well, if there's anything I can do Thanks, Jack.
I got it handled.
: Oh, ho, ho.
Louise! Your husband is not going to like this, but the truth must be spoken.
"Dear loyal reader "Any man who would forget his own anniversary "deserves nothing more "than an ice-cold shoulder.
"Or you might suggest "that he spend the night on the floor in the toolshed.
" And out of nowhere, he asked me to the dance.
I didn't know what to say.
: Well, I hope you said yes! Of course.
Well who is he? : Lee.
: You must be very excited.
Am I ever.
Can you believe it? He's so handsome and charming.
"There is only one word to describe a man who would treat a woman with such disrespect.
" "And that one word, dear reader, is scoundrel.
" Elizabeth? Abigail ordered these from the mercantile.
I thought I'd drop 'em off.
You can put them here.
Nice job.
Contrary to what you may think, I am capable of a great deal beyond my drawing-room education.
Never said you weren't.
Why did you say that I wasn't being honest about who I am? Elizabeth, I don't think this is where your heart is.
Why would you say that? How long did it take you to come back here when your mother was sick? Jack, I couldn't just pick up and leave.
She needed me.
I understand that.
And that's why you stayed? Not because of anything else? Are you talking about Charles? You and Charles have a lot in common.
And I suppose you have a lot in common with that nurse.
Faith, is it? Faith? Faith didn't try to change me into something that I'm not.
In fact, the last thing she said to me before I came back was to remember who I am.
Jack, when have I ever tried to change you? You wanted me to take the job your father offered me.
No, I didn't! All right, I thought you should at least consider it and hear him out.
There could actually be some advantages to working for him.
That's the problem right there.
I don't see any problem at all, except for the fact that you're not being very open-minded, and I don't understand why! Elizabeth.
- I've got to get back to work.
- So do I.
You know, I was thinking it would be fun for all of us to go into town today.
No, thank you.
I'd rather be alone.
Julie, we're just trying our best to cheer you up.
All we want is for you to be happy.
If you really wanted me to be happy, you wouldn't have sent Tom away.
We didn't send him away.
He took a job in another city.
Please! You don't think I know what's going on? You chased him away because he's not from the right kind of family.
That's not true.
- Your father - It is true! It's the same thing he tried to do with Elizabeth.
We're not talking about Elizabeth right now.
You don't like that she's involved with Jack for the same reason, and you've made it very clear.
She's just lucky she lives so far away.
Julie, your mother doesn't deserve to be spoken to like that.
And I don't deserve to be treated the way that you've treated me.
I hope you'll come by for supper.
It's the least I can do.
That's very kind of you, but I've already been invited to dinner by the Henshaws.
Well, perhaps a rain check.
I would love that.
So do you think we can get started by 7:00 A.
tomorrow? We can start by 6:00 A.
, if you like.
Even better! Hello, Abigail.
What brings you to Hope Valley? I'm in town finishing an investigation.
How's Clara? She's fine.
She's in Cape Fullerton for a few days, picking up supplies.
I saw Pastor Hogan leave just now.
He's helping me with some repairs.
He's a good man.
He is.
It's difficult for me to see you spending time with someone else.
Frank Hogan is a friend.
If you don't mind, I have a lot of work to do here.
And I know you have things to do as well.
It's good to see you, Abigail.
There's our relationship expert, hard at work.
Oh, hello, Lee.
Any interesting letters from your readers? Oh, well, it's amazing that so many people have issues with romance.
You wouldn't think it would be that hard, would you? But it is.
I'm starting to think that men and women just don't think the same way.
Life has enough problems without having to figure out the opposite sex.
I couldn't agree with you more.
Speaking of problems.
There is something I wanted to talk to you about.
You can feel free to talk to me any time.
Can I rely on you to keep this confidential? Completely.
Uh I've been thinking a lot about a discussion that we had a while ago.
So have I, Lee please.
Go on.
And you mentioned that you wanted to do an expose on Henry Gowen? Sorry.
What? But that your publisher was afraid to do it.
Anyway, I talked him into it.
And he said that if you did a good job, he would publish it on the front page.
- Front page? - Yes! Oh.
A-and that's what you wanted to talk to me about? Well, yeah.
Of course.
Well, that's Oh, just thrilling.
Thank you.
What's the matter? You don't You don't seem that excited.
Is there something else on your mind? I No.
- Ah.
- I am excited.
I am I am thrilled.
I just can't wait to put that pen to paper.
That's the spirit! I'm gonna go get a drink.
One moment! Hello, Bill.
How did you even find me? Why? Is it a secret? I'm not doing this! I'm here on police business.
It's no good lying to me.
I spoke with your boss.
You were supposed to be working on a new case in Hamilton.
You-- you had no right to do that! Please, Bill.
Don't turn this on me.
We both know what brought you back here.
This has nothing to do with Abigail.
I don't believe you.
That's why I bought a ticket and took the very next train out here.
When I get back to Hamilton, we will discuss all of this, I promise you, but right now, you can't be here.
