Wild Bill (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Shit.
Shit, shit, shit.
Shit! Hey! Hey! Goddamn it! Argh! Aaaaaaaaah! When I die and they lay me to rest Gonna go to the place That's the best When I lay me down to die Goin' up to the spirit in the sky Goin' up to the spirit in the sky Spirit in the sky It's where I'm gonna go when I die When I die When I die and they lay me to rest Gonna go to the place That's the best 'Welcome to London's Heathrow airport This is going to be great.
Going back to the source.
The Pilgrims came from Lincolnshire.
From Boston.
The original Boston, and probably the best.
- Probably.
- Probably.
Look, you're not going to miss Miami.
What did you call it? Sweaty swamp with snakes walking upright? - We need this.
- And I need my fourth new school in six years.
Way to parent, Dad.
Look, each new start is a new opportunity to be a new you.
Dial down the Hallmark, Chief Hixon.
Here in the old country, it's more irony and sarcasm.
Like I said "Wild Bill".
Love it.
- Do you really? - No.
That was me trying sarcasm.
Bentley, huh? Must be good to be Crime Commissioner around here.
That payday wouldn't fill the tank.
How far exactly is it from London to Boston? Not far enough.
'Boston may not be typical.
'The level of immigration here is much higher 'than the rest of the UK.
' 'It's created some huge social problems, of course.
'There's a lot of local people now that can't get a job.
' 'There's a kind of rejection and blame 'when you don't feel accepted and welcome.
'People just lose hope.
' I saw it on Street View, but somehow I don't think Google quite captured its magnificence.
Boston's got the highest murder rate in England.
- We're all over the papers.
- Yeah, ten homicides last year.
- In Miami, we had 150.
- Are you boasting, Bill? Brits don't like boasters.
This is a perfect place for a lad like you, looking to make a comeback.
You solve a couple of murders by year's end, you'll have 100% clear-up rate.
And then you really will have something to boast about, won't you? Eh? Howdy, y'all.
Much obliged for the fine welcome to this here East Lincolnshire Shire Sheriff's office.
We are going to be making us a few changes around these parts.
As our nation's president once memorably said "You're fired.
" That's a pretty good accent.
What were you going for? West Texas? - Lubbock? - Er, I don't really know, sir.
I just, you know, cowboy and that.
John Wayne Are you still talking? I've never actually been to Texas.
I have, however, been to UCLA where I got my degree in criminology.
To go along with my Master's from Yale.
I also have a doctorate in statistical mapping from MIT, although I don't use the whole doctor thing, cos nobody likes a wise-ass, isn't that right, PC Drakes? But you are right about one thing Your government demands a 10% cut in your budget to go along with the 10% reduction in crime rate.
And that's where I come in.
I was America's top metropolitan police chief three years running.
I ran departments in San Diego, Denver, Miami.
And now, East Lincs.
What the Sergio Aguero are you doing here? My ancestors are from here.
Boston, Lincolnshire.
- Came over in the Mayflower.
- Really, sir? Fuck, no.
I'm the best at what I do, you need what I do.
Your numbers are bad.
I'm here to find out how bad.
You can't police with numbers.
I'm almost glad you said that.
21st-century policing is only about numbers.
Length of time to charge is now 18 days.
That's four days worse than last year.
Crime convictions are down 15% to 9%.
There is one area in which you are succeeding, you have the highest murder rate in the country.
So, congratulations on THAT.
I've got some bugger nicking satellite dishes off council estates.
You'll not catch bugger from behind t'laptop, will ya? I could police this whole county from Miami Beach with a cell phone and good Wi-Fi.
But I'm not on a beach.
I'm here.
For some reason.
I almost forgot.
The inspirational stuff.
My dad was a cop.
Patrolled the same beat from the age of 18 until they forced him out at 67.
I watched it grind him down year after year like trying to beat back a wildfire of social disintegration with a fly swatter.
That's not going to happen to you.
When I leave here, you will have lost your grey frowns and defensive negativity, and you will actually want to come to work.
And that will do a lot more to help you and the community you serve than a pat on the back and some more bullshit about how policing is all about people.
Daddy's home.
Well, there goes the Christmas party budget.
You must be Lydia.
Lydia Price? - Deputy Chief Constable Price.
- Yeah.
Thanks for running the transition so smoothly.
It is literally my job, sir.
The problem around here, your numbers.
- There aren't enough of them.
