Will and Grace s03e13 Episode Script

Crazy in Love

Well, hello, Miss Crept-in-at-3:00-A.
Somebody obviously ended the evening with a bang.
No, just a little French kissing.
Oh, what? With that guy who kept going around the party saying, "it's all good.
" No.
He bugged the crap out of me.
He kept asking me why I wouldn't smile I finally had to tell him it was because I was born without smiling muscles like that kid in Wisconsin.
That's good.
I once told someone I couldn't have sex with them because cause Jupiter was in my rising house.
I know It was me.
You lie a lot, you know that? You are a very big liar, Grace Adler.
I am not.
I never lie.
Could you sign my doctor's name on this? I'm trying to get out of jury duty.
Come on.
Come on, sign it.
He gave me some stationery and told me I could write whatever I want on it.
"Borderline personality disorder"? "High-risk for psychotic break, particularly in a stressful situation.
" You left out your tendency to not flush if it's just pee.
You are a disgrace, Margaret Truman! A disgrace.
Don't think that we didn't see you and your big forehead sneaking out of that party last night.
It was boring, and then some three-foot-tall guy kept following me around begging me to come back to his apartment to show me his Lion King memorabilia.
When's the last time some guy offered to show you his Pumbaa? You can't exactly afford to be choosy.
Even Grace was smooching that loser all night who kept saying, "it's all good.
" - I thought you said - I lied.
I am telling you, you're gonna blink and you'll be 80 and alone in a caftan with a lap full of catnip saying "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
" It's time to put the "sex" back in "homosexual," Will! So get a freakin' boyfriend! P.
, I ruined your new shirt, let's see a movie later! - Don't listen to him.
- Why not? He's right.
I have no one in my life, and why? Because there's no one I'm interested in.
Oh, now, that's a lie.
You're the liar, Will, not me.
Oh, God, that's what hurts.
What about that cutie that you met at Banana Republic? The guy whose card you've been dating for the last two months? What are you What card? Matt's card.
No, I don't think it's gonna work out, anyway.
He's kinda square.
You get it? He's kinda No wonder I'm alone.
- Call him.
- I can't.
- Give me one good reason.
- Because he's a sportswriter.
He writes about sports.
- That is a good reason.
- Thank you.
Wait a minute What are you What are you saying? That I couldn't go out with a sports guy? God, no.
Better you stick to dating his card.
In fact, I just got a new Texaco card.
Maybe we could double.
- I'm gonna call him.
- I think it's a bad idea.
- Well, I'm doing it.
- I wouldn't.
You just totally manipulated me into that, didn't you? It's all good.
Grace, we have a favor to ask you.
As you know, I recently acquired a prime piece of real estate in the greater Manhattan area.
- I gave you my apartment.
- Whatever.
Anyway, my fair-bosom friend here has generously offered to foot the bill to redecorate my little pomme de terre.
I see where this is going.
We were hoping you would.
And since this is your area of expertise And we really need a good designer We were hoping God, this is kind of hard to ask.
Do you know any? Why isn't she speaking? She's thinking.
Quick, grab a pencil.
Be ready to write down whatever she says.
She's not saying nothing.
That's because she's hypnotized by her own dress.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Why don't we ask Grace to do it? Is she any good? Boris, Natasha, I'm right here.
Excuse me.
We're having a private conversation.
Nosy parker.
Speaking of which, I'd love to park my nosey in that scarf of yours.
Do it quick.
So, will you do it? I wouldn't do it if you paid me twice my fee.
- How about if I pay you twice your fee? - I'll do it.
So, what took you so long to call me? That's sort of my style.
I like to wait, you know until the guy has lost all interest in or memory of me, and then I strike.
Well, it worked for me.
Look, they're showing last year's all-star game.
Pedro Martinez is the best pitcher in baseball, don't you think? Don't tell me you're a Johnson fan? I'm a big Johnson fan.
You want another beer? Yeah, two more, please.
I love sports.
I always wanted to be a sportscaster.
When I was a kid I used to hold my mother's curling iron and pretend I was Howard Cosell.
That's funny.
