Will and Grace s02e14 Episode Script

Acting Out

Grace: But Josh is really great.
you know.
he's sweet.
he's kind.
he's very in tune with my body.
A little too fond of the gentle forehead kiss.
It's like being kissed by my grandmother.
except Josh doesn't have a moustache.
But still he's a solid B.
What do they seal these things with.
high-grade epoxy? Cookies should be easily accessible.
we're talking about my cookies here.
I'm listening.
I-- just grab hold of that end.
will you? Thank you.
I've been dying for a Milano since 63rd Street.
- I don't think so.
- Hey! Jack! Why eat them? Why not just apply them directly to your man teats? - Come on.
- Give him a break.
he's skinny.
Let him eat his cookies.
Hetero skinny is very different than homo skinny.
You're not in the club.
you wouldn't understand.
Don't-- ( groans ) Open these.
- What are you guys doing tonight? - Josh and I are going to the movies.
Will? - I was gonna go to the gym and-- - Wrong.
What is the matter with you people? Will.
tonight you're making dinner and the three of us will be parked in front of your TV to watch our new favorite sitcom "Along Came You.
" And why is it our new favorite sitcom? Because tonight Ed and Gerard are going to kiss.
Only the first-ever primetime network kiss between two gay men.
- Ooh.
that's tonight? - It's in "TV Guide.
" Don't you read? - "Great.
" - I know, I'm excited too.
- No.
I meant watch out for the-- - ( crashes ) - Ooh.
- grate.
first-ever kiss between a gay man and 88th Street.
- Not funny! - Oh.
that was funny.
That was funny.
( theme music playing ) Come on.
hurry up.
you're gonna miss it.
Woman on TV: You're sure you don't want tojoin me for lunch? No they don't.
How come women never know when they're not wanted? - If that remark was meant for me-- - Shh-hh! You gonna talk through the whole show? Man on TV: Wow, so it's just us.
- Man #2: Yeah, we're finally alone.
- Yep.
Just us.
Ed, don't move, you have an eyelash.
that's the oldest line in the book.
I've used it.
Me too.
He's moving in.
It's gonna happen.
Oh my God.
do you understand this is bigger than the moon landing? One giant step for man on mankind.
Here it comes.
here it comes.
- Oh.
Iet's hold hands.
- Okay.
Man #1 : I think I'm about to kiss you.
Man #2: I think I'm about to be kissed.
Gay sex is so hot.
This is it.
this is it! This is not it.
Where is the camera going? Why are we looking at a fireplace? Get off the flames and follow the flamers! No.
come on.
they didn't show us anything.
- I can't believe this.
- Oh come on.
what did you expect? I expected a kiss.
I've been preparing for the kiss.
I was on a juice fast for 72 hours so I'd look good for the kiss.
This is a crime against humanity.
two guys didn't kiss on a sitcom-- I don't think that warrants reconvening the Nuremberg jury.
Don't throw your knowledge of current events at me.
The network promised we were gonna see some guy-guy lip action.
For someone who has a gay porn collection that requires its own storage facility you seem pretty upset about one kiss.
Missing the point.
By doing this.
they're sending a clear message that the way I live my life is offensive.
the way you live your life is offensive.
but they should have shown those guys kissing.
I had a really good time.
I'm glad we could meet for lunch.
did you get the lumbar pillow I left with your doorman? I did.
thank you.
That was so sweet of you.
It's filled with tea.
The lady at the nature store said it's very soothing.
particularly if you're cramping during menses.
I had a really nice time.
Don't say menses.
You'll call me later? I will.
( sighs ) He should be killed.
He happens to be the sweetest.
most thoughtful.
most sensitive guy I have ever gone out with.
I think he's great.
He makes me wanna barf.
I wanna kick him till he's dead.
I have just gotten off of a string of really bad boyfriends-- Adam.
whose closest thing to a compliment was.
"If you lost a little weight in the ass.
you'd look pretty good"; Alex.
who thought things could be improved by bringing another woman into the relationship; Stoner Jeff.
who loved his bong more than me.
I mean.
Josh is the first guy in a long time who treats me like a goddess.
Josh! He is sensitive and caring.
Thank you for playing.
He truly loves and understands women.
Don't let the door hit Grace's big ass on your way out.
valley of the dolls? Josh is one in a million.
He's sweet and kind and attentive and he'll be gone by the weekend.
I'd like to speak to the President of NBC.
This is Jack McFarland.
How long will he be in the meeting? Very fine.
