When Calls The Heart (2014) s04e09 Episode Script

Heart of a Secret

1 Previously, on When Calls the Heart I'll keep it simple.
You're both under arrest.
- I'll turn state's evidence.
- You coward.
I was hiding something.
I was married.
Then she got sick.
When she died, I left, to start a new life.
Carson, I came to warn you.
It isn't over.
If you ask me, she won't stop until she's ruined your life.
Miss Thatcher! Hmm? - What's today's lesson about? - Oh! Well, today, we'll be reading a chapter on Ancient Rome.
I hate history.
Well, all right.
Well, we'll also be starting our nature projects.
I love nature projects! Oh, you love anything that gets mud on your clothes.
Mud is nature.
It's part of nature.
Well, part of my son's nature.
Come on, Philip! Let's go! Okay.
Bye, Dad! Philip is really doing so great in science.
I wasn't sure if he'd be able to keep up with the reading, but [.]
And you haven't heard a word I've said.
I-I'm sorry.
What was that? Faith is very pretty, don't you think? Oh I hadn't noticed.
Was it really that obvious? [laughs.]
Why don't you just try talking to her? There's really not much to say.
You might ask her to dinner.
- I couldn't do that.
- Why not? It would be too hard on Philip.
Faith is a lovely woman.
I don't want to rush things.
My boy's been through a lot.
So have you.
Both of you need to move on sooner or later.
: Where are we going? Oh, I've got a little birthday surprise for you.
But my birthday isn't till next week.
Becky! Oh, I've missed you so much.
- Excuse us.
- Oh, no, that's all right.
Aren't you supposed to be at school? We all have a few weeks off.
We're studying for final exams.
I thought she might want to come home and study.
So you'll be here on my birthday? I wouldn't miss it for anything.
Oh! What do you think, Florence? Oh, Dottie! It's wonderful! Congratulations! Excuse me.
Would either of you happen to know a man named Carson Shepherd? Mr.
Shepherd works at Abigail's Cafe.
I see.
- Is there a hotel nearby? - Right over the saloon.
- May I walk you? I'd - Thank you, but I can manage.
We can take Dasher for a walk after school.
I don't know.
I have to study for my tests.
: Cody! You're going to be late.
Coming! I can show you the tricks I taught him.
Don't forget to brush your teeth! I won't.
Wait till you see the new baseball field.
And bring down your school books! Okay! I gotta get ready.
See you later.
Well, it looks like we're busy this morning.
It's gonna stay that way, now that National Pacific closed the commissary.
I'm not complaining.
I think it's wonderful that Russ Wyatt took over for his brother at the railroad.
Yeah, I just hope the job isn't bigger than the man.
Oh! Speaking of big jobs, I need to hire someone to fix those rain gutters.
I could leave for Union City after breakfast, get what we need, and be back by morning.
Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that.
You didn't.
I volunteered.
: See you later! [Carson.]
: You forgetting something? Nope.
You sure about that? Oops.
Oh! You gotta actually grab it.
There you go.
Stop goofing off.
Get to school.
Bye, Miss Abigail.
Bye, sweetheart.
He's a good kid.
He means the world to me.
Becky, too.
Yeah, I can tell.
Carson, I know it's hard to believe sometimes, but we do get second chances.
I should probably go clear some dishes.
Oh! Abigail.
There you are.
And it looks like you desperately need my help.
Oh, I thought you weren't interested in working in the cafe.
Oh! [chuckles.]
Not the cafe.
I was referring to the even more daunting task of updating your image.
- My "image"? - Well, now that you're Mayor, you're going to need a whole new wardrobe, and lucky for you, I am now gainfully employed at Dottie's new dress shop, so my talents are at your disposal.
Rosemary, that is very sweet of you, but to tell you the truth, I like my image just the way it is.
Well if you change your mind, you know where to find me.
Oh dear! Molly Sullivan is wearing that dreadful vest again.
Excuse me while I save her from herself.
[chuckles quietly.]
Thank you, sweetheart.
Good morning, Opal! - Good morning.
- Is everything all right? It's my last day of school.
Your last day? Opal, why don't you run and have a seat while I talk to Miss Thatcher? She doesn't know, but her grandmother's taken ill.
We leave for Cape Fullerton on the afternoon stage.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
- Is it serious? - We don't know yet.
