When Calls The Heart (2014) s11e09 Episode Script

Truth Be Told

Previously on When Calls the Heart
I don't know, Dad
I thought that you just called me
Is that ok?
We've looked at the evidence, Clayton.
We know you couldn't have
shot Governor Bouchard.
We know you were paid to confess.
[LUCAS] Bernhardt
Montague is a business man.
He is reviled in this
town, for good reason.
Good morning.
Good morning, Rosemary.
So, did Tom get away?
Yes, he left on the morning train.
Well, his visit was not without
its dramatic peaks and valleys.
But it was good to see him.
Yes, it was.
And now he's gone.
Yes, he is.
So, you and Nathan can
Wha ?
It is plain as day.
The way you two danced the other night?
What is holding you back?
Nothing, it's just
I just want to take the
time to get it right.
And I think Nathan feels the same way.
Well, it sounds like you
found the perfect man.
Just don't wait forever
looking for the perfect moment.
I promised Little Jack we
would go and visit Sergeant.
I'll just finish your laundry.
Thanks very much!
Now, the deal was we could go
play after you ate some fruit.
[LAUGHS] I'll go brush my
teeth. And then let's play?
You know, Allie used to pull
stunts like that all the time.
It's not easy just
suddenly finding yourself
looking after a little one.
Of course, you would know.
Poor Allie.
Losing her mother and
her father just like Lily.
Well, Allie's father is still around.
Although he might as well not be.
Anyway, you hang in
there. This gets easier.
Any advice on making
fruit more appealing?
You start with the fruit
and then you go to pancakes.
Rookie mistake.
Good tip.
Hey, ready to go?
- Yeah.
- See ya.
We have news.
Good news?
Well, that uh, depends on who you ask.
Bernhardt Montague is on
his way to Hope Valley.
I told him not to come here.
He insists on doing
business face to face.
Well, tell him that I am too busy.
We can negotiate this deal
over telephone and wire.
Edwin, when is he arriving?
On the morning train.
He is a legitimate business man,
and whatever dealings he had
with Hope Valley in the past
is just water under the bridge.
Oh, that was a poor choice of words.
Lucas, is his money
worth all the trouble
that comes along with it?
There were hundreds of jobs lost
when we cancelled
Balfour's water project,
hundreds more with Benson Hills Oil.
I've made promises to create new ones.
I mean, what would we even tell
them if the resort fell through?
It would be professional ruin
for all of us to call it off.
Which is why we're not calling it off.
I have faith Montague's
bid will be a success.
We just need to keep it quiet
until the paperwork is signed.

Hi, Mountie Nathan.
Hi, Mountie Jack.
We came to visit Sergeant.
Is that right?
Why don't you go give him his treat?
Oh boy.
Mom, when can I ride Sergeant?
Oh, Jack, we've talked about this.
Sergeant is just too much horse for you.
You're not ready yet.
Well, you know, I uh,
I started on a horse
about Sergeant's size.
Actually, I've still got the
scar on my knee from when I
did something completely
unrelated to riding.
See? Mountie Nathan thinks I'm ready.
Ready for what, Jack-a-Roo?
To ride Sergeant.
To ride Sergeant.
Well, that's probably up to your mom.
Yes, that's what I always
say, is that mothers know best.
Maybe next year.
Doctor Carter speaking.
Doctor Carter, it's Dora Watson.
Mrs. Watson. It's so
nice to hear your voice.
How are you feeling?
[DORA] At long last, well
enough to be discharged.
I'll be coming to pick up
Lily at the end of the week.
Of course. Lily will be so excited.
See you then.
What's the matter?
Dora Watson is better and
she's coming back for Lily.
- Well, that's um
- Great news.
But Lily
[TEARY] Oh, Molly, how
am I gonna say goodbye?
I can't stop thinking about
what Clayton Pike told us.
Me neither.
Bernhardt Montague may be
ruthless, and unethical,
but is he really a criminal mastermind
like Pike made him out to be?
