White House Farm (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Police Constable West speaking.
My name's Jeremy Bamber.
9 Head Street, Goldhanger.
You've got to help me.
Please, I'm worried.
OK, sir.
What seems to be the problem? My father's just rung and told me to come over.
Erm He sounded terrified.
And did your father say what had happened? Yes.
He said it was my sister, that she'd gone crazy with a gun.
Then the phone went dead, and he You've gotta help me.
I really don't think he was kidding.
- I thought you'd disappeared.
- Just sorting out my makeup.
It's a mess.
Hey, hey.
Come here.
Come here.
You look brilliant.
Come on.
Time you had some fun.
Yeah? All right.
Come on.
The boys are so excited to see you.
It's fine.
It's fine.
MUSIC AND PARTY CHATTER Let's get a drink, yeah? - Mummy! - Mummy! - Hello, my darlings! - Oh, trouble, trouble! Mummy, Daddy, we've got an art gallery and we're selling drawings.
- You're selling them? - They're very cheap.
Are they? Well, new house.
I'm gonna need some new art on the walls, aren't I? This one's for you, Mummy.
Oh, thank you, darling! They look great.
They look great.
But listen, do me a favour.
Go upstairs, get yourselves ready, then me and your mummy'll do the art gallery tour in a minute.
All right? Go on.
Go, go, go, go! So, let me get you a drink.
You want a, er, white wine.
It's white wine, isn't it? - Yeah.
If it's not a nuisance.
- No, no, no, it's not a nuisance.
DOORBELL RINGS I'll just get the door.
Heather, would you mind just finding Bambs a white wine? That's fine.
- All right.
I'll be back in a sec.
- OK.
There's really no need.
I'm happy with the red.
Not at all.
I was about to open one anyway.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- Don't like it? - There's no wonder.
You look a fright.
No, I think the hair's brilliant.
I'm just not sure what your mum'll say.
Which is exactly the point.
So, Colin tells me you got a job.
Just house cleaning.
Not modelling any more, then? No.
I really appreciate it, Heather.
You inviting me here tonight.
It was Colin's idea to have a housewarming, so He did the invites, not me.
Can I get you anything else? Sheila? Sheila? Can I get you anything? I'm fine.
Why is my brother here? I invited him.
I told you he was coming.
Remember? He's not often in town, but this time he happened to be, so I thought you'd be pleased.
I am.
I'm gonna draw a purple thing.
I'm gonna draw a rock cave.
MUTTERS Forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
Forgive those who trespass against us.
Against us.
SOBS It doesn't have a name.
Which only adds to the mystique.
- I'll give you 10p.
- 20.
You drive a hard bargain, Nicky-boy.
Ah Oh! So, how are things with the farm? Harvest time rush.
Dad's getting old, which means younger, stronger backs are required.
I'm driving Sheila and the boys up there tomorrow.
How is she? Honestly? The drugs they've got her on Apparently, they cut the dose, but, you know, she's just She's still completely bombed.
Look, I'll have a chat with Mum and Dad.
OK? - Yeah? - Yeah.
All right.
Thanks, mate.
Now, you watch these two.
They're a pair of sharks.
Will you buy one of mine, Daddy? Uncle Jem bought one of Nicholas's.
Well, let's have a look, see what they're worth.
- What are these? - They're of Grandma's farm.
These ones need to stay together.
They're a book.
Well, how about I buy them all, then? OK, but you can't have that one.
- Who is this? - Grandma.
Really good.
- Sheila wants to go home.
- I've had a few drinks.
- It's fine.
I'll drive her.
- Thanks, Jeremy.
You're a lifesaver.
Listen, erm I'm gonna be hanging around the farm anyway, working, so I'll keep an eye out.
Just make sure she's coping.
I can't tell you how much better that makes me feel.
Thank you.
That's what family are for.
DOOR CLOSES So, good party.
- You think so? - Mmh.
Didn't you? You're not married to her any more, Colin.
You need to move on.
Make your own life.
- I'm just trying to help.
- I know.
And I love you for it.
I'm just not sure you're dealing with this in the right way.
Let's go.
