Will and Grace s05e12 Episode Script

Field of Queens

Why'd you pick such a fancy restaurant ? We told you we're coming straight from Elliot's game.
- Yeah, where he scored two goals.
- For the other team.
And off my nose.
And they're out.
It's beautiful.
It's like a butt.
What's the occasion ? Whadaya talk ? I'm dressed like I always am.
And I resent your implication that I have some kind of hidden agenda.
Karen, that's three nights this week.
I'm either incredibly flattered or worried that you're from the health department.
See you brought your friends.
Thanks for noticing.
Ah, yes.
And this is Red, Homo, Homo, and Boy.
Welcome, I'm Milo.
If you need anything, I'm here to serve you.
Actually, the waiters are here to serve you.
I'm here to overcharge you.
It's nice to see you.
Now I know why we're here.
You like him ! Shut up ! Shut up ! He's cute.
You should ask him out.
What ? You mean like on a date ? Oh, I don't know.
I've been married to Stan for so long, the last time I was on a date, Bush was president and we were about to go to war with Iraq.
Don't worry, Kare.
It's like riding a bicycle Only you're naked.
And the seat's off.
You can't borrow my bike anymore.
Karen, go ahead, ask him.
He was totally giving you the green light.
You think ? Yeah, even I saw it, and I'm unconscious.
- Go, go, go.
Get over there.
- Yeah.
- How do I look ? - Here, let me see.
Make up : flawless.
Hair : fabulous.
Breasts I'm jealous.
Now go.
All right, if I'm not back in ten minutes, you can have my drink.
Oh, God, what am I saying ? That's crazy.
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com~ Ah, look at her.
She's all flirty and shy.
Like a teenage girl.
Are you there, God ? It's me, Satan.
Hey, guess what ? While we were at Elliot's game, I signed us up for a gay soccer team.
- What ? - Now, before you pee-pee it Just take a moment and think about it.
It might be fun.
What ? Forget it.
No, I don't do sports.
I mean, sure I'll flip through a Sports Illustrated if it's already in the bathroom and I'm already happy to see it.
But that's where I draw the line.
Gay soccer isn't sports, silly.
It's cute guys in shorts runnin' around kickin' balls.
It's a gay bar on astro-turf.
You know, you should do it.
You might meet someone.
And you do like the way your legs look in shorts.
I really do.
But I don't know.
Soccer ? I mean, what color are the uniforms ? Powder blue with white accents and lemon piping - Cotton ? - Cotton-poly blend, - very shiny, lotta movement.
- Sounds cute.
Ooh, ooh, I can wear my tinted lenses.
I'm in.
I was thinking, maybe sometime You and I could I don't Taste this.
So it's not spoiled ? Oh, you're fun.
You wanna You wanna go out sometime ? - You'd go out with me ? - Why wouldn't I ? You're charming and handsome and sexy.
Oh, so you picked up on that ? I'd love to.
Oh, um By the way, you just took two of my amphetamines.
Maybe we should warm up too.
I call the blonde in blue I saw him before you - You the new guys ? - Hi.
I'm Jack, that's Will.
- I'm Kirk, the captain.
- Oh, so you're Captain Kirk.
Who do we play first, the Romulans or the Klingons ? All right, listen up.
We're gonna run a few drills, then we're gonna break into teams and do a quick scrimmage.
All right, ladies.
Let's go, let's go.
What ? Play ? Now ? Well, don't worry.
Like you said, it's gay soccer.
We'll probably just run over there and compare Tony predictions.
- I think it's going to be Hairspray.
- Save it for the game.
Everyone was running and kicking and pushing each other over.
It's supposed to be gay soccer.
Where were the lingering hugs, the affectionate ass pats ? The catchy team theme song ? Can't believe you didn't do better.
You're so athletic.
Yeah, yeah, laugh it up.
Look at my nose ! My whole face is thrown off now.
It's completely asymmetrical.
I'm like a Picasso.
Or-or-or Shannen Doherty.
Oh, I'm sure you'll do better the next time.
There ain't gonna be no next time, I quit.
I'm turning in my uniform.
