Who Killed Sara? (2021) s03e07 Episode Script

What Did You Do, Sara?

1 Why don't you tell me about yourself, Sara? My My name is Sara Guzmán.
When will I be able to leave this place? Who do you live with? My mama and my brother.
What can you tell me about them? They're my family.
A regular family.
And what is a regular family, Sara? Mama, children.
We don't need anyone else.
Do you trust them? Do you trust your family? Yes.
A lot.
Let's say you can only choose one person in the whole world, who would it be? My brother, Álex.
He takes care of me.
He protects me.
I love him.
And who else do you love? My mama.
When will I get to see my mama? What hurts you the most? Having been born the way I was born.
Like this.
With With this.
When will I be able to get out of here? And what do you want to do once the treatment is over? Do you have any dreams in particular? I want to be away.
Far away from here.
As far as possible.
Do you want your very own family? Yes.
I want a happy family.
I want to be happy.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES A snake is hiding in your bed ♪ This snake doesn't want to sleep ♪ Another snake is waiting For you to sleep ♪ Before it comes out to play ♪ Now, you know the truth.
Now, you know what happened to Sara.
Say something.
What's going through your mind? Álex! No, no.
Let me go, please.
Don't leave me here.
Help me.
I'm begging you.
Please, help me, Álex.
Álex, help me! Álex! Move it, asshole! No, we're not moving.
What did you do to that woman? I'm fucking talking! Álex, did she tell you where Sara is? Álex! - Álex! - Álex! Álex! I'm hungry.
Does it turn you on? Do you still feel excitement? I can't hear you.
No! - I can't hear you! - No! I don't like it anymore.
No! No! No, I don't like guys anymore.
I don't! Not anymore! - Step on it! We can't lose him.
- Don't worry, I got him.
Sara got her hands on a weapon.
Don't get me wrong, José María.
I do like people like you and my daughter Daniela.
I don't reject you.
I wish you nothing but the best.
But you have to understand that being like that, is a negative feeling that has been produced by by some kind of traumatic event from childhood.
And we we have to get to the root of the problem.
And, I also want you to understand just how bad you're hurting your family by being the way you are.
You you don't want to spend the rest of your life like this.
Alone, experiencing absolute hell on Earth because of your bad decisions.
José María, you have to trust me.
I alone know how to help you.
Álex is the only one who can save me, only Álex.
It's time for the leopard to change his spots.
Today you are making love for the first time in your life.
Like a real man does it.
What is he doing here? I have no idea, but we have to trust him.
Álex always knows what he's doing.
Álex! Álex! Hey, what are you doing? What the fuck are you doing here? Get out of here.
No, Álex.
No way - To hell with that! - We're staying here with you! Son of a bitch.
Ah, fuck.
Close the door.
All right, motherfuckers! Get the fuck down! Nobody move, all right? Put the gun down, asshole! Put it down! On the floor! Move over there! This is where they're keeping Sara? Is that why you brought us over here? It's finally time for me to explain.
I'll tell you where to find Sara.
Go on.
- Are you sure you want to know? - Tell me! Sara, Sara.
Sara! - Rodolfo, take him over there.
- Let's go, move it! - Elisa, grab the gun.
- Okay.
Get back.
Go over there.
On the ground.
Tie them up.
- Hands behind your back - Rodolfo.
- Your hands.
- Tie them all.
I'll ask you a simple question, and your answer determines whether you go home.
- Show me your hands.
- Where's Reinaldo? Huh? Where is Reinaldo? All right, you.
Where the fuck is Reinaldo? Where is he? Don't let anybody go.
Stay here.
I wanna find Sara too, you know.
Stay here.
Protect Elisa.
No one leaves, okay? - Hey, listen.
You're not alone - Hey! I'm here to help, all right? Let me see your hands.
Hands up.
I'm sorry.
Don't move, okay? Rodolfo.
Papa's here.
I'll get him.
No one move! Got it? What's going on? What's going on? What the hell? Sara! Sara! What's going on? Sara? What did you do? What happened? She was your best friend, you bitch! And she was my sister! Marifer.
Not to panic and lie down all day ♪ A thousand pills passing through me ♪ I put the pillow oh-oh-oh over my head ♪ We blast off ♪ What the fuck are you doing with your life? After everything I had to go through when I was eighteen.
You're too old for this bullshit.
Don't disappoint me, Chema.
You aren't like this.
You've always been brave.
Get up, man.