I'm going to arrange a room for you and you'll leave on the next stage.
"From the sun that round me rolled in its autumn tint of gold" Sorry to interrupt.
I'm here to fix your window.
Do you have to do that now? There's a storm coming.
Well, we're in the middle of reading Edgar Allan Poe.
Well, he's not even gonna know I'm here.
"From the lightning in the sky as it passed me flying by" Couldn't you come back at lunch? It's noise now or wet floors later.
"From the thunder and the storm, and the cloud" "that took the form.
"When the rest of heaven was blue of a demon in my view.
" Miss Thatcher? Yes, Emily? Are you mad at Constable Thornton? Of course not.
Then why did you make a funny face at him? I didn't make a funny face.
Yes, you did.
Like this.
I was just thinking about the storm, and how I don't want any of us to get wet.
All right.
Now, where were we? Um, come in.
What are you writing? I wasn't writing.
I was working on my sketch book.
I see.
We have a special guest this evening.
Lionel's brought his cousin.
How boring.
Just because a man doesn't steal cars and get into bar fights doesn't mean he's boring.
You don't know Tom Thornton the way I do.
I know enough to realize he's trouble.
Viola, when are you ever going to learn? Learn? That I'm not you! That I don't have the same taste in clothes, I don't have the same taste in friends, and I certainly do not have the same taste in men.
Julie, you really need to put Tom in the past.
You think you know everything, don't you? That just because you found a man to marry you that has a title, that you're better than me? Are you even in love with Lionel? As a matter of fact, I am.
Are you sure it's for the right reasons? At least it's not for the wrong reasons.
What's that supposed to mean? Do you really think you're in love with Tom? Or is the reason you're attracted to him because you're trying to prove something to mother and father? You wouldn't understand.
All I'm suggesting is that you open yourself up to other possibilities.
Lionel's cousin wants to ask you to the Opera Society Ball.
Would it be so terrible to go with a man who's handsome, wealthy and well-bred? Haven't you been listening? I am in love with someone else.
All right.
Then just come along to enjoy the music.
I've been told the baritone is exceptional.
But only because it's better than staying home.
Who knows? You might even enjoy yourself.
I hear things are a little frosty between you and Jack.
Who told you that? It's a small town.
We just can't seem to get over what happened in Hamilton, and I don't understand why.
It's never easy when you have an argument with someone you care about.
And I care about Jack a great deal.
I know.
I think you might have to get to the heart of the matter.
It's not what's on surface.
It's about what's going on underneath.
And you might have to do some digging to get to it.
Jack says we're from two different worlds.
Not very specific, but it's a start.
It was like pulling teeth getting that much from him.
Just keep the conversation going.
Not talking about it is the worst thing you can do.
: It just doesn't make any sense.
All I said was I wasn't ready to be swept away, and then, all of a sudden, Lee is asking some other woman to the dance.
: Molly Sullivan, no less.
Molly is a kind, smart, beautiful woman.
She has nice feet.
I also hear she's a fantastic cook.
Not half as good as I am.
Her scones are like lead.
Her pot roast is as tough as shoe leather.
Don't even get me started on her flapjacks.
I don't think I've ever seen you so worked up.
I am not worked up! I am just trying to save Lee from a lifetime of indigestion.
And I know exactly what to do.
What's that? I have the perfect gift to win him over.
A little token of my feelings.
Do you really think men are that easily swayed? Says the man whose relationship has been on ice since Hamilton? This is about you, it's not about me.
Come on, Jack.
I barely see you and Elizabeth together anymore.
What happened this time? And tell me the truth.
Is it Charles? I'm not telling you anything, Rosie.
I write an advice column that is completely anonymous.
Your secrets are safe with me.
I promise! Everyone that reads your column knows exactly who you're talking about.
I swear, I won't write about anything you tell me.
Not one word.
I'm just concerned about you.
Would you look at that! They certainly do make a handsome couple.
: Bite your tongue! Jack? Rip? What are you doing under there? Don't worry, Rip.
It's only thunder.
"Dear Jack" "I know it's difficult "to talk about these things" Mr.
Jenkins says this is as far as the bank is willing to go with that loan.
Well, at least it'll buy me time to get back on my feet.
Is there anything else? I heard a rumor Rosemary Leveaux is writing an article about you.
An expose about how you abuse your power as mayor.
Get me that editor of that newspaper.
Tell him I'd like to have a word.
Henry? Nora! I didn't expect that I would see you so soon.
Oh, I hope it's not an imposition.
Not at all.
It's nice to see you.
I wish Bill felt the same way.
He seems quite taken with Abigail Stanton.
I'm sorry to have had to be the one to tell you.
You must think I'm a fool to work so hard to win him back.
I think you should do whatever makes you happy.
He asked me to leave, but I don't think it's a good idea for him to be here without me, do you? Though I don't have much money for the hotel.
Let me help you find a place to stay.
Thank you, Henry.
You've always been very kind to me.
I always will be, Nora.
