When Hope Calls (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Where Hope Goes

1 Previously on When Hope Calls Helen, this just came! We found your grandfather! I'm a vet.
If I see an animal in trouble, - it's my duty is to help - Okay, yeah, but it was Ken Newsome's horse, and he didn't want your help.
- But he was wrong! - "Savings and Loan manager Mike Sinclair provided the bank's books as evidence of the 12,000 stolen.
" - I need you to follow Sinclair.
- That's why you telegrammed me.
I'm the best tracker in the territory.
Whatever you decide to do about Kinslow, we want no part of it.
Not an option.
You're already part of it.
Sam! The children are putting on a school concert, - and you are invited.
- Aw, too bad! I'm going out of town tomorrow to do some prospecting.
Feeling lucky.
You ever not feeling lucky when you head out? Gotta be the blessing or the curse of every prospector.
Here you go.
I suppose you'd like a table? Actually no.
I'm just asking Ronnie to pack me some sandwiches.
Should be ready soon.
I guess you don't like eating here anymore.
It's not that.
I just have to be at the ranch all day to check - It's okay, you don't have to explain.
- Big drive day after tomorrow.
Unless you want me to eat here Just give me a couple minutes, and I'll check on your order.
Lillian! Are you dining in or taking out? - Who eats out? - Exactly.
- Join me for breakfast? - I can't.
Just a cup of coffee, come on.
OK, quick cup.
So, how are the kids at the orphanage? They're good.
Oh, speaking of.
- School concert.
- Ah, I wouldn't miss it.
- It should be fun.
- With you there, I have no doubt.
MAN: It's very sweet.
Mike Sinclair.
Oh, Lillian Walsh.
There you go.
Thank you, Miss Walsh.
Mike, you're a hard man to find.
Only because you haven't been looking in the right places.
If you'll excuse us.
I haven't finished my coffee.
Maybe take it to go.
(THEME MUSIC) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt breakfast - with the girlfriend.
- She's not my girlfriend.
So she runs the orphanage just outside of town.
Last time I was here, that was just a vacant house.
Last time you were here, the Savings and Loan got robbed.
That's true.
I hear you have some questions about that.
A few, like how much money was really stolen? - $12,000.
- I mean by the robber.
He only had 5000 when I arrested him.
Did you pocket the other 7 grand before bringing him in? Oh, I see.
Another possibility is that you pocketed that money.
Well, I guess we'll have to let a court decide.
Oh, wait, one already has.
In police parlance, isn't that case closed? I guess I speak a different parlance.
Now if you had any proof, we wouldn't be having this conversation over coffee.
Yeah, Mike, you were hard to find.
Do you know who wasn't? Russell Meeks.
Some people think he fled to San Francisco, but I'll let you in on a little secret: he didn't.
- How is Russell? - He's ready to talk from what I hear.
And I'll take what he has to say and dig even deeper.
I'll be contacting every bank in the territory and seeing who you're in business with, and I'm just guessing that I'm gonna find some criminal activity.
Fortunately for me, I have nothing to hide.
I admire the police, constantly putting themselves in harm's way Such a difficult job for them and their loved ones.
If you'll excuse me Carrying a gun now, Mike? I'm prepared to protect what's mine.
I'll have a room.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Sinclair, I-I-I don't see any vacancies.
Oh! Hahahaha! Oh, I could have missed that one.
Had a cancellation.
Uh Here we are, sir.
That's room 1.
First door on your right upstairs.
Enjoy your stay.
(EXHALING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Oh! Here you are! How are you doing, Helen? I picked up the mail like you asked.
- What is it? - It came! "Helen, my sweet, beautiful granddaughter, "I'm enclosing train and steamship tickets for you and your chaperone.
I can't wait until you're home again.
" The chaperone will be here in three days.
I can't believe it's happening.
- It is! - What is a chaperone? That's someone to escort Helen home.
I'm going to be with my grandfather.
- Where does he live? - Lives in London.
- Where is that? - Got a bit dusty in the attic.
So, we are about here.
And you and your chaperone are gonna take a train to New York, and then a boat to England.
That's far.
- YOUNG BOY: That blue is what? - GRACE: The ocean.
- BOY: It's big.
- It is.
BOY: How long does it take to get to London? LILLIAN: Oh, it's about six or seven days.
GRACE: And we have so much to do before your trip.
I'm gonna miss you.
So I followed Sinclair like you asked me.
You're never gonna believe where he is.
Oh, I think I got a pretty good idea.
It's a pretty bold move on his part, if you ask me.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You know, in my opinion, bold men are often the most dangerous.
