When Calls The Heart (2014) s08e12 Episode Script

The Kiss

Previously on When Calls the Heart I will be credentialed to teach Angela Canfield just as soon as the examination is offered in the area again.
I'll be staying then, Mrs.
Thornton, to see that you're shut down.
I thought for sure he was gonna ask me to marry him.
I think that it just wasn't meant to be.
Where is Jesse?! I'll put together a search party and we'll head out at first light.
Anyone can do what I'm doing.
I call it greed.
You want to see greed, just wait.
- Get out.
- I fell in love with you, and love is always something worth fighting for.
I want you to find your true love.
I need to set you free.
After what's happened with both Nathan and Lucas, with my world feeling a bit like it's crashing down around me, I need my best friend now more than ever.
I'm so sorry.
I've behaved horribly.
I don't know how I ever doubted your intentions or your friendship.
Do you forgive me? Of course I do.
I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that Lucas let me go.
He just knows me so well.
He could sense there was something happening with Nathan.
People come into our lives, some for a reason, others for a season, and some for a lifetime.
Jack was a season, and it was glorious.
Now it's up to you to decide who might be here for a reason or perhaps even a lifetime.
And once you've settled that in your heart you'll be able to throw yourself into that person's arms with all of your being.
Nathan, any word on Jesse? No, but with this good weather we were able to get an early start.
I should hurry up and get these supplies up.
All right.
Good luck.
Thanks for helping out, Hickam.
To be honest, I'd like to be more involved in town matters.
Well, you should be.
How many have declared their intention to run for mayor? Including you? That makes one.
Carson, I I was never gonna leave town without saying goodbye to you.
And this is gonna hurt.
I think I'm just trying to find some way to get past it.
I understand.
I told this man I'll be praying for him and you.
Thank you, Minnie.
I'll see you across the street.
There's something I need to tell you.
When Angela was two she came down with the measles so I took her to the doctor, but uh, he refused to see her.
As a result, she lost her sight.
For too long I wouldn't trust a doctor, but you were different.
I knew that right away in meeting you.
Thank you, Carson, for helping to get that bitterness out of my heart.
Hey fellas.
Bill, I wonder if I might have a word with you in private.
Let's head to my office.
Uh, Bill, before you go, would you register my candidacy? You're running for mayor? - Atta boy.
- Me too, please.
Now you got yourself a race.
There ya go! Where have you been? - I did it.
- You did? And I was right.
I think we should tell Henry.
Let's you and I talk about it later.
Yeah, just just say the word.
Oh, and I have some good news, too, but you'll just have to wait.
Oh, aren't you gonna register? You think I could be elected? Not only because the last mayor was a woman.
By appointment.
You never let anything stop you.
Thank you so much.
Have a lovely day.
All right.
- So tell me about the elevations.
- Molly.
I can't wait for you to see it's all down hill.
- Really? - What do you think? - As a couple? - straight to the rail line, and I think I found the perfect spot.
I don't see it.
You are so smart.
I believe that I did everything in my power to maintain safety in the mine.
But if you or anyone else wishes to open up the case again, those are the names that you'll need.
You've included your name on this list.
If convicted you go to prison.
If I'm convicted I go to prison.
Feels like you're trying to clean the slate to say goodbye.
Well, goodbye, hello, we come and go.
His name is Wyman Walden.
Walden is spelled with an "e".
Not an "o".
What is the point in talking on the telephone if the person on the other line isn't going to listen? Ah, I had another phone put in, I hope you don't mind.
Hello? Thank you, Florence.
Nolan, I appreciate you returning my call so much.
Well, is there anyone there who might know the answer? One cranberry muffin.
Thank you, Allie.
If you happen to see Robert Hi.
I hope you don't mind that I use that door, Mr.
Not at all.
I have your mail from Dottie's and I thought you might want the Union City and Cape Fullerton newspapers.
Robert Wolf, you are a mind reader.
Thank you.
- Hi, Robert.
- Hi, Allie.
Uh, guess what? I got a new job babysitting little Jack.
Oh, how fun.
I hope it's ok to use this door, too, Mr.
Of course.
Yes, Mr.
Nolan, I'm still here.