Actually, I'm turning it into a tank top.
It just looks better without the sleeves.
Don't sew when you're this angry.
Worst of all, Jack is like a superstar.
The guy can't figure out when to step off an escalator, but he's a genius with a soccer ball.
Will someone talk to this kid ? He's thinkin' about quitting the team.
Yeah, because I'm awful.
They even have a new nickname for me on the team Awful.
I give up.
I throw up my hands and jut out my hip.
You know what, when I was your age, there were a lot of kids who said I couldn't kiss.
But did I quit kissing ? I did not.
I stuck with it.
I made out with every guy who would have me.
And today Not you, Whora Flynn Boyle ! He needs to hear it from someone who understands, someone who's as bad as he is.
- What ? - Go talk to him.
- I'm not going to - Yeah.
Shh Go talk to him.
Okay, Elliot, look.
Some of my biggest regrets are the things that I didn't follow through on.
You know, like when I gave up the role of Kenickie in my high school production of Grease, because I was afraid to jump off the car during "Grease Lightning".
Do you think a day goes by where I don't think about that ? God, I hope so.
You see, he learned his lesson.
That's why you don't see him quittin' our team.
Even though he stinks so bad that I, his best friend, am forced to make jokes behind his back.
Yeah, Will, you're sticking with it even though you suck ? Yes, I am.
Wow, well, then then I guess I can do that too.
You know, that car was really high up, and I don't think a little stepladder would've made my move any less dramatic.
Morning, campers.
So how was your date ? I didn't hear from you all weekend ! Well, honey, I wanted to call you, but I lost your number.
And do you know how many "Grace Johnsons" there are in the phone book ? Come on ! We want details.
Was he sweet ? Was he charming ? Does he have a gay brother ? Or better yet, does he have a straight brother who drinks a lot ? Oh, kids.
It was amazing.
We talked.
We laughed.
He walked me home.
He was such a gentleman.
He opened the door for me.
I opened my shirt for him.
He gave me a little kiss, and we said good night.
Karen and Milo sittin' in a tree.
K- I-S-I-N-G Wait So, when you gonna see him again ? 'Cause you know, it's all about the second date, or as I like to refer to it, "The date when you can slowly let your stomach out".
- Well, uh, he said he would call.
- But it's been three days.
Oh, look who's suddenly a math whiz.
What d'ya know ? Hello ? I bet you do.
Who was it ? Someone looking for a designer.
I didn't catch their name.
You know I feel moody.
I think I'm gonna go change my blood.
Into a Bloody Mary.
- He's gonna call, right ? - Absolutely.
I didn't think you'd come back.
Well I was gonna quit, but I wanna set an example for a young friend of mine.
I'm trying to show him that sticking with something, even though you're not good at it, is its own reward.
Well, if you really want me to put you in the game God, no ! I don't want to play ! What are you gonna do ? Sit on the sidelines with your needlepoint ? Nooo.
I brought a picnic basket.
Okay, princesses, huddle up.
Okay, these guys are tough.
But if we can beat this hetero team, we may one day achieve our dream of beating the lesbians.
All right, now come on.
Let's wipe the field up with these candy-ass breeders.
Neiman Marcus ! - Sorry you're not gonna play.
- Don't you worry about me.
You just get out there and win one for the lisper.
I think I'll start with olive tapenade on a bagel chip.
- Finally, tonight - Hey.
I wanna talk to you.
We have a roasted tomato vegetable - May I finish here, please ? - Fine.
You are just a real charmer, aren't ya ? What's next ? You get them to take their shirts off and then don't call them ? Well, I tried that with table number five, but it sort of ruined their anniversary.
Who are you ? Figures you wouldn't remember.
Of Red, Homo, Homo, and Boy.
Karen Walker's friend.
So how is Karen ? Well, if you picked up a phone, you'd know.
Or is that not your style ? You know, guys like you just drive me Is that pie ? Yes, but we call it a galette.
That way we can charge $18 for it.
- Would you like to try it ? - No, I wouldn't.
But I'll take a piece to go.
How dare you treat Karen like that ? - And how does this concern you ? - I'm her friend and a woman.
