Whiskey Cavalier (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

The English Job

1 Will Chase, FBI.
Frankie Trowbridge, CIA.
The world is in chaos.
So we've assembled all of America's best intelligence assets under one banner.
We are all officially working together.
As a team.
- Led by me.
- Led by me.
Previously on "Whiskey Cavalier" You're gonna be posing as a happily married couple.
The wedding's not real.
Sometimes I think things are as real as you want them to be.
Standish, I'm gonna have you doing mostly tech work to start.
Eventually, you'll want me out there in the field.
Show me how you hold a gun.
I think it would be great if I had two.
Look, I think you have the potential to be a great agent, and I'm gonna help you get there.
Did you need something? No.
But I thought that you might.
Thanks for the beer.
Hey, guys, I made it to the junction box.
That climb was not fun at all.
Don't know why Budapest hates elevators, but Let me know when you guys get through security.
Copy that.
- Hi.
- Hey.
George Knuth, uh, Peggy Pasternack.
We're the audit team from European Payroll Solutions.
- That's Peggy.
- Hey, ho.
Uh, we're here to update your fiduciary software.
Yeah, pension, insurance, benefits, salary That kind of stuff.
And if you got a cup o' Joe back there somewhere, I sure could use a little pick-me-up after the night we had, right, Pegs? - Whew.
- Big night.
Teppanyaki good reviews.
It's a good place.
Um, your names are not on the list.
Oh, gosh darn it, Peggy.
You forgot to coordinate our arrival with the home office.
Watch your tone.
I'm sorry, Peggy.
You know I'm sorry.
But if our names aren't on the list, we can't get up there, and none of these good people are gonna get paid.
You have a blessed day.
I'm sure everybody here appreciates the job you're doing.
Yeah? No pay? Oh, no pay for anybody unless we can Unless we can get up there.
Okay, go.
- Thank you, sir.
- I knew I liked him when we came in.
Nice work back there, partner.
We're through security.
You can lose the huge nerd voice.
Uh, that was my real voice, and that was way too mean.
All right, Standish, we're at the access door.
Open sesame.
Thank you.
All right, look, I can feel the hostility.
You know, we should talk about what happened between us the other day.
I don't want to talk about this.
I understand that, but the last thing I wanted to do was make you feel bad.
You're still talking about it.
It's not the time.
It's fine.
When is? Never? Does never work for you? No, it does not.
Standish, how long till we can download the missile plans? Less than a minute.
Someone's coming.
Is he humming "Despacito"? Well, it is a genre-blending, border-crossing mega-hit, so who can blame him, really? Right.
So, look, here's, um Here's the thing.
You know, ever since the thing happened with me and Gigi, I need to feel safe, and you don't necessarily make me feel safe.
Do you hear yourself? Who talks like that? I do.
I talk like that all the time.
I think it's important to discuss your feelings.
I think it's weird and gross.
I'm being a colleague.
Oh, that's what you want? Just "colleagues"? - Yes.
- Okay, sure.
That's all we are from now on.
Thank God.
Standish, are you ready to go? Yep.
Mission accomplished.
You Oh! Aah! Aah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Standish, are you still on the roof? No, I'm down by the van.
Hey, there she is.
Beer's got your name all over it.
No, it doesn't.
I was sure it said "Cold Shoulder" right there.
Ooh, an orphan.
Come to Mama.
Okay? Apparently, he doesn't feel safe with me.
Like I'm some sort of sex cobra.
Well how many of your boyfriends have died? Six, tops.
Hey, man.
Wha Wha Hey! D-Don't use a coaster.
They explode.
You can use the round ones with the No, not those round You know what? I'm just gonna take them all.
I-It's fine.
Hey, how long has he been sitting over there? I don't know.
He was here when I got here.
I I gotta go.
Think I left some outside.
Hey, man.
You okay? Yeah, I'm good.
Just, you know, thinking, and But it's nothing.
Well, I'm glad you're here, because I got you a gift.
- Ah.
- Huh? Well, that's sweet.