And Bruce and I, we don't want her to miss any school, but we don't have anyone to watch her while we're gone.
I understand.
I'll be back to pick her up at lunch.
Weise? Why doesn't Opal stay with me while you're away? Oh, no.
I couldn't impose.
It's not an imposition.
I have an extra bedroom, and with Constable Thornton away, I have a lot of spare time on my hands.
That's so kind of you! We'll be back as soon as we can.
Don't worry.
The two of us will have a great time.
You mean the three of you.
Of course! Don't forget to pack his suitcase.
Any chance that's for me? Actually, it's for Henry.
Well, if you're really hungry, Bill, I'm happy to change places with you.
Your greatest fault is your kindness.
When's the trial? Not soon enough.
I thought we were becoming friends, Bill.
That must mean that you're gonna plead insanity.
I'm glad you decided to testify against the railroad, Henry.
It was the right thing to do.
Well, on truth, I did it to save my own skin, Abigail.
I see.
And when you stopped Ray Wyatt from shooting Bill, was that to save your own skin, too? You can go now.
Thank you for lunch.
Good day, Bill.
Can we have tea and muffins at Abigail's? You just had an ice cream cone! - Are you going to have room? - My mom says I'm a growing girl.
You're going to be doing an awful lot of growing today.
Opal, why don't you go inside the cafe and I will meet you there? Okay.
Someone doesn't look very happy.
My dad was supposed to take me for a walk, but he's busy.
He's just talking to Nurse Carter.
I think he likes her.
Philip, just because your father likes someone doesn't mean he likes you any less.
Do you think she's gonna be my new mom? I think that, right now, she and your dad are just friends.
And it's good to have friends, isn't it? Yeah.
I guess so.
You ready to go? Yep.
Here you go, Brownie.
My goodness, Opal! Your pretty dress! Can I have more jam, please? I think you have had more than enough Jam.
Oh, my.
Um I will be right back.
And Brownie needs more tea, please! Mm-hmm.
[weary sigh.]
- Are you all right? - Teaching a child at school and caring for one around the clock are two very different things.
Well Welcome to motherhood At least temporarily.
Jack and I have discussed children, but now we have so much more to talk about! [laughing.]
If he'd only write me back.
You still haven't heard from him? Not since his first letter.
I'm sure it'll be soon.
I hope so.
Worrying all the time can drive a person crazy.
Brownie's getting thirsty! - [laughing.]
- Coming! It's nice to have a distraction, isn't it? Can I get back to you on that? [laughs.]
Are you ready to go to sleep? I can't.
Why not? My grandma's sick, isn't she? Why would you say that? I heard my mom and dad talking.
Well, I think your grandma is feeling much better, now that your mom and dad are with her.
And I bet she'd want you to get a good night's sleep.
I'm too sad to sleep.
When I'm sad, I count my blessings.
Why's that? Because it makes me feel better.
So, let's think of all of our blessings.
Like my mom and my dad, and Christmas? [laughs.]
That's right! And Brownie and Christmas? - Yep! - And cupcakes and Christmas? [laughing.]
Sweet dreams, Opal.
Miss Thatcher? Hmm? You're a blessing, too.
I can't believe you're the Mayor now, and you still run the cafe.
Sometimes, I can't believe it myself.
So I guess it's true.
Girls really can do anything boys can do.
You bet it's true.
- [Dasher barks.]
- [Cody.]
: Good dog.
Sounds to me like Cody isn't asleep yet.
I'll go check.
- [door opens.]
- [Bill.]
: Abigail.
Bill, I I was just closing up.
This is Marlise Bennett.
I think you need to hear what she has to say.
You're saying Carson Shepherd is a doctor? He was.
Until, uh It's all right.
Just tell her what you told me.
This was taken of my sister the day she graduated from nursing school.
They were married a month later.
She's beautiful.
Carson cared more about his job than he did about her.
He worked every day at the hospital, even when he didn't have to.
Some people would call that dedication.
It was selfish.
Carson told me that his wife was sick.
A tumor.
The other doctors said it was too risky to operate, but the great Dr.
Shepherd wouldn't listen.
She, uh she died on the operating table.
I'm so sorry.
It has taken me two years to track him down.
I've hired a lawyer and I'm suing him for negligence.
Carson's a cook.
I don't think he has any money.
I don't want money.
