White House Farm (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 Jeremy isn't mourning his family.
He's, erm, he's celebrating! There are times I've felt like something's bothering you, like you want to say something.
Something about Jeremy? I need to go to the toilet.
I don't just care about him.
I love him.
Why are you being like this? You know you frighten me when you act like this.
- Got it! - How much? Count it, I'm not sure.
Jesus Christ! I can't believe how easy that was! I kept telling Dad, "That caravan park's a sitting duck", but he wouldn't listen to me.
Jem, there's nearly a thousand here.
I'll get you that dress you wanted.
Have your hair done.
Mm, are you sure they won't know it was you? And what if they do? They'll never prove it.
Not in a million years.
Love your body even when it's old Do it just as only I can do it Never, ever doing what I'm told Shooting stars never stop Even when they reach the top Shooting stars never stop Even when they reach the top Where's Sheila? Yeah, look I've gotta go and talk to a guy about some business.
You keep Sheila company.
Looks like the nuthouse didn't do her any favours.
Where will you be? I'll be back with you in a minute.
Long way from home Welcome to the Pleasuredome.
Do you want me to finish that? It's the injections they're giving me.
Make my hands shake.
- Should you be doing this? - Why not? I don't know.
Jeremy said you just came out of the hospital, so Do you believe in God? - I think so, yeah.
- I never did.
But it's helped me.
It's helped me a lot.
I'm really glad you're feeling better.
Ha-ha-ha! Now I am feeling better! - What was that about? - What was what about? You and Tracey.
Oh, I just asked her if she was interested in having an affair with a younger man.
- Don't.
- Don't be like that, I'm teasing! I'm teasing you! Although, I do like it when you're angry.
You need to be careful, though, cos I will tell on you.
- Oh, yeah? - Hm.
What would you tell? I'll tell him where you get your money from.
- Well, then I'll go to jail.
- Mm.
And then where will you be? Feel the pain Take the blame Feel the same Fallworth Manor.
Right now, my granny lives there.
But when she dies it's gonna be up for grabs.
Of course my cousins'll all be snatching for it.
But if I play my cards right Maybe It's amazing.
Can you imagine? My Porsche parked out the front.
You, running around after the kids.
Or the other way round.
Would your parents really let you have it? Not without jumping through a million of their hoops.
And they make me slave on the farm.
But Sheila, she gets a flat in London, everything paid for.
And she doesn't do a damn thing.
I suppose she's got the twins to look after.
She's turning them into crazies, have you seen them? Anyway, Colin does most of the work, poor bastard.
I should just burn White House down, with Mum and Dad in it.
Jeremy, you can't do that! It'd be such a waste, to burn down such a beautiful old house! - You're right.
- No! You're awful.
You're right! Hm Guess I'll have to think of something else.
And when he said that, "I'll have to think of something else", what did you take him to mean? I don't know.
I thought he was joking.
One of his awful jokes.
But he wasn't.
Look, I told Sally we'd be there before six.
Yes, we will, but I promised my dear sister that I'd drop her something off.
- In and out, OK? - OK.
Please, no, I won't let them, I won't! Just stop it! You think I don't know what you're doing.
Just leave us, leave us! - Jem, I tried to call you - What? What's happened? Bambi, she's bad this time.
Really bad.
Stop it! She was giving the boys a bath, and she just started shouting.
Frankie, who's there? - Sheila, what's wrong? - The boys.
They're naked.
Oh, you need to calm down! Listen, they're full of sin.
I can feel it on them! I'm sorry, I can't help with this.
You need a doctor.
- No-o-o-o! No-o-o-o! - Please, Jeremy! Just call Colin.
Or my dad.
Not Mum! Not mum! She is one of them! She's part of it! Please, you have to see! Please, she's part of it! It's OK, it's OK, Bambi.
Please! It's all right, I won't call your mum.
- This is not my problem.
Come on.
- Jeremy, the boys.
You have to listen to me! They're fine, Frankie'll look after them.
