When Calls The Heart (2014) s08e08 Episode Script

A Parade and a Charade

1 Previously on When Calls the Heart Haven't you ever lost someone so close to your heart that it tears you apart? Not yet.
Christopher, look, I made a lot of bad decisions.
I'd like to see you avoid that pitfall if you can.
Did I ask you to marry me? - You did.
- Good.
I hope you know how happy I am to have you in my life.
I would like you to reconsider adding Mrs.
Thornton onto the guest list.
Judge Avery, we can begin now.
Everyone's here.
The more things change, the more things stay the same.
Unfortunately, for better or worse.
Lately that's not how life has been feeling to me.
I'd like to discuss what happened the other day.
At the adoption ceremony? Yes.
At the adoption ceremony.
I'm concerned about Allie.
I didn't know that you were gonna be the only one invited.
And may I add that I was probably just as uncomfortable as you were? Allie didn't discuss with you who she'd be inviting? Matter of fact, she did.
And of all the names I saw on the list, yours wasn't one of them.
Well, now you're just being hurtful.
Elizabeth, if that's what you think of me, you don't even know me.
Nathan, we are talking about Allie.
Well, we're gonna have to wait to discuss it.
There's been an escape at Granville Penitentiary.
The prisoner's been spotted nearby.
Constable Grant.
Save it.
LUCAS: Yes? May I come in? Of course.
Wow, this is such a nice office.
Thank you.
I haven't had a chance to tell you I want to tell you that I was the only one invited to Allie's adoption ceremony.
Um, excuse me.
Hello? Thank you, Florence.
Bonjour, Paul.
Comment ça va ? Bien, bien, merci.
Quoi ? Pourquoi ? Un autre acheteur ? Paul, ce n'est pas du tout ce que nous avions convenu.
Pardon my French.
That was an art dealer in York.
I'm I'm trying to buy an anniversary gift for my parents.
I understand.
Um Florence? Would you mind calling that number back, please? Elizabeth, would you care to join me for dinner tonight? I would like to continue this conversation but I'd like to be able to give you my full attention.
Of course.
Thank you.
Lucas? Hmm? [SPEAKS FRENCH.]
À tout à l'heure.
ROSEMARY: How was your ride this morning? Unsettling.
I approached Nathan about Allie's ceremony and he told me that originally Allie hadn't even invited me.
And yet you were the only one there.
We're supposed to talk about it later.
And good thing.
Things were starting to get a bit heated between us.
I still feel like there's something he's not telling me.
You may have to take the bull by the horns.
Just ask him, directly.
I suppose so.
How's your job search going? Oh, goodness, Elizabeth.
I might just stay at the dress shop for as long as it remains open.
You don't really mean that, do you? No.
I don't know.
Rosemary, you've been so restless lately.
I really have been, haven't I? Clara and I were going through Dottie's old inventor records and I came across an entry I made on my very first day at the dress shop.
I must have been so excited.
I used three exclamation marks.
But to be that excited about what I do.
I need to find that again.
Cookie? Sure.
NED: I really Florence, I just - I feel like a child.
- Shush.
This is your first day back after surgery.
You need to rest.
Be glad I agreed to letting you come in.
Oh, good.
I have something for you.
A babysitter? No, a substitute.
Robert shall deliver the mail while you convalesce.
"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of the nights, days uh, stays " "This courier from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.
" Ah.
I'm having trouble seeing it.
I'm I'm having trouble seeing it, too.
What's this area supposed to be? Well, this is the operating room.
And this? Recovery room.
Why isn't this the recovery room? And this the operating room? Ladies, if you will please excuse me, I'm gonna head over to Lee's office and place an order.
And all this because we almost lost Ned? Well, Carson's dreaming up ways of raising money to build a hospital the size of Union City's.
And he won't reconsider the surgery fellowship in Baltimore? No.
He's still refusing.
And, you know, it is such a wonderful offer.
In order to get him to go I might need to move to Baltimore with him.
I didn't order that.
Well, eat it anyway.
Something on your mind, Bill? Remember I told you about having to turn in my serge, since I don't wear it anymore? Yeah.
I remember.
Headquarters wouldn't even let your horse keep its saddle blanket, right? Anyway, I'm having trouble letting go of it all.
It all seems so Undignified? Unappreciative? Yes! Well, listen, Bill.
I was raised not to talk with my mouth full, so if you'd like to tell me about it I'm happy to listen.