That's true, but it was easier to lay the bait with him here in town.
- And he bit it? - I don't know.
Rattled him anyway.
Hopefully, it pushes him to make a move.
I don't know, Gabe.
You know it would just be a lot less risky if we got this guy on embezzlement.
That crime is hard to prove.
Attacking a Mountie, it's cut and dry.
Yes, but I hate to be the one that points out - the massive flaw in your plan.
- Let's hope not a fatal one.
It will be if he gets a clean shot at you.
CHUCK: Is this your first time as a trail boss? - It is, and I'm ready.
- I bet you are.
It was hard convincing your mother, but she seems OK with it now, so She sees your capabilities, which you'll need because the Stewart-Clay herd is gonna be a big one.
I'll have some experienced cowboys along to help.
I'll make sure I have the horse and cattle ready to go.
- Remember your first ride? - I do.
I was 13.
I was probably more of a hindrance than a help to my dad.
- (COWS MOOING) - I was 14, and I was immediately hooked.
Now, moving that many animals is an experience.
But there's something really serene about it.
Has a way of clearing your head.
The open range can do that.
And you are one healthy girl.
And in two weeks, you're gonna be with your grandfather.
And these are some licorice-root lozenges.
Just in case you start to feel a little queasy on the boat.
Sinclair is in town.
He's staying at the hotel.
He was talking to Gabriel today.
Well, he's not been charged with anything; I guess he's free to do as he wants.
Still, nothing good can come of this, believe me.
Steer clear of both of them.
Do you hear me? Yeah, that's my general inclination.
Yeah, I got the pail in there.
Give me a second, will you, Ronnie? I thought I'd missed you.
You're not headed to town for lunch? Uh, not today.
What's up? What would it take to get you to go along on the cattle drive? Luce's the right person for the job.
She's more than capable.
Oh, I know.
It's just I'd like to support her with more experienced cowboys.
Yeah, I don't know, Mom.
You know I wouldn't ask if I didn't need the help, right? (COW MOOING) And yeah, you haven't been out of Brookfield in a long time, maybe you could use a break.
Maybe I could at that.
OK, I'll do it.
I appreciate this, son.
It makes me happy.
Well, at least, I can make someone happy.
- (DOG BARKING) - (CRICKETS CHIRPING) - (FIRE CRACKLING) - You okay? Still hard to say goodbye.
Helen - I don't want to leave.
- What's wrong? - Please don't make me.
- Helen, what's wrong? - I can't leave.
- Why not? I don't know anything about London, and I'll miss everyone too much.
- What about your grandfather? - Yeah, he misses you.
And we know you want to be with him, with your family.
But you're family too.
I know you're gonna miss us, but we will always be there for you.
And now you have two families.
You don't understand.
I can't go.
Please, give these to Nurse Maggie, and tell her I won't be needing them.
That's the ocean.
Oh, your parents.
You don't want to get on that boat.
Please, don't make me.
Good morning, Constable.
- Good morning, Ronnie.
- May I help you? I'd like to make a reservation for tomorrow night.
- You-you're staying here? - It's for a witness.
Oh! Yeah.
Under whose name? You just put it under mine.
Well, for record-keeping purposes, I do require the actual guest's name.
Fine, you can put it under Meeks.
You-you mean Russell Meeks? Oh yeah.
You remember him, right? Oh, yes, of course.
(LAUGHING NERVOUSLY) Good old Russell! Be nice to catch up.
Russell Meeks.
- What are we gonna do? - I don't know.
We can't make her get on that ship.
(BREAKING AN EGG) After everything she's been through, she'd be terrified the whole time.
But we have to get her to her family.
I know.
I just don't know how.
Enjoying the view? It's the best spot in all of Brookfield.
You see the big picture from up here.
- You got a sec? - What's up? I need you to guard Lillian.
- Guard her? Why? - Yeah.
You own a gun? I spend most of my time in the wilderness, so yeah.
Someone needs to be by her side at all times.
Trust me.
Are you serious? You think I'd be asking you if I wasn't? What have you done? - My job.
- Your job put her in danger? Someone might try to harm her.
Are you in or are you out? (KNOCKING) - Sam.
- Lillian.
I was headed out and then realized I was missing my pickaxe, and I think I might have left it at the cottage.
Oh! Let's go have a look then.
I've been there a few times since you've left; I don't remember seeing anything.
Maybe it got stuck under something.
I'll just take a quick look.
Oh, my - (LILLIAN EXHALING) - Oh, when did that happen? Huff, I don't know.
Maybe the boys were playing ball again.
I wouldn't go accusing anyone.
I won't, but I will ask.