Actually, I have been
thinking the same thing.
I suppose we can ask him ourselves.
You gotta be kidding me.
Mr. Montague. Isn't this a surprise.
I'd like to check in, please.
Sorry, we're all full up.
My mistake.
You know, I seem to
recall Hope Valley being
a lot more hospitable than this.
Well, you'll have to forgive us.
A lot has happened since
you tried to steal our water.
Judge Avery.
Mrs. Coulter.
[BILL] What're you doing here, Montague?
Run out of towns to
turn into dust bowls?
[LAUGHS] Oh, come now, folks.
What say we let bygones be bygones?
Bernhardt. Good to see you.
Edwin. Been too long.
So you guys are pals now?
It's just politics.
Right this way, the
Governor is expecting you.
The Governor is expecting him?
What're you doing cooped up in here?
It's summer vacation.
Why aren't there any photos of my father
in this album Grandma sent?
Well, Dylan travelled a lot.
He was always chasing the next job.
Do you have any pictures of him?
No. No, I don't think so.
You know, just because
you don't like him
Who said anything
about me not liking him?
I heard the way you were talking
about him to Doctor Carter.
You know, I wasn't Dylan's
favorite person either.
You can't get along with everybody.
But he's my father.
And you never even talk about him.
It's like you don't want me
to know anything about him.
That's not true.
Come on. Are you hungry?
You want some lunch?
We really could have conducted
this business over the phone.
When my money's involved, I
like to look a man in the eye.
Especially given our history.
So the distrust is mutual.
You understand the basics of the deal,
the government provides the property,
you build the resort
and split the proceeds
with the greater Hope Valley region.
It's doable.
But I want to be the majority owner.
That's not on the table.
It's a 50/50 split with the towns.
We have other offers
willing to go 50/50.
Because from what I hear nobody
else wants to touch this deal
with a ten-foot pole.
Thanks to someone's
slander spreading rumors
the government will expropriate
the resort once it's built.
Now who would do that?
Do you want my bid or not, Bouchard?
I do.
You'll have my proposal
by tomorrow evening.
And Montague.
It's in everyone's best interest
that your involvement
remain quiet for now.
Going into business with
him is the wrong move.
From where I sit it's our only move.
About this morning, um
I'm sorry if I overstepped.
Oh, I don't remember you overstepping.
Oh, great. Because I thought
Unless you mean telling
Jack that he's ready to ride
a giant thousand-pound horse on his own.
- That's not exactly what I said.
- Mmm.
You think I'm being overprotective.
I didn't say that, either.
While we're on the subject of horses,
I was wondering if you might want to
take a ride with me on Sunday.
I can get Allie to watch Jack.
I could pack a picnic.
That'd be great.
Hey, Allie!
I'll uh I'll ask
her later about Jack.
Is everything ok?
Allie was asking about her birth father.
What prompted that?
I messed up.
She overheard me saying some
not great things about Dylan.
The guy just took off. He
only cares about himself.
I thought you told me that
Dylan was maybe not ready
to handle a child on his
own after Colleen died.
Is it possible he's changed?
I I doubt it.
Give her some time to cool off.
I'm sure she'll come around.
Do you remember your
birth father at all?
Not really.
He left right after my mom
died when I was only four.
Oh Allie, he left you?
No, it wasn't like that.
My grandma said he had a broken heart.
He took a job back east
to get away from the pain
of my mom's death.
He sounds really sensitive.
I think so, too.
Maybe that's where you get
your sense of poetry from.
Have you ever tried to contact him?
I don't know where he is.
My dad won't tell me anything about him.
He's being so annoying.
Well, you found Uncle Jacob for us,
and he called last night
and invited us for Christmas.
That's so nice.
Are you ok?
It's just
you have your mom, dad, and brother.
You know where you came
from and I don't have that.
Don't get me wrong,
my dad is great, but
I still wonder about Dylan sometimes.
Maybe you should try to find him.
