Who Killed Sara? (2021) s03e05 Episode Script

Lab Rats

1 [Nicandro.]
Daniela has been locked up in this place for so long.
Please let me see her.
[tense music playing.]
Five minutes.
[tense music continues.]
[Daniela sobs.]
Lucía, wake up, quick.
Wake up.
Hey, look.
Look what I got here.
I'm gonna help you escape from here tomorrow.
Hear me? But you have to pay attention.
Uh, in here is all the information.
You will call Álex Guzmán.
Listen to me.
Pay attention! Álex is your uncle, okay? You and me, we're lab rats.
Listen to me! They are experimenting on us, on you, on me.
And that that is no life.
You're getting out of here.
[tense music continues.]
[alarm ringing.]
[indistinct chattering.]
[indistinct chattering.]
[tense music continues.]
[tense music continues.]
[music intensifies.]
[theme music playing.]
Here? It seems like it.
The last thing I need is to go through an interrogation.
If I didn't let you know I'm living with Chema, it's because I haven't had the time, okay? Things have been very difficult.
You know where he is? [Mariana.]
He's out.
Well, we're going to have to wait for him here.
- If you want, we can go look - He's not in Mexico.
My God, Mama.
Chema wouldn't make a decision like that and much less without asking me.
He didn't let you know he was living with me either, so Chema is very different since he got out of jail.
He needs to think about certain things.
[phone line ringing.]
This is José María Lazcano's phone.
Please leave a message.
Where the hell did he go? I don't know.
I didn't ask him.
So he left his house and all his stuff? That's convenient, no? What are you insinuating? Well, what are you saying? The bank finally takes away your house, and Chema conveniently decides to go away, bring you here, and allow you to live like a queen.
Do you share expenses, or does he support your every need? You're insulting me, Rodolfo.
Where is Chema, Mama? [tense music playing.]
Is it time? Do I get to eat something? I haven't had anything in two days.
No, Mr.
Guzmán, there is no official record of Dr.
Alanís's death.
- Take a look at this.
- Doesn't make sense.
I saw him myself, dead in his office with a bullet in his forehead.
He couldn't have disappeared.
The day your sister fell off that parachute in the lake, you were right there.
When César Lazcano pulled the trigger and faked his death, where'd that occur? At your house.
And where was the body of Abel Martínez? Yes, also at your house, Mr.
Why is it that you are always at the crime scene? I don't know, but I'm wondering exactly the same thing.
I'm very busy.
So if you're not going to tell me the whereabouts of your sister, don't ever come back here.
Officer, hang on.
Just one last thing, please.
By any chance, do you know if any complaints or reports have been filed against Dr.
Reinaldo Gómez de la Cortina? You know who I'm talking about, yeah? [César.]
Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
Reinaldo isn't taking my calls.
Since Nicandro's, he's only been working.
I haven't seen him much.
What was your husband and your son involved in? Nicandro went to the house where my children were staying.
He was there with two men and started shooting at us.
I can't talk about this.
I'm "Frida, Nicandro is dead now.
" That's what Reinaldo said.
And I didn't want to ask questions.
I couldn't.
You know Reinaldo perfectly well and what he's capable of, and he doesn't care who gets in his way.
Even convincing Nicandro to find and kill the best friends he's ever had.
Look what he did to Daniela.
To his very own daughter.
Of course he's capable of that.
And atrocities much worse.
Muscular effects.
May I come in? [Reinaldo.]
I was waiting for you.
This is Marifer, Sara's best friend.
She's collaborating with us.
I already have your first task.
I need you to put your friend Sara in touch with Abel Martínez Osorio.
With my papa? [Tonya.]
Yes, with your papa.
The same one who is locked up under close surveillance due to schizophrenia.
Yes, we need him and Sara to meet, to talk, and to get to know each other and see if that triggers something that we can study.
But why my papa? Do you always ask so many questions? Thank you, Marifer.
