When Calls The Heart (2014) s05e00 Episode Script

The Christmas Wishing Tree

: It's my favorite time of year again, when giving and sharing is on everyone's mind.
To me, Hope Valley embodies the joy and spirit of the Christmas season.
But, this Christmas, the love of my life is far away.
Six months has felt like a lifetime.
I miss Jack dearly.
Wherever he is, I know he's making our world a safer place.
He's brave, so I must be brave, too.
Before he left, Jack made me the happiest woman on Earth And then, just as quickly, he was gone.
This holiday season, hope and faith sustain me until I can be with Jack again.
: "So look within And you will see The magic of The Wishing Tree So make a wish and tie it on And soon your wish just might be gone Which means that someone cares for you "And they might make your wish come true.
" The End.
Mm-hmm? Laura? So, if you put a wish on the tree, then you get what you asked for? That's the idea.
And, according to the book, your wish can be for anything a toy, a hope, a dream, and then, someone can take your wish down and try to make it come true.
Yes Philip? What if they can't? That's what's so special about the tree.
If one person can't make your wish come true, then the legend says that the tree can magically make it happen.
Can you make a wish for someone else? Those are the best kind! I wish we could get a Wishing Tree.
Well, Opal I am happy to report that Hope Valley already has its very own Wishing Tree, and Mayor Stanton is going to show it to all of us this afternoon, on Main Street, so we will be ending class early so we can all be there for the tree presentation.
Class dismissed! [BELL CLANGING.]
Cody? Is everything all right? I don't know what to get Miss Abigail I mean, Mom, for Christmas.
It's our first since she adopted us.
Moms are always a challenge.
She's really happy Becky's coming home from school.
Well, there's your answer.
Having you and Becky here for Christmas is all your Mom could ever want.
I know, I just wish I could think of something else to give her.
You know what you could do? You could put that wish on the tree.
That's a great idea! Thanks, Miss Thatcher.
You're welcome.
I bet you wish Mountie Jack could be here for Christmas.
I do.
Me too.
Well, you must be counting the minutes until Becky comes home.
Oh! Thank you.
It's gonna be so nice to have my whole family together for the holidays.
Mm? Mm.
Your eggnog tastes different this year.
Yeah, added more nutmeg.
Now it's got some real kick.
- I'll say.
- I have a question for you.
The, uh, Christmas tree on Main Street, what's that all about? You don't like the Wishing Tree? I didn't say I didn't like it, I just like to stick to tradition.
Oh, we are but, like your eggnog, this Christmas tree has a little "kick".
Well, I guess it'll be fun for the kids.
Oh, it'll be fun for everyone.
You just have to believe.
Oh look at that long face.
You know, I'm gonna get you a glass of my homemade eggnog.
Oh, no, no okay.
Is that for Jack? [SIGHS.]
Figure, if I can't be with him on Christmas, at least I can let him know I'm thinking of him.
Have you heard from him recently? It's been eight days.
Well, I'm sure he's fine.
He said he has a very important mission and for me not to worry.
Well, then I wouldn't worry.
And you know I'm here for you.
By the way, Christmas dinner will be at 3:00.
- What can I bring? - Oh, biscuits and mashed potatoes would be great.
All right.
Guess I better get to the mercantile before the mail pick-up.
Here, Elizabeth.
This'll perk you right up.
Oh, um Save some for me.
But - Is everything on schedule? - Yeah.
It should be.
- Well, to holiday cheer, Abigail.
- And a very Merry Christmas.
Oh! It's good.
I never thought I would see it Lee Coulter! It is the middle of the day, and you are dressed like a man of leisure.
What can I say? You had a great idea.
Well, I have so many.
Can you be more specific? Closing the sawmill for the holidays.
The men get to spend some time with their families, and I, for once, get stay home and relax.
And no one deserves some time off - more than you.
- Well You are such a busy little bee.
And a cute one, at that.
A successful business doesn't run itself.
But a successful businessman needs to have some time off to clear his mind.
That is why, today, my only plan is to have absolutely no plan at all.
If I want to read, I'm gonna read.
If I want to have a nap, I'll have nap.
If I want to listen to music, I'll fire up the Victrola.
For a man without a plan, that sounds very well thought-out.
Ah, you know me.
I still need to dot all my "I"s and cross all my "T" s, whether I'm on vacation or not.
- Of course you do.
- Mm.
Now, I'm going to town.
Can I can pick anything up for you? No.
I think I have everything I need.
I am not going to move one inch all day.
No, no.
You'll see! - [SHE KEEPS LAUGHING.]
- You will see.
Oh, boy.
"Chapter One.
The clock struck midnight" Boring.
Just as I thought.
Good day, everyone! Welcome to the Hope Valley Christmas Tree.
We wish Pastor Frank could be with us, but he was needed at Children's Hospital in Cape Fullerton.
Now, as some of you may know, our Christmas tree this year is a little different.
It's a "Wishing Tree.
And what that means is you take an ornament, just like this one, and you write your wish on the back, and then you place it on the tree.
If someone takes it down, that means they're working to make your wish come true.
That sounds simple enough.
Can we makes our wishes now? I don't see why not! Christmas is just a few days away.
I love the idea of a wishing tree.
There's a certain guy who wants to know what you're wishing for.
Mm, well, tell him to surprise me.
