Wisdom of the Crowd (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

User Bias

1 Hi, I'm Jeffrey Tanner.
Welcome to Sophe.
We all know the Internet changed the world.
THE ONLY QUESTION IS: into what? It can be a platform to bring us together or to tear us apart.
I know because I spent my life trying to turn it into something that would connect us all.
Then - I love you, Dad.
- my daughter was murdered.
Nothing else mattered anymore.
Everyone was sure they knew who did it the police, my ex-wife but I was convinced the wrong man had been convicted and the real killer was still out there.
So, together with my team, I built Sophe, a crowdsource crime solving platform powered by the smartest, most diverse, independent collection of detectives on the planet: you.
Let's get to work.
Previously on Wisdom of the Crowd Next week is the one-year anniversary of my daughter Mia's death.
Ryan Booth.
This is a drug addict with a violent criminal record caught on camera assaulting our daughter.
And I am gonna find him.
My dad took out a second mortgage just to send him to Grand Pines, some fancy treatment center.
Mia wasn't an intern at Grand Pines.
- She was a patient.
- ‭She was a what? If the brass catch on that you're helping Jeffrey Tanner undermine a closed murder case Your closed murder case.
Where do we start? Lieutenant Ruiz, glad you finally figured out that we can help.
You knew, didn't you? Knew what? About Mia's stay at Grand Pines.
Why didn't you tell me? She didn't want you to know.
Jeffrey's been wrong about all this, right? You've been divorced nine years.
You don't owe him anything.
Carlos Ochoa, he did not kill our daughter.
You should've just kept your mouth shut about that girl.
What if we never find him? SARA: The tech works.
An hour ago, we just pulled a serial killer off the street.
We're gonna find the truth about Mia.
CROWD (CHANTING): You will not replace us! You will not replace us! You will not replace us! - You will not replace us! - You will not replace us! (CHANTING): Say it loud, say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here! - America is white! - (CROWD CHEERING) America is ours! (CROWD CHEERING) (CHANTING): All of us! America for all of us! All of us! All of us! Because this is our great struggle, the struggle of white, European Americans who made this country great.
(CROWD CHEERING) (CROWD CLAMORING) We have awoken and we will not go quietly! (CROWD CLAMORING) (GLASS SHATTERS) (TEAR GAS GUNS POPPING) NEWSWOMAN: A political protest turned violent last night when white nationalist demonstrators, participating in a rally against San Francisco's sanctuary city policies, clashed with anti-racist activists in Jefferson Park near city hall.
The rally was organized by white nationalist leader Brandt Davis, a self-proclaimed spokesman for the alt-right.
The Take Back Our Cities rally has been in the works for several weeks, and was to feature a number of national Would you like some? Want some bread? Oh, brilliant.
Thank you.
Where did you get this? (CHUCKLES) It's not our first rodeo, dear.
CAVANAUGH: That one.
Morning, sister.
Pleasure as always, Detective.
SARA: Vandalism? I went to protest neo-Nazis, not burn cars.
I was trying to stop people from breaking windows.
I'm sure you were, but, uh Look, Detective, I didn't do anything wrong, and I'm waiting for my green card to be approved.
If I get charged, I will be deported.
And here I thought irony was dead.
And why am I not surprised to see you? Sure, just hang around my desk.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine, honestly.
I even made a few new friends.
- Some friends, really? - ‭Yes.
Yeah, the nuns are easy to talk to.
I asked Sophe users for help, and they uploaded this.
SARA: Stop! Stop! Stop! What are you doing?! This is a peaceful protest! MAN: Let go! SARA: Get off! POLICE OFFICER: Drop the weapon! - Drop it! Turn around.
- Okay.
Yeah, yeah.
- Hands on the wall.
- It's not mine.
That-that wasn't mine.
- Now! - Okay, yup.
If they haven't charged her yet, they're not going to, not after they see this.
You're enjoying this.
I am very much so.