You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When skies are grey You'll never know, dear How much I love you Please don't take my sunshine Away.
Mr Grumpy.
Come on, cheer up.
You're going to stay in the country.
I don't want to.
Why not, sweetheart? I don't like praying.
Grandma makes us get on our knees, so Daniel gets bad dreams about it.
Tell you what, I'll have a word with her, and tell her you don't need to do it.
Grandma won't listen.
Well, I'm your dad, so she'll have to.
Anyway, Mummy'll be there to make sure.
Won't you, Bambs? It'll be fine.
All right? I promise.
You'll see.
I've got it.
I've got it.
Welcome, welcome! Hello, darling.
Thanks for bringing our daughter home, Colin.
Not to mention our extremely handsome grandsons.
It's a pleasure, Nevill.
Well, well, if it's not my favourite city slickers.
Now, you are Daniel.
- No! - No, you're Daniel! Have you seen this one, with the hair? - Like a matinee serial villain.
- No one even knows what that is, Dad.
How are you both? Happy to be on holidays? Yes, Grandma.
Sheila, darling, your cousin Ann's coming to lunch.
She's eager to see you all.
Shall we go inside and call her, let her know you're here? Mummy, can we go see the chickens? Actually, I was just about to feed them.
Do you wanna help? Can I hold the food? Course you can.
We'll make a farmer of you yet, lad! Will you come, Mummy? We really ought to ring Ann.
I'm going to feed the chickens.
For the blessing of family, reunited here under one roof for the grace you have granted us and for the bounty placed by you on our table, - we thank you, Lord.
- Amen.
Wonderful meal, Auntie June.
I can't stay long this evening, but perhaps we can spend some time together over the next few days.
It seems so rare that we see you up here.
WHISPERS: Daddy, you promised.
Erm, yeah, I just I wanted to have a word about something.
Erm It's a bit tricky.
Please, Colin, just go ahead.
All right.
Well, er Well, it's the praying.
It's not something I particularly agree with.
- And the boys, they - You object to my saying grace? No, that's That's not what I'm saying.
I just It's more, you know, getting the boys down on their knees and all.
I just think it might be better if we leave it out this time.
Pass the bread, Uncle Nevill.
Yes! Quick, quick! SHE LAUGHS That's it! Come on! Colin.
God, you scared me.
You must talk to them, for me.
Like you did for Daniel.
Sorry? Mum and Dad.
Tell them I don't want these injections any more.
Well, I'd I'd love to, but, erm Look, how about I do it when I come back to pick you up? Why not now? It's just your mum, she's already annoyed.
Please! If there's a blow-up, I'd rather not leave the boys in the middle of it.
But, hey, I I will.
I'll do it when I come back.
I will.
- All right? - You won't.
HE SIGHS Now, listen, boys.
I want you to be good, OK? And I'll be back in a few days.
- I love you, Daddy.
- I love you, too, sweetheart.
I love you.
I love you.
Nicholas, shall we finish that jigsaw that we started? You know, the one with the spaceship? Hey.
Look at me.
I think you should go inside and have some fun.
CRICKETS CHIRP DOG BARKING CAR PULLS UP So, you said the brother was meeting us here? Yeah, he called it in.
A Jeremy Bamber.
It sounded like some sort of domestic, firearms possibly involved.
CAR DOOR SLAMS Mr Bamber? That's right.
Erm We need to go inside, right away.
First, you tell me what seems to be the problem here? Well, I told this all to the fellow who answered at the police station.
Well, tell me again, from the start, OK? Uh, right.
Erm About half an hour ago, my I was at home and my dad phoned.
And he said that my sister had gone berserk, and that she'd got hold of a gun.
Did you father say whether any shots had been fired? No.
Before I could ask him anything, the phone went dead.
What do you mean, "went dead"? You mean it was hung up, or? No.
It sounded like someone had put their finger on it, cut it off.
And how did your father seem, Mr Bamber? Terrified.
Who's in there? Your mum, dad Also my sister and her twin sons.
Nicholas and Daniel.
They're only six.
Will you please just go in now and check? If your sister's in there with a gun, we need to be careful.
You'd best come with us, Mr Bamber.
- All right? - Sure.