Come back when you are done with this task so you can collect the money that I promised you.
So she doesn't know yet that Abel is also Sara's father? No.
She has no idea they're sisters.
And she mustn't know for the time being.
Very well.
Abel Martínez Osorio.
That's who your mama visited at the psychiatric hospital.
All right.
Marifer, this must be the guy that wants to put me away.
I need to find out who he is and why my mama went to see him.
Can you just leave it alone, please? You think I don't know that you and my mother meet to plot against me? - If you keep going like this, you're - Shut up! You wanna see me dead.
Sara! Sara, wait! [tense music playing.]
I wanna help you sell drugs.
I can get people to pay more cash.
And, plus, no one would suspect me 'cause I'm Álex's little sister.
The greatest guy in the universe.
Everyone believes I'm just like him.
Look, I don't know what you're up to with my friend, but she's going through a really tough time.
You don't need to protect her.
Sara knows exactly what she's doing.
No, that's just it.
She doesn't know what she's doing.
What were you two just doing in her room right now? [Tonya.]
One piece of advice.
What are you doing here? [Tonya.]
Leave Nicandro alone.
Whatever he and Sara do is not your concern.
How'd you get in my house? Look, just so you're clear, we need for Nicandro to give drugs to Sara.
He and his father have agreed on this.
- Nicandro as well? - [Tonya.]
He works for us too.
Same as you.
So, you don't have to protect Sara from Nicandro.
Is that clear? By the way, you look a lot like your father.
You and Abel have the same eyes.
And I don't mean that as a compliment.
[door opens, closes.]
[unsettling music playing.]
"A trepanation consists of making a hole in the skull of a person who is alive.
" - "It can be done by drilling" - [Rodolfo.]
Sara! Sara! - [Rodolfo.]
Sara! - [Sara.]
"by drilling, cutting, or scraping the layers of bone with a sharp instrument.
" Did you see her face, dude? I don't think she liked it.
"Trepanation can induce paralysis, confusion, or even cause death.
" [tense music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
[Sara screams.]
["Ven Conmigo" by Christina Aguilera playing.]
[song ends.]
Are you awake? [tense music playing.]
Schizophrenia and homosexuality.
Two diagnoses that can end the life of a human being.
Two diagnoses I know well and that are close to my heart.
In 1911, Freud established a link between the two conditions.
To be able to have other people's love, some subjects take themselves first.
That is, in order to reach full love, they must go through the choice of homosexuality.
And what is, according to Freud, the mind's answer to the homosexual impulse that those individuals feel? If homosexuality and schizophrenia are cause and effect for one branch of psychiatry, the the question then is, how can Sgorden Delta Labs solve this issue? The answer comes from Project Medusa.
[girls giggling.]
[giggling continues.]
A 1993 research project carried out under my supervision showed that mothers can transmit a gene that influences the sexual behavior of their children.
[soft pop music playing.]
That thesis was confirmed by the study carried out by Dr.
Santillán, who is here with us.
Funded by Project Medusa.
Homosexuality is directly related to the copy of the X chromosome received from the mother, who has two of them.
At the same time, four laboratories have presented studies that show that the gene related to schizophrenia is found in chromosome six, which is also passed down by the mother.
What was that? Adrenaline.
I want to increase your heart rate, facilitate the information movement that is between your nerve cells.
Thanks, Inés.
I feel kind of weird right now.
It's as if you turned on the heat in the room or something.
It's normal.
The excess adrenaline gives the body sensations similar to an orgasm.
What is How? [Reinaldo.]
Do you recognize those images? Where did you find those movies? They were mine.
I burned them.
How did you get them? Hey! Just enjoy for now.
What am I supposed to do here? [tense music playing.]
As doctors, we know it's very easy to give a diagnosis.
It takes us two seconds.
But for patients, it's almost impossible to get rid of that diagnosis.
Our sentence will follow them for the rest of their lives.
[tense music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
I can't breathe.
