Wilderness (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

The Other Woman

It's nothing more than hunter and prey.
Us, at our most primitive.
But the best kind,
the most delicious kind,
is the one where they don't
even know they're the prey.
My long arms.
[CARA] Will?
[LIV NARRATING] Until it's too late.
[WILL] Cara.
Are you going to introduce us?
Eh, sorry. Erm
Er, Cara and I, we, er, work together.
Or not together, together. We, erm
Across some of the hotel events.
And er, and er, she's in
PR. Do you remember Bonnie?
Er, she works into her.
And you must be Liv, right?
It's so nice to meet you.
Er, what brings you here?
Well, same thing as you I guess.
Nature, fresh air
a reminder chasing my tail around
the city isn't the only way to live.
Wow, it is really crazy
bumping into you guys here.
Well, that's one word for it.
Well, it was good to see you.
Oh, em, this is my better half.
Garth, this is Will and
his lovely wife, Liv.
[GARTH] Hey.
[CARA] Will is, em, my colleague.
[GARTH] Dude from London?
That's wild. Hey, nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Er, this is my wife, Liv.
Are you guys all tooled up?
Might be getting us a bit
of a storm if we're lucky.
Isn't that right, babe?
Well, we're British, so we've
already checked the weather forecast,
but thank you.
Well shall we?
We're heading up the
river trail if you
Err, we well no. Why
don't you go ahead, I erm
I left the insect repellent in the car.
Never heard you mention a Cara before.
Well, she's so junior.
I don't really have much to do with her.
Well we're both in the same
spot in the middle of nowhere.
It feels kind of churlish
not to spend time together.
You don't want her to get
the wrong impression of you.
We came here to escape
everything and everyone,
and that most definitely
includes work colleagues.
Besides, it's
It's supposed to be just the two of us.
We have the rest of our
lives to spend together.
Unless there's some reason
we shouldn't all go hiking?
Come on.
[GARTH] Oh, wow.
Ladies first.
[CARA] Hey, do you mind
helping me with this?
It's jammed tight.
[CARA] Thank you.
My hero.
Has Cara told you much about Will?
Oh dear. That bad?
Well, go on. I can take it.
No, I just
I think he came in
kind of high and mighty
expecting things done his way.
I guess you'd call that confidence.
Or arrogance.
[LAUGHING] I didn't
I didn't say that.
So, she's not a fan.
No, it's not that. I just think
I think maybe he reminds her of
some of the guys she grew up with.
You know the
The guys that her folks pushed on her.
And the fact that
she ended up with a carpenter
with more ink than qualifications.
I guess that kinda
I guess that kinda says it all.
Is there any bigger turn-off
than getting parental approval?
Will's family didn't exactly hang
out the bunting for me either.
Wow, what's their problem?
Oh, nothing major, you know.
Just the yawning chasm that exists
between us on every front, from
class to means to prospects.
- Hm.
- No biggie.
I don't see it.
In fact, God's honest
I'd say he's punching.
That would be the heatstroke talking.
You know what?
Screw them.
You won, right?
Thought I had.
Once burned, twice shy ♪
Too much of your
light makes me blind ♪
I'd wait all night ♪
But you left one too many times ♪
I want to change the orbit ♪
Don't care what you do now ♪
I want to live in darkness ♪
Don't want to be spun around ♪
You go down, down, down ♪
I fall out of love with you ♪
Come back round, round, round ♪
You sun of a gun ♪
You go down, down, down ♪
This time I won't save you ♪
When you drown, drown, drown ♪
You sun of a gun, sun
of a gun, sun of a gun ♪
You sun of a gun ♪
I doing for you today?
Whatever you just did to that woman.
Excuse me.
- Hi.
- Oh.
You're alive then.
Last time I checked, yeah.
Oh, it's just the sixth
time I've called you,
and when you ignore me,
I know what it means.
It means things aren't going your way.
And we know how that turns out.
[SIGHS] I'm I'm fine.
Everything is great.
Well, you might be able to get away
with that nonsense
with your new friends,
but it doesn't wash with me, so
What is it, is it Will?
Is he not behaving himself?
Why do you always have to go
to the worst case scenario?
It's just a little thing
called life experience.
I did always say you'd
have to watch that one.
Not that I take any
pleasure in being right.
Will is not cheating on me.
Look, nobody can say you
haven't given it a good ol' go.
You've lived in another city a
million miles away for Pete's sake.
And just maybe it's
time to come back home.
Come home?
Yeah, well, your room's waiting for you,
and I'm sure we could wangle
your old job at the paper,
and if it's the tail between the
legs part you're worried about,
well of course we're not gonna
be tellin' folks you're divorcin'.