You make me feel like I matter But only for a while ♪ I just wanna be happy.
You are happy.
I've always been proud of you.
I've always admired your courage.
You're one of a kind, Chema.
So why change now? Not to panic and lie down all day ♪ A thousand pills passing through me ♪ You're a man now.
Time's been quite rough on all of us.
If you kill me, then you'll never find out what happened to Sara.
This tape contains the whole truth.
Drop the gun and I will give you the evidence.
- Where's Lucia, son of a bitch? - Álex.
- Sara, what did you do? - I'm the only thing you need.
But you will never have me.
What the fuck are you doing here, Chema? I was so stupid.
It was a nightmare.
I just wanted to stop suffering.
Help me.
Help me, Daniela.
Help me to get out of here.
Come on, please.
It's really great you're here.
- Thank you.
- I need you to leave.
Elisa and Rodolfo are in the lobby.
- Leave, now.
- They came to see me? Yes, and you'll leave with them.
Go right now.
Now! No! I'm not leaving you alone.
- I'll stay here with you.
- I need to go and find Lucía.
- You know where she is? - No, I don't.
I didn't see her in her room.
I don't know where she went.
Chema, I need you to get outta here, you understand? - Go to the lobby.
- I won't go, brother.
I am not going to make the same mistake again, Álex.
No way I'm leaving you.
- I'm staying here with you, understand? - Listen to me.
I need you to take Elisa out of here.
That will help me, man.
- Get out.
Go on.
Now! - Let's go.
- Chema, get the hell out.
- Let's go.
Come on.
This is really not good, Rodolfo.
All the bodyguards we were shooting at are surrounding the place.
- Why the fuck is he taking so long? - There's no way out of here.
We're gonna have to wait.
Álex will be fine.
Think it through.
If we stay here waiting and wasting time, we'll all get locked up.
As long as I'm alive, nobody's going to jail.
Lucía Lucía, Lucía, Lucía, it's okay.
- What happened? Are you okay? - Mm.
I'll find Álex.
Stay with them, I'll go.
Are you all right? Chema? Are you okay? Oh my God.
What are you doing here? Are you okay? Why's Chema here? He thought by coming here he would change, that he'd stop being gay.
You fucked up your son's life because of your homophobia.
They tortured him for days! He almost didn't make it! But, of course, you don't care about that, hmm? You wanted him to be a real man so you could feel proud of him.
It's over.
Are you all right? If there's someone to blame for me being gay, that's you and Mama.
Why don't you lock yourself up in here? We didn't choose to be born this way.
I wanted to be free and I couldn't.
He didn't allow it.
Álex! Álex! Álex! I know you're in there, motherfucker! Come out! Ah! Álex! Álex! And you're both guilty here, too! You should have protected your brother! There's nothing to cure here.
Álex, Álex I know you have a lot of questions.
I know.
But if you kill me right now, nobody will tell you where Sara is.
- No one.
- I already know.
I know everything.
- Are you sure you really want to know? - Tell me! Sara has been dead for a while.
Sara! She couldn't bear the treatment.
She never recovered after the trepanation procedure.
She chose suicide over being stuck as a lab rat for Reinaldo.
I'm the only thing you need.
But you will never have me.
No, Sara.
 What did you do? No! Wait.
Why? You've lost what you most wanted.
No, no! No, I need you for the medication.
Don't die.
Come help help me! No, please don't die.
I tried to save her.
You don't how valuable your sister was to me.
Sara! Is that why you cracked her head open? Hmm? Is that why you tortured her and separated her from her daughter at birth, asshole? Why you locked her in here, you bastard, and made us all believe she was dead? - It was for the sake of science - In the name of science my ass! Your your sister Sara made a huge contribution to science.
And that's why I did I did what I had to do.
Álex! No! Don't do it, please don't.
If you press that button, you're going back to jail.
I spent eighteen years in jail for a crime that I didn't commit.
You think I fucking give a shit about going back to prison for avenging my sister's murder? Huh? I don't give a shit, asshole.
You planned everything, didn't you.
César was just your little puppet.
You fucked up my life.
And the life of so many others.
And now you're gonna go straight to fucking hell, you son of a bitch.
The darkness ♪ Leave before the police arrive.
Which bank account do you want me to put your money into? Keep it.
I always knew you wouldn't wanna give me my money back.
It was the only way to get me back to Mexico.
But I also knew my money was safe with you.
And that through you, it would reach my kids.
Keep it all, and share it with kids.
That would be my last wish.
I wanna get out.
