When Ghosts Attack (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

There's No Place Like Hell

NARRATOR: There are ghosts that haunt ghosts that hunt Get out of here! and ghosts that kill.
I never thought that this house would take one of our lives.
[ SCREAMS ] [ GROWLS ] Two hands pushed me so hard.
It wasn't a human.
[ MAN LAUGHS EVILLY ] There was claw marks down her face.
LORI: Donnie, wake up! There was so much blood.
Leave us alone! synced by dom.
smrc [ WOMAN SCREAMS ] My name is Lori settle.
[ SCREAMS ] And people may find that my story is very unbelievable.
Get out of here! Leave us alone! But it is very real Donnie! Oh, god.
and it happened to me.
[ SCREAMS ] [ GROWLS ] At age 27, I was a hairdresser.
I was a new wife.
I was raising our daughter 7 years old.
What was missing in my life was a home of my own, something to be proud of.
Me and my husband That's all we wanted was a home to raise our daughter.
Lamps go over there.
The house just kind of fell into our laps and seemed just too good to be true.
Here we are in our brand-new house.
Donnie and I had recently married.
He was not Kaitlyn's natural father, but he raised Kaitlyn as if she was his.
KAITLYN: My stepfather was like my real father because he treated me like his own, treated me like I was his real daughter, you know? You two, give me a little hug.
Oh, happy in your new house.
That's what I wanted.
LORI: It was close to where I had grew up and close to my mother.
It was a complete godsend.
Look at the camera! First day in the new house.
It's okay.
Look! All right, say goodbye.
Put the camera away.
KAITLYN: It was just like a dream come true.
I had a nice, little bedroom.
That's where I stayed most of the time.
That was my getaway.
Come here! It was wonderful in the beginning, but that did not last long.
About a week of living in the home, I felt like I was never alone.
I was always being watched.
KAITLYN: The atmosphere in the house was just different than it was before the first few days that we were there.
I wasn't really sure what it was at first but I always felt like all eyes were on me.
[ EXHALES DEEPLY ] Felt like it wasn't a person watching me.
It felt like it wasn't human.
[ GASPS ] LORI: Kaitlyn! [ DOOR CREAKS ] The one room in the house that bothered me the most was the basement.
It was very damp and cold.
I felt like I wasn't welcome there.
I felt like I was invading someone else's space.
I noticed in the far-right corner of the basement there were flies.
[ FLIES BUZZING ] They were like these little, teeny, tiny flies.
BEVERLY: We would try to kill them.
We'd spray them with spray, and they would come right back.
We'd wipe down it with bleach water, and they would still come back.
LORI: I didn't read anything into it at first.
I thought maybe the dampness of the basement.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] KAITLYN: After a few weeks of being in the house, I did think there was something more going on.
There was something else there other than just me, just because I was starting to hear voices.
LORI: She told me that she was hearing almost a lullaby.
It's one thing when your child comes to you with an imaginary friend, but it's another whenever your child is coming to you and saying, "Mommy, I'm hearing these things.
" Where are they coming from?" And then I started to realize something was really going on there.
We had been in the house I would say it wasn't even a month.
I was home alone, and I was in the kitchen cleaning, and I was scrubbing everything down.
I had opened all the cabinets and wiped everything down, and I closed all the cabinets to let everything dry.
[ GLASS SQUEAKS ] I walked away from the kitchen 30 seconds, minute, if that.
And I walked back into the kitchen, and everything single drawer and cabinet were open Every one.
I had to catch my breath.
It literally took my breath away.
Donnie said, "We'll just keep an eye on the house" and see what else happens.
" I said, "Okay.
" And that's what we did We waited.
I remember like it was yesterday.
It was on a Saturday night.
Kaitlyn was already in bed.
Donnie and I had laid down, and we finally had drifted off to sleep.
[ HEAVY FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING ] We started hearing boots, these heavy boots, coming up and down the stairs and pacing.
[ FOOTSTEPS CONTINUE ] Honey, honey, did you hear that? It's it's nothing.
I didn't want to admit to what I thought.
I did not want to deal with what I was afraid was actually there.
[ GASPS ] Mommy, there's a man in my room.
She was like, "Mommy, daddy, there is a man watching me at the foot of my bed.
