When Calls The Heart (2014) s09e11 Episode Script

Smoke on the Water

Previously on When Calls the Heart Our time has come.
Yes, it has.
Sorry, what did you say? You might be pregnant.
This mine can never be made safe no matter what we do.
I told you all of this in confidence as my friend.
I wish you could see things from my perspective.
You and I, we'll work together to handle the mine, Henry.
What do you say? How could you let this happen? You're a hateful man, Henry.
A chill in the weather has fallen over Hope Valley.
More piercing, however, is a different kind of chill that has, at least for the moment, fallen over Lucas.
After the sale of the oil company and being cleared of criminal wrong doing, I never would have imagined Lucas would become discouraged and even withdrawn.
Of course, it's possible I'm overstating.
After all, the weather has been dismal and the sky is drab.
Yet all I know for sure is I've never seen the man I love so unhappy.
Rosemary? Oh, isn't today simply splendacious? Splendacious? Oh, you haven't been keeping up with Ned's interconnected word puzzles.
No, but if you mean today has the first cloudless sky we've seen in some time, then yes.
The fall colors are just beautiful.
One might even say kaleidoscopic.
One might, yes.
So, how are you feeling? Well, I no longer feel nauseous.
Well, that might mean you're progressing.
Or that I was never pregnant.
Rosemary, how can I help? Oh, Elizabeth You know how long I hoped for a child.
When that became clear that that was never gonna happen, my heart changed.
It had to.
Lee and I grew to accept and well, even appreciate the life that we have.
And with the very real possibility that you could be? Oh, I am just trying to go about my days as though nothing has changed, because as far as I know nothing has.
At least not yet.
But thank you.
As always, I don't know what I would do without you.
Now, today is too utterly resplendent to feel blue.
Oh, Elizabeth, you really must pay attention to the word puzzles.
- You asked to see me? - Mmm.
Would you mind watching the saloon? I uh, I may be leaving town.
But of course.
I'm not sure how long I may be gone.
Whatever you need.
Is uh, everything all right? Fine.
Thank you.
Would you take this? Where are you headed to so early? Meeting a superior court judge in Buxton.
I'm hoping he'll sign an emergency stead to keep the mine from reopening.
Keep that to yourself.
I don't want anyone getting their hopes up.
I'm sorry if I kept you awake.
Oh, Florence, when you are upset like that, please wake me at the very least.
You know I'm a good listener, all right? Now, after I sort the mail I thought I would head over to the pharmacy What is it? Florence, the mine is not open yet, and we will do whatever we can to prevent it.
Florence? Florence? You.
You could have stopped them from opening the mine.
This isn't just Henry's fault.
The end of an era.
Something like that.
Jerome says you intend on keeping this office while you oversee operations of the mine.
Is that what Jerome says? And that you and he will be working together to keep the mine as safe as possible once it reopens.
Well, you needn't worry about that, you'll only be on board for another fiscal year.
You think my concern is extracting myself from the company? Maybe I'm just envious.
Hey, watch out!!! Are you all right? Sorry fellas.
You may not have been doing me any favors by pulling me out of the way, but thank you.
Mei? - Nathan.
- Faith.
I thought Mei was back from Chicago.
Just me.
Have you heard from her? No.
The last time I spoke with Mei was when she gave me the keys to the pharmacy.
Now, if only she would have told me where I could find Ah! Shoop's.
That's funny.
Really? You think so? I just I've always been told my jokes are a little corny.
That's what Allie says, anyways.
Well, I thought it was very clever.
Hopefully this quiets Bill Avery's nagging cough.
I take it that you haven't heard from Mei either? I got a letter this week.
It's mostly saying she was safe.
It's funny, Mei she's as much a mystery to me as the day she rode into town.
Did somebody say "mystery"? Ned.
It's my uh, my latest innovation.
Well, let's have a peek.
Drop by later and I'll give you two a demonstration if you like.
Everything's so organized.
How does she get any work done? Mr.
Coulter, good morning.
Arthur, please.
I'm afraid my wife isn't here right now.
Actually, it's you I'd like to speak with if you wouldn't mind, huh.
By all means, please do come in.
I'm aware that Mr.
Smith and I aren't exactly welcome in town.
You are taking over the oil company and quite possibly the coal mine.
I think people are hoping at the very least we can be civil to one another.
Good, because I have a business opportunity I would like to explore.
Coulter, how are you? Mr.
Well, as they say, to be continued.
What are we looking at? Sorry.
That dart.