That is the bullet I took in Paris.
Really? No, that one's in evidence.
But I found this one on the ground, so, you know Ah.
Well, thank you for dropping it in my beer.
Well, I'm kind of making a point here, 'cause, you know, you You dodged a bullet, right? Right fell off a roof, didn't die.
Sweet metaphor.
Buddy, you cheated death.
That's traumatic.
So I want you to know I'm here if you ever want to talk.
Well, thank you, but I'm good.
I just, uh think I slayed all of my fears in Budapest, which is the most spy thing I think I've ever said.
Okay, but look.
I'm here when you need to talk.
If I need to talk.
Hey! What has six thumbs and crushed it in Budapest? You guys! There's only two of us here, Ray.
Yeah, I thought Standish was coming with you.
Anyway you are in big trouble.
British intelligence has their knickers in a twist.
Knickers is underwear, so I'm guessing they are upset.
I wouldn't know.
I go commando.
You know those missile plans that you stole? Those were actually bait for a sting that MI6 was working on.
How did we not know that before we went in? Uh, the usual, you know? Uh Uh, inter-agency bureaucracy, language barrier No, they're English, Ray.
Anyway, to smooth things over, I've lent them your services.
They have a case that could use some American assistance.
A U.
diplomat named Bridget Peterson was killed during a jewelry heist at the home of a British politician.
The Brits think it could've been an assassination of a U.
government official on their soil.
The politician who was robbed is one Lord Jeffrey Barnes.
- Mr.
Barnes! - He gave a brief statement to the police, but when British Intelligence came calling, he lawyered up.
I have a way around that.
That's bad news for Lord Barnes.
So awesome to be back in the field again, you know? Working with the team! Hey! Technically, you're lookout.
So, you know, just look out.
Jai, don't give him a hard time.
Thanks, Suzy.
No, not "Suzy.
" Not ever.
Copy that.
Not feeling the nicknames.
What about you, Jai bird? I will kill you where you stand.
What, you don't have one of your fancy toys for that? Yeah, I don't make toys.
I make masterpieces.
I have dual degrees in chemical and electrical engineering, okay? Yeah, well, I have 4 1/2 years of community college.
You don't hear me bragging about it.
You're right.
I apologize.
I didn't mean to diminish you or just imply that I was some sort of genius.
Oh, I know you're not a genius.
Oh, I had to read all your files, and Susan is hands down the smartest person in this team.
Really? That's fun.
Based on what? IQ tests, evaluation, GPA Everything that measures how smart you are.
But, Jai, don't feel less than.
Car's ready! Here you go.
Thank you.
- Oh, this is nice, isn't it? - Mm-hmm.
You and me on a mission together, you know, just But Nothing.
No, I mean, it's just usually Usually, I'm in the field with Frankie.
We, uh We make a pretty good team.
Well, she had something on her mind.
She asked me to take this one.
She hasn't mentioned anything about me, brought me up in any way? - Nope.
- That's good.
You don't feel safe? Dude, that is so lame.
I mean I think safety is very important.
Do you even hear yourself? Yeah, I hear myself.
What are you so afraid of? I don't want to get burned.
Will, we're spies.
Everything we do is a risk.
I know.
You've always been brave enough to follow your heart.
I have, haven't I? Yeah.
In fact, you are the bravest man I know.
I'm the bravest man you know? You are the king of emotional availability.
I am the king of that.
- Ladies dig you.
- Ladies dig me! - Yes! - They dig me! - Yes! - Wow.
- Wow, that made me feel good.
- Mm-hmm.
You are the king of emotional availability.
I am the queen of the pep talk.
- Long live the queen.
- Thank you.
All right.
It's go time.
Ohh! Allow me.
Oh, thank you.
I hope it's not broken.
What the There we go.
Oh, look A cab right here.
Cash only.
Hey, you.
My God.
Who are you? What do you want from me? One of our diplomats was killed at your house.
We want answers.
Wait You're Americans.
I already told the police everything.