Just call my dad! He'll come straight down.
Jeremy! Jesus Christ! We should do something.
I say we get a stiff bloody drink, as soon as possible.
You know she was working as a house cleaner.
Mm At least she's trying.
It's pathetic.
- I feel sorry for her.
- Don't.
Because you know what happens.
The minute she gets out of the loony bin, they all fawn on her, throw money at her give her whatever she wants.
It happens every time.
Mm - I suppose it's their money.
- It's mine.
My inheritance.
You were right about the fire.
It's a bad idea.
Someone could see it and call the police before they'd all burned.
Hello? Tonight's the night, Jules.
- What? - I've been thinking on the tractor.
It'll have to be tonight or never.
Don't be so stupid, Jeremy.
I've just had dinner with them all, it's the perfect chance.
Well, I've had a great day at work.
Do you want to hear about that? Jem? I haven't got anything else to say.
You'd better go to bed, then.
You're right.
You might be hearing from me again later.
OK, I'll speak to you tomorrow, then.
It's 3 AM, for goodness sake.
Hello? Everything's going well, not to worry.
Sorry, what? There's something wrong at the farm.
- It's late, Jem.
- Bye, honey.
Love you lots.
Has something happened? It's Jem.
Something's happened at the farm.
- What? - I don't know.
Bloody hell, he is odd sometimes.
I remember the phrase "everything is going well.
" I believed he was telling me they were all dead.
What time was that, exactly? About three fifteen.
- You're sure on that? - Mm-hm.
My flatmate made a fuss.
She was annoyed about the phone ringing so late.
Jeremy called the police at three twenty six.
Jeremy rang again just after five thirty to say, "The police would pick me up.
" He said he'd explain everything when I got there.
You do understand there's been a very serious incident? - Involving your boyfriend's family? - Yes.
Sheila had been acting strange all week.
- Sheila? - His sister.
Jem? What do you think? They believe every word of it, don't they? I don't know I can't really believe it myself.
There you go! I should've been an actor.
I've even got you confused.
Sorry, ah I wanted to feed the dog.
Couldn't find any food.
There's some mince in the fridge.
Do you mind getting that while you're in there? Bloody thing drives me mad.
And those were his words, "I should've been an actor?" That's what he said.
According to what you've just told us, Jeremy had been saying for some time he was gonna kill them.
I told you.
I thought he was joking.
But when he said the words, "It's tonight or never" you weren't in any doubt what he meant? I knew, but I still didn't believe that he'd carry it out.
But at that time, Jeremy didn't tell you exactly what had happened? No.
That was later, when the police and everyone had gone.
I asked him, straight out, "Did he do it?" And what did he say? He said he'd tried killing some rats, to see if he could do it.
Realised he couldn't, so he hired someone.
Hired someone? Marcus McBride.
A mercenary.
He'd been in Libya, fighting.
Wait, so you're telling me, Jeremy paid this man to kill his family? £2,000.
Jeremy told Marcus where he'd left the gun and the bullets.
Explained to him how to get into the house, using a window in the kitchen.
After you close it, you can rattle it, you see, from the outside make it look like it was locked the whole time.
He also arranged for Marcus to call him from the house when it was done, so the last call would be recorded.
Did Jeremy tell you what happened after Marcus entered the house? Marcus said he shot the boys first, in their beds.
They were sleeping, they didn't suffer.
I asked about that.
Then Marcus went to the bedroom to kill Nevill and June.
He said Nevill tried to fight him off and he panicked and shot him in the head seven times.
Jeremy said he was sorry about that.
Go on.
Then Marcus made Sheila lie down on the bed and shoot herself, under the chin.
Sheila didn't put up a fight? Marcus said that when she saw her whole family were gone, she she just gave up, went along with it.
And then Marcus put the bible on her chest.
Because she was religious and that would make it look like she'd gone mad and killed them all.
