When Calls The Heart (2014) s08e02 Episode Script

Honestly, Elizabeth

1 - Previously on When Calls the Heart - Oh, my goodness.
Elizabeth, I've been thinking a lot about you.
Aren't you happy to see me? Of course, yes.
Welcome home.
What's it gonna be? It's already a barbershop.
It's my barbershop.
I'm going to see Judge Avery about your adoption.
Is it something that you could do? I'm not in the oil business anymore.
Love isn't just a feeling or an emotion, it's a choice.
So you haven't made a decision? I'd like you all to meet my mother.
Helen Bouchard.
I'm not normally given to worry.
I contemplate life with a fairly even disposition, charting a course and holding to it.
But as would a sailor facing a sudden squall upon the ocean, with the unexpected arrival of Lucas's mother, it's wise to batten down the hatches.
Who is that, Jack? Is that your daddy? Yeah.
Your very handsome daddy.
He was so brave and funny and smart.
And lots of other good things, too.
Just like you'll be.
Just like you are.
Mother? Yes? Come in.
Are you sure that I can't get you anything to eat? Thank you.
I'm not hungry.
Well, is there anything that I can do for Lucas, I am sorry but for some reason this trip has just taken it out of me.
I just need to stay in and rest.
Of course.
Call if you need me.
When would you like to meet with Elizabeth Thornton? I'm really not up to it right now.
I'm with the railway.
I have a delivery for you.
Fantastic! Yes! - Hey, Lee? - Hey, young man.
That north slope will be a muddy mess if it rains.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Maybe we survey it some other day.
Oh, hey, let me give you a hand with that.
Oh, thank you very much.
Many hands make light work, right? Oh, yes, they do.
Ready? Hi, Jesse.
Uh, Lee, your breakfast is ready.
Uh, kinda busy, sweetheart.
Those bacon and eggs smell pretty good.
I'll make Lee some more.
- It'll just be cold by the time Lee's finished, anyway.
- Thank you.
Oh! What did you get? Oh, this is one of the crates we sent home from our trip.
All the way from South America.
Oh, my goodness, it was so quick! All the way from South Ow! Ow! - Jesse, Jesse, take the box! Take it! Take it! - Aaargh!!! Lee! Lee!! What's wrong? Oh, my back! I can't move! Call Carson! Call Carson! Call Carson! - Call Carson! Call Carson! - Oh, no.
Where are you all headed? Me, I'm just doing my rounds.
Like Mountie Grant.
Well, I don't have a horse, of course.
Of course.
So I can't cover as much ground.
But Robert said we could come along.
Oh, that's very nice of Robert.
Thornton, when is the end of school? Not for a while, Opal.
That's good.
Seems like that storm headed in the other direction.
Everything under control? Yes, sir.
Robert, shouldn't we be going? I guess.
Bye, Mrs.
Come on.
Allie has suddenly hit that age.
When it comes to boys? Yeah.
I might need your advice.
Oh, I'm sure you'll do just fine.
Allie and I were sorry we didn't get to have dinner with you the other night.
How are you feeling? Better.
Thank you.
It would have been fun, the four of us.
Yeah, well maybe we could try it again.
Well, I should probably finish my rounds.
I guess I'll cover this way seeing how Robert has that way covered.
Ahhhh! Ah.
I'll take it from here.
Let me get you settled in - and administer something for the pain.
- Ok, thanks.
- Thank you.
- We're ready.
- Feel better, Lee.
- Ah, yeah.
Thank you, Jesse, for all your help, and thank you, sir.
I'll be praying for your husband.
I'm sorry, what was that? I'll be praying for your husband.
Thank you.
I I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.
Oh, it's Joseph.
Thanks again.
Fiona, here.
Let me.
I'm too stubborn to ask for help.
Yeah, I can be that way sometimes.
You know, Mr.
Weaver misspelled "nickel".
It's not his shop anymore.
Nickel, isn't that k-e-l? It's a play on words.
Nichols was my boss at the phone company.
- Ah.
- Well, who's Mr.
