While the Men Are Away (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Furrowing The Fuhrer's Brow!

We're very fortunate to be billeted
to Mr Harry Whitmore's farm,
where his wife is Italian.
So technically the enemy.
You can call me Frankie.
He's enlisted. His wife's in charge now.
Why aren't you with the
other brave boys? Coward!
- Francesca! Bella!
- Ciao, Des!
We're fucked.
All of those apples has
to make it to harvest.
Do not upset those useless
girls. We need them.
They're going to build
a prisoner of war camp!
Don't you worry. You'll be safe.
You're a Whitmore.
Ow. Ow, ow!
What?! Oh, shoo!
Are you gonna help, or just lie
there getting your finger sucked?
What's the point?
We've been killing bugs for weeks.
It doesn't make a bloody difference.
We need bloody pesticide.
Is Frankie back yet?
She knows what we're up to.
Frankie I'm not up to anything.
This insect.
She thinks I'm some vengeful God.
I'm sorry, little one.
Gosh, you are high as a
kite on methylated spirits
and shouldn't be up a ladder.
Maybe Frankie's collecting my luggage.
I hope it arrives by the fundraiser.
I hope she's getting money
so we can finally be paid.
Good morning, Mrs Whitmore.
Good morning, Mrs Bushell.
Any word from your husband?
- No, not yet.
- Oh.
Let's trust no news is good news.
Oh. Will we see you at
the fundraiser tomorrow?
Of course.
I never miss one.
Oh, wonderful.
Your generous contribution
to the war effort
does not go unnoticed.
Thank you.
Good day, Herbert.
I told you, Mrs Whitmore:
only my teacher calls me that.
- Herbie.
- Oh, Herbie.
So distinguished.
I wish to take money
from my husband's account.
You withdraw money from the bank.
You're so lucky to
learn English as a child.
We've been over this, Mrs Whitmore.
You're not a signatory.
This is our marriage certificate.
It proves I have the
right to take the money.
I need to pay the Land Army girls.
I'd like to help you.
But you're not only a
lady, you're also foreign.
It's a lot.
It is.
You must have the power.
You could show me your maracas.
My what?
- How old are you?
- Doesn't matter.
It really does.
What matters is that I control
the finances in this town.
So if you've got rats or mice
- Mr Goodwin.
- or foxes or bilbies
- or wallabies
- Mr Goodwin!
Good morning.
When will our pesticide arrive?
The maggot fly. They're so bad.
And they're eating my money.
(LOUDLY) I'm sorry, Mrs Whitmore.
Delays are beyond my control.
Supply chain issues.
I can hear you.
issues, huh?
Besides, you didn't get
your order in on time.
- Huh?
- There's a time.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm surprised Harry didn't place
the order before he enlisted.
This is so helpful.
Maybe have a chat to Des.
He'll be able to help you out. Huh?
I'll with Des.
Your shift's over.
Run for the hills.
Here you go.
You know, the insects have quite
a sophisticated social structure.
Yeah, these shifts need to be shorter.
In fact, the colony
appears to turn on any males
that fail to protect it.
Wow. There is so much to
unpack there, you know?
Someone with a more open
mind might make the case
that these maverick
males are visionaries,
bravely exploring other ideas of being
beyond the restrictive definitions
imposed on them by their gender,
with its emphasis on physical strength
as an indicator of worth.
That is a case that could be made
if for some reason you felt
the need to defend yourself.
I know you're looking.
I wasn't looking at you.
I was looking at the apples.
- Yeah.
- I was!
See you at dinner.
Damn you, Harry. Where
did you put the key?
Knock, knock.
- Lost the key?
- Si.
How did it go at the bank?
Not good. But it's alright.
Harry kept most of the
harvest money in here.
Oh, well, I don't mind.
It's Esther who's fretting.
Gosh, that colour really suits you.
So, anyway, you're probably
wondering why I'm here
during my break.
- I received a letter from my aunt.
Mummy says I take after her.
Did I mention she was a suffragette?
She got arrested and everything,
and she thinks about women all the time.
Their rights and such!
- So I am completely relaxed.
What are you talking about?
Oh, I see! Didn't SEE a thing.
You know, but I can be trusted.
(SHOUTS) Fanculo! Vaffanculo!
Well, I'll just leave you to it.
Thank you.
So it's all sorted.
First I bailed out Barry,
then I had a chinwag with Pete,
and then I scratched Trevor's back,
and voila.
Pesticide - first thing!
Thank you, Des.
Imagine what we could do without you.
It was nothing, really.
No. Just glad I could help.
That smells good. Is that rosemary?
We can share what little we have.
Yum, yum, yum. Pig's bum.
An extra potato, if there's one going.
Yes, sir.
Shall we say, midday for the big spray?
Mother enjoys my company for breakfast.
That's very kind of you, Des,
but you don't have to help.
I wasn't actually going to hold a hose.
It's it's more of a supervisory role.
I can do that.
It's a big job.
Women can do big jobs.
They can.
They can.
I'll be here at midday.
Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy
More. More. Yes. Watch there.
I can't open Harry's lockbox.
We have to pay them, Robert.
We're weeks overdue.
How's that my problem?
The key.