I-I-I mean, it's terrible, what happened to that poor woman, but, uh You're hiding something.
Let's see how quickly he caves.
I'm not hiding anything.
My house was being robbed.
Bridget tried to intervene, and they killed her.
She wasn't even supposed to be there.
My wife was away, - Oh? - and Bridget and I were were working.
This wasn't just a business dinner, was it? We were in love.
We didn't plan it.
It It just happened.
So he lied to the police and ruined his reputation.
Yeah, for love.
But understandable.
That you might risk everything if you believe in that sort of thing.
I do.
Do you? Hello.
Emma Davies, MI6.
You must be Agent Trowbridge.
And Agent Chase? Yes.
Not really.
So you're the one that backed us into this jackpot? No, you did that yourself, Agent Trowbridge, when you stole the missile plans we planted in Budapest.
Is she criticizing us for doing our jobs? - Because I've killed for less.
- Okay, we Hm.
We apologize for any friction we may have caused between our two countries.
Handsome and diplomatic.
My lucky day.
Oh, my God.
Ma'am? Oh.
This is Cabot, everyone.
Hugh Cabot.
I'm under Agent Davies.
Oh, uh, not "under" in In that She's my boss.
I'm under my boss - We get it.
- We get it.
I brought tea.
For everyone.
Anyway, that's Hugh Cabot.
Shall we join the rest of your team? Yes, please.
- Leave the tea.
- I-I am.
You believe this act? All polite and sunny? I don't know.
She seems nice.
Your opinion is wrong.
This was not an isolated incident.
There have been several robberies of powerful British politicians.
Have any other items shown up on the black market? No, which is why we believe our thieves have a different agenda.
Your thieves keep switching from robbery to robbery Different boots, different fibers, different hair.
Well, they've all got to be working for someone.
Makes sense.
Keep changing the players, you always stay anonymous.
Whoever the mastermind is, they're probably using the criminal classifieds.
It's part of the dark web dedicated to nontraditional employment opportunities.
Of course, it's also almost impossible to gain access.
Yeah, not when you're a super-nerd with the strength of 10 nerds.
Got it.
We're in.
Oh, brilliant.
I'm kidding about the nerd thing, by the way.
I'm actually pretty cool.
Plus, his IQ's actually slightly higher than yours.
Why would I care about that? You're right, Jai.
IQ is nothing but a number.
In his case, a slightly higher number.
You know what? I've got to, um there's a Yeah.
Hey, Standish, can you find something that matches the robberies? Uh yeah, hold on.
Here we go.
Someone is assembling a crew of five for a similar job at a house in Kensington later tonight.
Several high-ranking politicians live in Kensington.
All right, well, look, if we want to get to the bottom of this, we need to place somebody on that crew.
Yeah me.
I've got some experience in this arena.
Robbing houses? I mean, I've had a fun life.
Well, I look forward to working with you all.
Yes, likewise.
You want me to come with you? No, no, no.
I'm good.
Plus, you seem happy right here.
I don't get it.
We have criminal contacts all over London.
What are we doing here? I Oh, God.
So, you and Will get a little bit messy, and now I have to deal with this jackass? Liam! Long time.
Is this a friendly visit? Well that depends on your definition of "friendly.
" How you doing? You all right? Good.
Miss me? Occasionally.
Haven't seen you two since we pulled that job in Mallorca.
Speaking of which, we're looking for work.
Care to be more specific? Burglary.
Maybe something in the Kensington area.
Ah, there it is.
What's wrong with Kensington? Oh, nothing.
Just, the blokes behind it are very private and very violent.
Plus, they don't trust Americans.
I don't think we'll have a problem with that, will we? No, darling.
I'll give them a call.
Standish, Frankie got a job interview for that Kensington heist.
Grab your gear.
We're gonna shadow her.
Ooh, sounds exciting.
But I should stay here and work.
Okay, does this have anything to do with your fall? What? No.
Of course I want to go confront a bunch of armed criminals.
Who wouldn't? Sounds like so much fun.