Oh, I've never noticed that before.
Did you throw it? Tom Trevoy.
After he signed the deed to the saloon over to me.
He picked up that dart and threw it on his way out the door.
I don't know.
Maybe he was trying to leave his mark.
It's been there ever since.
And with that, Tom Trevoy was gone.
With my thousand dollars over asking.
I know I've already asked, but would you like to discuss what's been bothering you lately? I just don't think that I'm able to explain it better than I've already tried.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
It's just not like you.
But whatever you need, and maybe that's not talking to me, maybe it's not talking at all.
How about A horse ride? Give me a moment to tell Rosemary.
Oh, no, no.
Your salon day.
I forgot.
Rosemary has been looking forward to that.
You deserve that.
Please don't cancel.
We'll go another time.
Are you sure? Yes.
Though, if you don't mind, I might take that ride by myself.
I think you should.
Please have fun.
You too.
Ned? - Florence? - Everything's fine.
I was just wondering if perhaps you might lock up here for the day, let Faith use her key to get what she needs? I miss you.
I won't be but a moment.
Watch your head.
Pop, Pop, they're here! - Mama! - So good to see you both.
- Hi.
- Hi, Angela.
Missed you.
All set.
Whether it is across the street or around the world, I miss you, too.
What's up, Wolfie? You uh, lost your passenger.
Ha, ha.
Tell me a new one.
Today was not the day to wear new shoes.
I can hardly walk and I still have the mail to deliver.
Why don't we do it together? On the bicycle? We'll be done in no time.
Great idea.
I'll be right back.
Hey! You lost your passenger.
Dad, I've heard that so many times.
Really? Where're you headed? I'm helping Robert deliver the mail.
Don't worry, I'm just being a friend.
I didn't say anything.
You two be careful.
We will.
Ah, great, thank you.
Henry, isn't it about time for our meeting with the engineer you hired? Fiona and I just had a few things we had to go through.
Well, since we're here, perhaps you'd show me around a bit.
Uh of course.
Henry, I'd like to discuss Miss Miller.
We both know that she's not up to running the oil company.
Not yet.
She is bright and capable.
But until I'm convinced, I'd like to bring in someone else.
It's your company.
Your son? Ah, Christopher, yes.
A chip off the old block.
Has he shown any interest in the oil business? No.
Unfortunately, not yet.
This was barely an oil seep three years ago.
Now the crude output is Are you not interested in hearing about the well's production? No, I am, I am.
But You and I got off on the wrong foot and I wonder could we have dinner? You know, start over? Since we're working together I think that would be time well spent.
However, I'm an employee.
I'm not your equal.
So, I would hope to be treated with some respect and appreciation considering what I do.
I never meant to offend you, Miss Miller.
I I apologize.
Thank you.
Arthur! You and the other investors are sure determined to reopen the mine.
There's money to be made.
What if the engineer that Henry hired believes that the mine can't be made safe? Well, Jerome tells me that this man is hardly formally educated.
Well, I But if he says we can't mine coal safely, that will require reassessment.
Of course, I have heard Jerome remark that the meek shall inherit the earth, but not its mineral rights.
As you said, it makes sense Lucas is feeling this way.
He just sold his oil company and now he's questioning what he'll do next.
It's possible you're making too much of this.
That is exactly what Lucas said when I first expressed this concern.
But no, I do not believe I am making too much of this.
All right.
Oh, Elizabeth.
The whole reason for this salon date, this day of beauty birthday gift, was for you to focus on yourself.
To take time and just relax.
I don't want to relax.
And I don't want to focus on myself.
Every time I do it feels like it's too easy to forget about what's really important.
Although I have to admit Never mind, it's too embarrassing.
Elizabeth, it's me.
On my birthday, with everything that was happening, Lucas didn't give me my present.
It's never been about the gifts for you.
No, and it isn't, but well, if my birthday present had been simply that, he would have just given it to me.
But if Lucas was planning on giving me an engagement ring.
Maybe he's changed his mind about us.
Oh, Elizabeth, well, this is exactly like me when Lee wrote that poem.
Don't you remember? And look at just how very wrong I was about that.
If you are concerned, though, don't do what I did by waiting.
When Lucas returns just speak to him.
No matter what he says I'll be able to stop worrying.
I suppose you're right.
Of course, I am.
So, Nathan, is there anything in particular that seems to bring on these headaches? I I don't know, I just I'd just like them to go away on their own.
Unfortunately, we don't know much about concussions or how long their affects last.