And how was Jeremy acting when he told you all this? Was he upset, did he seem bothered, talking about the murder of his parents and sister? Jeremy said he'd worked it all out and his reasons were valid.
June and Nevill were old anyway.
Sheila was crazy.
He was putting her out of her misery.
And the twins? Nicholas and Daniel.
What about them? Jeremy said the twins would grow up damaged being raised by somebody as mad as Sheila.
He said they'd be a millstone around Colin's neck.
Jeremy said he was doing Colin a favour.
Do you know this Marcus McBride? Never heard of him.
He can't be hard to track down, though.
So you believe her? It's bloody incredible, I'll give you that, but it makes sense of everything.
Except Nevill wasn't shot seven times.
And Sheila didn't shoot herself in the bed.
Chinese whispers.
If McBride's told Jeremy, Jeremy's told Julie.
Some things are bound to shift.
Plus she knew details.
The kitchen window, the bible, all hangs together.
You gonna tell Taff, or should I? That, Mickey, is one of the privileges of rank.
It's been a month since the murders, you realise that? Yes.
So, why haven't you come in with this before? It built up.
I just couldn't handle the situation any more.
- The situation? - The killings.
Knowing about them.
I was scared that he'd hurt me if I said anything.
I'll ask you one last time, Miss Mugford, is everything you've told us in here really the truth? Every word.
I swear.
- Well? - Round 'em up.
- What's this? - Jeremy Bamber, I am arresting you for the murder of Nevill Bamber, June Bamber, Sheila Caffell and Nicholas and Daniel Caffell.
You're not obliged to say anything but anything you do say may be taken down and used in evidence.
You must be joking.
I want to tell you that Julie Mugford has made a 30-page statement outlining her association with you.
And she states that you told her you arranged the murders of your family.
Is that right? No.
She's lying on that particular point.
Is it correct that you disliked your sister Sheila, who you regarded as crazy? That's also untrue.
I love my sister.
Did you dislike your parents? No.
Julie says, at some point in 1984, you mentioned to her the idea of killing your family? She's lying.
She says that you resented them, for controlling your life and your finances.
They didn't control my life or my finances.
I had plenty of money.
She says that you stole money from the Oceanair caravan park? That's true.
But it wasn't because I needed it.
I wanted to prove a point, you see, that the security at the park was hopeless.
My father wouldn't listen to me, so Do you know a Marcus McBride? Certainly.
Did you ever talk to him about having your parents killed? I've never talked to anyone about having them killed.
But you did stand to gain a lot from their deaths? Through their will? You and Sheila would have received a half share? True.
And the twins? I can't I'm not sure whether they were mentioned in the wills.
I think they are, but I'm I'm not sure.
So if Sheila were to die, and the twins, and your parents, you'd basically get everything? Understandably so.
You're aware that when police entered your parents' house after the shootings, they found the premises seemingly secure.
I don't know what you mean by "seemingly".
Well, you see, Julie states that there's a window in the house with a catch on it which you can close from the outside, by banging on it, and give the appearance that that window was always secure, when it was not.
I-I don't know anything about that.
I'm telling you that such a window does exist.
Just as Julie said.
So if you didn't tell her about it, how does she know? Maybe she spotted it herself.
You're telling me she's at your parents' house, and she goes around looking for ways to get in and out without anybody knowing? Well, she might do.
To make her story look better.
So, to get this straight, you're claiming that Julie's just made all this up? One thing about Julie she has a very fertile imagination.
I'll remind you, Mr McBride, you're still under caution.
How would you describe your relationship with Jeremy Bamber? Um We drink in the same sort of places.
I've been seeing a woman, Tracey Brown.
She's She's not my wife.
She, um She moves in Jeremy's circles, so I I guess I've been rubbing shoulders with him a bit more than usual.
Have you been abroad recently, Mr McBride? I visited Australia for a holiday.
Isn't it the case you were also in Libya? That's right.
What was the purpose of your visit? Plumbing.
I was working as a plumber.
Isn't it the case that you served in Libya as a mercenary? No.