Oh, come on! Just a little hint? Nope, you're on your own.
There you go.
There's enough for you, too.
Where's Carson? He had a patient to tend to.
McCormick! She was one of the settlers we helped a few years ago.
We hardly ever see her around town.
She does keep to herself.
Put your wish on the tree.
With everything that's happening in the Northern Territories, it just just feels selfish to wish to spend Christmas with Jack.
It's not.
At all.
Well, I see a lot of ornaments going up, but not too many coming down.
Well, I will be the first.
What does it say? "I wish for a crib for my new brother or sister.
" And it's signed "Robert.
" How far along is his mom? She's due in about a month.
This is so sweet! He's a good boy.
Okay, next on the agenda the floats.
Elizabeth, does the school float have a theme yet? My students are giving me their ideas tomorrow.
: Excellent.
We need a Santa.
Oh! The men know.
They're already avoiding eye contact with me.
It's like pulling teeth, getting one to volunteer.
Maybe we take a different tact this year.
Okay, Rosemary, you'll be in charge of that.
Mm-hmm! Now, let's discuss the band for the Christmas parade.
Oh, I heard the volunteers practicing in the saloon.
Oh! They could use some direction.
Sounds like we need a bandleader.
Someone who knows how to command respect.
Someone who could whip them into shape in just a few days.
A calm voice is a sea of disharmony.
Where will we find such a person? - [CHUCKLES.]
- I know just the man.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Mrs.
I had a few things I had to take care of, and my nurse has gone home for the holidays.
I remember her.
Faith something.
Too bossy, if you ask me.
My point was, I'm here all alone, so.
You'll get used to it.
I've been on my own near 20 years.
When you were here for your last exam, you told Nurse Carter that you had been married before.
Husband died in an accident.
And no other family? We wanted kids.
Never had 'em.
I'm sorry to hear that, Mrs.
Oh, no need to be.
I do well on my own.
Of course.
And, uh I'm happy to say that you are very healthy.
Just keep on taking your medicine.
So give it to me and I'll be on my way.
I ordered it from Union City.
It should be here sometime today.
I got things to do.
I can't be hanging around town all day.
Okay, that's no problem.
I'll, um, I'll run it by your cabin for you.
Is there an extra charge? [LAUGHS.]
There's no charge.
Then that'll be fine.
So, we'll see you later, then.
: Do I have a choice? - I'll come by the store later.
- Okay.
- So, have you put up your wish? - Not yet.
You better hurry.
You are not the only one wishing for a Mountie, and there may be a limit on Mountie wishes.
Miss Thatcher! Hi, Robert.
Someone took my wish off the tree.
I know.
It was me.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
So my baby brother or sister is gonna get a crib? Yes.
Thank you! Oh! You're welcome.
I've heard the Christmas band, Abigail.
I'm sure they just need a little fine-tuning.
There's no such thing as "fine" or "tune" in this group.
But you'll do it? Let me carry that for you.
What are you mailing, an anchor? It's a shipment of my scones.
So who's gonna get to enjoy these light, fluffy delicacies? Henry Gowen.
I know what you're going to say.
What you do with your baking is your business.
Besides, Henry could probably use some homemade treats to warm him up.
Those tent camps get pretty cold at night.
What tent camps? The detention facilities are getting overcrowded, due to the new prisoners from the Northern Territories, so they're housing some inmates in a tent camp.
But it's winter.
Well, criminal justice isn't supposed to be pleasant.
Can't we offer Henry some charity? Maybe he could come here for the holidays.
Abigail, the man conspired with the railroad to steal from this town.
He doesn't deserve any kindness from us.
Bill, if we can't forgive people, then I don't think we're doing things right.
You're not serious about Gowen? You are serious.
He can stay in the jail, where it's warm.
And I'd be his maid? No thanks.
Well, he can sleep in the cell at night and do community service during the day.
Community service.
I'm sure our former Mayor would just love to be someone's lackey.
I'm sure our current one would be beholden to you.
Are you pulling rank on me? Is that how this goes? Might do him some good to see what it's like to help other people.
You're not backing down on this, are you? I'll try to call in a favor.
Oh, Elizabeth.
- I need your thoughts on something.
- Sure.
Is that needlepoint? Mm-hmm.
I'm making a pillow for Jack.
It's still a little rough around the edges, but Well, it's the thought that counts.
Is it really that rough? So, friend to friend.
Am I too pushy? Wait! Don't answer that.
Yes, I do want an answer.
Now! Elizabeth! What are you waiting for? Where is this coming from? Today, at Abigail's.
I mean, come on.
I was the obvious choice.
Bandleader? Yes! What else would I be talking about? Rosemary, you are the obvious choice for everything.
- I'm a woman of many talents.
- And opinions.
Because I care about a lot of things.
I know, but, Rosemary, sometimes, you have to let other people shine.
Think of a community like a night sky.
Would you rather see one star, or it teeming with many? Depends.
Am I the one star? [KNOCKING AT DOOR.]
That's Lee.
We're going to Abigail's for something to eat.
Have you tied your wish to the Wishing Tree? [SIGHS.]
Not yet.
: What? [BANG.]
Why not? [SIGHING.]
I don't know.
I think you do.
I'm trying to be strong for Jack.
And you think tying your wish to the tree is somehow not being strong? It's just so dangerous where he is.