You're keeping strange
company lately, Lucas.
Present company excluded, I'm assuming.
What's Montague doing here?
Don't tell us that he's here
to make a bid on this resort.
You do realize we have other business.
Other projects.
I don't hear you denying it.
He tried to ruin the valley,
not to mention he may have
orchestrated your shooting.
We know he's connected to Clayton Pike.
In all likelihood he
paid him to take the fall.
Face to face with him,
I just know it in my gut.
Montague may hate me but he had
nothing to do with shooting me.
Well, for your sake I hope you're right.
So you plan to accept his bid?
It's looking that way.
For obvious reasons, he
needs to stay anonymous.
The people of Hope Valley
deserve transparency.
It's my hope that the people
will never have to deal with him at all.
He'll be nothing more
than a distant partner.
I'm asking you as your
Governor and as your friend.
Please trust me on this.
I see you found those
old telephone directories.
Mrs. Yost donated them.
I was just doing some thinking.
May I join you?
Your dad told me that
you have some questions
about your birth father.
Are you looking for his
name in there by any chance?
He isn't in here.
Do you want to talk about it?
I just want to know where I come from.
I never knew my mom but
maybe I could know Dylan.
I mean, I still love
my dad and everything
Of course you do.
I can't imagine how you must be feeling.
Why doesn't my dad get it?
He won't even talk about him.
Oh, Allie.
Your dad loves you so much.
I'm sure he's just
processing all of this.
But what if Dylan thinks
that I don't want to know him?
What if he's waiting for me to find him?
Why is my dad keeping him from me?
What do I do, Mrs. Thornton?
Only you can decide that, Allie.
Then you agree it's my decision?
Oh, um
Just don't shut your dad out, alright?
He only wants what's best for you.
Did Mrs. Canfield say that
you could have a cupcake?
Those cupcakes aren't even iced yet.
But they look so yummy.
Why don't we get you
one from the dining room
that's been decorated?
Can I?
Sure. What do you say?
Thank you, Mrs. Canfield.
Of course. Come on.
Yeah, wow.
Something on your mind?
I just found out that
Dora Watson is coming back.
This week.
Well, that's great news.
Yes, it is.
I am relieved that Mrs.
Watson has recovered,
but I don't want to say goodbye to Lily.
Joseph, am I a terrible person?
For loving Lily? I don't think so.
I'm trying hard not to
let her see how sad I feel.
Best to focus on the
things you can control.
Well, right now it
doesn't feel like much.
Well, Faith, you have to have faith.
You gotta make the most of
this time you have with Lily
and give her a perfect Hope Valley day.
That is a great idea.
I know exactly what she'd like.
Well, this is a nice surprise.
- Where's Jack?
- Oh, he's just inside. Come in.
Oh, no, no. I um, I should
actually talk to you first.
Yeah, I feel like I've been falling down
on the job as godfather.
Don't be silly.
You know, Jack's growing up pretty fast
and, well, I'd like to spend
some more time with him.
Well, I would love that
and I'm sure he would, too.
I know I should have asked first.
About what?
Well, it turns out that
Paul Harper is selling a pony
and I'd like to buy him for Jack.
Oh, Bill, no. That-that's way too much.
No, no, it really is time
that he learned to ride.
This pony's a great way to learn.
That may be but I can't let you do that.
I just meant to look
at him but he's perfect.
He's gentle and strong
and healthy and
A pony!
[LAUGHS] What do you think, Jack-a-Roo?
Is he for me?
Well, that depends
on what your mom says.
- Mmm.
- Come on.
Oh, Jack.
You are very lucky to have
such a generous godfather.
Say thank you.
Thanks, Uncle Bill! Can
you teach me to ride him?
You bet I will!
Mountie Nathan might help, too.
What do you say to that, mom?
As long as you listen to
Uncle Bill and Mountie Nathan.
I will!
Thank you, Bill.
But next time
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll ask first.
He's my pal.
Pal the pony.
I like it.
