While the Men Are Away (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

She Talked! This Happened!

Mr Wong wanted me to tell you
that they received a
telegram today, too.
- We're getting married.
- Yes!
But not in a bloody church.
Gwyneth Victoria Mountjoy,
will you marry me?
Oh! Congratulations.
Get up! I asked you a
question. Now answer me.
Go on, hit me!
Oh, my gosh. You're right.
That that's a dead body.
Happy anniversary, darling.
- Te amo.
- Thank you.
- Oh, yeah!
- (LAUGHS) Yay!
- It's a
- It's a hay baler!
hay baler.
We've already got a hay baler.
Yeah, no shit, Einstein.
What we don't have is the
latest model until now.
Now, in order to get this
started, you just need to, um
Perhaps you should press
(TUTS) It's OK. It's alright.
Everything's under control.
Do you want some help?
When I want your help, I'll ask for it.
See, the thing about hay balers,
is it's like riding a horse.
And riding a horse,
it's like making love.
You've just got to feel Ow!
- Are you alright?
- Yeah. Yeah.
No, it's OK. It's just hot.
I'll give you a bit of a demonstration.
What you want to do is get a little bit
and it goes and it compacts it
into like, a cube, which is
which is a bale.
A hay bale, which is why it's
called a hay bale. Bale.
And that should be pushing
it out at the end there,
and it's not here at the moment.
I'm not sure
Maybe you shouldn't Harry.
Maybe you should shut up, Robert.
Harry, my love
Just Just be careful.
My darling, I know this equipment
like the back of my hand.
It doesn't explain why
you didn't tell anyone.
What if they didn't believe us?
You're his wife. Of
course they'd believe you.
Yeah, let's say they did.
Harry's dead.
Means Frankie's not protected.
She's a foreigner we're at war with.
Des takes over the farm,
boots me out on day one.
His contempt for Aborigines is
So God knows where he's
going to send Kathleen,
away from her family.
So we pretended he enlisted.
You're lying to his family.
It's wrong, plain and simple.
How can you lie to Des
when he's here all the time?
He should know.
We should have told the truth.
But we can't do that now.
Going to the police isn't
going to bring him back.
I don't feel safe anymore.
Well, I'm pretty sure
we've got to kill him.
Why is your mum's answer
to everything more death?
Robert, you're not funny.
No, what's not funny, Frankie,
is that I told you we should
have burnt him in the first place.
Cremation is a mortal sin.
Oh, shit. It's Des.
I'll distract him. Check Esther.
- Ciao, Des!
- Ah, Francesca.
I came as soon as I heard.
Heard what?
I've got flares. I've got sandbags.
- We're prepared.
- Flares? Sandbags?
Why you brought them?
Bomb shelter. The bomb Kaboomio!
Kaboom. Kaboom.
Bomb shelter. Stand
back. Bomb shelter
(GASPS) Oh, my God.
You're scaring me, Des.
Whoa, oh, oh.
I will be your protector.
Thank you.
But first I have to
go and collect Mother.
We'll see you at the community hall.
The hall?
You haven't heard?
Oh, my chest. I can't breathe.
"Singapore has fallen".
WOMAN: (ON RADIO) The apparently
impenetrable stronghold
surrendered to the Japanese on Sunday.
Millions had been spent
on protecting it from
attack from the sea.
Practically nothing had been done
to protect it from a land assault.
A total of 60,000 soldiers,
British, Indian and Australian,
have been taken prisoner.
The fall of the city is a
smashing blow to British prestige.
Prime Minister Curtin said the
disaster was Australia's Dunkirk
- and that it opened the battle
- Hey.
for this continent
Uh Are you right?
Its capture by the Japanese
will considerably help them
Nothing a little bit
of pickle won't fix.
(SIGHS) Sure.
Apart from finding a dead
body, I've never been better.
- Robert!
- Let me out!
Can't take her to the
meeting, she's a liability.