RUIZ: Body just turned up.
Near Jefferson Square Park.
Fun never stops.
All right, I'll see what I can do.
You can go home now.
TANNER: They let you keep the handcuffs? There you go.
CROWD (CHANTING): All of us! All of us! - (SIREN WAILING) - All of us! All of us! All of us! So what do we got, a dead protestor? Not a protestor, the protestor.
- Whoa, is that? - ‭Yes.
That is Brandt Davis.
A dead white supremacist in downtown San Francisco.
You don't see that every day.
White nationalist, I believe is what they're calling themselves now.
Oh, yeah.
That makes it better.
Body's been here all night? Homeless man found him.
Two gunshot wounds, close range.
No weapons, no casings.
Picture perfect.
All right, let's rewind.
Davis was the keynote speaker last night.
Protestors came, call it hate speech Well, he wasn't exactly singing "Kumbaya.
" Then all hell broke loose.
So, he gets chased from the rally and comes here, three blocks away, to get shot.
Question is: by whom? Well, isn't the simplest answer usually the right one? I mean, there were thousands of people here last night.
A lot of them were mad at him.
- Any one of them could've done this.
- WOMAN: Brandt! - (CRYING): Let me through, please! - Get your hands off her.
- That's his wife.
- ‭(CRYING): Please.
CAVANAUGH: Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Let them through.
- No - I want to see him, please.
Davis, you can't touch the body right now.
We're still gathering evidence.
(CRYING): He should've had more protection.
Davis, we'd like to ask you some questions downtown.
Why? You're telling me you two intend to take this case seriously? And you are? Caleb Boorman.
Brandt and I built this movement together.
I promise you, Mr.
Boorman, when it comes to solving a murder, only color I see is blue.
Davis, we want to find out who did this to your husband, and we need your help for that, so, please.
(CRYING) (SIREN WAILING) Did you call her? No.
Watch your step, ma'am.
Deputy Chief.
Well, I guess the rest of my week just blew up.
These nutjobs are already armed and angry.
How do you think they'll react to their hater-in-chief being killed? I will pull as many detectives as I can.
What about your buddy, Tanner? Well, I wouldn't exactly call him my buddy.
But, uh, his people have helped us out on a few cases.
You've helped him out, too.
You slipped him police files on Ryan Booth, didn't you? Now he needs to help us.
I want you to formalize a relationship with him.
Ma'am, all due respect This Sophe, it closes cases.
And given all the attention on this one, I'll take all the help I can get.
Plus, people are talking about it.
It's good PR.
- PR? - ‭Yes.
It's a whole new era of civic engagement.
I want people to know that SFPD is working with Sophe on a regular basis.
You want me to get Tanner to work with us? His daughter's murder is the only thing he cares about, and he's convinced we got the wrong man.
Which we didn't.
Tanner agrees, you can help him with his investigation.
Unofficially, of course.
What do you mean, "unofficially"? We'll work out the details later.
Just get Tanner on board and solve this before the whole city becomes a riot zone.
Well, tell your boss if she wants a deal, she's gonna have to officially reopen my daughter's case.
CAVANAUGH: You know I can't do that.
But what I can do is help you now without having to sneak around about it.
Sounds like they were already onto you about that.
What about Mia's case files? I want access to all of them.
That should be fine.
And if we find new leads, you'll run them down, just like you would any other case? When time permits, yes.
Best I can do.
Oh, by the way, there's one more thing.
Deputy chief said she'll make sure there's no charges against Sara.
You can tell her she's in the clear.
I'll tell her when I see her.
So, we got a deal or what? (SIGHS) Okay.
What's the case? Yeah.
About that.
JOSH: Brandt Davis, Mr.
Alt-Right, the guy is toxic.
Right, he sucks.
So, now what? We're supposed to kill people we disagree with? - No, I didn't say that.
- You know, there's definitely a picture of you in the dictionary right next to "broflake.