I want him in prison.
I know that he can be charming, Mrs.
Stanton But don't let him fool you.
Carson Shepherd is a killer plain and simple.
What do you think? Well, if everything she says is true, the medical board in Cape Fullerton would know about it.
Could you check with them? I'll send a wire in the morning.
What do I say to Carson? Nothing.
Not till I have all the facts.
I know, they're a little bit expensive, but consider your wardrobe an investment in your future.
There is nothing more important than making a good first impression.
For men, too! Mr.
Cantrell! You are just the person I was looking for.
What can I do for you, Mrs.
Coulter? It's what I can do for you.
Now I've noticed you've been paying some attention to our dear Nurse Carter.
Uh, we're friends, that's all.
" I see.
Well just in case that "friendship" blossoms into something a little more adventurous, I'm sure you're going to want to look your best, and it just so happens I'm working for Dottie Ramsey, designing fine apparel for men and women.
I really don't have the money to spend on new clothes right now unless my boss gives me a raise.
Oh! Well, who would your boss be? Your husband.
My husband.
[awkward chuckle.]
Well, I'll tell him to take it under advisement.
I appreciate that.
[heavy sigh.]
[forced chuckle.]
Any orders yet? I'm working on it.
I'm a little worried about making enough to pay the rent until business picks up.
Trust me, Dottie.
With my design talents and your business skills, we have nothing to worry about.
Absolutely nothing.
Nothing whatsoever! I hope you're right.
Of course I am.
Miss Thatcher? I don't understand the math problems.
Oh, that's all right.
We can work on them together after dinner.
And can we play dominoes again? Sure.
All right, everyone.
You may go to recess.
I wish I could stay with Miss Thatcher.
Me, too.
We went for ice cream after school yesterday.
And tonight, we're having dinner at the cafe.
And then we're going to sing songs and play games and have hot chocolate, and stay up till midnight.
How come you get to do all that stuff and we don't? Miss Thatcher says I'm special.
She's my best friend.
Except for Brownie.
We're back, without the splinter.
Maggie, you may go to recess.
I've been meaning to ask.
Do you have a first aid kit up here? You know, I used to, but it's disappeared.
I'll bring one by later.
Faith? I couldn't help noticing you and Shane Cantrell have been spending some time together lately.
He's very charming.
I think he'd like to ask you out.
I-I'm not very good with children I'm not so sure Philip likes me.
Well, it just so happens I have an idea about that.
Oh - Hey.
- You're back.
With everything we need for the gutters.
Oh, just in time.
It looks like another storm's coming in.
Good thing I got here first.
I picked up a birthday present for Cody.
Oh, that really wasn't necessary.
Abigail? Is everything all right? Yes.
I guess I'm just tired, that's all.
Well, let me give you a hand with those dishes.
I'm fine.
I'll, um I'll just get started outside.
Come on, Rip.
Come on now.
It's time to go for a walk.
A walk right out here in the street with everybody.
Okay? Are you good with that? Going for a walk means walking.
This is starting to get embarrassing.
[Rip grumbles.]
- You the Sheriff? - Bill Avery.
Constable Michael Gleason.
You must be our new Mountie.
I wish.
Just finished a special assignment in Union City.
Superintendent Collins wanted me to check in on my way back to the Northern Territories.
That was very kind of him, but everything's fine here.
Happy to hear it.
How are things up north? The gangs still have us outnumbered, but we're fighting back.
I was told there's a hotel in town? Yeah.
Over there.
Down the street's Abigail's Cafe.
You tell them I sent you, you'll get a good meal on the house.
That's very kind of you.
Nice dog.
Don't let him fool you.
Come on! All right.
So, Anna, you'll do your nature report on? Tadpoles! Yes! And Philip, you will do yours on? Caterpillars! Very good! All right.
Everyone, class dismissed.
[cowbell clanging.]
Here's the first aid kit I promised you.
Thank you.
[gasps playfully.]
Did I hear someone's doing a report on caterpillars? I am.
I love bugs! I do, too.
I just so happen to know where there are lots of caterpillars.
Where? - Down by the marsh! - Can you show me? Sure! It must be nice being the teacher's pet.
I'm not a teacher's pet! Yes, you are! [all, taunting.]
: Teacher's pet, teacher's pet [Opal, crying.]