- Oh, would you prefer more crimes? It would help my algorithm.
I'll have a word with the local criminal fraternity, - see if they can't up their game.
- Lydia.
I'm just going to ask one thing of you.
I'm American.
If you're going to stab me, stab me in the front.
Maybe I should go meet the principal.
Kelsey! Kelsey.
Call me.
'Hey, Doc, it's me, I just dropped her off at school.
' 'How's she doing over there?' 'I don't know.
She tries so hard to fit in' 'OK, OK, I suggest we wait and see.
' The problem with waiting and seeing is sometimes you wait and see and your 12-year-old daughter is 'OK, OK, I will give her a call.
' That would be great.
Thank you.
I'll send you her UK cell.
'All right, Bill.
Bye, Bill.
' Any means of identification, please, sir.
37 miles an hour, awesome! That means 20.
20's plenty where people live.
Well, DC Cobley, I'll make sure you're put up for tightass of the month.
Shouldn't you be on an estate somewhere? Trying to catch the satellite thief? No, there's a ban on overtime, sir.
Don't need any overtime, there's a pattern to the thefts.
No pattern.
Random times, random days.
My algorithm runs details of crime against government statistics, weather and about 300 other things that a human being of limited bandwidth wouldn't understand.
All the crimes take place between dawn and dusk - within 48 hours of major sporting events.
- Right? PGA, WNBA, FA Cup, whatever the fuck that is - He's nicking them to order.
- Exactly.
Champions League, tomorrow night.
So, eight hours of surveillance, three cops over two days, - no overtime needed.
- That's brilliant, sir.
80 quid.
Half-price if you pay within 14 days.
Oof! Bastard! Argh! Come here! He's heading due east along the ground floor.
Climbing up a floor.
Go, get him! Up a floor, now! Try and keep up, lads.
'Suspect now in custody' In my life There's been heartache and pain I don't know If I can face it again Can't stop now - Sir? - I've travelled so far Sorry about the disturbance, sir.
- To change this lonely life - Sir? I wanna know what love is I want you to show me I want to feel what love is I know you can show me Er, Bill Hixon? Lisa Cranston, Boston Stump.
Our readers are dying to know all about you.
In fact, your photograph was the most clicked face of February.
I think it's the teeth.
We haven't got anything as white and shiny round here.
- Well, my teeth are my greatest asset.
- Oh, good.
OK, quickfire round: Marmalade or Marmite? OK, now you're just making up words.
Pyjamas or birthday suit? Seriously? I'm a cop.
Just me and my six shooter.
In or out? In, obviously.
Or out? What's your greatest fear? That my father was right about me.
Oh, snakes.
Snakes are my greatest fear.
OK, well, thank you, Lisa.
The Chief Constable is anxious to get back to his desk, so I thought this was a meet and greet? He hasn't met or gret.
Well, why don't we start right here? Looks like a fine, patriotic household.
I'm the new Chief Constable.
No, you're not.
You're American.
The Home Office directive of 2014 opened recruitment of senior officers - to citizens of foreign countries.
- Why? Because they spent two years trying to find a Chief Constable for East Lincolnshire and no British CC wanted to touch the job.
I'm sure they didn't spin it that way when they wooed you, though.
Up it, you two, section commanders and above on walkabouts.
I'm not here for his bloody walkabout.
It's a resolved MissPers case, ma'am.
Mum lives at number 42.
Well, the press are here, Muriel, maybe the new Chief would like to deliver the good news.
That's the thing.
It's resolved, but it's not good news.
What's he going to do? I haven't had any grief counselling training.
You and every other copper in Boston, sir.
She's not home.
Are you Angela Stainsford? Yeah.
That's me.
Mother of Melissa Jane Stainsford? Been waiting ten years for you lot to knock on that door.
Yeah, that's Mel.
I said, "Just go off and see the world.
"Don't be like your old mum, stuck in this dump.
" Yeah.
That's her.
My baby.
My baby.
'So, he just found a severed head, kept in the freezer for ten years?' He's distraught, poor lad.
He didn't realise she was real.
Thought she was some hippy's art project.
So why did he keep her head in a freezer, then? - Thought she were made of marzipan.
- A marzipan art project.
Yeah, well, it's Arthur, sir, he's a known nutter, but he's no killer.
Where the hell am I? Sorry about the ears.
What ears? Exactly.
They, er, snapped off when we took the earrings out for identification.
- So, you're thinking Ten years? - It's anyone's guess.