" What does that even mean? What I'm worried about is selling out so the cops run this place.
Nobody runs this place but us.
Now, we'll work with the SFPD on a case-by-case basis for as long as it benefits Mia's investigation.
Understood? Now, this case is an opportunity.
To do what exactly? To see how Sophe handles user bias.
They've done experiments on this.
When a football game has too many penalties, the fans on each team think that the other team committed - twice as many - ‭JOSH: Selective perception.
It's like the fans are seeing two completely different games.
Which is a perfect metaphor for the country right now.
- (PHONE VIBRATES) - Let's play this video.
Brandt Davis posted this just before he was killed.
Tonight we unmask our adversaries for who they are: hypocrites who claim to stand for free speech while attacking us for expressing our point of view.
We're still here.
And we're ready to fight for this cause, ready to die for it, and we will prevail, because when truth is on your side, nothing else matters.
Seriously? This is not about free speech.
They went there looking for violence.
They were itching for it just so they can play the victim and argue that both sides are to blame.
No, I'm sorry.
There's a right and there's a wrong, and racists are wrong.
We have every right to stand up to them and tell them exactly how pathetic they are.
TANNER: That's exactly my point.
He's a polarizing victim who has divided the country and possibly our user base.
If we can't filter out the bias and extract what the crowd actually thinks, Sophe doesn't work.
- Jeffrey.
- ‭One second, Mike.
Sophe lives or dies on this.
Put it up.
JOSH: How are we gonna solve a murder when so many of our own users don't even want to help? Have you not been listening to me? - That's exactly what I'm saying.
- MIKE: Alex.
You knew that Mia wanted to keep this private.
I told you that.
Where'd you get this? My chief of staff.
The press called.
They want a comment from me because they're gonna run this story.
All right, listen.
I swear to you that I did not post anything about Grand Pines on Sophe.
Then who did? (COMPUTER BEEPING) Where did they find this? ALEX: You did this when you posted her case online.
- You did this! - I didn't do this! Yes, you did! Our daughter has become clickbait.
That's not Alex.
You need to fix this.
Use your connections, use your money.
I don't care what you do, but you need to fix it.
RUIZ: Mrs.
Davis, I know this is hard for you, but I need you to tell me what you remember from last night.
Honestly, not much.
When the barricades broke, it was chaos.
Do you remember where you were exactly when it happened? No.
I just remember being attacked.
I lost Brandt in the crowd.
We got separated.
Everyone scattered.
After that, I just ran to the hotel.
But he wasn't there.
I I waited for him all night, but (SNIFFLES) Being a public figure, I'm sure your husband received his share of threats.
Are there any in particular that you can tell us about? BOORMAN: You're kidding me, right? Brandt got threats from everyone.
Last week in Austin, some "bad hombre" punched him in the jaw.
Cops practically cheered.
LILIANA: Well, Brandt was, uh He had views that a lot of people didn't like.
He Do you know what it feels like to fall in love with somebody, and then you look up one day and they're a different person? I know some of the things he said were offensive, but no one is just one thing, and Brandt was a good person.
He taught me to never apologize for who I was.
BOORMAN: He was a truth teller.
That's why people hated him.
I'm sorry, what truth was he telling? That race is what defines us as human beings.
Government, economics, religion they're all just constructs that obscure the fundamental fact that human life is a competition between races.
Oh, please.
And where are your people from exactly? You're a white European.
Acknowledge it.
Be proud of it.
CAVANAUGH: Okay, are we done? We're here to find out who killed Mr.
Davis, not to have a damn political debate.
You think I believe that? In the People's Republic of San Francisco? Give me a break.
Then try us.
Tell your followers to send us any information they have about the rally.
Put it on Sophe.
If it's real, we'll post it.
We'll be watching.
(DOOR OPENS) (CLEARS THROAT) (DOOR CLOSES) How does that not make you insane? You think I haven't heard that before? Or worse? I heard just as bad in the locker room at work.
