When Calls The Heart (2014) s09e03 Episode Script

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1 Previously on When Calls the Heart There's been an accident.
It's Nathan.
He's got some external injuries, most concerning is a brain concussion.
Hope Valley now has a duly elected mayor.
I won! I could use some help.
- Are you in trouble? - Not yet.
I would like you to consider becoming the managing editor of the Valley Voice.
Mama, do I have to go to church? - When? - Ever again? It's been said by many that good things come to those who wait.
If I never regarded that as being true before I certainly do now.
Today my novel has arrived in the town that inspired me to write it.
And while I am excited, I can't help but feel anxious over sharing these stories with those closest to me.
Anxious over what they might see in me as well as in themselves, whether truth or fabrication, sometimes people confuse the two.
Thank you very much.
How would you like this signed? Make it out "to the one that got away".
That's N-A-T-H Ha, ha! It is a pretty good inscription.
I see you're getting back to your old self.
How's the arm doing? It's still giving me a little trouble.
- Back to duty? - Bill's still on board.
Well, if there's anything we can do I'm actually headed to see Newton.
I just hope he remembers me.
It's been a while.
Elizabeth! Oh, this is so exciting! But I wish the Valley Voice had a camera so we could chronicle all the festivities.
But that is an expenditure we absolutely cannot afford at the moment, especially in light of the fact that we have recently brought on a second employee.
- Oh.
- A managing editor.
Well, Lee! Well, you must have your hands full.
Oh, I do.
I hope you enjoy my book.
I'll let you know.
Nathan Rumor had it you were up and about a lot sooner than I'd like.
I can't stand being cooped up.
Besides, I was thinking of riding out to Rock Creek to see Allie.
Out of the question.
She's been gone a month.
Ok, I know that you miss her, but as your doctor, believe me, being on horseback would not be good.
And if you won't listen to your doctor, listen to your friend.
Molly, you have got to stop.
Ned, if I may, just for a moment.
You're really being fatuous.
- Am I? - Mmm-hmm.
"Juliette's brilliant red hair hid beneath her faded blue bonnet and she was demure yet excitable, with an eye for some of the more eligible bachelors about town.
" Thank you, Ned.
Clearly, Elizabeth has based this coquette on me.
Or what she regards me to be.
- Ugh.
- Oh, goodness sakes! We all have too much to do than to wait here in this line.
I'll ask Elizabeth to inscribe our copies later.
Shall we? Ned, darling.
Waldon! Judge Avery.
Hello again.
I was just on my way to your office.
Well, sorry I missed you.
Leave me a note.
I understand consolation's in order.
Your losing bid to remain mayor? Is there something you want? As you're aware, I represent the concern that's building the foundry.
Ah, that's why they've barely made any progress out there.
Yes, they have had some problems.
The harsh winter didn't help, as well.
However, it's full steam ahead, and I'm back to see that things resume without a hitch.
Yeah, I doubt it.
While mayor you were disinclined to do business with me.
I thought now perhaps we Well, you thought wrong.
Now I can't run you out of town for no reason but while you're here I can make sure you're not a danger.
Your gun.
I have the right to arm myself.
It's a very friendly town.
One way or another, we will be doing business.
I don't think so.
Coop is almost ready.
Here's your cane.
Thank you, Mama.
Coop, put a nickel in it.
Don't forget your lunch, baby.
Thank you.
I'll start on ahead.
Cooper, you'll have to catch up! - Have a good day, baby girl.
- You too, Daddy.
Angela, Angela, wait! Oh, son.
- Your lunch pail.
- Thanks.
I almost forgot.
- No hug? - No time.
They're growing up too fast.
Well, at least your girl still speaks to me.
I miss my boy, Minnie.
I do.
I have an idea.
I can't be late for work, though.
I was about to say, why not ask Cooper to come along someday? Oh.
It'll give you two some time together.
Minnie, that is a good idea.
You know, the longer you're married to me - the smarter you get.
- Mm.
Is that so? - Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm-hmm.
Come on.
- Come on.
- You're making progress.
Try telling Newt that.
I didn't think you'd get him over here from the stables.
Well, I've done easier things in my life.
I think I re-injured my arm.
