Wild Babies (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Big Families

1 Meet one-week-old Chico.
He's the newest member of his 30-strong capuchin family.
Everyone wants to meet him.
Chico is lapping up the attention.
But soon, he'll have a problem.
This pampering won't last forever.
Despite their closeness, his family practices tough love, and competition can be fierce.
Soon, Chico will be expected to find his own place in this chaotic community.
When you're born into a big family, sometimes you have to fight to fit in.
Now three months old, Chico's star appeal has waned, and he's no longer the baby of the family.
Up to now, he's been glued to his mom 24 hours a day, but it's time for him to start making friends.
And for good reason.
Friendships provide backup during regular family feuds.
And there's the added benefit of nice daily spa treatments.
There's no shortage of playmates in a big family.
But for Chico, the school playground is intimidating.
He's got first-day nerves.
Maybe a friendly face to start with.
How about his auntie? Nope, not interested.
And his teenage cousins don't want a baby cramping their style either.
All this rejection hurts.
No one wants anything to do with him.
But Chico's not the only outsider struggling to find a playmate.
A fellow loner from the troop.
The same age, the same size.
They're the perfect match.
At last, Chico has found his very first friend.
It's a good start, and the making of his very own social network.
In some big families, friendships come more easily.
Supported by one of the most caring families of all, three-month-old Jasiri has his pick of younger playmates.
He's also surrounded by older role models to teach him all the survival skills he'll ever need.
And his first lesson of the day is also the most fun.
Like all males, his older cousins play fight to test each other's strength.
Jasiri's ready, and who better to practice on than mom? Top marks for enthusiasm, but his execution needs work.
Now here comes a better match.
Jasiri may be smaller, but he's brimming with courage.
Victory! But life isn't all fun and games.
With no rain for weeks, good food to graze is getting harder to find, so the herd has to keep moving.
Jasiri's survival rests entirely in his family's hands, and his next lesson is the most important one he'll ever learn.
Little lion cub Kaya is also learning about big family life.
The kill she was enjoying with her mom and brothers has been stolen by their own family, the MalaMala pride.
Nothing, not even family, comes between a lion and its food.
Reunited with her cubs, Kaya's mother can only watch from afar.
To make matters worse, her sister has rejoined the pride without them.
Now a single mom again, she's back to square one.
And it's not wise for them to stay near the kill.
Without help, Kaya's mom can't sustain them for much longer.
She must be patient and find a calmer moment to introduce her cubs to their pride.
Once again, Kaya and her brothers are made to wait a little longer.
Jasiri's family are more gracious around mealtimes, even when nutritious food is hard to find.
On long journeys, he relies on his mom's milk to keep his energy up.
But today, it's time for Jasiri to try something new.
Picking his own food.
And that means learning the tool of his trade.
His trunk.
The best nose in the animal kingdom.
It can grow up to seven feet in length.
Bend, twist, and grip like a hand.
Strong enough to push over a tree, and has delicate, finger-like tips that can strip leaves from a branch.
But for Jasiri, coordinating his wriggly trunk is more difficult than it looks.
Plucking a single leaf requires painstaking accuracy.
Maybe grass is easier? His mom shows how it's done.
But he's all snout and no skill.
After a morning of trying, his reward is just a single blade of grass.
A modest start, but it's a tiring effort for such a little elephant.
Under the scorching sun, Jasiri is becoming dangerously overheated.
The only way his family can help is to shade him with their bodies.
With no sign of rain, life for Jasiri is getting harder.
The next decision his family makes will be crucial to his survival.
For other babies born into large families, getting what you need means sometimes having to step out on your own.
Back in Costa Rica, Chico has been busy expanding his social network.
But there's one important area he needs to work on alone.
It's breakfast time.
And in this tough-love family, no one's going to share, or show him where to get food.
Chico must figure this out by watching the others.
Perhaps this hollow tree contains something delicious.
No, just rainwater.
Chico's hungry, but has no clue what's good on the menu.
Some things aren't ripe for picking just yet.
Some aren't edible at all.
While others are downright awful.
When he does find something tasty it doesn't go unnoticed.
The big kids take it away.
Hungry Chico tries one last tactic.
Begging from an adult.
With no better option, he goes for the scraps.
But the ground is no place to linger.
A boa constrictor.
Chico is oblivious to the approaching danger.
If he's caught, he won't stand a chance against this deadly predator.
But he's not alone.
His new friends raise the alarm, and the whole family swarms around the snake.
Chico watches from a safe distance.
With his family now distracted, he sees an unexpected opportunity.
With a little effort he hits the jackpot.
With no one to steal it from him, he enjoys his first juicy cricket all to himself.
Chico may be young, but he's proven that he has the brains to beat the competition.
And he can now rely on the support of his new friends for many years to come.
Finally, he's getting the hang of big family life.
Along the banks of the Sand River Kaya's mother may have found an opportunity for the cubs to meet their pride.
Well-fed and sleepy after their meal, the family are relaxing.
This is the moment.
But unsure of the reception, she leaves the cubs hidden.
The pride's joy to see her is clear.
But will the cubs have the same welcome? If their dad accepts them, the rest of the pride will follow.
It's up to their mom to win him over.
For Kaya, the biggest moment in her life has arrived.
Her bolder brothers approach first.
Wisely, Kaya waits to ensure the reception is warm.
Reassured, she steps forward to meet her father.
At last, Kaya's acceptance from her dad secures her place in the MalaMala pride.
The cubs can finally meet the rest of their family.
Now Kaya's inner lioness is starting to surface and a promising hunter is emerging.
No longer an insecure little cub, she finally includes herself in her brothers' games.
The relationships Kaya builds with her family now will last her lifetime.
At last, Kaya is right where she belongs.
On the parched plains in Kenya, Jasiri's family are doing all they can to keep the little calf sheltered from the scorching sun.
Jasiri is in desperate need of a lifeline.
The herd detects something familiar in the air and encourages exhausted Jasiri to muster all his strength to get up.
Not a moment too soon.
Jasiri's first ever rainstorm.
Rain always delivers something special.
Fresh grass.
The adults know the most fertile pastures are on the other side of the river.
The last time Jasiri crossed here, he was swept downstream.
He's nervous.
Stepping into the water is a daunting prospect.
But his whole family is there to encourage him, every step of the way.
By trusting his family, Jasiri's world has transformed from one of fear to triumph! And he's even starting to get the hang of his trunk.
Over the next decade of his life, his family will share with him all their knowledge and wisdom.
But for now, Jasiri can enjoy being the baby of the herd.
Not all babies have such an easy time building bonds with their families.
In the Okavango Delta, wild dog Duma must learn to trust her siblings when she accidentally leads them all into danger.

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