(BANGS ON DOOR) Let me out!
I'm going to tell Des and
Mrs Whitmore about this.
I want you to know
I believe you.
I'll stay behind, talk to Esther.
WOMAN: (ON RADIO) he was
named by Prime Minister Churchill,
who reviewed the motive
and manner of Japan's
he has nothing to offer but the heart
(BANGS) The window's painted shut!
Butchered young men!
Men from here.
Men from down the road.
Men from over the mountain.
- Murdered!
Please stay calm.
- (LOUDLY) Murdered
by the Japanese
who are making their way towards us,
pillaging and looting
and no doubt worse.
We're Chinese.
There's a curfew from sunset to sunrise.
No lights at night, or a kamikaze
will crash into your house.
That starts tomorrow.
So tonight will be your last
night of democracy and freedom.
all the prisoner of war
camps have been expedited
because the enemy has never been closer.
Not just the Japs, but
also Huns and Italians.
Our brave diggers thank you.
There is a war on. The
usual morals don't apply.
Practically everyone's complicit
in someone's death somewhere.
What if your family
had to keep a big secret
or they'd lose their home?
Wouldn't you put aside your
misgivings to protect them?
Hiding a dead body
is hardly a misgiving.
Reporting his death means
they lose everything.
And for what? So you can
feel better about yourself?
Why were you in Frankie's bath?
Frankie never lets
anyone use that bathroom.
If I tell you,
you have to promise not to say a word.
I shared space
with Frankie.
As in intimate space.
Oh, my God.
And I know, I know I should
be feeling shame or disgust
or, at the very least, remorse.
but I don't.
I feel so happy.
Oh, Esther,
I think I'm in love.
If you're capable of loving someone
who is capable of burying her
husband and lying about it,
then you must be colour blind,
because that is a colossal red flag.
What the hell were you doing
out on a tractor in the
middle of the rain, anyway?
Oh, wait.
the horrors overseas.
How are you holding up?
Yet truth be told,
I've never felt so alive.
Well, I've heard the government
can't protect the whole country,
so they're drawing a line
from Brisbane to Melbourne,
and everything west of it
will be abandoned to the Japs.
Adelaide, the City of Churches?
Perth I can understand. But
That's very good, ladies.
Well done, you all.
That's not the same mayor
who farewelled the troops?
No, no, dear. He is with the angels now.
Mr Flanders, over there,
would be our sixth mayor
since the war began.
Yes, it's the stress of their
position and, you know, their age.
So much change. My head's spinning.
Well, change
We don't like change.
Unless it's a new season. Like spring.
- Yes, that's alright.
- Daffodils
Harry's family will understand
if you tell them the truth.
We'll vouch for you.
I'm going to tell you a story
so you'll understand.
What is this room? A confessional?
The old mission manager
had a son my age.
One day we came across
a bunch of bad berries
and I pretended to eat one,
and him, going along with it,
he actually ate one.
The doctor said permanent brain damage.
As punishment, they put
me in a hole for months.
Kathleen, you were a child.
You didn't deserve that.
- Yes?
- None of that really happened.
I never played with him.
I never even spoke to him.
That was THEIR story.
The only reason I got put in that hole
was because I found the boy.
You ready, bob?
I'm so sorry, Kathleen.
- Are you gonna wear that?
- No.
Let me get changed.
Hava nagila ♪
Hava nagila ♪
Oh. Oh
Oh. Oh.
It's me, Harry.
My soul is trapped
in the body of a goat.
(SOFTLY) Oh, my God.
You found my body because you
gave yourself sexual pleasure.
The only way to absolve this sin
is to tell everyone the
truth about my death.
(SOFTLY) What's happening?
God saw.
He isn't pleased.
I didn't do anything. I swear.
And now you're lying.
Bella donna.
Mother wanted to know where
Harry was doing his army training,
so she could write him.
But it's odd.