Hello? Hello.
We still have not taken in the sights.
What sights would those be? Oh, uh well Miss Rachel and I had discussed the idea that perhaps you and Mr.
Coulter could show us around town.
Well, I think that could be arranged.
Why don't you just let me and Mr.
Coulter know when might be a convenient time? Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
Uh Miss Rachel.
Have a wonderful day.
I know you came to live with us to experience the kind of freedom your parents weren't allowing you back home, but your uncle and I are not about to throw you to a wolf just because [DOOR CLOSES.]
Rachel? Rachel? Open this door right now.
Joseph? You started on the lantern hooks.
I like to keep my honey-do list as short as possible.
Thank you.
- We're headed into town.
- Mm.
I thought you might take a break and join us.
Yeah, I will.
I will.
Just give me a moment to change.
Are you coming with us? I am.
Do up your buckle, son.
You saved me a trip to see you.
I admired this horse the first time I saw it.
Sergeant belonged to my husband.
I hadn't been here very long before I heard mention of Jack Thornton.
How did you lose him? Uh, in a training accident at Fort Clay a little over three years ago.
That must still be fresh for you.
You said you were coming to see me? Yes.
You said to leave Angela be and sure enough, last night she came asking to try reading again.
Oh! - Mrs.
Thornton? Yes! Did you bring the braille book? When can you start teaching me? I didn't, but we could start today, as soon as you like.
Why don't we meet you at school? You two can get together while we're in town.
Is that all right? That sounds perfect.
I'm so happy.
Oh! Now, all I'm saying is when I made the offer for you to come stay with me You want me out of your house only you're too nice a guy to say so.
No, that's not at all what I'm saying.
Look yes, you snore.
You make a mess wherever you sit down, I don't know how Clara puts up with you.
But it's just time for you to go home and patch things up with your wife.
And here I thought you were a nice guy.
Wha? - Oh? - Surprise.
You better not let my aunt catch you.
I'm not afraid of her.
She's gone just across the street to speak with my uncle.
I'm not afraid of him, either.
I know.
I saw you steal his pocket watch the day you arrived.
And you didn't say anything? No, not to him.
Not to anyone.
Should I have? You little sneak.
- You're not afraid of me? - Nope.
Should I be? I'm as gentle as a lamb.
Oh, I hardly believe that, Christopher Hughes.
It's the truth.
I'll come by your house tonight.
Listen for a sound by your window.
- Ok.
- Ok.
- [SIGHS.]
Christopher said you wanted to talk? Yeah.
He seems like a nice boy.
Well, I can't take any credit for that.
His mother raised him along with her husband.
- Oh.
In Hamilton? - That's right.
Look, Bill, if you wanna chat why don't we just get a coffee? When did your son arrive in town? Oh.
BILL: Nathan located a stolen car outside of town.
HENRY: Obviously you're looking for someone to blame.
BILL: Just answer the question, Henry! When did your son come to town? Hey! What's going on in here? Well, he's on about some stolen car! The abandoned one just outside of town? Yeah, and the two of you figure that Christopher had something to do with it, is that it? Well, it turned up when he arrived, - but no one's accusing him.
- No, not yet.
I'll continue to search that car until I find out who stole it.
Look, Bill, I know you and Henry have had your disputes in the past but this cannot be guilt by association.
Yeah, I know.
You know, some day when I am asked to turn in my uniform I might feel differently about what you're going through.
But Bill, prolonging this process, it can't be helping.
You catch the escapee from Granville? Yeah.
Halfway to Buxton.
Well done.
I'm so excited you decided to try reading again.
What made you change your mind? The piano.
The piano made you wanna read? When I play I can go anywhere I want.
In my imagination, I mean.
But sometimes that gets lonely.
And being able to read, I'm hoping I won't feel so alone.
Angela Canfield, I am so excited for you to learn how to read braille because you will rarely ever feel lonely again.
Now then, shall we try again? Mmm-hmm.
Let's move your hands to the top of the page.
And remember, you're going to use your left hand as a marker.
Can you feel the first letter with the pad of your right finger? How's she doing? She and Elizabeth are doing wonderfully.
You see this? - What? - The "for sale" sign's gone.
Someone bought the filling station.
Minnie, I tried telling you we should have snapped this place up when we had the chance.
Take it as a sign, Joseph.
You know what I'm trying to say here.
You have plans, you don't want to pastor a church.