DOG BARKING - Where's the back door? - It's just there.
It's just there.
- Is it kept locked at night? - Always.
Lights are on.
That normal? Not at this time of night.
Dogs aren't happy.
It's the way they're barking and my dad not coming out.
That's really strange.
Movement in the window.
Get back! Get back! I don't see anything now.
Just reflection on the glass.
- Shall I go up to the door? - No.
Do you want me to go, Sarge? No one's going.
My nephews, they might need help.
We're gonna need backup.
LOUDSPEAKER: This is the police calling for anybody in the main farmhouse.
Please respond and make yourself known if you are able to.
Once again, please respond to these hails if you are able to.
Mr Bamber, we've been hailing the house for half an hour, and there's been no response.
No nothing.
Even though you're telling us the whole family are in there.
Now, you told Sergeant Bews here there are multiple firearms in the house.
So how are those weapons stored? I suppose I should say that the bolts and the magazines have been taken out.
We don't care whether you met safety requirements.
We just need to know about the state of those weapons.
There was a There's a .
22 rifle left out.
There could be other guns loaded, too.
I'm not sure.
You also said your sister is mentally ill.
Would you regard her as capable of violence? She's been having treatment, but She could go mad at anything.
She's done it before.
Do you believe she'd be able to use a rifle? Oh, yes.
She used to go target shooting with me.
Excuse me, sir.
We're, er, ready to go.
What are you gonna do? I think Mr Bamber should wait out back, Constable.
Don't worry, mate.
They're pros.
It's gonna be all right now.
What do you think, sir? No response to hails.
No communication.
Best case scenario, four hostages and a nutter with a gun.
Worst case? Four murders and a nutter with a gun.
This is the police, talking to anybody in the main farmhouse building.
Please respond immediately if you are able to.
This is your final warning.
Please respond.
All right then.
Send them in.
I can see someone.
A woman, I think.
May be injured.
The person in the kitchen is a male, deceased.
Early 60s.
Looks to have been shot.
Shell casings over the floor.
Clear! Clear! This is the police! If there's anyone there, make yourself known immediately.
There's a sound, someone moving upstairs.
Heading up to investigate.
Roger that, black team.
Black team, that sound, it may have been Constable Rozga, who has taken up position on the rear stairs.
It's locked.
Clear! Control, we have another deceased person.
Adult female this time.
Older woman, also 60-ish.
Multiple gunshot wounds.
A third body, Command.
Another woman, maybe late 20s.
There's a rifle on her chest.
Looks like she shot herself.
WHIMPERING Poor bastard.
Come here.
For Christ's sake, we can't have that running round the crime scene.
Well, what are we gonna do with him? Just till we've secured the area.
You need to see this.
Command, we've got two children.
Little boys.
Two little boys, maybe six or seven.
Both deceased.
Tell Jeremy.
HE SIGHS That's all of 'em.
Jeremy, I'm sorry.
It's bad news.
There's no hope for any of them.
They've all been shot.
I don't understand.
They're dead, the whole family.
I'm so sorry.
You said everything'd be all right.
I did, I know.
Look, I'm sorry, mate.
Obviously, we always hope it will be.
Sometimes, it isn't.
Do you want to sit down? No.
No, I'm fine.
- Hey, Stan.
How's it looking in there? Hm.
Five dead, would you believe? Including two kids.
Glad you could join us, Sergeant.
Sorry, guv.
A lot of traffic on the road.
We've got a media bloody circus warming up out there, so I want this wrapped up quick, all right? You're saying it's murder-suicide, then? I'm not just saying it.
That's what happened.
Daughter killed 'em all, then she shot herself.
Bloody hell.
You're looking after the family, all right? What I want's a statement from the son, Jeremy Bamber, on his sister's state of mind.
Can you manage that? This is DC Clark.
I don't need him, so you can have him.
And go easy on young Bamber.
The poor bastard's just lost his whole family in there.
Here you go, Jeremy.
This'll warm you up.
I need to call my girlfriend.
Well, there's a phone box at the end of the road.
Why doesn't my dad come out and see me? Why can't I see him now? Jeremy? I'm Detective Sergeant Stan Jones, CID.
