Wisting (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

You'll have to wait here.
- Have you found Linnea? We don't know yet.
Hanne! Hanne! Police are still looking for 19-year-old Linnea Kaupang who's been missing since last Tuesday.
Police chief Vetti said there are concrete leads but it hasn't been revealed whether there was any foul play.
Now for tomorrow's weather forecast LINNEA (19) MISSING I can't find any filter.
Am I dumb or what? Line went out to get breakfast.
She she said you were at the cabin.
She had problems with the car.
I took her home.
You're together again? - No not really It's not that I don't want to, but We'll see what happens.
- I think you should stay away from her.
You ruined her life once, I'm not gonna let you do it again! I'll tell her you had to leave.
I don't care what you tell her.
Shit Dad what did you tell Tommy? - You can't trust that guy, Line! What do you know? - What do I know? What has changed? He's got a job? An education? Don't tell me how to live my life.
You have no right, you you were never here.
I came home to help you, maybe I shouldn't have done it.
Maybe all this shit will help you look at things from a different perspective.
This area has been searched.
What about this one? We're creating a new sector.
We search both on land and in the lake.
They found a cellphone near where the boat was moored.
Same model as Linnea's.
Let's see if the parents recognize it.
- Yes.
Can you check with them? They went home.
Shouldn't you do it? - I have a meeting.
Do it before it gets out.
- What about the search? Everyone knows what to do.
Hi, Tommy.
It's the one with the crazy father, can you call me back? I was about to call you.
- How's going with the murder? I'm on it.
- Are you? Erik said you were in Larvik.
Ravneberg used to live here.
- So? The police have nothing, I have to look elsewhere to find something out.
Sorry, I - You got your hands full now, I told you to take a few days off.
But when you work, you work.
What do you have? Ravneberg used to work at the docks.
I'm on my way there.
They found her cellphone in the water.
It's not possible.
Look at all the clothes on the floor.
I did fold all her clothes, she just can't do it.
She was never able to fold a sweater.
She didn't fold it or put it there she didn't kill herself But Hanne - Listen to me! Linnea didn't kill herself I know her! Look at all the pictures in her blog! Tons of half-naked shit! I told her many times it was dangerous! You never said anything about it, Magnus! And you she told you someone was following her and you did nothing, you didn't listen now you listen to me! Someone took her, a mother knows No, she's alive she's alive please, go out and find her! Brekke remembers a red car parked here when Cecilia was abducted.
Why it's not mentioned in the interview report? You went back to talk to the farmer? So now you're a private investigator? I guess it happens when things get personal.
Why wasn't the red car in the report? - It wasn't relevant.
Wasn't it? Haglund had a white car! Brekke also mentioned a white car parked here some day before.
Brekke is not even sure the man he saw smoking was Haglund.
If the trial was today, Haglund would be acquitted.
Someone was here but not necessarily Haglund.
It wasn't his car and probably it wasn't his cigarette stub.
You really want me to help you clear Haglund? - The two cases are not connected, Frank! Ellen jogged.
She was fast.
Linnea, the missing girl, was she a jogger? Come on another girl disappears a few months after Haglund is released You're saying Haglund is suing the police department and at the same time he kidnaps a girl? It's the perfect time! Police have their heads elsewhere! Remember his profile? "Narcissistic sociopath".
"Charming and confident, able to arouse sympathy".
"Violent, zero empathy, knows how to push the right buttons".
Remember his confidence at the trial? He was sure he was gonna be found innocent.
He believes he's the smartest of us all.
The Godwin case a blessing for him! Now he can pin everything on him.
He wants us to doubt especially one another.
Yes, she's very messy.
Her mother kept scolding her for that.
Was she behaving somehow differently in the past few weeks? She was totally paranoid about that stalker.
She even asked the nurse for some sleeping pills.
So she was taking pills.
- No, they sent her to a therapist instead.
To BUPA? - Yes, when she asked for the pills, she had to talk about her mother.
Her mother? - They're not exactly the best of friends.
Her mother hated her blog.
He was really into old motorcycles.
He was very proud of an English one he had.
BSA or Norton, I believe.
Then he had other rare ones.
Did he like to draw attention? Some find that annoying.
No, he wasn't fussy at all.
He couldn't take a joke.
I tried that once.