Walden with an "e".
E! E! Yes, we do have a bad connection, don't we? I'm calling about a rather large parcel of land that was recently sold here in Hope Valley.
Never mind! Pardon me? Well, this is Rosemary Coulter and I am a reporter.
Actually, I'm an editor the editor in chief.
I am the editor in chief - Hmm.
- of The Valley Voice.
Good morning.
You're not eating at the saloon.
I have some business that I thought would be better conducted here.
Lucas, what you said the other night, about love, you were right.
And I wanted to thank you.
I hadn't realized how your letting me go would help me Lucas.
Thank you for getting in touch with me.
Wyman Walden.
I'm actually here to see Minnie so I will let you two get to your business.
Please, have a seat.
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.
I have a very interesting business proposition for you.
Oh, I thought you'd be over at the school getting ready for tomorrow.
What's happened? Mr.
You promised me he has no say.
The County is threatening to close down the school if Angela attends, claiming her needs would adversely affect the other students' education.
Minnie, I just really need you to trust me.
I did trust you.
I want Angela in school tomorrow, even if it means she is the only student there, and everyone else stays away in opposition.
She has a right to her education.
You're absolutely right.
But not at her expense.
Right now Angela is the only one I want to help.
I'm sorry, Elizabeth.
Wow, you really have done a lot of work here.
I reinforced things up in the steeple, I'm just about ready to raise this up.
What's on your mind? I just feel kinda useless these days, ever since I realized that I don't have an actual skill.
I sell the lumber and then I stand back and I watch other people build their dreams.
Well, what are your dreams, Lee? That's a good question.
I have done everything in my life that I have ever wanted to do, yet I guess that's why I'm always asking you about your calling.
Well, it's different for each of us.
It starts with you realizing that you are a piece of work.
I've heard that before.
God calls us his handiwork.
Every person created is unique, each for their own special purpose.
Keep your heart and your mind open, Lee.
You'll find it.
In the meantime Oh, I knew there was gonna be a catch.
No catch, you the one talking about you wanting to be useful.
All right.
Don't forget, I have a bad back.
How am I supposed to forget that? You tell me every day.
All right, you ready? - Yeah, I'm ready.
- Here we go.
One, two, three, pull! Oh, that's heavy.
It's all right.
One, two If Angela Canfield attends school tomorrow, Mr.
Landis has said that he is going to shut me down.
I feel like the people need to know this.
So I was thinking maybe you could write an article for the newspaper? I think this is a great idea.
- Good! - Yes.
- All right.
- All right.
And now And here we go.
I take it you haven't talked to Lucas yet? Or Nathan? Not yet.
When I tried earlier with Lucas we were interrupted and Nathan's off looking for Jesse.
You know, the other night the thunder woke Jack and I found myself singing him this lullaby that I haven't heard since my mother sang it to my baby sister.
I just feel so lost.
Oh, Elizabeth.
You lost your husband, you were lost between two very admirable men, and now the very thing that brought you to Hope Valley well, you're afraid you've lost that, as well.
But you will find your way.
It's there inside you, rooted deep in your heart.
Same as that old lullaby you sang to Little Jack.
Now, let's talk about the school.
If this article is going to do any good I need to publish by the morning.
Bouchard! I have your mail right here, and a package.
The package is actually for Mrs.
Thornton but it came in your care.
Thank you, Robert.
You're gonna do just fine running this clinic by yourself.
You're smart.
You make astute diagnoses, and you have great bedside manner.
I'm sorry if I didn't always make you feel that way.
Oh, Carson.
I am gonna be a puddle when you get to that stagecoach.
Let's just hold each other.
Oh, hey.
I was just heading for the office.
I know that you've been wanting to talk to me.
If you have a few minutes, Fiona and I have a proposal.
Mike, you and Lucas and Fiona whatever you think is right for the company is right for me.
Mike, ever since you began working here you've really come into your own.
I don't think there's anybody who knows this company better than you, maybe not even me.
And that's why I uh, I feel confident leaving it in your capable hands.
You're asking me to run the company.
Thank you, my friend.
One moment.
- Robert.
- Mr.
But you were just delivering the mail.