: I'm not! Girls! Girls! It's not nice to tease.
Nobody else gets to stay at your house.
You can come over, too.
When? Tomorrow.
For dinner.
Can we really? [Elizabeth.]
: Uh All right.
I suppose I could make spaghetti for everyone.
And then we can have a sleep-over! I don't know about that.
If Opal can stay at your house, why can't we? - Yeah! - Yeah.
Okay, we can have a sleep-over.
Tomorrow night.
As long as it's all right with your parents.
: Yay! Yay [.]
: Biology exam? [Becky.]
: Yep.
Know who Claude Bernard is? He pioneered the Scientific Method.
That's right.
Identical experiments should have identical results.
Did you go to college? Becky, you wanna go play with Dasher? I haven't finished this chapter yet.
Please? Cody You know what? I could use a break.
Let's you and me go play with Dasher.
If you want to.
Sure I do.
Go get his ball.
Thank you.
The medical board conducted a thorough investigation into the death of Amber Shepherd.
They ruled unanimously that there was no negligence on the part of the surgeon.
That's a relief.
So, Carson Shepherd's sister-in-law got a right to be bitter but she's gonna lose her lawsuit.
Shepherd's free to practice medicine.
If he wants to.
Well, seems pretty clear he doesn't.
Which is his right, and if he ever feels like telling us he's a doctor, then he'll say something, but until then, we should respect his privacy.
- Agreed.
- Yeah, no argument from me.
So you were right all along.
Carson did have a secret.
It just wasn't the kind of secret I thought it was.
I guess I should've trusted your instincts.
Just looking out for you.
I know.
Frank? I like when you look out for me.
[door shuts.]
Well, it looks like we've got a pretty good haul here! I think so.
Dad! Look what we found.
Is that for dinner? No.
It's for my nature project.
Nurse Carter helped me find them.
It turns out she really likes bugs, too.
Oh, she does, does she? I grew up with lots of brothers.
Are you gonna ask her to dinner? [awkward chuckle.]
Don't you want to go play with your friends? I want to hear what she says, though.
I'd like to hear what she says, too.
Well she says yes.
Can we tell ghost stories at my slumber party? I'm not so sure that's a good idea.
But Brownie loves ghost stories! Are you sure it won't give him nightmares? He's not scared of anything! [Elizabeth laughs.]
Look, that man has a red jacket, just like Mountie Jack.
Yes, he does.
He's a Mountie.
Constable Michael Gleason.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm wondering if you know - Jack Thornton? - How did you know? - You must be Elizabeth Thatcher.
- That's right.
Your fiancé talks about you all the time.
Even showed us a picture.
Constable Thornton's my superior officer.
Is he all right? I've written him so many letters, and I've only gotten one back.
Well, the postal service can be a bit slow up there.
If you want, I can deliver a message.
How about this If you could give this to him, it would mean so much.
What does it say? Corinthians 13:4.
"Love is patient.
" It has to be.
It isn't easy, having him so far away.
I'll make sure that he gets it.
Mm! Have I ever told you that you make the best pot roast in all of Hope Valley? Well, at least I'm good at something.
Oh, come on! You're good at lots of things.
Name one.
Besides pot roast.
Let me guess.
Things aren't going so well at the dress shop? I haven't sold one thing.
Not one! And I have tried and tried.
Well, maybe you need to try just a little bit harder.
That is not the problem.
So what is? I just don't think people here appreciate my talent.
Oh, that can't be it.
At this rate, Dottie and I are gonna be out of business before we even get started.
What if I were to place an order? For the men, at the mill? Somehow, I can't exactly picture Hickam in a hoop skirt.
No! Not a hoop skirt.
Something official.
Like a work shirt, with "Coulter Enterprises" on the back, in big, bold letters.
It's not exactly haute couture.
No, it's not, but business is business.
And I would need 87 of them.
That's right.
That's a very big order.
So what do you say? Are you ready to be in business with your husband? You're not just doing this to make me feel better, are you? No! No, I think this would be great for business.
Nothing wrong with a little advertising.
That's exactly what I was thinking.
It'd be great for business.
It certainly would.
You have yourself a deal, Mr.
Coulter! Excellent.
: Have you started counting your blessings? [Opal.]
: I already finished.
You did? Did you say your prayers? And you brushed your teeth? So, can you go to sleep? I'm not sure.