- Sorry.
- Guess we all do live in our little bubbles, don't we? So far, 38 separate sites have carried the Grand Pines story.
Send a cease and desist to all of them.
I want them taken down.
If you want to play whack-a-mole, they're just gonna pop up somewhere else.
And most of them are worded carefully to avoid a libel claim.
This is my daughter, Mike, all right? Talk about "fake news"? This is it.
Dangle a few defamation suits, will you? Why? So you can look like Peter Thiel, some Silicon Valley bully who's trying to buy his way out of the First Amendment? A) He won, and B) the First Amendment does not apply if it's false.
- It's about the optics, Jeffrey.
- The optics? You're getting slammed by your own users because you're trying to solve the murder of some white nationalist.
Now you want us to declare war on the Internet? Exactly how much ammunition do you wt to hand out? You know how this works.
In five minutes, the president's gonna tweet, and they're gonna be onto something else.
Just let it go.
You said there are 38 sites, right? One of them had to be first.
Find the source.
ALEX: You've interviewed me plenty of times, Tanya.
I want your readers to know who Mia was as a person, and that the stories that are out there now, it's just not the truth.
She was as you know, a wonderful, kind, smart, strong young woman.
She was the light of my life.
But like a lot of young people her age, at one moment in her life, she suffered from clinical depression.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
She was very brave.
She sought help for it, and I was very proud of her for that.
I want to make sure that people are aware of that and that they understand that, because what is being said right now is a complete violation of her privacy.
She kept it private because she was TANYA: Alex, I can't imagine what you're going through.
But now that the truth is out, is it your hope that these fake stories will stop? No parent should ever have to see their child's name dragged through the mud.
That's right.
That's why we appreciate the opportunity to address all this.
Of course.
So, is there anything else your paper needs? Okay.
What about Jeffrey? What about him? People are saying that, by launching Sophe, Jeffrey invited the public to speculate on Mia's death.
Don't you think he bears some of the responsibility for these lies that are getting out there? What my ex-husband does is his own business.
And I have no comment.
Okay, then.
And I hate to be the one to show this to you, but it's out there.
Do you care to comment on any of the new rumors that are circulating right now? I'm sorry, what new rumors are you talking about? Alex Hale is a power player in D.
with Silicon Valley money.
And we all know that the Democrats are desperate for anybody who can lead them out of the wilderness, but not if there are secrets in her past that are gonna blow up in her face.
Now, these are deep waters, my friends, and I want to tread carefully here, but if her daughter knew something, and the Democrats needed to shut her down Ray Randolph? Seriously, Tanya? What, you want to talk about Infowars next? How about Pizzagate? All right, you know, we're done here.
We're done.
Carlos Ochoa killed my daughter.
So you disagree with your ex-husband? Yes, I do.
CROWD (CHANTING): Stop the white genocide! You will not replace us! JOSH: Well, at least you were wrong about being an extension of the police.
Instead, we're being co-opted by the American Nazi Party.
Who are these idiots? Look at the tiki torches.
It's like a Nazi luau.
You have anything else? I've set Sophe to recognize Brandt Davis's face.
Now she's isolating every image of him, and we're building a timeline of his movements throughout the rally.
TARIQ: There's Davis setting up.
Now he's taking the stage.
I need a shower after reading this stuff.
And a lobotomy to erase it from my mind.
Okay, wait, slow-slow it down right there.
That's where Davis gets separated from his wife.
Stop, stop.
Back up, back up.
That man in the orange.
He's dragging Davis around the corner.
CAVANAUGH: Can't see his face.
You got footage from around the corner? We're out of video.
Can we load up my footage? The part that we used to get me out of jail.
JOSH: Yeah.
Here you go.
SARA: Hold on, hold on.
Can you zoom in? TANNER: Same jacket.
It's him.
SARA: We can't post this.
If we put his face out there, he'll have a target on his back.
