While the Men Are Away (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

We Took The Hill, Come Help Us Keep It!

Why can't I write to you as
myself? Why pretend to be Harry?
He has to write, and it will look
odd if I only get letters from you.
Don't you worry. You'll be safe.
You're married to a Whitmore!
Did anyone see you? From the camp?
I don't think so.
- Do you still want children?
- Yes.
A Jewish husband?
Are you a ghost?
What you on, girl?
- WOMAN: Frankie!
DES: Now that the prisoners
of war have been rounded up
and lockdown is finally over,
I'm keen to ramp up production.
So I've designed new
labels for the brandy,
celebrating the enduring power of love,
how it can blossom even
in the midst of tragedy.
This is not going to happen, Des.
Did Harry know about your
little espionage racket?
My what?
You've been communicating
with the enemy via your radio.
It was tuned to an Italian station.
I was listening for
the news of my village.
THIS is your village!
Having that equipment is
a very serious offence.
It could spell real trouble for you.
Did you send those men, Des?
I'm afraid I don't know
what you're talking about.
You must have really upset someone.
So, Bobby, how soon can
we double production?
I don't know, Des, I won't be here.
I've enlisted.
Are you insane? I thought
you were a pacifist.
I am.
Well, what happened to showing
other ways of being a man?
- Gwen, I can still do that. I can
- And you're fine with this?!
It's meeting Esther.
Being with all of you.
News from Germany, Gwen, I
Some things are worth fighting for.
I'm leaving too.
I'm going home.
As it's our last night together,
even though it's a symbol of
state-sanctioned violence
I want to see you in it.
I'm not putting that thing
until I absolutely have to.
Not even to be fetishised?
Not even.
You're no fun.
- Do you want my books?
- You're coming back.
You are.
And what's-his-burg might
find them educational.
- David Kleinburg.
- Oh, David KLEINburg, sorry.
And, yes
I'm sure there's
room for enlightenment
in matters of physical intimacy.
You know I'm going to
marry him, don't you?
Of course.
I need a secure home for our baby.
And David will provide that.
I'm sorry, whose baby?
Yours and mine.
You know?
I don't know.
But I want it to be.
It's a mystery how a girl who's
thought of a thousand screws
is also the world's biggest sook.
Don't you want to spend
the night with Robert?
Who do you think I am?
One of those shallow females
who dumps her friend for a man?
Move over.
It's bloody freezing.
You can have the good pillow.
Don't bump me I may be with child.
Oh, my giddy aunt, so much to unpack.
Oh, lucky I have snacks.
Yum! I saved up all my coupons.
Good to know you can be disciplined
for the right motivations.
Oh, first, though, kill Mary Root,
Hitler, Mussolini or Hirohito?
- You're so evil!
Here you are.
It's for the Jewish refugees in Europe.
From us mob at the mish.
Thank you.
The tractor's going to miss you.
It's mutual. (LAUGHS)
Look after your sister.
No, I'm not ready. I'm not ready.
I'll see you off.
See you later.
MAN: We're not here for
a haircut. No, turn, turn.
I'll never forget you.
I will always
love you.
Go on.
Morning, all.
I'm not interrupting anything, I hope.
Righto, don't stand on ceremony.
Let's start unloading, fellas.
Just bringing the big items in first.
I'll be back tomorrow
with my precious things.
Just pop the bed inside, lads.
You're not going to win, Des.
I am going to fix everything.
Then no-one is getting in their bed!
You should smile more.
Is Francesca coming straight back?
She didn't say.
Sabotaging a government
facility such as, oh, I dunno,
a prisoner-of-war camp,
the penalty's death.
But Francesca likes you.
Oh, she cares about the underdog.
Put in a good word for me.
Extol my virtues, if you will.
And maybe you won't swing for treason.
MAN: Des really hated that mural.
- MAN 2: Should we take it down?
- WOMEN: No.
No-one is going to touch it.