Mother, I am not getting a divorce.
I say leave him.
You're hot, funny as fuck,
and then there's the accent.
You'll be fighting them off.
Just one hitch.
I love him.
I wish I didn't but there it is.
You disappointed?
For society yeah.
For myself hell, yes.
Oh, don't act like you
don't know what this is.
There are very few people I'd endure
this decor and douche-bag clientele for.
Would you?
Are we talking trust-fund blondie?
Well, she's hot, no?
Hot is a dime a dozen.
not so much.
Come on. Her legs literally look
like they come up to my shoulders.
Okay, firstly, comparing yourself
to another woman-painfully '90s.
Second, take a compliment
when it's given.
I, em
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
Just back yourself, okay?
Gold up in my, gold up in my teeth ♪
(Gold up in my, gold up in my teeth) ♪
Don't care what you say to
me I'ma bite your feelings out ♪
I missed you in the basement ♪
But your brother was a
good substitute for you ♪
And if you love me, love me ♪
But you never let me go ♪
When the roof was on fire ♪
You never let me know ♪
Without ever letting you know ♪
[ASH] A couple of bourbons, please?
[BARTENDER] Here's your drinks.
[ASH] Thanks.
I have to go.
- I'm sorry, you're gonna what?
- I have to go.
I'll make it up to you.
[CARA] William.
I'm coming.
Mmm. Is that a promise?
Well, the faster you let me
go, the faster I'll be there.
I'm freshening up, if you must know.
Obviously not.
I don't wanna get caught by Garth.
Unless you want me to.
Alright, I'll be in the lobby at one.
Don't start without me.
Didn't want you getting
lonely in the hotel room.
[GARTH] Starting to feel
like we've been abandoned.
You can't stay. You can't stay.
No. Yes you ca
[CARA] You know you want to
Oh, you waited.
Were we not meant to?
[NERVOUS LAUGH] Of course.
Sorry for monopolizing your husband.
I got nervous on the bridge
and Will had to coax me over.
[GARTH] Babe.
How did you two meet?
[GARTH] Classic girl meets handyman.
[CARA] You make it sound
like something from a porno.
How about you guys?
[LIV] Well, you know.
Classic boy meets waitress.
[WILL] Well, hostess.
- [WILL] She was a hostess.
- [LIV] He likes to upgrade me.
- [LIV] I was a waitress, no shame in that.
- [WILL] No!
- [GARTH] Who made the first move?
- [LIV] Me.
For my sins.
You know that beginning bit
where it's pure blinding lust.
And wherever you are,
whatever you're doing,
all you can think about
is that other person.
Plotting all the different ways
to be alone together, which
when you think about it
were kind of insanity.
- [CARA] Does anyone know how much further?
- [LIV] It's so intoxicating.
You're both blank canvases,
you can be whoever you want.
Hide all your flaws and
scars and shitty bits.
Blissfully unaware that one day
they'll want their
underwear ironed by you.
Or the way they'll
snore in front of the TV
after they've had too many beers.
You know, before all that it's just
Well, I want it on record
that I do not snore.
Really selling the marriage thing here.
[GARTH] Hey, I get it.
You know, the idea that
you wake up every day
and you choose each other.
You're a team.
And nothing can get
in the way of that
It becomes about need.
Not want.
Want doesn't last forever.
[GARTH] Wow. Worth the
sweat to get here I'd say.
You know, it's just so close.
I'm gonna go for a swim.
[GARTH] Alright. Let's do it.
You coming?
Er. Nature calls.
- Argh!
[CARA] Oh my God, Will!
[GARTH] Hey.
[WILL] Guh!
- Come on.
- Grrngh.
Hey, what happened?
[WILL] I'm fine. I'm fine.
[GARTH] You don't look fine.
It's fine. It's just
a fucking bear hole.
Please. I'm fine.
[GARTH] Babe, why don't you grab
the first aid kit out of my bag?
[WILL] No, no, no, no. Please,
please, please, I'm fine.
Let me just see. Come here.
[GARTH] Alright, alright.
Let's just get this covered up.
[WILL] Thank you. Yep
Alright. There you go.
- Do you think you can walk?
- Yes. Of course, yes.
- Argh!
- Alright, sit down. Sit down, sit down.
We're a couple miles out and no signal.
Only got like an hour
or two of sunlight left.
But at least there's a storm coming.
So is that an American
way of saying we're fucked?
No, we're not there yet, don't
worry. But we do need a plan.
I'll I'll go. I'll go get help.
[GARTH] Not on your own you won't.