You know, when I was a kid I used to hold my mother's curling iron and pretend I was Eartha Kitt.
But, you know, you should pursue it.
You'd be great.
Well, actually, I've got a meeting next week for an on-air position at Channel 9.
That's great.
I just love that you're into this.
The last guy I dated hated sports.
You know, since you're a baseball fan, you should join my buddies and me.
We get a game going every Saturday in the park.
You interested? Absolutely.
I-I-I-- You know, I miss playing.
- What's your position? - I'm for it.
Now, since we're dealing with limited space I thought we would play off that and go big, overstuff it but not excessively, smartly.
I like it.
Let's go exactly the opposite.
So you want to understuff it stupidly? See God in everyone.
I've taken the liberty to pull some pictures from magazines to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.
These are pictures from an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog of men lying around with their underwear half off their asses.
Can you do that? Jack, do I have to explain the difference between a decorator and a pimp again? There you are.
I just got the estimate for the job, and let me tell you something no one takes advantage of Karen Walker Except Stan Walker, and at least he has the courtesy to kiss me and buy me jewelry before he gives me the low, soft one.
You said that money was no object.
Honey, that's just a saying, like, "Ooh, that sounds like fun" or, "I love you.
" Listen Listen, Stan got wind of this, and he's taking the money out of my shoe allowance so I was hoping you could do the whole thing for, say, under $300 dollars.
Are you insane? Jack's got expensive taste The musical bidet alone is over 400.
Well, that's your problem, not mine.
Just strip it down to the bare essentials Rubber walls, a baby-oil dispenser and a coatrack.
Paprika! I've got it! A skylight.
Jack, we have already gone over this.
You cannot put a skylight on the ninth floor of a 12-story building.
Karen, I can't work like this! You can't work like this? You know, I'm the one Oh! God! Honey, look.
She left her datebook.
- Let's look through it.
- And change things.
What is this? It's a letter from her therapist.
I feel bad reading it.
I know.
It's terrible.
Move your hand.
I can't see.
"Personality disorder.
" "Job-related stress.
" "Prone to aggressive outbursts.
" She's a psycho! - What are you doing? - Watching the Knicks game.
Why? Did they get new cute boy cheerleaders? I'm allowed to watch sports, ok? Cause I'm a guy.
That's what guys do.
Now get me a beer.
Who am I kidding? I want a spritzer.
I'll never pull this off.
What is happening to you? I told Matt that I'm sports nut that I love watching sports, that I particularly love playing baseball and that I'm really good at it.
How quick can you get out of town? What should I do? I mean, do you think I can fake my way through this? I'd say no.
Where is my paper? Mr.
Zamir! I didn't take your paper.
How did you know that's what I was gonna ask you about? Every day, I tell you I didn't take your paper.
And every day, you take it.
You got me there.
I want my paper! Now throw that garbage away.
- God, the flies are just everywhere.
- Those are not my flies.
I always knew Grace was a little But I never knew she was My mother's crazy.
That's why I had her committed.
Well She's not crazy so much as she just bugged me.
She's a bitch.
I'm telling you, Karen, I'm worried.
I was watching "Justice Files" last night And they said that 90% of assaults are committed by someone you know.
Would you? - Maybe.
- Me, too.
But Grace? I mean, come on.
She doesn't even have one personality, let alone six or seven.
Give me my frickin' paper, you hairy little thief! You think you're gonna get away with this, but you're not.
I'm onto you! You're history! It's over! Oh, God! Get away from me! Guys? What is wrong with you? All right, let me ask you.
You said that you wanted mirrored floors.
I'm not sure I can make that work.
But when I'm doing jumping jacks, I like to look at my Yeah, mirrors-- Mirrors are bad.
I'll just look at my reflection in a steak knife.
If I had one, which I don't.
There are no knives in here.
What's going on? Gee, honey, you look real pretty today.
Maybe sometime I could borrow your little kitty shirt? you guys are creeping me out, so I'm just gonna Damn it! Get! Quit! All right, I'm just gonna go and work on my sketches, and then I'm gonna There's my datebook.
I thought that Will took it to work with him.