Standish, you know what you're supposed to do when you fall off a horse, right? Avoid all future horses? Nope, you're supposed to get right back on.
Yes, of course.
I know that.
I'm gonna get back on the horse Even though I can get bitten, kicked, paralyzed, or killed.
I'm gonna do it.
I just got a lot of work to do here, so Okay.
That was a sarcastic "okay.
" Give me a real one.
There it is.
Said I was the man All I ever needed was a plan Tell J.
that we still rollin' Yeah, tell Russell I'm a brand We're in position.
All right, look, in order to get Frankie on that Kensington crew, we need to create a vacancy.
We're still trying to ID the safecracker, so you can take him out and Frankie can take his place.
I got three possible candidates.
Pulling up their rap sheets now.
Now, no one has been arrested for safecracking, but that would be too easy.
Well, this guy's obviously done a lot of time, but I can't tell why, because his arrest record is in Portuguese.
Oh, that's okay.
I speak Portuguese.
Uh, so do I.
I speak seven languages.
Yeah, I speak nine.
What? Nine is more than seven.
You know what? It is.
I'm gonna go tell everybody.
You should.
There's no need to tell everyone.
It's not Okay, this is our safecracker.
Three convictions for B&E, including one for busting the vault at the Bank of Lisbon.
Colin McSorley.
All right, safecracker's been ID'd, ladies.
Where are you, Colin McSorley? Dropped "Pass Out," everybody loco All right, I got him.
He's by the entrance.
Black tank, crew cut, square jaw.
More Jughead than Archie.
I see him.
This martini is extra dirty.
And I've got eyes on the crew boss for tonight's heist.
Now I just have to convince him to hire me instead of Colin.
Martini? On the house? Thanks.
Okay, took the bait.
Copy that.
Will, I'm gonna come towards you so no one else can order any drinks from me.
I'll play along.
Oh by the way, while you're in London, you must try this ice cream from a place called Bubblewrap in Soho.
Do you fancy ice cream? I do fancy ice cream, yes.
Plus, everything just sounds better with a British accent, doesn't it? Give me a break.
Forgot we could all hear each other.
- Hello, there.
- Evening.
You Teddy? Sophie.
Liam's friend.
We've already got a safecracker, so piss off.
You mean Colin? Doesn't look too good, does he? Still want me to piss off? Hey, if you're looking for some quick cash, I've got a few ideas for you.
That was our muscle for tonight.
Should've kept his hands to himself, then, shouldn't he? Well, this presents a problem.
I might know someone.
That bloke? Muscle? Not exactly a heavyweight contender.
Look, mate, we don't need any Sorry.
You were saying? Why don't we grab a drink while you evaluate your staffing needs? Looks like I'm working tonight, huh? Yeah, sorry.
No ice cream for you.
"Despacito" again? Yeah, like I said Border-crossing mega-hit.
Really is a great song.
Hey, look, uh, while I appreciate you thinking I'm buff enough to be the muscle here, I could've used a heads-up first.
You were so distracted by Emma, you wouldn't have noticed anyway.
I wasn't distracted by Emma.
We were just having polite conversation.
Do you fancy ice cream? Who talks like that? Nice people.
British people.
Nice British people.
Okay, well, I don't trust anyone who gets too friendly too quickly.
Eh, I feel like you could've ended that with "I don't trust anyone.
" You two ready? I was born ready, mate.
Emma, we'll have eyes on Will and Frankie during the robbery.
We'll let you know where they land.
I'll head back to MI6.
Let's go.
Leave the bowl.
Despacito Okay, Standish, let's get that eye in the sky.
Yeah, I'm already on it.
Hey, Ray, can I ask you a question? You got shot, right? How was that? It hurt a lot.
Thought I was gonna die right there.
Okay, so, how long did it take you to get back in the field? As soon as I got my sutures out.
First time I got shot, I was back on mission that afternoon.
Most people in our line of work are adept at dealing with trauma.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm good.
Good to go.
Good to go.