So, how is it?
It's delicious.
Mrs. Canfield helped.
What's going on?
Can't I make dinner for the
best dad ever without a reason?
What's going on?
Don't get mad.
I want to meet Dylan Parks.
Grandma said that he
went east after mom died
but do you know where he is now?
He-he travelled a lot.
Well, do you think the
Mounties could track him down?
It doesn't work that way.
But you look for people all the time.
I don't-I don't think it's
a good idea to look for him.
Why not?
Because, Allie, it isn't! Just
just take my word for it.
You know, I'm not a little kid anymore.
I can make my own decisions. I
was only asking for your help.
I am trying to help.
Mrs. Thornton thinks so, too. Ask her.
Uncle Nathan, please.
- Just because you hate him
- I don't hate him.
There's just there's more to it.
I bet he would understand.
I think she might actually
be down for the night.
- What is all this?
I don't know what to write.
Well, that's a first.
You not knowing what you want to say?
No, I know what it is I want to say,
I just can't say it.
I want to write about
Montague's bid for the resort.
Yeah, I still can't believe that.
But Lucas wants to keep it quiet.
Did he say why?
Because he knows some
people won't like it.
Some people?
I think everyone deserves
to know the truth.
I want to believe in Lucas's
grand vision, I really do,
but lately it just seems to be
getting cloudier and cloudier.
We know that spells trouble.
Yeah, but it's a mighty big
leap to defy the Governor
and go public with it.
So you don't think I should do it.
No, that's not what I'm saying.
I'm saying I could see
why you would hesitate.
Personally, I don't
think you have a choice.
You're right.
The people deserve to have a
say in the future of Hope Valley.
[CLAPS] Alright.
I will put the coffee on.
And here I thought I
was the only early riser.
Everything ok?
Elizabeth, did you tell Allie
that she should go find her father?
No, no, of course not.
Well, she seems to think that you did.
Nathan, I would never
undermine you like that.
Well, what did you say?
I guess I told her I agree
that it's her decision,
but I also told her not to shut you out.
Nathan, I'm so sorry if if
You don't-you don't have to be sorry.
It's not your fault.
So what happened?
I told her that she
shouldn't go look for him.
She got upset with me.
She called me "Uncle Nathan".
Well, I'm sure she
didn't mean to hurt you.
Oh, she was she was making a point.
Nathan, nothing can change the fact
that you have been there for
her every day of her life.
That's love.
I know you don't like Dylan
but is it really so bad
that she wants to find him?
You remember a few years back,
just before I adopted Allie,
a man came to town?
I told you I would
keep an eye out for him?
That was Dylan Parks.
He was in Hope Valley
and didn't wanna see her?
The only reason he
came was to extort money
in exchange for custody of Allie.
- Nathan!
- Well, that's the kind of guy he is.
And he's not gonna change.
I take it he's in prison
now and Allie doesn't know?
My mother told her that he
left because of a broken heart.
I didn't think it was worth
hurting her to correct the story.
How am I supposed to
tell her the truth now?
I don't think there's
a right answer to that.
But one thing I know for sure, she's
she's going to keep asking for him.
Well, how much do I say?
you told me once I would
know when the time was right
to tell Jack how his father passed.
And you were right, so
just trust your instincts.
You've seen it?
As has the rest of town.
Rosemary, I asked for your trust
and I can't believe you would
print an article like that!
Now, hold on a second, Lucas.
The people deserve to
know the truth, Lucas.
I had to do what was right.
I thought you were behind the resort.
I am. But not at any cost.
Are you speaking as mayor of the people
or as Rosemary's husband?
Nobody in this town
wants Montague involved.
Well, the choice is simple.
Montague, or no resort at all.
There's not a single other bidder?
I am trying to protect our home.
Construction on this resort,
it solves the valley's
unemployment issues,
once it's built it
provides prosperity for all!
I just hope that you
haven't forced the one man
who's capable of making it
come to fruition, to withdraw.