He has to be strong every second of every day.
Yes, it's a very dangerous world, and yes, we have to be strong, but tying a wish to a tree is not weak.
There is a place for wishing, wishing with all of your might.
Do you know why? Why? Because sometimes wishes come true.
Especially at Christmas.
Now come on.
Oh, where's my wish? So Elizabeth is joining us? No, but we're escorting her to town.
All right.
Your medicine, as promised.
Oh, look at that.
We, uh, we have something in common after all.
- Doubt that.
- No, it's true, I also don't like to decorate until the very last minute.
I don't decorate for the holidays anymore.
Why put something up when you just have to take it down again? Not even a poinsettia? I'm allergic to flowers.
Now, if you don't mind, I've got a kettle on the stove.
Now, I've said my piece, but now it's up to you.
Shall we? I really hope my name's on that thing.
Jack! Merry Christmas, Elizabeth.
I still can't believe you're here.
Neither can I.
How did this happen? Well Bill called Jack's commanding officer.
Let's just say he owed me a favor.
Jack! Welcome back, pal! Thanks, Lee.
We prayed for you every day.
I'm sorry we kept you in the dark, but we wanted you to be surprised.
This is a huge surprise! I don't know how you all kept it a secret.
Well, there was one person we were a little worried about.
Oh, please! Never once did I even come close to spilling the beans.
And it was my performance that got her to back to the tree, let's not forget.
How could we? Mountie Jack! We're so glad you're home! What was it like up there? Did you see a lot of bad guys? Too many.
We're all excited that you're home, but I think it's time that the two of you spent a little time alone.
Hold me tight.
I'll never let go.
I have missed you so much.
Prove I'm not dreaming.
That worked.
It's so good to have you home.
I'm sorry it's just for a few days.
What? Unfortunately, the fighting doesn't stop for the holidays.
I've got to ride out on Christmas Eve.
Elizabeth I'm sorry.
Let's just focus on the time we have together.
There must be something here that Clara wants for Christmas.
Well, I know she likes these gloves.
They are genuine suede.
And notice the beautiful embroidery.
How much are they? $6.
But since they're for Clara, I could go as low as five.
I'm a little short.
How short? $4.
I'm sorry, Jesse.
I'll tell you what.
The floorboards of my house need replacing.
You do that, and I will pay you the $4.
Really? Mrs.
Ramsey, that's too much.
Well, it is Christmas, and Clara's going to love those gloves.
Oh! My word.
Lee! Hey, Rosie.
Um, sorry about the mess.
So am I! What is going on here? Well, you know how I was relaxing Really? Because it looks like you put a lot of exertion into this.
Right, well, the relaxing led to reminiscing.
And then I started thinking about all the best Christmas presents I got as a kid, growing up, and then I remembered my baseball card collection, and I was [SIGHS.]
I know it's around here somewhere.
So does this mess means you haven't found it yet? I still haven't found it, but I'm going to.
Oh! But you did find my memory box! Oh, is that what that is? This holds all of my most precious memories.
There it is.
Now, you know how I have always loved the theater, of course.
Of course! But do you know where my flair for the dramatic really came from? I have no idea.
The circus.
: Really? PT Barnum's "Greatest Show on Earth!" My father loved him, and his father loved him.
Oh, he was a wonderful showman! Oh, I heard that myself.
So every Christmas, I would ask Santa for tickets to the circus, and then, when the circus would come to town, of course, my parents would take me.
I saved every memento.
And even my father's and my grandfather's.
They mean so much to me.
In that case, I think that you should ask Santa for tickets to the circus again this year.
Let's keep the family tradition alive.
I believe I just did.
Got it.
All right.
Why don't you go outside, take a nice, relaxing walk in the Christmassy air? Why don't you go to the Wishing Tree, and wish for something else to do? [LAUGHS.]
That's funny.
Bye, honey.
: Now, if I remember correctly, that extra box of decorations is in here.
Is this it? I don't know.
Let's take a look.
Is that Peter, Mom? Yes.
When he was about your age.
Gosh, I haven't seen this photo in years.
I wish I could've met him.
He would've been a wonderful big brother to you.
You must miss him a lot.
I do but I am so blessed to have you and Becky in my life now.
Hey, what's this? "Decorate the house, bake Christmas cookies, buy presents" [LAUGHING TENDERLY.]
That is one of Peter's famous Christmas to-do lists.
He loved doing them.
He loved everything about Christmas.
So do I.
Especially presents and cookies.
Mostly presents.
Peter loved hearing stories about the North Pole.
We would talk for hours about how magical it was.
He was fascinated by it.
He sure did check off a lot of things.
Well let's find that extra box, so we can continue decorating the tree.
All right, then! We'll try "Deck the Halls" from the top, okay? [PLAYS INTRO.]
Okay, okay.
I thought you said you all had experience.
Well, I-I haven't played for a while.
And we've only just come together for this.
Well, maybe we just need to practice a little more as a group.
Seems like we're a bit brass-heavy.
Be nice if we had some woodwinds.
Does anyone play the flute? That's too bad.
Well, uh let's just, uh, try it again, shall we? [CACOPHONY RESUMES.]
Sure, I can build a crib.
Robert and I will help you.
It'll mean so much to him.
It means something to me, too.