That's the wonderful thing about deepfreeze.
Fresh as the day it was picked.
Mineral deposits suggest she was from the area, hair tests positive for cannabis from root to tip.
Well, then again, so would mine.
So, sue me.
So, did this happen before she died? Or was it post-mortem? Blood was still flowing when the head was severed.
Look at the cut.
No ragged edges.
That's .
one single blow.
Would have taken a hell of a lot of strength, that.
And a hell of a weapon.
Carbon reinforced steel.
Found it in a C-one Atlas.
You're looking for a machete, a sword, an axe, perhaps.
Even an industrial cutter.
Any DNA on that blade? - You don't have a DNA sequencer? - It's 250 grand! - It's just very common where I come from.
- You mean America.
I mean the 21st-century.
Yeah, so, she just walked out the door one Thursday night.
- We had words, but - Can I ask, what about? Boys.
Mother daughter stuff.
You still haven't told me what's happened to her.
Would you rather speak to a family liaison officer? I've talked to the FLOs.
They drank my tea and talked my legs off.
Never found her, though.
Never looked for her, far as I can tell.
So boys.
She weren't no slag, if that's what you're thinking.
That was me.
I like the boys and they like me.
No, Mel was the serious one.
Into exams and everything.
So, she had a serious boyfriend? Well, yeah, I mean, her and Marek were pretty keen.
You know, they were gonna go off together.
Marek? So he was Polish? Presumably still is.
He's still around.
He's cut his hair.
Did you suspect he had anything to do with Melissa's disappearance? Well, you would think so, wouldn't you? But you lot didn't go after him.
You know, I see those foreign lads on my way to work.
They're on the strong lager at 7 AM.
A lot of them work night shifts.
So, when we're on our breakfast, they are on their after-work drinks.
How does that help Melissa? I don't suppose it does, really.
I need to know everyone that she knew.
Mrs Stains I was a terrible mother! I suppose you've realised that already, haven't ya? I failed her.
Now your turn, Miss Plod.
What's so bloody awful that you can't tell me? Love you.
Ms Stainsford, how are you? How the bloody hell do you think I am? Who did that to my little girl? We are going to find out.
I give you my word, I have every confidence in young - Muriel, sir.
- Her?! She's 12.
You're going to send a tweenager to catch a maniac?! I found the current address for Melissa's former boyfriend.
Marek Rudnicka.
I'm going there now.
Yeah, well, he does Muay Thai, so I wouldn't let her go alone.
Ms Stainsford, Mr Hixon is Chief Constable.
You don't understand, you don't have kids.
And you haven't lost a daughter, have you? I thought I had.
I'm not like everyone else, sir, I'm excited you're here.
It's like Ronaldo signed for the Imps, you know? Love what you did in Cincinnati.
Pro-oriented police reform.
69 point drop in citizen complaints, 56% down on citizen fatalities during encounters with police Tell me about Queen Anne's.
- The street, the park, the pub, or the posh school? - The school.
My daughter's just started.
What's the story? Do they have any issues there? Any substance abuse, that kind of thing? We ran a self-harm awareness event there last Halloween, that was well attended.
I like you, Yeardsley, you remind me of me when I was your age.
Smarter than the rest, misunderstood, overweight, - if you must know.
- Seriously? - Hard to believe, isn't it? Er, I'm not fat.
I'm farm stock.
I've got three older brothers.
Every ounce of flesh is a war I've waged for my very existence.
This isn't fat, it's prime Lincolnshire pork.
It's good you're turning a disadvantage This isn't a disadvantage.
Mr Rudnicka? Marek Rudnicka? It's Ruddy now.
Mark Ruddy.
Boston's the Brexit capital of Britain.
Ruddy plays better.
Check the fuel tank.
Er, We'd like to talk to you about the disappearance of Melissa Stainsford.
Any idea where she might be? You don't think you lot came knocking down my door ten years ago? Excuse me.
- OK.
- Jurek.
I've had pickers on my farm from Poznan since I were a kid.
What happened between you and Melissa Stainsford? We'd saved up to go travelling.
Dubai, the Big Apple - But you didn't go.
- Packed my bags, Mel didn't show.
Her mum said she hadn't seen her.
I figured she ditched me and went off with another bloke.
Nice place, this.
We are now the top agricultural plant hire south of Grimsby.
Er, you started off with two plate fillers and an onion loader.
Massey Ferguson said you put down 100 grand cash.