Honestly, it may not be the
worst thing in the world.
I made your favorite.
I'm not hungry.
Listen, Allie, I don't blame
you for being upset with me.
I should have listened to you.
He is he is your father.
The truth is I know exactly where he is.
He's in Granville Prison.
For what?
Well, he um
He made some choices in his
life that weren't great.
He tried to take some money
that wasn't his to take.
So he's a thief.
I'm sorry. Yeah.
That's what he is.
What if he's changed?
He hasn't.
How do you know?
Grandpa Archie was a thief but
he changed when he was in jail.
Different. It's not the
same as Grandpa Archie.
You don't know that!
Yes, I do.
I know him.
You deserve to know the
truth and now you do.
I still want to meet him.
But he's my family.
I'm your family.
Allie, hey.
I'm flabbergasted this is even allowed!
After what that man tried to
do to this valley last year!
Speak of the devil.
Well, shame on you for
showing your face here again.
I beg your pardon?
We thought after everything
you did you'd leave us alone.
Now we know why these bids
have are being kept secret.
[ALL] Mm-hmm.
Folks, it wasn't my
idea to keep it a secret.
Now, I have nothing to hide.
Alright, these are reins, Jack, alright?
So we're gonna pull it to the right.
Put your hand there. There you go.
Then he turns to the right.
That's it, hold on to the reins.
You are a natural. Just like your dad.
That's it, turn him to the right.
Who is this?
Oh, meet Pal. Bill
surprised Jack with him.
Way to go, Bill.
We were hoping you could
help out with some lessons?
I'd love to.
Yeah, that sounds like fun.
You had a change of heart
about Jack learning how to ride?
Well, you and Bill were very persuasive.
[BILL] That's it. Alright. Hold on.
How'd it go with Allie this morning?
It was rough.
I told her that Dylan's in prison.
Did you tell her why?
Not fully.
I couldn't.
She's just she's so
determined to meet him.
She's really hurting.
Poor Allie.
I just wish I knew how I could help her.
Just be there for her. I
think that's all you can do.
How do we make him go faster?
[BILL] I think that'll be
for the next lesson, Jack.
They're ready for more
than we think they are, huh?
So I've been told.
Grandma never puts my hair in curls.
You're gonna look great, Lily.
Just like your Auntie Faith.
[GASPS] I have an idea.
When your grandma comes back
why don't we invite her to the salon?
She's been gone a long time.
Do you miss her, Lily?
A lot, but she's
probably missing me more.
She probably is.
Mei, could we do facials, too?
Why not?
Seriously, Bouchard.
If the people of Hope Valley
are this dead set against me
then maybe I should withdraw.
Let's not be hasty now.
Edwin said that you have another offer.
Or was that just a ruse
to get a better deal?
There is another offer.
It's less attractive than yours.
Well, it must really be a stinker.
We've met all of your demands,
and I'm confident that we
can ride out this storm.
So can I count on your bid?
We have a deal.
Hey, now.
I thought today was
supposed to be a perfect day.
I'm not sure I can
handle losing her, Joseph.
Have you considered asking if you
can stay involved in Lily's life?
I'm going to ask Dora
if that's a possibility.
I hope she agrees.
Lily has one more person that loves her.
That's an immense blessing.
I'm sure her grandmother
will see it that way, too.
Auntie Faith! Let's go
on the teeter-totter!
- Hmm?
You haven't spent a whole
day at the office in months.
Oh, just, you know,
catching up on a little
paperwork, that's all.
It's not because you're
trying to avoid Lucas?
Maybe a little.
I'm sorry.
I never meant for my article
to make things awkward
between the two of you.
Oh, it's not the article.
I don't know, I just
I'm not sure about the resort anymore.
It does seem like it's caused
nothing but trouble so far.
Now I'm the mayor, for
whatever that's worth,
and I need to think about everyone.
Not to mention what kind of town
our little baby girl grows up in.
And uh, I suppose come
here, you adorable thing.