Coffee? I joked about the fact he was moving after it ended with his wife.
He took it bad so I dropped it.
Why it ended? - Why does it often end? Pretty girl.
Her name was Madeleine.
She was the love of his life.
It hits you when you least expect it.
What was her maiden's name? - Something very Swedish Lindell? Lundell? Sorry Call me if you remember.
- I will.
She first came a couple of months ago.
'Cause she couldn't sleep? - Sleeping disorder has often an underlying cause.
Linnea suffered from anxiety and depression.
Because she thought she was followed? - I'm not sure, she had problems before that.
Like what? - Conflicts at home.
Linnea didn't feel accepted and everything she was doing was to draw attention.
Did you talk to her parents? - Once, but Linnea thought it was making it worse.
In what way? - Her mother felt blamed and got very defensive.
You think she could have harmed herself? Is it likely? If I thought that was very unlikely I couldn't tell you anyway, because of the confidentiality.
Did she talk about the stalker? She said she'd been to the police.
In my opinion, the worst part of it was that nobody believed her.
Neither her parents nor the police, so she felt abandoned.
I can't talk right now.
- Don't hang up, I gotta ask you something.
It's about Linnea, the missing girl.
Have you checked Haglund? - Haglund? Yes, could he have taken her? For all we know, no one abducted anyone.
She left some kind of suicide note.
Is he somehow connected to her? Has he been in Larvik? That's what I'm trying to figure out.
- What do you want me to do now? Pick him up without evidence with Henden and the press watching? Without some solid evidence we must stay away from Haglund.
What if it's too late? - You start to sound like Frank.
Yes, I know - Good.
Just let it ring.
- I'll check who it is.
Fuck it's mother of the missing girl.
- Hi, are you ready? I don't want any morphine.
- Are you sure? I want as little drugs as possible.
- Ok.
You'd like me to sing to raise your spirit? - That won't be necessary.
I was wondering why you came to Larvik.
I bet it's in your papers.
- Yes, "relocation of Oslo police".
"Canned" is more accurate.
- Ok.
Why? 'Cause someone thought I needed a more quiet life in the countryside.
You were filed for gross misconduct.
Where you getting at? - You have the tendency to break rules.
Not to manipulate evidence.
- Would you tell me if a colleague did it? Of course loyalty is highly valued in the police.
And someone as close as Wisting Did he ask you to threaten Presthus? What you know about that? You went to see Presthus? - Yes, we had a little chat.
I wanted to check Haglund's alibi.
Who asked you to do it? If Wisting involved you in a private, illegal inquiry - He didn't.
It's natural you protect him - Now listen! It was my idea! How far is he willing to protect you? Hi.
- Hi.
Have you thought about the sweater? - We're drawing a map You agree she didn't put it there? We're drawing a map to get a picture of what might have happened.
That's not an answer.
Are you looking for the stalker or not? It's one of the leads.
- One of the leads? Right now, I'm more interested in Linnea, how she was.
Ok - Why? I spoke to her therapist.
- Of course He says you had a high level of conflict The relation between you, Hanne and I came here for help not to have you tell me I'm a bad mother! I'm not accusing you - He's got a confidentiality duty He can share some info in extreme circumstances.
- What you mean by that? What's important right now - You're saying as a mother I may hurt Linnea? No, I'm not saying thatbut We all want Linnea safe back and we must check every possible cause that might have led I can't believe you're accusing me of being a bad mother We just need to talk - Fuck this! We're getting nowhere! He's coming.
Hi, sorry to bother you My sister was a colleague of your wife, Ingrid Ok.
- We knew you had a cabin here, so Magnus Kaupang.
This is Hanne.
Our daughter is missing.
Yes, I heard I'm sure it must be terrible for you.
Her name's Linnea, she's 19.
She's a very nice girl and we need help finding her.
I see you need to talk to the police, I know they They think she killed herself.
We thought you know what it's like when your daughter is abducted.
You've been through that.
I can do very little for you, unfortunately.
What do we do? Go to the press? - No, this concerns the police.
I could call the lead investigator - Torunn Borg? She doesn't care.
Linnea already tried to report a stalker.
We need help from a real policeman! What you mean? Someone who doesn't care about rules and will do what's right.
Someone like you.
My cellphone! No, Torunn - Go get me some water, please.