No, I didn't.
Did you tell Jeremy Bamber that you'd served there as a mercenary? That was a joke.
I let people think that for the attention.
I was working on building sites, that's it.
I swear.
Did Jeremy Bamber ever discuss with you the idea of killing his parents? No! Christ, no.
Did you receive a payment of £2,000 from Jeremy Bamber? No, never.
It's alleged that shortly after 3 AM on the morning of the seventh of August, you made a phone call to Jeremy Bamber to report that all the people at White House Farm had been shot, or words to that effect.
What do you have to say to that? I absolutely deny it.
Whoever's making these allegations is evil.
This is a very serious allegation, Mr McBride.
I had nothing to do with it, nothing.
Nothing! And you've never discussed these matters with Jeremy Bamber? - The fact that he wanted them dead? - No, I didn't! And if Jeremy had so much as mentioned that idea to me, I'd have grassed him up in a second, no questions asked.
Do you have any idea why he'd have said these things about you - if they weren't true? - I don't know.
I once had it off with a girlfriend of his before Julie.
Maybe this is his way of getting back at me, but I don't know.
I really don't know.
Then where were you on the night of the sixth of August? - I was with a woman.
- Your girlfriend, Tracey? - No.
- Your wife, then? No, another one.
Joanna Nudd.
She'll back me up.
I had nothing to do with this, I swear.
Officer? Er, my girlfriend's being held here too.
Julie Mugford.
I don't suppose you could give this to her? Thank you.
His alibi checks out.
McBride was with his second girlfriend all night.
Maybe Julie's made it all up? The whole hitman story, it's pretty far-fetched.
So McBride didn't kill them.
All that tells me is that Bamber did it himself.
You might like this, gentlemen.
From our boy Jeremy, to Miss Mugford.
"Hi, darling.
"Hope this gets to you from Stalag 13.
"Thinking about you.
Sorry we're splitting up.
"I love you.
" Hell hath no fury, Stanley.
You frighten me when you act like this.
You're going to leave me.
I don't know.
You got Nancy to call, because you're going to leave me.
I don't know.
Do you still love me? I'm confused.
I just I don't want it to be like this any more.
But you'll still always be my best friend, right? One last shag, then? What? A break-up shag.
Old times' sake.
What the hell are you playing at? If you're dead, then you will always be with me.
Jesus Christ.
I'd really love to hurt you, Jeremy.
So you'd know what it's like to love someone who treats you like shit.
How do you think I feel? Do you think this makes me happy, being like this? Do you think I like it? Well, if you don't like it, don't do it! Maybe I'll just go away, then.
Live in India.
Everyone would be happier then.
You'd be happier.
I wouldn't.
I don't want you to go.
You're the only one.
Everyone else hates me.
Sally hates me, Ann hates me, everyone hates me.
I love you.
I love you.
I'll give you some money, to go away on holiday.
Yeah? Then you can get away from all this.
Here How's, erm Jeremy.
That's more than 400 quid.
That's pretty good, right? You can go away with Sally, somewhere nice.
And you can forget about me.
You can forget about everything, all of this.
Now, come on.
Cheer up.
You'd be feeling pretty furious about all that, I suppose.
Being treated that way? That's not why I'm here.
But Jeremy's saying it is.
That he's broken it off with you, so you've concocted this story That's not true.
It's just a coincidence, then? You stay quiet all this time, then a couple of days after he dumps you, you finally come forward and drop him in it? I still loved him.
That's why I didn't say anything.
And now? Now I don't know.
She can go.
You're not going to arrest me? Not at this time.
But Jeremy said I'd go to jail if I told you.
Your story's got holes in it.
Marcus McBride has an alibi.
Rock solid.
I wasn't lying.
It seems likely to me that Jeremy did it.
Killed them himself.
But we haven't got enough to charge him with it.
Will Jeremy go free too? He's admitted the theft at the caravan park, and we've charged him with that.
But whether we can hold him or not I don't know.