You know what? Why don't I fix that for you.
Free of charge.
Thought you were going prospecting.
If the gold's here today, it'll be there tomorrow.
No, I don't want you working for free.
Can we move beyond you compensating me? Can I just do this as a friend? - Thank you.
- No problem.
She lost both of her parents out at sea? The ferry they were on caught fire and sank.
Helen almost died too.
The idea of getting back on a boat must be terrifying.
Is there anything we can do to help her? Unfortunately, I don't know what to tell you.
There's no medicine that will make Helen's trauma go away.
Then, how do we get her on that boat? She has to believe she'll be OK, which would take a leap of faith on her part.
Which wouldn't be easy for anyone, let alone a 12-year-old child.
OTHER BOY: I don't see what could have broken the window.
Well, who knows? A window doesn't break by itself.
Maybe a big bird hit it.
I don't see any feathers.
I guess it's gonna remain a mystery.
Is that a little piece of glass on your elbow? No.
Do you think you'll be able to finish it up today? No.
It's getting dark soon, so I'll finish tomorrow.
Well, thank you for postponing your prospecting.
No problem.
I camp and then do this tomorrow.
- OK.
- Is it just me or does it feel like it might get chilly tonight? Maybe you can stay here, you can hear us rehearse for our concert.
I'd like that.
As long as I wasn't imposing.
- No imposition.
- That's mighty kind of you.
GIRL: Tell us another story.
Yes! Please? GRACE: Do you want another one? Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Grace.
She was 8 years old, and she was being transferred to a new orphanage.
Now, at her first orphanage, she got to go with her big sister, but now she was all alone.
She didn't know anyone.
And it was vewyyyy scawy! But then she remembered at her first orphanage, she was holding her big sister's hand, and it made her feel better.
Now, do you know what Little Grace did when she walked into her new orphanage? What? With all of her might she imagined holding her big sister's hand.
And it worked! Miss Grace walked into that orphanage and she made it through the first night.
Do you know what happened on the second night? - She made it through that too? - She did.
I think if we imagine what will make us feel better, it works.
Is there anything you can think of that will make you feel better about getting on that boat? Holding your hand? We need to get Helen to her grandfather.
I know.
What about you and the children? Oh, we'll be alright.
But Helen won't be if she doesn't get to England.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
She seized a hand to hold, and no better one than yours.
- (SMALL CHUCKLE) - OK, I won't be long.
Just want to send a telegram to Talbot and let him know that you'll be replacing the chaperone.
Uh, Lillian! You're off somewhere? I'm just going to town to send a telegram.
Oh, uh, perfect timing! I'll go with you.
How's the window repair going? I'm still working on it, but I ran out of putty.
Oh, I'll get it for you.
That's OK, I could use the break.
I'll just grab my jacket.
(SOMBER MUSIC) Sam seems to be working a little slower than usual.
Um, he just likes to do a good job.
Or maybe he wants an excuse to be around you.
(GRACE CHUCKLING) At your service, ma'am.
Ah, Tess, Lucie! We're here to load up for the drive.
- Are the beef and biscuits ready? - Of course.
Just give me a couple of seconds to deliver these orders.
You're working all alone today? Yeah.
It's Ruby's day off, and Grace is getting ready for her trip.
Trip? Yeah.
Grace is up and leaving us.
- Enjoy.
- LUCIE: Where is she going? She got it into her head she needed to take one of the children back to England.
Who knows when she'll be back? Gabriel, did you hear about Helen? I did.
That's great news.
If you'll excuse me.
Of course.
You're busy? I imagine you are as well, getting Helen ready for her trip.
And Grace.
I didn't hear that part.
Maybe you can help them with their preparations.
Oh, we can manage.
I am helping all that I can.
But the Constable's right, we should get back to orphanage.
I'll see you two again.
You ready to get back to the orphanage? Uh, I thought you needed to get some putty.
- I'll meet you at Pearl's.
- No.
I-I mean I would like your help choosing what kind of putty.
Don't really have any strong opinions about putty, but sure.
- (DETONATION) - Whoa! Uhhh Sorry.
I thought that you were gonna trip.
- You ready to roll? - Everything is squared away.
- Good to go! - We're lucky to have a vet along.
Good! I think that'll be good for everyone! Let's get 'em moving! (MOOING) SINCLAIR: He's bringing Meeks in from Clearwater tomorrow? That's what I heard.
- Hey, Boss.
- Where have you been? You were supposed to be here yesterday.
Caught the lady talking to some of your associates.
I'm hearing this Mountie is sniffing around some of your investments in Union City.
This is getting out of control.
Time to eliminate the risk.