CAVANAUGH: Normally I'd agree with you, but the police do this every day.
I mean, turn on the news, go to our website.
"Person of interest, wanted for questioning.
" You're the one always warning us about privacy.
Sara, we got this man on video dragging a murder victim around the corner.
If it were anybody else, we wouldn't hesitate.
If this is the killer, we have to find him.
Post it.
(PHONE CHIMES) (PHONE CHIMES) (PHONE CHIMES) SARA: "Take him out"? "An eye for an eye"? Let's hope we won't have to solve another murder.
Referral traffic is way up.
New users have spiked twelvefold.
Everyone wants a look at this guy.
Or a piece of him.
"The Beta-Cuck Dictatorship "of California got a great man killed.
Get the beaners out of here.
" Spelling obviously not a huge issue for the Davis crowd.
Can you mark that as inflammatory.
Uh, where are we with building out the algorithm - to filter out bias? - I'm already feeding in the curated responses.
A few more hours, and we should have a large enough sample for Sophe to start identifying bias on her own.
Let's hope it works.
If it doesn't, our results could be skewed.
Nobody's offered up an I.
yet? No.
But we've had probably 50 users attempt to clear him.
Um "He couldn't have killed Davis.
He was with me.
" Let's mark that as another false alibi.
I'll teach Sophe contextual cues.
You have any luck sourcing those articles on Mia? All 38 sites that posted some version of the story got traced back to a single article on something called Celebrity Reality Center.
It's like TMZ, but with even less scruples.
Well, where did they get the story? That I'm still working on.
Can I borrow you for a second? Yeah.
I have some concerns about our user base.
Our numbers are dropping.
What are you talking about? Traffic is way up.
New users are up, but dedicated users, people who have been on Sophe for ten days or more Watch the change over the last 24 hours.
That's because of the Brandt Davis case.
Some because of Davis.
But most of the deletions are from people who only looked at Mia's case.
That doesn't make any sense.
Why would they be leaving because of Mia? Jeffrey, Mia's treatment at Grand Pines is all over the Internet.
People don't care that she suffered from depression; they care that they didn't hear it from you first.
That's why they're leaving.
It's none of their damn business.
I didn't start Sophe to air Mia's private life in public.
I know.
But this isn't just your investigation anymore.
Sophe users are invested in finding Mia's killer, but they want something in return.
They want community.
They want access.
They want honesty.
And by withholding it you're only going to alienate them more.
(PHONE CHIMES, VIBRATES) What is it? Nothing.
Jeffrey? No, I hear you.
I do, I do.
(CHANTING): All of us! All of us! CAVANAUGH: We're still waiting on the ME's report, but cause of death seems pretty clear.
Two bullet holes aren't exactly subtle.
The image we got from Sophe is our best lead.
We're still trying to get an I.
Well, hurry up.
We've got unis breaking up fights all over the city.
Alt-right, Antifa where the hell do they get these names from, anyway? Well, if the guy's out there, we'll find him.
(PHONE CHIMES, VIBRATES) RUIZ: We might not have to look too far.
He just turned himself in.
I didn't do it.
I didn't kill Brandt Davis.
So this isn't you? This isn't you dragging Davis from the protest? Yeah, that's me, but (SIGHS) it's not what it looks like.
RUIZ: Really, Eddie? Why don't you tell us what it looks like to you? I didn't do that.
I dragged him out of there to save him.
(CROWD CLAMORING) When the barricades broke down, it got insane.
He'd have been ripped apart, so I got him out of there.
RUIZ: Well, that's awfully charitable, considering what he says about people that look like you.
What he says about us is exactly why I didn't want him to get hurt.
It would play right into his narrative.
CAVANAUGH: You're telling me you came face-to-face with the biggest hater in the country, and all you can think about is "his narrative"? I'm out there trying to change things.
Illegal border crossings are at their lowest levels in years, but all these people talk about is Mexican criminals stealing their jobs.