You sure this is such a good idea? I don't know.
His flank is healed but he won't come near me.
He did the same thing with me and Elizabeth.
It seems the only person he trusts right now is Mei Tsu.
Newt, come on.
Come on.
All right.
Let's go.
Come on, Newton.
Here we go.
Easy, come on.
"Rain fell rhythmically on the tin roof while Elsa tried to still her mind over the events of the day.
" This is boring.
She's coming! I don't want it.
Don't give it back to me! Uh-uh.
I wasn't even listening.
Good morning, children.
Good morning, Mrs.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
My, aren't we all well-behaved? - Angela? - Yes, Mrs.
Thornton? You have my book on your desk.
- I do? - Mmm-hmm.
Timmy! Yes, ma'am.
I'm reading it.
That is, someone's reading it to me.
Well, why don't I read it for a while? One of my favorite portions, in fact.
"It was the end of another cold winter day as Elsa waved goodbye to the children, but she wasn't shivering, and this routine felt as new as ever.
Wondering why, she realized it was the children.
She considered them her children and every one of them filled her heart with joy.
" Excuse me.
Give me a moment? I'm finishing a prescription.
I stopped by to check on Newton this morning.
He's doing so much better.
Not that I can see.
Although, Bill tells me it's different for you.
I'm wondering, what is it that you're doing to help Newt? I'd be glad to show you.
You could just tell me.
It starts with being patient.
I see that you're busy.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
Look, I realize that my handwriting isn't exactly something to write home about- It isn't your handwriting.
Uh, so this headline.
"Seems like duck soup for Hickam.
" You know, duck soup? Something easy.
Look, when you first asked me to write this story I wasn't sure how I felt about that, and not because I lost the election to Michael, it's just I've never done anything like this before.
And I think it kinda turned into duck soup for me too.
Well, that's good, sweetheart, uh, because you are proving to be a very big help here.
Never mind me trying to write all the pieces myself, it's a breath of fresh air reading someone else's writing.
Well, is there another story that you want me to try and tackle? Well, hold on.
From the headline Uh-huh.
all the way to the last line Uh-huh.
Your piece is quite uncommon.
Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily bad.
So, it's a good thing! Oh, not necessarily good.
Argh! Ok.
Sweetheart, is there uh, is there a technique or something that you want me to follow? All right, uh, your spelling leaves something to be desired.
But, Lee, your writing is unlike anything I've read in the newspapers around here.
Your style is bold, brazen, even.
Not unlike something that could be attributed to Arthur Brisbane, who has a similar kind of forceful flair.
Arthur Brisbane, from the Chicago Herald.
He believes if you don't hit the reader between the eyes with the very first line there's no need to write any more.
Fantastic! 'Cause that's what we're trying to do, right? Smack 'em right between the eyes.
So we stand out from all the other papers.
Yes, but to stand out this much, sweetheart I'm not sure I can publish your piece.
I know you worked very hard.
It's ok, I understand.
I'm just gonna go for a walk.
I will be right back.
Oh, uh, Henry.
I'll see you later today? You will? Your physical.
That was with Carson.
Well, unless you're going to Baltimore Right.
I'll uh, I'll see you later.
Tell me something.
Elizabeth's character of Juliette Oh, Molly, I haven't even had time to begin reading Elizabeth's book.
Then I suppose I shouldn't ask you about Dr.
Flora Hartner.
Hartner? She arrives in town on page 15.
If we're gonna surprise Mrs.
Thornton tonight we have to make sure that the timing is perfect.
Am I boring you? Légèrement.
A lot of people worked hard to keep this book party a secret and I would very much like to have it be memorable.
Oui, oui.
May I go? Please.
If Gustave weren't my cousin Gustave's your cousin? Why do you think he's still here? Oh.
I, uh, couldn't make out your note.
My pen went dry.
I was wondering if you've decided whether you'll stay on with the oil company should the sale go through.
I can't say that I have.
Though I received a phone call from Jerome Smith, and apparently he said that you told him it would be imprudent for him to move ahead without me.
I don't think his investors will want to close the deal if you're not a part of it.
My sense is that you and I have all the leverage in this one.
I appreciate that.
- I'll walk you out.
- Great.