We need to find a good spot to hit them between here and Clearwater.
What about here? Isolated, lots of coverage.
- Stay in touch.
- Yeah.
I'd say, in purely medical terms, that you are in the pink of health.
Thank you.
You must be so excited.
I am.
You're not having second thoughts, are you? No.
Never been away from the kids for so long.
(GENTLE PIANO MUSIC) - I'm gonna miss them.
- Of course you will.
And Lillian, I presume.
We were apart for so long.
And, uh, hmm I would have liked to have said goodbye to Chuck.
Well then, why don't you? Have you two had a tiff? He hasn't come to say goodbye to me yet.
I hate to be presumptuous and offer advice, but sometimes it's better to be happy than to be right.
OK, I'll bring the Mountie wagon down this path.
It's covered, so he won't know that Meeks isn't in it.
Two words come to mind: sitting duck.
If all goes according to plan, they'll be right there.
Alright, well, I'll have some officers shadowing you in the front and the back just in case they take another spot.
Listen, I gotta say this one more: what you're doing, it's incredibly risky.
I'll be safe, you'll have my back.
How did you do in our marksmanship course? Oh, well, I passed.
I got a C plus.
I'm kidding.
(BIRDS SINGING) - Grace! - Whoa.
What a surprise! Don't you look comfortable up in that horse.
Have you been taking lessons? Uh, I have with Lillian.
Chuck said you weren't the most experienced rider, but - I'm actually looking for him.
- He, uh, he left this morning.
- Where did he go? - He, uh he decided to join our cattle drive.
Do you know how long he's gonna be gone for? It's hard to say.
Five days out with the cattle, - three days back.
- He's gone for over a week? Well, maybe a little less.
Lucie Clay has decided to head our drive this year; she likes to keep things moving.
But he'd be happy to come by when he gets back.
Oh! I just remembered: you're headed out yourself, aren't you? Yeah, I am.
Well, Chuck will be sorry to have missed you.
Grace Chuck mentioned that he needed a break from Brookfield, so maybe this is for the best, huh? Bon voyage.
I hope it all goes well with the girl.
LILLIAN: It's time for everyone to say goodnight.
You realize this is your very last night in this bed? I know.
Are you gonna miss the concert, Helen? I guess I will.
I don't want you to.
I don't want you to go at all.
You know, Mary Louise, if Sofia gets my bed, maybe you'll get hers.
Will I, Miss Lillian? I'm sure we can figure out an arrangement that'll make everybody happy, but for now It's time for everyone to go to sleep.
Big day tomorrow.
No more excitement tonight.
Can we hear one more story? Miss Grace, we're not gonna hear any of your stories until you get home.
Please Hmmmm - Once upon a time - (LAUGHING) Uh, Tess, a word? The boss has news, he doesn't like to wait.
He's not my boss, tell him I'll be right up.
- (MURMURING): What is going on? - You asked for my help, - and that's what I'm doing.
- With those two here? Gabriel bringing Russell Meeks into town, I don't like it.
It's all under control.
The Mountie's in danger.
- You heard what they said.
- Constable Kinslow is a professional, he can take care of himself.
- Shouldn't we warn him? - We should do nothing.
Do you hear me? Mhm.
(DOOR CLOSING) Bingham said you had news.
You told me Meeks was coming from Clearwater, right? That's what I heard.
Why? According to some of my colleagues, Meeks isn't in Clearwater and hasn't been there.
- Mounties could be hiding him.
- BINGHAM: That's true.
Or could be a trap.
Then we walk away.
If the Mountie doesn't have Meeks, he doesn't have a thing.
That's not the worst idea.
- Not the safest either.
- Come on, Boss, the Mountie doesn't have a thing.
He's digging, and he's not gonna stop 'til he finds what he's looking for.
On the other hand, we're here having a little chat with one of the most respected citizens of Brookfield.
If something were to happen to the Mountie we'd clearly have had nothing to do with it.
I saw a backstairs to this place; no one will see me leave.
Just stay here chatting with Frank and me until I take care of this little problem.
I'm glad I came.
Doesn't get any better than this, does it? Riding all day, sleeping on dirt, beans for dinner Not everyone would agree, but I sure do.
I was surprised when you agreed to come this year.
Because I hadn't been for a while? No.
Because of Grace.
It's actually why I did come.
What do you mean? I figured I'd go away for a week, and when I came back, everything would blow over and go back to the way it was.
Didn't Tess tell you? Tell me what? Grace is headed out of town.
Ronnie told us.
- Heading out of town? Where? - England.
She's taking one of the children there.
- When is she leaving? - Tomorrow.