Well, maybe I won't be asked after all.
My goodness, Joseph.
Sometimes it's like having another child.
I see Carson's hospital has arrived.
So that's what it's for.
When he came to place the order I wondered, I just didn't get a chance to ask.
He's planning on expanding the infirmary.
Ah, I see.
Good day, Jesse.
Yeah, what's so good about it? Apparently, we're delivering a free bundle of discontentment with every load of lumber today.
I have a front row seat to some of that myself - with Faith and Carson.
- Oh.
Well, you can uh, add Bill Avery to that list, too.
You know, he told me at the café that he has to return his uniform.
- His uniform? - Mmm-hmm.
I don't think any of us have ever seen him in uniform.
Well, I know I never have.
But apparently it carries a lot of meaning.
Anyway, I'm gonna leave you to solve everybody's problems.
I gotta get back to the office.
Bye, Molly.
So, did you catch the man who escaped? Yes, yes, we caught him, but I'd like to go back to discussing what happened at your adoption ceremony.
Again? NATHAN: Yes, again.
I think that you're confused.
FLORENCE: Constable! Just a minute, Florence.
Nathan, I just got an urgent message.
The prisoner you captured, escaped.
What? Do they not lock the cell doors in Granville prison? Go get him, Nathan! Shhh! Let's not get overexcited.
I have to go.
I'm sorry, Allie, but we'll have to talk about this later.
What lovely timing.
We just finished our lesson.
I can read seven letters.
Good for you, baby girl.
She has a remarkable memory.
But I was getting tired, and hungry so we stopped for the day.
Well, then that's even better timing.
We're on our way to the café.
Oh! Thank you, Mrs.
Thank you, Angela.
I'm having fun learning, too.
Well, away we go.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
If that is the way you look over one happy student you must have been just beaming at this year's graduation.
Elizabeth, this isn't your doing.
It just breaks my heart to see Allie like this.
Nathan just needs to explain to her.
I'm not so sure it's a matter of a simple explanation.
I was worried this might happen if he and I tried to be friends.
I can accept a friendship between you and Nathan.
But I don't think he'll ever settle for only your friendship.
I'd prefer it if we could discuss this at dinner.
Right now I'd like to try to comfort a sad little girl.
Hey, somebody! I need some help here! Please, hey! CHRISTOPHER: I don't know what's going on.
- CARSON: What happened? - I don't know.
Henry? I'm fine.
- You're not fine.
- Yeah, yeah.
- He was having trouble breathing, he got dizzy.
- Faith? Let's give Dr.
Shepherd a moment.
- Molly, BP cuff.
- Christopher.
What is that? What're you doing to him? Your father has very high blood pressure that we've been trying to get under control for some time now.
- Is it serious? - What's going on? Is it Henry? I don't know.
I certainly hope not.
- Ladies.
- Do you know what's happening? I have no idea.
- Hey! - Wait.
You hired him back knowing all along he shouldn't be working?! Come on, Christopher.
Come on, come on.
If anything happens to my father you're the one I'll blame, Bouchard.
BILL: Come on.
No, no, no, no, no.
He has not left since he got back.
Henry's going to be fine.
I had no idea the seriousness of his condition.
I knew last year that Carson was worried but Henry told me it was nothing to be concerned about.
How is Christopher? Carson and Faith explained to him what happened and what needs to be done.
Do you still wanna have dinner? For once, if you'll excuse me? Do you care to join me? I could stay and we could talk for a while.
That sounds nice.
I think it's very kind of you to sit here with me.
But I think perhaps you should go.
I want to be patient.
I want for you to be completely comfortable.
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for coming.
HENRY: Honestly, though, I do appreciate you staying after me about my health.
I can't say that it was always my pleasure.
But tell me, Henry, what's changed? Well, I'm still breathing, for one thing.
When my son, uh, saw me have my spell in the office when he uh, when he was scared, he said to me "Dad, what is it?" I don't understand.
When I collapsed in the mercantile I had just received a letter that I had sent to him asking for his forgiveness for my not being present in his life.
And he had returned it opened, which um, which said to me that I I didn't matter to him.
Christopher's never called me anything but Henry.
But today when he was afraid that he might lose me Well, today I found out that my son cares for me.
Well, honestly, I mean, I just don't know if there's anything better than that.
You said you'd drop by.
Go home, Rachel.
I don't want you getting in Dutch with your aunt and uncle.
