Who is Erin Carter? (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[suspenseful music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Erin] I'm Mrs. Carter.
And I'll be teaching you History today.
[bell rings]
[Olivia] Who are you?
Who is Erin Carter?
And why should we give her
a full-time position?
What does she bring
to our wonderful institution?
Right, you're doing a bit.
Well, the interview's tomorrow, so you
need to know this stuff off by heart.
Well, I believe education is the key
to developing the next generation,
and it's incredibly fulfilling
to play a part in that.
That's good, yeah.
Yeah. Except, you know, pfft,
being the most boring answer ever.
You need to sound like
you really want the job.
I do really want it.
Harper would get a full scholarship,
which is the only way we could afford
to keep her in this school.
It'd change our lives.
- What happened to your face?
- Oh.
It's just silly. I I bumped the car.
Erin, I'm not a worrier.
But, um, you have me worried.
You need to give the interview panel
something real.
Show them who you actually are.
You can do that,
You've got this, Erin.
[mysterious music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Penelope in Spanish] As you can see,
the house has been refurbished.
It's been recently refurbished.
[parking brake clacks]
[in English] I'll be back.
[mysterious music playing]
- [man in Spanish] Good.
- [woman] Thanks.
[in English] Hi.
[in Spanish] One second.
[in English] Um, we're having a barbecue
later. Just a few neighbors over.
I was wondering if you'd like to join us?
No. Of course I wouldn't.
[Penelope in Spanish] Go ahead, please.
[indistinct chatter]
[Penelope] Yes, thanks.
[in English]
Sometimes I wonder why I bother, you know?
[ominous music playing]
Are you okay?
[engine starts]
[Jordi] Mmm.
[overlapping chatter]
You ask me, the guy in the supermarket
got what he deserved.
She didn't ask you, Arlo.
[Arlo] I'm being supportive. Look at her.
You'd never imagine it.
[woman] You're making her uncomfortable.
He always does this.
[Arlo] I'm being supportive.
- [woman] You can't say that.
- Can I refresh your drinks?
- [woman] Thanks.
- [Arlo] Thank you.
[woman] Anyway, I'm glad Harper's okay.
That's the most important thing.
I told you not to bring it up, Arlo.
[ominous music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[high-pitched ringing]
[Emilio] Hey.
So you've got exams coming up, right?
- What's your first one?
- Maths.
- Oh.
- And you will be fine.
You know, you can't be any worse
than I was at your age.
You know, I was bottom of the class
until Emilio helped out.
Wait, what? You taught him?
No, I just put down all the wrong answers
in my test. And boom!
Your dad was no longer
the worst in the class.
Well, that was fucking dumb.
[Jordi] Whoa, Harp. Okay.
- Harper, apologize.
- No.
- Do you want to go to your room?
- Okay.
[Erin scoffs]
I'm sorry. With everything that's
happened lately, she hasn't been herself.
[groans] Shit.
[Emilio] Erin.
Look, that trouble
that I mentioned before
I'm going to need your help
with it tomorrow.
Emilio, are you seriously discussing this
with me right now in my kitchen?
- What is it that you think I am?
- I don't know.
But I know you can handle yourself.
I saw you break her neck.
You saw what you wanted to see, okay?
I was defending myself.
If that was true,
you'd have gone to the police.
- You are the police.
- [Emilio scoffs]
So you've told Jordi all about it then?
I just need a little help.
And maybe with
whatever is going on with you, I
I can help in return.
[Emilio] Jesus, what is that?
Oh my I don't know. I'll check.
Hey, hey, stop. What's going on?
I'm blocking the window
so no one can get in.
[Erin sighs]
Okay, let's talk. Come on.
Is this because of what happened
at the supermarket?
Or is it because of that thing
you saw me with in the attic?
The gun.
It wasn't real.
When you were small we
we stayed in
some pretty rough neighborhoods.
And I got a fake weapon
to scare off any intruders,
but we never needed it then,
and we definitely don't need it now.
Look out the window, Harp.
We're safe here.
I can't look out the window.
My wardrobe's in the way.
I will never let anything
happen to you, okay?
[heartfelt music playing]
[ominous music playing]
Just remember to hide, okay?
It's going to be fine.
[Erin pants]
Let's move it.
Thank you. Nice to meet you too. Bye.
- Hey.
- Hey. [chuckles]
- [Arlo] Thank you.
- [Erin] Thank you.
- [Arlo] It was amazing.
- [Erin] Don't worry about it.