And I'm here on behalf of all women.
Except her.
She's on her own.
How do you expect to earn anyone's trust, if you don't keep your word ? Could we believe anything you say ? I mean, look, it says that the special of the night is monkfish cooked in a saffron sauce.
Is it ? Or is it just a giant turd cooked in poison ? It's not.
Look, I am trying to run a business here.
- You said you would call her.
- Yes, and that made her happy.
She went home thinking that I was still interested.
She also went home thinking people work in toll booths because they have tails.
What do you mean, you're not interested in her ? I mean, what's wrong with her ? Well, first of all she's a little old for me.
She's exactly your age.
That's what I'm saying, she's a little old for me.
And when I kissed her good night, I just didn't feel anything.
Listen, mister, I've kissed Karen more times than I can count.
And every single time, I felt somethin'.
Perhaps it was you.
Let's investigate.
- You're a pig ! - Oh, so you picked up on that ? - You know what ? - What ? This little playboy shtick of yours is gettin' old.
You know someday, very soon, you're gonna wake up, and you're gonna find yourself very alone.
Well, maybe not very soon.
But it's gonna happen.
Good day.
Milo said that I could have a piece of pie.
And a Cornish game hen.
I'll be outside.
Look's pretty tasty.
Way to hustle.
Oh, thank you.
Lorna Doone ? - I'll take some of that.
- Don't you have a game today ? Uh, yeah, probably starting right about now.
I quit.
What ? What happened to sticking with something, with not quitting just because it's hard ? You know ? I thought we had a good talk the other night.
I thought I was a role model for you.
I see you, like, once every eight months.
Still I ever saw you as a quitter.
You know, I mean, look at me.
I'm no good at this, but here I am working my ass off just just waitin' to get in there.
Waitin' ! Truman, Carlo's hurt.
- I'm hurt ! - Get in there.
What ? But-but-but I'm picnicking.
Can't you send someone else, like-like this kid ? No way, man.
You're my role model.
You're in, Truman.
Wrap that biscotti in parchment paper and get out there.
But I just dipped it in espresso ! McFarland ! I know Betty McUseless is your friend, but don't pass to him.
If we win, we get free facials at Sonya Dakar.
- And a basket of scented candles.
- Oh, my God I'm not about to blow that.
- Hey, Karen.
- Oh, Grace.
You've been awfully quiet.
I've been gone for two hours.
You're funny.
Uh, listen, I don't mean to sound negative, and I shouldn't because I'm taking six different pills so I won't, but Uh, do you think it's weird that Milo hasn't called ? Sweetie, I don't think he's gonna call.
Why ? Look, I didn't want to tell you this because I was afraid it would hurt your feelings, but Milo is sick.
Sick ? Oh, my gosh, I better call him.
No, no, no, no, no.
He can't talk to you because he's, uh, he's he's had his throat removed.
Doy ! Well, that explains it.
Well, wait a minute then, what's holding up his head ? Good question.
Yeah, I asked the same thing.
Um, there's this stick-like apparatus.
I'm familiar And the head is propped on Karen, I just came from over there, and Milo doesn't want to see you anymore.
He just is He doesn't like the Karen, he just doesn't see how wonderful you are.
And I know that's hard cause this is the first date that you've had in a long time, but But don't let it put you off, because someone out there will.
Well, thanks, honey.
But I'm a big girl, I can take it.
Tell me what he said.
He said you were too old.
Well, now I'm glad his head's on a stick.
You know, it's strange how things have changed for the two of us over the last year.
I'm a married lady giving out dating advice.
Now you're the single girl, starting your life over.
- I like it.
- I hate it.
I know you do.
Here I am.
I'm the mean machine.
I'm fast and lean.
I'm What rhymes with lean ? Penis ? I just said penis.
What am I doing again ? Oh, soccer ! Right.
How did the Q-Tip miss that ? Oh, look at him.
Lonely girl.
I should pass to him.
It'd make him feel good.
Don't pass it to me.
Please, if there's a God, do not pass it to me.
Oh, god, it's coming to me Run away ! Uh, I like being carried.
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