All right, Sophie, you better live up to your reputation.
Hey, she's the best there is.
You can do this, right? There you go.
Okay, how many past lives have you had? You've been a naughty boy.
You seeing this? Yeah, this isn't about state secrets.
Has to be blackmail.
Look, we got to tell Emma, okay? Huh.
I just found out You two aren't who you say you are.
Care to explain? He got me into it.
Well, that's not true.
You better shoot him.
She came up to me in the club.
She smelled like coconut.
- Now? - Yeah.
Susan, we need a pickup.
Coming at you.
Someone tipped these guys off.
Yeah, I know who.
- Whose house did we break into, anyway? - Hang on.
Baron Richard Hardwick.
That's not a joke name.
He's just really British.
All right, Europol analyzed the photos from Teddy's phone.
They're all financial records.
Apparently, the Baron was involved in some insider trading, and that's how whoever's behind this was planning on blackmailing him.
- Blackmail? - Yeah.
But to what end? And how did MI6 miss this? Maybe they didn't.
Someone blew our cover.
Someone who maybe fancies ice cream? No.
Emma is not behind this.
She's been off the grid since the nightclub.
Where did she go? Fine.
Standish, hack Emma's phone records.
Where is Standish? He didn't come in this morning.
He's, um He's not doing great.
All right.
I got this.
G God! How do you do that? Magic.
Also, I'm a spy.
Good point.
What's going on with you, man? Just need some air.
I don't need to talk.
I'm good.
Stop staring at me, Will, all right? I can feel it.
It's weird, and it's not gonna work.
I just keep thinking about that fall, man! - Yeah, I know.
- I-I could've died! I I wanted more field work.
I really did.
But this is too much.
I'm not like y'all.
You're just like us.
We are all scared, all the time.
Look, when it gets too much for me, I clench my jaw and I stick my chin out, 'cause, you know, at least I still look handsome when I do that.
It's like Looks good.
Try it.
- You're Are you clenching your jaw? - Uh-huh.
- It's not working.
- No? Look, here's the thing.
You're never gonna stop being scared, all right? What makes a good agent is the ability to push through that fear and get the job done when everything's at stake.
And I know you can do that.
Guys, I'm sorry to interrupt this beautiful moment that you're having.
Will, your girlfriend called on a secure line.
I RSVP'd for both of us Unless, of course, you want to walk into this really, really obvious trap all by yourself.
Come on.
What are you working on? Well, since Edgar went AWOL, I'm hacking into Emma's phone.
Oh, I wouldn't, uh T-That's probably not a good We should wait for Standish for that.
I know how to do this.
Standish would've been done by now.
Fine! I'll go get a cup of coffee.
Or maybe I won't, because it's a big machine with buttons, and I won't be able 'cause I'm a moron, apparently.
I'm How fun is this? It's so fun.
But it has to It has to stop.
Come on.
You know that Jai needs to be taken down a peg, okay? Just keep it going a little bit longer, please? No.
No! No.
Go fix it.
You're no fun.
Take it back! I am so fun! Nice neighborhood.
Seems like the perfect place for your crush to double-cross us.
Have you ever thought about asking your therapist just to skip right ahead to your trust issues or Just a thought.
Can you get in, please? We need to talk.
You gave us up to Teddy.
No, I didn't.
But someone in MI6 did.
I believe her.
I don't.
Oh, seriously? You don't like me, do you? Not so much.
Any particular reason? Hey, you know what? Let's hear her out, and then you can shoot her, okay? We know this is about blackmail.
And we discovered that every one of the robbery victims has something in common Direct access to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
So, would you mind, terribly, joining us in the car, please? Cabot, what are you doing? Sorry, ma'am, but apparently, there's CCTV footage of Agents Chase and Trowbridge breaking into the Lord Chancellor's estate earlier this morning.
And, Agent Davies, it seems you've been helping them all along.
I'm not going with you.
Mm, yes, you are, Agent Trowbridge.
You two out.
You little bastard.
