When Calls The Heart (2014) s04e02 Episode Script

Heart of Truth

1 Previously, on When Calls the Heart Congratulations.
I finished my manuscript and sent it off to half a dozen different publishers.
I really need to get to work on that bid for the railroad.
- Someone giving you trouble out there? - Ever since I became Mayor.
It's not so much what you can do for me, it's what I can do for you.
Florence says the eggs are too runny.
Florence is going to get a day-old biscuit, if she isn't careful.
Oh, those are beautiful! - Who are they for? - For you.
They were at the front door.
There's no card.
They must be from Frank.
He knows I love daisies.
Busy this morning.
A lot of new faces in town.
Well, nothing we can't handle, partner.
You got it, partner.
Hi! Hi! Ned asked me to bring these over.
Oh, and I appreciate that.
And thank you for the flowers.
They're not from me.
Thank you.
Good morning, Elizabeth.
Oh! And what do we have here? Sugar, vanilla pork sausage? Looks like someone is making another one of her famous creations.
It's just a simple dinner for Jack.
Well, let me let you in on a little secret.
It is "Vienna Sausage," not "vanilla" sausage.
I know you don't put the vanilla in the sausage! Of course you do.
[both chuckling.]
Sorry, Miss Thatcher.
No mail.
Oh, um, thank you, Katie.
I'll check back again later.
Still waiting to hear from those nasty old publishers? I sent out my manuscript ages ago.
I once waited three months for a callback for the lead in "Million-Dollar Smile," and then, one day, out of the blue, a telegram arrived.
And you got the part? Well no.
The producers ran out of cash before it opened.
No one was smiling.
But the moral is, I never lost hope.
I assume you've heard about the problems we're having up in the northern territories.
I've heard about the gun-runners.
Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg.
It's all-out war up there, and there's a lot of innocent people being caught in the middle of it.
We're forming a special unit.
We're looking for proven leaders.
You could make a real difference.
Well, I'm honored.
But I have a job.
I'm offering you a division of your own, son.
An opportunity like this doesn't come along every day.
Well, just promise me you'll think about it.
[door opens and shuts.]
Oh, there you are.
Lee! What are you doing back from work so soon? Is everything all right? Oh, I'm great, and I have big news.
Actually, you know what? It's bigger than big.
Wait! Let me guess.
Let me guess.
Nelson had her twins? No.
Oh! We're going to Cape Fullerton to see that new production of Madame Butterfly? No.
- It's the anniversary of our first kiss? - No! Uh, no.
Just Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just let me finish.
All right? We got the contract.
Oh, ho, ho! Lee! Oh, I'm so proud of you! We'll have to celebrate.
Tonight! I'll make your favorite dinner, with champagne and strawberries.
No, no.
I can't tonight.
I have to go to Union City.
Union City? Why? We're doubling production.
I need more equipment for the sawmill.
But I thought, once you got the contract, things were going to go back to the way they were.
Now the real work starts.
But I thought we were going to have some time together.
Oh, don't worry.
There'll still be plenty of time for you and me.
When? [inhales deeply, sighs.]
Rosemary Just because I'm busy, it doesn't mean I love you any less.
So put the champagne on ice and we'll celebrate when I get back.
I love you.
"Goldilocks woke with a start.
She jumped out of bed, and away she ran, down the stairs and out into the forest, and the three bears never saw her again.
" Now, remember, we were learning that some animals, like bears, do something very special in the wintertime Can anyone tell me what that's called? Laura? - Hibernation.
- Very good.
All right, everyone, it's time for recess.
Now, don't forget, Robert is the class monitor this week.
So, please, make sure you listen to him when he says it's time to come inside.
- Wanna play kickball? - Are you kidding? I'm class monitor.
It's a full-time job.
[Elizabeth laughs.]
Going on a trip? Yeah, Jesse.
I'm heading to Union City for a few days.
That contract's big news around here.
It's big news for everyone.
Any luck getting a job with the railroad? Not yet.
Too many other guys with more experience than me.
Well, you should come work for me, then.
You mean that? Yeah, I'm going to need all the help I can get once we start doubling production.
Go see Murphy tomorrow morning.
He'll find you something to do.