They know I went looking for you.
I even asked permission.
Well, aren't you the goody-goody? So why didn't you drop by? Maybe I didn't wanna leave.
What're you doing? I'm supposed to be in there having dinner with my father but instead I'm sitting out here.
Maybe you didn't leave so that you'd still be close to your dad.
Then why aren't I in the café? Because then you'd be too close.
And then maybe you'd be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
The closer we get to someone, people we like, anyway, the more we can't stand the idea of losing them.
And the only way to stop that from happening is to keep our distance.
Like telling me to leave you alone.
Then what's the solution? Take a chance.
Like when you stole Uncle Lee's watch.
Is that my handkerchief? It still has your lipstick on it.
I know.
Stop by the store tomorrow? Nothing could keep me away.
Do you think I made the right decision, letting Rachel walk into town? She was truthful with you about wanting to check in on Christopher.
She is very worried about him.
- She is almost 18.
- True.
- Hi, Lee.
- Hello.
Sweetheart, Rachel just got home.
Oh, what a relief.
You may be able to rest easy at least for a few more weeks.
Right before she walked in my sister called and Susannah has changed her mind.
She now wants Rachel to come back to Bellingham to celebrate her birthday after all.
I guess that's good.
Oh, it's good.
Parenting teenagers isn't easy.
It's so hard.
If I can learn to knit, you can learn to parent.
Good morning, Mrs.
I have your mail.
Well, thank you, kind sir.
Are you ok? Clara, where is he? I'm leaving soon.
Oh, ladies.
You'll like this.
It's a letter from Dottie Ramsey.
"I want to let you know that I have decided not to sell the dress shop there in Hope Valley, at least not for the foreseeable future.
" Well, I thought you two would be thrilled.
I am, Rosemary.
Thank you.
I have to get back to the café.
- See you soon? - Mmm-hmm.
Safe travels.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I'm afraid that, once I get back to Bellingham, mother won't allow me to return.
You leave that worry to me, all right? You know I've always said a woman should dress to please herself, but perhaps we should try not to displease your mother.
I mean, if it's all right with you.
FAITH: How are you this morning? Feeling a little foolish having bought all that lumber.
You've changed your mind about expanding the infirmary.
I have, in fact, changed my mind about a lot of things.
That's funny.
I have, too.
The other day I mentioned to Molly - I might need to join you in Baltimore.
- You did? But these past few weeks with everything that's gone on Saving Ned's life and helping Henry? It's really shown me something.
Look at what we did without a modern hospital - or any upgraded medical equipment.
- I know.
Imagine what we're gonna be able to do in Baltimore.
Baltimore? Yeah.
I was going to say that I'm now more convinced than ever that this is where I belong.
Where I'm needed.
Where I can do the most good.
I thought you were on the same page now, too.
You you say you wanna do the most good here but as this town grows this infirmary will become a relic of the past.
Outdated and antiquated.
Don't you see that? No.
I don't.
You might be right but until that time comes, this is where I'm staying.
I'm gonna ah gonna go get that lumber taken care of.
Oh, hey.
Good to see ya.
I wanted to apologize for the other day.
You telling me to go home, you were just being a good friend.
- Lucas.
- Hey.
Why not head up to the office, spend some time with your father? Why? Is there a problem? No.
I just think he could use the company.
Well, if I'm up there who's gonna do the work down here? Huh? You? [SCOFFS.]
There are other men.
I've never dug a trench, and judging from what my father said the other day we're gonna need one for drainage.
- Christopher.
- Leave, Lucas! Not unless you wanna get down here in the mud with me.
But you already are, right? Ok.
That seems like an angry young man.
He has every right to be.
Oh yeah? How's that? I don't owe you any explanations.
No, Lucas, you don't owe me an explanation.
I just wanna let you know that I haven't given up on Elizabeth just yet.
You can do whatever you want.
But you better make good sure that you have Elizabeth's and Allie's best interests at heart.
Not your own.
- Lucas - Save it.
Where have you been? Oh, just taking care of a few last minute odds and ends before I leave.
You do remember I'll be out of town the next few days? Yes.
Excuse me.
Oh, hi.
I didn't know you were here.
With the whole family.
That Cooper isn't just cute, he can eat.
Oh, and he loves your blueberry scones.
I hope my wife's asking for the recipe.
The food here is almost as good as Minnie's.
Oh, you enjoy cooking? I'm most at home in a kitchen.