If I can contribute while I'm here, then I'm happy.
Jack, you've done so much for this town.
There's a lot I missed about this town.
Mm? Like? Other than you? The people my friends.
Even the beans at the saloon.
Oh, ho! They must not have been feeding you very well up there.
Being away from home makes you feel grateful for the things you left behind.
- Welcome home, Jack.
- Thanks.
It's good to be here.
: Are you just getting back from rounds? No, coming back from Myra McCormick's cabin, dropping a delivery there.
Did you invite her to the Christmas parade? I doubt she'd come.
She's not a big fan of the holidays.
Well, hopefully, she'll gets into the spirit.
Maybe I can help her out with that.
Oh, Jack look at all the people who put wishes on the tree.
Are you going to put one up there? I will.
When there isn't someone with prying eyes around.
Jack! Thought I'd walk you to school.
You're a little early.
Am I? [SIGHS.]
Come inside, I'll make you some breakfast.
You read my mind.
Elizabeth! Is that Jack? Did I just see him go insi? I was just making him breakfast.
Oh, well Can you ask him to eat quickly? I need him to do something for me.
Rosemary, he's only here for a few days.
Can't you have Lee handle it? I heard he took a week off work! Lee is the problem.
He's bored, and he's always underfoot! He's cleaning things in the house that don't even need to be cleaned! And? Don't you see? I need Jack to spend some time with him.
Maybe just an hour.
Or seven.
What? Elizabeth Thatcher.
What is so funny? Lee bothering you.
So I'm getting a taste of my own medicine.
Listen, Jack is coming with me to school, but I will make sure he spends some time with Lee before he leaves town.
Thank you.
: Rosie! Honey? Do you know where the mop is? The mop? Why do you need the mop, my darling? Uh, well um I was cleaning the teapot and, uh, well, there was an accident.
Hi, Elizabeth! Hi! That's okay.
Don't worry about it.
I'll find it.
- Oh, hi, Jesse.
Come in.
- Hi.
Can you handle it? Mm, shouldn't be a problem.
Oh, and take that table to my shop today.
I need it for a display.
- Sure thing.
- It's all yours.
Good morning.
You again.
What's, uh what's all this? Well, I brought you some Christmas decorations.
There's garland, some ornaments, tinsel, even some candy canes.
Thank you, but no.
McCormick, I just want you to have a nice Christmas.
Christmas is for kids.
I'm not a kid.
We're glad to have you back, Mountie Jack.
Thank you, Opal.
I'm happy to be here, too.
Mountie Jack has volunteered to help us build the school float.
But we need lots of ideas, so who wants to go first? Mm-hmm? I think it should be the North Pole.
: We could have Santa's workshop.
And a sleigh, and reindeer! And snowflakes! And Santa's elves.
Then the North Pole it is.
Starting tomorrow, school will be out for the holidays, but I want all of you to report to the barn to help with the float.
Now, why doesn't everyone start drawing what you think the North Pole looks like? Miss Thatcher, I want this to be the best North Pole ever! You hear that? No pressure.
But don't tell my mom about it, okay? - Why? - I want it to be a surprise.
Psst! Robert? Mountie Jack has agreed to work on your wish, too.
Can I help? Help? I can't do it without you.
Oh! Pardon me.
My strong man.
Your man? Are you someone else's? Most definitely not.
Jesse? Could you go to the mercantile and pick up the supplies I ordered? Sure.
What is it? Nothing.
Let's try this over there.
I need some dowels and some white stain.
What are you working on? A wish from the Wishing Tree.
: My package arrive? Right here.
Thanks, Katie.
Stain's on the shelf over there.
Just picking up a shipment for Dottie.
A bit rich for my blood.
Mine too.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Jack! Look! This will be great to use as snow.
Yeah, we can spread it across the buckboard wagon and use it as a base.
I just hope we get it all done.
There's still so much left to do.
We are gonna need all the help we can get.
Oh! Rosemary told me this morning that Lee is as bored as can be.
I will talk to him about lending a hand.
I'm sure that'll make them both very happy.
Now, red and green paint Red and green paint.
Bill? Have you heard any news about Henry? You seem surprised to see me.
I wasn't expecting you so soon.
I heard that I have you to thank for this.
I thought you might be happy to be back in Hope Valley for Christmas.
Well, a jail is a jail, but nevertheless, thank you.
I'm glad you're here.
I was just about to tell Henry about his community service.
Oh, I see community service.
Guess I'll be eating my share of humble pie this week.
: I hope you have a big appetite.
You'll start tomorrow at your old office.
Needs a little sprucing up.
That is, if it's okay with the Mayor.
Yes, that'll be fine.
Okay, Henry? Well, I guess it's gonna have to be, Sheriff.
I could look at you all day.
You will be.
Ow! Ooh Jack.
Maybe you should just focus on the crib.
Good idea.
It's gonna be beautiful I'm just aiming for functional.
Someday, you'll build one of these for our baby.
Maybe we'll buy one.
A nice one.
Build, it is.
How's this? It looks great.
: Mm-hmm.
Good King Wenceslas Looked out On the feast of Stephen When the snow lay round about Deep and crisp and even Bill, how's band rehearsal going for the Christmas parade? Ah let's just say they're slightly not as bad as they were yesterday.
Oh, someone's wish is falling.