Coulter, thank you! No, no, no.
Don't thank me.
You're gonna earn every penny.
Believe me.
[Ned, irate.]
: They offered you a fair deal! There was nothing "fair" about it.
Gentlemen, please.
A brand-new house on a bigger plot and a job with the railroad? I couldn't grow weeds on anything they've offered me.
And I'm a farmer, I'm not a rail worker.
But you could own that land outright! You don't have to uproot your family.
Uproot your family Is there a problem here? No.
No problem.
Why don't we all carry on, then? Jed? You want to tell me what was that about? The railroad wants my land for the new mainline.
Yost thinks I'm going to ruin it for everyone.
Your lease is with the town.
The railroad doesn't make that decision.
I do.
And I have a meeting with Mr.
Wyatt today.
Railroad always wins.
That's the way of things.
We will come up with a solution that works for everyone.
I promise.
I told Laura that we wouldn't have to move again.
And that's a promise that I intend to keep.
[cowbell clanging.]
Everyone inside.
Recess is over.
All right, you heard Miss Thatcher.
Everyone, back inside.
Brownie, would you like some sugar in your tea? Opal.
Recess is over.
Come on, or you're gonna get us all in trouble.
We have to go, or Miss Thatcher will be mad.
Oh, no! Opal, look! A bear! A bear? Where? Right over there! Near the trees.
Quick! Run! I'll scare him off.
[Opal shrieks again.]
[chuckles to himself.]
[stunned silence.]
The mean old bear was going to eat me! How big was it? You chased it away? Robert, are you all right? Uh the bear's gone.
I scared it off.
Well, that was very brave of you.
Robert's my hero.
: Is this the coaling station? [Wyatt.]
: You do your homework.
I'm impressed.
What if the mainline came into Hope Valley from the north instead of the south? Then you could put your coaling station here, near Bambrick Road.
Let me explain something to you, Mrs.
Stanton, if we move the mainline to the north, that is gonna cost us a whole lot more time and money.
It would save you from building another access road.
This wouldn't have anything to do with the farmland south of town, would it? I'm trying to find a solution that's fair.
We've already offered Mr.
Campbell a different plot of land, and a great job working for us.
Now, I don't know what else we can do.
Jed is a farmer.
And so are his neighbors.
They don't want to work for the railroad.
With all due respect, if my superiors find out we have to start all over again because of a couple of holdouts, they may decide to move the entire mainline elsewhere.
That doesn't sound like you're leaving much room for negotiation.
This is a partnership between the railroad and Hope Valley, and, as mayor, you have to decide what's more important a few farmers getting what they want, or the future of your town.
I'll take it under consideration.
If there's nothing else, I should be getting back.
Mayor Stanton? Did you like the flowers? They were from you? I heard you like daisies.
I guess I'm not the only one who does their homework.
She's not going to make this easy.
No, she's not.
So how was your meeting, gentlemen? I don't think the mayor quite understands what we're trying to do for this town.
You given any thought to our conversation? Excuse me for being blunt, Mr.
Gowen, but you made it quite clear that your services don't come cheap, so I think we'll take our chances with the little lady.
Avery! Did you hear about Robert and the bear? Yes! I heard that he chased it away.
Sounds like we might have a future Mountie on our hands.
A real hero, too.
One day, I'm going to marry him.
He's a lucky man.
Come on, Opal.
: I'm sure that bear is miles away by now, but don't you worry.
Excuse me.
Spotting a bear that close to the school.
Sounds a bit odd, doesn't it? Bears don't like noise.
Nothing noisier than a school full of kids.
[kids chatting.]
Hey! I told you once.
Get off my land! Didn't mean any harm.
Just doing what the boss told us.
If I find one more of these stakes on my property, there'll be trouble! You hear me? Afternoon, Miss Thatcher.
Is everything all right, Mr.
Campbell? The surveyors set up camp here yesterday.
Laura run inside and wash up for dinner.
- Bye, Laura.
- Bye, Miss Thatcher.
What brings you out here, Miss Thatcher? Oh, um, Robert saw a bear at school today.
He scared him off, but it had Laura worried, so I walked her home.
You know him? [Elizabeth.]