I'm the only one who can
help your man here, so
[LIV] Cara can come.
[GARTH] Don't be crazy, okay? It's
not safe for you two out here alone.
No, Garth's right.
This is exactly the sort of
thing you hear about on the news.
Some loner acting opportunistically.
- It's not safe
- I'm gonna stop you both right there.
before you start talking
about heads in boxes.
It's a marked trail.
We have our phones and we have our wits,
which neither of you appear
to be crediting us much with.
Darling, it's not that at all.
I'd back you in a fight,
you're positively savage.
Honestly, there's no need in
you going, I'm absolutely fine.
You need help, Will.
And unfortunately for you, we're
the only ones who can get it.
I am so sorry.
This is all my fault, you must hate me.
Hate you?
Why would I hate you?
[SIGHS] Sorry, you're right. You're
far too nice a person to hate anyone.
How do you know how nice I am?
We only just met.
Not that I'm not flattered you'd
think in such generous terms.
Unless that's what Will says about me?
No, I just get a sense of people and
I got a sense of you as
well nice.
- So he doesn't talk about me at work.
- I didn't say that.
Well, what are you saying?
Honestly, we're just colleagues.
Personal lives really
don't play into it.
Well, we both know hospitality
is one great blurred line.
You not saying anything is making
me think there's something to say.
Okay, fine. You wanna know?
Will talks about you a little bit.
Not a lot, but
What he does say, is
that you're a good wife.
- End of.
- What's that supposed to mean?
That you're dependable, loyal, safe
Not my words.
It's what you meant.
Like you said earlier.
He needs you.
There's not a lot of women out
there who would give up their career,
their life,
just because a man told them to.
[CARA] You know where
we're going, right?
[LIV] Sure.
We're lost, aren't we?
That's one interpretation.
How can you be so calm? This
is not a calm-making experience.
There's something this
last year's taught me.
Shit happens.
The idea we're in control
of anything is a joke.
You were safe with me.
[RANGER] Keep the leg elevated.
And take it easy.
[GARTH] Quite the first meeting.
Yep. It had it all.
Well, I guess I'll
see you at work then?
Yep, eh, safe flight.
Great bumping into you.
- [RANGER] Laters.
- [WILL] Yep.
The car's where exactly?
No, no, the, the ra
the ranger was here.
They must have moved it for some reason.
Well, how? Did you leave them the keys?
- I left the keys in the car.
- Okay.
And now the car's gone.
What are we going to do?
Look what you just made me do ♪
Look what you just made me ooh ♪
Look what you made me do ♪
Look what you made me do ♪
Look what you just made me do ♪
Look what you just made me do ♪
I don't like your kingdom keys ♪
They once belonged to me ♪
But I got smarter, I got
harder in the nick of time ♪
Honey, I rose up from the dead ♪
I do it all the time ♪
I got a list of names and
yours is in red underlined ♪
I check it once, then
I check it twice, oh! ♪
I don't trust nobody
and nobody trusts me ♪
I'll be the actress
starring in your bad dreams ♪
I don't trust nobody
and nobody trusts me ♪
Are you planning on saying anything?
What would you like me to say?
I don't know, shout,
or call me a dickhead.
Just whatever makes
you feel less furious.
Do I seem furious to you?
Look, I know how much we needed
this to be a perfect trip.
Yes, quite a long way
off perfect I'd say.
I'm going to get our stuff back, Liv.
I will.
Olivia, will you look at me, please?
Look, I ca I can
I can fix this.
Rum and Advil aren't great bedfellows.
Well, I'm sure I'll survive.
I'm not holding your hair back
while you vomit into a bowl.
Drink it. All of it.
Keep your leg up.
You're kind of a brusque
Florence Nightingale.
Well, in my house when you were sick
the best you could hope for was
a TV remote and flat Lucozade.
So I should count myself lucky.
As a matter of fact, I do.
I really do.
I figured he'd need some clothes.
Cara's got a bunch of stuff.
I'm sure she'd be happy
to lend you something.
Got anything on the more
casual side of things?
I don't really do casual.
What about when it's just you and Garth?
Duvet day, no make-up,
rolling takeout style?
Oh, I always wear
make-up in front of him.
It's the only way to keep
things, you know, fresh.
Now that's kind of a
fucked up way to think.
No offense.
Not so nice.
Yeah, I'm getting that.
No one ever expects men to be nice.
No, they don't.
Just like no one ever
expects men to spend
most of their time and half their wages
slathering nonsense
products onto their faces.
Honestly, I blame my mum.
When I was a kid I was taught
never to look anything
less than presentable.
Never go to the bathroom
in front of your man.