Oh! Whose is it? It's Jack's.
"I wish I could spend Christmas with Elizabeth.
If only we could make that come true.
You're doing a great job, Robert.
Thanks, Miss Thatcher.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm just excited, to be a big brother, so I wanna get the crib done.
You certainly made your mark, Henry.
Think you're enjoying this just a little bit too much, Bill.
We all have our day of reckoning.
I'm paying for what I did.
To most of these people, you'll never pay enough.
The only reason you're here, and not freezing in a prison tent is because of Abigail.
Speaking of Abigail, she's inside there now, with a list of things for you to do.
Well, I can't wait to get started.
What do you think? Should I add one more color? I think it's perfect the way it is.
- He's gonna love it.
- Ah, hope so.
Oh, how's Jesse? Good.
He's doing some work for Dottie.
And you two are doing well? We are.
I think he took that job just to buy me a Christmas present.
Oh, Clara.
That's really sweet.
He's a pretty special guy.
Lee! Just the man I wanted to see.
- Hey! - Got a moment? Got nothing but moments, Jack.
I'm a man of leisure.
Oh, it sounds like you're a little bored.
I'm way past "little".
Then I got some good news for you.
Elizabeth and I need some help building the school's Christmas float.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Say no more.
Say no more.
Excuse me! Uh, here.
Now you'll be even more well-read.
Okay? Enjoy! [LEE.]
: Let's go do something.
And I paint "the Town of Hope Valley" in big letters on the side of the wagon I mean, the float.
And this will lead the parade, right? Mm-hmm.
And as the Mayor, you should be the Grand Marshal.
No, it won't be me.
: Well, you deserve it.
Thank you, and thank you for your hard work, Mike.
You seem to be growing into the job.
Oh, I had no choice.
Well, they respect you.
It's funny how it works when you don't steal from your constituents.
I'm sorry.
That was uncalled for.
You've been working hard.
Why don't you take a break? Why did you bring me back here for Christmas, Abigail? It seemed like a good idea.
I'm starting to think that it wasn't.
Your opinion is noted for the record.
What do you want from me? I see good in you, Henry.
Well maybe you see what you want to see.
That was delicious.
Thank you.
Is it the recipe, or the fact you've been eating out of a tin can for the past six months? It's the cook.
I'm going to go with the tin can.
I like what you've done with the place.
Jack, I haven't changed anything since you've been gone.
Okay I may have added just a few more pictures of you.
Just a few? What's it like up there? Lonely.
Even though you're surrounded by all your fellow Mounties? Yeah, it's still not home.
But you think the sacrifice is worth it? When I see the people up there the mothers, fathers, children their lives turned upside-down by these gangs and gunrunners, they could be anyone, anywhere.
Even us in Hope Valley.
That's why I can't let anything else happen to them.
I know you'll do whatever it takes to protect them.
I will.
Need some help? No, thank you.
I'm all right.
Okay, what's that? For the float? No, actually, it's for a crib we're building for my student, Robert.
Really? Yes, why? Ah.
No reason.
You're not telling me something.
Some things a doctor can't discuss about a patient.
Carson what's going on here? I'm sorry, I'm not at liberty.
I understand.
So, have you gotten Mrs.
McCormick in the Christmas spirit yet? Not yet.
But I have another idea, and it is going to involve some of your students.
- O, come ye O, come ye, To Bethlehem [PLAYERS STOP SUDDENLY.]
: Ah, my kingdom for a flute.
And what is your kingdom, exactly? The jail? You play? [CHUCKLES.]
Of course, I play.
I will bring harmony to your melodies.
Not as the star, mind you, but like an invisible gravity that pulls everything together.
I'm starting to regret this already.
Where would you like me to sit, maestro? Oh, um In the back.
In the back.
As you wish.
Robert? You've been working so hard.
Would you like a break? I don't need one.
Is everything all right? If there's anything I can do, I [SIGHS.]
It's just My parents they're sad.
They don't think I know, but I hear 'em talk sometimes.
About the baby? My mom hasn't felt it move in a while.
It might not be okay, but maybe the baby just doesn't know Know what? That we're waiting.
That's why you wanted to build the crib.
To show the baby we have a place for it.
Then maybe it'll come.
Okay, everyone! We want to give Mrs.
McCormick the most memorable Christmas ever, so let's hear your best voices, okay? Are you ready? God [ALL TOGETHER.]
: Rest ye merry gentlemen Let nothing you dismay Remember Christ our Savior was born Mrs.
McCormick! What's going on out here? You said Christmas was for kids, so I brought you some kids.
They wanted to give you some of their own Christmas cheer.
Comfort and joy I never asked for this.
And I don't want it.
Please, let me be.
God rest ye merry gentlemen Let nothing you dis Why did she close the door, Dr.
Shepherd? Maybe she doesn't like us.
Did we do something wrong? No, you didn't do anything wrong.
Does she want us to go away? Well, I I just think she was probably busy.
You know? Okay.
All right, everyone.
Take a seat.
Is it okay if we keep singing? Of course.
It's Christmas! God rest ye merry gentlemen Let nothing you dismay Remember Christ our Savior Was born on Christmas Day To save us all from Satan's pow'r When we were gone astray Oh, tidings Of comfort and joy Comfort and joy Oh, tidings Of comfort and joy Oh! Here! Let me help.