"Rapists and murderers," just like their idol says.
Killing Davis plays right into their hands.
All right, so you saved him, you got him out of there, then what? I hustled him down to Fulton Street.
It was quiet there.
And if you're wondering, no, he didn't say "thank you.
" He acted like I'd done something wrong.
Anyway, um, that's when a car rolled up, black SUV, North Dakota plates the one with the buffalo on them and he got in.
Did you see who was driving the SUV? Nah.
Uh, windows were tinted.
Look, I work hard, I pay taxes.
But I don't have papers.
I'm taking a risk just showing up here.
You think I'd do that if I killed Davis? San Francisco is a sanctuary city.
That's why Davis was here in the first place.
So if you didn't do the crime, there's no reason for ICE to know anything about this.
I didn't.
I just got off the phone with Cavanaugh.
They don't think the guy in the photo did it, but they're gonna hold him for now while they look into it.
Meanwhile, it's all over the right-wing media that an undocumented immigrant may have killed Brandt Davis.
Now people are attacking Latinos on the street.
(GRUNTING) SARA: This is because of us.
This is because of Sophe.
We put his face out there, and now people are using it as an excuse - to jump anyone that looks like him.
- ‭Sara, listen What if what we built is actually making the world worse? You don't think that I've wrestled with this? The Internet was supposed to bring people together, but it also created a platform for them to tear each other apart.
The worst part about democracy is that you have to deal with people whose ideas you hate.
But it's better than the alternative.
We can't dictate what people do with what we make.
But we can steer them in the right direction.
The right dir Right now, we are helping to create the worst possible narrative here.
We're giving the Brandt Davises of this world exactly what they want.
Then change the narrative.
Find the right killer.
- Just like that.
- (SNAPS FINGERS) Have you ever heard of the Invisible Gorilla experiment? They told a group of people at a basketball game to count the number of passes.
Half the people were so focused on the ball, they didn't see a gorilla walk through the center of the game.
They only saw what they were looking for.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) You have a minute? Yeah.
What's going on? We found the original leak for the Mia story.
Celebrity Reality Center got it from a Reddit user named truthrising776.
The same username also posted about Mia all over social media, all using the same VPN.
So you've got nothing? Not exactly.
I found and read all their posts over the last five years They're all trashy stories, all damaging to different politicians.
Whoever he or she is, Anthony Weiner would like to punch them.
So what are you saying, Mike? ALEX: Opposition research? On me? Somebody, somewhere, leaked the story about Mia to hurt you politically.
So this is all my fault? - That's not what I'm saying.
- You are saying that.
I wanted to let you know so you could watch your back.
How very kind of you.
You're looking out for me.
I want to find out who took our daughter away from us, - and if things get messy, so be it.
- ‭So do I.
This is all you, Jeffrey.
This is all on you.
At least I give a damn.
You can tell the press that my grief has clouded my judgment all you want, but at least I'm not just over it.
Michael, can you stop the car? Alex, I'm sorry.
It's Stop the car, Michael.
- No, just get out.
- ‭Hold on.
Listen to me.
Get out.
- The game makes the sound.
- We are missing the gorilla.
Please tell me this ends with Josh in a gorilla suit.
I'll have you know I would rock that suit.
My point is, we've been thinking about this all wrong.
I hate Davis's politics, so I assumed politics is what got him killed.
To be fair, a lot of people want him dead - because of the crap he spouts.
- Yeah.
But because of all that noise, political motives have been overrepresented in the data.
There's other reasons to kill someone.
Let's look at other motives: uh, money, jealousy, revenge.
CAVANAUGH: Got the traffic cam stills back.
(COMPUTER BEEPS) Okay, Sara, you're on.
SARA: Great.
We have Sophe focusing on non-political data to see if there's any other motives involved.
Okay, Eddie Leyva said that Davis got into a black SUV with North Dakota plates, right? (CAMERA CLICKS) These were pulled from the traffic cam on McAllister, just around the corner from where Davis's body was found.