I have nothing to do here anymore.
Okay, hold on, wait.
We have to wait for Álex.
He'll tell us what to do.
No, Álex is not coming.
He's with my papa.
- Calm down, calm down.
- No, no, no.
Don't touch me.
No! Rodolfo! Let me go! Rodolfo.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Rodolfo! Rodolfo! Rodolfo! No! Call an ambulance! - Move, don't stay there frozen! Fuck! - Help me! Rodolfo! Rodolfo, Rodolfo! Please! Rodolfo.
I keep my eyes out ♪ Sara.
It's the flames, it's the fault lines ♪ This is the moment ♪ It's the moment we take From the main line ♪ Rodolfo I keep my hopes up ♪ And I'm turning stone to stories ♪ I keep my eyes out ♪ And I'm taking the air from the field ♪ Are you willing to confirm your statement, Mr.
 Lazcano? I am responsible for all of this.
I have nothing at all to hide.
I'm the one who killed Reinaldo.
And I also murdered and buried Abel Martínez 18 years ago.
All right.
Take him away.
It's the moment we take From the main line ♪ Wait.
Based on the evidence, and for the crimes of human trafficking, tax fraud, and falsification of documents, in addition to the first-degree murder of Abel Martínez Osorio and Reinaldo Gómez de la Cortina, this court sentences César Lazcano to 40 years of imprisonment.
What's wrong with Papa? - I don't recognize him.
- It's like he doesn't care anymore.
He's really taking the fall for everything? Is he really going to jail? Álex.
It's the moment to say goodbye, Álex.
I've always been proud of you.
Please don't let me down.
Make my daughter happy.
Lights out! Two months.
We didn't catch it in time.
Fucking pancreatic cancer.
That disease knows where to fucking hide.
It's just like me.
Elusive, stubborn, and unexpected.
I'm sorry, Mr.
- There's not much else we can do.
- You're wrong, doctor.
If there's one thing I've always enjoyed, it's fighting back.
I have a small fortune.
And I'm gonna spend it to buy more time.
- But there's nothing else - Thank you, doctor.
I've always been proud of you, whether you believe it or not, And me? You son of a bitch.
You know what he's capable of.
Yes, absolutely.
That's right.
And we'll stay with you, bringing you the latest news.
Can we try another treatment? I'm willing to do anything to beat it.
César, unfortunately, money can't help you now.
There's nothing we can do.
Where are you going? Wait.
Don't leave me.
Where you going? Where are you going? Come back.
You can't leave without me.
Once you've finished with the garden, go clean the bathrooms.
Born from your own tales ♪ Or drive us away ♪ Send ♪ Your Dreams ♪ Where nobody hides ♪ How do you feel? I'm fine.
You did the right thing, Álex.
The police had to know about the place where Reinaldo buried his patients.
These people needed a dignified burial, not like this.
And now Sara will get to rest with your mama.
Like you always wanted.
No time ♪ Thanks, Elisa.
You know you're not alone, right? I know it now.
No time ♪ No time ♪ I don't need the city tonight ♪ I just wanna drive and drive ♪ Dancing in the dark is fine ♪ 'Cause I got bright lights in my mind ♪ And the colors won't fade till morning ♪ And the lovers won't leave Till morning ♪ Let's go chasing stars this evening ♪ Eyes wide shut in fast cars dreaming ♪ Oh, oh, We're tripping at the speed of light ♪ Who thought this could be paradise? ♪ I don't need to sleep tonight ♪ I just wanna feel alive ♪ Swimming in the dark's all right ♪ 'Cause I got bright lights in my mind ♪ And the colors won't fade till morning ♪ And the lovers won't leave Till morning ♪ Let's go chasing stars this evening ♪ Eyes wide shut in fast cars dreaming ♪ Oh, oh, We're tripping at the speed of light ♪ Who thought this could be paradise? ♪ Let's go chasing stars this evening ♪ Eyes wide shut in fast cars dreaming ♪ Oh, oh, We're tripping at the speed of light ♪ Who thought this could be paradise? ♪ And the colors won't fade till morning ♪ And the lovers won't leave Till morning ♪ Oh, oh ♪ Let's go chasing stars this evening ♪ Eyes wide shut in fast cars dreaming ♪ Oh, oh, We're tripping at the speed of light ♪ Oh ♪ Let's go chasing stars this evening ♪ Eyes wide shut in fast cars dreaming ♪ Oh, oh, We're tripping at the speed of light ♪
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