This town's poised for big changes.
Speaking of which, I heard that the foundry's finally starting construction.
And if our deal falls through with Smith, Waldon says the foundry would be interested in talking with us.
I'm not sure any good will come from our new mayor talking with him, though.
You're probably right.
Boy, when Joseph takes on a job, he really doesn't waste much time, does he? Lee, I wanna publish your article.
- You do? - Mmm-hmm.
You wanna publish my article? Well, what changed your mind? Well, like it or not, the world has become more blunt and unvarnished when it comes to what people say.
And, well, here are a few examples by way of reviews of Elizabeth's book.
- Oh, dear.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Oh boy.
- Mmm.
What do we do? We? We don't do anything.
You are the editor in chief.
I am also Elizabeth's friend.
I know, I know.
Well, I guess we could publish the good ones and toss the rest? Elizabeth! - Hi! - Hi.
Thornton's work lacks depth and nuance.
It merely scratches the surface of anything meaningful or profound.
" Reviews are just opinions.
Yeah, opinions.
They mean they mean nothing.
Are they all this bad? No.
No, no, no.
They're not.
There there are some good ones here.
It is an editor's job to verify facts, correct any grammatical spelling, punctuation errors.
It is also an editor's job to modify.
You take the good with the bad.
Oh, honey.
I'm sorry.
You know what hurts most? Is these reviews are mean.
They're personal.
These are fictional characters.
I was just I was just trying to tell a story.
Nathan, have I said or perhaps done something to upset you? I've only tried to help.
It isn't you.
I think this accident has affected me more than I'm willing to admit it has.
Now, with Newton acting this way You two were injured, physically.
But more than that you both suffered emotional trauma.
It doesn't surprise me that you and Newton are having trouble.
Maybe I wasn't paying attention.
Maybe this accident was my fault.
Bill seems to think it couldn't have been avoided.
And, from what Faith says, because of your concussion, you don't remember what happened.
I don't.
Consider that a gift.
At least you don't have to relive the accident.
Mei, I I wanna apologize to you.
And I wanna thank you for just everything that you've done.
How about a cold drink at Yost's? How about that? So, what made you want to become a Mountie? Faith? Ah, perfect timing.
I just finished another chapter.
I know that you're a very capable doctor.
A capable doctor.
I just I just don't know how comfortable I feel having a woman give me my physical exam.
Well, Henry, I hope you'll reconsider.
Maybe you'll let me take your blood pressure sometime? When I have a moment I'll come see you.
And here we go.
Well, thank you very much.
You can go ahead, Faith.
Um Hello? Yes, I'm looking for Dr.
Shepherd, Carson Shepherd.
He's there on a surgical fellowship? Ah, I see.
When's the best time to call? Yes, I would like to leave word.
It sounds like a very busy hospital.
Uh, just let him know that Faith called.
No, last name.
He'll know.
All right, Carter.
Uh, Faith Carter.
Ok, give it a push, son.
- Like this? - No, the other way.
Like this? The other, other way.
It won't budge.
All right, all right.
Stand back.
There we go.
Good job, Coop.
That window lets in so much light.
- Nicely done, Mr.
- Well, thank you.
Something wrong, Lee? Is it just me or is the window um - Backwards.
- Yes, backwards.
The handle is on the outside.
You are so right.
No problem.
Coop, we'll have to pop this window out and start over.
Isn't it time for dinner? You're right, too.
Well, you and I will just have to come back tomorrow.
We're sorry, you two.
Coop, pack up my tools outside? I'll be right out, we'll walk home together.
Joseph, did you do that on purpose? Put the window in backwards? Well, it buys me some time to be with my boy.
- Ah.
- I appreciate you understanding.
Are you two having a rough go of it? Minnie thought that uh, us spending time together might draw it out of Coop.
- Hmm.
- Well, maybe on the way home.
I keep hoping.
You have a good evening, you two.
- All right, goodnight Joseph.
- Goodnight.
Oh, oh! Oh, this looks great.
Are you sure you're ready? Maybe yes, maybe no.
What? Mrs.
She arrived earlier when I happened to be out front.
Gustave, where is she? The balcony.
I directed her up the outside staircase and I asked her to wait.