[Arlo] Bye.
[indistinct chatter]
[mysterious music playing]
[toothbrush buzzing]
[Harper laughs]
[Erin] Your turn.
That's a good one. Look.
- [Harper] Mmm.
- Oh!
- [Jordi] Uh-uh. Glasses.
- [Harper] Thanks.
[Jordi] You are going to do great
in your interview today.
[Harper] Yeah, good luck, Mum!
[upbeat music playing]
You can do it.
Okay, so you have your mock exams
in front of you.
And you'll have 30 minutes to answer
the questions. Do your best.
And your time starts now.
[phone buzzes]
- What? You finished already?
- Yep.
It's not even been a minute. Dylan?
I finished, Miss.
- Dicks?
- Olivia.
Maybe you could shout that a louder?
How many?
Well, I'd say one would be enough,
but it was more. A lot more.
I'll inform the year head.
No, no, no, I don't want to escalate it.
Maybe maybe we chat to his parents.
See if one of them
can come in for an informal chat.
Well, it's only the father, but, um, sure.
Informal chat
about his son's penis obsession.
I'll let him know.
- I wasn't going to say that.
- Okay, good. Sometimes it's hard to tell.
Anyway, good news, uh, you've got
a clear run until your interview at 3:00.
Oh, great. I'll just grab some fresh air
and clear my head.
3:00 p.m. Don't be late!
- Hey there.
- [Erin] Hey.
I was getting worried.
- Where are we going?
- I'll explain on the way.
[car beeps]
Okay, this is a sniffer.
It's very cool.
[Emilio] And there's a crooked lawyer
I need information on.
He's connected to a criminal gang
I'm investigating,
so we're going to his home
and stick it onto his Internet.
"Stick it onto his Internet"?
Is that a technical term?
Oh, come on. Give me a break, okay?
And this is all legal?
God, no, of course not.
I'd need a court order. A warrant.
We shouldn't be having this conversation.
[Erin] So what's this lawyer's name?
[Emilio] Benecio Agustín.
I'm hoping he will lead me
to whoever is running the gangs.
Okay, right now Agustín is at work.
The maids are cleaning.
The doors should be open
and the alarms off, so
You should be able to get in and go up to
his second floor office and try to
You want me to do it?
Why did you think you were here?
I thought you wanted
a lookout or something.
[Emilio] I'm policeman.
I can't break into people's houses.
No one's going to suspect you because
you know, you're basically a
[chuckles]a housewife.
- Fuck off. I'm a teacher.
- You know what I mean.
And what if I say no?
If I go back to school
and get ready for my interview?
Erin, please. I wouldn't ask
if I wasn't desperate.
If I do this, we're done.
I just want my normal life back.
You are very lucky
you have Jordi as a friend.
Now tell me what I've got to do.
[suspenseful music playing]
[pop music playing faintly on earbuds]
Oh my God. No, no, no, no, no, no.
[line ringing]
- What?
- Agustín's come home early!
You've got to get out of there.
- Okay, wait, but I'm almost done.
- [Emilio] No, no, no, no, no!
Get out now!
I should never have sent you in.
Agustín is crazy.
[Erin] No, I just want this
to be over and done with.
[Emilio] No, seriously.
If he finds you, he'll kill you.
Jesus Christ.
[door opens]
Come on. Come on. Come on.
[pop music playing]
[maid in Spanish] Excuse me, ma'am.
What are you doing here?
[in English] It's okay. Okay?
[in Spanish] I'm not doing anything.
[screaming in Spanish] Hello!
[in English] Oh, fuck. Shit.
[in Spanish] Be still!
Don't move.
[Emilio in English] Oh, shit.
[Agustín in Spanish] Who are you
and what are you doing in my house?
[Agustín] Don't move!
[Erin gasps]
[indistinct chatter]
[dramatic music playing]
[radio playing in Spanish]
[reporter in Spanish]
very talented making history in tennis.
- We're closed for lunch.
- [in English] Please.
- [in Spanish] We're closed for lunch.
- [in English] Okay, but just one minute.
[reporter in Spanish]
to make sure you're up-to-date
with everything that's happened.
Thank you very much,
we will update in the next hour
- [in English] Where were you?
- [Erin] Traffic.
Right, well, the interview
started 15 minutes ago and
Oh my God, what are you wearing?
- I can get changed. Give me your blouse.
- No. There is no time, okay?
They are about to leave,
so just get in there.
You'll be fine.
Bright eyes, clear heart.