Dimes? I am.
I mean, there is no Dimes, or Nichols, really.
Except for the dimes and nickels a haircut costs.
It's cute.
What's cute? Oh, I haven't said anything to Jesse yet.
When Mr.
Nichols fired me from the phone company he told me I was just a small cog in a big wheel.
And since Mr.
Nichols belittled you, by putting his name on the sign you're saying I can be a big wheel, too.
Huh! That is cute.
It's my own little inside joke.
And a reminder to always treat people with respect and kindness.
You know, nickel isn't spelled that way, right? - What? - It doesn't matter.
What matters is I am the new barber.
A woman.
Cutting hair.
Why not? Uh Who wants to be my first customer? - I gotta - I just had a cut recently.
Come on, now.
When peace like a river attendeth my soul What do you think I might have done, Doc? Did you feel anything pop? No.
Anything tear? I don't think so.
Those are good signs.
I'm gonna have to slide my hand under your back just to feel if your spine's out of alignment.
Let us know if you feel any pain.
Oh trust me, I will.
I wanna try to avoid any chiropractics or physiotherapy What? At least until some of this swelling goes down.
Chiropractics or physiotherapy? What are those things? Massage and manipulation of the back.
Doctors in Chicago are making great strides with both.
I love Chicago.
There's a theatre Oh, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! That sounds very serious.
I'm not gonna be able to do an assessment on this metal gurney.
We're gonna have to move him.
Uh, Molly, we need to move Lee onto the bed.
We'll need your help.
Oh boy.
Just get into position.
- Ok, ready? - Ready.
Lift with your legs.
Ayeeee! It's not that I think legally adopting Allie is a bad idea, she's been in your custody, what Just over six years.
But if you start proceedings, court filings, public notices in newspapers, you could really stir things up.
Don't forget Allie's father tracked you down from an article in a newspaper.
Which is why I'd like to get this done while he's in jail.
Shall we discuss my fee? Whatever you think is fair, Bill.
Just make sure that this adoption is iron clad, ok? I need to get some information from you.
What's Allie's mother's full name? Colleen Mayes Grant.
And Allie's full name? Allison Mayes Parks.
Where did you get that money Allie's father was trying to extort? From Lucas.
You asked Lucas? You do love your niece.
Bill, who owns this land right here? I do.
I was thinking of building a cabin there, but Would you consider selling it? How much of that money did you give back to Lucas? Got a minute? Lee hurt his back this morning so I was just heading to the infirmary.
I hadn't heard.
I'll make this quick.
Would you would you consider stopping by to visit my mother? She has not left her hotel room since she arrived.
I'm hoping she'll open up to you.
Why me? You're easy to talk to.
But Lucas, even just meeting her, I found her a bit intimidating.
Well, don't worry.
Her bark is much worse than her bite.
Oh, so she does bite.
What I was afraid of.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Rosemary! - Oh.
- How is he? Well, they think it's just a simple sprain.
He's resting.
I'll be able to take him home this afternoon.
Is there anything I can do to help? I wish there were, but no.
Oh, muffin? No, thank you.
I'm going to see Helen Bouchard so I come bearing gifts.
Ah, the old saying.
The way to an editor's heart.
I'm not quite sure that's how that goes.
It is.
Bouchard? It's Elizabeth Thornton.
Are you awake? Enter.
Am I awake? My goodness, I've been awake all night.
The saloon can be rather noisy.
It's the quiet I can't stand.
Would you care for a muffin? Alright.
Um well then, Mrs.
When would you like to begin discussing the edits on my book? Manuscript.
You're a talented writer but you are undisciplined, of course.
I know I was late sending you my first draft.
But that's only because I decided not to let my writing interfere with my life.
Oh, well, perhaps then my trip was for nothing.
- Mrs.
Bouchard - Helen.
I want you to know I appreciate everything that you and Lucas have done on my behalf.
My writing is very important to me.
I take it seriously.
But I came to Hope Valley to be a school teacher.