: Mm-hmm.
That's Hank Rivera.
His son, Cyrus, goes to school with Laura.
The railroad's just waiting for us to get out of the way, so they can drive the mainline right through here.
Someone needs to do something to stop them.
Abigail hasn't made a decision yet.
Well, I should get dinner on the table.
Oh, uh thank you for walking Laura home.
[sign claps against window.]
Can I get you anything else? No, I'm fine.
Um Oh goodness! I didn't realize it was so late.
I must've lost track of time.
I suppose you're wondering why I'm not at home having dinner with my husband.
- Actually, I - Lee's out of town.
He's very busy with the new railroad contract.
- I heard - He doesn't like small projects.
He likes to think big.
It's really not so bad Him being so busy.
I'm sure we'll find time to curl up next to the fire Go for long walks together listen to soft music late into the evening [tearfully.]
: When we're 85.
Rosemary! Wait.
Don't cry.
It's not that bad! Oh, it's worse than bad! Lee said it himself, he said, "Now the real work starts.
" I'm afraid I'm never gonna see him again.
Well, that's not true! That sawmill's gonna be running before you know it, and Lee's gonna have plenty of time to spend with you.
Do you really think so? Oh, I know so.
Well, what'll I do until then? Just focus on something else.
There isn't anything else! My advice column, but ever since the honeymoon, that's fallen by the wayside.
I went and checked the mailbox last week.
Not a single letter.
No one in town is having any problems.
: Except for me! [weeping.]
R-Rosemary Rosemary! You've worked at this cafe before, haven't you? [gulps.]
Y Yes.
Well, with all these new people coming to town, we're gonna need some help here.
Abigail's busy being Mayor, I've got my own business to run.
We can't count on Clara to do everything on her own.
Are you offering me a job? And it might help start your column again.
How so? You wouldn't believe the rumors I hear around here.
You know Mrs.
Sullivan? She's got eyes for the new barber! She could use your advice.
You know what? You're right! The cafe is a great place to find out what's going on.
[thumps table.]
I'll take the job! Great.
I will take your plate.
I'll take it myself! If I'm gonna work for you, I might as well jump in right away.
[chuckles happily.]
Oh! You've been quiet tonight.
I could say the same about you.
Is there something you want to talk about? No.
There something you want to talk about? No.
All right, fine.
This letter came for me on the afternoon stage.
- Who's it from? - It's from one of the publishers I've been waiting to hear back from.
About your stories? What did they say? I don't know.
I need you to open it for me.
- Are you sure? - Mm-hmm.
[tears envelope open.]
What? "Dear Miss Thatcher, thank you for your submission.
We regret to inform you" Elizabeth, I'm sorry.
It's fine.
You know what you should do? You should send them a letter in the morning.
It's a rejection letter.
That usually means one thing.
Ask them to reconsider.
I know you're trying to help, but they didn't like my stories.
That's the end of that.
I don't think that you should give up so easily.
Jack [sighs.]
I think I'd rather not talk about it.
Can we just finish our dinner? [.]
Don't let one letter discourage you.
You're a wonderful writer.
- That's what Jack said.
- You should listen to him.
I know.
What? Well, last night, he was doing that thing he does whenever I'm upset, where he tries to fix everything instead of just listening.
Men will be men.
[Abigail chuckles.]
I just wish they liked what I wrote.
Elizabeth, it's like art not everyone's gonna have the same opinion.
Wait, are we talking about my problems or yours? Mm, maybe a little of both.
How was your meeting with Mr.
Wyatt? Well, there are two sides to every story.
Wyatt wants what he wants, and Jed and the farmers don't want to move, so we're at a stalemate.
- So how will you choose? - I'm not.
I'm gonna put it to a town vote.
There's too much riding on it.
Oh, good morning, ladies! Abigail.
I'm glad I caught you.
I had an idea for your dinner menu.
Roasted quail with minted-pear sauce Mm! I'll write down the recipe for you.
Oh, thank you, Rosemary, but the cafe menu is set.
Don't you think it's time for a little change? The entrées are a little stale.
Oh! [laughing.]
Oh, goodness! Pardon the pun! My entrées are fine! And why the sudden interest in my menu? Well, it's the least I can do now that I'm working here.
