When Calls The Heart (2014) s06e06 Episode Script

Disputing Hearts

1 Previously on When Calls the Heart It's oil! We're gonna be rich! [LAUGHING.]
I'd like to buy your land and look for oil.
What makes you think I don't wanna do the same thing? We both know that you don't have the money to dig.
We need judges that are tough.
You mean like you.
I see you've met my niece, Allie.
I just don't think making excuses for Allie is helpful to her.
Do you think they're onto us? If they weren't before, they are now.
It is said there is a time for everything.
And right now in Hope Valley it's a time of uncertainty for many of us.
I hope to open a library in town, Henry Gowen hopes to strike oil, and some of my friends are hoping for something they've yet put into words.
Life isn't always easy or fair, But the time for answers will eventually come to us all.
The children are already asking if they can donate their used books, they're really excited.
Not more than you.
That's true.
When is the next town council meeting? - Eight days.
- Well.
Lee has already told me he is firmly pro library.
So you can count on his vote.
Well, that's good.
I'm not sure how the others will vote.
Does Lee have any idea? Oh! Are those new shoes? They are beautiful.
Rosemary, I've had them forever.
I hear everyone would like a library.
They just don't want to pay for one.
Where's Henry? He had to leave while it was still light out.
But he said he is going to dock his pay.
That's hardly the point.
I need him here.
I understand.
This oil business is starting to impact his job performance.
Hard enough to do one job well, let alone two.
Oh well.
At least you're still here.
Right, Michael? Yep.
I'm right here, boss.
It gives me the right to drill on your property.
And if you do? Read it.
If I strike oil, then you'll receive 30 percent of whatever crude is brought up from the rigs in your land.
Hold on a second.
I think I can get more.
How? It's called negotiation.
Two hundred seems a mite low.
Well, it's what I've offered everyone else.
But my parcel's bigger than most.
Kurt Lawson's property adjoins yours, is that right? That's right.
Well, thank you for your time.
We'll take it! 205 it is.
205? You strike a hard bargain.
Is that another new dress? My mom bought it for me with the money she got from Mr.
It's so pretty.
Thanks! Good morning, everyone.
Who would like to have some fun today? (CLASS) Me! Very good! Because the fun we'll be having today is math.
But we'll be having fun because we'll be working in teams.
So everyone find three friends and we can get started.
Opal! Let's be a group.
Wanna be in our group? Mm, sure.
All right everyone, now the problem you'll be solving is this: if each one of you in your group leaves Hope Valley at 9:00 am, to get to a town that's 30 miles away, and one of you is travelling by train, one by car, one by horse, and one of you is walking, what time will you get there? You may begin.
I am going to work on the horse.
Michael, do you have the harvest projections for the east block? Right here.
Thank you.
Think we'll have any trouble logging this by next Friday? I can't see why.
Unless the weather turns, that might slow things down.
What is this? "The Fundamentals of Oil Drilling?" Oh, that.
"Oh, that?" Is this Henry's book, or yours? He needed a hand with his oil well.
I've only been helping him outside of work hours.
Michael, this contract is really important to us.
I need your eyes above ground this week.
That's exactly where they are.
Ugh! Pickled herring is ten cents more than last week.
That's highway robbery.
What is that? It's a community board.
Yost said I could put it up.
Do you think anyone will use it? Oh, I know they will.
You're looking for a telephone operator.
We have so much cash all of a sudden.
It beats being paid with chickens.
Well, I don't know about that, I'm rather fond of chickens.
Are you, now? [LAUGHS.]
What else are you fond of? Eggs.
Is that it? Bacon Jam.
Especially homemade jam.
Anything else? Well, there is this certain doctor that I'm quite fond of.
I'm gonna take this cash to the bank.
Oh, and I'll pick up the mail on the way back.
Faith, about that.
Did you hear anything back from your father? I tried writing him a letter, but I tore it up three times.
So you never wrote to him.
After being out of touch for so long, I just didn't know what to say.
Hello? Sheriff Avery, is that you? I have a call for you from Mr.