Thank you.
I was actually hoping to talk to you both about Robert's Wishing Tree wish.
I know he's been wanting a bike.
Actually, he wished for a crib.
A crib? For the baby.
He says he knows there are some concerns.
We haven't mentioned anything to him.
Kids pick up on things.
Believe me.
I was recently reminded that wishing and hoping can be very powerful forces, especially at Christmas.
And this wish means a lot to Robert.
Then finish it with him, but don't fill him with too much hope.
Looks good! It's nice to be doing some real work, finally.
Just remember.
All work and no play Makes Lee a very happy boy.
I gotta say, since you're only here till Christmas Eve, I'm a little surprised that you're volunteering to help out.
I want to soak it all in.
Hope Valley.
It's home.
Hero and a romantic.
You're making me look bad, Jack.
Making me look bad! Hand me some of those nails, would ya? - Oh.
- Thank you.
Oh! Hi.
Back so soon? What happened with the carolers and Mrs.
McCormick? She didn't want any part of it.
Oh, Carson.
I'm so sorry.
I'm a doctor who can't help his patient.
Well, this isn't a physical problem.
It's no way to live.
But for right now, I thought maybe you could use a carpenter.
It's a hobby of mine.
Well, it's a hobby we can use.
Mike? Do you still need help nailing the base of the float? I sure do.
All right, then I'm your man.
Oh, I spoke with Robert's parents today.
Oh, yeah? Yes, and raising a family can get complicated.
Yes, it can.
I just hope, when the time comes, I'm up to the challenge.
I'm not so sure.
You're not? Think you'd be patient? Well, I'm patient with about 20 of my students, so, yes! Think you'd provide our kids with a guiding hand? Jack, that's literally in my job description.
You think you'd love them? Of course I would love them! Then I think you just answered your own question.
Uh, almost done here.
Bill will be here soon to take you back.
Oh, wonderful.
He's, uh, he's always such pleasant company.
Tomorrow, you'll report to the barn.
They could use your help with the floats.
I'm gonna need a vacation by the time I go back to the detention center.
Abigail? A telegram came for you.
What was that? There was a snowstorm in Nelson Ridge.
Becky's stuck at the depot.
Cody? Yes? - Can I talk to you for a second? - Sure.
I'm afraid I have a bit of bad news, sweetheart.
Becky will not be home in time for Christmas.
Why not? There was a snowstorm, and it delayed her.
Is she going to be okay? Oh, she's going to be fine, and she'll be here just as soon as they can clear the track.
It's okay, Mom.
Don't be sad.
We'll still have a good Christmas.
I promise.
Becky would want us to, wouldn't she? She would.
You are a very smart young man.
Hey, sweetheart.
What do you think? Oh.
Lee, even a snowman can look fashionable.
You need to tighten the scarf.
Okay, all right.
Tighten the scarf.
And tilt the hat slightly to the left.
Tilt the hat to the left.
- Left.
- The other left.
- Slightly.
- "Slightly.
" - Oh.
- Just slightly.
Perfect! [HUSHED.]
: Welcome to my world, pal.
It's really starting to look like a crib.
I think.
It's looking beautiful.
Do you really think the baby's gonna like it? The baby's going to love it.
We love it.
- It just needs one thing.
- What? Our whole family in on this wish.
: Mind if we lend a hand? That'd be fun.
Sounds like a plan to me.
I know you're afraid.
I'm not afraid of anything.
You're afraid to admit that you need people.
You pretend that-that you like living all alone because it's easier than facing the truth.
- The truth? - That you miss your husband, and you miss the feeling that your life was going along just like you had planned.
And you miss the joy you once had, before everything changed.
You don't know what you're talking about.
My wife died a few years ago.
I locked myself up.
Inside, I was like a hermit.
I even stopped practicing medicine.
But you're still a young man.
Age has nothing to do with it.
You've got to let people in.
My life is what it is.
Your life is what you make it.
Oh! Sorry! Well? Think my mom will like all this? She's going to love it.
It's important.
I can see that.
I really love it here in Hope Valley.
It's pretty nice.
It's full of good men, like Jack, Bill, Dr.
Shepherd, Lee - you.
I don't know that I belong in the same category.
Then you don't see yourself through my eyes.
I guess I don't.
All right! If I could I have everyone's attention, please? Gather around.
Thank you.
Now that we've nearly completed our tasks.
I'm going to be giving out some final instructions.
All right, we're going to need a group to finish painting the miniature church.
Making a wish, or taking one down? Waiting for one to come true.
You're hoping Becky comes home for Christmas? But I have a feeling that one might be too much to ask for.
I worked on the wish for Jack, Abigail.
I wired Superintendent Collins.
Nothing he can do.
Jack has to go back Christmas Eve.
You did what you could, Bill.
Well, maybe.
But I don't like when I don't get my way.
Well there's still time for you to make a wish.
: Bill! Gowen's escaped.
- When? - I'm not exactly sure.
Must've been while we were working on the floats.
He's taken a horse, too.
Elizabeth told me about Henry.
Once a snake, always a snake.
I'm sorry, I should have never had you bring him back here.
Don't beat up yourself about it although it wasn't one of your more inspired ideas.
I should've kept a closer eye on him.
Jack, we were all just working on the floats.
Be careful.