Since when are you working at the cafe? Since last night.
Avery hired me.
Oh, he did, did he? No need to thank me, Abigail.
I'm more than happy to lend a hand in your time of need.
In fact I should help Clara with the breakfast rush.
Don't you worry about a thing.
You just tend to all that Mayor hoo-ha, and we'll hold down the fort while you're gone! [Rosemary chuckles.]
[Elizabeth chuckles.]
"Hoo-ha"? Watercolors? Art paper? Pencils? What are you working on? Just some painting.
It's been a while.
[door opens, closes.]
Why were we not notified about the bear sighting at school? [Florence.]
: I swear, I heard something behind our house last night.
Rosaleen said something was scratching right at our door! Ladies, ladies! Now, I have checked the woods and there's no sign of a bear, but I will talk to Robert and see if there's something I might be missing.
Do you suggest we do anything in the meantime? Just to be safe I suggest you go home and lock your doors, wait until you hear from me.
Can you do that? Of course, if that's what you think is best.
Oh, I do.
[chuckles quietly.]
How long are you gonna make them wait? Few hours should do it.
Or maybe a few days.
- [knocks.]
- You must be Murphy.
How can I help you? Jesse Flynn.
Coulter told me to see you about a job.
That's good news.
We need men on the logging crew and the green chain.
I don't think that's what Mr.
Coulter had in mind.
Oh, what did he say? He wanted me in the office.
Said something about management potential.
If that's what the boss wants Here.
These are the latest harvest reports.
Make sure they match the inventory.
Welcome aboard.
It was black, it looked pretty mad when I scared it away.
Can you remember seeing anything else, Robert? Uh, don't think so.
Can I go back and play now? Sure.
Yesterday, the bear was brown.
And this is the first I'm hearing about it having "giant teeth.
" Are you thinking what I'm thinking? There was no bear? You're gonna have to have a talk with him.
It's better if he comes to me.
And just how are you gonna make him do that? I have my ways.
There's nothing worse than a guilty conscience.
It's never gonna to happen.
Are you speaking from experience? I may have wandered from the truth now and then when I was a boy.
And since then, it's been the truth and nothing but the truth? I'm a Mountie.
No choice.
Says it right there on the application form.
Yes, I know you ordered the eclairs, but the fruit plate is much better for you.
Trust me.
This is for Ray Wyatt.
: That's Ray Wyatt? From the railroad? [Clara.]
: Mm-hmm.
Hmm! Your sandwich, Mr.
Now, I don't believe we've had the pleasure.
I'm Rosemary Coulter.
I recognize you from your picture in Lee's office.
Although, I must say, it doesn't do you justice.
Well, he speaks very highly of you.
Oh! Well, I think we'll be in business together for a long time.
He's been working very hard ever since the railroad came to town.
And he won't be the only one.
We're gonna put a lot of people to work in this valley.
And jobs are important.
But I must tell you, some of the wives are worried that their husbands will be too busy to spend any time with their families.
I'm afraid this business isn't for the faint-of-heart.
I take it you're not married? No, ma'am.
I'm never home.
But if I had met someone as beautiful as you, well, I think I would've had to reconsider.
I have to thank you, Mr.
For what? You just gave me a brilliant idea for my advice column.
Federal prosecutors have new evidence on Henry Gowen.
It sounds like they're making an air-tight case.
Music to my ears, Jack.
He could only cover his tracks for so long.
Collins told me he offered you a position with the crime unit up north.
I'm surprised you didn't mention it.
I didn't want to say anything until I made a decision.
Division leader? That's quite an accomplishment, Jack.
Collins wants an answer by the end of the week.
I'm not sure what to do.
You'll figure it out.
Bill? Do you have a moment? Something wrong? It's Jed Campbell.
I'm worried about him.
I saw him chase some surveyors off his land yesterday.
Anyway, I was wondering if you might speak with him.
He seems to listen to you.
I'll go see him this afternoon.
[relieved sigh.]
Fire! Water! Get water! [.]
We heard Mr.
Avery call for help, so we came runnin'.
Did you see anyone else? Not a soul.