" I said, "Baby, there's nobody there.
" She said, "Mommy, there was a man standing at the foot of my bed, watching me sleep.
" No honey, you had a bad dream.
Come on.
I'll take you back to bed.
I told her that it was probably she was having a nightmare.
Here you go, baby.
Night, mom.
You're gonna be fine, okay? Okay.
Teddy's gonna take care of you.
[ CHUCKLES ] - I love you.
- Love you, too.
Tucked her in, gave her a kiss, told her she would be fine.
But I shouldn't ever have left her alone in that room.
I don't know what I was thinking.
[ GLASS SHATTERS ] [ SCREAMS ] [ WOMAN SCREAMS ] LORI: Before we moved into the house, I never did believe in the paranormal.
I never thought that a spirit would walk this earth let alone harm someone.
And I was very wrong.
KAITLYN: I felt something watching me in my room, and there was a man.
He was tall about six foot With full coal-mining coveralls on Black soot on his face And he was just very, very disturbing.
I went and got my mom.
Come on.
I'll take you back to bed.
But, as soon as she came in the room, he disappeared.
LORI: I put a night-light in her room to where she would always If she opened her eyes, she would always have light.
KAITLYN: [ CHUCKLES ] - I love you.
- Love you, too.
I tried to dismiss it as best as I could, because I didn't want to frighten her already more than what she was.
KAITLYN: And she shuts the door, and that's when I try and fall back asleep, and then [ GLASS SHATTERS ] [ SCREAMS ] boom My night-light explodes.
[ SCREAMS ] Her room was completely dark.
The light bulb had shattered.
It was a brand-new bulb.
There was no way that that bulb could have shattered on its own.
There's no way.
It wasn't too long after that that I had my own experience.
[ WATER RUNNING ] We had finished dinner, and Donnie and Kaitlyn went to the movies.
I saw a child standing at the end of my hallway.
She's staring at me, fists clenched, chin down, no facial expression.
She looked like flesh and bone, but I knew she wasn't.
I knew it.
But what scared me the most about this child was when she looked at me, she had absolutely no eyes None.
And it took my breath.
I realized then that our family was in danger.
I ran out of the room, just petrified and scared to death.
Things just started turning for the worse.
I mean, it was a bad place.
You didn't want to go there.
Something inside that house and the house itself just started to change.
Kaitlyn was so afraid to stay in her bed, she started sleeping with Lori in her bed.
And then Donnie he started sleeping in Kaitlyn's bed.
This went on and on and on to where none of them could sleep, and nobody knew what to do.
LORI: Kaitlyn and I were laying in bed.
Kaitlyn was asleep, and I had just closed my eyes.
I felt a human hand on my left hip, and it pushed me into the mattress once.
I wasn't really frightened, but it was just unnerving.
So I thought, "Okay.
" I rolled back over next to Kaitlyn, closed my eyes and then I felt the hand again.
Everything just became physical from that point on.
[ WOMAN SCREAMS ] KAITLYN: I felt like the house was sinister [ GROWLS ] just evil.
I never thought that this house would take one of our lives.
If I had thought that, even for a second, I would have never stayed another moment.
KAITLYN: My dad was sleeping in my room, and me and my mother were sleeping in her room, and we all of a sudden felt pushing on the bed.
[ SCREAMS ] It bounced me so hard that it just literally threw me out of bed.
[ SCREAMING ] this is my house! Get out of my house! Seeing my mom being pushed out of bed like that It really scared me.
It really scared me.
That told me that these things can do more than just seeing them.
They can actually physically touch you and push you out of bed.
Get out of here! Leave us alone! BEVERLY: After she got pushed out of the bed, she started just screaming through the house.
This is my house! I felt so violated.
Get out of here! This is my house! [ SCREAMS, SOBS ] My husband was behind me, and he kind of calmed me down, 'cause I was just absolutely livid.
[ MAN LAUGHING EVILLY ] And then we heard this cackle Come from the basement stairs.
BEVERLY: They really crossed the line by touching her like that.
And I said, "Lori, why don't you go try to research this house" "and find out, perhaps, who lived here before this, you know, before you moved in here?" LORI: I went down to the courthouse and found a name William Bennett From the '40s.