Florence, what are you doing on the switchboard? Isn't it exciting? Fiona is training me to be an operator.
Since when? Since this morning.
Can you believe it? I'm already getting the hang of it, sort of.
I mean there are a lot of wires and thinga-ma-jigs.
But it's not as difficult as I thought it would be.
Please hold.
I will connect you now.
Coulter? Mr.
Coulter? Are you there? Lee! It's faster to walk here than to wait for the phone call to be put through.
(LEE) Kurt Lawson locked his gate.
What do you mean? Well, apparently Richard Wolf got an oil option and Kurt didn't.
So Kurt got upset and locked his gate now I can't get to my wood lot.
And I have a huge order due next week.
What does Kurt's gate have to do with your wood lot? Here, I'll show you.
Can you believe that Kurt Lawson? I always said he was a hothead.
Florence? Not that it's any of my business.
This is Kurt Lawson's farm.
This is Richard Wolf's.
They are right next door.
This is my wood lot.
Kurt has the only access to the main road for all three properties.
But he has always left the gate open.
Until today.
Hello Clara.
I need a dress for next weekend.
Something fancy, but not too fancy.
I'm taking Anna to see the ballet in Union City.
Well, I can't promise anything Miss Hayford, we're already behind on orders as it is.
What did you have in mind? Something sleek and modern.
Why don't you come back later and I will draw something up for you.
Anna will need a dress too.
Of course.
I'll be back.
Rosemary, why are you promising such quick turnaround? You are going to run yourself into the ground.
I can handle it.
Hello Henry.
So, I'm headed to Kurt's place.
- Are you? - HmmMmm.
You do realize the mess you've created with these options of yours.
Pinning neighbour against neighbour is now affecting my business.
Well, Kurt works for you, doesn't he? Tell him you are going to cut him loose unless he starts acting right.
I don't want it to come to that.
Kurt's a good worker, he's not thinking straight.
And you could have avoided the whole situation if you just offered him the same deal you offered Wolf.
I'm not in the business to give money away and I already had the option to Wolf's place so Lawson's isn't of any special value to me.
Thank you, Henry.
Allie, why aren't you with your group? I like working alone.
Well, it's a very difficult problem.
Which is why I assigned you to work in groups.
So you can help each other with it.
But I finished.
What do you mean? I did all of them.
You got everyone right.
It wasn't that hard.
Allie, this is This is exceptional work.
But you were supposed to be working with your team.
But I didn't need their help.
Maybe they needed yours.
All right everyone, please turn in your work.
Good afternoon, Kurt.
We'd like you to open this gate.
I'd be happy to, Constable Grant.
As soon as Richard pays the toll.
The what? It'll be 50 cents each way for Richard.
A dollar a day? You can afford it, with what Mr.
Gowen's paying you for your oil.
This is your employee, will you talk to him? Kurt, come on.
You gotta be reasonable.
How's this? I'll drop the toll after we reach a hundred bucks.
That's half of what Mr.
Gowen paid Richard.
My half.
I'm not paying you anything.
The gate stays locked.
You have to leave the gate open, Kurt.
You can't expect our guys to sit around and wait for you to open it every time they need to get through.
You can fire me if you want to, Mr.
It's a matter of principal.
Hey Timmy.
Hey Robert.
What's going on? Your dad wants my dad to pay every time we go through the gate.
Why? They didn't have to do that before.
Good question.
Run along back to the house, Timmy.
Let me handle this.
When kids get into fights, Mrs.
Thornton just makes 'em sit in separate corners.
Yeah, and they're not allowed to leave until they're ready to say sorry.
Okay, how about this? Leave the gate open for 24 hours, and everybody just cool down.
We'll figure this out.
24 hours.
And then I'm locking it again.
Bill, if I can't get my logs through, I'm gonna lose one of the biggest contracts I've ever had.
Come on, let's go.
Clara, what do you think about adding princess seams? Well, it would look nice.
But, it's going to take extra time, and with all of these new orders, I'm already behind.
Rosemary, do you have those sketches to show me? Oh, yes.
Mm-Hmm, right here.