[pensive music playing.]
First, we're going to sell the disease, then we'll sell the pill.
We cannot settle for a drug that is only used inside medical institutions.
We need to create something that can help doctors in general and that everyone is able to get.
In the future I envision, we won't be taking drugs to improve, but instead for keeping ourselves at the peak of life.
This way, a disease will be treated before it even exists.
Nobody wants to have a homosexual son.
Am I right? [gasps.]
Nobody wants to pass down the schizophrenia gene to their daughter.
Well, that is what we are going to offer.
Peace of mind and trust.
We will construct a world without deviants Miss? Excuse me.
You can't go in there.
You can't go in.
Miss! No! - Doctor, I'm very sorry.
- I won't let you kill me! - Good afternoon, Sara.
- You won't do anything to me.
You're not gonna open my head and do those horrible things that you do to people.
You're experiencing a psychotic break.
- All of this is in your mind! - I don't want to! No! I don't want to, okay? Everyone's gonna find out what you do in Cuernavaca! Let me go! Everyone will find out! [sobs.]
I don't want to! How long are you planning to stay in this place? As long as I need to.
Not planning to go back to my house for safety.
This is the place where they locked Daniela up.
And it's likely the same place Lucía ran away from.
Lucía? Yeah, Lucía.
That's what they named Sara's daughter.
This is the same place where you guys went to see Marifer? No.
No, that was at a private center here in Mexico City.
This is in Cuernavaca.
Impressive, but a real fucking prison.
Cameras everywhere.
Guards everywhere.
Nobody goes in or out.
I don't understand how Chema disappeared like this.
And his fucking phone is turned off.
What do you mean? You saying he's missing? [sighs.]
According to Mama, he's not in Mexico.
Something's not right.
Poor Chema was badly hurt when he was in jail, and he's different.
Let's just find out if Chema really fled the country or if your mom's lying.
Let's see.
[tense music playing.]
So are these really good? [woman.]
Yes, yes.
Thank you.
[tense music playing.]
[tense music continues.]
There you are.
Ready? What's up? [Sarah sighs.]
What would you do if you realized someone wanted to hurt you? Someone wants to hurt you? No, not me.
- A friend.
- What friend? - Do I know her? - Forget it, Álex.
- Sara, if someone's bothering you - Álex, no.
It's not my problem.
It's a friend and her ex-boyfriend.
He's harassing her.
He follows her and takes photos.
It's really intense.
- And has your friend gone to the police? - No one will believe her.
It's a crazy story.
And, plus, she's underage.
Well, for now, she can look for help.
Someone to protect her.
A cop or I don't know.
If not a cop, it could be a journalist.
Someone who can file a complaint for her.
Hey, you can't be here.
Um Hi.
Um, I have I have to talk to a journalist.
Um, it's important.
- Come on.
Please - Do you have an appointment? It's just - I can't let you in if you don't have one.
- No.
I don't have an appointment, but [tense music playing.]
Hey! You can't go in there! [tense music continues.]
Alanís thinks the pregnancy could pose a problem.
And so, how will this affect the entire process? The most practical thing would be to get rid of the product once it's born.
No, it's highly likely that when it comes to a hereditary gene, that baby will then be useful for the secondary part of the study.
So then Sara would be able to keep it.
No, that's not what I said.
Sara will be of no use if she's distracted with a baby.
We have many possibilities.
We can tell her that the baby died during childbirth and then [Marifer.]
Are you lying to Sara? Why are you doing this to my best friend? Your so-called "friend" is a sociopath and dangerous.
Come with me.
I need to know what you're doing with Sara.
I can't keep lying to her.
She's my friend.
We're going to take care of her.
She will make a great contribution to science.
In the meantime, I'll make sure that you get paid everything you're owed.
- [Rodolfo.]
So? - [beeping rapidly.]
Chema didn't leave the country.
He's here.
Are you sure? [Álex.]