Well, then should you wish to demonstrate just a teensy weensy bit of dedication to the craft of writing, perhaps then you'll be amenable to speaking.
Say, tomorrow morning? I look forward to it.
Good day, Elizabeth.
Good day.
Weren't we meeting in the saloon? Ah, didn't much feel like breakfast.
I'd like you to reconsider our partnership in the oil business.
That's the last thing I expected you wanted to discuss.
I don't know that you're doing any better without me than you were with me.
But what would make me think that anything would be different between us? Well, you could stay out of my way.
I like you, Henry.
I don't know why, but I do.
No thank you to your offer.
Look, the oil business is a relentless cutthroat thing.
You know that by now.
I'm willing to get my hands dirty.
Meaning? Meaning whatever you want it to mean.
But I think you understand.
So here is my proposal.
I will double your crude output in the next year or I will walk away.
And what happens if you do double production? Then I become majority owner at 60 percent and you let me handle it how I would like.
Why the change of heart? I have my reasons.
Think on it.
Excuse me, sir.
My truck, it ran out of gas just outside of town.
Oh no.
What can I do for you? Well, I was hoping you could help me locate someone - to open the gas station.
- Hickam.
Don't tell me you're backing out.
I never renege on a bet.
But this gentleman needs help.
Well, I'll help him.
You go on.
Uh, Jesse Flynn.
Joseph Canfield.
A pleasure.
Hey, Fiona.
Do you have time for a trim? I think I can squeeze you in.
I I shouldn't have run off.
You came back and I appreciate that.
Well, it was the right thing to do.
And you must have had a bet with Jesse.
How'd you know? I have three brothers.
I love Sergeant.
Oh, maybe someday you can ride him.
I could ride him.
That's a big horse, Robert.
He's not that big.
I've ridden bigger.
Well, we can start by patting him and then we can take him for a walk.
And maybe later I'll ride him.
Mountie Jack used to run him all the time, he can get restless.
Don't be shy.
Yes? Just checking.
Miss Thornton stopped by.
She did? So that's a surprise to you? You two have made arrangements to get together? Tomorrow.
I believe between her writing and how she presents herself I'm going to like Miss Thornton.
She does have that effect on people.
Nichols and Dimes.
It is funny.
I know my sense of humour is an acquired taste, it's alright.
Head down.
So why a barbershop? And not a beauty shop? I suppose I'll be hearing that a lot, might as well get used to it.
To begin with, Mr.
Weaver, who's renting to me, he already has lots of customers.
Although they sure don't seem to be streaming in here.
Chin up.
And men's hair is - it's easy to cut.
One, two, three, and you hand them their hat.
Now, a shave, that's different.
Hey, would you like a shave? No! Oh, no! Mike! Are you alright? Not to worry, Fiona.
I'm fine.
- Just starting to feel woozy.
- Mike? Lucas! Don't pass out.
Don't pass out.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Mike! With a few days' rest Lee should be feeling much better.
Oh, good to hear.
Carson! My ear.
Is it still there? Yeah, it's there.
Come on in.
I'll fix you up.
I was cutting his hair and he turned his head.
I Cutting his hair? Yeah, I'm the new barber.
I better check on Mike.
Hello, everyone.
Oh, my goodness, Opal.
Well, it looks like a very good ice cream cone.
- Opal? - Uh-huh.
Oh! Let me find you something to clean off your face.
Oh, goodness.
She does seem special.
She is.
I take it Elizabeth is the reason you decided to settle here.
You have to admit, it's not like you to stay in one place too long.
And Elizabeth is the reason.
And there's the gentleman that was with Elizabeth when I arrived.
Constable Grant.
I assume you and the Constable are vying for Miss Thornton's hand.
You are just teeming with insights today.
Shall we? - Hi.
- Hi.
Where are you heading? Uh, just up to Bill's land.
Well, you must be taking it quite seriously if you're riding off so suddenly.
Well, he's got another potential buyer so I'd like to see it as soon as I can.
I think it's time that I settle down.
Nathan? Yeah? When you're back from your trip perhaps we could get together? Yeah, alright.