He had one wife and one child.
His wife had left him because he was kind of an overbearing man.
His daughter had passed away at a young age.
He was so distraught over losing his wife and losing his child that he had went into the basement and shot himself in the corner of the basement where I found those flies.
Bennett was still there.
It was his home, and he wasn't giving it up.
As for the little girl that I had found in the hallway, I do not know if that was Mr.
Bennett's daughter or not.
I do not know.
But I knew then that I had a problem.
BEVERLY: After a while, Donnie started to change.
LORI: I honestly think that William Bennett had something to do with that.
[ MAN LAUGHS EVILLY ] BEVERLY: He was distant from Lori.
He didn't talk much.
And then it seemed like he started to go into a depression.
LORI: He wasn't volatile towards me or Kaitlyn, but he was so angry.
He started becoming agitated.
Some things just didn't make sense.
And I didn't know how to help him.
But I never thought in a million years that that house would have the capability of actually taking one of our lives.
Kaitlyn and I had went to my grandparents' to visit them, and Donnie had stayed behind at the house.
And when she came home, she dropped Kaitlyn off with me.
She went in the house, and she couldn't see Donnie anywhere.
She couldn't find him.
Donnie? [ VOICES WHISPERING ] I went through each room looking for him, and I was starting to get so scared because he was not answering me.
The car was there.
His car was there.
Donnie? Donnie, where are you? And it was so quiet so quiet.
Donnie? [ HEARTBEAT THUMPING ] [ VOICE BREAKING ] I found blood From the bedroom down the hallway and into the bathroom.
There was so much blood.
Donnie! [ WOMAN SCREAMS ] LORI: The house was too good to be true.
[ SCREAMS ] We realized that very shortly after we moved in.
[ MAN LAUGHS EVILLY ] And it was so quiet so quiet.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] Donnie, where are you? [ HEARTBEAT THUMPING ] I found him sitting in the bathroom floor.
There was so much blood.
It completely covered the entire floor.
Donnie! Oh, god.
What happened? Come on.
Wake up.
Donnie, wake up! Oh, god.
Come on.
Please, please, wake up.
[ VOICE BREAKING ] and Donnie was gone.
[ SOBS ] Donnie I relive that moment every day.
KAITLYN: When my mom told me that my dad was gone, I just I lost it.
And I still feel him today, you know, like he's actually with me.
The autopsy said that his aorta had ruptured.
His heart had exploded.
He had blood out of every orifice that he had.
Donnie was 42 years old and in good health.
I believe something in that house killed my husband.
[ SIREN WAILING ] BEVERLY: I didn't know what was gonna happen to Kaitlyn and Lori after Donnie died, and they didn't either.
I was just really scared for him.
I was begging her.
I said, "Please, Lori, please.
" "You see what's happened here already.
I'm afraid something's gonna happen to you next.
" And she still didn't want to leave.
LORI: I became a prisoner in my own home.
I was still trying to hang on to our dream Just what little thread we had left.
It wasn't very long after that that is when I got hurt.
I was taking a load of laundry downstairs to the basement.
I was at the top of the stairs with my laundry basket.
I became very nervous, I guess you could say.
[ STAIRS CREAKING ] [ SCREAMS ] [ GRUNTS ] Two hands pushed me so hard, I didn't hit a step till I hit the bottom step.
I was in shock I was in so much pain.
Mom? Mom? Kaitlyn, run.
We need to get out of here! Run! KAITLYN: I didn't know what to do.
I had to help her up and help her up the stairs and then call my grandma to come help us.
BEVERLY: What is it, honey? We need to get out of here.
Well, don't bother to sort.
Don't bother to fold.
- Just lets get going.
- I know.
BEVERLY: I went straightaway down there, and when I got there, we felt this cold air.
It wasn't cold that day.
Just take it all! It was like somebody had knocked her out.
They, like, moved her head straight back.
Honey? [ SHOUTS ] I looked at her, and there was claw marks down her face.
At that instant, I really became a true believer.
It's true.
LORI: At that point, I was done.
We left with the clothes on our backs.
That was it.
I started over 100% With nothing.
I walked away from the house, gave away every belonging that I had.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] BEVERLY: One at a time, the house would have taken them had they not left yes.