I'm scared.
I understand that, and I'll do what I can, but maybe it's best if you stay with a friend.
I'm sorry to intrude.
What do you want? Something's happened, and I thought you had a right to know.
All right.
Jeremy's been arrested.
It seems that Julie made a statement against him.
He's been he's been arrested? For what? The murders.
So you're saying, um Jeremy killed them? Not Sheila? Sheila was murdered.
Same as the others.
Well, are they Are they sure? Enough to arrest him.
I understand it's a lot to digest, so I'll leave you in peace.
Did you kill your family, Jeremy? Where's Julie? Mr Bamber, where's Julie? That bastard's a flight risk.
He knows we're onto him.
We'll watch him.
24 hours.
How? His bail conditions don't even prevent him leaving the country.
- Well, we'll watch him when we can.
- And if he gets on a plane? I don't know, Mickey! We'll do what we can.
All right? Police had been treating the killings at White House Farm as a straightforward case of murder-suicide, in which fashion model Sheila Caffell had shot her family before ending her own life.
But all that changed when Jeremy Bamber, the sole surviving member of the Bamber family, was suddenly arrested.
Bamber was charged with a burglary at the family-owned caravan park, and although police opposed bail, he has now been released.
They're from Sheila's modelling portfolio.
I told you.
You can see every detail.
And this is definitely your sister? - Bambi Bamber? - I should know.
Michael, we came to you first, but you know the other papers will want this, so if you don't No, no.
This is definitely of interest to us.
How much interest? How much are you asking? 20,000.
Are you insane? The infamous White House Farm killer in all her naked glory.
I know how much that's worth.
I'll have to talk to my editor.
We'll give you until the morning.
But then we'll have to start shopping these around.
I'll be in touch.
I've got some bad news.
The Sun isn't buying the photos.
So we go somewhere else.
Yes, but they've still gone with the story.
Without the photographs? The angle is Bambi's brother cashing in on the tragedy with nude snaps.
They get to take the moral high ground, and it's for free.
Win-win for them, lose-lose for you.
When are they running it? Apparently, it's already in.
Is the picture of me? Or of Sheila? I don't know.
Well, come on.
I want to see it.
Nothing, again.
Do you really expect him to answer? "Jeremy Bamber, "after being questioned about the murder of his family, "has attempted to cash in on the tragedy "by selling pornographic pictures of his sister.
" He's sick.
Ah, and I believed him! I welcomed him as a guest into this house, and he's He slept on the sofa.
Darling, it's not your fault.
He has been screwing with your mind since the moment this started.
I believed Bambs had done it.
Even though I knew her.
Even though I knew she was good.
I believed it.
Isn't that my fault? You weren't to know.
But Julie did.
Sorry? She made a statement against him, to the police.
So she must have known.
All along, she must have known.
I'm so sorry, love.
Jeremy probably hates me now.
So what if he does? My God.
It gives me shivers down my spine, just thinking about that man.
- Shall I talk to him? - No.
I can't face him.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
A month gone, and it's still in the bloody papers.
It'll die off now, I guarantee it.
Well, you've said that before, Taff, and yet here we still are.
So is this case closed, or isn't it? It is.
Julie Mugford's witness statement was false, a pack of lies from a woman scorned.
Some of the less experienced officers were taken in by it, - but - Detective Sergeant? In my opinion, Mugford's statement is a true account of what Bamber told her.
He lied about some of the details, but the core of it's true.
He's our man.
I want to see every detective on this in the meeting room now.
2:30 PM International Ferries service to Calais will be boarding in 15 minutes.
All right, then, let's do it.
I'll hear from each and every one of you in turn.
In your gut, with all that you know, who do you think did it? Detective Chief Inspector? Sheila.
No doubt about it.
As of now, Chief Superintendent Ainsley will be taking charge of this investigation.
Mike, I trust you'll put everything you've got into catching this Bamber bastard.
I certainly will.
And this time we will not fuck it up.

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