I have to get a few more things for the trip, so Of course.
Robert! Stop!! Help!!! Elizabeth! It's Robert.
I couldn't stop him! Robert! Slow down! Oh! - Grab on your reigns! - Ah! Sergeant stop! Robert! Alright, give her a shot.
- Look at that! Hey! - There you go! Jesse, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, it's my pleasure.
Whoah!!!! Robert! I'm sorry, Mrs.
Thornton! Really, really sorry! I'm sure that you are.
I'm just I've never ridden before and I wanted to sit up on the saddle, and then I just kicked him like this No, no, no! No more kicking.
We'll discuss this when we get back to town.
At least you don't have to take Sergeant for a ride later.
Lively little town you have here.
Yeah, we try.
One more step.
Ahhhh! Ow, ow, ow! Lee, are you in actual pain? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm fine.
- Just a just a little stiff - Alright.
Oh, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.
I'm going slowly.
Slower, please.
Ok, there we go.
Almost there.
Can I sit now? Can I sit now? Not quite.
- Hold on.
- Yeah.
Oh! Ah.
Oh, there we go.
That wasn't so bad.
Oh, no.
Not bad at all.
Quite pleasant, in fact.
Here you are.
I need to go next door and see Elizabeth.
She's got her first meeting with Lucas's mother this morning.
Oh, did you did you remember the sugar for the coffee? Ugh.
Ow! Aaah! I still can't get over what you did yesterday, giving chase after Robert.
I was afraid for him.
You are so brave.
I don't know about that.
I'm certainly not feeling very brave now, going to see Lucas's mother.
Elizabeth, you are a wonderful writer.
You just stand your ground.
Or, be like Robert and just hold on tight.
How's Lee feeling this morning? Sore.
But better, thankfully.
I think we may need another holiday after all of this.
One in which he just lays on the beach.
I see the puppy.
Oh, you are a cutie-patootie.
Yes, you are.
You know it.
Puppy go.
Puppy's going night-night? Puppy's going sleepy? Oh Sometimes at night, when the windows are open, little Jack's laughter drifts next door and Lee and I Well We smile.
You should go.
I don't want you getting scolded for being late.
Hmm? I don't know where Laura is.
Well, I'll stay until she gets here.
You really should head off, though.
- Thank you.
- Shoo, mama.
Goodbye, my little man.
Bye-bye, mama.
Shoo! Alright.
Let's play peek-a-boo with the doggie.
Where's the dog? You found him.
Walking, walking, walking.
Excuse me.
Out of gas? No, that was yesterday, when I noticed this for sale sign.
Yeah, it's been up there for a while.
Not a lot of cars in Hope Valley.
Well, that's bound to change.
Sooner than we know, or like.
Hi, I'm Bill Avery.
Joseph Canfield.
I was here yesterday making a delivery and I liked it so much I decided to have another look.
I understand.
The older I get the more I come to appreciate Hope Valley.
My daddy says the same kind of thing.
That's a pretty little church you have here.
My family and I should come through some Sunday.
You may want to wait on that.
At the moment we don't have a pastor.
You ran him off? Well, we must have done something.
No, he left to become a missionary.
Well, Bill, I'm looking to settle down.
From what I see, I'd like it to be here.
Well, I might know of some land for sale.
It's a bit out of the way.
Off the beaten path is good.
I know how to use my hands but I'm not looking to build.
Well, you have met the right man.
Or the right man who can who can take you to the right man.
Would you describe this character as dour? I always pronounced it dour.
Oh, for the love of At this rate, your manuscript is never gonna be published.
I'm sorry, Helen, I'm just not used to writing this way.
Shall we come back to this note? Please.
Page two.
That's progress.
Any particular reason you're selling? Well, I just haven't spent too much time here as of late, and I have another home in town.
Well, it's awful pretty.
And peaceful.
I'm sure Minnie would agree.
- My wife.
- Ah.
We have two children, a boy and a girl.
And that boy, well, he likes a lot of room to run and play.
Well, I think you'll find, too, it's close enough to town if you do need anything.