Rip! Jack, I've been looking for you.
Have you seen Rip? I saw him in the jail earlier.
You were in the jail? Yes.
Did you leave the door open? No.
I don't think so.
Maybe I did? He hates thunder.
He runs off if the door isn't kept closed.
Jack, I'm so sorry.
I'll find him for you.
I promise.
I'll bet he's at the mine.
It's where I found him last time he got spooked by the thunder.
I'll go get him.
It was my fault.
Storm's coming in.
I'll get him.
Jack, I am perfectly capable of riding off to the mine myself.
Elizabeth I'll be back before you know it.
Well, you're not going alone! I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Oh, no! No.
Not at all.
Well, I saw you sitting here All alone.
May I join you? Oh, yes! Of course.
Please do.
Uh How is the editorial coming? The what? The expose you're writing on Henry Gowen.
That editorial.
Uh, it is coming.
The words they are just flowing onto the page.
But the sooner you get it done, the better.
I am depending on you.
And I will not let you down.
In the meantime - I made you something.
- What is it? Oh, it's just a small gift.
Nothing special.
A gift? What for? - Oh, do I need a reason? - Absolutely not.
- Should I yeah? - Yes, please.
They're my oatmeal-raisin cookies! I know you have a fondness for sweets.
Thank you! Um, you shouldn't have.
I promise you, these will be gone by the end of the day.
Well, I know they're delicious, but you shouldn't eat them all at once.
Oh, not me.
I'm gonna take them to the boys at the mill.
Why would you do that? Because I'm allergic to raisins.
Oh, dear.
So, um Are you going to the barn dance on Friday night? Uh Well, as you can imagine, I have had a few offers well, I mean, many offers, in fact, so I am still deciding.
I see.
Are you going? Yes.
Yes, I am.
That's nice.
I asked Molly Sullivan and she said yes.
: Oh! Molly is a smart, kind and beautiful lady.
Yes, she is.
And she's also a great cook.
I mean, she is one heck of a gr-r-reat cook! I need to go.
Oh, uh, Rosemary? Thank you for the raisin cookies.
Rip! Rip! This is where I found him last time.
Rip! Well, he doesn't seem to be here now.
Suppose we should keep looking? It's coming down buckets out there.
He's probably taken shelter somewhere.
We should do the same.
: Looks like someone's been here before.
Prospectors sometimes use these mines to set up camp, but they usually clear off after summer.
Well, there's no sense freezing to death.
What are you doing? I'm starting a fire.
I read a book on camping, and this is how it's done.
You know, I have matches in my saddle bag.
Why didn't you say so? It's more fun watching you.
Well, would you please go and get them? Well, this is the most pleasant interrogation I can remember.
Well, I'm not done yet.
I've got one more question for you.
Where's the money hidden? What money? Well, your partners said you're the one who knew where the money was.
I figured that's what you were going after.
I don't know what they're talking about.
Well, it's like this.
Given the amount of paper, chemicals, and ink you bought, we figured your gang had enough to print up about a thousand bills.
We've confiscated about half of those, which means you've hidden the other half somewhere.
Well, even if I did know where they were, why would I tell you? Because you can't spend that money locked up in federal prison the rest of your life.
You have a deal in mind? You tell me where it is, and I might be able to get you out of here.
And how do I know you're not gonna shoot me in the back? Because I'm a mountie and I keep my word.
And if I kill a man, I want to look him in the eyes.
Well, I'm gonna need something to tide me over.
10% of the take.
But I want the name of the man who's running the whole operation.
No deal.
That's your choice.
I'll give you a little time to think it over.
How are you? Hello.
You're a very popular man.
I'm a preacher.
It's my message that's popular.
I hear you've been busy over at the cafe.
A community is stronger when we look out for each other.
I do more for this town than you'll ever know.
Well, some people see it differently.
I think you've made one too many social calls over to that cafe.
If something's troubling you, Henry, I'd surely like to know about it.
Well, I appreciate your pious concern, pastor, but the only thing that bothers me is a preacher who isn't minding his own business.
It must've been upsetting when the mine closed and you lost your job.
It was a difficult time.
My situation has improved greatly since then.
It's a big responsibility being mayor.
Yeah, and no one is more qualified to do it than I am.
But some might say that your interest in personal gain comes before the interest of the community.
Well, I think you should take what Abigail Stanton says with a grain of salt.
Stanton means you no harm.
I don't mean you any harm But I did look into you once you came to Hope Valley.
I'm not surprised.
It would seem that before you graduated from the seminary at Fuller, well you didn't exist.
No one seems to know who you are.
Hope Valley is my first congregation.
Yeah, I know that.
I also know that you're hiding something.
Whatever it is, well I'll find out.
That should keep us warm for a couple hours.
The storm might pass by then.
Mother nature rarely plays by anyone else's rules.
She can be very headstrong.
Like someone else I know.
You used to like that about me.
Still do.
But you resent who I am and where I'm from.
I never said that.