Never wear mismatched underwear.
Never eat more than him.
Never, ever say you're not in the mood.
I thought my mum was bad.
You should give Garth
the benefit of the doubt,
I'm sure he'd be able to
cope with seeing the real you.
Garth's a great guy.
He really is, he'd do anything
for anyone. He's just
set in his ways.
If he's sold a brand new
car, he doesn't want to
go home and realise the
paintwork's a spray job.
You're not a car.
You're not any kind of object.
You do know that, don't you?
God, look at me just going on and on,
I haven't even offered you a drink.
What can I fix you?
A double. Of whatever.
Has there ever been anyone
you've felt comfortable enough
to be yourself with?
Or I was just beginning to.
It's terrifying, isn't it?
About sums it up.
And at the same time
the best thing ever.
So, what happened to him?
Uh, honestly.
I don't know if I was enough.
I know what you mean.
Good evening, ladies.
[WILL] What's the joke?
No, no, no. Go on.
No, we're just getting
to know one another.
Well, shall we ask them to shunt
two tables together, make it a four?
I'd just like to have
dinner with my wife alone,
if that's alright with you?
I think you should apologise.
We've literally spent
all sodding day with them.
I am aware, Will.
She's your colleague.
I'd have thought you'd want her to
see you in the best light possible.
Don't talk to me like I
don't know how to behave.
Of course. You're behaving impeccably.
In fact, you've been nothing
but a ray of sunshine all day.
Fuck you, Liv.
[WHISPERING] You know what,
suddenly I'm not very hungry.
Is everything
Are you okay?
You know, hey, come sit.
Come sit.
I'll give you guys a minute.
What happened?
Nothing, I'm fine.
[WAVERING] I'm fine.
Oh, God. Eh
Your dress, I forgot to return it.
No, please.
Keep it. It looks better on you anyway.
[WHISPERING] I'm sorry.
[WHISPERING] I'm so sorry.
Me too.
Why won't you tell me
what you were saying?
Why do you care so much?
Well, I think I think
it's a bit odd, is all.
I mean, you barely know the woman
and now what, you're
all over each other.
Watch out, Will, you're
starting to sound jealous.
Coming from you?
Liv, I can't so much as have
a conversation with a woman
before you're asking me who, what, when.
Why do you think that is?
Oh, fucking hell.
Are you planning on holding it
over me for the rest of my life?
I think you've got off
pretty lightly actually.
I came here didn't I. I
gave us a second chance.
No, but you never once let me forget it.
And every look you give me, every
time you turn away from me in bed,
every moment where you make some dig,
and honestly, honestly, I
thought you were a bigger person.
I thought that you'd moved past it.
It was one night.
It was one night.
You have to let it go.
Sounds like a threat.
Stop twisting my words.
I'm talking about for you.
For your sanity you have to let it go.
Funnily enough, I have tried. Every
minute of every day I am trying.
But do you know what's
getting in the way?
You have never once told me why.
Why you fucked another
woman. Why I wasn't enough.
You think you weren't enough?
You think that's why I did it?
You're enough, Liv.
Believe me, you're enough.
Sometime, just sometimes,
you're actually too fucking much.
Sorry, what is that supposed to mean?
- Just all that pressure all the time.
- You think that I put pressure on you?
You never stop making it clear
that I'm your whole world.
Do you have any idea
what that feels like?
To have the weight of someone
else's entire existence
their whole reason for being,
all bearing down on you
all the fucking time.
Then you shouldn't have made
me leave everything and everyone
in pursuit of your dreams.
Made you?
You couldn't wait to leave
your shitty little life, Liv.
Saying anything different,
frankly, is just a lie you
tell yourself to feel better.
Tell me how you really
feel, why don't you?
Ah, you see.
This is the thing about you, Liv.
You think you want the truth.
But actually, what you want is
someone to make everything okay for you
like your daddy used to.
If I am so awful,
if I am such a burden to you,
then why are you still with me?
- Why don't you just leave?
- Because you're my wife.
[SCREAMING] You're meant
to say that you love me!
You need help.
Proper professional help.
Take it from me.
Going back, tail between your legs
saying you've lost your
wedding ring in a bar.
It's not cool.
Who said I was going back?
How long have you been married?
Just over a year.
Oh, you're going back.
Here you are.
You are a good man, sir.
[SLURRING] Guys, come on,
just sit and have a drink.
No, we, I have to get my beauty sleep.
But if I were you I wouldn't stay long.
I don't have many
rules for relationships,
but not going to bed on
an argument is one of them.
It's only fun when you're winning.
When that stops.
There's just one thing left.
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