Who Killed Sara? (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

It's All on You

1 - [Rodolfo.]
Let's go! - [Sara giggling.]
- [Álex.]
Hey! - [José.]
Yeah, get a room.
- [Álex.]
Hey! Enough already.
- [Rodolfo laughs.]
- [José.]
Let's go! - [Álex.]
Come on.
Let's go.
[Sara and Álex cheer.]
- [Lucía.]
- [José.]
Hold this.
- [Lucía.]
Marifer's on the phone.
- [somber music plays.]
- Hello? - [Marifer crying.]
Sara? - I need you.
- [Sara.]
What happened? Please, can you just come over? But I'm going to Valle.
With Rodolfo? Yeah, I'm not going by myself.
He's my boyfriend.
Álex is going too.
[Marifer sobs.]
I've never asked you for help, Sara.
Is everything okay? All right.
As soon as I get back, I'm gonna come over.
I promise.
You know what? Eat shit! [Marifer.]
Fuck you, and I hope your best friend doesn't leave you hanging just to go get fucked by some rich piece of shit! [dial tone.]
[car horn honking.]
[siren wailing.]
[music rising.]
[girl's voice.]
I want my mama to come home.
Why did she leave? Was it because of me? [Marifer.]
No, Clara.
She had to go.
- Is that why the Lazcanos have us now? - The Lazcanos are not your family.
[Clara sighs.]
- I'm your family, your big sister.
- [air rushing.]
Okay, we can go now.
[Sara laughs.]
You're not gonna say goodbye? [birds chirping.]
[somber instrumental music plays.]
I love you so much, sweetie.
Is that why you lied to me my entire life about my father? - Fucking liar.
- Not here.
[heart beating.]
Bye, Mama.
- [Lucía.]
- [Rodolfo.]
My love.
- [Sara laughs.]
Hey you.
- [Rodolfo.]
Hello, my love.
- [Sara.]
- [door shuts.]
Please look after your sister.
No matter what happens, stay by her side.
Be safe.
[Rodolfo, José.]
[engine starting.]
Ready? [seagulls calling.]
[somber melodic music plays.]
Hurry up! You're so fucking slow, bro.
- Come on, move it! - [Álex.]
Hey! - Stop hitting me! Damn you! - Come on! - [Sara.]
It's too far.
- [Nicandro.]
No, it's been three, Sara.
Why did you call my papa? I'm in deep shit.
- [Marifer.]
I have to leave the house.
- Where are you going? I need to do something very important.
Promise me that you will not leave the house.
- Will you listen? He went to school.
- [Nicandro.]
You owe me money.
This isn't charity, Sara.
You owe me money and you have to pay.
[distorted voice.]
Sara! [suspenseful instrumental music plays.]
[music tempo increases.]
- [Rodolfo.]
Mama! - [Álex.]
Sara! [theme music playing.]
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [music crescendos.]
Guzmán? - [Álex clears throat.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
Name, date, time, and signature.
Second to last signature, am I right? [woman.]
We usually don't miss ex-cons around here.
[man coughs.]
Thanks a lot.
- Take care.
- Bye.
[phone ringing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[Lorenzo exhaling.]
There's only one week left.
I'm running out of time.
[Álex inhaling.]
I can't believe it's been six months with no information about that body I found.
What worries me is the prosecutor's silence in all this.
Well, that works to my favor, doesn't it? That means they haven't found new evidence that could convict me.
It could be that they have information but don't want to divulge it.
Why not? Because I'm an ex-con? They think I murdered that person and buried them in my own damn yard? Come on, man.
[Álex sighing.]
They're gonna send me back.
I'll submit a new injunction and try to delay this whole process as much as possible.
This time we're gonna do things my way.
[suspenseful synth music rises.]
Things have been so difficult.
César has been missing for over six months now.
[instrumental music plays.]
Elisa's in Europe.
Rodolfo's living like a dead person.
And José María's living in sin.
And how does that make you feel? Very bad.
But I've decided what I'm going to do.
I'm going to be a mother again.
That's why I moved her into my house.
Who? The woman who's carrying my child in her belly.
[church bell ringing.]
Sofía made too many mistakes.
That's why Rodolfo abandoned her.
[eerie instrumental music plays.]