Then what did you mean when you said we come from two different worlds? You couldn't wait to leave Hamilton.
I didn't want to become someone I'm not just to please your father.
This isn't about pleasing my father.
Truth is It feels like you're a different person when you're in Hamilton.
I'm not sure you know who you are yet.
Now you sound exactly like my father.
Elizabeth, the woman that pumped water on that homestead is not the same person that has a servant set out her clothes for her every day.
Jack! Can't you see it's all a part of me? I enjoyed being on the homestead, and I enjoy living in a big house in Hamilton.
You just won't accept me for who I am.
You've got that backwards.
You really believe that? I'm gonna see if I can find some more firewood.
Julie? What are you doing down here? I think it's quite obvious.
I'm playing the piano.
Why aren't you dressed for the opera? I'm not going.
What do you mean, you're not going? You accepted an invitation.
I changed my mind.
That's absurd.
Go upstairs and get ready.
You're doing this to embarrass me, aren't you? You might find this hard to believe, Viola, but this isn't about you, it's about me.
I'm not your servant or your puppet.
You can't just order me around! What's gotten into you lately? It's as if you're not the same person anymore.
Because I'm learning to stand up for myself? Well, I'm sorry if you don't like it, but this is who I am now, so you better get used to it.
You haven't been yourself since you took up with Tom Thornton.
The moment you laid eyes on him, I knew there was going to be trouble.
That's it.
Blame it on Tom.
Blame everything on Tom! Julie, this has to stop.
Stop? I am just getting started.
Thank you.
Oh, my word! It is really coming down.
Hello, you two.
Rosemary, hello.
Always a pleasure.
That is an interesting shade Of plaid.
Oh! Lee is taking me for a tour of his sawmill after it stops raining.
I loaned her one of my coats.
It is so warm and cozy.
I like to keep you warm and cozy.
Oh, that's so sweet! Well, first, the dance and then, a guided tour That's delightful.
Yes, it is delightful.
I took the rest of the day off just so we could spend some time together.
Have you seen the mill? No.
I haven't.
I haven't had time.
I've been too busy.
Well, I'll tell you all about it when I get back.
I have to go.
I need to get to my article, so if you will excuse me.
Of course.
: Don't work too hard.
: Bye, now! - Shall we? - Yes! Thank you.
Avery? You promised you wouldn't see my husband again.
Avery, why don't we go to the cafe and we can talk about this? Why? I have nothing to hide.
Do you? Of course not.
I think there's been a misunderstanding there's been no misunderstanding.
I know for a fact that you invited my husband back to Hope Valley.
And you encouraged his attention.
I did no such thing.
You're a liar.
I tried to be civil with you the last time I was here, but clearly, you weren't listening.
I have heard enough.
I promise that you will live to regret the day that you met him.
This isn't about wanting you to be something you're not.
And this isn't about wanting you to fit into Hamilton.
And this isn't about the fact that we come from two different worlds.
Then what's it about? Jack, do you remember when you told me that mounties don't get married? That if they wanted you to have a wife, they would've issued you one? I think they might be right.
When I saw that man point that gun at you It was like I couldn't breathe.
It was like my whole world was in slow-motion.
What if he'd shot you? He didn't.
Not this time.
It scared me, Jack.
It scares me to think that, one day, you might not come home.
That what happened to your father could happen to you.
I need to be able to sleep at night, knowing you're safe.
I will be safe.
You can't guarantee that.
No one can.
But I'm good at what I do.
And I'm not afraid to face my fears.
And I would never want to change that about you.
That, right there you saying that, that means the world to me.
But, Jack I don't know if I'm brave enough to spend my life with someone as brave as you.
Why are you doing this? Doing what? Pushing us apart.
I'm just trying to be honest with you.
Jack, don't you see? I'm trying to tell you that I'm afraid of losing you.
I'm afraid you're going to die.
Nobody knows what the future is gonna bring All I know is what I feel for you.
The question is, what do you feel for me? Rip.
Rip! Rip, here, boy! Rip! Rip! Here.
I think he's this way.
No, that's an echo.
He's down here.
No, he's this way.
Rip! Rip! Rip! Elizabeth! Elizabeth! - Elizabeth! - I'm all right, Jack.
It just knocked me down, I'm fine.
Are you sure? Is anything broken? I don't think so.
Okay, grab my hand.
Ooh! My knee.
Just-- just take it easy.
Sit here for a second.
You all right? I'm fine.
Let's get you up.
We need to find Rip.
Right now, we need to get you back to the fire so I can look at that knee.
Hold this.
Jack, I don't need any help.
We'll argue about that later.
Bill! Your wife ambushed me at the mercantile and made a spectacle in public.
I have never been so embarrassed in my life.
Abigail, I'm-- I'm so sorry.
Nora thinks I'm encouraging you.
I've made it very clear that's not the case.
She doesn't believe you.
She thinks I invited you to Hope Valley.
Well, I told her I was leaving on police business, but I never told her where I was going.