Well, I'm hoping to get a horse so I'm working as many jobs as possible.
Ah, I see.
Well, is Mrs.
Thornton home? Not at present, however you may be able to find her at the schoolhouse.
I think I'll just leave this here.
Thank you.
You just say the word.
We'll sell the house, I'll pack up the wagon.
You're not helping.
Baby, I'll pack up all our worldly possessions as many times as you want.
We'll just keep moving on down the road.
I'm sorry I cut into your work.
Minnie It's just like you told me.
It's time to stop running and take on this church.
Well, I'm telling you it's time to stop running and take on anyone who tries to hold back our daughter from being and doing her very best.
Thank you for the apple crumb cake.
Hey, Clara.
How are you? Just keeping busy.
Want some company? It'd give me something to do, too.
You can sift the flour.
I'm a great flour sifter.
We're making a cake.
For Jesse when he comes back.
It's time.
I don't think I can see you off.
It might be easier if you just stay inside and we say goodbye here.
Did you arrange this? No.
This is just how much you're loved here, Carson.
By everyone.
Carson's leaving.
Carson! Carson! Lee found your ring.
The brass ring I could never catch.
Part of me thought when the stage pulled away that Carson would be there.
I wanna finish your article.
Thank you.
Any news from Ned? He gets back tomorrow.
And then you'll find out what business kept him behind.
Oh, my goodness.
Clara! Jesse! Oh! I'm sorry.
You are never going to do another survey.
Nathan, I need to see you later.
I'm glad you're all right.
When my father saw me off on my journey west, he said he hoped I'd find what God had shaped me for and then give my whole heart to it.
But while my students' lessons are often found in books, In life, lessons are often learned in pain.
And lately I am reminded by trying to avoid those lessons, it does nothing except prolong the pain, especially when it comes to love.
For too long I've allowed myself to drift between two good men whom I never intended to mislead.
And so I've come to the realization that by being untrue to them I've been untrue to myself.
But I no longer wish for it to be that way.
When I said it just happened to be you who Jack replaced when he was killed what I didn't say is how thankful I am that it was you.
I couldn't have asked for a more courageous, selfless, good man to watch over and care for me.
But I also realized that I have been trying to find Jack in you.
I've been trying to replace him with you.
And that wasn't fair to anyone.
Nathan, I do love you, it would be impossible not to.
But I'm not in love with you.
I'm just so sorry.
Tell Allie that I'll always think you're impeccable.
Nathan had a reason for being in my life, but he wasn't my lifetime.
Nor was I to be his.
But I hope we can build a new relationship.
A deep abiding friendship.
Because he'll always matter to me.
Your soup has never tasted so good.
You might wanna slow down.
You feeling better? Much.
Although Bill, I don't quite understand why you couldn't keep Walden in jail.
Where he belongs, in my opinion.
Well, he gave you two your money back and we had no other charges against him.
I predict there will be when folks read about him in the newspaper.
Well, don't be so sure.
Even though you guys didn't know where he was investing your money he was investing it buying up local properties and businesses anticipating the town's growth.
Well, I like the town the way it is, so I'm glad we got our money back.
I'm just glad I got you back.
Welcome home.
Thanks, Bill.
- Mama? - Yes, baby.
I'm worried.
Hey, everybody.
You're home! Hi, Daddy.
Did you finish, Pop? Bell's up and ready to go.
I didn't hear it.
Well, you said you wanted to be the first to ring it when it was in the steeple, right? Baby girl.
What has you worried? Can we talk about school again? Of course, baby.
Coop, head on up and get ready for bed.
Go on now.
Maybe you and I can go back to learning at home.
Is that what you'd prefer? Let If I go tomorrow the school might be closed for everyone.
Let me ask, how would you feel if the same thing would happen if Allie or Opal or Emily went to school? That wouldn't be fair.
You have just as much right to be there as any other student.
But what if none of the parents or students think that way about me? I believe you should trust them.
That at least some of them will show up and support you.
They deserve a chance, just like you.
Ok, mama.
You're really gonna use this old thing to publish your first edition? Well, I don't really have another option, not if I want the paper to be out by the morning.
You really have found a calling, haven't you? Thank you for being so happy for me.