Thank you, Gustave.
Thank you! Gustave said you'd be here.
Or would you prefer to be left alone? Not by you.
Uh, why don't you come join me down here where there's a beautiful breeze.
All right.
- Hi.
- Hi.
This is quite the switch.
You coming up and finding me watching over Main Street.
Yes, it is a switch.
It's also a switch for you to be the one who's brooding.
What is it? Some book reviews came to the paper and a few of them were awful.
More than that, they were unkind.
Not just about my writing but about me.
You're open and vulnerable and that is what makes you the great writer that you are.
Don't ever let anyone callous your heart.
I was gonna wait to give you this but now it seems like just as good a time as any.
It's from your mother.
It is.
"Dearest Elizabeth, Martin and I regret being unable to join you on such an auspicious and well-deserved night of celebration.
One of Lucas's favorite stories was Excalibur.
With that in mind, I wish to present you with this.
" This is the pencil your mother used to make her countless edits on my manuscript.
It was the pencil.
"You have pulled the sword from the stone, my dear, and unleashed your power over the written word.
With love and great admiration, Helen.
" I wish your parents were here.
Me too.
But now, how about dinner? Couldn't we just stay for a while, look up at the stars? I think that would be nice.
But first, a kiss.
Oh! I'm glad you decided to come.
Well, you practically twisted my arm.
You're wrong about Juliette.
However, I did have my doubts about the married shopkeepers.
If they weren't such sticks in the mud I may have taken offense like you have.
Oh! This is simply stunning.
You know, I am becoming quite interested in interior design.
Perhaps that's something you should pursue.
Oh! Oh, Ned.
You still have your nose buried in that book.
Well, I I like to finish what I start.
Only 22 more pages.
I'll go for some libations.
Why don't you go finish up and I'll tell Molly about the new home decorating area we're planning for the mercantile.
That's the ticket.
Late for a date? No, I'm not.
I just uh Aren't you hungry? - Not really.
- Not even for a light repast? No.
To be honest, I'm not feeling much like socializing.
Could we stay up here, just the two of us? I think that sounds very nice.
I'd like an ale.
And can you please pour it at a 45-degree angle? I don't want it to be all foam.
- Bill.
- Molly.
Well, you look lovely.
Not like a Jezebel or a tart? Molly, how about some dessert? Bill.
- Oh, Hickam.
- An ale, if you would.
I saw you earlier with Waldon.
Are you sure that's such a good idea? Ah, look.
Here, Hickam.
You take this one.
I can wait.
Can you please pour another one, 45-degree angle? Now, you know this Waldon is crooked? You're the mayor.
You should act like it.
I'm not happy about having to deal with Mr.
He threatened Fiona, he nearly bankrupted Jesse and Clara.
But you're right, I'm the mayor.
And Mr.
Waldon represents a company that's trying to make inroads in our community.
I'd be a fool to just ignore him.
Whatever you and Lee might think, I can do this job.
I'm pretty smart.
Now, I see why you like it out here.
The view is amazing.
Look at those stars.
I feel there might be a storm coming on.
I don't know.
Maybe we should go inside.
There's not a cloud in the sky.
I'm really enjoying Elizabeth's book.
I borrowed Molly's copy with all its dog-eared pages.
I'm surprised Elizabeth isn't here yet.
Yeah, same.
Faith, in the book, do you know whether or not the Mountie is- Is based on Elizabeth's late husband Jack or Nathan? Uh, I was about to ask whether he's the one Elsa winds up with in the end.
Nathan courted Elizabeth? Does that surprise you? No.
Not at all.
I'm not saying you should give up on Newt, but I have seen some Mountie horses not make it back.
Bill this is a party.
Can we talk about anything else? I understand.
Appreciate it.
Laura said she left over an hour ago so she must be with Lucas? Our conversation about enjoying the little things in life really stuck with me.
What about you? Ok, Elizabeth, I um I wanted this to be a surprise but it turns out I just have the worst timing.
There is a saloon filled with people waiting to congratulate you on your book.
- Downstairs? - Yes.
- Now? - Yes.
Lucas I why didn't you say something sooner? - I - Thank you.
You're not upset? That's so thoughtful.
Ok, good.