It was my duty to help her.
That child isn't hers.
[muffled baby crying echoes.]
I'm the one who's going to save it.
I did it in the past with Elroy.
[music builds.]
Because being a mother is what I do best.
[music crescendos.]
["Casta Diva" aria plays over speakers.]
[inmate groaning.]
You don't think I've waited long enough? - [gate clanging.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
It's been six months already.
Tomorrow? Tomorrow is no good.
All right.
Tonight then.
[door unlocking.]
Hernández, laundry duty.
Go! [music stops.]
[indistinct jeering.]
[inmates whistling.]
[gate buzzing.]
[suspenseful electronic music plays.]
We need to talk.
Not yet, sweet Álex.
[inmates chatter indistinctly.]
[grim electronic music plays.]
- [guard.]
All right.
Move! - Ready? All right! - [guard.]
Come on.
- Let's go! Come on.
Come on! - Come on, come on.
Let's go! - Move it.
Get Hernandez.
Hey, come on.
Hey! Let's go.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
[music tempo increases.]
[guard choking, grunting.]
- [wet smacks.]
- [Sergio grunting.]
[dog barking.]
[engine starting.]
[suspenseful synth music plays.]
[Sergio grunting.]
[music tempo increases.]
[Elisa echoes.]
We're on two very different and very distant paths.
What happened between us was It was a mistake.
My mistake.
[suspenseful electronic music plays.]
[cart rattling.]
[music builds.]
[engine accelerating.]
[tires screeching.]
[car horn honking.]
- [car horns honking.]
- [tires screeching.]
- [tires squealing.]
- [horns blaring.]
[multiple car horns honking.]
[tires screeching.]
EXI [electronic beeping.]
[gate unlocking.]
[gate clanging.]
That's my job.
[suspenseful synth music plays.]
It's ready.
[gate squeaking.]
[van doors opening.]
LAUNDRY [engine roaring.]
- [honking, screeching.]
- [people yell.]
[car horn blares.]
[suspenseful electronic music plays.]
Fucking bitch ass.
- [honking.]
- [Álex grunts.]
[tires squealing.]
[metal crunching.]
[door slamming.]
- Fuck! - [Álex.]
What the fuck! Son of a bitch! [Álex.]
Who the fuck are you, huh? Diana the Huntress? You bitch! [car horns honking.]
[sirens approaching.]
[eerie synth music plays.]
Fucking bitch! [air rushing.]
[moody instrumental music plays.]
You and I have to talk, you idiot.
Álex here? No.
[camera snapping.]
Did you key my car? What happened to your car? Someone fucked with the paint.
Was it you? [chuckles.]
[music rising.]
[air rushing.]
Why are you following me? What do you want? I want to help you sell drugs.
[scratching echoing.]
You? - Does Álex know? - Álex doesn't know shit.
I can get people to pay more cash.
And plus, no one would suspect me.
'Cause I'm Álex's little sister.
The greatest guy in the universe.
Everyone believes I'm just like him.
So, I don't know.
What do you say? [Nicandro gasping.]
I help you [Nicandro panting.]
and you give me some money.
Smoke ♪ I can make you smoke ♪ We could We could try for a few days.
Be afraid ♪ Oh.
I'll need an advance.
I really need cash.
Sorry, but first you have to sell my shit, then you collect.
- Hm.
- That's how this fucking business works.
You know what? I think this works better like this.
The devil is a woman ♪ [Nicandro panting.]
- Hm? - [Nicandro laughs nervously.]
[Nicandro laughs, sighs.]
- [panting.]
I could give you an advance.
- [laughs.]
[Nicandro gasps.]
[Nicandro sighs.]
[Nicandro exhales.]
- [zipping.]
- What about Rodolfo? [belt buckling.]
- Aren't you guys together now? - Yes.
And I love him.
[grim synth music plays.]
[birds chirping.]
Nicandro! [camera snaps.]
I don't know what you're up to with Sara, but she's having a tough time.
You don't need to protect her.
- Sara knows what she's doing.
- No, that's just it.
She doesn't know what she's doing.
What were you doing in her room right now? [chuckling.]
- You're jealous.
- Stop it.
It's not enough to fuck Álex? Now you wanna fuck his sister too? You're into three-ways that much, Marifer? [chuckling.]