Yes? - Hi.
Linnea's parents were just here.
William, you're suspended! - They showed up at my door saying the police didn't care.
And you invited them in for coffee? Did you know she tried to report a stalker in the middle of the Godwin case? William, stay away from this, it's all under control! You know where he lives, Frank? I need to know.
Torunn Borg? Hi.
- Hi.
You have to tell us something about Linnea's case.
- Do I? I think so, I'm giving you a chance to give the parents some answers.
Why would they feel they weren't listened? They just don't trust us.
Didn't we already have enough bad publicity? I've been interviewed.
- I'll deal with this.
How did you know he lived here? Does it matter? Have you been here before? - No.
What do you think? - I don't know but I got a bad feeling.
We'll check who owns this house.
There he is.
Did he have a bag when he arrived? Yes.
He delivered something.
Food? She's in there.
We can't be sure, Frank! Wait, Frank let's stop and think Let's see who owns the house first.
- She might be hurt.
Linnea! Yes who are you? Hello, we are the police! - Listen Vidar just left.
I don't think you're interested in me.
How do you know Vidar? I've known him for a long time.
- Ok, sorry for bothering you.
Wait, we must have a look inside your house.
Frank! Frank! Stop! We can't search houses randomly! Randomly? That's an old sadist! Hit his wife, put out cigarettes on his son.
No wonder he turned into what he is now.
Cellar? - Yes, I'll have a look down there.
Frank, wait.
She's not here.
I've paid for those.
Go to hell! - Sorry.
Why you said we were police? What if he checks? - He won't.
Is this what you do? Say you are the police so people will trust you? You need help.
- So do you, William.
That's what we're here for.
Shall we lie down a bit and then move on? - No, I'm fine! You gotta answer honestly.
- What you mean? Don't pretend you two are the best of friends! Hi, anything new? - No, we wanted to apologize for letting you know so little.
There's nothing new but we are mapping - Mapping? What does that mean? You sit in your office making lists? Why aren't you looking for her? Why you only look in the lake? I'm sorry, can I use your bathroom? - Sure, up the stairs.
Torunn! Torunn! Stay right here, I'll call an ambulance! What do I need this for? Ravneberg was killed, people need to know who he was.
Heartbroken for a wife who left 20 years ago? Whom you couldn't even find? You don't even have pictures of her.
What you've been doing? Take a week off.
I don't wanna see you or hear from you.
Don't ever send me stuff like this agin! Hi, Tommy.
Can you call me back? I gotta talk to you.
I had a shitty day at work.
Torunn is on sick leave for at least one week.
At least tell me you fixed things with the parents.
"Help us find Linnea".
Hundreds have joined the search.
Ostlands-Posten and Sandefjords Blad published the story.
I didn't know you were a carpenter.
- No I'm not, actually.
There'll be a bar here.
A very popular one.
Your own bar? - Yes.
I'll open it with a couple of friends.
Why are you so shocked? - I'm not, just You don't think I can accomplish anything.
Just like your father.
I'm sorry you had to deal with him alone, I had no idea he was coming home.
What did you tell him? That I ruined your life? I don't expect him to like me.
But - I know.
I'm sorry.
Something to drink? You're open already? No.
Now we're open.
Come here.
A bit closer What are you doing here? - I wanna talk.
- I don't hate you.
You thought it was me and you acted accordingly.
Now you are the victim, just like I was.
Are you happy? - I'm not seeking revenge.
I don't want anyone innocent to suffer.
I know it very well you try to break the vicious circle You try to do things differently.
I know who planted the cigarette butts.
Or better I know how you can find out.
Did Henden ask you to come here? - 17 years in a cell give you time to think.
How the hell my DNA ended up on those stubs? When Henden had those analyzed again, then it came to me.
One evening, a colleague brought some wine to my cell and offered me a cigarette.
For no apparent reason.
We were in the prison yard.
Who was it? I can't prove it but maybe you can.
Visitors log.
All visitors must sign in and out.
Why you came to see me? Last week I suddenly realized something.
I'll never get my life back.
Maybe they'll reopen the case, maybe I'll be even acquitted and get a compensation But I'll always be the one who was sentenced.
People will turn their head, keep talking "We better stay away from him just in case" INTENSIVE SEARCH FOR LINNEA