You really think it'll really be okay?
Yep. Mmm.
- [Erin] I'm so sorry I'm late.
- [sighs]
We can give you five minutes, Mrs. Carter.
Oh, thank you. [sighs]
This is Gabrielle Leon
from the school board
and Penelope Reyna, a representative
from the parent-teacher association.
[in Spanish] Hello.
[in English] Mrs. Reyna and I
actually know each other.
We live in the same neighborhood.
[sighs] I thought you looked familiar.
Hello, neighbor.
[man] So you've been with us
as a substitute for a while now.
A full-time position
is a significant step-up
in terms of responsibility and commitment.
What makes you think
you're the right fit for us?
So, um
Okay, I
I know the answer you probably
want to hear, but
I don't.
I don't fit here.
I emigrated to London with my mum,
but she died when I was young.
So I grew up moving between care homes.
I was rarely
in the same class year-to-year.
I thought school was a waste of time.
So you were a bad student?
[Erin] Oh, not bad.
The worst.
Look, most of the kids here are great.
But there are some kids
who maybe believe
they don't deserve to be here
for whatever reason.
And maybe I can help them in the way
I wished someone had helped me
when I was at their age.
[man] Thank you, Mrs. Carter.
I feel like I've learned more about you
in two minutes than I have all year.
- Is that good?
- It's not bad.
There are some question marks
over your professionalism, though.
We're referring
to the night of the school musical.
Apparently you left
without informing anyone,
leaving us short-staffed,
during which time
a classroom was badly vandalized.
I I felt unwell.
You didn't think to inform anyone?
I meant to. It was just that I
[clears throat]
I stepped outside to get some air and
And you left a school event
dangerously understaffed
with a building full of children.
I promise it won't happen again.
[door opens]
[Jordi] Hey, Harp, how was school?
- [Harper] It was okay.
- [Jordi] Better than bad.
- You're home!
- Nice T-shirt.
Yeah, I'm working on my summer look.
How did the interview go?
- Sorry.
- [Jordi] I'm sure you were amazing.
Um, yeah. [chuckles]
You never know with these things.
[Emilio] Oh, come on, you nailed it.
- They'd be crazy not to give you the job.
- [Jordi] Yeah.
You're in a good mood, Mr. Martín.
Well, I am.
- Did Mrs. Martín come back?
- Well, um, no. [chuckles]
No, I got a good break at work.
You know, some very solid leads.
Well, be careful, Emilio.
We're worried about you.
Hey, Harp, brush your teeth.
[Emilio] Mmm.
I'll leave you guys to it.
Um, but I just want to say thank you
for being good friends
and being good neighbors
and, well, I promise you from now on
you're going to see a new Emilio Martín.
[Jordi] Okay?
- Yeah.
- [Jordi] Great. Yeah.
Okay, we have got to find someone for him.
Is there anyone at school
that you could set him up with?
Uh, no, I like the people I work with.
You have to hit it and twist.
I I am doing that every time.
You think Ana will ever change her mind
and take Emilio back?
[Jordi] I don't know.
You know, some couples, they, uh
One thing goes wrong and they just,
you know, they they, you know
You think we'll ever be like that?
I'm not worried about us.
You're not, are you?
See, I like that.
Good, because you married it.
[ominous music playing]
[high-pitched ringing]
Oh, shit.
[Jordi] Harp?
Harp, are you okay?
What what happened?
Hey, Harp, come on. It's okay.
- [Harper] I'm okay, Mum.
- [Erin] Sit.
Harper, what's the matter? What happened?
I was just scared. That's all.
[Erin] She's just feeling
a bit overwhelmed at school.
There's year five exams are coming up.
It's a difficult time.
[Jordi] She didn't seem overwhelmed.
You know, she seemed terrified.
After what happened at the supermarket,
maybe she needs to talk to someone.
Yeah, but she doesn't need a shrink.
[Jordi] It might help.
But she already feels like
she's different from the other kids.
Taking her to a specialist
will only make it worse.
Well [sighs]I disagree.
I've made my decision.
It's not just your decision to make.
[Erin sighs]
[Jordi] I don't understand
what you're so scared of.
[Jordi sighs]
- [ominous music playing]
- [chuckles]
Hey, Harps. I have a surprise for you.
[bell ringing]
[overlapping chatter]
Bye. Have a lovely weekend.
You're hovering.
I am, yes.
I didn't get the job.
[Olivia] From what I'm hearing,
they'll extend your part-time contract
for another six months and then review it.