Especially him.
It's not that straightforward, Beagle.
Why not? It's my money.
And it's my job to make sure
that you spend it wisely.
Buying a farm out in
the middle of nowhere
is not going to pass muster.
You don't understand, Frankie
Mrs Whitmore is going to have
it taken from her, and it's not fair.
Have you got an infatuation
with that Italian woman?
I'll have you know, it is it
is much more than an infatuation.
Yes, well, I'm sure
that it feels like that.
I mean, we've all
dabbled, we've all
I want to buy the farm!
I'm not going to fund your
little Sapphic commune, darling.
You're going to marry Dickie,
and that's the end of it!
Thank you, Tom.
Oh, we're talking to Tom now, are we?
MAN: Hooroo, fellas.
WOMAN: Take care over there, Gordon.
Good on ya, lads!
Rise and shine, sleepyhead.
You've slept through
the best part of the day!
Oh. Ooh.
Oh, yes, I remember this one.
I think that perhaps it's a
little better for MY skin tone.
My bags? They're back.
(KNOCKS) Telephone call for Miss Gwen.
- Get up.
Ciao, Gwen, it's me.
Hello, you.
Ah, I'm so sorry I just
jumped on the train like that.
No, I understand.
No, no, listen. I'm
going to buy the farm.
I'll get the money somehow,
and we'll never have to worry
about stupid Des again.
Are you there?
Frankie, did you hear what I said?
Yes, I did.
You have to move on.
Away from here.
Away from me.
I won't.
Frankie, I love you.
You're amazing, Gwen.
It's not too late for you.
What are you saying?
I spoke to the Land Army
told them I don't
need your services anymore,
but you're the best
farmhand I've ever met.
Oh, my God, you are ruthlessly charming.
We can't stop it from ending
but we can control how it ends.
- I must go.
- Wait. No, listen.
I want to say something,
and I want you to hear it.
I know you think that you deserve
everything that's happened to you,
like like it's your
penance or something,
but that's not true.
You are the most incredible
person I've ever met.
And I'll always be so bloody grateful
for every second we've spend together.
Keep going, Gwen.
Be fully yourself.
Don't ever be ashamed.
Did you catch all of that?
Did you?
- Oh! There you are.
Hop in.
You don't have to drive yourself
anymore, Francesca. I can do that.
There you go. (LAUGHS)
Sweaty palms. I'm a tad nervous.
Alright, Des, old chap, alright.
I don't want to turn you
in to the authorities.
I really don't.
Oh, boy.
I love you, Francesca.
I always have since I first met you.
And I know your fondness for me
has blossomed, too, in Harry's absence.
So I don't want to turn you in.
I'm afraid I'll have no choice
if you don't be honest
and reciprocate my affection.
Be straight with me.
My brother, he's not coming back, is he?
I knew it.
Oh, my God.
I'm doing this for you ♪
Because it's easier to lose ♪
And it's hard to face the truth ♪
When you think you're dying ♪
It's part not giving in ♪
And part trusting your friends ♪
You do it all again ♪
But you don't stop trying ♪
Out you go. Go on, out, out. Out you go.
Oh oh ♪
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪
Standing in the way of control ♪
You live your life ♪
Survive the only way that you know ♪
Know ♪
Because we're standing
in the way of control ♪
We will live our lives ♪
Because we're standing
in the way of control ♪
We will live our lives ♪
Lives, lives ♪
Ooh ♪
Oh, hey ♪
Your back's against the wall ♪
There's no-one home to call ♪
You're forgetting who you are ♪
You can't stop crying ♪
It's part not giving in ♪
And part trusting your friends ♪
You do it all again ♪
You don't stop trying ♪
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪
Oh oh ♪
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪
Standing in the way of control ♪
You live your life ♪
Survive the only way that you know ♪
Know. ♪
Thanks for the horses.
MAN: Mrs Whitmore.
MAN: Did it for you, sis.
Are we going or what?
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