Look straight ahead.
How do you sleep? Lying down.
Another one of your corny jokes? Well, not if it's not funny.
Do you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? Uh, getting.
Tell me what happens.
Um, I will just stare at the ceiling, think about my job, about Allie.
How fast she's growing up, stuff like that.
Carter? Yes, Molly? Your next appointment's here.
Thank you.
I'll be right out.
I am writing you a prescription for your headaches, and with Mei gone I will be sure to bring that by later.
As far as your trouble getting to sleep goes, I recommend that you try slowing down.
Try to relax.
Getting away from the stress of being a Mountie.
That's my recommendation to you and Bill.
Well, I'll try.
You said you reorganized these alphabetically? Mmm-hmm.
Uh, paprika.
Here with a few others.
Oh? What are all these? - Discard spices.
- Discard spices? They were in the way.
Not for me they weren't.
Minnie, nobody uses paprika.
I do.
And this is my kitchen.
I missed you, baby.
Miss me, miss my spices.
Well, you see, I kept poppyseed.
My family missed you, too.
I'm not so sure about your daddy.
- Even my daddy.
- Hmm.
He asked me to give you this.
I have some idea of what he wrote, but he said it's really between you two.
Baby, I'll uh, I'll see you at home.
Joseph, what is it? Nothing.
Glad you're back.
Oh, how did it go with your bees? It was a good suggestion that I get those hives ready for winter.
These kinds of things are just so easy to put off, you know? Hmm.
Ned, how do you stay so even-tempered? Well, it's always been my disposition.
And I suppose having hobbies helps.
I wish I were more like that.
Oh, you have so much on your mind right now, and a number of unhappy memories.
Perhaps if you had something to take your attention off all of that.
What about resuming your dancing? Oh, Ned.
Calling it "my dancing" is a bit of an embroidery.
Well, why not take up embroidery? Too sedentary.
Maybe you're right about dancing.
Thank you for loving me so.
You're home early.
Well, I like my work but as my husband, whom I also I also like very much pointed out, we need to spend more time together away from the office.
Where is Lee, anyway? Well, he's at the office.
We're meeting up later.
I came home to get all dolled up.
It's as I always say, to make a flower bloom you need to take the time to groom.
Elizabeth, I know you weren't that keen on celebrating your day of beauty earlier, but third time's a charm? We could get ready together.
Oh, why not? Laura, I'll be next door! Come, come, come! It's no surprise to me this mine has seen a number of collapses.
And why is that, Mr.
McCorry? Well, the coal seams, Miss.
The way the layers run.
They're prone to slip.
Cave-ins will be the rule.
Is there anything that can stop these cave-ins? It'd be difficult.
Arthur? Perhaps you'd like to join us? Men's lives are at stake here.
Let's discuss the drainage and ventilation systems that you outlined in your report.
Well, they're troublesome, for sure.
Troublesome? The safety inadequacies that have plagued this mine since the beginning, they're still a major problem, are they not? After you and I went over Mr.
McCorry's map, and I think it's rather a good one, I gave him a call and asked him some questions.
How much did he pay you? We can make this mine safe.
You said that you could not make this mine safe! How much did he pay you in exchange for the lives that will be lost here?! - Henry, please! Let's talk about this.
- No more talking! Maybe Bill will be successful securing a temporary stay.
And then Jerome will just buy that judge or another inspector.
Henry, I know this is bad timing, but we never finalized our deal.
So, for now this is just something extra.
I don't want that.
Well, you've more than earned it.
Have you seen Henry? He and Lucas's are in back with very long faces.
All right, thank you.
I'll talk to him later.
Miss Miller I uh, I really had no idea Jerome had contacted Mr.
I believe you, Mr.
Then perhaps you'd reconsider having dinner a business dinner, with me.
All right.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Is this uh It's fine, thank you.
Ah, sweetheart, before this evening begins I need to talk to you about Arthur Gilchrist.
Oh! There's Elizabeth.
- Can that wait? - Uh, yes.
Of course.
Oh, and sweetheart? Did I mention how absolutely stunning you look tonight? Oh, well a gal can never hear it too much.
Ok, I'll catch up with you.
Well, what did Lucas think when he saw you? Was he thunderstruck? Was he absolutely gobsmacked? Um Lucas hasn't seen me yet.
Elizabeth Thornton, are you hiding? Yes.
Well, you stand up and let the world take a glimpse because I have never seen you looking more glamorous.
No, thank you.
You are a beautiful woman, inside and out.