Henry's facing a long prison term.
He'll do anything to avoid it.
What are you saying? May not end well for him.
Hyah! Hey, sweetheart.
Why don't you, uh, head home, and I'll meet you there when I'm done? I am just all burned up about Henry.
I know.
Me too.
I mean, given the choice between right and wrong, that man always chooses wrong.
Why is that? I honestly don't know.
Makes me worry about myself.
Did this just suddenly become about you? No, I meant I am usually very good at seeing potential now, don't you say a word of this to anyone I saw potential in Henry.
Well, that's because you see potential in everything and everyone, and that's why I love you so much.
Now go home, and I'll finish up, okay? [KNOCKING.]
Come in! I've wrapped the gloves for you.
Ramsey, I've got to show you something.
What are you doing? This came loose when I was moving stuff around.
There's almost $300 in here.
You didn't know, did you? My husband didn't trust banks.
Well he left you a nice little nest egg.
It's all in there.
I promise.
I believe you.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you right away.
A lot of people would've taken this money.
- You deserve a reward.
- No! No, no, no.
You already paid me more than a fair day's wage.
That's all I got coming.
Well, okay then.
Here are the gloves you paid for.
One more thing.
Can you not tell Clara about this? It'll be between you and me.
Why? I figure you have to be honest because it's the right thing to do, not because you're trying to impress your girl.
Thanks again.
Oh, Silas.
He lost his shoe.
Only gets rockier and wetter from here.
We keep going, your horse is gonna go lame.
Hyah! It's about time.
The food's getting cold! Now, what is all this for? Can't a patient cook her doctor a meal? [LAUGHS.]
Yes, but you cooking is a surprise.
Well, as we both know, life is full of surprises.
Yeah, we do.
I haven't been happy for a long time and I know it's my fault.
When my husband died A part of you died, too.
I hadn't really been living at all.
I I was just here.
To feel joy, it's almost like learning to walk again.
Baby steps.
I'll try.
Well, I would say this is a pretty good start.
And I couldn't imagine a better dining companion.
You need better friends, Dr.
So what's the big secret with the floats? How come I've been barred from helping? Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret, now, would it? Good point.
Besides, I don't even know why it's a secret.
I think we're gonna find out together.
Is there something else? Oh, it's Becky.
The depot at Nelson Ridge is closed.
She's not gonna make it home for Christmas.
Oh, Abigail.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay, I'll give her a post-Christmas celebration.
They're back.
Without Henry.
What happened? I've got to find the smithy and get my horse's shoes changed.
We're heading back out as soon as we can.
Don't you think he'll be long gone? [BILL.]
: Doesn't matter.
I take full responsibility for bringing him back here.
- This is on me.
- This is on Henry Gowen! Like every other crime he's committed against this town.
Jack, if you come to the cafe, I'll make you something to eat before you go out again.
Thanks, Abigail.
Think I'm gonna spend some alone time with my fiancée.
I love the sound of that.
I'm sorry.
I have to try and find him.
I know.
It's your life.
It's our life.
Doesn't mean I have to like it, though.
Especially with you going north again tomorrow night.
I know.
Come on.
Let's give Sergeant some water.
Rosie! It's freezing.
- Why don't you come inside? - I'm just star-gazing.
It's beautiful, isn't it? Yep.
Yeah, it's pretty spectacular, all right.
As far as stars go, the more, the merrier, right? Well, I never really thought about it like that, but, yeah, I guess so.
You know what I see when I look at the night sky? [EXHALING.]
Frostbite? Pneumonia? Even on a star-filled night like tonight some stars do shine brighter than others.
And that's okay.
Don't you think? Well sure.
It's fine by me.
Oh, that's why I love you.
Come on, let's go in before we catch our death of cold.
Well, that was the most exhausting week off I have ever had in my whole life.
Well, guess what? It's not over.
What do you mean, it's not over? But the float is done, and it looks fantastic.
So? That doesn't mean that your work is finished.
I have a surprise for you.
Oh, I don't want a surprise.
- Yes! - Oh, no, no, no.
Yes, yes, yes! - Yes! - No! I am not going to be Santa Claus.
Oh, that is so sweet, Lee.
Like you think you actually have a choice.
You won the vote! What vote? The vote we took when you weren't there, silly.
Bah! Cody, I was thinking we should have a special dessert for Christmas Eve.
What would you like? Can we have pumpkin pie? Becky's favorite.
It would kinda make it feel like she was there with us.
Pumpkin pie it is.
Oh! Oh, you've got to come and see this.
He came back! [HENRY.]
: Whoa.
Becky! Thank you.
Well, I'll be Hi, sweetheart! Mr.
Gowen came to get me.
I heard she was stuck at Nelson Ridge Depot.
I went there once with Ray Wyatt.
He showed me a shortcut.
Thank you, Henry.
No need to make a big deal about it.
Oh, it's a big deal, Henry.
It's a very big deal.
I'll put a pot of coffee on.
Ah, that'd be great, Bill.
Merry Christmas, Henry.
Thank you for bringing Becky back to us.
Thank you, Mr.
I don't think I'll ever understand you, Henry.
You and me both.
Oh! [BECKY.]
: Mom's gonna love your surprise.
And she said she needed a new pair of mufflers, so she'll like your gift, too.
I hope so.