Well, if you didn't tell her, then who did? I have no idea, but I'm going to find out.
I promise, this will never happen again.
I hope not.
I'm sorry I lost my temper with Abigail.
You should be apologizing to her, not me.
Guess I'm still not ready to let you go, not without a fight.
That's just it! You let me go a long time ago, when Martin died.
No, I didn't.
I just couldn't bear to be back at that house, and know he was never coming back.
So you started over.
You moved on.
That's what I'm trying to do.
I don't want to lose you! I just want you to come back with me.
That's not really what you want.
How can you say that? You want your son back, Nora, not me.
Bringing me back won't bring him back.
Martin's gone.
And there's nothing we can do to change that.
It's time that you let go.
It's time that you let him go.
Thank you.
May I? Well, it seems fine to me.
It's the other knee.
Uh sorry.
No cuts, no swelling.
It's probably just bruised.
Why am I so cold? You're in shock.
That helps.
Thank you.
You'll feel better soon.
This is all my fault.
How so? I let Rip out.
That was an accident.
You didn't know.
It's crazy.
I spent so much time worrying about what would happen to you.
Look what happened to me.
Well, you just proved that being a school teacher is just as dangerous as being a mountie.
Apparently, I did.
I just wish you would've picked a less dramatic way to make your point.
You know I hear that the best thing about arguing is making up.
I have heard that, too.
I'll get him.
You stay here.
I'm not going anywhere.
Well, that's the last item on the list.
Now you can tell Henry you won't be shutting down after all.
Well, that's one less thing for me to worry about.
He's made my life so unpleasant lately.
I have to admit it's been difficult to find forgiveness in my heart for him.
Well People are rarely as good or bad as we think they are.
They're usually a combination of both.
Even when it comes to pastors? Hah.
Especially when it comes to pastors.
Well, now that we're done, I'm going fishing.
Some fresh air does sound good.
It sure does.
I think I'll get going once the storm clears.
I used to love to go fishing.
You wouldn't be looking for an invite, would you? Oh! No, I have so much work to do here.
Dishes to wash.
Floors to wax.
Pies to bake.
Although I haven't been fishing in a very long time.
Do you have anything else? I do have some French lace.
Oh, let's take a look at that.
Oh, Rosemary.
I'm glad I found you.
What is it, Molly? Well, you know Lee and I have been courting and Yes.
I think everyone knows.
Yes, well, I know you and Lee had been spending time together, and I just wanted to make sure everything was all right between us.
Um Well.
How nice of you to ask.
Uh, I think that it is just fine.
You're sure? I wouldn't want to do anything that : If Lee wants to court you, that's really none of my business now, is it? Oh, I'm so glad! Say, you're probably the right person to ask.
Ask what? How soon in a relationship do you think it's appropriate to accept jewelry from a suitor? Jewelry? Or is it never too soon? Uh, I Oh, dear.
I'm late.
Thanks for the advice.
Gowen! It was you, wasn't it? You're the one who told Nora I was here.
You're the only one who would've known how to find her.
Well, the more pressing question is why did she need to be told.
Why would a husband deceive his wife about his whereabouts? She's the one who ran out on our marriage.
Why is she here then? Don't play games with me! You had your chance with Nora years ago, and you didn't take it.
I didn't.
You know why? You left Hamilton to work here.
I "left" because I was transferred.
There were racketeering charges brought up against Pacific Mining.
The company was reorganized.
That was my investigation.
All charges were dropped.
There's always a scapegoat, though, isn't there? I see.
So you blame me.
Now we understand one other.
I'm gonna tell you this once.
Stay out of my private life.
This is a small town.
You know, people's lives rarely remain private.
It's a shame that Abigail Stanton had to get caught up in the middle of this.
You know how people love to talk in this town.
I'm warning you.
Take your best shot, Bill.
I am a public official.
You lay a hand on me, and you'll be spending quite some time in jail.
Rip! Rip! Here, boy! Rip! There you are! Buddy, come here! Oh, buddy.
I got a treat for ya.
Did you miss me? There you go! You miss me? I missed you, too.
Let's go home.
You were so scared! : Father won't be long.
Would you care for some tea while you wait? That's very kind.
Lionel and I are leaving for the opera as soon as he arrives.
Some tea.
We missed you at the club last weekend.
Work has kept me busy.
My father has kept you busy.
First to arrive.
Last to leave.
I've told him to slow down.
He doesn't know how.
So? So Have you heard from Elizabeth? She's been on your mind, hasn't she? You'll be glad to know she's safely back in Hope Valley, once again playing teacher in the wild west.
Her students must be happy to have her back.
You don't have to pretend to be supportive of her little adventure for my sake.
We both know it's time she closes that chapter of her life and gets on with things.
She doesn't seem to see it that way.
That's why you have to convince her to come home.
I'm not sure it's my place.
Can you honestly picture her spending the rest of her life in that town? Raising a family? With a mountie, no less? I'd hope it doesn't come to that.
Then you need to convince her to come back.