KAITLYN: It changed me.
I still have problems till this day, and I miss my dad.
These things do happen, and they are real.
That house is pure evil, through and through.
It's in the walls.
BEVERLY: They'll never, ever be the same.
No, they won't.
[ FLIES BUZZING ] EDEN: My name is Marsha Eden.
Words can't describe everything that we experienced.
Mom, is it here? But all of it was real [ SCREAMS ] and it happened to us.
Let's see what we got here.
I was a single mother raising two kids.
- It's not too heavy.
- Oh.
And we needed an apartment or a house that was local, in a good neighborhood, with good schools.
My boyfriend, Raymond, had found this "for rent" sign.
It was in front of this old, white house.
GRIFFIS: When I drove by this property, I kind of felt invited in.
I was kind of captivated by the whole setting.
How old do you think this place is? At least 200.
Oh, come on.
It's not that bad.
EDEN: It looked like an old farmhouse, and it was converted into four apartments.
It was an older house, but everything in it was new New appliances, new tabletops, flooring.
It was really nice.
Across the street from the apartment was the old mill.
When I saw the mill, at first, I was a little thrown off.
[ CLACKING ] Me and my sister thought it's pretty much as bad as having a graveyard in front of your house.
It's empty windows.
There's nothing there.
But you can feel like there's 100 eyes watching you, and you just feel uncomfortable.
I just didn't want to be there.
I didn't want to be there at all.
When you looked into the windows really dusty.
It was just weird and creepy.
EDEN: The girls hated the old mill, but I thought the apartment was great, so I went ahead and decided to go with the apartment.
As long as I could convince them it's just a building, I think we would be okay.
[ WOMAN SCREAMS ] My mom was actually really happy about the house.
She was excited.
But the old mill across the street was really creepy.
It definitely freaked me out.
She pretty much picked the wrong house to live in.
MULRINE: When we first got into the apartment, I remember, like, during the day, it was okay, but at nighttime, it's, like, different.
I'd walk to my bedroom, and I would hurry up and just turn on the light, because I always feel like there's something in there.
Sorry if I get it on your skin.
No, that's fine.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] RICHARDSON: As soon as we moved in, I started hearing hissing.
[ WHISPERING CONTINUES ] Did you hear that? It felt like someone was up against her ear, hissing at you.
[ WHISPERING CONTINUES ] What was that? I don't know.
EDEN: You just kept feeling that creepy feeling that somebody was watching you, and then you'd hear a whisper [ VOICES WHISPER ] but there's nobody there.
Then, occasionally, you would see the shadow.
You'd turn your head and you would just see this Like a gray shadow, and it would just disappear into the other room or shoot into the wall.
[ DOOR CREAKS ] It would put me in a panic.
- [ SHOUTS ] - [ GASPS ] Oh, my gosh, you scared me.
- Did you hear something? - Oh, no, no, no, honey.
It's an old house.
You want to tell somebody, but I couldn't explain it to where I didn't sound like I was nuts.
- I thought it okay.
- It's nothing.
It's nothing.
Oh, okay.
But all three of us are feeling it.
A couple of weeks after everything started happening, we weren't getting very much sleep.
I had went to work that morning, and I had left early because I was tired.
I had a headache.
I had a migraine.
I went ahead, and I just I fell asleep.
I was so tired.
[ GLASS SHATTERS ] It must have been like 20 minutes or so, and I woke up from a noise from the bathroom.
When I went in there, one of the shower doors was completely shattered all to little pieces.
They were all over the place.
I didn't even know what it was.
I was like so freaked out.
I didn't want to be there by myself.
I was just so scared.
GRIFFIS: I was kind of taken off-guard by that.
With no one in the bathroom, how does glass just explode like that? EDEN: I just didn't want to be there anymore.
Oh, you could have double-jumped me.
Raymond was over that night and I was getting dinner ready.
GRIFFIS: What's for dinner? And I was standing at the counter, and I had my hair in a ponytail, 'cause every time I got home, I would just pull my hair back.
Almost time to dig in.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] As I'm standing there at the counter, I started feeling this really cold spot.
It wasn't just on one side.
It was all behind me, and it was on the sides of me, and it was just so big.