Yeah, it's it's not far at all Bill, if you bust it you buy it.
Well, that ain't nothing.
Besides, I'll most likely do a good deal of work on the place.
You know, make it our own.
I'm just not that handy myself.
Well, it does look as though you've taken good care of things.
Gowen, we have ourselves a deal.
Call me Henry.
- That's great.
- Alright.
Well, congratulations, Joseph.
Welcome to Hope Valley.
Thank you, Bill.
How are things going? I cleaned all the stalls and I stacked all the bales of hay.
You gave people quite a scare, young man.
I gave myself quite a scare.
But I learned my lesson.
I'm sure you have.
- Is he done yet? - Ok.
We waited for you.
You need to have a bath.
Oh, what a good suggestion you made to get outside and get some fresh air.
I don't know anyone who enjoys keeping their nose in a book all the time.
As an editor I have found that authors sometimes feign indifference to the characters they create, or they protest that they're merely fabrications outside themselves.
I see how honest you are, and not just in your writing.
You're honest with yourself and with others.
I don't know any other way to be.
Most people, they're uncomfortable or afraid and as a result they wind up hiding behind a character that they've created for themselves.
I'm like that, Elizabeth.
I've come here to see Lucas and to see you, of course, but if I'm being completely honest I've come because my husband He left me.
Would you like to sit and talk? Well, there's really nothing to say.
What's the point? It's not gonna change anything.
May I ask where Lucas's father is now? London.
Or at least that's where he was when I travelled back home.
Lucas doesn't know.
I trust you'll maintain my confidence? Should I assume that you're done editing? Yes, we are for the day.
And the word is "finished", not "done".
Shall I send you a copy of Sanderson's Manual of Good English? The travails of being raised by a lover of language.
Who instilled in you a passion for literature.
And you're a good influence, as well.
My mother typically works late.
Perhaps we could all get dinner? I'm afraid I won't be able.
Well, uh another night.
Well, I would enjoy that.
I hope you both have a nice evening.
- Hi, Mrs.
- Hello.
Laura, where's Jack? Mrs.
Coulter said she wanted to keep Jack with her today.
I see.
Thank you.
Say hi to Jack for us.
I will.
- Bye.
- Bye, Mrs.
Bye, Timmy.
Lucas, may I ask for your help with something? - One more block.
- There you go.
- You did it! - Good job.
Oh! Oh, who's that at the door? Who is that? - Who's there? - Is Mommy here? Let's see.
Whoops! I hear Jack's been with you all day.
He has.
- Mummy.
- Hello.
And we have had a ball.
We have.
Have you just loved being with Aunty Rosie and Uncle Lee all to yourself? How are you feeling? Uh, a little bit better.
Well, because you both have always been there for us, and since it seems like you could use another vacation, we thought you might like - What is this about? - I have no idea.
Oh! A night in the Hawaiian islands.
Hawaii? - Oh my goodness.
- Wow.
We'll start with a little light fare, nothing heavy.
And then a perfectly paired bottle of wine, and finally, music to set the mood.
The flowers are so fragrant.
I know, I can smell them from here.
Jack, were you in on this? Did you know? With that we say "aloha".
Come along.
Thank you.
Well, since there's music Oh, Lee, your back.
May I have this dance? Absolutely.
Just, slowly.
I always wanted to go to Hawaii.
I love you.
I love you.
Lulu, she's from Honolulu and she's waiting there Ned, is there any mail by any chance? As a matter of fact, Henry Here you are.
Oh, uh, Ned I know, it's it's been returned.
Did you open it? Henry, of of course not.
Ned would never do that.
I uh, I forgot to take care of something in the back.
Goodnight, Florence.
Ned was mortified.
And you have no idea who opened his letter? Probably the person whom Henry sent it.
You're staring.
I'm sorry, I'm curious.
And a bit bad tempered.
You're probably hungry.
I am, let's eat.
Molly, come back.
Hello, Bill.
Hello, Molly.
You know, I was just talking with Florence about the other day when you were cooking chilli over in the cafe and I Oh, my goodness.