Well, then can you at least try? - Okay.
- Okay.
Sweet dreams, Opal.
Miss Thatcher? - Hmm? - Brownie wants to stay with you.
With me? He thinks you're sad.
Well, why does he think that? Because of Mountie Jack.
He doesn't want you to worry so much.
Brownie is a very good bear.
Mountie Jack's a very good Mountie.
The best.
You miss him a lot, don't you? I do.
- Miss Thatcher? - Hmm? Is it true that God's watching over my grandma? - Of course.
- Then you don't have to worry.
He's watching over Mountie Jack, too.
[all chatting and playing.]
I heard what Marlise Bennett said about Carson Shepherd, but I knew it couldn't be true.
I'm sure he blames himself for what happened with his wife.
It must have been horrible for him.
I should've realized he was a doctor as soon as he knew how to diagnose that fractured rib.
He didn't want anyone to know.
It's too bad he's given up medicine.
We could use a doctor around here.
Do you think he'd consider it? Miss Thatcher! Robert won't share the kickball.
I'll be right there, sweetie.
Duty calls.
Elizabeth, could you keep an eye on Cody today? Sure.
Is there something wrong? He's just tired, and he didn't eat breakfast this morning.
He always eats breakfast! It could be because Becky doesn't have time for him.
She's so busy studying.
Big date tonight? It's just dinner.
: As you can see, the cut is generous, but tailored for a proper fit.
The "Coulter Enterprises" emblem is on the back, here.
We have a choice of fabric.
There's the flannel or the denim.
I highly recommend the flannel.
I like what I see so far.
As for pattern, plaid is the obvious choice.
You have your tartan red, which is well, very red.
Then there's the tattersall, which is normally used for horses' blankets.
The window-pane Boring.
And then there's the Glen plaid.
Personally, I highly recommend the Glen plaid.
It's a classic.
So, what do you think? Hmm.
Well I think that that was a very professional presentation.
Oh! Thank you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some fabric to order! Oh, not so fast.
I have some suggestions.
You have suggestions? Mm-hmm.
You might want to take some notes.
- Notes? Right.
- Notes! Of course.
Uh notes.
What are your notes? First of all I want two pockets.
- Not one.
- Right.
Two pockets.
I'm jotting it down.
The collar's too big.
One smaller collar, coming right up.
And there are too many buttons.
Oh, come on, Lee! You hired me as a designer, and as a designer Uh, uh, uh! You're forgetting the first rule of business.
Which is? The customer is always right.
I'm the customer.
Which makes you right as rain.
Anything else? I hate the Glen plaid.
You "hate" Glen plaid? Let's go with the tartan instead.
The bright-red tartan that screams "ordinary," instead of the Glen plaid, that whispers "class"? I like the bright-red scream.
I will get right on it.
[chuckles in dread.]
Got anything else to drink other than this cold coffee? That's only what the taxpayers can afford.
How about a little of what's in that second drawer? How did you know? That was a lucky guess.
I must be in a good mood.
I don't normally share this with prisoners.
I propose a toast.
To a light sentence? That too.
To the two of us.
When it comes down to it, I really don't think we're that different, Bill.
I don't know, Henry.
You're in there, and I'm out here.
That could've gone either way, if we both admit it.
It's been a long road.
But you won, and I lost.
There it is.
The chase, though it had its moments, didn't it? That it did.
[glasses clinking.]
Well, that was a lovely dinner.
It was just beans and bacon.
I wasn't talking about the food.
I was speaking about the company.
Maybe next time we can do something more exciting.
Shane you really don't have to try so hard.
I guess I'm just out of practice.
It's been a long time since I asked a pretty lady out to dinner.
And it's been a long time since I've been out with a true gentleman.
Well, that can't be.
I've had a run of bad luck when it comes to men.
I think your luck is about to change.
[girls singing.]
: Oh, playmate Come out and play with me And bring your dollies three Climb up my apple tree Climb down my rain barrel Shout down my cellar door And we'll be jolly friends forevermore [clapping in unison.]
Let's sing it again! No! We've already sung it three times.
Isn't there something else we can do? Pillow fight! Oh! Oh! Girls, girls, girls! [Elizabeth shrieking.]
[door bangs.]
Surprise! [overlapping.]
: Rosemary! [laughing.]