I can't find any
record of him enlisting.
Are you going to buy a drink or
It must take time for
the paperwork to process.
has Harry run off and left you?
Perhaps that's why there's no record?
Maybe he lied to you?
I want you to know that I
don't run away from my problems
like Harry or Robert.
- I'm a real man.
- MAN: Des.
For my friend.
Here. It's a fundraiser, Des.
Free for you all night.
Cheers, Des.
Reg will be a guard at
the prisoner of war camp.
Pleasure to meet you.
Any friends of Des is a friend of mine.
There's a queue.
Come on.
One cider.
I I think you've had enough.
No word of warning.
Brought him his boiled
egg and he was gone.
Your father wanted you to have this.
At the services next week,
his battalion will see him off.
I can't go.
I'd be a hypocrite.
- You must, to honour him.
- Mum.
I'd be honouring an idea
of what he should have been.
Nothing real.
Everyone's here.
Someone can sign the paperwork.
But will our unity be
valid under Japanese rule?
Let's go.
I don't want to be around a
bunch of drunk white people.
I don't want you to marry me to
please some old Christian lady.
We'll find another way
for you to come home.
I'm worried.
That we're on
different levels of
liking each other.
Whether it takes two
minutes or two lifetimes
I'll be here, Kathleen.
And if you decide that maybe
you'll never be happy with me
I'll still be here.
And he looked 12.
Yeah, well, that 12-year-old is
a registered marriage celebrant.
I've clocked off, Kathleen.
You and your people
are late to everything.
Your people seem to
be late to Singapore.
We need you to sign these.
What's in it for me?
I'll spare your fucking family.
Right. Let's
You Murray?
I am, sir.
You're in for a wild ride.
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Now kiss. Let's see if it's real.
Yeah, I'm serious.
If you don't kiss, I won't sign it.
Yep. Thought so.
Congratulations, Kathleen.
I can't wait to see the boys.
We've missed you, bob.
I don't understand why
it's such a big deal.
It was one time.
Alright, maybe two.
The second was to make
sure the first was real.
I will not be silent.
I will speak the truth.
Step aside.
We can't do that.
I have to tell everyone
about last night.
- Kathleen, no!
- I will not be silent.
- Esther!
- I must speak my truth.
(GRUNTS) Esther, no!
- Excuse me
- Esther.
Can I have everyone's attention?
Esther, don't do this, please.
Last night
Thank you.
Pull a stunt like that again
and I won't be able to protect you.
you weren't going to
tell everyone about Harry?
I couldn't do it to Kathleen.
She'd be punished 10 times worse.
Then what did you get up to say?
Well, the goat,
which was my internalised
guilt over sexual pleasure,
it was really shaming me.
So I felt compelled as a woman
to publicly reclaim my enjoyment
of what is a completely
natural neurovascular impulse.
I was very drunk. (LAUGHS)
Does this mean you don't
remember anything from earlier?
I don't fully understand,
but I'm glad you're happy.
I thought you'd never talk to me again.
For you, madame.
Thank you.
That song you sung before, what was it?
Well, you never looked more beautiful.
Can I tell you a secret?
Of course.
(WHISPERS) I don't like tea. (LAUGHS)
I just pretend.
- Well
- Sorry.
It's alright.
Well, can I tell you a secret?
Of course.
I feel like I've spent
my whole life pretending.
You know that they say
love is only a certain way.
I know in
with every cell in my
body that that is not true.
And if they've been lying about that,
then what else?
Oh, I never played the game ♪
But then again ♪
I never had much luck in love ♪
Oh, I never ♪
Eterno riposo.
But then again, I never had ♪
much luck in love ♪
Oh, I never played the game ♪
But then again ♪
I never had much luck in love ♪
Oh, I never played the game ♪
But then again ♪
I never had much luck in love ♪
Oh, I never played the game ♪
But then again ♪
I never had much luck in love. ♪
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