- This is DC - Clark.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You need to get her.
Beg your pardon? My sister, Sheila.
She ought to be in a bloody nuthouse for what she's done here.
Jeremy Your sister, your parents, the boys they're all gone.
The sooner you accept that, the better.
You're a hard bastard.
Well, if I am, there's a reason for it.
Now, we need to take your statement.
The sooner, the better.
Do you feel up to doing that? Good.
You live near here, is that right? How about we go back to your place? I'll give you a ride.
I can drive.
I'm all right.
Well, let's go.
Er, Mr Bamber? I was on the team that went into the house.
I'm so sorry we didn't get a better result.
I found this little fella hiding under your mum's bed.
My mum lived for this dog.
I figured you'd want to take him.
Thank you.
It's the least I could do.
Yeah, thanks.
DOORBELL RINGS Mr Colin Caffell? Yeah, that's right.
Do you know a Sheila Caffell? What's wrong? Tell me what's wrong.
I'm afraid I have to tell you that she's dead.
Mr Caffell? She did it.
Finally did it.
- Mr Caffell? - Yeah.
Are you the father of Daniel and Nicholas Caffell? - I'm sorry, miss.
- I'm his cousin, for Christ's sake.
She'd just been discharged, from a psychiatric hospital.
My dad arranged it, I think, but I don't know the details.
So, you'd say you got on pretty well with your parents? Brilliantly.
I mean, I worked with my dad every day and we were friends.
Wouldn't they have discussed it with you if they thought Sheila was a danger to the twins? My parents never discussed anything about Sheila, or her illness.
Except to downplay it.
The idea that she took her own life, does that surprise you? DOORBELL RINGS No, not at all.
What about harming her children? I only wish it did.
Sergeant, I know what you're doing is important, but the boys' father's here.
We're almost done here, I think.
Unless you have anything to add, Jeremy? No.
Jesus, Jem.
- Are you all right? Are you all right? - Yeah.
Taff around? SNIFFS You winding up, Ronnie? Taff said get it done, so we're getting it done.
The big fella, downstairs Nevill Bamber.
Seems like he put up quite a fight.
You seen the stock on that rifle? She's belted him with it hard enough to splinter.
So we're thinking she's shot him up here, but he survived it and made his way downstairs? Maybe chasing her? The magazine on that rifle holds ten rounds, but there were a lot more than ten fired.
Given that she was wearing a nightie with no pockets, she would have needed to reload.
So she's gone downstairs to reload, Nevill's followed her.
Finishes him off in the kitchen.
And then come back up here and done herself in in her parents' bedroom.
Why here? Looking for the bible, maybe? The rifle? I moved it so we could get photos of the blood on her hand.
What's this, then? Looks to me like a second bullet wound.
What? So she's been shot twice? Apparently so.
And we're saying she did this to herself? Gun might have gone off itself a second time.
Or if she squeezed the trigger again as she was dying.
You ever seen that happen? Not that I can recall.
Is there a problem, Stanley? Guv, we've gotta stop this.
We've gotta stop moving the bodies.
Why? We need more forensics, a proper team in there, top to bottom.
The last thing the surviving family needs is us dragging it out.
Have you seen the girl's body? She's been shot twice.
Are you on SOCO now, Stanley? Obviously, it needs to be confirmed, but if I'm right, then Well, it can't be bloody suicide, can it? You listen to me, Sergeant.
That house was locked up from the inside.
Doors latched, windows locked.
Back door even had a bloody key in it.
So if she hasn't shot herself, who do you think's done it? Eh? One of the children? Look, this is a big one.
We've got every bastard watching us and I need everyone doing their job.
Your job's a nice little easy one.
Looking after the family.
All right? Are we all right, Sergeant? DOG BARKS OK.
Shush, pest, shush.
Oh, you must be hungry.
Well, that's one thing we can fix.
- Have you seen Jeremy? - Maybe outside? He was smoking like a chimney.
I wanted to feed the dog.
Couldn't find any food.
There's some mince in the fridge.
KETTLE WHISTLES Do you mind getting that while you're down there? Bloody thing drives me mad.

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