Is that for us? It is, indeed! I couldn't help overhear all the fun you were having, so I decided to bring over one of my special desserts.
Chocolate-cherry! Are you going to have cherry cake at your wedding to Mountie Jack? [girls.]
: Ooh! [Elizabeth.]
: I haven't decided yet.
Emily, would you take the cake into the kitchen and get us some plates? Sure.
Come on.
Can we also make hot chocolate? Why not? Thank you.
I hope I'm in time for make-up and manicures.
Oh, I was actually hoping for a bedtime story and lights out.
It's good to see you having some fun.
Did I tell you Opal's parents are coming home soon? Her grandmother's doing much better.
That's wonderful news.
It is.
But, to be honest, I'm really gonna miss having Opal around.
She's really taken my mind off of things.
Jack wouldn't want you sitting around, pining away.
You're allowed to have a little fun.
I know.
Rosemary I know you're working for Dottie now.
I really want you to design my wedding gown.
Thank you.
That means a lot.
You are going to be an absolutely beautiful bride.
I just can't think about it right now, not until I know Jack's safe and on his way home.
I'm here for you when you need me.
For anything.
That means everything.
Now let's have some cake and hot chocolate! [laughing.]
So you're still here.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see you here.
I wanted to see your face now that everyone knows what you did.
Everyone? Who have you been talking to? Mayor Stanton.
The Sheriff.
Anyone who would listen.
I lost my wife, Marlise.
Isn't that enough for you? And I lost my sister! You might have been able to fool the medical board, but you can't fool me.
[door opens.]
What's going on? Why is this man still working here, Mayor Stanton? You two have met? She arrived when you were gone.
I had the Sheriff check out your story.
He said the medical board cleared Carson of any wrongdoing.
So you're going to protect him? I make my decisions based on the facts.
You're a fool.
If you would just listen for one This man should be run out of town on a rail! That's enough, Miss Bennett.
This is my cafe, and I'd like you to leave.
I'll go.
But one day you are going to pay for what you did to her.
Carson, I'm so sorry.
Not as sorry as I am.
No one here believes that you're responsible for what happened to your wife.
It doesn't matter.
I have to go.
No, you don't.
Trust me.
It's better for all of us if I leave town.
Thank you for your kindness to me, Abigail.
I will never forget it.
Carson Goodbye, Abigail.
I can't thank you enough for taking care of our little girl while we were gone.
I should be thanking you.
I mean it! Opal reminded me of something very important.
I need to trust that everything's going to be all right.
From the mouths of babes? Something like that.
Brownie wants to know if we can do it again.
Well, you tell Brownie I'm sure that can be arranged.
It can be arranged.
How did everything go with Faith? Pretty good.
Think there will be a second date? Maybe.
They kissed! Oh! I have no secrets.
[Elizabeth laughing.]
Cody says he doesn't want to play kickball anymore.
I'm tired.
Do you want me to walk you home, sweetie? Nah, it's okay.
Sorry, Robert.
Cody, are you all right? I'm fine.
You're never in bed this early, and you hardly touched your dinner.
Can being sad make you not hungry? What are you sad about? I just am, that's all.
Then let's think happy thoughts.
It's almost your birthday.
Becky is here.
She never wants to do anything.
Is that what's been bothering you? She's always studying.
She doesn't have time to play anymore.
Becky's growing up, sweetheart.
I don't want her to grow up.
Well, you're growing up, too, honey.
When Becky finishes her exams, I'm sure she will have plenty of time to play baseball and walk Dasher and do all sorts of fun things.
Miss Abigail why do things have to change? Oh, Cody.
The one thing you can count on in life is that it's always changing, but you will forever be in Becky's heart, and in mine, and that will never change.
Now get some sleep.
Maybe it's time for you to take a little break.
- I can't.
- Becky, you haven't stopped studying since you got here.
School never used to be this hard.
I know, and I know how important it is to you.
But there's someone upstairs who would really like it if you spent a little more time with him.
I just don't think he understands what it's like for me.
Maybe you don't understand what it's like for him.
He's a little boy who's still living in Neverland, and his Wendy just grew up and left him behind.
I know.
Sometimes, I wish I could just go back.
Oh, we all have those moments.
I miss him every day when I'm away.
Maybe you could tell him that.
Miss Abigail? Cody? I don't feel good.
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