Would you get on the roof, please?! Whoa! Frankie, did you see that? She's a way better shot than you! You know what the funny part is? I'm drinking tea because I couldn't figure out the new coffee machine.
There's no buttons.
Tell him.
You know that whole thing about you having the lowest IQ? I made it up.
I never looked up anybody's IQ.
I don't even know what "IQ" stands for.
Intelligence something.
I'm gonna kill you both.
What are you mad at me for? I wasn't in on it! Yeah, you were.
Now I'm gonna kill you, too, Ray.
Wha It was a prank! A prank, you know? When you're goofing on some work buddies.
Will and I used to prank each other all the time.
I miss it.
You know, when I blew it with Will, I didn't just lose my best friend.
I kinda lost my only friend.
Being an agent, it's a, uh, lonely life.
Oh, God.
I can't believe I'm sympathizing with you right now.
You're forgiven.
But know this.
I will get you back.
And when I do, it will be painful.
I'd like that.
Uh, guys? We got a big problem.
Cabot set us up.
They're after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
We need to figure out the when and the where.
Hack everybody's e-mails Cabot's, the victims' Everybody.
Standish, I'm sure you're way ahead of us.
I am.
Okay, I found an e-mail thread between all of the robbery victims.
It looks like they invited the Royal couple to a luncheon at Hardwick's country estate.
So, it looks like these barons were blackmailed to take down the monarchy.
And since we're technically fugitives, we can't go to MI6.
We'll have to stop them ourselves.
You know, if you want to create chaos, killing some Royals kind of makes sense.
Yeah, you destabilize the government, incite national panic.
All right, Standish, we want you with us on this one.
Jai, Susan, you run point from there.
Copy that.
Susan, we're approaching the service entrance now.
Heads-up, guys.
The estate is likely crawling with security.
Okay, we can track them via radio signals.
We'll guide you through.
Like a real-life game of PAC-MAN.
Entrance is clear, guys.
So, find Cabot, we save the Royals, I get knighted, keep the sword, and people have to call me Sir Standish.
Yeah, let's do it.
I got it.
You want help? No, thank you.
- You sure? - Yep.
Taking a long time.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
You must do it differently in England.
Okay, heads-up Second floor is sealed.
All the doors to the study are locked.
I'm betting the Royals and Cabot are in there.
Yeah, but the locks are linked to the security system.
It's Hang on.
Okay, there's a failsafe.
Standish can disable it by cutting the communications uplink to the tower.
I can do what in the where, now? There's a satellite dish on the highest tower of the estate.
You got to go up there.
Isn't there some kind of kill switch I can hack from down here? No.
You You got to do it manually.
That's good to know.
No way in hell I'm climbing up there, but it's good to know.
Hey, time to get back on that horse.
The horse is on the roof.
All right.
I'll guide you out.
Exit door, take a right.
Okay, we're headed upstairs.
Now where? There are two entrances to the study, one from each stairwell.
Okay, I'll double back, use the other stairway.
Yes, sir.
Why does this keep happening? Oh.
I kinda like it.
Okay, Cabot has ordered all the Prince's security to the ground floor.
Let's get out of here.
Uhp, bup, bup! Da Wait.
He just activated the motion sensors.
All right, look, we got to stay in here until Standish knocks out security.
How you doing, buddy? Ohh.
Uh, not gonna lie to you, Chief.
Not good.
O kay.
You know, I want you to know that ever since Emma got here, you've been acting completely normal and not ridiculous at all.
And I never mentioned it, but I really appreciate when you evaluate my behavior.
I'm picking up the sarcasm, but I'm gonna take that as an opening, so let's talk about that.
Oh, God, no.
Why not? It's a safe space.
Standish, can you hurry? Hurry? I'm 100 feet up, with the future of Britain in my hands.
Which are very sweaty, by the way.
Okay, Jai, what am I looking for? You should see, like, a satellite dish mounted on a spire.
All right.
Just breathe through it.
Yeah, all right, I'm at it.
I-I don't see anything to pull, though.