You pig.
Fucking douche.
[somber synth music plays.]
[muffled pop music plays.]
What was that scumbag doing in your room? I got the money.
[music builds.]
[music echoing.]
LAUNDRY - I'm gonna get a bite.
- [emergency breaking.]
[engine turns off.]
[dogs barking.]
[suspenseful electronic music plays.]
[music building.]
Give me one of those.
[dogs barking.]
Put a lot of meat in it.
- [inhaling.]
Money's in your account.
- Great.
[dogs barking.]
- Make sure your buddy doesn't talk.
- [driver.]
Don't worry.
If he suspects, you know what to do.
[dogs barking.]
[multiple dogs barking.]
- [driver.]
Is it good? - [man.]
It's great.
Want one? [distant siren wailing.]
[dogs barking.]
[dog barking, howling.]
[melancholy music plays.]
Clara all right? Everything's fine with Clara and also with our daughter.
[José gasping.]
- But I am not well.
- Chema, no.
- Not again.
Please, Chema.
- [José.]
I can't sleep.
I'm having a really rough time, babe.
It's very difficult to sleep when you're still in that house.
- [José.]
It's not that.
- I told you to move.
It's that you're not there with me.
That's it.
[dog barking.]
You should've thought about that before doing what you did.
[insects chirping.]
I have nightmares too, you know.
- Not just you.
You only think of yourself.
- Come back home.
We can sleep together.
Love each other.
I'm the one who had to take things and leave you.
- I'm also involved in that guy's murder.
- We're not talking about that.
[dramatic music crescendos.]
[dogs barking.]
I need you.
[dogs howling.]
I'm begging you.
Please come back home.
I need you so much.
[Lorenzo inhaling.]
- [Lorenzo sighs.]
- [dogs bark.]
- I can't imagine life without you.
- No.
[Lorenzo inhaling.]
[keys jingling.]
- Bambino.
- No.
[dogs barking.]
No, José María.
I'm sorry.
Lorenzo [Lorenzo sighing.]
[grim instrumental music plays.]
[distant sirens wailing.]
[music building.]
[Álex grunting.]
[distant sirens wailing.]
[music builds.]
[Álex whistles.]
Jab, jab! Uppercut! [Álex grunting.]
Go, go! Do it.
[Álex grunts, gasps.]
[suspenseful electronic music plays.]
[grim instrumental music plays.]
[door creaking.]
[Álex grunting, gasping.]
[Álex panting.]
[door creaking.]
[music building.]
[sirens approaching.]
[music crescendos.]
[insects chirping.]
[eerie music crescendos.]
[suspenseful instrumental music plays.]
[music building.]
[music crescendos.]
You okay? [birds chirping.]
Huh? Yeah.
What time is it? 9:30.
- 9:30? - [Clara.]
What? [José.]
What is it? [indistinct chatter over intercom.]
- [car door opens.]
- [Elisa laughs.]
Seriously? I thought you weren't coming.
- I've been waiting for like 30 minutes.
- [sighing.]
I'm sorry.
I checked all over the parking lot.
[planes taking off.]
How are you? [sighing.]
Not great.
Hey, hey.
What's wrong? [José sniffling.]
- Hey.
- [José sighing.]
I've needed you so much, Elisa.
And Lorenzo? [gasping.]
We can talk about it later.
- [Sofía.]
Thanks for calling me.
- [maid.]
You're welcome.
I haven't seen you with a big belly in 17 years.
[Sofía chuckling.]
You sure picked a pleasant family to raise Bruno in.
That's precisely why I want him to go back to the states with you.
I need to be in peace to properly take care of this little baby.
And plus it'll be good for you to spend some time together, don't you think? - So? - Why doesn't he live with you? He chose to stay with Rodolfo.
You know how he is.
Rebellious, insufferable.
[grim synth music plays.]
[Rodolfo exhaling.]
[women sighing.]
[Sofía grunting.]
Well, it's the same thing that happened between us.
- We got a divorce.
- Not the same.
You weren't pregnant when we got divorced.
Just take care of Bruno, alright? Take him with you.
- [wincing.]
- Here.
Sit down.
[Sofía gasping.]