Must be on him.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
My constitution is not
suited to this task.
Well, I can't. I have
to go to the fundraiser.
Well, don't look at
me, I'm serving at it!
Let's just do this another day.
No, it has to be done when
the girls are at the dance.
Shit. Is it midday already?
- Ciao, Francesca.
- Ciao, Des.
Oh, no! I'm dirty.
Ready to get going?
It's done.
I thought we said noon.
I decided earlier,
before the wind picks up.
- Is it done properly?
- Si.
Without a hitching.
Where are the girls?
This that needs
mowing. And m-mend this.
And what's this pile of rubbish?
They're getting ready
for the fundraiser.
We worked so hard.
We need some fun.
I'll save a dance for you.
Hello. Thank you.
Thank you for coming along.
On behalf of myself, Mayor
Burke, Mrs Whitmore, senior,
and her youngest son, Des,
we'd like to bid farewell
to our local ladies
who've enlisted in the services.
Not as sad as when the
men leave, of course.
Let's be honest:
they're unlikely to die.
But bravo, girls.
Also, it's Miss Arnott's
60th birthday. Yes.
So please have a slice of
one of the 17 Madeira cakes.
Plus, there's our
ongoing scrap metal drive
- for the war effort.
- (BANG)
Oh! Thanks, June.
And, of course, Mrs Harry Whitmore
is here, as usual, raising funds.
So enjoy a bottle of
her delicious cider,
knowing that every penny
is sticking it to Hitler.
Or should that be Mussolini?
Now grab a partner and cut
the rug, as the youth say,
to our marvellous bush school band.
Mrs Whitmore.
May I?
Oh, you won't attract a
husband if you eat that.
It was Mother's birthday last week.
And, yes, a little token
would have been appreciated,
but I won't carp.
Don't want the mafia on my back.
What was odd was that a card
failed to arrive from Harry.
It's just unlike him,
considering how perfect he is.
The mail, it's so crazy right now.
May I ask you a favour?
Yes, of course. Anything.
The girls, they haven't been paid.
I promised them this week, but
I'd love to help.
I really would. Um
Money's still a bit tight for me.
The expenses setting up
the internment camp and
Of course.
Don't you worry your
pretty little head about it.
We'll have a bumper harvest
and all our problems will be behind us.
May I cut in?
No, Des, not you.
I could kiss you.
Oh, w-well
So my aunt, the suffragette,
she has this very close friend.
They do everything together.
Their connection, it's rather special.
Suppose you'd call her a special friend.
May I?
I don't believe we've formally met.
Gwen eth. Gwyneth. Gwen. Gwen.
Oh, don't you look cute in your khaki?
Trousers are much more practical.
Per favore
Of course I'm upset.
I'm going away for God knows how long,
and you're being queer.
Someone will hear.
Why can't I write you as myself?
Why pretend to be Harry?
He hates to write.
And it will look odd if I
only get letters from you.
You said you would do anything for me.
Don't start.
It's our last time together.
Tomorrow you'll be gone.
And you'll be on to
the next married woman.
Shh Don't say that.
It's from Terry. He's in New Guinea.
Sandy beaches and palm trees, eh?
Lucky sod.
Will you be joining
him after the harvest?
Medical condition. Remember, Mr Wong?
Chronic underachievement.
It's nothing serious, but
Robert, we miss you.
We all do.
Just because Terry is away
doesn't mean you can't come round.
All done. Thanks, Murray.
Oi, Robert!
Goodie, the help's here.
"More caviar, girl, quick sticks!"
I'm never quick sticking you
again if you keep that up.
- Here.
- Don't have the time.
Why are you still here?
You got that important job.
Yes, and I am very
keyed up about that.
The missus still gunning for me?
She called you loose and wanton.
- Wanting what?
- Something about out of wedlock?
She wants us married up, eh?
Well, to hell with marriage.
Just another colonial simulation tool.
Yeah, of course.
One of the better ones, though, eh?
Tell Neville to get off that Jesus train
and make sure he doesn't
brainwash little Homer.
MRS ARNOTT: The door's locked
again! Can you break it down?
Oh! Hello.
Are you the Jewish one?
You'll have to speak
up, dear. I'm a bit deaf.
Oh, for Pete's sake, Gwen!
I've got something for you.
Oh, er, I don't need anything.
- Thank you.
- Come on.
I know you want to.
No, I-I
I really don't.
- All men do.
- Oh!
(GIGGLES) No, not not me.
What's wrong with me?
Coral, sweetie, do you
mean metaphysically or ?
Why are you still here?
Again, metaphysically?
You're a traitor.
You're not a real man!
You're not a real man.
My brother's fighting.
You're not a real man!
Your dad is a hero!
- You're not a real man.
You get that punchy traitor!
- Get him!
- What a coward. Get him.
Not a real man!
- There's blood.
- Shit.
- I'm bleeding?
- Yeah, you are bleeding.
FRANKIE: You got drunk. You deserve it.
They are as aggressive
as the men. Maybe worse.
Did you get the key?
One of them. (LAUGHS)
You didn't, did you?
You were drinking instead
of doing what I asked for.
Now I have to take care of it!
As I always do.
Try his pocket.
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