Because I know you, Charles.
I know how deeply you care for her.
You always have.
And if you don't tell her how you really feel You'll regret it for the rest of your life.
What's happening in the world today? Well, to be honest with you, not a whole heck of a lot.
You might want to check tomorrow's paper, though.
Yeah? Why's that? Oh, no reason, I just have a feeling it's gonna be a big news day.
Would that have anything to do with Miss Leveaux's nasty editorial, the one that you convinced Mr.
Bolt to allow her to write about me? I have no idea what you're talking about.
It does, however, sound like a page-turner, doesn't it? Mm.
Yeah, it's unfortunate that it won't see the light of day.
I just came from a meeting with Mr.
Bolt, and it would seem that he's not quite as keen on the story as he once was.
I see.
You had the story killed? Well, I simply suggested to him that perhaps there would be more interesting stories for him to run on the front page of his newspaper.
Oh, I'm sure! Let me guess.
Patterson's prized chicken wins blue ribbon at county fair"? Something like that? That is a good one, but even better there is an inspector from the mounted police in town.
Now, that's something that I'd like to know more about.
I'm guessing the two of you weren't making dinner plans.
I have no idea how that man always manages to land on his feet.
He's smart.
And dangerous.
You seem to know him pretty well.
Henry Gowen and I go way back.
From what I remember of the mining trial, you weren't exactly best of friends.
Did he say anything I should know about? Mm.
Nothing important.
But I'd watch my back, if I were you.
How's the advice column coming along? Well, sometimes, I wonder if I'm the right person to be writing it.
Oh, dear.
Something must be terribly wrong if you're not ready to hand out advice.
As it turns out I think I could use some myself.
Would this have anything to do with Lee Coulter and Molly Sullivan? Well, it has everything to do with it! Oh, I heard you decided to cool things off with Lee.
I did.
And now? And now I think I think I've made a terrible mistake.
Well You've had such success with your column, why don't you try writing yourself a letter of advice? Oh I wouldn't even know how to begin.
Let's see.
You could start with "Dear Jealous.
" I think "hurt and confused" would be more appropriate.
Are you sure about that? Yes, quite sure.
All right.
"Dear Hurt and Confused "You've clearly made a terrible mistake by not following your heart" Yes! Yes! That's it.
"Dear Hurt and Confused "Oh, you poor thing.
"You've made a terrible mistake "by not following your heart.
"If you truly have feelings for this man, "you need to let him know.
"How else can he see the poor decision that he's made?" Abigail You're brilliant.
This is the perfect answer for poor little "hurt and confused.
" For a moment there, I forgot that I was writing to myself! I guess I haven't lost my touch after all.
You truly have a gift.
I know.
Now, if you'll excuse me I need to take my own advice.
Oh Hey, the road ends here.
Follow the fence about a hundred yards to the east until you come to an abandoned cabin.
Put your back against the south wall, step ahead 20 paces straight ahead.
Dig down about two feet and you'll find a metal box.
It has the rest of the counterfeit bills.
It better.
Or you'll be calling federal prison home for the rest of your life.
You naughty boy.
How are you feeling? Almost as good as new.
The storm's passed.
We can head back to town, if you're up for it.
Can we stay here just a little while longer? Yeah.
What for? In here, it's just the two of us, and out there, everything is complicated.
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.
But whatever challenges we have to face out there, I believe that we can take them on together.
Really feels like we've been given a second chance today.
And I don't want to waste it.
Especially now that I've seen your knees.
I love you, Elizabeth Thatcher I love you, too.
I'll tell Pastor Frank we'll go fishing another day.
You'll do no such thing.
I'm fine.
Elizabeth, I really think I should stay with you.
: It's okay, Abigail.
I'll stay with her.
All right.
I won't be long.
You should really head upstairs to get some rest.
I'm fine right where I am.
You've been through a lot.
You should Jack, as much as I like the idea of having you tend to me hand and foot, I'm not an invalid.
Just a very bad patient.
Well, if you want to get me that blanket, I won't object.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now I don't feel like resting.
That's because you're still talking.
We don't have to talk.
I think I found us the perfect spot.
Right on the dock.
Oh, that is the perfect spot.
What's in the can? Oh.
I wouldn't insult a fish with artificial food.
Your father teach you how to fish? Oh, no.
My father didn't believe in girls fishing.
He used to take my brothers every Saturday while I was home doing the washing.
So I made my own pole and I would sneak down to the river all by myself.
Bet you got in a mess of trouble for that.
Well, I would have, but having extra fish for Sunday supper was a blessing with our big family.
You never came home empty-handed? Oh! I wouldn't dare.
Well, I'll tell you what, I'm willing to bet that my worms will catch more fish than whatever you've using.
Well, I don't want to take your money.
Oh, no money.
Just your pride.
Wow, you really are confident.
You bet I am.
I like that in a woman.
So what do you say? Are we on? You are on.
Okay! Hello, Lee.
Am I interrupting anything? No.
No, not at all.