The funny thing is Mrs.
Davis said that she couldn't find her husband after the protest, that she waited for him in the hotel all night.
- (CAMERA CLICKS) - And this photo was from a few blocks away, 11 minutes later.
Brandt Davis is gone.
So you think his wife killed him? CAVANAUGH Either that, or she drove him to where someone else did.
QUESTION IS: why? TARIQ: Well, we may have something here.
Several users have posted pictures of Brandt Davis on vacation.
Yeah, they're also pointing out his appearance.
He's got a nice tan, he's lost weight CAVANAUGH: And that's not his wife.
(CHUCKLES) TARIQ: Not one of the master race either, but (CHUCKLES) I guess hypocrisy never stopped anyone from getting laid.
So what? Liliana finds out Brandt is cheating on her, she decided to end the marriage by ending Brandt? JOSH: Okay, so, weird thing happening.
Users are saying that the vacation photos aren't a vacation.
That resort Davis was at, it's actually something called the Lifespring Clinic in Rosarito, Mexico.
SARA: What do you mean by "clinic"? It's one of those hippie-dippy alternative medicine places where rich people go to mainline frankincense cures or whatever they do.
Never discount the power of frankincense.
What about that woman? She's a nurse.
Detective, I don't think Davis was having an affair.
He was dying.
Just got the autopsy report.
Brandt Davis had pancreatic cancer.
He only had a few months left to live.
Well, that's a coincidence.
Yes, it is, isn't it? (EVIDENCE ALERT BLARING) Detective, uh, we are having a bit of an issue.
Can I get back to you? CAVANAUGH AND RUIZ: Yeah.
It's a troll storm.
We've got so many photo submissions it's actually gumming up our system.
Must be from Brandt Davis supporters.
But it looks like most of these are new users, referred by something called the Daily Volk-Press.
It's a Neo-Nazi site.
They've just realized Liliana Davis has become a suspect, and they are not happy about it.
Eddie's supporters are reacting.
TARIQ: Looks like the left's got some fight in it, after all.
Less joking, more deleting, huh? It's a flame war.
These trolls are coming after Mia.
I know.
We're trying to clear it.
(SIGHS) Josh, what about the bias algorithm? I'm not sure it's ready.
Well, I can't imagine a better time to find out.
Right, yeah, okay.
Um, all right, here goes.
If it works, the algorithm will cancel out the responses from the extreme left and right, leaving us with the unbiased middle.
Real-time bias correction.
You did it.
- Nice work.
- JOSH: Thanks.
SARA: See? Sophe can handle user bias.
Slow your roll there, M.
, you're no Jedi yet.
Shut up.
SARA: Look.
Users are sending in video files.
BRANDT: We all know the only reason people remember Malcolm X is 'cause he was killed.
Name one thing he actually accomplished.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
, Gandhi I disagree with their beliefs, but I admire them for sticking to them.
They'd be relics in history if not for their deaths.
But because of that we'll remember them forever.
Weird that Davis had a thing for civil rights leaders, isn't it? Not the leaders, their deaths.
They were all assassinated.
Are you saying Brandt wanted to die at that rally? He was already dying.
If you're this guy, what better way to go out than becoming a martyr? Thank you for agreeing to speak with us again, Mrs.
If you want counsel present, you're entitled to that.
I'm fine.
What is this about? We were wondering if maybe you weren't completely honest with us earlier.
We know your husband was sick.
Pancreatic cancer is no picnic.
And we also know how much you loved him.
It'd take a lot of love to do what you did.
I didn't do anything.
You didn't make your husband a martyr, just like he wanted? Brandt is a martyr.
An illegal killed him because he didn't like what Brandt believed.
Sad as it is, that's the America we live in now.
This was taken right before your husband was killed.
Right before you drove him to that alley and shot him.
We found your car.
Our techs lifted traces of gunpowder and blood off the steering wheel.