Now, show yourself off! Yes, please.
That is something that I would like to see.
Oh, brava! Brava! How are we gonna tell them apart? This is a surprise.
But you being bought off by Smith, I should have seen that coming.
Well, it was too much to turn down.
Every man has his price.
I've got no life ahead of me, Henry.
My breathing will get worse until I suffocate.
At least this way maybe I can die with some kind of comfort.
And don't say I don't know what you're going through.
I was a foreman once, and you weren't there at Blantyre when 218 of my own men were killed.
Is this how you honor them, and the men that died here? Look, when I came here years ago you cared little about the miners you sent down when it was black as pitch and there was hardly air enough to fill a man's lungs.
Or have you forgotten that? I haven't forgotten.
Aurgh! First position, second, third.
It's like I never stopped.
Oh, I wonder if I can still Uh, ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ooh! Oh, oh, oh! Oh! Uh, just a minute! Florence? It's us.
Coming! Oh! Hello.
Are you all right? Oh, just a cramp.
So, we're not interrupting? Heavens no, come in.
With the reopening of the mine Molly thought it would be good for us to be together.
Thank you.
Florence, me being involved in all of this, - I just wanted to say - Fiona, you don't have to say anything.
We need to be there for one another.
Thank you.
I rode up to the high ridge, where the pines form a view.
Don't tell Nathan I said this but I think he might be right.
When it comes to horses and automobiles.
You really enjoyed yourself, didn't you? You're in much better humor than you were when you left.
I think we should ride up there sometime.
The view is almost as spectacular as from the air balloon.
I think you'll like it.
I think I will, too.
Let's do it.
I'm used to exploring big cities.
Paris, Madrid Maybe it was just needing to be away from everything that was going on here.
Or maybe I simply hadn't considered all of my possibilities.
I found myself imagining what it might be like to live some place remote like that.
And leave Hope Valley? No, that's not what I mean.
As long as we're together.
My arches just won't seem to stop cramping.
Will you be giving up dancing? Not on your life.
Oh, Molly, be a dear? Of course.
Hope Valley Central.
It is.
How are you? Oh, that's so good to hear.
Well, if you'll hold on I'll connect you.
Faith? You have a call.
Go ahead, please.
- Who was that? - Bill Avery.
I mean Carson Shepherd.
Lately, Bill hasn't been well.
You never need to explain.
Did you mean what you said? Elizabeth, you're soaked! Here.
Last night you mentioned perhaps wanting to live somewhere remote.
Is that what you'd like? Elizabeth, I found a home here in Hope Valley, and last night I just was it was a realization that you and I and little Jack can do whatever we want.
I hope I haven't given you reason to doubt me.
On my birthday I thought you were going to propose.
And then we got interrupted and you didn't and I don't know.
I thought maybe you'd changed your mind about us.
Saying it out loud, it feels silly.
No, no, no, no.
Happy belated birthday.
Are you gonna open it? Of course.
I apologize if I lead you to believe I was going to give you a ring.
These are beautiful.
After your extravagant gift I felt mine sort of paled in comparison.
I was worried it would disappoint.
Saying that out loud, I feel silly.
We know each other better than this.
I love you.
I love you.
You have an uncanny ability to stop by whenever my wife is out.
Actually, I just saw her leave and I intend to be gone before she returns.
I don't want to create any kind of trouble between you two.
All right.
While I am in town as an investor with an interest in the coal mine, I'm also here as an employee of the Hearst newspaper chain with an interest in the Valley Voice.
Well then, I really do think we should wait for Rosemary.
There's mild enthusiasm for some of your paper's features.
The word puzzle, perhaps even the etiquette column.
But it's you we're after.
Me? But uh No, no.
This is Rosemary's newspaper.
You'd have your choice of living in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, and your opinion pieces may even some day accompany those of Jack London or John Muir.
As flattering as that may be, Rosemary would still have a newspaper to run.
Of course.
I just assumed she'd accompany you.
Well, like I say, I don't wanna create trouble.
I leave tomorrow but uh, you always know where to find me.
Of course.
I should have just listened to what I knew to be true instead of doubting Lucas.
In the same way that there's nothing I can do to help you right now.
I believe that I just need to give him some time.
Can I offer you some tea, something to eat? You really are someone who puts others' needs in front of your own.
Because I offered you tea? Because perhaps you need some time yourself.
You have your life and Lucas has his life and one day when you two decide to join those two lives together, and I'm assuming you will, well, it'll be vital for the two of you to keep each other's wants in mind.