Less then a year after Melissa's disappearance.
It's a nice D-700 combine, that.
Carbon steel blades? I have a wife and family now.
Wherever Melissa Stainsford is, I've moved on.
You should stop referring to her in the present tense.
Melissa's dead.
Somebody cut off her head and put it in a field.
- Hey, Dad.
- There you are.
I thought you'd been abducted by aliens.
I called you 11 times.
Yeah, Dr Marks called me and warned me you were losing your shit again.
I am not losing my shit.
I'm just checking up on you.
New school, new country It's a school, Dad.
Same backed up toilets, same bat-shit teachers.
No Pledge of Allegiance, though.
- Honestly, these people - Yeah.
Do they seem happy to you? I think they make it a particular point of national pride to be miserable all the time.
Well, this is a bit coal-faced for you, isn't it? I thought you were strictly upstairs? The building only has two floors and both of them are downstairs.
How can I help you? A number.
That's your forte, innit? How many are you here to get rid of? You're here to cut jobs.
I reckon it's what got you the gig.
So, how many? - Six.
- Six? Well Hundred.
Combining departments, outsourcing back-office and custody work.
Oh, and before you ask, just fine.
- I sleep just fine.
- 600.
So that's why you're here.
Hello? 'I think I'm onto something, sir.
' I've run your algorithms, cross-referencing and that.
Melissa Stainsford had a Lincs Pass.
I've got the data.
She took the same bus nearly every day to a place near Anton's Gowt.
Where are you, Yeardsley? Er, I'm on the number 64 hopper with PC Cobley.
Cobley? What's he doing there? He's a beat cop.
My bloody head.
I found it.
- So, this is the bustling metropolis of Anton's Gowt.
- Yep.
What is a gowt, anyway? What was Melissa doing here? Follow me.
I used to play here when I was a kid.
These are bunkers.
Left over from the war.
I'm sure this was the place.
Yeah, I remember, we used to hide out here and there was a way we could get in.
Bugger me! Jesus Christ! So we have four tables, 30 foot long, plants eight inches apart, so 180 plants, $300 per plant per harvest, four harvests a year That's $200,000.
So, Melissa wasn't just smoking it, she were growing it, wholesale.
Melissa? Nah Operation this size, take a bit of know-how.
Or somebody already knew how.
Ruddy Marek! Mel was the brains.
I was just the gardener.
We had so much of it, we didn't know what to do.
We had Sainsbury's bags full of the stuff.
We needed to find someone to take that volume off of us.
Someone? There was this Russian in town What Russian? You mean Kraznov? Oleg Kraznov? His guys were selling shitty weed at twice the price.
Melissa did a deal with them.
300 grand for the lot.
- 300 grand? - Yes.
Between the two of you? So, where is it? Where's the money? I mean, if Oleg Kraznov gave you 300 grand, where's Melissa's share? Mr Hopkins has been holding this in his safe for ten years.
It's all there.
150 grand.
Waiting for Mel to come and get it.
Well, that's a first.
We've had dog, raccoon, even human but nothing this big.
Some of them are going to lose their jobs, they need to blame somebody.
If you hired a baby-sitter, I'll kill you.
Go back inside.
Right now.
- Go on.
- Is that the one whose daughter died? How do you know about that? Head in a fridge? Massive clickbait.
I don't want you are looking at that kind of a thing.
- You can't protect me all my life.
- I'm a cop.
It's my job.
You're not a cop.
Granddad was a cop, but you're smarter than that, remember? I heard you arrested Marek.
What did he say? Ms Stainsford, I can't possibly I'm sorry, I can't stop .
thinking about how Mel died.
I'm Kelsey.
Hi, Kelsey.
- This is Angie.
She is - I'm a nobody.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
Do you like pizza? Angie? Dad forgot to book a baby-sitter.
- Really? - Yeah.
It would really help us out, wouldn't it, Dad? Sure.
Come on.
Bravo! - This is Bill Hixon.
- Our new Chief Constable.
Lady Harborough.
Lady H is my mum.
I'm Mary.
The Right Honourable Judge Mary Harborough, QC.
- Drink? - Please.
I suppose it's only fair.
We sent enough of our cast-offs to the States.
I'm pretty sure my ancestors left of their own volition.
- Probably had something to do with the food.
- Ta.
Wait a minute, you're not the same Judge Harborough who granted bail to the satellite thief this morning, are you? Mr Dennison has three young children and a wife currently undergoing radiotherapy at Lincoln County.