The DNA cinches it.
CAVANAUGH: We also found the sniper's nest in the building across the street.
Kind of hard to conceal the hole your husband's guy cut into the glass.
He had somebody all ready to take him out in full view of everyone, didn't he? Till Eddie Leyva spoiled his plan.
Brandt was so smart, you know.
He was always reading, especially history.
He loved history Roman, Greek.
In another life, maybe he would have been a professor.
From the day I met him, I knew he was destined to leave a mark.
Dying of cancer is so average.
And your husband wasn't average, was he, Mrs.
Davis? Progress demands sacrifice.
He always said.
And he walked the walk.
He made the ultimate sacrifice for his cause.
The way I see it this evidence can tell two stories.
The first is about a scheming woman who murdered her husband in cold blood.
The second is a story of a loving wife who granted her dying husband's last wish.
Now, we can't do anything for a murderer.
But for a loving wife we can talk to the D.
for her.
Maybe get the charges reduced.
All you have to do is write down your confession, Mrs.
Say that your husband put you up to this.
I need you to understand.
If you don't, there's nothing we can do for you.
You will spend the rest of your life in prison just for helping the man you loved.
I didn't help him do anything.
- Mrs.
- I told you.
Brandt was killed by an illegal.
Somebody who shouldn't even be in this white country.
And that's how he'll be remembered, as a martyr forever.
(DOOR OPENS) Take Mrs.
Davis to booking.
BRANDT: We're still here.
And we're ready to fight for this cause, ready to die for it.
And we will prevail, because when truth is on your side, nothing else matters.
BOORMAN: Those were Brandt's last words to us.
He lived a hero and he died a martyr.
He dared to speak the truth, and an illegal killed him for it.
Don't believe the fake news the mainstream media is trying to sell.
Liliana loved Brandt more than anything.
She'd never have hurt him.
It's inconceivable.
Well, regardless of how you feel about Brandt Davis or his views, the official story doesn't add up.
And isn't it a coincidence that Jeffrey Tanner is involved? You know, Alex Hale's ex-husband, whose own daughter may have known something that some people didn't want out there.
Isn't that all neat and tidy? People are outraged.
We can't keep up with all the calls we're getting.
TANNER: A white supremacist martyr.
It's like jumbo shrimp.
Real story is out there.
Eventually, the truth matters.
Has to.
What can I do for you, Detective? I got a call.
Carlos Ochoa was attacked in prison.
He was stabbed.
Good news is he survived.
18 hours of surgery, but he pulled through.
Bad news is he's in a coma.
Docs don't know if he'll ever wake up.
Look, Tanner, I know this is not what you want to hear, and I started this investigation for Mia, and now Carlos Ochoa is a victim, too.
I have to believe there's something to it all.
I have to see it through.
Hey, Dad.
Um, your office said you're out of town, so figured you'd like the personal touch.
(CHUCKLES) Anyways, um, can't wait to see you tomorrow.
Hey, I know I probably don't say this enough, but I love you, Dad.
And, um, I know we've had our problems, but I wouldn't be who I am without you.
So anyways, travel safe.
Love you.
Already said that, didn't I? (LAUGHS) Okay.
That's who my daughter was a bright, generous spirit who spent her time helping others.
But she wasn't above needing help herself.
The truth is I wasn't upfront about Mia's stay at Grand Pines.
She was a private person, and I I just wanted to respect that, but, in the end, my silence damaged your trust in me and in Sophe.
And for that, I'm very sorry.
I see now that Mia's case doesn't just belong to me.
It belongs to everyone who joined in to help us.
So, as of today I promise complete transparency.
I'm putting everything that I have about my daughter on Sophe.
The truth matters.
And I hope I hope that this restores your faith, so that together we can do what's right, once and for all.
For Mia.
Are you sure? Yes.
Even the police files.
Even Mia's video? Post it.
Post it all.
(COMPUTER BEEPS) It's working.