I searched all the airlines.
There's no record of Chema boarding on any plane.
I also checked border cross points, sea passages Nothing.
Your mama is lying.
I know my mama is a liar, but but what does she gain by telling us this? It kind of makes sense, Rodolfo.
Chema inherited a lot of money, and Mama is poor.
Chema goes to live in his apartment.
Mama goes to live with him, and, coincidentally, he disappears? Okay, Elisa.
Yes, Mama can be a lot of things, but you're talking as if she locked Chema up somewhere so she could keep his money.
Well, that's what Nicandro's parents did to Daniela.
Locked her up to get her out of the picture, right? [sobs.]
What happened? Why are you crying? Because of Sara.
I didn't know they wanted to hurt her.
That they wanted to take her baby.
Huh? [emotional music playing.]
[phone dialing.]
Hello? [Rodolfo.]
Let's go! Let's go! - [all.]
Whoo! - [Sara laughs.]
- [Lucía.]
Sara! - Here, take this.
Marifer is on the phone.
- [Sara.]
What's up? - Sara.
- I need you.
- What's wrong? Can you come to my house please? But I'm going to Valle.
With Rodolfo? Well, I'm not going alone, of course.
Álex is coming.
I never ask you for any help.
Everything all right? [Marifer.]
You are my only friend.
I promise I'll be there as soon as I get back.
- I'll go see you.
- Seriously? Fuck you! Fuck you! I hope your best friend doesn't leave you hanging on the phone to go fuck a fucking rich boy! [crying.]
[emotional music playing.]
Your so-called "friend" is a sociopath and dangerous.
I need to know what you're doing with Sara.
I can't keep lying to her.
She's my friend.
[emotional music continues.]
I need you to help me out.
Keep a close eye on your little friend.
[tense music playing.]
Where's the diary? REMOVE THE BRAIN I need to know why my daughter would write something so terrible.
I I don't know anything.
I'm not leaving without that fucking diary.
Watch her.
I don't have time, okay, miss.
Where exactly is the diary that this page belongs to? I'll get this to the doctor.
Don't worry.
I don't know.
I don't! Your daughter didn't know who she was messing with, did she? She thought she could trick me.
She thought that I would never find out that she tried to go to the press.
For the last time, where is Sara's diary? [whimpers.]
Give me that.
[Lucía whimpering.]
[gun cocks.]
No, no! [Lucía's body thuds.]
[tense music continues.]
We're leaving.
Go pack your bags only with what's important right now.
- Why? Where are we going? - Far away.
Papa, I can't just leave.
Come on.
It's not in your best interest to stay in Mexico.
Not you or me.
Come on.
London? That's right, you have a direct flight.
You couldn't let me know we were going on vacation? I could've prepared better.
Where are your bags? And Mama? It's not a vacation.
You're going alone.
The Sara thing is getting out of control.
She's more dangerous than I thought.
She tried to accuse me publicly, and I don't want that bullshit coming your way.
- Hmm.
- You'll be taken care of in London.
And there's one condition.
Don't return until I say you can.
Have a good trip.
[Nicandro sighs.]
[tense music playing.]
" Son of a fucking bitch.
[tense music playing.]
Let's go.
[doorbell rings.]
[Tonya chuckles.]
Or am I allowed to call you César when we're alone? [music intensifies.]
[music fades.]
["Fyre" by Rosie Oddie & Filippo Cimatti playing.]
Don't let a monster through your door ♪ She will make a nest under your floor ♪ If you lock a dragon in a cage ♪ He'll do anything he needs to get away ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Fee-fi-fo-fum ♪ Look at what we've done ♪ Don't leave a dragon in the woods ♪ Your mind has said you never should ♪ If you tie a dragon to a tree ♪ He'll do anything he can to break free ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Put it out ♪ There is a fire ♪ And we do not have the water To put it out ♪ Fire ♪ [song ends.]
[pensive music playing.]
[music fades.]

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