What happened? Looks like arson to me, sir.
Could've been an accident.
An ember from their campfire.
Has anyone questioned Mr.
Campbell? We all know he's not happy about the railroad.
I'll talk to him.
This is why I asked you to take us on as a client.
The railroad needs someone with ties to the community, someone who can stop things like this from happening.
I haven't made my decision yet.
Well, maybe this will help.
Take my offer and add 10%.
10% is an interesting number.
Is 20 more interesting? 25 would be.
25 it is.
Do we have a deal? It's a deal.
Miss Abigail? Do you think I'm brave? Well, of course, I do.
Why do you ask? Robert's a hero 'cause he scared off that bear.
I've never done anything like that before.
Do you remember what Constable Thornton said when he got that medal? He said heroes are ordinary people who do special things, and, lots of times, they don't even get attention for it.
I have never done anything special.
Of course you have! You took care of your sister when she was sick, now look at how well she's doing in school.
You gave Dasher a home [she chuckles.]
And you do special things for me every day of the week.
Those don't count.
Anyone that does something to help someone else is a hero to me.
Do you really mean that? I do.
Now say your prayers and get some sleep.
Miss Abigail? I just want you to know you're my hero, too.
Oh, Cody.
Your dad set that fire.
Take it back! It's true and everyone knows it! No, it's not! Laura, Cyrus, what's going on? He's telling everyone that my dad set that fire.
Because he did! Cyrus, stop.
Everyone, inside! My dad didn't do anything wrong.
He told Constable Thornton.
Cyrus is just scared about his dad's job.
That's all.
He didn't mean it.
Why can't they put the railroad somewhere else? I don't want to move.
Laura it's complicated, but everything's gonna be all right, and no matter what, you'll always be with your dad, and you'll always have each other.
Okay? [sobbing.]
: I didn't think you were seriously considering the railroad's offer.
: I know it's bad timing.
I have to ask.
Why the railroad? The money's good.
That's not the real answer, is it? It's as good as I got.
What was that for? For hiring Rosemary without asking.
Would you like me to fire her? Of course not.
Well, then, you're welcome, Madam Mayor.
Thanks for bringing me lunch.
Are you allowed to take off the time? It's only your second day.
Ah, it's fine.
Lee won't mind.
What kind of work are you doing? Ah, a little of this, a little of that.
You know, I figure, in a few years, I'll just start my own company.
Hire my own crew.
That's when the real money starts coming in.
Could that really happen? Of course it could.
What about you? What about me? Do you really want to work at the cafe for the rest of your life? No, but Abigail needs me.
Clara, you can do so much more.
You have dreams, don't you? [sighs.]
I do but they'll never happen.
They will, if you try.
You only have one shot at this life.
You have to make the most of it.
Got to be brave.
Take chances.
You mean like this? "That day, the shepherd boy learned an important lesson.
If you want people to believe and trust what you say, you must always be truthful.
" Can anyone relate to the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf? I'm sure someone here can.
Your writing assignment is three paragraphs on truth and honesty.
Class dismissed.
[bell clanging.]
Robert? I'd like to talk to you.
Robert, you understand why it was wrong for the shepherd boy to lie about seeing the wolf? Yep.
So is there something you'd like to tell me? [man.]
: Excuse me, Miss Thatcher? We're sorry to interrupt.
and Mrs.
What can I do for you? We heard about Robert scaring away that bear, and we wanted to give him a reward.
This is for you, son.
If anything happened to our Opal, I don't know what we'd do.
Robert? Would you like to say something? Thank you.
Rosemary? Just a moment, please.
Aren't you supposed to be working? I was, but I had a fabulous idea for my advice column, and I had to write it down before I forgot.
"Dear Mary-Rose, A friend of mine is worried that the railway will work her husband to the bone" Is this your subtle way of telling Lee that he's working too much? This isn't just for me.
This is a community service.
This town will be booming soon, and my readers will be home alone, eating dinner all by themselves, the poor dears.
I need to sound the alarm before it's too late.
And if Lee takes the hint, it's just icing on the cake? That's right.
Oh! Speaking of that there's a cake in the oven.
Would you be a dove and take it out, please? [.]