- Are you okay? What is it? - I'm fine.
I'm fine, Felix.
I didn't tell you about Lorenzo because [melancholy instrumental music plays.]
I don't know, I didn't want to trouble you with my problems, and - Want more wine? - Yes, thank you.
There were even worse things going on [Elisa.]
like the casino and with Papa.
So, have you heard anything about Papa? - Nothing.
- Nothing? He disappeared.
Nobody knows where he is.
The police think he left the country under another name, and honestly, I wouldn't doubt if it's true.
I swear.
You have no idea how many things are going on here, Elisa.
And it's all happening at the same time.
It's been I don't know months of sleeping just two or three hours a night.
Poor baby.
[Elisa chuckling.]
- What? - [José sighing.]
You and Lorenzo are having a difficult time? What's happening with my niece? Have you discussed that? [eerie instrumental music plays.]
[gasping, grunting.]
How long will you be in Mexico? Mm.
A month.
- [José.]
A month? Well, cool.
- Mm-hm.
- You'll be here for your niece's birth.
- Yeah.
That's why I'm here, you goon.
- [José laughs.]
- Think I'm here for you? [Elisa laughing.]
So tell me.
What's going on with my niece? What's up with Lorenzo? I don't know, Elisa.
[birds chirping.]
I don't know.
I I have no fucking idea.
And you? You gonna tell Álex that you're here? That you're back? No.
No, no, no.
[somber synth music plays.]
Well, I don't know.
Do you know Abel Martínez Osorio? [swoosh.]
- [disguised voice.]
- [Álex.]
Who is he? Why was he buried in my yard? [disguised voice.]
Your mother kept a lot of things from you.
What do you know? [music builds.]
[disguised voice.]
A lot more than you do.
Who was Abel Martínez? [disguised voice.]
I think it's time to meet in person.
When and where? [music builds.]
WHEN AND WHERE? [music crescendos.]
- [Rodolfo.]
Papa! Papa! - [José.]
Papa! - [José.]
Call an ambulance! - [Álex.]
Call an ambulance! - [Rodolfo.]
Papa! - [César.]
Talk to me! - [José.]
Get the ambulance! - [Rodolfo.]
God! Papa! [Mariana.]
Make the call.
[voices echoing.]
[somber instrumental music plays.]
[birds chirping.]
- [José.]
Aw, shit! - [Elisa.]
What? - [José.]
We're out of wine.
- [Elisa.]
No, no.
[Elisa laughs.]
Ever since Lorenzo moved out, I've been living in a complete haze.
I'll go by the wine.
Maybe on the way, I'll make up my mind about calling Álex.
Thanks for being here.
I love you.
I'm your sister.
I'll always be here for you.
I know.
Even when you don't answer any of my questions.
[Elisa chuckles.]
I'll get that wine.
[eerie instrumental music plays.]
[music crescendos.]
[Elisa screaming.]
Let me go! Let me go! Help me! [tires screeching.]
[Elisa screams.]
No! No! Please stop! No! ["The Thrill Has Gone" by Louise Dowd & Shelley Harland plays.]
I REQUES - That will be all.
Thank you.
- Looks like I'm caught ♪ In the middle of this ♪ Yeah, I'm the riddle And there's nowhere left to run ♪ Feels like I'm first ♪ In the kill of this, yeah ♪ [music stops.]
- [engine revving.]
- [brakes screeching.]
Lorenzo, will you slow the fuck down? Shit! [Lorenzo breathing.]
Chema, don't tell me what to do.
We're gonna get pulled over and we'll have to explain why the fuck we've a dead body in the back.
Shut the fuck up! - Shut your fucking mouth! - Are you fucking serious right now? [female assistant.]
Excuse me, I'm leaving now.
Do you need anything? - Should I turn off the lights? - No, that's fine.
[insects chirping.]
[Lorenzo gasping.]
No, really.
Thank you.
- Have a good night.
- [female assistant.]
Good night.
- [inhaling.]
- [footsteps departing.]
[air rushing.]
[sound distorting.]
You killed him.
[electronic music plays on car stereo.]
[music grows louder.]
Felt us there on the brink of it ♪ There was a glimpse of it for a while ♪ [dog barking.]
[car passing.]