Sleek and modern.
Just as you requested.
It's a bit plain.
And I don't think that hemline would do my ankles any favours.
I I can make those changes, just give me a few moments.
Are you sure everything is all right? Yes.
Yes, I'm fine.
Why does everyone keep asking me that? So? How did I do? You did okay.
What? You don't think it went well? It's more a question of propriety.
I can assure you, I value propriety above all else.
Well, the telephone company has strict rules about how operators should interact with the public.
What rules? Well, when you're placing a call for someone, you shouldn't ask them what they're planning on cooking for dinner.
Oh, that was just Molly.
Molly and I always compare what food we're preparing.
I understand.
Hi, can I help you? Ah, I see I'm too late.
You're finished for the day.
Oh, do you need to place a call? Actually, Fiona, I need help finding a number.
Everything checks out.
Your heart, lungs, pulse.
You are in perfect health.
Really? Yes.
Are you sure? Usually people think this is good news, Rosemary.
It's just Something's not quite right.
How are you sleeping? I know living next door to a newborn can be noisy.
No, little Jack is nothing but a joy.
It's Lee's snoring that's keeping me awake.
Have you talked to Lee about your feeling that something's not right? [GULPS.]
Well, then, what I recommend is a healthy dose of communication.
Communication won't change what's wrong.
No, but it might lessen the pain.
That's my recommendation as your physician and your friend.
Excuse me? On the library.
Not yet.
I just figured if I found a space then the town council would have a more concrete estimate of the cost.
Perhaps there's an element of positive thinking going on there as well.
As a gambler, I live and die on that.
And as a teacher, I hope my students never have to.
Well, good luck.
Every town needs a library.
I couldn't agree more.
Good day to you, Mr.
It's Lucas.
We've got about eight hours until Kurt locks the gate again.
And five days until I have to deliver my order.
I just can't have any more setbacks.
I'll figure something out.
I hope so.
This is one stress I just do not need right now.
What are you looking for? There's a territorial log book around here, somewhere.
Just haven't had much use for it recently.
Wait a minute oh, yeah.
There it is.
We should head to the office.
Wouldn't want Lee to get upset.
Oh, what do they say, Henry? Third time lucky? 300th time has got to be extra luck.
I'm sure we're working towards a 400th by now.
But who's countin'? Let it drop.
Now, bring it back up.
So, I've been looking at other parcels.
Oh, really? Yeah! This time, I'm thinking ten acres of prime farmable land.
You mean not as rocky? Exactly.
Well, with the extra money we got from Henry [LAUGHING.]
We struck oil! It's a gusher! Did you hear me?! It's a gusher! Yeah! [LAUGHS.]
Yes! Well done.
Congratulations! [MUGS CLINK.]
I can't believe it.
That geologist made it sound like striking oil on our land wasn't likely.
Maybe Mr.
Gowen got lucky.
The Gowen I know didn't have much use for luck.
We messed up.
We have each other.
And we have enough to start planning our lives.
Thank you.
It appears as if you've made a wise investment.
Let's just keep that between us, shall we? I get more than enough attention around town as it is.
Fiona! - Hi! - Hello! What's what's all the commotion about? Didn't you hear? Henry Gowen struck oil.
Now everyone in town wants in on it.
Yost says at this rate, his shelves will be bare by tomorrow.
Oh, what exactly is everyone in such a hurry to buy? Shovels, pickaxes, hoes, steel rods, anything that will help them dig for oil.
I thought you needed expensive equipment for that.
Apparently, not for surface oil.
Say, if you're out here, who's operating the switchboard? Oh, I hired Florence Blakely.
Oh, that's wonderful! How's she doing? You know, kind of, uh, a work in progress.
Oh, excuse me.
So good news.
I called that number [PHONE RINGS.]
Hope Valley Central.
How may I direct your call? Rosemary Coulter.
Please hold.
Hello? I have a call for Rosemary.
(LEE) Florence? You rang my office.
Ooops! [RINGS.]
What? Oh, uh, I'm sorry! [PANICS.]
Oh, uh! Ahhhh!!!!! Oh! What happened? I I can't do this.