May I? You're the nurse in town.
Faith Carter.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Ray Wyatt.
The whole town knows who you are.
Well There you go.
Are you riding out? Mr.
Goldeen has the flu, so I'm going down to the railroad camp to see him.
Well, we're lucky to have someone as dedicated as you are.
I'm just glad I can help.
Mayor Stanton spoke to me about your concerns, and I told her the railroad will gladly cover the cost of expanding the infirmary.
Well, I appreciate that.
It's the least we can do.
It was nice meeting you.
You too.
He's very charming isn't he? I guess.
Do you know much about him? [chuckles.]
Like, is he married? That's not exactly what I had in mind, but I hear he's a bachelor.
But I'd be careful.
Why's that? Well, you know these railroad men.
Here today, gone tomorrow.
Maybe he's different.
Maybe But maybe not.
Feels like this town can't agree on anything, and I'm stuck in the middle.
Maybe somebody else should be mayor.
I think you need to have a little faith.
Spoken like the town pastor.
Spoken like your friend.
[door opens.]
Hello, Henry.
Good afternoon.
What can I do for you? Well, I wondered if I could speak with you a moment about the railroad.
I understand that you're going to take the proposed route to a town vote.
It seems like the best thing to do.
You're the Mayor.
You have the power to make that decision.
A vote could allow emotion to enter into it.
Well, I think emotion should enter into it.
Well, sometimes, the mayor has to make decisions that may be unpopular, but they're in the best interest of the town.
Forgive me for being blunt, Henry, but I don't think you're in a position to comment.
You'll forgive me if I can't take seriously the criticism of a convicted felon.
That's enough.
If you take this to a vote, there may be those that feel you're too weak to make the decision.
That's your opinion.
Yes, Frank, that's my opinion.
And you're not the Mayor anymore.
No, I'm not the Mayor anymore, but Abigail did ask for some help.
And I'm asking you to leave.
: I said "enough.
" I appreciate your opinions, gentlemen, but the decision is made.
The town will vote.
Cody! Psst.
Look at this.
Opal's parents gave it to me.
It's a reward.
- Wow.
A whole dollar.
- What should I do? - You could spend it on candy.
- Don't you get it? They think I'm a hero, but I'm not.
Of course you are.
You scared away that bear! No, I didn't.
I made it up.
There was no bear.
There wasn't a bear? No.
Then why did you say there was? Opal wouldn't come inside, so I tried to scare her.
Better tell Miss Thatcher.
I can't tell.
She'll hate me.
Do you think Constable Thornton is gonna arrest me? I don't know.
Miss Abigail says lying is bad.
I can't go to jail! My parents will kill me.
What am I gonna do? I'm dead meat.
[quiet exchange.]
You're back early, Boss.
How'd it go? - Sealed the deal.
- Ho-ho! With the new equipment we ordered, we should double production by the end of next month.
Sounds good to me.
Um, I stopped by the house on the way up.
Rosemary wasn't there.
You seen her? She was in the cafe this morning.
She's up early.
Oh, uh, where did you put Jesse? In the office, like you said.
Really? Hmm.
Coulter! I, uh, didn't expect to see you today.
I guess we're both full of surprises, huh? Uh I had a chance to look at the sawmill log, and I noticed that the spruce keeps dinging up the number two head-saw.
So, I thought, if you cut the cedar in the morning, and saved the spruce for the afternoon, it might save time.
You know what? You remind me a lot of myself, when I was your age.
Full of confidence.
Always looking for a shortcut.
Let me tell you something, kid.
But there's only one way to the top.
And that's from the bottom.
Are you going to fire me? Much worse.
I'm gonna put you to work on a logging crew.
You pass that test, maybe we'll talk.
Going somewhere? I'm running away.
Sounds serious.
It's bad.
I guess you got a plan, right? Place to live? Job lined up? No.
I guess I'll just be a drifter.
That's not any kind of life.
Unless, of course, you join a gang and rob banks.
There's always that.
I don't think my parents would let me.
Well, maybe you better think this through.
I don't have a choice.
I told a lie.
The whole town will hate me when they find out.
It's never good to tell a lie, but it may not be as bad as you think.
It's worse.