And that's the end of my lecture.
And yes, I would very much like some tea.
Oh! Boom! - Boom, indeed.
- That felt big.
Someone wanna say something? I mean, I I heard the rumbling but I just uh, thought it was more thunder.
I think we all thought the same thing.
The mine collapsed in on itself? I used every stick of dynamite I could lay my hands on.
They're just gonna dig it out again.
Well, they're gonna try.
But it's gonna take 'em time, and it'll cost.
Not to mention with the national steel worker's strike It doesn't make sense to build a foundry.
And with no foundry There's no need for coal.
What now? Henry, I think you need to lay low.
In fact, I want you to go to Benson Hills.
Are you suggesting that I run? This will come back to you, Henry and Smith will hold you responsible.
I know that.
I'm suggesting that you stay out of jail long enough so I can take some time to figure out how I might help you.
And as for you two, this stays in my office.
Now, if you don't mind, I need to do some thinking.
Bill, why don't you let me drive you home? Henry, I can't condone what you've done, but thank you, from all of us.
Joseph, I don't want to discuss this.
Not right now, anyway.
Baby, there's nothing to discuss.
Hand me the compote.
What's compote? I'll get it.
Excuse me.
What would you like me to say to your father? I don't want you to say anything.
At least not 'til you hear him out.
I already know what he's gonna tell me.
All that's important is that I'm the provider for this family, not him.
Really? And what am I doing here? Minnie, all I meant is that I can support you, Coop and Angela.
This isn't the homecoming I had hoped for, Joseph.
This happens every time you come home from seeing your family.
Do you have a moment? Of course.
I sensed you wanted to talk the other night at the beauty shop.
Well, I really only wanted to talk to you.
I think you'll understand.
If someone feels they're in love, at least has a strong attraction One that's undeniable? I sensed you wanted to talk, too.
You look terrible.
At least I've given up any pretense.
I wasn't always like this.
Nora took such good care of me when I was sick, there was no reason.
We just weren't right for each other.
Do you regret marrying her? Well, it's better to have loved and lost.
I'm not so sure about that myself.
Of course, I've never been married.
I had almost forgotten what a blessing marriage can be.
I mean, it would take me putting myself back out there again, you know, after after Elizabeth.
Same with me after Nora.
I feel the same way about Carson.
Patrick was such a thoughtful man.
It would be nice, though.
- To find someone? - Yeah.
Well, then take my advice.
I don't know where things stand with you and Mei But if love comes your way Don't wait to reach out and take it if you can.
You could live to regret it.
I asked Faith and Nathan if they'd like to see this but they haven't shown so you will be the first.
Ned, I hate to burst your bubble, but- Seven more seconds.
I know how a toaster works.
Ah, but not like this one.
- In three - Well, if it won't burn the bread Oh! With my automatic toaster, your toast will always be a crispy, golden brown.
Arthur, there you are? Butter me up, Ned.
I'll be right back.
I hope you're not feeling chased out of town.
You and the other investors still have an oil company here.
I was counting on Henry being the same Henry.
Unfortunately, I was wrong.
Be sure to tell him that for me.
And expect a call about your replacement, Miss Miller.
What Henry did only sets us back.
Well, I wouldn't be so sure.
And the two of you are presuming that Henry's to blame.
Miss Miller Fiona.
Henry will need more than your denial when it comes to how the investors respond to this.
But I understand.
I do.
Arthur, I'm ready.
And based on our dinner last night I have no doubt you'll all bounce back.
Mike! You're home! I know.
I wasn't gone very long.
And that's just fine by me.
I have so much to tell you.
Oh yeah? Like what? Well, first off, Ned has a new toaster.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
Wolfie, were you even pedaling? Uh, the entire time.
You are so full of beans.
I'm just glad you didn't steer us into a ditch delivering the mail.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, Wolfie, same time tomorrow? That'd be great.
Lucas? Mademoiselle.
- Gustave.
- Lucas is not here.
He asked that when you came by I made sure you received this.
Thank you, Gustave.
Um, did Lucas say when he'd be back? - He did not.
- Hmm.
I take it you don't know where he went.
I believe he left town.
But I just saw his car parked outside.
He went by horse.
Gustave, I'm sure he'll be fine.
Even if all of this had been gone there would still be love.
The most anticipated season finale is here.
Pray for Gowen! I'm no hero.
Lee still has no idea? I think it might be time to tell him.
Elizabeth I've never been more sure Saloon's on fire.
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