I suppose, at the end of the day,
that's the thing that matters most.
Not just for Goldie, but for
all the kids in town. Hmm?
I guess I just don't know what to do.
I think the only thing we can
do is keep telling the truth.
Including to ourselves.
I think that sounds like a good idea.
I owe you an apology.
I haven't been listening to
you the way that I should.
I'm sorry, too.
You wanna know about Dylan.
That's more than fair.
I wanna meet him.
I just
I don't think that's
a good idea right now.
Can we talk about something else now?
Of course we can, yeah.
Mr. Montague.
Well, I must say I'm
surprised to see you in town.
Thought you'd have taken off
after that article was published.
I suppose you're the one that
put Mrs. Coulter up to it?
Rosemary has a mind of her own.
But we do share the
same instinct about you.
That being?
That you had something to do
with the Governor getting shot.
Not this again.
Why would I?
I'm a business man.
It's only ever about making money.
The minute Bouchard was elected
I was ready to bury the hatchet.
That's why I'm here.
I'll see you around, Judge Avery.
Today was the bestest day ever.
I'm so glad.
Lily, I have some good news.
Your grandma's out of the hospital
and she's coming back to get you.
She's better?
- That's right.
- Yay!
Then can we all have a day
like today when grandma's here?
Of course we can.
I love you, Auntie Faith.
I love you too, Lily.
Is somebody in there?
- [THUD]
The footprints disappear at the stables.
He must have had a horse waiting.
Or an accomplice.
No, he was conscious
long enough last night
to tell me it was one guy.
He came up from behind.
That's why Montague didn't see his face.
I wonder if it has something
to do with the resort?
We don't know that. Montague
has a lot of enemies.
I just heard.
Rosemary, this really isn't the time.
Is he alright? How bad is it?
He's pretty beat up.
Faith kept him overnight
because of a concussion.
We're waiting to talk to him.
Oh, my goodness.
I suppose it could have been worse.
- It's hard to see how.
- Lucas!
I'm sorry, but the fact
is he wouldn't be in there
if you hadn't published that article.
That isn't fair and you know it.
You can see him now.
Don't listen to him, Rosemary.
He's just a little wound up.
Thank you, but he's right.
I did let everyone
know Montague was here.
Please keep it brief.
I should have known it was a bad idea
getting into business with a
man that someone wanted dead.
You really had nothing to do
with shooting the Governor, did you?
For the last time, no!
Montague, I hope this doesn't affect
Look, I'm withdrawing my bid.
No need to be rash.
Wait, you think you were
attacked because of the resort?
We all know there are
plenty of people in town
who resent him over the water.
Someone was trying to send me a message.
And I got it, loud and clear. I'm out.
- Good morning, Allie.
- Good morning.
Allie, I got a real pony.
Yeah, I heard, Jack.
I'll have to come meet him sometime.
So how are you feeling about everything?
I'm ok.
I know Dylan's in
prison. My dad told me.
But he could have changed.
Yes, that's possible.
I just wish my dad trusted me more.
Oh, Allie, it's not that
your dad doesn't trust you.
He's just trying to protect you.
The hardest part about being a parent
is knowing when to let your child fly,
even when it means they might fall.
Do you mind if I uh, run ahead?
I'm I'm meeting Angela.
I saw Montague off.
I don't suppose there's any
hope of us changing his mind?
No chance there. I
mean, can you blame him?
There's always the Aucoin bid.
Look, I have to ask.
Is there any possibility that Jeanette
was involved in Montague's attack?
I know her. She's a grifter.
But Jeanette has always
despised violence.
Well, if you're sure.
Oh, aren't you sweet, filling in?
I don't mind, Mrs. Yost.
It's summer holidays.
I got time.
Well, I will be unpacking
the mail shipment
if you need anything at all.
This is Hope Valley Central.
Can you connect me to Granville Prison?
Hello, this is Allie Parks.
I'd like to make a
request to see Dylan Parks.
My father.

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