I'm being rude.
Molly Sullivan.
Helen Bouchard.
Lucas's mother.
Well, may I say you certainly have a lovely son.
I'm quite fond of him.
Don't let me interrupt.
You seem to have a fan.
I wasn't aware.
Back so I can finish you off? So you can finish my haircut.
Thank you, Mike.
Nichols and Dimes.
That really is funny.
No need to keep humouring me.
I'll be more careful this time.
Fiona, it was my fault.
How about we both take some blame? My husband needs a haircut.
Jesse! You said trim.
A haircut.
Same here.
Just a trim.
I already tried that one.
Tell me, how did the meeting go with Helen Bouchard? Oh, I'm not altogether sure.
And I came away wondering where did Lucas even come from? Aside from their shared love of literature they really couldn't be any more different.
Well, perhaps he's more like his father.
Let's hope not.
Oh? I really shouldn't say.
You know how much I dislike gossip.
Does it involve you? Yes, in a way.
Well, then it isn't gossip.
Helen confided in me that Lucas's father left her.
Oh, dear.
And she's asked that I not say anything to Lucas.
Oh, goodness.
That's a terrible position to put you in.
I agree! Hello? Look what else I found in the crate.
Come here.
Oh! A little cowboy.
No, a little gaucho.
Oh, well I'm glad to see that it fits.
Lee, what else was in the crate? Um It's all coffee? That's a lot of coffee.
Two hundred and fifty pounds of it.
Well, all I can say is I hope you didn't buy cream and sugar to go with it.
Molly, hold on a second now.
We need to talk about this.
I made a fool of myself.
No, no, just hold on a second, now.
Now, look.
I I've been a bachelor for a long, long time.
Just a moment.
Are you under the impression I'm interested in you as a suitor? Well, even Lucas's mother said that it I came by your table curious about the woman with whom you were dining.
True, I have mentioned to Florence it would be nice getting to know each other seeing as how we've lived in the same town for years.
Well, you see? You are interested in me.
You flatter yourself.
Why is the letter open, Ned? Why is the letter open? I mean, honestly, what what's it doing open, Ned? Why does somebody open a letter and then return it to the sender? You know me better than that, Henry.
Fellas, fellas, come on.
Henry Gowen cannot come in here and subject us to his angry tirades.
Henry! Ah, ah, I'm fine! I'm just a little dizzy.
I don't know what happened in there but I can probably tell you why.
Your blood pressure is dangerous.
And it's beginning to affect your mood Carson, you've told me that before, ok? I'm trying to get it under control for the last year.
- I'm discussing your case - Ok, Carson, just stop it! You're a doctor, alright? You you've seen people come into this world and you've watched them go out.
Sometimes, just what you do in between just isn't enough.
Why don't you come over to my office and tell me a little bit more of what's going on with you? You're not gonna stop, are you? Not until you're better.
Oh, my goodness.
How was your trip? Bill's land is beautiful.
There's a a level, clear spot surrounded by woods.
Best of all the river's just a short walk away so Allie and I can go fishing.
I can totally see us living there.
Allie and me.
It sounds remarkable.
Nathan, I don't know where to begin.
Well uh, here, let me No, no, no.
I need to tell you something that I've known for a while but I haven't been able to say.
You mean a lot to me.
You and Allie both.
But I've sensed that you're hoping for something more than friendship.
I wasn't trying to hide it.
And I appreciate your honesty.
But Nathan, when you were almost shot Elizabeth, just listen to me for a second, please.
You want more than I can give you.
It would just hurt too much if I lost you the way I lost Jack.
I wouldn't let that happen.
You you can't say that to me! You have no right to promise me that.
I would quit.
- I'd quit the Mounties.
- No! Elizabeth.
Elizabeth! I can't stay or it'll only make it harder for me to leave.
Well, then don't go! Elizabeth, look.
I know you feel the same way that I do.
I can't.
Elizabeth, I'm in love with you.
Elizabeth, I love you.
Come on.
Come on.
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