Make note of that.
If you're ever looking for a home away from home, the company would be wonderful.
It can get lonely.
Oh, that's so sweet.
Thank you.
I'll get that recipe later.
Bye, you two.
Would you like to maybe sit down and talk? Yes.
I would.
Very much.
- ALLIE: Hello.
- ELIZABETH: Allie, good morning.
I made you an invitation.
Oh, my goodness! Another invitation? Don't worry.
Uncle Nathan and I talked about what happened at Judge Avery's.
It was wrong that neither of you knew that you were the only ones I had invited.
And I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Allie, are you aware that I'm seeing Mr.
Bouchard? I pretty much knew that even before Uncle Nathan told me.
I should get going.
Allie! Allie, wait! This is beautiful, and you clearly worked very hard on it.
But I won't be coming to dinner tonight.
Laura said she could babysit.
Or if you want you could even bring little Jack.
I'm sorry, Allie, no.
Please just try to understand.
Why don't you sit down and we can talk? Fine.
Don't come.
I don't care.
Allie, wait! Please, Allie! [EXHALES.]
- Hello.
- Well, we were right.
She thinks Susannah is gonna make her stay in Bellingham.
We'll drive off that bridge when we get there.
Rachel? Uncle Lee is here.
Oh, Dottie's decided not to sell the dress shop.
At least, not for now.
That's terrific! - Mmm.
- No? Not terrific? Well, I had already begun to leave the place behind and I was excited about moving towards I don't know what I was moving towards.
But I was excited.
Aunt Rosemary, I pulled the door closed.
Would you ride with us to the train station? Oh, that reminds me, we better get going or we're gonna be late.
You found your watch.
Yeah, you know, it was the darnedest thing.
It was under the car seat the whole time.
- Really? - Yeah.
ROSEMARY: Oh, I had forgotten about this engraving.
"Counting the minutes until we're together again.
" Are you ready? We'll lock up for an hour or so? That's what I thought.
It is your decision.
It's your mercantile and your mail service.
Well, it hasn't felt that way.
I realize that, but by running this place and bringing Robert in I was just trying to help.
I I never meant to make you feel like you could be replaced.
No one could replace you, Ned Yost, not in this town.
And not with me.
Just thought I'd stop by and wish you a good trip.
Oh, thanks.
Can't say I'm looking forward to riding all the way to Hamilton.
Yeah, just to turn in your uniform.
How do you know? Word gets around.
Yeah, if headquarters wants this uniform so badly I should have told them to come and get it.
It seems that rules and regulations can strip a man of his pride.
You can say that again.
It was a proud day when I put this uniform on for the first time.
Of course, back then it didn't have the epaulettes and rank pips.
You must have felt 10 feet tall.
Ten years and three months.
Try it on, for old time's sake.
Oh, it doesn't fit, Molly.
You can be a hard man to read.
But you're worth it, cover to cover.
We know that turning in your uniform means a great deal to you, so it means a great deal to your friends.
Because after all, you should know, the uniform doesn't make the man.
As I suggested, try it on.
It will fit, I promise.
And do us all a favour.
Put on a good show.
Rachel? - [KNOCKING.]
May I have a moment? I need to speak with Allie.
She's at home.
And honestly, right now she's afraid to speak to you without me there.
- Can we talk about this after? - No, we can't! I was afraid this would happen if things didn't work out between us.
I don't know what to tell you.
I tried to talk to her.
No matter what I say to her I can't convince her that you're not the one to be blamed.
Well, that's how it should be.
She should blame me.
She loves you.
You know I'll be right back.
I tried to tell you at Allie's parent teacher conference.
You are her rock.
You are her foundation.
If you let her down her whole world crumbles.
I know.
That's part of the reason why I'm trying my best not to show you how I feel about you.
It's why I turned down the promotion to inspector.
Because believe me, there is nothing I would have welcomed more than to leave here.
But Allie finally started putting down roots somewhere.
She made friends.
She felt safe here.
I've never seen her so happy.
And that's why we have to find a way to make things all right for her.
You you said yourself, you stayed because she was happy.
I said it was part of it.
I know there's something you haven't told me and I want you to tell me what it is.
At Fort Clay At Fort Clay I was the one that was supposed to lead the training mission, not Jack.
I was disciplined for an earlier incident and your husband Jack replaced me.
I'm sorry, Elizabeth.
There was never the right time to tell you.
I wanted
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