I get it.
If I grew up in a castle, I'd probably try to help the peasants as well.
Mr Hixon, you are everything I thought you'd be.
Only more ripped.
Our deep thanks go to Lord and Lady Harborough for hosting us to raise funds for the Kraznov wing of the children's hospice, here at Stickney.
So, that's Oleg Kraznov, huh? The very man.
Kraznov does a lot of work for charity, Bill.
He runs a haulage firm out of Grimsby.
KTT refrigerated trucks, the construction business, all the rest.
Just classic front for organised crime.
He's coming over.
Try not to talk shop.
I'm not that stupid.
Mm - Bill Hixon, Chief Constable.
- Kraznov.
Thank you for supporting our little evening.
This is my community now.
I can see how hard you've worked to make it your community.
I came to Lincolnshire to make a better life for my family.
What are you doing here? I'm looking for a psychotic killer.
I read about that girl.
"That girl's" name was Melissa Stainsford.
She was 19-years-old.
And a known business associate of Oleg Kraznov.
Isn't that your car, Chief Constable? Looks like someone's stealing it.
Hey! Hey! I am so sorry, ma'am.
- I need to borrow this for police business.
- Right Fuck! Goddamn it! Argh! He's going to do the dirty on her.
Everyone's so normal.
You either get zeros or thinner on American TV.
Was it the Botox and anorexia? Is that why your dad brought you here? I don't know why we're here.
He doesn't exactly blend in.
He doesn't blend in anywhere.
He says it keeps him objective.
Yours is the first case I've seen him get involved in.
He must really like you.
It isn't about me.
That's Mel.
- That - Could be you.
He's for it, now! 'Fuck you! Was it worth it? - 'You mess around with my daughter?' - Kelsey? Twat 'Fuck you, was it worth it? 'Huh? You mess around with my daughter?' Oh, my God Who sent this? Christ! Right, well I'll leave you two to talk.
We fuck them up, Mr Hixon.
We don't mean to, but we do.
That's a strange proverb, Angie.
- But thank you.
- Well, I'll let myself out.
At least now I know why we left Miami.
You beat up the star quarterback.
He was bullying you.
And those photos - How do you know about those? - I'm the police.
Did you go through my phone? What would you expect?! - After what happened.
- What happened? Go on, say it.
Say it! My daughter tried to kill herself.
Did you get fired? From Miami? Did you get fired because of this? He filed a complaint, the Department paid him off, I agreed to quit.
I didn't know there was a video.
So that's why we're here.
Because of me.
You didn't tell me about the video.
I didn't know about the video.
I hired you to make me look good.
Instead of that, I look like a dick.
- You hit a child! - Oh, come on! He was 18-years-old and built like a brick shit house.
He put pictures of my daughter on the internet.
- He's lucky I left my gun at home.
- Wild Bill, eh? Well, you can take a few days off until the fallout falls out.
Lydia's going to man the fort in the meanwhile.
And if I say no? Well, it's less of a suggestion, more of a suspension.
You can have two weeks off with no pay.
I thought you were a lot smarter than this, Bill.
Oh, I am.
I quit.
Er, sir! Erm That video of you was distributed from our own servers.
From this building? Are you sure? I need you to tell me who sent it.
I can't.
I owe her too much, sir.
Hey, you're not bailing on us, are you, sir? Please.
You promised Ms Stainsford, sir.
What's this? You said to check the database for cannabis arrests from back then.
I didn't expect quite so many.
Well as you people like to say, bugger me sideways.
Caution for cannabis possession? What does this have to do with .
me? I had a hard time keeping that out of the paper.
I was a pupil barrister in London at the time, but I still came home every weekend for my laundry and an eighth of Lincolnshire green gold.
Our notes say you didn't know your dealer's name? Or was it that you just didn't want to make any trouble for her? It was Melissa Stainsford, wasn't it? She disappeared on January 8th, your caution was on January 10th, so you saw her.
Did she seem frayed? Erm She didn't turn up.
It was a man.
Some bloke -- Polish.
Her boyfriend, he said.
He'd been in a fight.
It was Marek.
He had scratches on him two days after Melissa disappeared.
I'm pulling into his yard now.
'I thought you had resigned, sir? Be careful, sir.
' Shit.
He's leaving.
Yeardsley, what else you got on this? 'Right.
I've looked back through his employment records.