I can help you prepare for it.
Shit, I blew it, didn't I?
Apparently the interview went quite well,
but someone raised an objection.
What? Of course they did.
Penelope fucking Reyna. I swear to God,
I'm gonna
[knocking on door]
I'm Daniel Lang.
I was told there was an issue
with my son Dylan.
Which one of you is Mrs. Carter?
Hi. I'm I'm Erin Carter.
I'm Dylan's form teacher
until Mr. Luis gets back.
[Olivia] Olivia Thorne.
School Administrator.
I'll leave you to
[Erin] Yeah.
So you're the person who gave my son
zero marks for his mock exam?
I am, yes, but there's a reason
Now I'm not saying
that he's an A student, but really?
Okay. If you just
That's Dylan's exam paper.
I'm sorry.
I take it there's no way
that this was an art exam?
[scoffs] No, and even if it was
No. Sure.
It's not exactly Picasso's Blue Period.
Okay. Um, what are we talking about here?
Is it a suspension or detention or
Why don't we call it a cry for help?
That's a really generous interpretation.
Yeah, I know.
But Dylan is struggling academically.
And this is like a preemptive strike.
- Better to fail than to be failed.
- [Erin] Exactly.
- He wants you to be angry with him.
- Oh, he's doing a great job of that.
Yeah, but why don't you go the other way?
Give him support.
I don't know.
Get him an after-school tutor.
Someone that can help him.
He wants help.
He just doesn't know how to ask for it.
Thank you.
And, please, if you have any questions,
don't hesitate to call me.
[Daniel] Right.
Actually, I do have one.
Who is Penelope fucking Reyna?
I'm so sorry you heard that.
That was very unprofessional of me.
Um, Penelope,
she's this woman who blocked me
from getting a full-time position,
but it's all
Well, you see, my donations built
that basketball court outside,
so maybe I could put in
a good word for you.
Oh. [chuckles]
That's very kind of you. Um
It's okay.
You don't have to worry about me.
[Daniel] I'm not worried about you.
It's poor Penelope Reyna.
[mysterious music playing]
Harp, go on in.
I need to go and see Penelope.
Please don't be crazy.
Everyone thinks we're weird already.
But, I'm
[rings doorbell]
Hello, neighbor.
What the fuck is your fucking problem,
Penelope? This is just
- [in Spanish] Hello.
- Hello.
[Penelope in English] Sorry, you were
saying something about my problem.
You know what this job meant to me.
This is my family you're messing with.
- Are you threatening me?
- Oh, come No, of course not.
Everybody in the neighborhood is already
scared of you.
I tell them, "Erin only killed
that supermarket man in self-defense,"
but you know how they like to gossip.
This is all about you.
You're the one that's screwing me over.
It wasn't me.
I didn't vote against you, Erin.
I honestly don't care
if you get a promotion or not.
Uh, I don't believe you.
You showed up late
in a T-shirt that said "Life's a bitch."
- What did you think was going to happen?
- Beach.
The T-shirt said, "Life's a beach."
So it really wasn't you?
You're not that important to me.
[woman in Spanish] I stayed at a hotel
recommended by my sister.
It had a swimming pool
[Penelope] So, what was I saying?
- [woman] The summer collection.
- [Penelope] Too expensive. But I love it.
- [in English] You have a lovely home.
- Goodbye, Erin.
[woman in Spanish] Some people don't know
when they're not welcome.
[women chuckle]
[TV playing in Spanish]
[man on TV] new contestants
who will be facing the wall.
[Erin] Emilio!
[man on TV] For those
who have never watched the show
contestants must use
their memory and general knowledge
in order to find all the answers
on the wall
and win the jackpot.
The jackpot, yes.
"And how does the jackpot work?"
I hear you ask.
I will explain.
The wall conceals itself
and hides all the answers.
It shows them briefly
and hides them again.
[Erin in English] Where are you?
[man on TV in Spanish] Yes.
And then the game begins.
Every contestant
gets a clue for each answer.
And then they have to combine
their memory
and general knowledge to solve it.
[in English] Olivia will be here
in half an hour, but I have to go now.
- I'll come with you.
- You can't.
[Harper] Why not?
[Erin] Harper, for once,
just do what I say.
[sighs] Sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
It's just I have to run an errand.
I know I'm so annoying.
All kids are annoying.
You're actually okay.
More than okay.
You're my favorite person in the world.
I love you, Harp.
Olivia won't be long.