I don't know what we're gonna do.
Everyone down there, they've been keeping a secret.
They wanted to surprise you.
I could act surprised.
- Yeah? Really? - I can.
- Yeah? - Mmm-hmm.
Ok, great.
That'll be perfect.
We'll go down the outside staircase, I'll I'll sneak in the back, I'll let everyone know that we're on our way.
Are you ready? Oh, if you think Rosemary Coulter can deliver a performance, watch this.
Well, it uh, it sure seems awfully sleepy in here tonight.
Surprise! Oh, my goodness! I was not expecting this! At all! What a surprise! She knows.
- Ah, good morning, Nathan.
- Florence.
Have you read Elizabeth's book? No.
Not yet.
I believe there's a package here for me.
Oh, Ned's back with the delivery right now.
- Hmm.
- Mm.
How's the new pharmacist working out? Well, we had a curious start but she seems to be doing quite well.
Why do you ask? Just making conversation.
Ah, Nathan, if I might, you've recently had your heart flouted.
Don't be hasty and rush into Why don't I see if I can find Ned myself? I thought I heard you up here.
This looks important.
My new hat, great.
Oh, and a letter from Allie.
Even better.
Now, have you read Elizabeth's book? No, Ned.
I haven't.
And I'm not looking for a new courtship.
And I don't have a flouted heart.
Plan on keeping the name, If you uh, stay with the company? I was just thinking that it looks strange to me up there.
There was a time when there was nothing more important.
Are you getting closer to making a decision? It depends on what day you ask me.
Get out of the way! You're right, though.
The town is on the verge of big changes.
Is that something you're ready to welcome? I don't think so, Lucas.
I mean, the truth is part of me still regrets not keeping on going when I left here.
You know, change doesn't always have to be beyond our control.
It's whatever we want it to be.
Only a man in love could have that outlook.
Listen Elizabeth's book, it might not be your usual read but I wanna drop you off a copy.
I think you'll like Mr.
Huh? At least, you should.
I stayed up half the night reading your novel and do you know, at first I was surprised there wasn't a character I seemed to inspire.
But then it occurred to me how could you possibly capture my full essence in a mere supporting role? Well, nevertheless, I couldn't put it down.
Even though you know how it ends with bad reviews? Elizabeth Thornton, don't you dare.
Actually, I woke up this morning feeling much better about things, with my life in perspective.
As you should.
Especially after such an elegant affair last evening.
Oh, let me let you in on a little secret.
I wasn't actually surprised.
You don't say.
"I was not expecting this.
At all!" Oh! I wrote this as a love letter to my son, and to you, and to everyone else in this town who's been a source of strength and comfort to me ever since I arrived.
Almost a decade ago.
Rosemary, all those years, where did they go? Well, they went right here and Right there.
Your mama and I talked, and if you'd rather not attend church, well, we'll leave it to you.
Isn't that what you wanted? I guess.
What's on your heart, son? It hurts me to see you so miserable.
It does? Of course.
You're my boy.
Please tell me what all's been bothering you.
It's Angela.
How come she's blind? Well, you know why, don't you? I know it was the measles, but I had the measles.
How come I can see and not Angela? Why her and not me? Maybe since you weren't as sick.
It isn't fair, Pa.
At all.
I've been so busy I hadn't seen this yet.
Thank you both so much for doing this.
Florence has re-set this display three times already.
We need to keep re-stocking.
Your book is flying off the shelf.
Hi, Molly.
I'd like to ask.
Don't you find the character of Juliette just a wee bit obvious? Well, it wasn't supposed to be.
So, I was right.
Elizabeth, I've been defending you.
My sister has made it clear, she's quite upset too.
Your sister? Ah, the fiery redhead who's always on the lookout for a new suitor.
Juliette's based on your sister? Juliette, Julie? - Oh.
- Excuse me, I have shopping.
Why don't I help? It was all my pleasure, gentlemen.
I'd like to cash out, Lucas.
That's quite the stack.
Well, sometimes you have the cards.
What're you doing in Hope Valley? My money, please.
Not just an advancement for the steel foundry.
You strike me as someone who knows when to mind his own business.
You strike me as someone who knows when they might need a partner.
- Nathan, hi.