You know, when I was 10, these older boys dared me to pull a prank on Doc Timmins.
He was this old coot that lived down the road.
Didn't much care for us kids.
Well, that night, I opened his gate and let his horses out.
And I found out the next day, that one of the horses didn't come back.
What did he do? Well, he was pretty mad.
It was his favorite horse.
He really missed her.
So what happened? I didn't say anything at first.
But then guilt got to me.
I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't eat.
I knew that I had to go to Timmins and confess.
Did he tell on you? No! He didn't tell anyone.
He just looked me in the eye, he shook my hand, and he said, "Son This is the most important mistake you'll ever make.
" And was it? You bet it was.
I learned that there's nothing worse than a guilty conscience.
[door opens.]
- Hello? - Oh! Lee! I wasn't expecting you back so soon! Well, I got done early, and I wanted to surprise you, but it would seem that the surprise is all mine.
Well, you've been so busy with work, I decided I needed something to keep me busy as well.
You don't mind, do you? No, not at all.
Good! And I'll still have time for us.
It doesn't mean I love you any less.
Of course it doesn't.
Let me get you settled.
All right.
Thank you.
And I will be right back with your coffee.
Oh! I know you like to read the paper with your breakfast.
I think you'll especially enjoy page three.
All right.
Thank you.
So you didn't see a bear? You made the whole thing up? Well, I'm really glad you came to me.
That took a lot of courage.
I'm sorry, Miss Thatcher, it won't happen again.
And you'll return the reward to Opal's parents? I already did.
Is Constable Thornton going to put me in jail? Not this time.
[relieved sigh.]
You may go now, Robert.
[both laughing.]
You were right.
He came to you.
The truth always finds a way.
I have a surprise for you.
What? Close your eyes.
Oh, Jack These are my stories.
You painted all the illustrations? It's really beautiful.
You did all this for me? Of course.
Your writing inspires me, so I wanted to be your first publisher.
It's perfect.
And so are you.
Lee? Are you home? [faint music plays in distance.]
[piano ballad plays on phonograph.]
What is all this? Come here.
I'm sorry I've been so busy lately.
Lee You don't have to apologize.
Yes, I do.
You are the most important person in my whole world, and I'm going to make sure you never forget that.
So here's to date night.
And we're going to do this every week.
I like the sound of that.
Come here.
I thought the railroad coming to town was going to be a good thing, but now I'm not so sure.
I got some news myself this week.
I should've told you earlier.
What kind of news? Collins offered me a job.
A special unit in the Northern Territory.
Division Leader.
So what are you going to do? I wrote and I turned him down.
That must've been a very hard decision.
It was an honor to be asked.
[takes a deep breath.]
But my life is here.
You're here, Elizabeth.
You've heard our proposal.
Tonight, you have a choice.
A vote for progress or a vote against it.
The decision is yours.
On behalf of the National Pacific Railroad, I want to thank you for your time, and I hope that this is the start of a long and prosperous relationship.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr.
Would anyone else like to speak? I would.
Someone once told me that there are always two sides to every story.
If the railroad comes through Hope Valley, many people will prosper.
But if it's done the way Mr.
Wyatt proposes, others will pay for that prosperity.
It's easy to get swept up in the promises when you're not the one losing your home, or losing your livelihood.
The decision is yours.
Just, please, consider both sides of the story.
: Thank you, Elizabeth.
If no one has anything else to say, it's time to vote.
All of you in favor of Mr.
Wyatt's proposal, uh, please stand.
Now please be seated.
Now, all of you opposed to the proposal? [.]
You may be seated.
I have the same on both sides.
So do I.
Seems we have a tie.
What do we do? [Florence.]
: Well, according to the bylaws, the Mayor's vote breaks the tie.
It's up to you, Abigail.
Wyatt has told us if we don't sell him the land he wants, that he and the railroad will leave this valley for good.
But I'm calling his bluff.
This decision doesn't have to be either/or.
I've proposed an alternative route that would allow the farmers to stay in their homes and the railroad to bring the mainline to Hope Valley.
Hope Valley wants this railroad, Mr.
Wyatt, but not at any price.
I vote against the railroad's current proposal.

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