[door closes]
[car beeps]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [car beeps]
- [fireworks exploding]
[indistinct chatter]
[fireworks continue]
[alarm blares]
[man in Spanish]
María, shut up! I've had enough!
[dog barking]
[man 2] It was nothing. We're all good.
Some woman broke into my house, Emilio.
I'm not stupid. I know you sent her.
Look at me. Stay with me.
[Spanish rap music playing]
[Agustín] I helped you.
All I asked in return was
for a few simple favors.
This is how you repay me?
[Emilio] You turned me into a bad cop.
No. You did that yourself.
[Emilio screams]
[Agustín] Tell me who the woman is.
What was she doing in my house?
Was she there to steal something?
- Huh?
- Please I'm sorry.
[Erin in English] Come on!
Come on! Move, move, move!
[in Spanish] What's going on?
- [grunts]
- Ah!
[banging on door]
[man 3] Open the door! That bitch!
[Erin panting]
[man 3 yells indistinctly]
[Erin] Shit. Shit.
[in Spanish] Where are you?
[Erin grunts]
[gasping, screaming]
[man 3] Son of a bitch!
[man 3] Son of a bitch!
[Emilio] Ah!
[Erin] Emilio?
[man 3] Son of a bitch!
[dogs barking]
- [in English] I fell off the roof.
- Yeah, you did.
[dogs barking]
Are you okay?
Yeah, fine. At least for now.
- What the hell was all that about?
- He wanted to know who you are.
Uh, I haven't been honest with you.
What the fuck, Emilio?
I fucking trusted you!
I'm sorry. I had no choice.
I had gambling debts.
Agustín said we would be even
if I gave him some inside information, but
he always wanted more,
which is why I needed to shut him down.
I am sorry.
I'm sorry for involving you.
- Listen, we need to take you to hospital.
- No, no, please. No way.
[Erin] Yes, we do.
No, this gets reported,
my superiors get involved. No way.
Just get something
to patch me up now, please.
[Erin] So, I do two damage
to the ogre with my dagger
and it does 18 damage to me
with its club, which means I'm dead.
Yeah, sorry.
No, that's fine. It's fun.
Probably should have found
something better than the dagger, like a
a sword or a gun or something.
Do they have guns in this game,
or is it all elves
and fairies and whatnot?
They don't have guns.
Mum has one, though.
[chuckles] Great, I'll borrow hers then.
[Olivia] I'm sure you're mistaken.
It's in that bag.
I really shouldn't.
Oh my God.
That is so cute.
Pew, pew!
Oh, dear.
Come on.
[door opens]
[Emilio coughs]
[bell dings]
- [woman in Catalan] Hello.
- Hello.
[woman] Thirty euros.
Anything else?
[bell dings]
Here you go.
[in English] Who are you?
I am very curious.
[camera clicks]
- [scoffs]
- Hey! Hey!
[woman in Catalan] Wait! Your change.
[Erin in English] Hey, stop!
You break into my home!
You fuck with my business!
So either you tell me who you are,
or I get someone to find out.
[Erin] I'm nobody. Really.
Fine, have it your way.
Don't send that photo.
Wrong answer.
[Erin panting]
Hey, hey, we need to go. We need to go!
Get in the car!
[Erin] Shit! Where's his phone?
[ominous music playing]
Wh why did you why did you do that?
I don't know. I I was trying to help!
How is this helping?
You just made everything worse.
You just made everything fucking worse.
This is bad. This is bad.
This is fucked up.
Thank you so much, Olivia.
I really appreciate it.
It's no trouble at all. She's so much
better behaved than my lot.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, yeah. It's just one of those days.
You know.
All right.
- See you next week.
- [Erin] Yeah.
Thank you. See you at school.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[mysterious music playing]
Fuck. Come on.
Come on.
- Just work! Just fucking Fuck!
- [Jordi] Erin?
[Erin] Ah!
[Jordi] Okay. Whoa! Whoa! What happened?
- It's broken! It's fucking broken!
- It's just the pipes. We'll fix it.
[Jordi grunts]
Hey. Whoa.
Are you okay?
I didn't get the job.
[Jordi] Okay.
I fucked up.
No, no, you didn't.
Yes, I did. I fucking fucked up.
- It's okay.
- [Erin] I let you all down.
Hey, that's okay.
We'll fix it.
No, you you
you can't fucking fix it. You
[Jordi] Oh, baby, it's okay.
No, we'll be all right.
It's going to be all right.
[ominous music playing]
[theme music playing]
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