- Hi.
What can I do for you? I was hoping, when you have time, if you would uh, work with Newton again.
I'd be happy to.
How about tomorrow? Name the time.
I'll meet you at the ring.
Nathan, I think I should work with Newton alone.
At least for now.
Yeah, no, whatever you think is best.
- Am I interrupting? - No, not at all.
What do you need? Uh, calcium sulfide.
I'll see what I have.
Just let me know when's a good time.
I'll come and get Newton.
Anytime, yeah.
He'll be in the stable.
Mei, I should have come back.
No, Faith, really.
There's nothing between me and Nathan.
And even if there were, I'm in no position to do anything about it.
I'll get your calcium sulfide.
- Hey Lee.
- Hi Elizabeth.
So, what do you think? My first article for the Valley Voice.
"Seems like Duck Soup for Hickam.
" Yeah.
I'm not sure I know what that means.
But now you're curious so you wanna buy the paper.
And that's what's happening.
In fact, this edition is entirely sold out.
So, how do I buy the paper? That's a good point.
That's a very good point.
More copies coming right up! Elizabeth, I have something to show you! Just wait! Now, I know I told you not to pay any attention to your reviews well, this isn't exactly a review.
You really should read it.
It's a letter to the editor that I received just this morning from a widowed mother outside Jameson.
Actually, may I read it to you? Please.
It's so wonderfully uplifting.
All right.
"I lost my darling husband two years ago and of course my two daughters lost their beloved father.
But after reading Elizabeth Thornton's novel "A Single Mother on the Frontier" I feel much more at peace about facing my tomorrows, for I know there's a better day coming.
" Well, she then goes on to say how you made her feel like she wasn't alone in her situation.
You put to words what she hadn't been able to express to her children about losing their father.
Oh you should read it.
I will.
Oh, I'm sorry.
It's uh it's just being able to comfort others the way that you have it's a gift.
This is the kind of review that matters.
Oh, Hickam.
Come in.
I'll only be a moment.
I'm glad you stopped by.
I want to apologize for what I said yesterday in the saloon.
You're entitled to your opinion.
Well, yeah, let me explain.
I take being mayor seriously.
I've watched others do the job, including yourself, so, I know it comes with a lot of responsibility.
That's why I'm asking you to vacate this office - by the end of the week.
- Move out of my office?! The mayor's office.
Bill, if you do need until the end of next week, that's ok too.
What did Cooper say then? He picked up my toolbox and started walking.
So, I let it go.
I couldn't tell him that a doctor refused to treat his sister.
He's already carrying a load of hurt.
I didn't want him turning that into hate.
With everything that happened with that doctor, and everyone acting so ugly, we can't have Coop and Angela thinking we just let ourselves get chased down the road.
What would that teach our children? We'll need to tell both of them when they can better understand.
A different time, Minnie.
Isn't it something, that Angela never asked us? What's important is that we're here now, where it feels like we can breathe.
I only wish it had been sooner.
- Bonjour.
- Gustave.
Merci pour l'autre soir.
You are welcome, mademoiselle.
And once more, congratulations.
Well, thank you.
Is Lucas in his office? Where else? - Good afternoon.
- Hello.
Wyman Walden.
We met some time ago.
Oh, I'm so sorry, I don't recall.
In the cafe with Lucas.
I was trying to buy the saloon.
Well, I trust that you're not back to try again.
Um, I know how attached Lucas is to the Queen of Hearts.
No, I learned my lesson.
But I do admire his business instincts.
Would you please excuse me? Certainly.
Am I interrupting? No, not at all.
I um, I should be done this call in a moment.
Why don't I go speak with Gustave? I'd like to ask him about a recipe.
I'll come out as soon as I'm finished.
You need someone to watch Jack.
- Do you have anyone in mind? - Me.
Next Sunday, When Calls the Heart is all new.
And troubles found its way to Hope Valley.
I need your help.
I'm a fugitive of sorts.
Afraid your certification's worthless.
I don't like him.
This is still my school under my authority.
I'm warning you both not to go anywhere near Ms.
Thornton or her son.
An all new When Calls the Heart, next Sunday night at 8, only on Hallmark, Where Love Happens.

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