What can I do for you? I was hoping we could talk.
All right.
What would you like to talk about? I feel like there's been a little misunderstanding between us about you and me not wanting the same thing, when I think we do w-want the same thing.
And what exactly is this thing that we both want? You and I, we've always been a great team.
Like when we beat Gowen at poker.
That was fun, yes.
Wasn't it? Yes.
It was fun! So what are you saying? Perhaps I could consider entertaining Your romantic attentions.
" When I said I wasn't ready to be swept away, what I meant was I didn't want to make the same mistake twice.
I've rushed into things before, Lee, and I-I made a terrible mess of things, and the worst part I hurt somebody that I cared a lot about.
Jack does seem to have recovered.
He did.
But I want to make sure I get it right this time.
I know I can seem so glamorous and larger than life but underneath? I'm just Rosemary? It's okay.
I know.
You do? Of course I do.
Oh! There's just one problem.
Molly Sullivan.
Oh, I really don't want to have to hurt her feelings.
You may have to hurt her feelings just a little bit.
All right.
Maybe I can let her down gently, then.
Yes! Yes.
When? Um I'll do it right now.
Told you it was a perfect spot.
Calm waters with just the right amount of current.
God smiled on us today.
Some of us more than others.
Okay, you don't need to rub it in.
Admit it! Bait trumps your rusty fish lures.
All right, all right.
You win the bet.
So, to show you what a good sport I am, how about this time I make you dinner? You cook? Trout.
So it's your lucky day.
I guess it is.
Are you all right, dear? I'm fine.
You work for Henry Gowen, don't you? Dottie Ramsey.
I'm his secretary.
I saw you at his office.
Gowen says the two of you have been friends for a long time.
We met before he moved here.
He used to work in Hamilton.
He told me That you lost your son.
That must have been unbearable for you.
I don't think anyone can understand what it's like.
You know People around here understand better than you think.
How could they? A little over a year ago, there was an accident at the mine.
Wives lost their husbands and mothers lost their sons.
You have more in common with the people of Hope Valley than you know.
It's so hard to talk about it.
Maybe it's time for you to try.
Elizabeth, how are you feeling? Do you want something to eat? I'm fine, Abigail.
You don't need to do a thing for me.
It wasn't that bad.
Not that bad? Jack said it could've been quite serious! I guess so.
Looks like the mountie saved the day.
Well, I hope your two were able to clear the air.
We were.
And you were right.
It's never about what's on the surface.
It's about what's underneath, getting to the truth.
Did you find the truth? I think so.
When we were in that mine, and it felt like It could be the end All I wanted to do was tell him how I felt about him.
How much I care about him.
How much How much you love him? Everything suddenly became so clear.
It was like I could hear my heart for the first time.
Oh, Elizabeth.
Oh! I almost forgot.
This arrived for you this morning.
It's from Charles.
Yes? Has it arrived yet? Excuse me.
Yes, it has.
It is right here.
I must say, this is very exciting.
If we could just keep it between you and I, I would appreciate that.
Of course.
Of course.
Your secret is safe with me.
: I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the club.
Oh, me too.
Oh, but Julie, darling, I do wish you had come along with us.
I noticed a lot of eligible young men there.
Some of them were very handsome.
And dull? Oh, I'm sure if you would at least try, you'd find someone you like.
Oh, I'm quite sure I wouldn't.
Well, then perhaps Well, perhaps viola and Lionel could introduce you to some of their friends.
Would you please stop trying to run my life? Oh, sweetheart, since the beginning of time, young women of good breeding have married young men of good breeding.
And they've lived unhappily ever after.
Oh, that simply is not true.
Just because Tom's gone doesn't mean I've suddenly forgotten him.
Maybe it's time you should.
Or maybe, just maybe, I don't belong here.
Nobody cares what I think.
Nobody cares how I feel.
Oh, you know we care about you.
No, you don't! You only care about yourself and how things look to other people.
You're wrong about that.
Well, why do you think Elizabeth left? This isn't about Elizabeth.
She wanted a life of her own, like I do! Only she was brave enough to go out and do something about it, instead of staying here and suffocating.
Your sister will be coming back, mark my words.
You know what? I hope she doesn't.
I hope she stays away and marries Jack Thornton just to spite you.
How can you say that? Because you deserve it! You don't have any respect for her feelings.
You don't have any respect for mine! Julie, listen to me.
And what if I don't listen? Will you disinherit me? Because I don't care! I don't care about money, or position, or society, or any of it! I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.
The world is changing, father.
And you'd better start changing with it.
Julie! Julie! Hello, Molly.
Oh, what lovely flowers.
Oh, thank you.
They were a gift from Lee.
Coulter, I must say you have excellent taste.
In flowers, or women, ned? I think it's safe to say both.
- Thank you.
- Certainly.
Well, I have to be going.
Molly? I hope there are no hard feelings.
About what? Well, Lee.
I know you two were spending a lot of time together.
Don't worry another minute about it.
It's pretty clear that you two were meant for each other.