Oh, of course I'm happy for you.
The truth is I'm uh, I'm a little jealous, though.
That reminds me.
Uh, Joseph finished putting the bell up.
We should give it a try! No! Lee, we'll wake up the whole town.
Come on! You're no fun.
What I could use your help with is carrying this mimeograph machine over to your office.
Then you can go home and go to sleep.
Oh, but I don't wanna leave you alone.
Well, that's what being the editor is.
Putting the paper to bed and all.
- All right.
- Oh, but my back.
Oh, Lee.
We all have back problems.
Pick it up.
What is it that Joseph says? Many hands make for light work? Yeah, something like that.
There we go.
I appreciate your business.
You closing early? You serve any Pinkertons lately? Business has been slow.
Well, you'll know when you see them.
Not just by the uniform, they tend to um stir things up.
I appreciate the warning.
Elizabeth came by to see me this afternoon.
She told me she loves me.
She's just not she's not in love with me.
I don't know if that surprises you.
I can't really say it surprises me.
What Elizabeth and I share it's not the same as what it seems you two share.
I think that her heart has always been with you, Lucas.
At the moment I'm not sure what she and I might actually share.
I received an offer on the saloon.
A good one.
I'm inclined to take it.
I can't tell you what to do, but if I were you, I'd consider sticking around.
Oh, and if you have any trouble with Pinkertons I have your back.
Thank you.
Oh, my goodness.
Rise and shine, sweetheart.
Just a little bit longer.
Oh, no.
I have coffee and the morning paper.
Your morning paper.
It wasn't a dream? Nope, not unless you dreamed that Robert delivered them door to door.
Oh, how exciting.
- Your hand.
- Oh Ahhh! I had a little accident refilling the ink.
So you've been busy.
I know I insisted on doing this myself last night.
Never again.
- So that's it? One and done? - No.
No, no, no, no, no.
Just if I'm going to run a paper I wanna do it right.
With a staff and a real proper printing press, and an office.
My office.
Our office? Yeah, we'll talk about it.
Jack was restless last night so I don't imagine he'll be up for another hour or so.
Is that everything? Almost.
Robert, could you please deliver this to Mr.
Bouchard? It's important.
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
You won't be too tired? I'll have a nap when Jack naps.
Oh, don't forget this.
Rosemary's newspaper.
I dropped one off at everyone's doorstep, even when I went through town.
I'm so proud of her.
Thank you, Robert.
I'm not gonna try talking you out of leaving, Henry, but if you could just- just stop and try and explain it to me.
It just doesn't matter.
The saloon, the hotel, petroleum business, it it just doesn't matter.
- Then what does matter? - I don't know.
I don't know, I'm just trying to figure that out for myself.
Though I am fairly certain that it isn't fleeting pleasures or the acquisition of more shiny objects.
What gives you comfort at night when the darkness has wrung all of the light from the day? Maybe that's it.
So long, Lucas.
Good luck, Henry.
You're leaving already? Bill, when your boss offers to send you on vacation for getting lost in the woods, you don't wait.
Jesse, this isn't a vacation, this is gonna be our second honeymoon.
You're right.
Second honeymoon.
Let's go! Thank you for always being there for me.
We'll see you soon, and have some fun while I'm gone.
You guys have fun, too.
Thank you.
Giddy up! Ya! Here we go.
Pinkerton? His name is Julius Spurlock.
Spurlock? That sounds familiar.
He gave an earful to Wyman Walden after he left my office.
I don't think they're going anywhere any time soon.
Would you care for a coffee? I'd love to.
It's getting late, Mrs.
The children aren't coming.
I can see that.
And weren't we trying to work together for the children's' best interest? I'm all for working together, but if parents have decided that a child without sight could hamper their own children's education Angela Canfield wouldn't hamper anyone's education! Coop, let's get a move on! We need to go, Mama.
I'm so proud of you, baby.
Lunches are packed.
Are you coming, too? Sure, first day of school? Hot dog! Ha-ha! Help your sister, now.
Joseph Ah, ah, whatever happens, we're together.
Mama? Daddy? Come quick! What's going on? It's the first day of school.
We thought we'd walk with you.
- All of us.