What? [PANICS.]
Florence? Florence! Wait! Stop.
I just ruined your switchboard.
I can fix it, easy as pie.
I'm not cut out to be a telephone operator.
Well, I think you're a natural.
How's that? It seems to me like you've been in the communication business for some time.
I have a confession.
What's that? I've never had a job before.
Well, there's a first time for everything.
Constable Grant! Mrs.
Can this wait? I have a matter to attend to.
It's about Allie.
I was hoping to talk to you.
Okay, I'll come by.
Well, well, well.
Look who it is.
The man of the hour.
I don't know about that.
Oh, you don't have to be modest, Henry.
You're a big success now.
It might cause me a few headaches, if I'm being honest, but that's all right.
You've earned it.
Thank you.
Well, I, uh about that.
You don't have to beat around the bush with me, Henry.
You're here to quit.
I wanna thank you for all you've done for me.
I know we got off on the wrong foot a few years back.
I take the blame for that.
I'd like to think that we've done some good things together since.
We've come a long way, you and I.
Haven't we? Well, thank you, Henry, for everything.
And I wish you nothing but the best of luck.
Thank you, Lee.
Say, Henry, um you know, we don't get too many opportunities in life, to start over.
My advice? Make the most of this one.
It's callled easy by necessity It says if a piece of land is landlocked, the owner can't be prevented from accessing that land by road.
But the road's on my land.
Doesn't matter.
You can't charge Mr.
Wolf for access.
So they pump the oil from his land, transport it across my property? He gets paid and I get nothing? That is the law, Kurt.
I won't stand for this.
They haven't even found oil on my land yet.
Gowen found it on his land.
He'll find it on yours soon enough.
Why else would he send all that money your way? Sheriff Avery can wrap this up in all the legal jargon he wants to.
No matter how you slice it, it's not fair.
If I can find a lawyer I will.
You're fighting about oil? With all due respect, Mrs.
Thornton, this doesn't concern you.
Your boys go to my school.
You don't think this affects them? I'm just trying to get my fair share of an oil option Mr.
Gowen gave to Richard.
So you're threatening to take him to court.
I have to stand up for what's right.
For what's right or what makes you the most money? Look, I'm a teacher but so are you, Mr.
Every day at home you're setting an example of how to be.
You're better than this.
Is that a problem? No, but I'm not just teaching my students English and Math.
I want them to learn how to get along in the world.
And part of that is learning how to work together.
I agree with that.
So, how can I help? Well, perhaps if I knew more about Allie, I could help address her needs.
Uh, what do you mean exactly? For starters, could you tell me about her family? My sister passed when Allie was four.
Her dad, he he wasn't around much.
He eventually just left.
I dunno, maybe the thought of raising her on his own scared him off.
And what about her grandparents? That's just my mom.
And she's too old to raise a young girl.
So it's really just been you and Allie moving around a lot.
Yeah, that's her in a nutshell.
Allie has experienced a lot of loss.
I believe she pushes people away before they have the chance to get close to her.
Why would she do something like that? To protect herself? If she pushes people away, she doesn't have to worry She doesn't have to worry about losing them.
Okay, all right, well what do you suggest? Just keep doing what you're doing, and I'll do whatever I can to make sure Allie feels valued and included in school.
She's a very bright young girl.
We won't give up on her.
You look pretty good with that law book in your hand there, Bill.
From what I saw today, I think you'd make a good judge.
It's not whether I could do the job or not.
What is it? I signed up for the Mounties for a reason.
You thought you looked good in red surge? I look great in a red surge.
No, seriously.
When I was a boy our town was in bad shape.
Gangs, bandits.
My mother wouldn't even let us play in the street.
And one day we got a new sheriff.
He stood up to these outlaws.
He risked his life and he drove them out of town.
He was a good man.
I'm sure he was.
What happened to him? He passed.
Old age.
I was 17 at the time.
I signed up with the Mounties three months later.
You wanted to be a lawman, like him.
He made a difference in a lot of people's lives.
Well, the way I see it, there is more than one way to do that.