I'll call back later.
I'd like to speak to the President of NBC.
It's Julianna Margulies.
I have a cold.
Hello? Hello? How do you stop unwanted homosexuals from invading your office? ( mocking laughter ) Come on.
we're going down to the network to protest.
Chop chop.
You're still on that? Wow! I thought that will go away as quickly as your last big issue-- the underrepresentation of gay animals at the Bronx Zoo.
They brought in a family of fruit bats.
Coincidence? I don't think so.
Let's go.
I'm not going anywhere.
I have to work so you can eat.
- You're wasting your time.
- I am outraged by this.
- Why aren't you? - Because I'm realistic.
nobody wants to see two men kissing on television-- not the network.
not the viewers.
not the advertisers-- That's right.
They want to pretend we're invisible.
What about our constitutional right to see two hotties get it on? Will that be the constitution that begins-- "Whee.
the people"? Jack.
you're fighting a losing battle.
Go to my place.
steal a sweater.
have a nice afternoon and leave the silly protest to Woody Harrelson and his hemp flip-flops.
I don't like to say this but I need you.
Sure I have the face and the bod.
hence the modeling career and the early years of dance.
What?! But you-- you're the dowdy bookish sister.
You're-- Will.
plain and tall.
I need you and your $10 words and your "be that as it mays" to help me make my case.
Really? You can't just draw on your early years of dance? When you and your boyfriend here are done with your little game of slap and tickle-- Mr.
Doucette would like for you to call him in the car.
- He's not my boyfriend.
- Whatever you say.
you coming or not? Jack.
I'm sorry I can't.
Just so you know-- we are no longer friends.
that's what you said last week at the movies when I left you the black Jujube.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks for recognizing when something is really important to me.
( vacuum running ) I thought you promised to wear a French maid's uniform the next time you did this.
Your place is filthy.
PS-- Iived here seven months.
you may wanna think about unpacking.
PS-- I thought we talked about the PS.
- What are you doing? - Just trying to help out.
By the way.
you have milk in the refrigerator that's so bad it's now good cheese.
Where do you keep the scrubby stuff? - What did you do to Jack? - What? Every time you're a bad friend to Jack.
you always become a better friend to me.
He wants me to go down to the network and complain about this whole kiss thing and I said no and he's mad at me.
How ridiculous is that? Hmm.
Hmm? What? You think I'm wrong? All I said was hmm.
but there was so much behind that hmm.
Jack has been focused on one issue for more than a day and a half.
This is big.
It may be ridiculous but it's important to him and he is your friend.
I mean.
to me that's reason enough to support him.
Talk about something else.
pushed a button.
Broken up with Josh yet? - Can we talk about something else? - Ooh.
- Pushed a button.
- I'll break up with him tonight.
okay? Last night was really special.
it was.
do you really think that look scares me? Hah! I once walked in on Faye Dunaway with a wig cap.
I'm not leaving here until the president of the network hears what I have to say.
have a seat.
- You're very crafty.
aren't you? - ( elevator dings ) Just so you know.
I'm not going anywhere.
I'll chain myself to the desk if I have to.
He will.
He has his own chains.
Oh my God.
I knew you'd come! I mean.
what are you doing here? I'm here to help you.
you and I are gonna stick it to the man.
Good idea.
but let's do this first.
Karen? It's Grace.
Grace Adler.
how did you get this number?! You gave me this number in case of emergencies.
remember? Oh yeah.
I want you to have it.
have Butler change all the phone numbers on the second floor.
So what's going on.
honey? I have to be mean and I need an expert.
I'm flattered.
What can I do you for? Stan.
that had better be soap on a rope.
Um Karen.
I-- I can't get rid of this guy.
He's a sweetheart but he's just not for me and I just don't know how to say it to his face.
say it to his bald spot as you push him out of the cab.
I can't do it that way.
How do I explain this? Most human beings are endowed with the capacity to feel emotion.
they're weak.
Come on.
help me.
I need a good lie.
Oh I know.
come on.
that's easy-- tell him you're madly in love with Will.
Of course.
I don't know where the lie part comes in but-- I think it will work.
You know what? This was a mistake.
I'm sorry I even called you.
Hey? I'm going to pick you up some wild yam essence.
It helps with breast tenderness brought on by water retention.
Jack: And just as Ed and Gerard were about to kiss they cut away to the fireplace and I just find that reprehensible.
What's your complaint? I want Carson back.
That's important too.
- Have you always been political? - You're speaking a little too loudly.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
- No.
not you.