- Or none of us.
Never mind about Mr.
It's like Robert said at graduation.
We're better together.
Thornton! Mrs.
Thornton! Cooper! Cooper, what are you doing? Can I ring the bell, please? Young man, no one is coming! What do you mean? They're coming! They're all coming! I'm home! Ned! Florence, I do not like being apart.
Neither do I.
Ned, what was of such importance that you couldn't even tell your own wife? I'm sorry, I signed a confidentiality agreement and I wasn't allowed to discuss it but since I'll be applying for a patent I suppose there's no harm in telling you now.
How do you like my invention? What in the world? It's an adhesive bandage.
For minor cuts and scrapes.
What do you think? Oh, Ned.
You're a dreamer.
I missed you so much.
Well, I missed you so much.
I think I missed you more.
Henry? You really are gone.
I heard a little while ago.
First a mayoral candidate and now this.
It's been a unique couple of days.
Plus, a new bow.
Very natty.
Um, so, I'll drive.
Wait, you haven't told me your news.
I spoke with an old friend back home who's willing to put up half the money to finance the oil pipeline.
That's fantastic! Should we get going? Lead the way.
Ah, Fiona.
I was just going to ask you to tea.
Oh, maybe later? We won't be long.
Oh, motorcycle.
Here Mike, hop on.
What do I do with my hands? Just hang on tight.
Oh! Oh, that Fiona, she's so full of surprises.
So, how'd you do this, Nathan? I cut it on some barbed wire.
Chasing cattle rustlers? Chasing my hat.
It flew off in the wind.
So I hear Carson left.
Seems the best doctors in the world are at Johns Hopkins.
Maybe one day he'll be one of them.
What about you? How are you doing? Well, like any wound, it'll take time to heal.
I know.
The two most important days in someone's life.
The day they're born and the day they find out why.
Oooh, I like that.
Wherever you go, Lee, I see you trying to bring people together.
Well, that's very kind of you, Joseph.
Woah! I'm walking, here! I'm I'm sorry, Lee.
It's all right.
After you.
Appreciate that.
Hey, sweetheart.
So, I think I finally found out what my calling is.
- Now, hear me out - You're gonna run for mayor.
No, I'm gonna run for ma How did you know that? I got a nose for news, Mr.
Oh, Lee! I think it's perfect.
You're welcome.
Bye! Bye! Well, Mr.
Landis? I can't promise you anything.
But I have seen how a single student can affect an entire class.
Yes, but I believe today you saw how a single student can affect an entire class in the best possible way.
If we can only try to work together who knows what we could accomplish.
As I said, I can't promise you anything.
Why would you do that? Oh, my goodness! What a nice surprise! Hello, my little man.
Did you behave for Robert today? Oh, isn't that what I gave you to deliver to Mr.
Bouchard? I tried dropping it off but the saloon was closed.
The doors were even locked.
Hello? Lucas?! Elizabeth? What is it? Have you seen Lucas? Uh, yeah, a moment ago.
- Where was he? - Uh, in his car, leaving.
Lee! Which way did he go? I need That way! Heading out of town.
Oh! Elizabeth! I hoped I'd find you here.
I thought you left.
I hadn't heard from you.
I thought perhaps No.
I just needed time to find my way back.
I told you I would wait as long as I had to.
You were ready to leave.
And that would have been the biggest regret of my life.
You are all that matters.
You're all that's important.
You've taken off your ring.
Thank you for waiting for me.
I see you received your invitation, and I am so glad.
Would you care for some champagne? Won't you please sit down? Well, I would like to thank you for coming to tonight's very special reading.
You may know me from my previous work, "A Single Mother on the Frontier", which I have here in galley form, due to be published sometime next year, thanks in large part to the very handsome man down in front.
But tonight I'd like to read from my heart.
It's a love story, and one that I've only just begun to write, about a woman who has fallen deeply for a man who is patient and kind thoughtful and adoring.
Yes, uh, question? Yes.
Will we get to hear about his side of the love story? Because he has fallen deeply for a woman who is true, selfless and sweet, beautiful and endearing.
Well, I am sure we will be hearing more from him, and from her.
But for now I'm afraid she's all out of words.

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