GRIFFIS: She changed her demeanor all of a sudden, out of nowhere.
[ WOMAN SCREAMS ] The cold spot was so big that I didn't know how If I should just move or if I should just go to the other side of the counter.
And then it started attacking me.
[ SCREAMS ] Mom! GRIFFIS: It was almost like an invisible man grabbing her ponytail and pulling it.
It's okay.
EDEN: And I didn't even know what to do.
I was just so scared.
At that point, I knew definitely something was going on in this house.
EDEN: I just felt better when Raymond was there, and I just asked him if he could just stay over.
[ BREATHING HEAVILY ] We just woke up from a dead sleep.
GRIFFIS: We both look over towards the doorway.
[ FLOOR CREAKS ] We hear a creak in the floor [ DOOR CREAKS ] and the door immediately just opens up.
The hairs basically stood up on my back.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] All of a sudden, the room gets cold Like really cold And we definitely knew there was some type of presence in the room with us.
[ HEARTBEAT THUMPING ] EDEN: I felt the cold at my feet, and then, all of a sudden, I started feeling it up my legs, and it just started getting heavier and it just completely Overpowering me.
It got like right in my face.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] All I kept seeing was, like, this man's face.
I just felt helpless.
Finally, it just seemed to just dissipate.
GRIFFIS: And the peace came back, and you could almost sense the presence leave.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] EDEN: And at that point, I just wanted to figure out what the next step was.
We started looking on the Internet for past history of the house and the mill across the street Who owned it.
Maybe somebody had died there.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] We had found out that the apartment that we were living in actually used to be a boarding house for the people at the mill and that a lot of people had died from bad accidents that had happened Occurred at the mill.
GRIFFIS: We were starting to believe there was some type of connection between the gruesome accident at the mill and the experiences we were having.
I just did not want to be there anymore.
But we had to stay, because we were committed to being there.
We couldn't leave yet.
It was a Wednesday, and Raymond always slipped out on Wednesday to his mom's house with his boys, and it was me and my two girls.
I was sitting at the kitchen counter, eating food, and my mom was washing dishes.
[ VOICES WHISPERING ] [ BREATHING HEAVILY ] I felt something cold above my head, 'cause I remember sticking out my arm, and I felt cold patches everywhere.
Mom, is it here? - [ SCREAMS ] - Oh, my god! Oh, my god.
Are you okay? Are you okay? All of a sudden, I felt this burning sensation.
EDEN: Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Honey oh, my god! She had like a welt.
It was a scratch Mark across her back.
So I grabbed the phone, and I ran into the bedroom.
[ ALL WHIMPERING ] [ VOICES WHISPERING ] [ ALL SCREAMING ] The walls started shaking and moving.
You could hear moans of people trying to struggle to get inside.
EDEN: Now they're both in a panic, and I'm trying to dial Raymond's number, and I couldn't think straight.
[ SCREAMS ] Oh, my god! Oh, my god! My leg! My leg! I just felt something burning on my thighs, and I looked, and I had, like, these scratch marks down my thighs.
And I, like, freaked out, and my mom was crying.
I was crying.
Katrina was crying.
[ ALL SOBBING ] My mom started saying more prayers, maybe changing them up.
I didn't know if we were going to be able to get past this night.
[ SOBBING CONTINUES ] And then everything was calm and quiet a little bit.
Maybe it's 'cause we noticed Raymond was in the room.
They were crying.
They were in shock.
They looked really disturbed.
They looked like they were harassed.
EDEN: It's okay.
That's when I snapped the photograph, and you could see a glow, like an energy, but it was only focused in their area.
It wasn't a light source from the outside.
EDEN: It was like this bright light right between Katrina and McKenzie.
There's no mistake that something was there.
GRIFFIS: I think it was a defining moment for Marsha, McKenzie, and Katrina.
EDEN: I didn't care if I lost the security deposit on the apartment.
I just did not want to be there.
RICHARDSON: My mom finally realized that we need to get out of here, so we pretty much grabbed our bags and left.
GRIFFIS: There's no real way to describe it.
You have to experience it.
But I can assure you that you don't want to experience it.
EDEN: None of this was in my head, and it was completely real.
I don't have to try to convince anybody, 'cause I know it was real.