But I was thinking that we should give Mom a gift from both of us.
What is it? Go change into a nice shirt and I'll tell you on the way.
: Oh, look at that.
All done.
Now it just needs our baby.
It knows we're wishing for it.
: What do you say, buddy? Ready to take it home? - Yeah! - Need a hand with that? Thank you, but me and Robert can take it from here.
: Oh! My I felt our baby.
I felt it kick.
Are you sure? I feel it, Mom! I think we should go see Dr.
Okay, we'll just load the crib.
Oh! Oh I think we should go now.
Go! I'll load the crib.
: This Christmas season has been full of joy.
We found it by making the wishes of others come true.
And by the power of our own hope.
I did and I've been blessed to spend these last few days with Jack.
Tonight will be our best Christmas Eve ever Until he has to leave again.
It will be a challenge not to show my concerns about his safety, so I have to remember that God has a plan, and we have to trust it.
Silent night Holy night All is calm All is bright You made it.
I wasn't sure I would, and then I thought it's Christmas.
I should be with my new friends.
What's in the basket? Apologies.
I know you.
You were at my cabin.
What's your name? I'm Opal.
Nice to meet you, Opal.
Thank you for singing to me.
You're welcome.
I'm glad you could come to the parade.
Me too! Would you like to help me hand these out? Sure! Boys, I've got some gingerbread cookies.
This parade was such a good idea.
Did you see the crowd? It looks like the whole town came out.
Time to start? Yes.
All we need are Grand Marshals.
I just assumed that was you.
You are the Mayor.
One of the perks of being Mayor is I get to choose.
And I choose the two of you.
No, Abigail.
We couldn't.
It's my decree.
You can't say no.
She just made it law.
As a Mountie, I'm duty-bound to follow it.
All right, then.
All right, everyone! It's time to start the parade! [CHEERING.]
Now keep saying "ho, ho, ho," all the way to the end of the street.
"Ho, ho, ho.
" Got it.
And toss the candy canes evenly.
Don't favor one side of the street more than the other.
- No favoring.
Got it.
- And most importantly, be jolly! I'm always jolly.
You know why? Because I married the most wonderful woman in the world.
Oh, Lee.
We've been asked to escort you to the main float.
Excuse me? Follow us.
: Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! Cody, what's all this? Peter didn't finish his Christmas to-do list.
He never got to take you to the North Pole.
I want to do it for him.
Oh, Cody.
Thank you.
Come on! I have a surprise for you.
I hope you like it.
We'll see.
So? I love them! You ready for this? As long as you're here by my side.
All right, gang.
This is where all the hard work pays off.
Let's start the parade! [CHEERING.]
: Merry Christmas, everyone! [BOTH CHUCKLING.]
Is Peter watching us? I'm sure he is.
You think he's happy with me? I'm sure he is very proud of his little brother.
Christmas Eve dinner.
Wow, it looks delicious.
You've been working hard on your community service.
Except I left town.
And for that, I will always be grateful.
I spoke to Bill.
The prison will never find out about your little field trip.
Well, it'll be our little secret, will it? [CHUCKLES.]
Hope Valley's little secret.
We'll see how long that lasts.
What you did Well, you can fool yourself, if you want, Henry, but you can't fool me.
Well, I wouldn't read too much into it.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Abigail.
It is.
Thanks to you.
An erector set! It's exactly what I wished for.
I know.
Ice skates! I never thought that I'd get these.
You only mentioned them in every letter you wrote.
- Our turn.
- Okay.
Close your eyes.
Oh! Okay, open them.
What's this? It's from both of us.
Oh Mr.
Yost took it with his camera.
It's beautiful.
And there's more.
Oh "To our mom.
" We thought that you'd want all your kids to be together.
I couldn't ask for a better gift, or a better family.
What? I want to remember this.
It's got to last me till we see each other again.
Can't believe you're leaving already.
I'll be back as soon as soon as I can.
If I know one thing about you, it's that you are a man of your word.
I have something for you.
What's this? It's actually for the both of us.
"Love is patient.
Love is kind.
" It's beautiful.
I can already see it in our new house.
Me too.
Uh, I actually, uh I have something for the both of us, as well.
Thank you.
They were my grandparents'.
Oh, Jack They're gorgeous.
Read the inscription.
"Love is patient" "Love is kind.
" If that isn't proof that we're meant to be together, I don't know what is.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
It's time.
I know.
I'll be waiting for you.
Oh, I wish this night would never end.
I feel the same way.
Jack, I'm sorry your stay was so short, but at least it was sweet.
That it was, Abigail.
From what I hear, a lot of wishes came true.
Not all of them but many.
There's still one wish left.
" I wonder who made that wish? [BILL.]
: Jack! This just came in from Mountie HQ for you.
There's been a major blizzard in the Northern Territories.
The roads are blocked.
They're not expected to clear for a week.
All Mounties on leave are ordered to stay where they are, until they receive further instructions.
Oh, Jack! The book did say the Wishing Tree is magical.
Maybe miracles do happen.
Maybe they do.
Come on, Abigail.
I'll make you a glass of my special egg nog.
Merry Christmas, you two.
: Merry Christmas.
Jack I'll see you tomorrow.
Tomorrow, Bill.
Oh Merry Christmas, Elizabeth.
Oh, it will be now.

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