Cutting corners over the catalyst ♪ Only put another twist ♪ [drums banging.]
[insects chirping.]
[drums banging.]
[electronic music swells.]
COMING SOON [female vocalist hums.]
[female vocalist hums.]
[drum echoes.]
[Lorenzo sniffing.]
[somber melodic music plays.]
[Lorenzo hammering.]
You came back.
They're going to find the body.
[eerie synth music plays.]
What? You heard me.
- What are you talking about? - I drove by there.
- Why? - Because I heard from developers.
They told me.
- What did they say? - They're constructing a new complex.
- So, what are we gonna do? - We have to get him out of there.
- No.
No, no.
- Yes.
- Yes, we have to go get him out tonight.
- I'm not going through that again.
[Lorenzo sighing.]
[music crescendos.]
[dog barking.]
[suspenseful electronic music plays.]
[music crescendos.]
[Álex groaning.]
[footsteps echoing.]
[sound distorting.]
[grim synth music plays.]
[Álex groaning.]
[Álex wincing.]
[dog barking.]
[Álex sighing.]
What are you doing here? [Álex gasping.]
I've been hiding for more than six months.
I haven't seen my family.
- I'm the living dead.
- So you came to kill me? Just like you did Abel Martínez, before burying him in my yard? The only reason I'm here right now is Elisa.
- Sergio kidnapped her.
- What? [César sighing.]
You got to be kidding me.
That fucker's a goddamn psychopath.
He's doing this because he wants me dead.
What the fuck? [eerie synth music plays.]
I imagine you've seen the video of Flor Sánchez.
Am I right? I never knew what he did to the others, only her.
He said it was an accident, and he got carried away.
And I made the mistake of believing him.
I don't buy any of this, man.
That fucking psychopath tortured and killed over five women.
[Álex sighs.]
And now he has Elisa? Did you watch it? [dog barking.]
I can't do it.
[César sighing.]
No, please.
Not while I'm here.
There's something I don't get.
Why would Sergio take Elisa? Because I was the one who turned him in.
They caught him at the airport trying to get out of Mexico.
But he busted out of jail.
I don't know how.
Eighteen years ago, I asked you for a favor.
A favor that changed our lives.
- [drums beat.]
- Help us, Álex.
[Álex snorting.]
"Our" lives, huh? How did your life change? You stayed in your mansion with your family.
The only one who spent 18 years in jail, was me, you fucker.
I'm sorry.
I need you to help me again today.
I have to save my daughter, but I can't do it on my own.
The entire Mexican police force is searching for me.
I really can't bear it the thought of her suffering because of what I did.
The The thought of her in the hands of that prick.
Please, help me.
- [drums beat.]
- Save your brother.
Do you want me to beg you [somber melodic music plays.]
with what's left of my dignity? Ask for whatever you want.
[dog barking.]
[César crying, sniffling.]
[sound echoing.]
And not just him.
Our entire family.
[music rising.]
[dogs howling.]
[sirens wailing.]
[suspenseful synth music plays.]
- [César.]
Why are the police here? - How should I know? Shit.
[César sighing.]
What are you doing? César.
[César breathes heavily.]
Elisa's life is in your hands now.
You're strong.
[heart beating.]
You know what it means to struggle.
You have a spirit of sacrifice.
We all win with the decision you just made.
[sirens approaching.]
[multiple sirens blaring.]
Put down your weapon! [Álex.]
Put down your weapon! [dog barking.]
Put down your weapon now! [sirens wailing.]
[suspenseful music building.]
[dog barking.]
[music tempo increases.]
Go find my daughter.
[music crescendos.]
[gunshot echoes.]
[sound ringing.]
["The Thrill Has Gone" by Louise Dowd & Shelley Harland plays.]
Looks like I'm caught ♪ In the middle of this ♪ Yeah, I'm the riddle And there's nowhere left to run ♪ Feels like I'm first ♪ In the kill of this ♪ Yeah and the thrill of this has gone ♪ [female vocalist hums.]
[female vocalist hums.]
Felt us there on the brink of it ♪ There was a glimpse of it for a while ♪ Cutting corners over the catalyst ♪ Only put another twist in the knife ♪ [female vocalist hums.]
[female vocalist hums.]
[female vocalist hums.]

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