I guess, if you want to catch her, you'll have to ride fast.
Thanks for letting me know, Lucie.
Ride safe.
(KNOCKING) RONNIE: Tess? Tess, are you still there? Tess, you're OK? Ugh! Oh! Ronnie.
Wow, Gabe, you really roll up the boardwalk - early around these parts.
- It's a quiet town.
I think that maybe there could be something going on (GUNSHOTS) Ow! I'll get him! (GRUNTING) Don't move.
Hurry! Pull the trigger! You sure you want me to do that? You know, Gabe, our relationship is starting to feel unhealthy.
What are you talking about? We save each other's lives.
It's our thing.
Maybe our thing should be spread around to other Mounties.
- Right.
- I'd hate to be so selfish.
Why do you always want to touch it? Sorry.
And why didn't you tell me you were working with the Mountie? I wanted to spare you.
Really? Or did you not trust me? Your own brother-in-law.
You know, that is a problem today: people just don't trust each other.
- I see it differently.
- Well, how's that? You were in trouble, you asked for my help, and now you're free and clear.
Maybe I should just be grateful, I guess.
That's kind of what I'm thinking.
- Hmm! Hmm! - Let me just What? - It's the bandage.
- No way, quit it! Are you scared? Yeah, but I'll have Miss Grace with me.
I remember when I first came here, and everything was new, but you made me feel better.
And now, Miss Grace is gonna do that for you.
I know.
I'll miss you.
Me too.
Uh, you forgot your new dress.
I want you to have it.
Really? You'll write me every week, right? Yes.
You have to write too.
Tell me when Mary Louise learns her multiplication tables.
- I will.
- And if Fred ever gets good enough to beat you at jacks.
It's never gonna happen.
(TOUCHING MUSIC) - Sam finally left your side? - Yeah.
Said he had to get into town.
I hope we get to say goodbye.
I can't believe I start this trip today! Why don't you take advantage of the opportunity, yeah? Travel a little, see London.
Even go to New York and see Eve.
You looked for me for so long, and you never gave up.
(SAD CHUCKLING) And I have to go on this journey without you.
Yeah, but before we didn't know how to find each other.
Now, you know exactly where I am, and I know that you're coming home to me soon.
Just do me a favor: when we say goodbye in front of the children, it's just a hug.
I don't want Helen or the others to see Miss Lillian break down.
- Got it.
Caspie I'm sorry I couldn't sing in the concert.
You practice your addition and subtraction, okay? - OK.
- I'll be right back.
Thank you for keeping Lillian safe.
The danger's over now.
Oh, what danger? I heard about what happened last night, but how was I in danger? I was worried about what Sinclair might do.
Well, next time, instead of assigning me a bodyguard, why don't you just tell me what's going on? Lillian you ran into a burning building to save a man's life.
I didn't want to take a chance on what you might do this time.
MAN: Stagecoach coming in! Oh.
Congratulations on the success of your investigation.
We didn't want you to miss hearing the school concert, so we're bringing the concert to you.
It's the land of flowers And April showers With sunshine in this wind Where no one hurries And no one worries When life runs calm and slow And I wish someday I could find my way To the land Where the good songs go Hey.
What are you doing? I rode all night to see you.
Why? Because I couldn't have you go on a long journey without saying goodbye.
Grace, it's time.
I have a long ride back to join the drive, but it was so worth it to see your beautiful face.
You really matter to me, Grace, and I hope I matter to you too.
I'll take that as a yes.
Just a hug.
Just a hug.
Thank you for your work.
After I finish this, I'm gonna go look at the coal cellar.
Eleanor said it might need some work.
The coal cellar can't wait, I'll finish this up.
Oh, that's OK.
I don't like to leave a job undone.
Let's make an exception this time, shall we? Why? I appreciate you looking out for me, like Gabriel asked you to.
Hey, it's not just because he told me to.
- I was concerned for your safety.
- Well, thank you.
But the criminals are now under lock and key, there's no need to stay close anymore.
Maybe there's other reasons I want to stay close to you.
Sam It's probably for the best that I just finish the job myself.
And the sea monster chased the ship up and down the waves, but Princess Grace and Helen steered the ship safely to shore.
And everyone on the boat cheered and said, "Thank you so much," as they left to head out to their new home.
The end.
Can I have another story? Everyone else is already sleeping, you should too.
I can't stop thinking about Helen and Miss Grace.
One more.
Once upon a time, there was a fairy named Mary Louise, and she lived in the Forest of Hopeville.
That report you wanted me to do - about Grace Bennett - Mm-hmm.
Here it is.
I think you'll find it interesting.