Thank you.
You're very sweet.
I'm glad we can still be friends.
Me too.
Yost? I'm thinking of buying a victrola.
May I look at those catalogues? Certainly.
I have it right here.
Molly? Thank you.
I think it worked like a charm.
Oh, I knew it would.
She's crazy about you! Ahh She just needed a little push.
Well, you played your part beautifully.
My pleasure.
Thank you.
That was the best fish I've ever had.
What is your secret? Beer.
It's my granddad's recipe.
I don't suppose you'd mind sharing it with me, would you? Nope.
I'm sworn to secrecy.
Well, then you'll just have to make it for me again.
If you catch more fish than me.
Oh I don't think that should be a problem, Speaking of secrecy All I know about you is that your grandfather likes to fish and you're pretty good with a hammer.
You know, there's not much more to tell, really.
Oh, I don't know about that.
The last time we had dinner, you said you almost died.
That's right.
What happened? Well, I made a big mistake and I paid dearly for it.
But that was a A different life.
Do you mind me asking what kind of mistake? Well, let's just say that I didn't always work on the right side of the law.
And the reason that I almost died was I got shot.
I see.
Anyway, I-I I made a promise to God, and I said, "God, "if you let me live, "I will dedicate the rest of my life to doing your good work.
" I'm sorry, Abigail.
I know it's probably not what you want to hear oh, no.
No, Frank.
It's, um I-I shouldn't have pried.
I'm sorry.
No, that's okay.
I don't mind.
But I would appreciate it if we just keep this between us.
Other folks won't be so understanding.
Of course.
I will not speak a word of it, I promise.
Well, I guess it's getting late.
I should probably get going.
I can take these plates for you.
Oh, no.
Don't worry.
I'll handle that.
Thanks, Abigail.
: Go on.
There we go.
Have a good time.
Let's go.
Just-- just a minute, kids.
What's going on? We are going to take a class picture.
Jack! That's a wonderful idea.
All right, everyone.
Um, line up.
Get together.
Very nice.
Excuse me.
This is great.
Actually, it's only half the reason I came by.
Oh? What's the other half? I wanted to invite you to come for a ride with me tomorrow after school.
I would be delighted.
Okay, kids.
Face the camera! Miss Thatcher, Miles is stepping on my foot.
Miles, please remove yourself from Rosaleen's foot.
Miss Thatcher, I don't want to stand next to my brother.
Come here and stand by me.
There we go.
All right.
Now, would you please take the photograph before I have a riot on my hands? All right.
Now, everyone, hold still, and big smiles! I understand.
No one knows.
Well, that would be lovely! Thank you very much.
Good morning, Jack.
Good morning, Rosemary.
Well, I suppose you've heard the news? Lee and I are an item again.
I think everyone in town has heard the news.
I hope Lee knows how lucky he is to have you.
I think he does.
And I believe there is one schoolteacher who's going to be very lucky to have you.
Oh, come now.
You can't fool me.
I've seen the way you two look at each other, ever since you got back from your little adventure.
Oh, there's nothing more romantic than saving the life of a damsel in distress And to think you owe it all to that silly little dog of yours.
There is no doubt Elizabeth is the one for you.
I never thought that I would hear you say that.
Well, then you don't know me as well as you think you do.
It was hard getting over you, Jack.
I loved you and I always will.
But I want you to be happy.
I really do.
Thank you for that, Rosie.
Just one thing.
Promise me that we'll always be friends.
That is a promise.
And a word of advice? Don't keep her waiting.
I don't intend to.
Constable Thornton? This just came for you.
It's marked "urgent.
" Thanks, Ned.
Well, I'll leave you to your telegram.
Good luck, Jack.
I just got a telegram from headquarters.
They've ordered me to arrest you.
I can explain.
Explain all this money and these counterfeit plates? You know I was working undercover! I also know that case was closed.
I don't have proof yet, but I have reason to believe somebody on the inside is working with the counterfeiters.
You think one of our own is dirty? We've known each other a long time, Jack.
I wouldn't lie to you.
I'm gonna need your gun, Bill.
: Is Jack arresting Bill? That's an interesting turn of events.
What do you suppose happened? I'm not sure.
Appears he's gonna be here for a while.
I'm taking the car into town.
Oh, will you be at home in time for dinner? Don't wait for me.
I have a meeting at the club.
It might run late.
Viola darling, you look pale.
It's Julie.
What's up? This was in her room.
She's run off, and she says she's never coming back.
Oh, dear God.
: Elizabeth Thatcher, will you be my wife? Would you No.
Elizabeth Will you I don't know.
Green one? Blue one.
Green one.
Here we go.
: And for you okay.
Oh, excellent work, Miles.
I'm very proud of you.
Thanks, Miss Thatcher.
You're welcome.
Your spelling test will be on Thursday, and I expect all of your history reports to be on my desk by tomorrow morning.
All right.
Class is dismissed.
Have a good day.
Oh, my.
Elizabeth Will you marry me?
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