I spoke to one of their PR people.
He said they're sending someone down to talk to us.
Who is this? - Will.
this is my new friend.
- Got you.
- Hey-o! - Hi.
to do the Kegel exercise.
you just clench and release.
It's really quite wonderful.
Like sit-ups for love's sweet flower.
Wow! Almost brought up a little yam there.
siss-boom-bah! "What do you hear when Scrooge passes a stone?" That's very funny.
I've the creeping fear that she enjoys her life more than I do.
Because she has 250 people in her head.
- none of whom own a toothbrush.
- Hmm-mm.
Get this over to Roz Weiman's office.
I'm Craig Fissay.
Executive Vice-President in charge of public relations for the office of the president of the network.
You're his assistant.
We spoke earlier? Anyway.
I've been sent down here to respond to your complaint regarding the kiss on "Along Came You.
" Yes.
we are outraged.
I hope you presented him with my letter and the petition? - I did.
- What did he have to say? Well.
it was discussed at length and the final word is "No comment.
" Have a good day.
and thank you for visiting us at NBC.
whoa-- we are loyal viewers and consumers and we find your policies unfair and discriminatory.
What you need to understand-- No.
what you need to understand is that this network has a responsibility to its audience.
I understand your disappointment.
Believe me.
I understand.
- Hi.
- Hi.
But you will never see two gay men kissing on network television.
Uh-- it's a gay network for God's sake! The symbol is a peacock.
Have a nice day.
Sally! Come on in.
he'll see you now.
Iet's go everybody.
I said now.
That was appalling.
It's a travesty of justice.
We need to take this all the way to the Supreme Court.
We have friends there.
We'll talk to that gay justice.
You know that little fellow we like with the glasses.
We've been over this.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a woman.
I am not done with this.
We need to get our message out there.
put it on the national stage.
I know.
I'll write an epic poem and post it on my website What's an epic poem? - It's long.
- Okay.
scratch that.
thinking I know.
I'll use the news media.
I'll talk to AI Roker.
'Cause as everyone knows.
once you have an avuncular weatherman on your side.
there's no end to your power.
he's right over there doing "The Today Show.
" Al.
Al! Al: All right! I'm sorry.
Let's look and show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned.
Mm-mm! Big old.
handsome warm front coming in from the south.
Whoo! Oh.
you know I don't find that funny.
Now get me another towel and put it on the real towel rack.
I have something that I really need to tell you and I don't know how to say it other than to just come out with it.
I'm in love with another man.
You're-- It's Will.
You met him.
he lives across the hall.
Jack: Al.
Al! Will: Jack.
there's 1.
000 people here.
he's not gonna talk to you.
it's my birthday.
I'm a 100 years old.
talk to me.
what's your name? Hi.
Oh my God.
AI Roker! I don't know if you recognize me but my name is Jack McFarland.
I do a one-man show every Wednesday night at the duplex called "Just Jack.
" Additional info on my website "Just Jack"? What happened to Jill? You guys have a fight? "No.
it's my pail of water.
" "No it's my pail of water.
" Oh my God.
that's so funny.
the reason we're here-- I don't know if you're aware but on this week's episode of "Along Came You.
" there was supposed to be a kiss and there wasn't.
You know.
sometimes a kiss is just not a kiss.
- Do we have any anniversary here? - Whoa.
back to Jack.
We went to complain and this closet case upstairs-- cute in an offbeat way.
got his number-- totally gave us the brush-off and I want to know how long I have to wait until I can see two gay men kiss on network television? Not as long as you'd think.
Oh my Lord! Not your boyfriend.
my ass.
That's the love of my life-- kissing that guy.
that was incredible! Four second before I did it.
I didn't know I was gonna do it and then-- I just did it.
I mean.
but let's be honest with each other.
We both know what actually happened this morning.
Remind us.
Masking your attraction to me with a political agenda.
I mean-- you are so transparent.
Wow! Nothing gets by you.
I just pray none of my boyfriends saw that tragic display.
Because that's like five serious long-term relationships down the tube.
huh? That's a lot of balls in the air.
I just-- I just can't believe we did it.
well-- despite how creepy the motivation.
a lot of people out there owe us a big fat thank you.
thank you very much! Because of your little on-air lip lock.
I'm gonna spend the next week in an ashram with no heat with my undumped boyfriend Josh.
I thought you were gonna break up with him.
I was.
until some big queen on "The Today Show" blew my alibi.
She's talking about you.
( theme music playing )