I was gonna kill him.
But you have it now, so no one has to die, right? I love it.
That's perfect.
Act crazy, they'll let you decorate any way you want.
You know, it's so diabolical, you know, which makes everything better.
You know the question is what kind of crazy should you be? You know, you could You could be like Barbra Streisand in Nuts.
But No Crazy people never have French tips or $600 highlights.
Or Sybil was very effective.
You know, "The people.
The people.
The people.
" But I think you want to be more like Francis.
Hit the freakin' ball, you damn sissy! Excuse me, Grace, that's not exactly helpful.
You know, in fact, I think I've improved quite a bit today.
No, you haven't.
You suck! Your bat hasn't even connected with the ball once! Yeah, but since you told me not to stand on the plate, the ball hasn't hit me once.
If you want to make Matt think you're some kind of ball player you gotta focus, be tough, attack the ball.
Here, let me show you.
Come on.
Weight on the back leg Feet shoulder-width apart Elbow up Eye on the ball I think I got it.
Let me try now.
No, trust me.
You don't have it yet.
Why don't you run off and get me a little corn dog and some nachos.
See that? A blister from the batting cage.
You're looking at my very first sports injury.
Not counting the time that I got a groin pull reaching for a pair of sneaker clogs at Foot Locker.
I am so proud of you.
I know you were embarrassed when we had to move to the kiddie area but you felt like a man when the ball hit the clown, didn't you? He went down.
I've got to get to Jack's.
I've got this bit where I kiss the wall and hum.
It freaks them out, and I love it.
Do you ever not look gorgeous? God Ten years ago, I would have wasted so much time liking you.
Guess what? - You got the Channel 9 job.
- I got it! I got the job! - I'm so happy for you! - I'm a sportscaster, Will.
Next week, I'm gonna start doing sideline reporting.
I'll be like a Jeremy Schaap or a Sal Palantonio.
You know what I like to do when something good happens to me? Something athletic.
Like Why don't we go to the batting cages, hit a few? Oh, better idea.
Let's play some basketball.
Here it is.
What do you think? Oh, my God! I've changed my mind.
My dream home is no longer Jeannie's bottle.
It's this.
Here's the check for what I owe you, and just FYI from now on at work, I'm gonna bring a nurse with enough Thorazine to stop a charging elephant, ok? Do you know why I'm laughing? Someone in your head said something funny? 'Cause I tricked you.
That letter from my shrink I wrote it To get out of jury duty.
And once I knew that you knew I knew that I could use it to get what I wanted.
- Oh, aren't you something? - A smarty So you see, I'm not really crazy.
Actually, I'm kinda brilliant.
Yeah, anything you say, honey.
Damn it! Why did I waste all that mace on Rosario? Didn't you hear what I said? I'm not crazy.
- It was just an act.
- Oh, my God! She's got an ax! Act! It was an act! I am not crazy.
I'm not crazy! God! How many That was pretty good.
- I was a little rusty at first - But then you warmed up and you just plain sucked.
Hey! That's not fair.
I beat that one guy.
- He was four.
- He was seven if he was a day.
Why are you doing this? You hated every minute of it.
Are you kidding me? I mean, the the balls and the dribbling and the the beautiful hardwood floors.
Ok, basketball's not my game.
I kind of suspected that when I suggested a game of Horse and you got down on all fours.
I knew that sounded too good to be true.
You don't have to pretend to like sports for me.
Yes, I do.
It's why you broke up with your last boyfriend, isn't it? Do you really think I'm that shallow? I broke up with him because he was poor.
I'm kidding! I'm kidding.
We were just different.
I like foreign movies.
He liked foreign men.
God, I wish you'd told me that sooner.
I spent eight hours in the batting cage when I could have been home watching the All-American Cheerleader finals.
- Penn State won.
Of course they did.
They have Gigi Vandecourt and Cami Sewell.
So, no more lies? - We'll be honest with each other? - Deal.
Head's up.
Here comes the kid you beat.
Try not to rub it in Thanks for letting me win.
You know, I might have won on my own.
Yeah, in your dreams.
Team W&G ~seriessub.