By becoming a judge, you get a chance to right wrongs.
You punish the guilty, protect the innocent.
I think maybe you should try on that robe, see how it feels.
You're never going to catch me in one of those.
Not as flattering as red surge? Not even close.
Fair enough.
So, you're sure this is the guy, right? It's the only David Carter listed in Hamilton.
It must be him.
Ready for me to put you through? Yeah.
Thanks, Fiona.
Hello? I have a call for Mr.
David Carter.
Okay, put him through.
Hello, yes.
Carter, this is Doctor Carson Shepherd from Hope Valley.
I work with your daughter, Faith.
Hey sweetheart.
I'm so sorry that I'm late.
I just, I couldn't get out of the office tonight.
Is that pork roast? [SMALL LAUGH.]
Ohhh! You are the best! Well, we've both been so busy, I thought it would be nice to have a quiet dinner together.
And I thought there was something we should talk about.
Oh, absolutely.
I'm sorry about the files, I'll clean that up later, I promise, I just [EXHALES.]
Things went sideways at the mill today.
Henry quit, which I expected, but still, that means all his work is gonna end up on my plate and then Kurt, he's so upset, I just.
I'm worried that I'm gonna lose him next.
And then there's this gate fiasco.
I thought Kurt agreed to open the gate.
Oh, he did, but who knows for how long? And then to top it all off, the customer with the big order? Now they want the shipment two days earlier than we agreed upon, so I've had to call in every favour I've got with the railroad.
I mean It's just been a real day.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
That sounds awful.
Yeah, well, nothing worthwhile is easy, right? Look at me! I'm so sorry to carry on.
Come here.
What is it you wanted to talk about? Uh, nothing.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
Just some stuff at the dress shop.
I hope you're hungry.
Oh, I'm starving.
Absolutely famished, oh.
Allie! What are you doing over here all by yourself? I just felt like reading.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland! That's one of my favourites.
Mine too.
The story of a curious young girl who set out in search of a fantastic new world.
And almost lost her head for it.
You sure you don't want to go play with the other children? Allie, I know it's been hard for you, moving around from town to town.
Before you have the chance to make friends, you have to pick up and leave again.
I don't mind it.
I like being alone.
Bet you didn't always feel that way.
You're funny and intelligent, and anyone would love to be your friend.
I see the way they look at me.
Besides, I wouldn't know what to say.
Just be you.
Now, come on.
Let's go see what the others are up to.
No thanks.
I'm good right here.
(RICHARD) You're a liar! And a cheat! And I'm not gonna let you get away with this! I am not reneging on anything! The contract clearly states that I only pay additional funds to option holders if I drill on their property.
I'm drilling on my property.
I don't owe you a nickel! You looked me in the eye and said I get 30 percent of all oil revenues.
If I find oil on your property, not mine! All I'm asking is that you start drilling on my property.
Why would I do that? Forget the contract.
I'll hire my own drillers.
You just found yourself a competitor, Henry.
That would not be a wise move.
I own the mineral rights to your land as well as most of the rest of the valley.
That means you own the surface rights to your property.
I own everything underneath.
And please raise your hands if you have any questions.
You forgot to carry the two.
Math can be like walking near quicksand.
One mistake and you're sunk.
I guess you're right.
- Lee? - Yeah? I have the regional manager from the National Pacific Railroad on the line.
Thank you, Florence! Putting him through.
(CARSON) Okay, promise me you'll try and keep an open mind about this.
(FAITH) An open mind about what? Why all the secrecy? Excuse me, Doctor Shepherd? Ready for the Hamilton call? Yes.
Hamilton? Okay, hear me out.
I found your father's telephone number.
And I think you should talk to him.
Oh, Carson, I can't.
It's been so many years, I can't.
I know, Faith.
He's your father and he loves you.
Just give him a chance.
I have a call for David Carter.
Uh, yes, this is David Carter.
Hold for David Carter.
Hello? Hello Faith.
Is that you? Hi Dad.
I've missed you sweetheart.
Yeah, I've missed you too.
I'm glad you called.

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