'When he first came to England, Marek worked for Grimsby boats.
- 'His gang master was' - Oleg Kraznov.
'So they were in it together.
Kraznov and Marek.
'They killed her for the weed.
' Remind me never to partner with you.
Partner? With some Polack farmer growing weed in a council flat? Huh.
Bollocks to that.
Let's get you out of here.
The Russian killed her.
Did he? You're the one who fought with her, you had scratches all over your face, do you remember that? She threw a plate at me.
A woman's never thrown a plate at you? A Foreman Grill, once.
What did you fight about? I don't remember.
It's what we did.
We fought, we made up.
It doesn't matter what I say, you still think I'm guilty.
Oh, I know you're guilty, I just don't know what you're guilty of.
All right.
Last chance.
Tell me something I can understand.
We fought, she got emotional, it was nothing.
Oh, please.
This is Lincolnshire, not Napoli.
I've been here a week, already I know Boston girls don't draw blood just cos you put a wet towel on the bedroom floor! What did you do to her? Hey, what did you do to her?! I fucked another woman.
OK? - Who'd you sleep with? - Does it matter? Mel found out.
It had nothing to do with her death.
That Russian dupek chopped off her head and left it in the field for the crows, - and you're doing nothing about it.
- What about the weed factory? Somebody smashed that place up.
Oleg didn't even know where it was! What'd he say? "Growing weed in a council flat"? Mel was pissed at you.
And she smashed up the place because you were fucking around! And then And then she what?! Cut her own head off? I'm no detective, Mr Hixon.
Clearly neither are you.
'Neither of them killed her.
None of this makes any sense.
' Well, you know what they say, sir.
When you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
What idiot says that? Her head was cut off.
'She smashed the bunker, she came out in this field' We're making progress, sir.
'There is no "we", DC Yeardsley.
'There was no "we" when I was Chief Constable, 'there's even less of a "we" now.
' I only came here to get my life on track.
Now I'm disgraced, humiliated, probably unemployable, my own daughter won't speak to me, and she's the only reason I came to this godforsaken cabbage patch in the first place! So, who did it, sir? Who cut off Melissa Stainsford's head? Were you listening? I don't do this.
- No-one did it.
- 'What do you mean?' What are you on about, sir? 'S hello? Hello?' I'm sorry, Angie.
We know how Melissa died.
She jumped off the wind turbines in Langrick and .
the blades I think Melissa found out that Marek was cheating on her.
Broke her heart.
I wish there was something that I could do, but nobody's responsible.
Do you reckon? What about Marek? And that sad slag he shagged? They both .
they both may as well have cut her throat.
Poor Mel.
Poor Angie! Yeah, she was shocked.
And very upset.
Wouldn't want to be the other woman when Angie gets a hold of her.
Girls can be vicious.
What do you mean? Oh! It's Angie.
It's a voicemail.
What is she saying? She knows we're leaving? It's so windy.
I think she's saying goodbye? Christ! You stay here.
Don't move! Shit.
Angie! Leave me alone! This is between me and my daughter.
- I know what happened.
- No, you don't! You were the other woman.
Shut up.
You slept with Marek.
I said, shut up! Shut up.
You knew he was a bad guy, you were just trying to prove it to her.
It's not your fault.
I was jealous of her.
I was jealous of my own daughter.
I shagged her boyfriend.
And that's why she jumped.
That's what you said! Stop! Angie! Stop.
There's 150 grand cash in a bag.
You can have it.
You can use it to help people I don't know.
I'm way out of my league, here.
She hated me! And there was me, I was thinking, she could be somewhere.
She could be living somewhere, happy.
You got a second chance with your daughter.
But what about me? I never got a chance to say sorry.
I think you just did.
Whoa, what's wrong? I took two boxes of Aspridine Extra in case I chickened out.
Kelsey! Call an ambulance! OK! OK! Mel? Mel! I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
- I'm so sorry Stay with me.
It'll be OK.
Already dressed for Houston.
And goodbye to the good people of Britain.
What if they're actually happy, Dad? And it's you that's miserable? Me? Miserable? There are boxes in the garage that we haven't touched since Mom.
My God, you'd stay here.
You're a cop here, Dad.
You look Like a drowning man? You looked like Grampa.
You'd stay? Mm-hmm.
It took a little time To get where I wanted It took a little time To get free It took a little time To be honest It took a little time To be me I took a little lover But then we parted It took a little time To get over