Okay, there should be a black wire going into a junction box on the side of the tower.
What do you mean, "on the side of the tower"? I mean the side of the tower.
What does Oh, absolutely not.
I'm not even British.
This doesn't mean that much to me.
Uh Come on, now.
You can do this, Standish.
We can do it.
Here we go.
Got it.
Just hang on.
Okay, just gonna put your feet down.
You're gonna feel the bottom.
You're gonna feel it in no time.
I feel ledge.
Feeling the ledge! Eh heh heh! Eh huhh! Doesn't feel right.
Don't feel the edge.
Let me know Where is it? Ah, there it is.
Whoa! Whoo! All right.
Just gonna enjoy the view a little bit.
You look like you're doing brilliantly to me from all the way down here.
Yeah, not helping! I'm stuck at a locked gate.
I could really use that override, Standish.
Ha ha ha! Just not gonna make it easy.
Come on.
You got this.
Reach out and grab it.
Hurry it up.
All right.
I'm getting on the horse.
Getting on the horse! Aah hah! Security disconnected.
Yes! Way to go, Standish! We back on the horse, bitch! Whoo! Guys, you're good to go.
Nice job, Standish.
Please don't! Cabot.
Drop it.
This way, your Royal Highness.
No! Go, go! You're outgunned.
She's not wrong.
Cabot, I know you're not the one behind this.
You don't have the spine.
I didn't want to do this.
They found out about my addiction.
They said I'd lose my job and go to jail.
Who are "they"? You don't understand.
They'll kill me.
Cabot, you had a sense of duty once.
Do the right thing here.
Help us stop them.
They, uh They call themselves The Trust.
They're everywhere Governments, intelligence agencies.
And they want Cabot.
Oh, bloody hell.
He's gone.
All right, stay low.
We got a sniper.
Did you get a read on it? - There he is.
- Hey.
Hey, partner.
This one's got your name on it.
Yes, it does.
So, Ray's cross-checking with the FBI, CIA, and the NSA to see if there's any tracking on an organization called "The Trust.
" Great.
And Emma said she'd share any Intel she gets from MI6.
Yeah, about that I shouldn't have accused Emma of double-crossing us.
- She's - She's great.
Let's not get crazy.
But you were right.
I was being ridiculous.
I shouldn't have lost focus.
That's why you and I can't Frankie, wait.
Let me finish.
We obviously have a connection.
And if we were two normal people and we had normal jobs, we could clock out, throw back a bunch of tequila, and see where the night took us.
We don't have normal jobs.
And what we do is too important to risk messing up.
You understand? I don't like it, but I get it.
I'm sorry I can't be the girl you get ice cream with.
I can get ice cream with anybody.
You and me, we save the world.
I'll see you in New York.
See you in New York.
Okay, gonna be that kind of day.
Do you want to get ice cream? - You what? - Ice cream like you know when people like each other, they they do things like get ice cream? All right.
Do you put the ice cream on me or do I put it on you? Goodbye, Liam.
Aw! Come on! Wow.
I just got held up at JFK.
Somebody tipped off customs, told them I was smuggling contraband.
Hey, did they find traces of synthetic amphetamines in your bag? That was you? Dude I got cavity-searched.
Awesome prank! I was in on it, too Right from the start.
Oh, well, awesome! - Yeah! - Whoo! Team, right? Well - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Fresh beer.
Please don't.
This is the bullet I took in Paris.
You earned it.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
Thanks, man.
You know, I've been thinking about it.
The Brits definitely owe me a statue in the center of London.
Just me.
On a horse.
Well, yeah, I-I'll put in the paperwork for that.
That'd be great.
Hello? Hello.
Emma Davies, MI6.
Remember me? No.
Uh, brown hair, uh Oh! We saved the monarchy together.
Oh, sure.
That Emma.
I just want to say how much I enjoyed working together and how I hope our paths cross again.
Yeah, me too Next time I'm in London.
Or you could just turn around.
I did not see that coming.
Well, I am a spy.
You're not supposed to.